Me and my cousin



This was the first time I’d ever done anything sexual for the most part…

I was staying with my older cousin, I always hung out with him, and he showed me everything from how to talk to girls, smoking weed, how to dress, and a bunch more about life… I trusted him with anything and we were 100% open with each other so of course sex was something we talked about too, how to do it and make sure the girl was feeling it, so maybe for a better example, or just cause we were both getting worked up talking about all this he showed me some porn. Funny enough XNXX was the first site he showed me and he said he trusts this one unlike some of the others that might give you viruses on your PC, anyways we’re watching this video and it’s just any other plain old porno… he asks if I want to jack off to it and I was pretty damn worked up so I said yea we both pulled out our dicks and started wacking away! Lol

Now that was the start of it, and we did it a couple other times but one time I guess he was a little more worked up than others, “do you want to try and jack each other off?” Chris asked. “I’d be down if you think we should” I replied we were sitting side by side and I wrapped my hand around his hard cock, it was so warm in my hand and throbbed as i pulled his foreskin back revealing the head, he grabbed mine and it sent shivers through my body, it almost tickled as he pulled my skin back and we both started pulling up and down on our hard dicks, I was focused on hoping i was doing it right and before I knew it I felt his dick harden even more with a strong pulse from his shaft as a squirt of hot cum shot from his erect penis it landed on his leg and then oozed out onto my hand as I slowly worked the last little spurts out of his dick. He then started going faster on my dick and I ended cumming all over his hand too…” Alright, that was pretty nice but we should only do that if we’re super horny ” he said as we were cleaning ourselves up “yea I agree Haha” I said back.

We kinda just went back to normal after that for a while at least we would watch porn and just jack off ourselves and never really did that again…. until one day I was spending the night at his place again and I guess he was worked up… ,”Hey remember when we jacked each other off?” Chris asked me as we were getting ready to masturbate to some more porn ,”Yea, why did you want to do that again?” I asked almost eager to try it again ,”Yea, I’ve just been so fuckin horny recently I dont know why.” So we both already had our dicks out the same thing side by side I wrapped my hand around his pole and he started on me too and it felt good, the porno was good ,”Are you down to suck it?” He asked… The question caught me by surprise I’m not gay (no offense) at least not 100% I have to admit though the smell of his balls smelled kinda good to me and Idk I was pretty down in that moment “Yea if you want me too,” I replied as he let go of my dick ,”let’s move to the bed then.” He said and we both moved over to his bed ,he laid back, I was by his knees with my hands on his thighs, he pulled his foreskin back for me and I wrapped my mouth around his cock I could taste his precum on my tongue, it was kinda sweet. As I pulled it slowly out of my mouth I licked the tip of his dick and put my hand around his shaft, then I shoved his rock hard dick back into my mouth and twisted my head how I saw the girls in the porn do it. I developed a stride lol my head was just bopping up and down as his dick would slide in and out between my lips “go a little deeper” he said but i didn’t want to gag… I tried to put his dick further in my mouth but I pulled away “aah, that’s too deep I’m gonna throw up from gagging I can’t go that deep” I told him, his cock still in my hand “that’s okay… sorry I know it’s your first time.” He said as I sucked his dick back into my mouth sliding up and down his hard cock tasting his precum as I jacked him off and slid my tongue up and down his shaft I kept sucking and sucking for a good minute “can I cum in your mouth?” He asked, I pulled it out of my mouth “are you going to cum anytime soon?” My jaw was starting to get sore from shoving his thick pole in and out of my mouth… “well if you keep stopping it’s like you have to start all over again” he told me and I understood I’m a guy too so I know what that’s like lol “okay but I’m not going to swallow it” I told him as I started up again with his dick in my hand I opened my mouth as wide as possible and inserted his throbbing hard cock onto my tongue and wrapped my lips around him taking it as deep as I could without gagging and then pulling it back keeping the head between my lips I twisted my head/hand and slid up and down on his hard pole, my saliva dripping from all over his cock I sucked his dick for another good minute just tasting his precum “fuckk I’m gonna cum” he said tensing up I could feel his dick start to throb more in my mouth I sped up my sucks and his sweet cum shot into my mouth it filled my entire mouth up I almost choked on it so I pulled back and let it drip out of my mouth onto his balls, all over my hand, I kept his dick in my mouth slowly sliding it in and out of my mouth until every last drop oozed from his dick then I just spit the rest out all over his balls… “was that good?” I asked wiping my mouth “fuck yea, do you want me to suck your dick now?” He asked as we started to switch places, with him by my knees and his hands on my thighs “sure that’d be nice” I said excited to see if getting my dick sucked was as good as sucking his. I remember his soft lips touching my head first and the familiar shiver that rattled through my entire body, then a soft, wet tongue sliding from the head of my penis down to my shaft, I could then feel the rest of his mouth wrapping around my dick, it felt so good as he put it deeper and deeper into his mouth I understood why he wanted me to put it all in my mouth cause he could only get about half way down and then pulled his soft wet mouth off of my pole “you have a pretty big dick Haha I can’t fit it all in my mouth” he said as he pushed his wet mouth back onto my dick “same” I said with a shiver in my voice it felt so good as his saliva dripped from his lips down to my balls pulling it in and out. He squeezed my thighs and shoved my rock hard dick between his lips thrusting his mouth over and over and over and over “ooh I’m gonna fuckin cum” I said grabbing the sheets I could feel my whole load just shoot into his mouth and he just sucked it all out of me slowly gliding up and down as cum continued to ooze from my dick, he pulled his mouth off and spit some of it out onto the carpet next to his bed (fuck it I guess lol) “are you still horny?” He asked and to be honest I really was even more so now… “that was amazing, yes I’m still horny” I replied waiting to see what other ideas he could put together that would pleasure us. “I have some condoms, can I try putting it inside of you?” He asked… That felt a little too far off I mean again this entire experience has been great but I’m not gay maybe at most I’d admit I’m bi but I’d never do this with anyone else but him, well… there’s a first time for everything so “yea, I’m down…” I said. He got up and we kinda cleaned ourselves off from all the sticky cum and saliva… we pretty much just got ready I watched him jerk himself off and get rock hard to put the condom on and I turned around on all fours on the bed, I wasn’t expecting it but he had put some lube all over my asshole with his fingers and kinda slid his finger in a little I had never done this before but the lube let his finger slide in super easy… I felt his hands grip my hips and then the tip of the condom with his dick in it brush my ass. He pressed it against my asshole and slowly pushed the tip in “it’s so fucking tight, dont worry… I’ll go slow” I could feel how big just the tip was it hurt a little but it moslty just felt uncomfortable, the lube made it all super slippery, then I felt him pushing slowly more inside of me and the deeper he went the better it started to feel… he only put a little past the head in and then started to pull it out slowly, now it felt a little better as he slid back into my ass with his hard dick this time a little deeper and I could feel the head of his dick inside of me, then the shaft throbbing, he would just continue to go slow pushing it in and slowly pulling it out going deeper every time until he was finally able to go a little faster, my asshole was a little more used to it now and it started to feel really good for me, I felt him squirt a little more lube onto my ass “how are you doing?” He asked “it feels good, you can go a little faster if you want…” I replied enjoying his dick sliding in and out of my tight asshole, in return he started to pull me closer by my hips and now I could feel his full cock pulsing inside of me, spreading my ass as it wrapped around and polished his hard cock I could feel every detail on his penis, from every little throb, to the thick veins running up and down his hard shaft he would pull me by my hips and thrust his dick inside of me before I knew it he was fucking me harder and harder, “can I take this condom off?” He asked as he continued to thrust in and out of me “I dont care, if you’re cool with it go for it” I told him looking back at his hips thrusting inside of me, he slowly pulled his pole out of my ass and now when his cock returned it was so much warmer, as he pressed the head of his dick on my asshole I could feel even more detail as his head popped into my ass and i glided onto his shaft he squirted some more lube and pulled my ass onto his dick by my hips, his raw cock inside of me felt so hot, he fucked me for at least 30 minutes or so just thrusting in and out my tight little asshole “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna fucking cum” he said as he started to pound me balls deep into my ass and as he fucked me I felt the inside of me almost to my tummy get filled with his warm semen, I could feel all the veins tense up on his cock and his head pulsing and throbbing as his cum dripped deep inside of my ass, he slowed down and just rubbed all his cum deep inside of me with his raw penis as he pulled his dick out I could feel all his hot creamy cum spill out of my ass hole and onto my legs and balls…. afterwards we pretty much just cleaned ourselves up and agreed that we would never talk about this ever again we would never do it again and that was that… no lie I never had any other sexual urges towards another guy after this it was like a one time experience for both of us and we moved on from it our friendship kept on as if it never happened we would still jack off together but it never happened where we would do it to each other anymore or anything lol I ended up getting a girlfriend and so did he, we grew up a little more and still talk to this day like nothing happened. Again I’m not gay (no offense) no I’m not in denial it just was what it was. Lol thanks for taking the time to read about my one and only gay experiment with my cousin hope you enjoyed

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