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Andrew has entrapped his new slave, and begins bending her to his financial and physical whims.

Chapter 3: Shower Shenanigans

I gave Sarah 30 minutes to create the stories she was going to use for her mum and Amy, make her calls, and explicitly told her to “clean her disgusting whore face”. The defeated look combined with the tears as I said this to her was absolutely priceless. I vehemently hated Sarah, and was quickly realizing that breaking her spirt was potentially going to be even more satisfying for me than the sex.

Ordering some more fun things off of Amazon for tomorrow, I began to use the rest of the time to edit the photos and videos I’d taken. As Sarah had sulked off towards the bathroom I had realized that this could turn into a great business opportunity – all I had to do was create a sub***ion based site on the dark web to follow my journey with Sarah as a slave and I’d be raking in the money from all kinds of unsavory figures.

Editing the photos and videos to create the most erotic experience I could was most important to this plan, and I’d cover myself legally by using VPNs and being abundantly cautious with how I promote it. Payment would be processed using multiple intermediaries and crypto to further isolate myself. Editing everything up took closer to an hour, but I now had a 45 minute video and almost 100 stills to show for it.

Closing my computer down I get up from my desk and leave my room to look for Sarah. Opening my bathroom door I find a site to behold – Sarah sitting on the side of the bathtub spreading her pussy open with one hand and holding the shower head turned on jet in the other. Flooding her hole with high pressure water it dawned on me that she was trying to wash my seed out of herself.

Quickly taking out my phone I begin to video her, slowly walking towards her until she notices and says to me “You’re a fucking asshole Andrew. I hope you fucking know that.”

Saying nothing I simply get closer and closer until I’m effectively just recording the water bashing into her fingers and pussy lips, trying to find its way into her. Her thong sat on the counter while the skirt part of her maid dress was hiked halfway up her stomach, but she had fixed the corset part of the dress, once more compressing her tits and providing a fantastic view. She’d clearly reapplied makeup to her face as it was sprawled out on the counter and she no long looked like a cheap whore.

After a few minutes I decided I had enough footage and turned off the shower, capturing the final trickle of water leave her pussy before turning of my phone and throwing a towel at her. “Dry up, it’s time for dinner” I say.

Sarah nods and replies “Yes Master.” A minute or two into wiping herself dry I catch her looking away to roll her eyes, making a mental note of it I say “Now.”

Dropping the towel in the tub she stands and adjusts the dress to fit “properly” once more, the top half of her compressed boobs exposed and the skirt barely covering her crotch and ass. As she reaches for her thong I grab her hand and say “you don’t need that, come along” as I pull her out of the bathroom towards the stairs.

Leading her downstairs I bring her into the kitchen, before grabbing her by the hair and pulling her behind me. As she protests and begs me to stop I grab a wooden spoon and bend her over the counter. Flipping the skit up onto her back I expose her welted bubble butt and her already puffy cunt. “You are going to learn not to disrespect me! You are going to learn not do things with my permission! Count out, we’re done when I say we are!” I shout at her, lowering the spoon between her legs before bringing it up hard against her pussy.

“One!” She spits out through gritted teeth. Quickly I bring it up again against her pussy.

“Two!” She says through gritted teeth.

Once more I hit it hard against her cunt, listening to the thwacking sound that venerates around the kitchen and hangs for a split second before Sarah’s quickly breaking voice cuts the silence “Threeeee!”

Once again I bring it across her pussy, noticing that not only was it going from puffy to swollen, but it was clearly beginning to glisten with her juices once more too. “Fooour!”

Finally I bring the spoon across her welting ass, making sure to get her directly over a welt. “Owe. Fu. Fu. Fiiive” Sarah cries.

Putting the spoon down I continue to force her over the counter with one hand as I undo my belt with the other saying “that was you punishment for your rude insolent behavior in the bathroom! You are never to roll your eyes at me again! Understand?!”

“Yes Master” she quickly replies.

“Thank me for being so patient, for teaching you to be a better slave!” I say as I drop my pants to the floor, causing my belt to ring against the tile as I bring my hand across her red, welted ass.

“Thank you Master” Sarah spits out.

Moving behind her I spit on my dick, rubbing the little moisture quickly around it before positioning its head in between her puffy cunt lips and saying “this is your lesson in respect! You will never try to wash the gift of my seed out of yourself again!” I say before thrusting into her pussy with one hard thrust with a grunt.

Her pussy feels even better taking her from behind than it when she rode me earlier. It feels both slick and sticky at once, just dry enough to cause a friction that feels great, though no doubt must be causing Sarah notable pain.

Grabbing her hips I begin to pound in and out of slowly wetting cunt as she begs for me to stop through tears “Pleeeeaase Andrewwww. Why are you doing this to meeeeee?!”

The friction of her semi-wet cunt rubs my dick raw as I force myself in and out of Sarah’s cunt as violently as I can, pulling out until my head is barely in her lips before thrusting back into her, slamming my pelvis against her ass. After ten or twelve thrusts I let go of her hips and slap her welted ass.

Continuing this pattern of a dozen thrusts and a hard slat for a few minutes, alternating which cheek I slap each time, I begin to feel myself getting close once more. Slowing down my thrusts I grab a handful of Sarah’s hair and pull her head back to me so her body made an ‘S’ shape, bent over the counter at her hips, but pulled up from her core so the counter made a forty-five degree angle with her torso and her head jets back over her ass. Lowering my head I take on one of hers ears in my mouth and suck.

As Sarah let’s put a forced moan I release her ear and whisper “Yeah, you like that, don’t you slut?! Well you’ll enjoy this more!” before thrusting as hard and deep into her as I can once more and releasing 3 streams of cum in her.

Quickly pulling out after the 3rd stream I grab my dick and point it at her partially open pussy shooting a 4th stream onto her open pussy, painting it’s lips with my cum. Finished using Sarah I bend down and grab my phone. Quickly I begin to snap a pictures of her jizz covered pussy, and of her bright red, welted ass before finally stepping a few steps back and taking more complete photos, capturing her bent over the counter on display with the dress flipped onto her back and her jizz soaked cunt.

Through the process Sarah simply whimpers quietly, clearly afraid of what is coming next. Putting the phone down I slap her ass once more before flipping the dresses skirt down over her ass and pulling her up from the counter by her hair. Turning her around I look into her eyes menacingly and say “what do you have to say to me?”

Without hesitation Sarah replies “thank you Master.”

Smiling I reply “thank you for what?”

Looking confused Sarah replies “Thank you for teaching this slut a lesson.”

Pleased at how fast she was learning, or at least how willing to fake it already I simply reply “Good girl”, in a teasing voice you’d use to praise a dog before patting her on the head. “Now be a good girl and make us dinner while I get some work done, there is pasta sauce in the fridge, all you have to do is make pasta” I say before leaving the kitchen to grab my laptop.

Bringing it downstairs I sit at the kitchen table as she cook, ordering some new toys and costumes for my entertainment before beginning to put together the website. If everything went smoothly I’d be able to go live with the site within the week, profiting off of my new found pet before she’s even had a chance to win her freedom.

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