Senior Year Pet – Chapter 2


Senior Year Pet – Chapter 1


Andrew entraps his new slave, and breaks his spoils of victory in for the first time.

Chapter 2: Making a Sex Slave

That next day in class I sit at a desk alone again, and sure enough as Sarah walks through the door and sees me, she makes a b-line to sit beside me. Looking less confident then she has on Wednesday she says “Did you struggle that much on the test yesterday? Giving up so early, it made me feel bad. We can call off the bet if you’d like?” She says, sounding hopeful that her attempt to wriggle out of our agreement would work.

As the teacher walks in I learn to her ear and whisper “not a chance, slave.” Her recoil is visible, and makes me excited for where our arrangement would be heading.

Our teacher starts the class by lecturing us on how poorly the class did, and warns everyone to study harder moving forward. As class ended he hands the tests back. First he hands back mine, I look at it, stunned. A 23/30. It turns out I’d misread a question and answered something it wasn’t asking for. Nervous, all I can do is wait as an emboldened Sarah smiles at my mark.

Finally he hands hers back to her and her smirk disappeared – 19/30, an abysmal mark. No wonder she was originally so nervous. I sit through the class listening but not absorbing anything. All I can think about was dressing Sarah up in the costume I bought last night and abusing her body. As the bell rang I snap out of my day dreams and quickly say to her “come on, we’re heading to my house, I have some work I need you to do.”

Protesting she begins rambling about getting ready for the party before I cut her off and say “Enough. We made a deal, are you going to bow out just because you lost now? That’s some kind of bullshit!”

Sighing she drops her shoulders and follows me to the sports car my parents bought me for my 18th birthday. Both high level executives, they have little time at home with me and try to buy my love instead. Sometimes their absenteeism was convenient I thought to myself as I pulled into the driveway. Walking up to the door my package had arrived when I was at school, picking it up I let us in and walk upstairs to my mess of a room.

Waking in and sitting on my unmade bed I look around the hardwood floor littered with clothes, books and a few old plates. Despite of everything my parents do for me, their refusal to hire a maid would forever annoy me. But I had one now, I thought to myself as I open the box I pull out the outfit I’d bought her and tossed it to her. “Put this on and then I’ll need you to clean my room.”

Looking at the outfit she and then at me gob-struck, she begins to protest “this is way too small. I may be small, but I’ll never fit in this.”

Smiling I respond “I’m sure you’ll find a way. Need I remind you our agreement was that you’d do everything I asked?”

Sighing she said “Please, I’ll happily clean your room. Just don’t make me wear the outfit.”

Shaking my head I respond once more “I’ll give you a choice, wear the outfit, or clean in nothing but your panties. You choose.”

Sighing in defeat Sarah looked at the outfit “Fine, get out when I change.”

Knowing my cameras would do the work for me I get up and leave the room, waiting outside the door for a few minutes before eventually Sarah opens the door. To say the outfit turned me on would be an understatement. Due to its small size the top half of the dress acted like corset, compressing her tits and forcing a significant portion of them above the dresses cutoff, giving a great view of their top half.

On top of that, it’s impossible to miss her nipples protruding through the thin fabric covering them, Sarah’s bra clearly a casualty of trying to fit the tiny outfit on her body. Quickly pulling out my phone I snap a picture of her over her protests “Hey! We never agreed to photos” she shouted.

Smirking at her I grabbed her shoulders and turned her around admiring her barely covered ass as I say “no, we agreed you’d be a slave. Who are you to say what photos your Master takes?” Snapping a second photo, this time of her from behind, I admire her ass as the frilled skirt of the dress stops just as her bubble butt met her thighs, fitting more like a tube skirt due to its small size.

“Go on, get to work” I said as I slap her ass and sit on my bed.

“Hey!” Sarah shouted at me, “What the hell!”

Smiling I simply motion at her to work and say “you really don’t understand the word slave, do you.” Rolling her eyes Sarah begins to clean my room as I open my laptop. Going through the footage I can’t hold back my smile, the cameras had combined to produce some amazing shots of her tits and thong clad ass along with a few great shots of a cameltoe visible through her sheer white frilly thong.

I set the footage to upload to the cloud as I look at Sarah to see her on her hands and knees facing away from me. Her cameltoe clearly visible I pull out my camera and record a video of her as she crawls around my floor. I get footage of her picking up my mess all the while accidentally wiggling her ass and putting her cameltoe on full display without realizing it.

Eventually as the clutter disappears from the floor she stands up and turns around to look at me. “Your room is absolutely disgusting” she snaps at me before noticing the phone in my hand. “What the fuck are you doing?!” She shouts as she reaches for my phone.

Quickly I pull my phone out of her reach and push my left hand against her chest without thinking about it to push her back, immediately causing her to shriek out “Don’t touch my breasts you fucking asshole!”

Pushing her chest she falls down to the ground, causing the dress to push up her midsection, giving me an unobstructed view of her thong covered cunt.

Putting my phone down I get up from my bed and walk to her, avoiding her kicking feet I kneel down on top of her, holding her hands above her head, smirking as she struggles I tell her. “You will figure out what it means to be my slave. As I said when we agreed to the bet, it means doing everything I say. If you don’t like that, then you better beat me on next week’s quiz, because that’s the only way I’m letting you out of it now. Otherwise all the photos and videos I have will find their way onto the Internet with your name attached. Dressed like a slut, cleaning the floor, changing.”

“CHANGING?!” She cut me off as she shouts at me.

“Yep, on the four cameras I have set up in this room. I imagine everyone at school will be excited to watch you strip for them, your tits will be the talk of the school” I tell her.

Tears begin to slide down her cheeks as she looked away from me. “Are you ready to do whatever I ask? To be a proper slave?” I say trying to force eye contact?

Breaking down into a full cry she nods to me through her tears. “Perfect” I say, letting go of her wrists and getting up.

A few seconds pass before she looks back up at me, clearly waiting for whatever order I have to give her. “From now on, when I give you an order you will let me know you understand by replying ‘Yes Master’, understand?”

Silence. Bending over I slap her right cheek, causing her to begin wailing. “I said understand?”

Between sobs she forces out a “Yes Master.”

“Good” I reply. “Now get in your knees in front of me.” I order.

Sobbing she picks herself up and kneels in front of me. I look at her and wait, before slapping her left cheek a few second later. “I didn’t hear you!” I shout.

Sobbing Sarah meekly replies “Yes Master.”

I choose to stand there for a few minutes, admiring as the tears ran down her face before falling onto the top of her tits, causing them to glisten and shine in the light within a few minutes. As Sarah begins to regain composure I decide it is time to test my newfound control over her. “Show me your tits.”

The order causes Sarah to let out another loud wail, as tears start to stream down her face once more. Nonetheless she grabs the helm of the costume and pulls it down, allowing her once squished tits to spring free.

Admiring might be an understatement of my reaction, as I stare up close at her exposed tits. Now out in front of me, no longer hidden by clothes, it’s clear they are easily full C cups, bordering on D. They are perfect cones leading to nipples best described as perfect buttons, with dollar sized areola surrounding them. They were easily the best boobs I had ever seen in my life.

Snapping out of my trance I realize she has once again neglected something important, slapping her right breast as hard as I can I tell her “you’ve forgotten something once more. Forget again your punishment will be severe” I say over her increasing wails.

As tears continue streaming down her face, drenching her boobs she forces out “Yes Master.”

Looking at her I respond “Thank me for being so generous. That’s 3 strikes already yet I give you one more” I say through a smirk.

Looking defeated and broken, her face and tits covered in her tears I hear her force out “Thank you, Master.”

Stopping once more to admire her I can’t help but notice both cheeks and her right tit have begun to turn a light crimson under the glisten of tears. As I stare, I debate with myself what to do next, before ultimately deciding.

Taking a few steps back I sit down on the bed and say “give me a lap dance whore.”

“Andrew… please…” she whines to me.

“Do not make me ask again. You’ve already pushed your luck. Thank me for forgiving you and give me a lap dance now!”

As tears continue to stream down Sarah’s face she stands up and shakily walks to me. “You’re a fucking asshole Andrew” she says.

Quickly I slap her hard against her already pink right breast again. “I told you one more time and I’d teach you a lesson. So now I’m going to teach you some obedience.” I say as I bolt up, grab her by her hair, and pull her down to the bed, bending her over the side of it. “You will count each hit aloud, until we reach ten. If you miss one we start again.” I say as I flip the dress up reveling her ass.

I bring my hand down hard on her right ass cheek “one” Sarah meekly says.

Quickly I bring my hand down on the same cheek again. “Two” she spits out.

I then bring my hand down on her left cheek. “Three” She sputters just before my hand comes down again I’m her right cheek “four” she whispers out as I pause to undo my belt.

Wrapping it around my hand I swing it across both ass cheeks, sending a loud thwack echoing through the room. “AHHH! Five!” Sarah shrikes out.

“You will learn that around here, actions have consequences” I say bring the belt across her ass again.

“Six” she spits out.

“This is the consequence for your insolence, slut.” I say as I bring it across her ass once more, her bubble butt quickly turning a beautiful crimson.

“I’m not a slut.” She spits at me through her tears. Smiling I drop the belt and pull her increasing wet white thong up wedging it into her cunt, partially reveling glistening inner pussy lips.

“Your sopping wet cunt disagrees with you! Only a slut gets off on being spanked with a belt!” I say as I invade her cunt with my index and middle finger.

“You argued instead of counting! Start at one again!” I shout as I slap hard across her partially covered cunt, making sure to catch her clit with my fingers.

Shrinking and whaling all Sarah can get out is “please Andrew”.

“Start again” I shout back at her as I slap her cunt once more. Barely audible through her cries Sarah forces out “one” before trying to compose herself and saying “please Andrew, please stop. I’ll do anything.”

Smiling I knew I had her. “We can cut it down to five” I tell her.

“Yes, please, anything.” She sputters back.

“But” I say interrupting her. “When we’re done you are going to ride me until I explode in you and then you will stay here all weekend, serving me however I please. And you will thank me for my generosity.”

Through her tears she responds a few inaudible sounds.

“What was that?” I reply before smacking her cunt again.

Taking a deep breath to collect herself she finally responds “Okay. Thank you Master.”

Slapping her quickly reddening cunt once more I say “start again, we go to five!”

“Oooone” Sarah wails. Quickly I windup and slap her cunt as hard, making sure to flick my fingers to ensure I catch her clit.

As an audible thwack echoes through my room and Sarah’s tears quicken she shouts “tw-twoooooo”.

Once again winding up I bring my hand down across her ass, making sure to hit her over the welt developing from my belt earlier. Tears streaming down her face she wails before forcing out “threeeeee”.

Once more I spank her over the developing welt. “Fff-Fooooooour” she stutters out.

Smiling I pick up the belt once more, wrapping half of it around my hand before swinging it upwards, and whipping it with onto her increasingly puffy and red cunt. Her pussy was expanding around her soaked through thong. Sarah let’s out a loud scream that morphs into a whimper. Waiting a second I wind the belt up ready to start again before she whispers “five” just before I bring it back across her ass.

Smiling I pull her off the bed by her hair and say “have you learned your lesson slut?” Flinching as I call her a slut once more she holds her tongue and simply nods. As I sit on my bed I take time once more to admire my how attractive Sarah really was. Her tits, now a glistening shade of light pink, mesmerized me. Reaching out I take each tit in a hand to squeeze and play with them.

Closing my eyes all I can think about is how perfect they feel in my hands, just barely too big to be described as a handful. A tear hitting my hand pulls me out of my trance, my eyes flying open. Looking straight into Sarah’s eyes I grab each nipple between my thumb and index fingers, pinching down hard as I say “time to finish our little compromise slut. Start my sucking me hard.”

Whining as I pull at her nipples Sarah replies “Andrew pleases. You said nothing about a blowjob. Can’t we just get this done?”

Irritated by her response I slap her hard across her already pink right cheek. “I will not have you arguing with me anymore you fucking whore! Lick me hard now, or your next punishment will be one you can’t forget!” I threaten.

Sighing dejectedly Sarah lowers herself down to her knees, before unbuttoning my jeans and pulling them down to my ankles to reveal my boxers briefs straining to keep my eight inch cock contained. Sighing once more she grabs the helm of my underwear and pulls them down to my ankles as well, allowing my cock to spring free.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath she begins to lean forward towards my cock as I say “Gooood giiirl Saraaah. Time for your treat!” as degradingly as possible – as though I was speaking to a dog.

Pulling back slightly, tears noticeably begin to slide down her cheeks once more before she leans forward and starts licking my cock, starting at the base on the underside and licking all the way to the head.

Taking a deep breath once more she repeats this a handful of times before I grab the hair on the back of her head and say “Suck. Suck it good and proper, take it all the way into your mouth and get the whole thing good and wet so I’m ready to pound that cunt of yours.”

Dejectedly she simply nods before opening her mouth and wrapping her velvety soft lips around my cock expertly. Tears still flowing down her cheeks she begins to bob her head up and down, taking close to half my cock into her mouth each time. The warm feeling of her mouth overtakes me as I close my eyes and let her bob for a few moments, until I grab her hair behind her head once more and use it to force my cock all the way in and down her throat.

Her eyes opening wide Sarah begins to shake her head and mumble in protest as I pull her hair to force head up and down my cock, using her mouth like a fleshlite. “That’s right whore. Suck my cock just like that. Don’t forget you exist to serve me and give me pleasure now” I say to a panicked Sarah who’s seemingly forgotten how to breathe through her nose.

As her face begins to turn a slightly purple hue I pull her off my cock, kick my pants of completely and say “It’s time! Fucking ride me now!”

Grabbing her nipples and using them to pull her on top of me as she fights for her breath. After 30 seconds of her fighting to catch her breathe I grow tired of waiting and pull her panties to the side, grab my cock with my other hand, lining it up with her puffy yet moist cunt before grabbing her hips and forcing her down onto me.

“Ride!” I scream as I slap her quickly bruising tits, one after another. “Fucking ride!” Her cunt feels fantastic, slick but not sloppy and amazingly tight, fitting my dick like a glove.

As tears begin to fall faster down her face, once more falling onto her breasts she begins gyrating her hips as she attempts to collect herself and her breath. Annoyed I grab her hips and roughly force her up and down my cock. “You fucking stupid slut! I didn’t say grind on me. I said fuck me! So fucking fuck me now!” I scream at her.

Her slick cunt only feels better as it stimulates and teases my dick each stroke down and up. As a look of fear flashes across her face Sarah quickly begins to work her hips up and down herself, at a quickening pace, and I let go of her hips, grabbing a tit in each hand. As I play with her tits and she continues to fuck me I feel her cunt continue to grow wetter, and before I know it she begins to let out loud, audibly moans.

Pinching her left nipple in my hand I release her right tit, sliding it down her side to her welted ass cheek before using my limited leverage to slap it as hard as I can. She lets out a pained “owe” as I start to say “You’re such a fucking slut Sarah, don’t you dare tell me you didn’t want this, your sloppy fucking cunt says it all!” before smacking her ass once more.

Suddenly I feel my stamina disappearing quickly. Thrusting up to meet her movements I crash my pelvis into hers as hard as I can repeatedly grinding my pelvis roughly against her clit, all the while pinching down, twisting, and pull on her left nipple as hard as I can.

A few strokes later I grab her hips, thrust up and force her down, exploding 6 streams of cum as deep inside her as I can as she’s begging me to let her up “Andrew please! Stop! I’m not on anything right now! I could get pregnant!” On the final stream of cum she stops begging and seizes up, her cunt contracting down on my cock hard as she cums as well.

A shit-eating grin breaks across my as I realize what’s happening. Removing my hand from her ass I pinch her other nipple as hard as I can as well, using them to pull her torso parallel to mine, bringing her face inches from mine and whisper “if you break our agreement at any point, the whole school will see footage of all of this. Footage of you changing into a slutty maid costume before crawling around cleaning my room on your hands and knees. Of you then licking my cock like a lollipop. Of you cumming all over my cock as you ride me. No one will believe you didn’t want it. That you aren’t just a cock hungry whore looking to get off by role playing with me! Understand?”

Her tears had stopped running at some point during our fuck, but quickly the startup again as she meekly nods her head in acknowledgement to me. Rolling her over I thrust into her a few more times I pull my cock out of her now sloppy hole.

Sitting up I scoot up her body until my dick is by her face. Covered in a mix of our juices I take a few seconds to admire Sarah’s ruined face, her makeup now running making her look more like a cheap whore than an 18 year old high school student.

Finally I grab hold of my dick and wipe it clean all over her mess of a face, before getting up and getting my phone. Snapping photos of a defeated Sarah I grab an array of shots to help finish the job of making sure she will be my slave for as long as we agreed – of course should she every beat me on one of our quizzes I’d let her go free, though I was sure she never would. Good luck passing your tests when you spend most of your evenings and weekends taking my cock. Plus, I would take her economics notes every night moving forward anyways. No studying for her.

Some of the pictures I snap are of her disgusting sloppy face, others her glistening, pink, puffy cunt slowly leaking my baby juice with her wet thong pushed to the side. Most though, were of her in her entire glory, capturing her battered cunt near the bottom, the tight maid costume scrunched onto her stomach, the skirt pushed up and corset pushed down just below her breasts, displaying her rock hard nipples on red, bruising tits. Last but not least focusing on her mess of a face and disheveled hair.

Pulling her out of bed to the standing mirror in my room I smack her welted ass once more. “Look at yourself” I say. “Who at school would believe a picture of you like this isn’t just you being a cock hungry hoe that couldn’t even be bothered to take your clothes off before you needed to get it. No one.”

Tears running down her face I speak once more “We’ll be skipping the party tonight I think, and as my parents are both out of town this weekend on business, you’ll be staying here with me, so collect yourself, give Amy a call to bow out of the party tonight, and then give your mum a call saying you’ll be staying at Amy’s this weekend. Understand?”

Taking a deep breath before nodding Sarah meekly says “Yes Master” before heading over to the pile of her clothes on the floor to start her calls, and all I do is smile thinking about the fun we’ll be having during the rest of the school year – just the thought alone getting hard once more.

Senior Year Pet – Chapter 3

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