Summer Fun – Chapter 1 – Help Wanted



Is it just me, or is she getting a little touchy-feely? I can’t help but wonder, is she taking a liking to me more than just a co-worker? Nah, I’m probably overthinking things again.

It’s early May and I am in the last quarter of 11th Grade, my Junior Year of high school. I attend one of the two high schools in the Spring Haven School District. Our district is aptly named after my hometown of Spring Haven, a medium-sized Michigan town, not too big and not too small. It’s been a good place to grow up, I think so at least. Like any town, it’s not perfect, but it’s home and the only place I’ve lived for all of my 17 years.

My school is Maplewood High, home of the “Mighty Mustangs”. I, myself, am not among the esteemed Mustangs. I was never much for participating in school sports. Like too many people these days, I prefer to find my competition in front of the TV with a game controller in hand.

For as much as I love sitting around on my ass, wasting time, playing video games, I do make myself get some physical activity. I don’t strive to be a super-muscular built-up guy, but I try to stay in-shape. These days, it seems, that several of my classmates are putting on a lot of weight from inactivity and eating too much junk food; I’m trying my best to avoid that from happening to me.

I have a younger brother, Luke, who’s now 15. We get along pretty much as you would expect brothers to, everything is a big competition between us. Luke is more of a sneaky trouble-maker than I ever was; but I always seem to be the one in hot water with Mom and Dad when we have an argument. I am the older brother after all, the one who is supposed to “set the good example.” He loves to use that to his advantage, and often. Those rare times we are not at each other’s throats, we get along fairly well. We have fun shooting hoops in the driveway or going for a good run together.

Marc Dietrich and Jeff Gardener are my closest and best friends that I hang out with most. We all have our driver’s licenses, but none of us own a car yet. We still enjoy riding our bikes to get around town even though most of our peers now drive. On the plus side, bike riding gives me another physical activity to help stay in shape.

Our favorite destination is the Pizza Depot, it’s one of those cool pizza restaurant/arcades loved by the local teenagers. Even though we all have X-Boxes, PlayStations and PC’s at home, it’s good to actually get up, and out, of the house. We like the old-style arcade games they have, Pac Man, Asteroids, Donkey Kong, Guitar Hero, classic pinball machines, etc. Using our bikes to get here satisfies two of my current teenage-needs, video games and some physical activity; win-win for me.

I should mention that there is another strong teenage-need that I have not had so much luck with satisfying… girls, specifically a girlfriend. My grandmother always told me, “Oh Kyle, with those dazzling green eyes, you’ll have all the pretty girls lining up for you.” Let’s just say I’m still waiting for that to happen…

Overall, I can’t complain, I guess I’m a pretty good-looking guy and I have noticed girls checking me out on rare occasions… very rare occasions. My problem is that I’m on the shy and reserved side. I’ll be honest and admit that, all too often, I am too afraid to take the risk, make a little eye-contact and ask a girl out, mainly for fear of rejection.

I had a bad experience with that in the 10th Grade. I got all hung up on this girl named Karla Whittington who sat next to me in English class. She was friendly, seemed happy to see me, and we became good friends. For a guy like me, not having a lot of self-confidence, I tended to make a big deal out of any pretty girl showing attention.

It didn’t take long before I started to develop warm and fuzzy feelings. I would fantasize about us dating and doing fun things. When I finally got my courage up, I asked Karla if she would like to go out with me. She was cordial about it, but told me, “No.” Boy, was English class ever awkward after that, for both of us. I felt by asking her out, I may have killed our easy friendship.

I have a real tendency to over-think things and I let it bother me, to be honest, it broke my heart. I know it sounds silly just because one girl turned me down, but it really takes a lot of courage for me to ask someone out. Looking back, I probably invested too much hopeful dreaming into it and that made the letdown that much harder on me.

I’m generally not very outgoing with people, especially people that I don’t know very well. Simple advice to self; I really need to get out of my shell and learn to be more carefree. Sure, easy enough to say to yourself, but not so easy to figure out how to do.

I really am creature of routine, I love routine, not so many unpleasant surprises, but also not very many pleasant ones either. I think my answer is to find something that gets me out of my comfort-zone. It’s not that I want to ditch my friends or anything, but maybe I need to meet some new people to interact with.


This afternoon, Marc and Jeff and I are at the Pizza Depot. While I’m dropping some quarters into the Street Fighter game for a match against Marc, I notice they put up a “Help Wanted” sign. Hmmm… maybe applying for a job is what I need? This might be a cool place to work and it is about time I start earning money to buy a car at some point.

After the game, I walk over to the counter that separates the dining/arcade area from the work spaces and ask for an application. A big dude, with flour dust all over his apron, named Eric hands me one. “Return this Benny, when you’re done,” he tells me.

I sit down and fill it out. Once I’m done, I see the guy whose tag says he is Shift Manager Benny. He quickly reads what I’ve filled out and says, “Okay, this looks good. We’ll give you a call if we would like you to come in for an interview.”

Back at the table our pizza has arrived. Marc asks, “Dude, did just you apply for that job here?”

“Yeah, I really need to start saving up for my own car.”

“Don’t we all…”

“This would a great place for you to work, Kyle. That way you could still hang out with us.” Jeff says.

“How am I going to ‘hang out’ if I’m working?”

“Well, maybe you could get us free pizza and game credits?” he grins.

“I don’t think it works that way, Jeff.”

I’m not really expecting much to happen, but it’s an easy enough first step to building a new and out-going Kyle.


Am I ever surprised to receive a call the very next day. They would like me to come in about the job for an informal interview, this afternoon, if I’m available. Immediately hopping on my bike, I ride on over to the Pizza Depot.

I meet with Mr. Bill Moore, who informs me that he is part-owner and manager. Mr. Moore is a rather large and imposing man, and at 6’-4” or more, some might say intimidating. He’s in his mid to late 50s and it’s easy to see that years of hard work have left him with thinning light brown hair beginning to gray. Beyond that, he has a kind face and a gentle nature about him. We shake hands and sit down in a booth.

Mr. Moore is reading my job application, “Okay, let’s see what we have here: Kyle Stevenson, 17-years old, no prior employment experience and you attend Maplewood High School. Reason for wanting to work here: ‘This would be a fun place to work,’ and you ‘would like to start saving money to buy a car and for college.’ Is all of this correct?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Please, no need to be so formal with all the ‘sir’ business, you may call me Bill.”

“Okay, Bill.” It seems a little awkward calling a possible employer by his first name, but if that’s what the man wants, so be it.

“Well Kyle, the position we are offering is not a glamorous one. You would be bussing tables, washing dishes, wiping down the arcade games, sweeping the floor, and generally keeping things clean around here. We also will need you to occasionally help with making and baking pizzas at extra-busy times. I can only offer minimum wage to start, but we can see how it goes from there.”

“Sounds good to me sir – I mean Bill.”

“We do have a few expectations here at Pizza Depot that I will go over with you. It’s important for you to be on time for all your shifts. If you should need to call in sick, we ask that you give as much notice as possible for us to call in a replacement. We’ll provide you with red shirts, a hat and an apron like you see our other employees wearing. You may wear blue jeans and tennis shoes if you wish, but they must be clean and no holes in them. We may not be able to offer you very many hours at first; but, as we get busier in the summertime, that should change.”

I nod in agreement and Bill continues, “I understand how popular this establishment is with young people. If you should work here, I need you to understand that you are not to be distracted by your peers visiting as customers while you’re on-duty. When you are off-duty, you are welcome to enjoy this place with your friends for as long as you wish. I’m sure you understand the importance of this.”

“Yes, I do, I won’t let you down.”

“Well okay, Kyle, consider yourself hired. How easy was that for your first job interview?”

“Very easy.”

Bill and I shake hands, “Welcome aboard, I think you’ll enjoy being a part of our team.”

“I think I will too. When can I start?”

“Come back next Tuesday at 4:00 and report to my daughter Renee, she’s returning from college for the summer and will be working here as a shift manager. She’ll train you on all of your duties, and get you all set up with shirts, hats and a work schedule.”

“Thank you, Bill!”


Tuesday of the following week, I arrive at Pizza Depot 15-minutes before 4:00, my mother said to always show up early and make a good first-impression. When I arrive, I ask a passing waitress for Renee Moore, she motions towards the kitchen area, “She’s in the back.”

As I’m walking towards the opening that leads to working spaces, I see a cute blonde, with shorter-length hair, who looks to be about 20 or 21 come out to greet me.

“Hi, I’m Renee. You must be Kyle?” she smiles and reaches out to shake my hand. My first impressions are for having such a big, tall father, his daughter is rather short and petite, maybe 5’ – 2” at most.

“Yes, that’s me.”

“Dad told me you were coming in today. Welcome to the Pizza Depot crew, come on in the back with me.”

She leads me through the kitchen area to a small back office. “Okay, first we need to get you set up with some uniform shirts, hats and an apron.” She looks me up and down, “How tall are you? You look about 5’-10”, 5’-11”?”

“I’m 5’-10””

Renee sorts through a big box of red Pizza Depot shirts and pulls one out. “Okay, how about an Adult Male Medium, try this on. You’re pretty slender so if it’s too loose we can try a smaller size.”

I try the shirt on over my t-shirt, it’s a little loose, but fits fine. She digs out a few more of the same size along with a hat and an apron.

Renee spends the afternoon with me going over all the duties I will be expected to do. Bill was right, it’s not a glamorous position washing dishes and cleaning up, but I think it will be cool working here. Renee and everyone I met that day seem like fun people to work with.

I work a couple of days a week for these first several weeks, usually a Tuesday afternoon and a Friday or a Saturday afternoon. Bill did say it wouldn’t be very many hours at first, but they should pick up in the summertime. By the time the school year ends in early June, I was bumped up to working four afternoons a week.


I enjoy working at Pizza Depot, not so much for the tasks I am assigned; cleaning dishes and mopping bathrooms isn’t fun for anyone. It’s because of my co-workers, we get along great and that makes it fun.

Bill is great to work for, I think he has taken a liking to me for being such a “responsible young man,” always arriving to work on time and getting my job done. He gave me a 50-cent per hour raise after my first four weeks working here.

I can already tell that working here with these people has been good for me, I’m loosening up and it’s bringing me out of my shell. Eric is pretty funny and likes to joke around. He’s a cook and a big oaf of a guy that loves to party. The others say he loves it too much and tends to come in late with a hangover every now and then.

Shift manager Benny is cool and laid-back, for the most part, except he does get a little tense and wound-up when it’s busy in here. I understand he’s a bit of a PC gamer and builds his own computers, he’s fun to talk with about popular games and techy-stuff.

I especially like and get along with Renee. She has such a cool, perky and outgoing personality that I enjoy, not to mention how damn cute she is; I could do well to learn from her. She nicknamed me Sport, I’m not sure why since most sports activities and I rarely cross paths, but I’m fine with it. It seems that most shifts I work, Renee is also working, I like that.

It’s nice to fit-in here, but I do admit it can be hard to not be distracted when my friends come in to hang out. I remind them that, “I can’t talk right now, I’m on duty,” and will hang out later.


One early June Friday afternoon, Tiffany Hammond comes in hanging on her football-player boyfriend Blake Ramsey, along with his friends Justin and Dirk. Tiffany and I have known each other for many years and grew up in the same neighborhood. I consider her a good friend, although we’ve somewhat drifted apart these last couple of years. She and I used to be able talk about almost anything, we even share the same birthday of September 12th.

When we were kids, Tiffany was an awkward girl, but at the beginning of high school, she really blossomed into an attractive young woman. She has long brown, slightly wavy hair, beautiful blue eyes and a pretty face in that cute girl-next-door way.

In elementary and middle school, I always thought of her as just a friend, but these last few years, I have become quite attracted to her. I often have thoughts about wanting to explore a relationship beyond friendship. Unfortunately for me, when it comes to guys, she only seems attracted to the athletic type, the alpha-males; consequently, that never puts me on her radar as anything more than a trusted guy-friend. She occasionally consults me when she needs a guy’s perspective, looking for advice dealing with which ever jock she is currently dating. All too often, it is impossible for me to give any useful advice. I just can’t get into their self-centered, ego-driven mindset. Guys like that and myself are polar-opposites of the guy-spectrum.

Tiffany, Blake, Justin and Dirk join a group of jocks and popular girls from school that came in earlier. That’s a group I have no interest in associating with, they all seem so fake and full of themselves.

I must have been staring in Tiffany’s direction for a while, long enough for Renee to take notice. She nods over at the group, “Who’s she?”

“Tiffany Hammond.”

“She your girlfriend?”

“Nah, just a friend, we’ve known each other for years.”

“Do you want her to be your girlfriend?”

Am I that obvious? I think to myself. Sighing, I tell Renee, “She’s only into jocks, not guys like me.”

“Her loss,” she shrugs, “You’ll find the right girl, Sport.”

“I’m not so sure about that…” I quietly mutter.

She tugs on my shirt, “Come on in the back, we need help with making pizza, we’re getting behind in the kitchen.”


As the month of June progresses, the weather becomes warmer and warmer, a sure sign the summer season is setting in to stay. I learn just how hot it can get in the kitchen with the pizza ovens roaring at 500 degrees. It seems no matter how cold we have the air conditioning set at, it’s still sweltering back here. Renee assured me that I will “get used to it over time.”

On this particular Wednesday, it was rather slow before dinner and Renee asked if I could help her rearrange the stock-room. We pull everything off the shelves to give them a good wipe down, throw out old junk that isn’t used anymore and sweep the floors in all the hard-to-reach corners. This room is small as it is, but with everything off the shelves and piled around us, it makes for tight working quarters.

Renee has her hands full with couple of large plastic containers and is trying to scoot past me. Moving back to allow her room, I back up into a large cardboard box and lose my balance. My ass lands on the box as Renee, also loses her balance, in an attempt to reach out and catch me. She ends up landing on me, sitting on my lap. “Ah shit!” she exclaims, as the containers she was carrying topple, dumping their contents of paper cups and lids all over the floor.

She turns, looks at me behind her, and laughs, “Well, hello there! Fancy meeting you in here,” she jokes because of our now, very close, proximity.

“Uh… Hi,” I grin back.

She sighs, “Look at this mess. We really need to figure out how to restock these shelves with a better system.”

“Yeah,” I nod and agree. Funny thing is, she stays right where she is, comfortably sitting on my lap. I feel a little awkward having my supervisor, not to mention, the owner’s cute daughter so close to me… and on me like this… but, I’m not bothered it. It’s hard not to be attracted to Renee.

I can feel every one of her slight movements directly through my pants and directly on my special parts inside. That little horny side of me causes my mind to start to wander. I’m thinking about how close in proximity my special parts are to her special parts, only few layers of simple cloth. Uh oh, shouldn’t be thinking like this, I feel myself starting to get hard. I better get my mind on something else, and quick!

Renee turns and smiles at me; god, I hope she hasn’t noticed the growing situation I have going on, she’ll think I’m some kind of perv. She takes a breath and starts to stand up, “Okay, Sport, let’s get this shit done.”

As she’s partway lifted herself up, the box I’m on suddenly picks that time to collapse under me. Like a skit in some old-time comedy act, I fall and Renee loses her balance, coming down alongside of me. As she lands, her hand inadvertently falls on the small hump in the front of my jeans. As if things weren’t already stirred-up down there, slight movement of her fingers causes a bevy of tingles on my sensitive bits inside. When she notices exactly where her hand is, she grins, pulling it back. “Oops, I’m sorry,” she giggles, “Didn’t mean to grope you there.”

I feel my face get instantly warm, “It’s okay,” I tell her.

Benny comes around the corner and see us on the floor in the middle of this mess, “What in the hell is going on back here?”

Renee reaches up to him, “Pull me up, will ya?”

Sometimes it’s just those little things that can make a guy’s day, like noticing a girl possibly checking you out, maybe a female friend playfully smacking your ass, or sitting on your lap, and how about a hand accidently landing on your private area? Okay, okay, I know… it was just an innocent slip-up, but hey, it makes me smile.


For the next couple of weeks, things continue go great at my job. Renee seems to schedule me whenever she’s working, I’m fine with that, I like working shifts with her.

In mid-July, she pulls me aside and asks if I would be interested in making some extra money on the side for my car and college fund. She explains, “My Dad is not only part owner of Pizza Depot, but he also owns the Fairlawn Apartments on MacArthur Avenue. Do you know where I’m talking about?”

“Yeah, I think I know where that is.”

“When a tenant’s lease is up and they move out, we repaint the whole apartment and sometimes replace the carpet before re-renting the unit. The repainting is something I help my Dad with. I have five units to paint over the next four weeks. Would you be interested in helping me? We can pay you hourly what you make here, plus an extra dollar an hour on top. I already asked my Dad and he’s fine with it.”

“Wow, yeah! That sounds great. But, I’ve never painted any rooms before.”

“There’s nothing to it, I can have you painting like a pro in an hour or two.”

“Okay, count me in.”


A few days later, I ride my bike out to the Fairlawn Apartments, find Building #4 and Apartment #6 that Renee and I are to be painting. She told me to wear clothes that I don’t care if I get paint on and to be sure to wear shorts, because it can get really hot in the units with the air conditioning vents covered up with masking.

It doesn’t take long for me to get the hang of using the paint roller. Renee works with the brush painting around all the edges and corners while I follow up. Wall by wall, everything is gets a fresh coat of white paint. I can see it will take us most of the day to complete this two-bedroom apartment.

The former tenant left behind an old couch in the living room. Around noon, Renee motions we should sit down and take a break. We are both pouring sweat in this ridiculously hot and humid apartment. Add that the evaporating paint makes the air extra heavy and this mid-July summer heat makes it too hot outside to open any windows for relief.

Renee asks, “Would it be awkward for you if I took off my shirt? I am burning up. I have a sports bra on.”

“Yeah, that’s fine, go for it.” I wave my hand, not thinking too much about it.

“Thanks. Take your shirt off too if you want.”

I feel a little awkward doing so, I’ve never been one of those guys who goes around shirt-less unless I’m swimming, but she’s right, it will feel better to take this sweat-soaked thing off. To take my mind off feeling uncomfortable, I make some conversation, “So where do you go away to college?”

“Central Michigan University, or as we call it, CMU. It’s up in Mount Pleasant.”

“What’s it like? Do you enjoy it?”

“Yeah, I love being away at college, lots of great parties and there’s always fun things going on. The homework can really be piled on heavy by the professors though.”

“More than high school, huh?”

“Oh, hell yeah,” she agrees and adds, “I’m going for a Business Management Degree. I’d like to take over managing these apartments and maybe Pizza Depot someday. My dad works so hard and he isn’t getting younger.”

I nod, “Sounds like a good plan.”

“What about you, are you planning on going to college?”

“Yeah, I definitely want to go, I’m just not sure where yet. I’m not even sure what I want to major in.”

“You need to start thinking about that, you only have one more year of high school.”

“I know…”

Renee switches gears, “Kyle, can I ask you for some guy advice? You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. I don’t want to put you on the spot or anything…”

“Sure, it’s fine. Remember that girl, Tiffany? She’s always asking me for guy perspective advice.”

“Okay, so, there’s this guy at school who was in a couple of my classes last semester, his name is Tom. I kind of like him and I think there’s a chance he’s… he’s noticed me too, but I’m not sure. He’s really shy and I’m more of an outgoing, party-girl, if you haven’t noticed.”

“Yeah,” I nod, “You’re pretty outgoing.”

“I’m not sure if I should approach him… or how? Or what to do? I don’t want to scare him off or anything. What do you think would be a good way I could find out more about him?”

“Does he know you like to party and that kind of stuff?”

“I don’t think so, I’ve never seen him at any I’ve been at.”

I think for a little while and then offer, “Hmmm, well… if he’s on the shy-side, you would probably be safe in taking the initiative here. Invite him to a quiet-type activity. Keep it simple, go out to a coffee shop or a nice bookstore or something. Quieter activities may put you out your comfort-zone, but remember, being around outgoing girls can put a shy-guy out of his. Maybe some low-key, easy one on one, time is what work best?”

Renee says nothing, taking in what I said and then, “I like it! Damn Kyle, why didn’t I think of that?”

I make sure to add, “But, don’t hide the fact that you like going to parties and that sort of thing. You will have to let him know that at some point, he needs to know the real you. Don’t portray yourself as someone you’re not.”

She shakes her head, “That Tiffany girl does not know how good she’s got it with you around.”

“Yeah… ‘that Tiffany…’” I sigh.

“I’m sorry, you really like her, don’t you?”

“It’s just… I just… I just don’t know what she sees in all those stupid jocks she hangs around with. She’s so much better than the likes of them…”

Renee leans in, “She may come around someday, be patient, she’s young. She just hasn’t figured out what a real man is yet. For now, just keep being her friend; but that doesn’t mean closing yourself off to other options in the meantime. If some girl comes along that you want to date, you go for it! A cute and nice guy like you should have no problems getting girls.”

“Sometimes I wonder if that’s my problem…” I look down, “I’m too nice…”

Renee puts her hand on my thigh, “Awww, you are such a sweet guy… Don’t think like that.”

Standing up, she says, “I’ll be right back.” She goes to the kitchen and returns with two ice cold bottles of beer. Popping the tops, she hands me one, “I think we could use these, don’t you?”

“Yeah, that sounds great.”

Something she said earlier has my interest. I pause, hesitant to ask, but go for it anyway, “So… you think I’m cute?”

“Yeah, you are!” she looks at me like, you should know that, “First thing I noticed about you when you hired on.”

We sit and enjoy the refreshing icy-cold brew in this stifling apartment. I notice that she has put her hand back on my thigh. I’m getting those little tingling feelings again as she’s slightly rubbing the tender inner side, letting her fingers travel a little higher up each time.

“Mums the word about me giving you that, if my Dad were to find out I was giving beer to a minor-”

“Not a peep from me.”

Sensing this could be a touchy subject, Renee turns to me and tenderly asks, “Have you had many girlfriends, Kyle?”

“No, not really… I’ve never had much luck in that department.”

Running her fingers through my sweaty, dark brown hair in a combing motion, brushing it back from my forehead, she tells me, “Well, if I was a still in high school, I would be happy to be your girlfriend.”

This makes me feel good and I offer a smile.

“You really are a great guy, I mean that. Don’t be too hard on yourself.”

The way I am sitting, slouched in the couch, I could swear Renee has been nonchalantly glancing down at my shorts, especially between my parted legs. And, is it just me, or is Renee getting a little touchy-feely? It seems she likes being close to me, like that day in the stock-room. I can’t help but let my mind wander, is she possibly taking a liking to me more than just a co-worker? Nah, I’m probably overthinking things again and reading too much into her kindness. Remember what I said about a cute girl showing attention to a reserved guy like me.

As I am off in la-la land pondering this, Renee stands up and slowly paces around the room, admiring our progress. I thought I heard her say something about, “getting a bit done.”

“Huh…?” I snap back from my day-dreaming.

“I said, we’ve already got quite a bit done.”

“Oh, yeah… I guess we do.”

“I think we make a good team, you and I,” she muses.

Walking back over and standing in front of me, Renee silently takes my beer from my hand and sets the bottle on the floor. She lifts one knee and places it on the couch alongside my leg, then she lifts her other knee up and places it alongside my other leg, straddling me. I look up, a little confused about her entering my personal space this way. She looks deep in my eyes and quietly says, “I know we needed a beer, but I think I know of… something else… we both could use.”

I’m getting the strong feeling that Renee is wanting to-

She gently presses her crotch down and moves it back and forth over the bulge in my shorts, rubbing her private area all over my private area. There’s the tingles again, loud and clear, but this time, throughout all of my lower body from this unexpected, but welcome attention.

She grins at me, undoes her bra and tosses it aside. Her beautiful bare breasts, only inches from my eyes, are breath-taking. They’re absolutely perfect and perky, in their own way, they match her personality. She grins, takes my hands and places them on herself, whispering. “You can play with these if you want.”

This is the first time I ever touched boobs and they feel wonderful! I love how soft, yet slightly firm, they are. I touch and caress them, feeling her nipples grow harder. At the same time, her hands explore my bare chest, lightly twisting and pinching my little guy-nipples. This sends charged sensations all through my body. I learn how the nerves in my nipples are directly connected to the nerves in my area between my legs.

Renee whispers again, “How about I forget all about Tom and you forget all about Tiffany?”

“Okay…” I whisper back. It’s as if I’m in a hypnotic trance.

“Today, let’s just be two people who want to enjoy each other… Okay?”

“Uh huh…” I slowly nod.

She slowly stands up, never taking her eyes off me. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her shorts, she wiggles them down and all the way off. Please, please, please don’t let this be a dream… I take in a breath as I see her fluffy pubic patch, it’s blonde, but slightly darker than the hair on her head. I like how it’s trimmed into a perfect little triangle where her legs meet.

Keeping her eyes fixed on mine, she squats and slips her fingers into each side of the waistband of my shorts. “Is this okay?” she asks. I’m in total, speechless awe at this point, but I can nod. I nod that, Yeah, this is, most definitely, okay!

I kick off my tennis shoes as she slowly pulls my shorts and underwear down. I lift up so they clear my cheeks as she pulls them the rest of the way off. It makes me feel good to see Renee smile as she takes her first glimpses at the parts of my body I’ve always kept private. She playfully ruffles her fingertips in my dark, fluffy pubes, “I really like these, Sport, so glad you don’t shave them.”

Being completely naked, showing off everything I’ve got for the first time with a girl, with anyone for that matter, naturally has me feeling very nervous. I was certainly not expecting the day to go in this direction.

Renee places her knees back alongside my legs and returns to her position over me, this time there are no layers of cloth between her girl-bits and my boy-parts. Settling her soft pussy down, she’s sandwiching me underneath her. She feels so warm, soft and even a little bit wet.

Slowly, she moves her hips in grinding motion backward and forward over me. Renee’s pussy is the first one I have ever seen, and here is my cock, nestling between her lips as she slides them over me. Talk about tingling sensations? We’re now talking through the roof and well on their way to the stratosphere.

I notice a small hard nub, that I am guessing is her clit. She’s rubbing it coincidently on my extra-special sensitive spot on the bottom side of my cock. This feels ab-so-fuckin-lutely amazing! Rubbing ourselves together, she asks, “Do you like this?”

I’m sure my, wide-eyed, wonderment spoke volumes. “Uh-huh…” I nod.

She caresses my arms and tells me, “Kyle, you’re so tense, it’s okay to relax and enjoy this.”

“I, I know…” I utter.

“Maybe this will help,” she says as she leans forward, putting her hands behind my head. Opening her mouth over mine, she maneuvers her tongue in. This feels very strange to me at first, having another person in the space inside my mouth, but it doesn’t take long for me to enjoy the sexiness of kissing this way.

“There, is that better?” she tilts her head and smiles.


Renee scoots back a little bit so that she’s sitting on my lower thighs closer to my knees. She looks down and smiles at my hard-on, standing straight-up and at full attention between us. “Alrighty then, let’s have a looksee at what you have going on here.”

Starting with wrapping her hand around, gently stroking and rubbing, she progresses into checking out specific features of my penis. On the very tip, she’s touching my little pee-hole, then feeling the shape of my glans, sliding her thumb over my sensitive spot and twirling her fingers around the indented rim. As this is happening, her other hand wiggles down to fiddle her fingers on my ball bag; it tickles and causes me to squirm.

“Uh oh, someone’s ticklish here,” she giggles and purposely jiggles my nuts.

“Yeah… kinda.”

Other than my own, I’ve never felt another’s hands play so freely in my cotch before. It’s so different because what, and where, her fingers touch next is so unexpected; it’s wonderful! I’ve also never been so closely examined, and Renee is inspecting everything in great detail. I hope she finds me adequate.

Sure, I’ve measured myself, like probably every guy on the planet has at one time or another. How we measure-up is one of those things we’re naturally curious about. My length is 6 ½ to 7 inches, depending on the intensity of my erection. Internet research regarding average penis size let me know that I fall into what is considered perfectly normal.

Pausing with my cock in her hand, she nods approvingly, “You really have a nice one!”

“I do?” I nervously ask.

“Hell yeah, you do! It’s nicely proportioned and looks great; I think it’s perfect!”

“Well, th-that’s… that’s good to know,” I stutter, “I’m happy you like it… b-because I-” God, I must sound so stupid, stumbling over my words like a complete idiot, and especially after receiving such high compliments on my penis!

Renee puts her finger to my lips, “Relax…” she whispers, grinning at me. I take a deep breath and find calm. Like I said, I’ve never had another person take such an interest in my most private parts before.

Slowly sliding her hand up and down a few times, she seems to be studying the space between her fingertips and thumb. With some gentle squeezing, she tells me, “And, you have a nice girth too.” That’s also good to know. Most guys are concerned with, or brag and lie, about how long it is. As I just learned, girls also look at the thickness.

The next seven, simple words Renee said let me know that I will definitely remember this day for the rest of my life. She asks, “Can I feel you inside me now?”

“I, uh… I didn’t bring any condoms or anything, I didn’t know we would be-”

“It’s okay,” she smiles, “I’m on the pill.”

Renee scoots up and positions her pussy directly over me. Again, I pray that I’m not dreaming this. Oh my god! My mind is racing, this is really happening! She wants my cock inside her pussy! This is my day! The day I’m gonna lose my virginity!

With her hand, she lines me up and we make contact of my tip poised at her opening. With a little wiggle, I see the head of my penis slip in and disappear inside her. Slowly she descends on my shaft, gently easing me all the way in. I swear I’m seeing fireworks exploding in my head. She’s so warm, so wet, so welcoming and so silky-smooth. For a guy, I don’t know if there is a life-moment better than feeling your cock slide inside a girl for the very first time. Her pussy is snug and feels beyond magnificent!

She sits like this for a few moments and moves her hips around. “Oh god, Kyle, you feel SO GOOD!” Here I am mentally noting how great she feels and I feel just as good to her! Wow! I don’t think I can make a boner any harder than I am right now. She smiles and I feel her contracting her muscles tightly around me, I answer by twitching my cock inside her.

Bouncing up and down a bit, she tells me, “When I do this, I can feel you hit all the way to the back of me.”

“You do?” I ask.

“Yes, you totally fill me up, it feels awesome.”

Renee puts my hands on her hips as she slowly starts moving up and then down, sliding up and then back down, sliding up and then back down. Oh – My – God! Does this ever feel fantastic! The inside of her pussy is so well lubricated, it feels like the softest velvet. I let out a low, deep moan of, “OooOhhhh”. This is everything, and so much more, than I was ever expecting sex would be like. My thoughts are shouting, I’m having sex! I’m actually having sex!

We find our rhythm; I move my hips up and down, driving in sync to work with her movements. She increases the speed and then slows it down, faster and then slower. The pacing we find is not a constant, but a variation of working in tandem for maximum sensational pleasure. Renee squints her eyes and slowly lolls her head around, enjoying how I penetrate her with each thrust, “Oh god, Kyle… this feels so good…”

For never doing this before, all of this seems to come quite natural. I think, as humans, we tap into a deep primal instinct of making this work without much conscious thought.

At times, she will lean forward to rub her clit in my pubic hair and on the pubic bone below, moaning, “Mmm, Mmmm” from the gratification she’s receiving. Her forward and backward motion in this position creates a different in and out sliding sensation with a more pronounced rubbing on the bottom side of my shaft, it feels great. One simply way to describe this is, my cock is in pussy heaven!

She sits up, straightens her back, and continues the up and the down motions while I keep in sync with her.



“This is actually my first time…”

This takes a moment to sink in. Upon realization of what I just said, her eyes grow big, “Really? And, you haven’t cum yet!”

“No, but I think I’m gonna soon.” I don’t think I’ve shot my load yet because, deep down, I’m still a little nervous.

My revelation seems to have a direct effect, it turns her on even more than before. Maybe it’s because my first sex is with her, right here and right now? She goes absolutely insane on me, and in a good way. Vigorously grinding and squeezing my hips tightly between her thighs, she’s working her pussy up and down my pole like crazy. I thought we were sweaty before.

“Oh-my-god, oh-my-god,” she’s huffing and puffing, lifting up and hammering herself down on me and vocalizing every thought of, “You-feel-so-good! Oh-god, I-love-your-cock! I-want-all-of-it! All-of-it-in-me!”

Hearing and seeing how much she’s enjoying fucking me is all it takes for my remaining nervousness to fade away. This is truly awesome!

If only this moment could last forever, but I know that’s not how it works, how about for a few hours at least? The fact is, my moment is coming, and coming fast. I try my best to hold off exploding in a feeble attempt to keep this magic lasting for just a little bit longer, but Renee letting it all loose, thrusting and gyrating like a wild woman is feeling so intense and so wonderful, it’s pushing the limits to more than I can stand.

“Ohhh, I’m gonna cum!” I yelp.

“Do it!” she puffs.

Her breathing is fast as she continues this wonderful and wild dance. In the midst of her panting, she shouts, “Cum in my pussy, Kyle! Cum right NOW!”

That’s it! There’s no stopping the white surge from deep inside as it rapidly propels to exit the small opening on my tip. “Auhhtt!” I grunt out loud and thrust my hips up, driving my entire length all the way in as I fire it!

The first blast is immediately followed by another ejaculatory explosion, followed by another, then another, and another… “Aaahhhhh…” I hum as my every care in the whole world funnels its way down… Down through my body… Past my groin, and right on out my urethra in the form of my creamy semen…

As I’m releasing my flood of cum, I feel her pussy muscles contract very tightly in a stranglehold around my shaft like she never wants to let it go. Renee throws her head back and shouts, “Oh my God! OH MY GOD! Gimme your cum! OH GOD!” This is followed by whimpering, crying-like sounds. I hope I didn’t hurt her somehow…

Feeling the last pulses of my final spurts, she leans forward, wraps her arms around my back and pulls me tightly to her. Her chest is wet, sweaty and hot as she’s pushing my face deep between her breasts. We stay like this for a quite a while as our orgasmic spasms subside and we catch our breaths.

I look up at Renee and see a glazed look in her eyes and meekly ask, “Are you okay?”

“Oh, Kyle…” more deep breaths, “That was fucking fantastic!”

Whew! I’m relieved I didn’t hurt her when I drove myself in so deep in the throes of the most awesome ejaculation I ever felt. Remember, the only sexual releases I’ve ever experienced have been accomplished by my own hand in my bedroom. This was much more intense than I was expecting, and so much better!

“We came at the same time!” she exclaims. I wasn’t quite sure of the importance of this, I thought that was how it was supposed to work every time.

“When you said this was your first time, I don’t know what happened, but some kind of crazy sexual explosion went off in my brain. I never did it with a virgin guy before and I’m sooo happy it was with you!” While she’s talking, she’s pressing herself down and moving her hips around to continue enjoying our connection. “It was like, oh my god, I have your virgin cock inside me and your first climax with another person is going to be with me! Thinking about that just drove me wild! Still does!”

Wow! And, here I thought losing my virginity was a big deal for me…

She continues, “When I sensed you were getting close, I was starting to feel my own coming on, that’s why I told you to, ‘Cum now! Cum now!’ It’s so awesome when we can cum together like that!”

“It doesn’t work like that every time?”

“No, usually the guy finishes first. Most of the time it takes a girl longer to climax.”

“Oh…” Learn something new every day.

“Remember that. When you cum first, don’t just roll over and be done, make sure your girl has hers too, she’ll love you forever.”

“I’ll remember that.”

Renee confesses, “I think deep down, I suspected you were a virgin, but I wasn’t 100% sure till you told me.” She kisses me, “I hope this was great for you.”

“Oh, it was!”

Playing with my nipples, she whispers, “You have such a sweet innocence about you, a sweet innocence in how you act… and what you say… I really like that about you.”

“Well, I guess I’m not so ‘innocent’ anymore, huh?” I snicker, twitching my, still hard, cock inside her.

“You may not be a virgin anymore, but don’t ever lose these good qualities of who you are.”

We kiss again, no rushing and taking time with our tongues. All the while, Renee remains straddling my hips because we’re not ready to separate just yet. Wow! What a day! Here we are covered in sweat, genitals connected, and I just lost my virginity! This day is awesome! Renee is awesome! Everything is truly great with the world!

I feel some warm liquid leaking and dripping past my balls. “Uh, oh, I think we’re leaving something on the couch here.”

“Hahaha!” she laughs, “We’re making a fabled wet-spot! Those will become small points of argument in the future over who has to sleep on it.” Yup, I continue to learn new things…

“Whew, now it’s really hot in here,” she says fanning her hands as she lifts up and slides off of me.

Renee certainly did not have to, but I thought it was really nice, and actually kind of sexy, of her to grab one of the painter towels to wipe me off. She cleans herself up and grabs those beers she set on the floor earlier.

“These are getting a little warm. Do you want another one?”

“Sure!” We pop the tops on two fresh cold ones.

She flops down alongside me, “Ahhhh, we both needed that, don’t you think?”

“Oh, yeah! We most definitely did!” I whole-heartedly agree. I never knew painting could be so much fun.

She smiles and sheepishly admits, “I’ve kinda had my eye on you and been wanting to do it with you for a while now.”

“Well, I’m really happy you did,” I laugh.

“So, was sex what you hoped it would be?”

“Even better!” I tell her and ask, “Do you remember that day we were rearranging the stock-room?”

I think she knows where I’m going with this, “Yeah, I remember.”

“After you fell on me moving the boxes, your hand accidently touched me here,” I pat my pubic hair, “I know this will sound stupid, but it made me horny for the rest of that day.”

“Yeah… I remember that. And, maybe, it wasn’t exactly an ‘accident?’” Renee admits, biting her lip and snickering, “But, seriously though, let’s keep all of this between us. Please don’t say anything around Pizza Depot, or to your buddies, okay? It could make things super-awkward.”

I make a my-lips-are-sealed motion.

“So, you said there are four more of these apartments to paint? Would you… by any chance… need help with them?” I venture, with a hopeful grin.

“Hmmmm,” she looks up and ponders, “Yeah… I think I could use your help… if you’re offering, that is.”

We finish our second beer and Renee says, “Okay, Sport, you ready to get back at it?”

My eyebrows shoot up in surprise, does she mean like, right now? She laughs and hits my arm, “I mean with the painting, jack-ass!”

“Oh, yeah, that too…”

As we are gathering up our strewn-about, sweaty clothes, her phone chimes from an incoming text. “My dad is on his way here and wants to know what unit we’re in. Get dressed and get rid of those beer bottles while I text him back.”

Fifteen minutes later, Bill Moore arrives with a large pepperoni pizza for us, he sets it in the kitchen and comes to check-out our progress. I respect Bill immensely, but I couldn’t help feeling very awkward seeing him right now; here is the man that hired me and his daughter is currently walking around with my semen inside her pussy. He looks around the apartment, “Hey, this place is looking great, you two really work well together.”

“Yup, we sure do! Kyle is doing great for his first time, he’s painting like a pro,” Renee smirks and winks at me. Did she really have to say, “his first time”?

“Well, that’s great! Oh, I put a couple bottles of pop on the counter for you too, figured you need them in this heat.”

“Thanks, Dad.”

“Keep up the good work. I’d love to hang around, but I gotta run over to main office, that damn printer is acting up again. See you two later.”

We enjoy the pizza and continue painting with the addition of loud music blasting. Both of us are singing, quite badly, along with songs we know. Perma-smiles of mutual satisfaction are on our faces when we look in each other’s direction. A few hours later, we finish the work. Renee comes over, puts an arm over my shoulders and nods, “We did good, don’t you think?”

“Yeah, we did. Especially for…” my turn to wink, “My, ‘first time.’”

“That too,” she nods.

I believe I did do well for my first time, she orgasmed with me, that’s good sign for sure. You know what’s different? I actually feel more like a man than I did this morning.

“So, Sport,” she pulls me close and reaches down to squeeze the front of my shorts, “Do you think you’re up to help paint another apartment in three days?”

Yeah… I think I’ll be “up” for it…

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