First Time, Summer Time



This is how I finally lost my virginity.

This story takes place in summer of 2007, and was 16 years old. I never had alot of friends in high school, and was still a virgin. I was always so horny, I’d get random erections at school and would even masturbate in the bathroom sometimes. The few friends I had weren’t really that close with me, we never hung out outside of school.

It was the end of the school year, and there was talks of a big party being planned for the end of the school year at some guys house. There was going to be lots of people there and drinking alcohol of course. I really wanted to go once I heard of it. I thought maybe this was my chance to finally lose my virginity. The party I found out was in July. school ended, the end of June.

When school was done, I was happy to be on summer vacation. My parents said they were going on vacation for 2 weeks to the Bahamas, just the thought of having the house to myself and being able to masturbate whenever I wanted gave me a hard on. They left the first week of July.

As soon as they left, I immediately put porn on and started to jerk off, when I was done that, I worked out a bit. I was fit, not muscular but skinny and toned. Then I got a phone call from one of my friends. They said there’s a party the second week of July on a Friday night, and said I could come with him. It was the party people were talking about in school before the end of the year. I was pretty excited. This could be how I lose my virginity I thought. For the first week of my parents being gone on vacation, I didn’t do much but roam around the house naked watching porn and jerking off alot. It was awesome.

The second week of July came, and it was the night of the party. My friend that called me and invited me came over before the party. Luckily it was about a 15 minute walk from my house. We walked there. It was a nice house, with an inground pool. Everyone was drinking, there had to be at least 30 people there. Once everyone was drunk, there were people skinny dipping in the pool, loud music playing, it was a good time. The guy that was hosting the party’s parents weren’t home for the weekend. I was feeling kind of lonely, not really talking to many people, and then this girl came up to me, her name was Julia. We started talking and getting to know eachother, she was my age, 16. We started flirting a bit, it got sexual fast, we kissed and stuff. she was more drunk than I was, I only had 3 beers. I asked her if she wanted to go back to my house, and that I lived only 15mins walking away. She, to my surprise, said sure. I was very happy.

My house was was pretty nice, with a hot tub and inground pool. I made sure she was comfortable. I got her some water, and she said I was cute. I said we should swim, she wanted to. So I went in my room to change, the door was open just a crack, I could see her peeking in, and it turned me on. I started getting hard, so I put my swim suit on. I gave her a shirt to wear and she swam in her under wear.

We were swimming for a while, then we started to make out in the pool. I got hard fast, she went down my swim suit and started stroking me. I was so happy, I never had a girl touch me like that before. We got naked in the pool and were making out for a while, I fingered her a bit, she loved it, you could hear how much in pleasure she was. she said, can you fuck me in the hottub? I said sure. When she got out of the pool, you could see her naked in the moon light. The light gleamed off her beautiful skin. Her nipples were perked up. We got in the hot tub…

In the hot tub, we continued to make out and touch eachother. She loved her nipples to be stimulated. So I licked them for a while. She was so horny. I was hard as it gets. I lifted her up and slowly put her down on my cock, she was facing me, I was balls deep in her, We were kissing as I went in and out of her. She was in so much pleasure. She kept saying fuck me good. I was so happy I was losing my virginity. she said fuck me from behind. So she got off, and bent over, and I stood up in the hot tub and started fucking her from behind, she loved it. It wasn’t long before I cummed. Luckily I pulled out. After, we just chilled in the hot tub for about an hour. just cuddling and kissing and talking.

After the hot tub, we went inside and layed in my bed naked, cuddling. She wanted me to go down on her. So I slowly kissed her stomach all the way down to her pussy and licked it for a good 20 minutes. After that we cuddled some more naked, and I put on some porn on my computer in my room. We watched it for a while, and eventually fell asleep.

In the morning, we made breakfast and talked, she was so nice and we had chemistry. She said she was a virgin, I was her first time. And she was my first time. I was so happy. She wanted to shower together, so I obviously said yes. In the basement there was a big shower that could fit 2 people or more, we got naked together. It was really hot. I got hard. We got in to the shower and got close. We started to kiss, it was nice with the warm water coming down on us. Then she said fuck me. She bent over and I put it in her, I fucked her slow and sensually, I reached forward to play with her tits while I fucked her. I started to fuck her faster, and faster, I told her I was gonna cum. She turned around and started sucking me, and I cummed in her mouth. After the shower we dried off and got dressed. We exchanged numbers, and that was it, she went home.

We did sexual stuff together a couple more times, and we ended up dating for about a year. Great sex, she was so horny. We always fucked.

That was about it, after a year of dating we eventually just drifted apart and that was it. It was such good sex, she was so sexy, and loved her nipples to be played with.

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