Keeping a Family Tradition – Ryan’s Initiation



There are policies concerning when and how a sixteen-year-old is initiated into the tradition. The first of the guidelines is that children aren’t allowed to date before their sixteenth birthday. The second is that their first sex will be with the parent of the opposite sex on the weekend following their sixteenth birthday at a family reunion. The last is that once initiated, they may ask anyone already initiated to have sex with them.

Disclaimer: This is a work of fiction. If you are not of legal age for your locale or object to the idea of reading about incest, please close this page now. All characters are older than sixteen.


If you looked at me and my wife Ginger, you would make many assumptions about us like we’re the average American couple. In many ways, we are. We have three children, all teenagers, a house in the suburbs, and a dog. I work as a welder. However, looks can be deceiving. We are not the average American family. The average American family does not have parents who are brother and sister.

Whenever people ask us how we met, Ginger and I always say we met in high school. In a way, it’s true because the first time I saw her as other than my sister was when I was an eighteen-year-old senior, and she was a sixteen-year-old sophomore.

Allow me to explain a bit about our background. Our parents are also brother and sister. Our grandparents were cousins, as were their parents. This coupling of relatives goes back five generations. As you can see, incest is a tradition in our family, not just something that happens incidentally.

There are policies concerning when and how a sixteen-year-old is initiated into the tradition. The first of the guidelines is that children aren’t allowed to date before their sixteenth birthday. The second is that their first sex will be with the parent of the opposite sex on the weekend following their sixteenth birthday at a family reunion. The last is that once initiated, they may ask anyone already initiated to have sex with them.

The story of initiating our three children, Ryan, Sue, and Tammy, into the tradition will be told as separate stories.

Ryan’s Initiation

Ryan wanted to have a few of his friends over to celebrate his sixteenth birthday the following Tuesday, so Ginger and I had it catered to avoid having to prepare food for a bunch of hungry teenage boys. The big day arrived. Ryan and his friends played basketball, swam in the pool, played video games, etc.; all the things teenage boys do.

After his friends left, I asked Ryan to have a seat in the living room with Ginger and me.

“What’s up, Dad?” he asked.

“Don’t make any plans for the coming weekend,” I stated.

“Why? What’s going on?” he asked, confused.

“You, Mom, and I are going to my parents place for a very special event.”

“What kind of special event,” he queried.

“Ryan, first of all, I need your promise that anything said here or done this coming weekend won’t be discussed with anyone, not your sisters, not your best friends, nobody. If you break this promise, Mom or I, or both of us, could go to prison.”

“Mom, Dad, you have my word that nobody will ever know anything,” he stated.

“First, I need to tell you that Mom and I are brother and sister. It’s not uncommon where we come from.”

“What! Are you telling me that incest is okay where our family comes from?” he exclaimed. “What else is there?”

I go on to explain, “There’s a family tradition that when a child turns sixteen; they are initiated into the tradition. The initiation involves being taught how to please your sexual partner. This is done by the parent of the opposite sex. That’s why you kids aren’t allowed to date. This is your sixteenth birthday, so next weekend, Mom is going to teach you about how to please a woman. Once your initiation is complete, you’ll be allowed to ask any member of our immediate or extended family who has been initiated to have sex with you. That’s why it’s always done at a family reunion. Your sisters will be staying with friends; they can’t know about it until they’re sixteen.”

“Wow! That’s a lot of info to process,” he exclaimed.

“This coming Monday is a holiday and I’m taking Friday off from work. We’ll leave around nine, after the girls leave for school, and get there after lunch. The girls are going directly to their friends houses after school. With a three full days there, you’ll have plenty of time to get to know your grandmother, aunts, and female cousins, intimately,” I announce.

For the next few days, Ryan has a perpetual hard-on thinking about all the sex he’s going to have over the weekend.

It’s finally Friday. The girls are on their way to school, and the car is packed for the weekend when Ginger exclaims, “Oh, wait, I forgot, we need to drop off clothes for the girls at their friend’s houses. I had them pack but we need to drop the clothes off.”

She runs into the house, grabs the bags that the girls had packed, and throws them in the back seat with Ryan. Both bags bounce off the back seat and spill on the floor.

“Mom,” says Ryan, “All their clothes are mixed together. I don’t know how to separate them.”

“Let me do it. They’re both wearing close to the same size, except for their bra’s, Sue has bigger tits,” Ginger says.

“Mom! Too much information!, she’s my sister!” yelled Ryan.

She opens the back door, sorts, and bags the clothes, then looks at Ryan and says, “Over the weekend, I want you to check out the bra size of every female you have sex with. From then on, you should be able to tell what bra size a female is just by looking at her.”

I give a hearty laugh and turn to Ryan,” You better listen to your mother. It will serve you well in the future.”

Ginger gets back in the front seat and says,” Lets drop off those clothes and be on our way.”

So we drop off the clothes and hit the highway.

Two hours later, I get off the highway and announce, “Gas and bathroom break.”

I pull into the gas station, and everyone gets out.

After everyone has done their business and are back in the car, I say,” We’re making good time, about an hour to go.”

A little over an hour later, we arrive at our parent’s farm. Much of the extended family is already there. As we get out of the car, our mother comes running up to me and crushes her voluptuous breasts into me.

“Hi Mom,” I say and give her an open-mouthed kiss. “You’re just as horny as ever.”

“You know it,” she retorts and gives Ginger the same treatment. Then she turns to Ryan, gives him a bear-hug, and whispers in his ear, “I want your cock after you’re initiated.”

Ryan’s eyes are wide with surprise.

“C’mon,” I say, “Let’s get settled in for the weekend .”

We all grab our bags, and my mother leads us back to the main house and says, “Paul, you and Ginger take your old room, Ryan can have Ginger’s.”

We get to our rooms, and while Ginger unpacks our bags, I go down the hall to the room that Ryan is using.

“Why did you have that surprised look when grandma hugged you?” I asked.

He sheepishly grinned and said, “Grandma whispered in my ear that she wanted my cock after my initiation.”

I looked at him and said,” I told you that after you’re initiated, you could ask anyone to have sex with you. Didn’t you think that applied to everyone else that’s already been initiated?”

“Dad, I never thought about it that way. I also didn’t think old people still had sex.”

“Son, your Grandma can get just as horny as you do. She also said food would be ready in about an hour.” I turned and left, going back to my room.

When I walked in, Ginger asked,” What was that about?”

I laughed and said, “Mom told Ryan she wants his cock.”

Ginger burst out laughing, “She never changes, just a horny woman.”

“Mom said food will be ready in about an hour. It will be buffet style out by the bunk house,” I tell her.

“Great!” she exclaimed. “Breakfast was a long time ago and I’m hungry.”

Later that evening:

I see Ryan sitting in a chair across the great-room from me, talking with some of his cousins. I walk over to him and whisper in his ear, “It’s time, go to your room.”

He finishes his conversation and excuses himself. Returning to his room, he finds Ginger lying on the bed.

She looks at him and says, “Are you ready to become a man?”

“Yes Mom, I’ve been ready since you and Dad told me about the family tradition.”

“Good,” she replied, “now come here so I can undress you.”

Ginger lifts the bottom of his T-shirt, and he raises his arms so she can remove it. She then unbuckles his belt and unsnaps his jeans after lowering the zipper. His jeans fall to the floor. To her surprise, she’s facing a stiff cock.

“I didn’t know that you went ‘Commando’ today!” she exclaimed. “Now, you undress me.”

Ginger was wearing a sundress that buttoned up the front, so he nervously started unbuttoning it from top to bottom. The third button was right between her tits, and when he undid that one, he realized that she wasn’t wearing a bra.

She saw the lust in his eyes and said, “Go ahead, reach in and play with them.”

Ryan reached in with his left hand and gently squeezed her right nipple while his right hand continued undoing buttons. When he finished unfastening buttons, he stood up and pushed the sundress off her shoulders, and it fell to the floor.

She stood there in all her magnificence and said, “My panties need to come off too.”

Ryan got on his knees, inserted a couple of fingers of each hand into the waistband of her panties, and slowly pulled them down her legs. He looked up and gazed at her clean-shaven pussy. He didn’t know why, but his mouth was watering.

“Get on the bed, Ryan. I need to take care of that raging hard-on before we go any further.”

Ryan lays on the bed, and Ginger takes him into her mouth. Her tongue runs around the head of his cock then she proceeds to deep-throat him.

“Mom! I’m gonna cum!” he yells and explodes in her mouth. She swallows it all.

“Mmm, you taste as good as your father,” she states. “Now that we have that taken care of, let’s start your lessons.”

Ginger sits up. “The first thing you need to learn is how to get a woman ‘in the mood’ for sex. Several areas of the body can turn a woman on. Kissing the back of the neck, nibbling on ear lobes, and French kissing can all work. Now I want you to practice on me.”

She’s already worked up with the thought of fucking her son, and he does as he’s told.

“That’s nice, Ryan, keep doing that.”

Suddenly, he’s kissing her, trying to shove his tongue into her mouth.

“No Ryan, run your tongue over my lips. If I’m ready for French kissing, I’ll open my mouth. Let’s try that again.”

He repeats what he was doing, and Ginger opens her mouth while they kiss. Ryan’s tongue enters her mouth, and their tongues wrap around each other.

Ginger breaks the kiss and pants, “That was good, Ryan. Now, let’s move on. If the woman was wearing a top, while you’re kissing your hand should go under it and you should start playing with her nipples. It doesn’t matter if she’s wearing a bra or not, if she’s turned on her nipples will be hard, play with them. Now, give it a try.”

Ginger’s nipples are fully erect. Ryan kisses her again, and they French kiss. His hand reaches for her left tit, and his fingers latch onto the nipple and gently pulls it out, then releases it. He then rolls it between his fingers.

“Don’t neglect my other nipple,” she moans.

He repeats the action on her other nipple; she has little convulsions and cums.

“Oh Ryan, that was nice. You made me have a small orgasm just playing with my tits. Not all women will respond like that. Now it’s time to teach you the anatomy of a pussy.”

Ginger spreads her legs and tells Ryan to lay on his stomach between them. He gets in position about a foot from her pussy.

“No, get closer, you need to see everything,” she says.

He moves closer, his nose almost touching her clit.

She points out her outer and inner lips, then points to the nub at the top of her slit and says, “This little nub here is called a clit. It’s the most sensitive spot on a woman’s body, other than her G-spot. They both can drive a woman wild. I want you to insert two fingers into my pussy and try to curl them up to try and find my G-spot. It’s behind my clit on the inside.”

He follows directions, inserting his index and middle finger in her pussy, curls them up, and tries to find her G-spot. Suddenly, he feels a rough patch and rubs it.

Ginger throws her head back and says, “Yes! That’s it! You found it.” and cums, her pussy clamping down on his fingers. He then twirls his tongue around her clit.

“Oh my God, Ryan,” she says, as her orgasm continues. Soon, she cry’s, “Ryan, please stop. I’m too sensitive right now.”

“Wow Mom, that really made you cum hard,” exclaimed Ryan.

She pants, “Yes, I did. You did that to me. Sucking and licking my clit had the same effect as rubbing my G-spot. You’ve learned your lessons well, now please fuck me.”

Ryan re-positions himself and notches his cock in her opening. She grabs his ass and pulls his whole cock into her pussy. He starts pumping in and out, full strokes, just like he saw while watching internet porn. Soon she has her legs locked around him, ankles crossed, helping him set the best pace for her.

A few minutes after starting, she feels another orgasm rapidly building and screams. “Honey, you’re going to make me cum again, are you close?”

“Yeah Mom, I’m almost ready,” he responds.

“Please cum with me. I want to feel you shooting cum into my womb.” As she finishes saying that, her orgasm hits. Her pussy spasms on his cock, and he unleashed what feels like a gallon of cum.

They lay there in the glow of their mutual orgasms, exchanging kisses. Ryan looks into his mother’s eyes and says, “Thank you, Mom.”

Just then, I open the bedroom door, look at the two of them, and say, “Well, it looks like he passed his finals.”

To which Ginger replied, “No kidding! He made me cum three times during the lessons.”

“Good job, son,” I say. I then go down to the great-room and announce to everyone present, “Ryan has been initiated and is fair game.”

Ryan gets dressed and returns to the great room. Once there, he becomes the star, with many women asking him to have sex. His reply is always, “Grandma has first dibs,” and so it was.

He found her in the kitchen, and I heard him say, “As the Matriarch of this family, would you join the its youngest initiate in his bed?”

I don’t know how or where he came up with that corny line, but there was no hesitation on her part.

She jumped up and said, “Let’s go youngster, I’m horny!”

When they arrived in his room, she undressed him.

Holding his cock, she said, “You have a great piece of meat here, Ryan.” and engulfed it with her mouth.

Ryan grabbed the back of her head and face-fucked her. She readily took it down her throat; he came in under two minutes.

Ryan then undressed her and, standing behind her, played with her sagging fifty-year-old tits, his hard cock lodged in her ass crack.

“Oh yesss, Ryan, take care of your Grandma,” she moaned.

Ryan’s right-hand drifts down and finds her pussy. He runs a finger along her lips then finds her clit. He circles it.

“Oh my God!” she groans as she has an orgasm.

“Grandma, get on the bed, I want to taste you,” he tells her.

She lays down and pulls her knees up next to her ears, fully opening herself to him.

“Feast on me,” she declares.

Ryan kneels in front of her pussy and pulls her lips apart. His tongue makes a bee-line for her pussy after he moistens a finger in her soaking wet twat. As his finger lightly plays with her clit, his tongue is swabbing the inside of her cunt.

“My God, Ryan, where did you learn to do that? I’m going to cum again if you keep that up.”

Ryan changes his tongue’s actions. Instead of swabbing, he starts thrusting it in and out, fucking her with it.

Without warning, Grandma’s body tenses, and her pussy spasms on his tongue.

“Ohhh, Ryan, give me more,” she moans.

He reaches up and pulls on a distended nipple as she comes down from her orgasm. It feels like a bolt of lightning going straight to her twat, setting off another orgasm.

“Oh my God, Ryan. Give me a break between them!” she panted.

“You said you wanted more, Grandma. I gave what you asked for.”

He gave her time to recover, then asked, “Are you ready for my cock?”

“I told you I wanted it out at the car. Give it to me.”

“Get on your hands and knees, Grandma.”

She changes position, looks over her shoulder, and says, “I’m not a little girl; give it to me hard.”

He lines his cock up with her love tunnel and thrusts until he bottoms out.

“Yes! Just like that! Keep going!”

Like the piston in a car, he keeps going, thrusting deep then pulling almost all the way out.

“Grandma,” Ryan shouted, “I’m getting real close!”

“Me too,” she replied, “Can you hold back so we can cum together?”

“I’ll try,” he groaned.

He slowed his pumping, trying to put off his orgasm.

A short while later, Grandma shouts, “I’m cumming! Cum with me!”

Her pussy spasms around his cock as he shoots his load deep in her. He keeps pumping, prolonging her orgasm until he was too sensitive to continue.

She collapses on the bed as his cock goes soft and slips out of her.

He lays next to her and says, “Thank you, Grandma.”

She replies,” I haven’t cum that much in one session in years. Thank You.”

They cuddle for a few minutes before she says,” We both need a shower, put some clothes on and we’ll get one.”

They put on outer clothes and went to the bathroom to shower. Shower done, Ryan went back to his room; he found his first trophy, his Grandma’s bra and panties.

She later told me, “He plum wore me out! And where did he learn to eat pussy like that?”

I repeatedly heard comments like that. Ryan must have been with at least ten women over the weekend.

By mid-morning Monday, Ryan was dragging a bit. I got Ginger and Ryan together and told them to pack so we could leave by noon and pick-up the girls from their friend’s houses.

Ryan looked at me and said, “I love the family tradition, but there were so many opportunities and so little time.”

I looked him in the eyes and said,” I guess you won’t complain about going to family reunions any more.”

Ryan broke a smile and said, “I think you’re right, Dad.”

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