This is a story around a mother, Karen, and her daughter, Lily. This is a family incest story.


This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is a story around a mother, Karen, and her daughter, Lily. Karen is 43 and Lily is 18. Both women have golden blonde hair that falls to the shoulders. Karen’s breasts are D-cup, Lily’s are C-cup. Lily has just graduated from high school and celebrating her 18th birthday. Lily is undecided about her next step in life, but she assumes she will be going to the local college where her two older brothers, Scott and Bill are currently attending. Karen has been a stay-at-home mom. The family have a nice home in the suburbs where Karen has been active with gardens and plantings around the yard and can regularly be seen jogging in a variety of outfits through the neighborhood. Karen’s husband and Lily’s father, Carl, is the local general manager of a national electronics store. They have a very comfort life.

Karen and Carl would say their sex life has never ebbed since the last years of high school when they met. Of course, Carl would quickly admit to the few people in the know (the adults in Karen’s side of the family) that that probably has much to do with what they call, ‘the family secret’. The two boys, obviously young men, have been a part of this secret since they turned 18 themselves and the family believes they have kept that secret well from all their acquaintances and friends but also from Lily. But now she is turning 18 years old …


Karen’s cell phone rang and she pulled it out of the pocket of the waist band of her tight running shorts. She stopped at one of the front yard flower beds upon arriving back from her run. It was one of those perfect early summer days that was clear blue skies, just a breeze, and warm but not hot temperatures. If she had been in the backyard, she might be tempted to strip off her running outfit and enjoy it completely. She saw on the screen that it was her husband, Carl.

“Wish you were here.”

Carl chuckled, “You were out running, weren’t you?” It wasn’t really a question. Carl knew Karen and how she reacted to different things.

“How did you know?”

“Yeah, right … like we don’t both know how sweating makes you horny.”

Karen giggled, “That’s not the only reason. Besides, it isn’t the running and sweating that makes me horny, my mind just wanders to you when I am running.”

He laughed. “Damn, how come our conversations always end up with me wishing I could skip work to ravage you?”

She giggled, again. “We’re just lucky, I guess.”

“Are the boys home, yet?”

This was finals week at college and their schedules were a mess as a result. “No, not yet.” Karen sat back on the heels of her running shoes with just a hint of tension in her body. She knew what was coming next and it was her own fault.

“Honey, have you talked to Lily?” When the boys turned 18, it was Carl who had the talk with each of them as they did. Now, Karen needed to have the same talk with her daughter. This wasn’t a simple ‘birds and bees’ talk. Like most young people these days, they have been sexually active and as a family they had planned for it for their protection. No, this was a different talk. And, Carl was right, she needed to do it and now. Her birthday was on them. Karen considered taking a shower before talking to Lily, but she knew that was more about putting it off and she couldn’t do that any longer.

“Lily?” Karen called from the foyer.

“Up here mom.” The response came from upstairs.

Karen untied her running shoes and slipped them and her socks off and carried them as she climbed the stairs. The layout of the house had the master bedroom and Lily’s room to the right with Scott and Bill’s separate rooms to the left. There was a full bath in the middle for her sons and daughter. The master had its own bathroom suite. Karen turned right upon reaching the top, dropped her shoes and socks next to the master bedroom and turned to Lily’s room. The door was half open and she saw her attractive and fully developed daughter sorting her dresser drawers dressed in bra and skimpy panties.

“Good thing your brothers didn’t come home.”

“Oh, mom … they aren’t due back for another hour or two.” She turned around and smiled at her mom, “Besides, it’s not like we all haven’t seen each other in our underwear.”

Karen walked in and sat on her daughter’s bed and watched as she sorted tee-shirts. “Does it ever bother you, honey, that we’re so relaxed about that stuff?”

“Gosh, no. If you’ll remember, I was the one in the family running around naked when I was much younger.”

Karen laughed at the memory, “Yes, it used to drive your brothers crazy. They were always yelling for you to put some clothes on. You were quite the little exhibitionist.” Karen looked at how comfortably Lily moved around the room in her underwear now and added, “You might still be.”

Lily looked at her mom, then down at herself and giggled. “Yea … maybe, huh?”

“What are you doing? Are you getting rid of those old tee-shirts?” Lily said, yes. “Hold that one up. Oh, yes … that was one of your favorites … when you were 14?” Lily nodded. It really had been one of her favorites but it too small now. “Put it on.” Lily protested that it was too small, but relented. Karen smiled when she saw it on her daughter. “I really shouldn’t be encouraging this but … look at yourself. God, that’s sexy. Take the bra off.” Lily gave her mom a funny look but did it. “Oh … my … God. Damn, Lily.” It was ultra-tight across the breasts and didn’t reach her belly button. Her nipples pressed into the worn fabric and that too cute image on the front. “That is so hot. That is really sexy and that glittery unicorn head on the front … what a contrast in impressions.”

Lily looked at herself in the full-length mirror on her door. “You’re right mom … you probably shouldn’t be encouraging this. I think this might still be a favorite.” She turned and hugged her mom, “Thanks, mom. You really are the coolest, you know.” She sat down next to Karen. “So, was there something you wanted?”

Karen took a deep breath. Then, another. “There’s something I need to explain to you about … something you might have …”

“Oh, no! You saw me watching you, didn’t you?!? Oh, my, God … no, I’m … I didn’t mean to … I just …”

Karen turned to Lily and took her by the shoulders, “Lily … what are you talking about? Watched what? What are you talking about?”

“I saw you and … dad … and …” Karen was looking at her daughter with dread now. “… and Carl and Bill. You all were in your bedroom and … you all were …”

Karen stood up and paced across the room. “Oh, my, God!” She stopped and saw the turmoil in her daughter. She sat back down and took her in her arms. She could only think that she must be so conflicted after seeing that.

Lily looked up, “I’m sorry, mom. I wasn’t spying or anything. I was supposed to be at Susie’s for a sleepover but I forgot something. I came back and heard noises from your room. The door was closed but not tight. I just peeked in … you were all having sex … together. I don’t understand, mom.”

“That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Well … not that, exactly. I didn’t know you saw that, but … I wanted to talk to you about what that was all about. Honey, I am sooooo sorry you saw that without understanding what I need to tell you.” Karen took another deep breath and hugged her daughter. She cursed herself. How could they have been so careless! “That was what has been called for generations ‘The Family Secret’. My side of the family, not your father’s. For generations it has been a tradition that when you turn 18 years old you can join the family in sexual relations.”

Lily turned to face her mom and seemed to be waiting. Karen asked, “What?”

“I’m waiting for you to start laughing. Or … you mean you’re serious?” Karen nodded. Lily turned and looked down at her bare legs next to her mom. “For generations? Like how many generations? I mean, is there a choice? Sex with the family?”

Karen couldn’t help letting a small chuckle escape. She could remember very well when her own mother sat her down for this talk. “Of course, there is always a choice. Well, I’m not really sure about generations ago. But I had a choice, so did your Uncle Matt, so did your brothers.”

“Uncle Matt … what about the twins?” Her cousins with her Uncle Matt were twin boy three years older. Karen nodded. Lily now looked confused, “But … Aunt Jane … she divorced Uncle Matt. So, how does that work for them?”

Karen smiled. This was actually going better than she thought. Maybe that accidental viewing got her wondering about it on her own. Karen responded, “Matt procrastinated as he and Jane became more serious. He figured he had lots of time before the secret came into play and, like us, his job took him away from the farm. But, when her told Jane what he wanted, she … well, you might imagine after all that time of not knowing. She demanded a divorce and he gave her a very good settlement to have her keep the secret. The boys stayed with him by their choice. As to your question … sometimes I go to visit them and sometimes they visit Grandma and Grandpa.”

“Grandma? Wow, who would have thought, but come to think of it, she is still in great shape.” There was a pause, then, “Wait … that’s what was happening when you went to visit your brother?” Karen blushed and nodded. “So, mom, what about dad?”

“Your dad was great and all for it from the beginning as long as it was free choice. I told him about the Secret when we were getting serious. After that … well, let’s just say, when he came over for dinner, we all had fun.” Karen couldn’t decide if Lily looked stunned or just deep in thought. “How are you doing with all this? I imagine having seen your brothers with us that night and now hearing this, it might be overwhelming.”

Lily shook her head slowly, “Actually, seeing you guys got me to thinking. You know what they say about daughters having crushes on their fathers …”

Karen laughed, “Yea, like sons on their mothers …”

That night it was a little awkward. Lily tried to interact like nothing had happened, but it was hard … really hard. Partly because she kept catching her brothers glancing her way and partly because Lily kept looking at her brothers and father in very unsisterly and undaughterly ways.

In the kitchen, just before dinner was ready, Carl quizzed Karen, again. “Did you talk to her?” He asked as he wrapped his arms around her waist and slid on up to her breast as she filled a serving bowl with the green beans.

She giggled, “Yes, we did talk.” She turned in his arms and kissed him. “She saw us last Saturday night.” Carl’s mouth fell open but nothing came out. “It’s okay. It caused her to start thinking and that made the talk sooooo much easier.” Carl looked at her intently, waiting for the confirmation of the unspoken question. Karen laughed, “Yes. She’s in. Turns out she’s had a thing for you for quite a while.” She smiled at him, “We have a few minutes, why don’t you take her into the living room where you can be alone … snuggle with her and talk to her.”

In the living room, Carl sat on the couch and patted the seat next to him. Lily suddenly became shy but was eager to have the attention now that she knew about the Secret. Carl eased his arm around his daughter and, not encountering any resistance, gently pulled her into his side. “Your mom said you had a talk about the family’s secret.” Lily nodded. “I know how your mind works, honey. You keep working on things and keep coming up with questions. So, what do you have since your mom talked to you?”

“How did you start with the boys?”

Carl chuckled, “That was hard because there was always someone we had to hide from. This will be different, right?”

She nodded. Carl pulled her in a little tighter and rubbed her arm. She snuggled in tightly to him. “Remember when I used to sit on your lap, daddy?” He asked if she wanted to, again. She nodded, stood up and sat across his lap. She looked at him, searching his eyes and lips. He saw her desire and leaned forward with a tentative kiss on her lips. She smiled and kissed him back but harder. His hand touched her breast softly. She moaned and kissed him harder.

Lily’s birthday party with her friends was late afternoon to 8:00 PM. Karen stayed to help them with the pizza, soft drinks, and fun, but otherwise stayed out of the way. Carl took Scott and Bill out to give Lily her space with her friends. By the plan Karen and Carl had come up with, the guys were also doing some shopping for some special gifts for the family party after Lily’s friends left. They all had regular birthday gifts for Lily but they wanted something special for this night.

The guys returned about 8:30 PM, just long enough after the friend party ended that the clean-up was done. Bill and Scott came into the house from the garage holding two large and one smaller gift-wrapped packages. Carl directed the boys to their mom’s closet for the rest of the gift and they all settled in the family room. They guys all had a bottle of beer and Karen surprised Lily with a glass of wine. Her mom simply said, if you’re old enough to join us, you’re old enough to join us. Lily knew what she was saying.

They sipped their drinks and Lily opened her gifts. Pretty much they were everything she could have wanted. She rose and kissed each of them in thank you. The difference this time was that she kissed each of them on them on the lips as Karen had encouraged her to set everyone at ease with the way the night was going to go. She then went with her mom to the kitchen for more beer for the guys and wine for themselves.

Karen quietly asked, “How are you doing?”

Lily smiled shyly, “Nervous. You know, mom, it’s not like I haven’t had sex before, but … this feels so … special.” Her mom smiled and nodded, she understood how feeling like a full woman in the family came from that night long ago.

There were three packages remaining and Lily looked at them next to her brothers. Nobody made a move to them as they talked and shared and laughed. In a way, this night, this time was the culmination of the family leaving the growing up stage and entering fully the exploring of the adult world. They told stories of growing up, both funny and embarrassing. By about 10:00 PM, it quieted into silence and expectation. Karen nodded to Carl and Carl nodded to Lily’s brothers.

Scott, a year older than Bill, grabbed the long, skinny wrapped package and handed it to Lily. “Bill and I thought you needed at least one gag gift, but …” he looked at his brother for encouragement, “but we think you and mom might still enjoy it.”

That was certainly puzzling. As was her habit with packages, she held it, shook it, and gently squeezed it but she wasn’t coming up with anything about what it might be. She looked at Karen who simply shrugged. Lily ripped the wrapping off. Inside was a shrink wrapped, double ended, 18 inches, vibrating dildo. Lily looked at it with her mouth agape.

“You guys!” She looked at her mom who was wiggling her eyebrows in response and a big smile came over Lily’s face. She handed it to her mom and rushed over to kiss her brothers, again. This kiss was a bit longer and meaningful.

From behind her, Lily heard her mom, “I wonder what this feels like?”

Her dad chuckled, “Not tonight. We have other thoughts about tonight. And speaking of …” The boys handed one of the larger packages to each of the women. Carl looked at his wife, “To the bedroom to open them.” This, Karen knew about. She took her daughter by the hand and hurried her to the master bedroom.

Lily put her wrapped box on the bed as her mother closed the door. As Karen joined her daughter at the bed, she nodded for her to open it. Lily found an edge in the wrapping and tore into it revealing a box from Explicitly Eve. Lily glanced up at Karen, then lifted the top of the box and opened the paper covering inside. She gasped as she saw filmy, white lace. She took the garment by the shoulder straps and lifted it out of the box and gasped, again.

“My God … a sheer babydoll. You can see right through it.”

Karen chuckled, “I think that’s the idea.”

Also, inside was matching sheer white thong. It was so small Lily wasn’t sure anything would be really covered but she agreed that was probably why they were given. Karen’s was identical except hers was in red. Also included were matching heels, 2 inch for Lily and 3 inch for Karen.

Karen hugged her daughter, “Ready for this, honey?” Lily nodded enthusiastically and started pulling off her clothes. When both women were dressed in the negligees, they primped their hair and a little makeup. After slipping into their shoes, they headed for the door. In the hallway, Lily suddenly stopped and stepped up to her mom and kissed her.

“That long dildo … have you ever used one before?”

Karen shook her head, “But tomorrow, let’s try it out …” Lily smiled at that. The idea of jointly using a dildo with her mom was very exciting. The only thing better at the moment was what she was about to do.

The guys were trying to be patient in the family room. Always before, bringing a new person of the family into the Secret was something that had to be hidden. This time was different. This time the entire family would be openly, within the family, able to participate. There were nervous, anxious glances at Carl from the boys. This was a big deal. This was a huge deal. Before, they had to patiently wait for those moments when their parents could create an opportunity when Lily was away for them to sexually come together. Now … the rules were still to be worked out on a day-to-day basis, but the implications for the family life at home were staggering.

When one heard the click of the heels on the hardwood of the floor in the hallway upstairs, they all stopped and listened. Although the boys showed their excitement more, Carl was just as excited. He loved sharing his wife with the boys. But knowing about the Secret and accepting it into his family was something that tugged at his mind almost since he watched his daughter come out of Karen’s womb. This moment had been teasing him while remaining a model father in every way for this moment to arrive. That tease had also been a powerful aphrodisiac for Karen and himself throughout their marriage with the occasional visits to her parents to keep the idea of the Secret alive.

The three men moved to the large opening to the family room for a view of the staircase. Carl stood behind his sons and clearly heard them both gasp at the sight of Karen and Lily descending the stairs side-by-side in their outfits. Carl had a flashback at seeing Lily in the sheer white negligee. Karen had worn a very similar gown the night of their wedding and, though they had been making love for quite a while before, the gown and moment had given him the feeling of new beginnings. Carl knew Lily wasn’t a virgin but at the moment she gave him a similar feeling.

Bill was the one to break the anxious silence, “God … you’re beautiful … I mean both of you!”

His younger brother’s comment loosened Scott’s tongue, “Lily … WOW … my friends think you are totally hot … they have no idea just how hot, though.”

Lily blushed as Carl stepped between his sons with two glasses of wine, handing one to each of his women. He kissed Karen on the lips and said, “You’re stunning. It’s been so long since I’ve been able to see you casually dressed like this.” He then turned to his daughter who stood a lot less confidently. “And, you my dear … as your brother so eloquently said … WOW. You’re as beautiful as your mother.”

Lily returned the kiss from her father and stole a glance at her mom with a blushing smile. “Thanks, daddy.”

Karen and Carl had prepared for this moment to cut through the initial moments of awkwardness. Carl took Lily’s hand and led her to the loveseat as Karen led her sons the sofa. They sat very close to each other. Both women crossed their legs on sitting, instinctual responses to the training to prevent unintended exposure in skirts, but nothing was going to hide the obvious showing of breasts and nipples under the sheer material of their gowns. And, despite attempts at casual conversation as the women sipped their wine, there was no distracting the male eyes from the obvious breasts and nipples and the gaping babydoll gowns showing bare thighs and sheer thongs hinting at shaved pussy behind the crossed thighs.

When a pause became awkward, Carl took the planned initiative. With a finger under Lily’s chin, he turned her face to him and lightly kissed her on the lips as his hand stroked her bare arm. He broke the kiss and looked into her eyes with the unspoken question for her. She nodded and moved her mouth back to his. This time, her arm went around his neck and his went to the side of her face. The kiss lasted longer and he tentatively open his mouth and probed her lips with his tongue. She gasped into his mouth as she opened her own mouth and tilted her face to press their lips tighter together and her own tongue coming out to spar with his. He slid his hand from her face, over her shoulder and down her side to her hip. His hand slid under the little bit of covering from the negligee and pulled her hip into his and she groaned into his mouth. She pulled her mouth away from his and looked into his eyes and he saw passion and … need. While keeping eye contact, he slowly and softly moved his hand from her hip under the negligee to her breast. She shivered at the soft touch but didn’t break their gaze into each other’s eyes. Her eyes reflected no fear or reluctance. Her mouth opened slightly, then closed.

Then, her mouth opened, again, “Daddy, please … I want you … please … I’ve wanted you for so long.”

This time, Carl gasped. His eyes searched his daughter’s. He still found no reluctance, no regret for the words uttered privately between them but also audible to the rest of the family on the sofa. His eyes flicked to his wife, Lily’s mother, and found a soft, reassuring smile and encouraging nod.

Carl shifted to lean more to one side as he gently pressed Lily back into the sofa back. He kissed her more passionately than ever before and nothing fatherly about it. His hand left her breast and fumbled with the tie at the front of the little negligee, undoing the bow and spreading the gown open to reveal her breasts completely to the room. She shuddered and moaned as his hand returned to her breast as their mouths and tongues attempted to consume each other. His hand moved to her other breast and her upper body arched out to meet it, welcoming and encouraging the touch. After kissing and touching his daughter for minutes, he finally allowed his fingers to trail from her breasts down her stomach to the sheer material of her thong. She sucked in air from his mouth as his fingers lightly, gently, and teasingly slid past the string holding it to her body and over the material covering but not hiding her shaved pussy lips. She shuddered, again, moaning louder into his mouth as his fingers slipped over the wet material over her lips. He gently rubbed over the wet slit under the material several times before pressing at the material, pressing the material between her yielding lips. She suddenly broke the kiss and cried out as she wrapped her arms around his neck and shuddered as she experienced her first soft orgasm to her father’s touch.

After gasping her breaths for several moments but still clinging to his neck, “My God, daddy … what … did you … do? My God …”

He whispered into her ear for only her to hear, “You are beautiful, honey. I only want you to be happy.”

She pushed her head into the back of the loveseat and gazed into her father’s face and glancing at her mom. “Happy? Dad, you’ve always made me feel like a princess without the spoiling. My entire life I have known without question that I was loved and cared for. You and mom are the best. I mean it. You two have always given the three of us the things we needed: Love, Support, and Guided Freedom. I have loved you as a daughter. Now, I want to love you as a woman.”

In the brief time she shared that with her mom, Lily saw that the three of them were waiting on her to be brought into the family event. Karen had her arms around her sons and their hands inside her negligee playing with her breasts, but they were refraining from further involvement. This was Lily’s time, this was, in a way, her christening as a member of their activities. Lily smiled at all of them before turning back to focus on her father.

“Now, dad. I want to feel you inside me, now.” She could see some questioning in his expression so she smiled at him and clarified her desires. “Here … this is my moment of joining in with generations of the family tradition and I want to share this moment with my family.”

Carl smiled at her, then stood and assisted her off the loveseat. He slid the negligee off her body, then knelt down in front of her to slide her thong down her thighs and off her feet. His lips and tongue probed at her pussy as she opened her legs to him. She moaned and fondled her own breasts as he continued. She opened her eyes and found Karen, Scott, and Bill watching intently with warm, loving, and hungry eyes on her.

After only of moments, Carl stood and led her before the rest of the family. All three of them reached out to touch her naked body. Hands and fingers softly explored her breasts, nipples, pussy, and bare skin in-between. Lily soon felt hands on her upper arms guiding her backward to the loveseat. The hands slid down her arms as her father sat on the cushions and guided her back over his legs, her own opening wider to manage it. She looked down and back to see his cock hard and long being held vertical. She had no idea her father was large. She smiled at that as she shuffled back, taking his cock in her hand and lowering her hips to it. She moved the cock and her hips until she felt the cock head sink slightly into her hole. She looked at her mom whose mouth was slight parted in anticipation. Lily pressed down and took several inches of her father’s cock into her pussy. Finally, she thought, finally it is happening! She rose slightly and sank down, again. One more time and she was sitting on his hips, fully impaled by her father. That realization, more than the feeling, almost brought her another orgasm.

She rose up his cock, feeling it slide through her clenching, tight pussy. When she reached the top, she dropped back down and they both groaned. She shifted her hands to her father’s knees and raised back up, thrusting back down. Over and over she repeated it, raising up and thrusting back down smoothly. She sat up straight but continued to rise and drop. Her hands found her breasts on their own. She fondled herself as she felt her father sit up behind her, his arms coming around her waist to stroke her clit. Her eyes shot open at the first touch to her engorged clit and she again found her siblings and mother watching intently. Their hands were not quiet, her brothers were in her negligee and thong while her hands were inside their loosened jeans. She noticed this but it was in a blur, a haze, a fog in her mind. She was otherwise totally consumed by the erotic experience of fucking her father. And that was it, too. SHE was fucking him.

When she felt him lean back and raise his hips against her dropping of her hips over his cock, she knew he was close and so was she. She pinched her own nipple and rubbed her clit as she thrust and ground her pussy over his cock. The moment she exploded in a truly marvelous orgasm she also felt his cum being shot deep into her pussy. She cried out to his grunts and groans and collapsed back against his chest, his arms tightly holding her to him, her pussy still clenching around his leaking cock.

One by one, her mom and brothers rose from the sofa where they had watched the entire act and they came to her to kiss her. The guys both cupped her breast as they did it. Then, they backed away and stripped out of their clothes while their mom removed the little she had. They guys back to the sofa, one sitting at a far end, Karen kneeling on the sofa began sucking him, Scott. Then, Bill came behind her and easily entered her pussy from the back. They were all fully aroused and ready to fuck after watching Lily and Carl.

Lily watched her mom with fascination. She moved her father’s hand to her breasts as she lay on top of him and they watched. “I’ve never seen that before. I guess I’ve heard of it, but … two at once … I didn’t think how mom took care of all three of you.”

Carl chuckled and eagerly fondled her breasts and rolled her nipples. “Your mom will be able to show you a lot about sex. Don’t be afraid to ask her, but nobody is going to push you into anything you aren’t comfortable with doing. Promise me you’ll never let that happen, here or anywhere else.”

“Sex should be mutual, right? That’s what mom always told me. Sex can be just sex and fun, but it will only be fun if it is mutually respectful. She also told me that the best sex is when you are more intent on giving your partner pleasure than the pleasure you receive. If both people do that, the sex will be wonderful.”

“Your mom is a smart woman and very sexy.”

Lily chuckled as she watched her mom now being fucked at both ends by the boys. “I’ll say. It’s like she’s trying to swallow Scott’s cock.” She paused to watch and it appeared three climaxes were quickly approaching in the action on the sofa. Then she mused, “I think I want to try that next.” Her father kissed the back of her head. She felt his cock slipping in her pussy as it went soft so she squeezed with her pussy muscles but she knew it would slip out completely soon. Having her father’s cock inside her was wonderful. She was pretty sure having her brothers’ inside her would be, too.

It was a wonderful scene to Lily’s eyes. All five of them remained naked. Karen and Lily went to the kitchen to refill their wine glasses and get three more beers for the guys. While in the kitchen, Karen hugged her daughter and asked what she thought so far. Their breasts squashed together and Lily thought it felt wonderfully erotic. She had never thought about being naked or touching another woman, but now … now she was sure she wanted to experiment with her mom.

“Oh, mom … dad was amazing.” She blushed, “I guess I am anxious to be with the Scott and Bill, too. Then, I … can we experiment together? Just us?”

Karen hugged her tightly, then gave her a very unmotherly kiss on the mouth. “Tomorrow. We have a double-ended dildo to explore, remember?” They both blushed.

As the women returned from the kitchen, they were greeted with a surprising, “Stop.”

The two naked women stopped in their tracks wondering what had happened. Instead, Bill apologized, “Sorry … it’s just … wow … you two have to be the most beautiful women in the world.”

Karen looked at Lily and they both laughed. Karen offered, “Sorry … thank you, son … really, but …”

Lily smiled and continued, “We’ll settle for the sentiment, though, thank you.”

The women looked at each and simultaneously said, “Yes, we’ll fuck you some more.”

Bill looked a little embarrassed, but that last line made up for it.

Later, after the drinks, Lily stood and faced her brothers and told them she wanted to do what they did with their mom. The guys smiled and nodded. This time they switched roles with Bill sitting at the end of the sofa where Lily knelt and began sucking his cock while Scott knelt behind Lily’s ass and aligning his cock with her pussy. She groaned around the cock in her mouth as Scott slowly and steadily drove his cock deep into her pussy. Once deep inside her, Scott began pulling nearly all the way out, then driving his cock back into the depths of her pussy. Lily was moaning as she tried to concentrate on Bill’s cock in her mouth. It was hard, though, the fucking Scott was giving her was wonderful and her attention was too easily diverted to the sensations that was creating despite knowing it was her brother’s cock in her mouth.

She was bewildered, though, when Scott pulled his cock from her pussy. She hadn’t cum … nobody had cum. But then Bill was wiggling out from in front of her and she was more confused until Scott took Bill’s place and Bill was kneeling behind her, his cock sliding along her slit before easily sinking into her hole and gliding deep inside with one stroke. She looked up at Scott and smiled before dropping her mouth onto his cock and nearly gobbling it down her throat in her excitement.

From behind her, Lily heard her mother’s voice, “Oh … you nasty boys.”

And her father added, “You go, boys. Give her a fucking she’ll remember.”

And, they did, too. The continued to switch back and forth every couple minutes. And every time they switched, their stimulation was slowed but they continued to fuck strongly into their sister. She came in an explosive orgasm after the third switch and again after the seventh. After that, Lily was getting tired of sucking and mostly kept that cock in her mouth. She was as intrigued by the taste from their cocks with each switch as the fucking the two were giving her, each with their own slightly different approach and manner, but both very satisfying.

Scott was the first to cum in her pussy, then Bill quickly took his place and aggressively fucked her to quickly add his own cum to that of his brother and father. It was during Bill’s climax that Lily orgasm for the last time … that night.

Carl and Karen pulled Lily into their bedroom for the night and placing her between them. Before the birthday girl had a chance to fall asleep, though, Karen asked, “How was your birthday, honey?”

“Oh my God, mom and dad … you guys are the best.”

Carl asked, “What about the family secret?”

“Oh my God, mom and dad … you guys are the best.” They all laughed and cuddled for much needed sleep.

The next morning, Lily rolled over to find her mother not in the bed. It was Saturday, good timing for a birthday like that, she thought. She could hear a little noise from the kitchen but it was still very early. She rolled the other way to find her father asleep. The top sheet had been pushed mostly off and she could see his semi-hard cock. With a mischievous smile, she slinked down the bed and gently took his cock into her hand and between her lips. She was focused on sucking and licking him when she felt a hand on the top of her head.

She took her mouth off his hard cock but her hand started stroking it as she looked up at her father. With a shy smile, “Daddy, I want to suck your cock until you cum. I want you to cum in my mouth. Can I?”

He smiled lovingly as he stroked her hair, “I’m not going to argue with that, sweetie.”

Lily came skipping into the kitchen bare-assed naked to find her mom in only a tee-shirt, her ass showing as she reached for the top shelf of the cabinet. Karen turned and appraised her daughter, “My, aren’t you …” she put a finger to the corner of Lily’s mouth and brought it to her lips. She smiled, “Your father?”

Lily nodded. “I sucked him until he came. I swallowed it, too. Semen is good, isn’t it?”

Karen smiled and patted Lily’s bare butt, “Yes … yes, it is. I’m just guessing here, but I’d say you’ve adjusted to the idea of our little tradition quite well.”

Lily came up behind her mom and slid her hands underneath the tee-shirt and moved them to the front where she cupped her mom’s breasts and hugged into her. “I am … quite well, indeed. But there is one member of this sexy family I have not had sex with, yet.”

Karen turned around, placed her hands on her daughter’s face and kissed her hard. She pulled back a fraction of an inch and promised, “Oh, Lily … we are going to have so much fun together.”

They were kissing again when the guys staggered into the kitchen and stopped dead in their tracks. They didn’t break the kiss but heard, “See, I knew that double-end dildo was the right one.”

At breakfast, Lily had put on a tee-shirt like her mom, Carl announced that he and the guys were going golfing shortly. Lily saw him wink at Karen and they shared a smile with deep meaning. Carl also remind everyone that next weekend they were leaving for a week at the rental cabin they had used several times. It had been planned for months.

As the guys drove off, Karen turned to Lily and asked, “You remember the cabin, right?”

Lily looked questioningly back, “Yea … it’s a big place with a bunch of bedrooms and common living area. It has a big dock and a couple fishing boats. The place is surrounded by trees and the driveway seemed like a mile long from the road. As I recall, there weren’t even that many other cabins on the whole lake. It’s really quiet, peaceful, and …”

Karen added, “Remote.”

Lily smiled back, “Yea, remote … really remote.”

Karen smiled big, “Really remote. Like remote enough for a family to honor traditions.”

“Holy, shit … seriously, yea. Oh, this just became so much more fun.”

Karen laughed. That was the idea. A week of not worrying about being seen no matter where they might experience each other. Karen asked, “Now … where did you put that gift we haven’t used, yet?”

When the guys returned, they found the two naked on the bed, the double-ended dildo at the foot of the bed and slick with juice on both ends.

The drive to the cabin took most of the following Saturday. They arrived late afternoon but the cabin was open and ready for them as promised. The owner lived in the next town and had the place set with fresh sheets, towels and the food stocked to their specification. It was a little pricey but those added benefits made up for it. They all helped in getting the car unloaded and suitcases unpacked into bedrooms. Bill disappeared but bounced into the common room announcing that the water was chilly but suitable. He stripped out of his clothes and waited. Everyone understood nudity wasn’t going to be an issue this time and he didn’t show any signs of getting his swimsuit. Scott followed and Lily looked at them, their soft cock hanging between their legs. She smiled and stripped, too. Carl and Karen walked out onto the porch as the three of them ran over the grass to the dock and jumped into the water with three splashes and wild laughing.

Carl took his wife into his arms from behind. She pressed back into him, “Thank you, honey. This will mean a lot to the family. It will be nice for everyone to be together for a week.”

He kissed her neck, “You think she’s ready? This is kind of fast.”

She turned and kissed him on the lips. “I know she is ready. And, so do you.” He nodded. Anyone hearing this short exchange would miss the larger picture of the question. And he did know it was true, but Lily would probably always be his princess and he would always have some worry. That musing was broken, though, when Karen took his hand and led him deep into the cabin to the bedroom they had claimed. They both knew Lily would soon have her brothers busy besides swimming in cold water. He now had his wife all to himself … for a while, anyway.

Lily and her siblings weren’t paying attention to their parents at the moment. Anything they would get involved in was now acceptable family behavior … at least in their family … and they came to this cabin for the expressed purpose to release their inhibitions of living in the suburbs.

They had been here before, perhaps several years before when hiking and fishing were the primary activities holding their interest, but they knew what to expect from the place. One thing they knew was the lake bottom dropped away quickly from the dock. It was the reason the water rarely really got warm even in the heat of summer, but also why the fishing was so good and explained why the lake property had been bought up generations ago by a few people and has been kept isolated and a peaceful retreat for those families.

The three young adults all plunged into the lake from the dock with cannon-balls of varying explosiveness. Although Lily’s might have been less of a splash compared to her brothers, the shriek she added to it made up for the lack of size. When they bobbed back to the surface and tread water in place, slowly circling for a reminding view of the lake, Lily could see she was in trouble. Not real trouble, because her two brothers had always been her protectors, but mischief trouble. Both sank back below the surface and she looked frantically around her to find them only to feel them before seeing them. They were at her body with fingers and hands, her breasts, her pussy, her legs … it was like being felt up by an amorous octopus. She shrieked, again, but also filled with laughter as she swam for the ladder at the dock.

She stood on the dock surface naked and dripping. She wasn’t only standing naked in front of her brothers as they ascended the ladder now, too, but she was brazenly but comfortably so exposed fully to the lake. As much as the guys had eyes fixed on her body as they came up the ladder, seeing minute details of water dripping from her nipples and a line of water running from her stomach over her mound and disappearing somewhere near her pussy, Lily’s eyes were fixed on their bodies. Even when you see each other naked or partially so, there are times when that image becomes crystallized and this was one such moment. She’s been making love to her family for a week now, but she really hadn’t appreciated just how beautiful her brothers’ bodies were. They were young and strong from years of sports and working out. As each jumped from the last steps of the ladder to the dock, she watched with fascination, and hunger, the way their cold-shrunken cocks swung and bounced, water dripping from the head dripping down from their hard, developed chests and stomachs.

The late sun was shining on them and the lake surface was still as if it, too, was waiting to see what these new visitors might bring to it. The silliness and chasing in the water left all three of them with heaving chest taking in air but smiles and youthful, innocent joy shining from them. That innocent part dissipated slowly like the waning sun the heat it gave to them. Scott and Bill easily sandwiched Lily between them, one at her front and the other at her back. She looked into Bill’s face with an easy smile and gave him as kiss as his hands slid over her body. She then leaned back and turned her head enough to give Scott the same kiss as his hands moved over her ass and back. She sighed contentedly, her head lolling back against Scott as the two moved their hands over her naked, welcoming body. She could feel both cocks hardening against her body and her hands casually moved to softly grasp each and lightly stroke them. There was no sense of rushing or urgency. It was as if their bodies knew they had a whole week to be like this.

With hands on her breasts and nipples and fingers gently probing her pussy and asshole, Lily could stand there and enjoy the feeling forever but loving was giving and as much as she loved receiving attention from the others, she especially loved giving it.

As Lily sank to her knees on the dock’s rough wood surface, Scott moved around next to Bill. She took both hardened cocks into her hands and began by licking the underside of each from the base to the head. Her eyes glanced up at each brother in turn, smiling as her tongue slid up and down his cock. She took Bill’s cock into her mouth and sucked, twirled her tongue around the head, poked her tongue at the hole at the top, and slid her mouth up and down it, taking the cock deep into her mouth. She repeated the motion on Scott’s cock.

Her sucking was immensely pleasurable, but both soon wanted to take the next step. They lifted Lily back to standing and their hands immediately were on her breasts and pussy. Scott kissed her passionately, then asked, “Something new to start off the week?” Without even knowing what he was thinking, she nodded enthusiastically, her hands capturing their cocks, again. He continued, “Want to try double-penetration?” She looked quizzically at him. She’d already had them with one in her pussy and one in her mouth.

Bill clarified, “He means your pussy and ass.”

She looked at them with a bit of shock but excited shock. In the short time of freely loving each other, it hadn’t taken her brothers long to try a lot of things with her they had done with their mom. Anal was one they introduced her to once but double-penetration they hadn’t, yet. They were anxious to experience that with Lily, too. Lily nodded and an unspoken look between the two sent Scott running to the cabin. In a minute he was running back to the dock, his still hard cock bouncing in front of him. In his hand was a tube of lubrication. As he came to a stop, he announced, “Mom’s riding dad like he’s a bucking bronco.” Lily and Bill both smiled at the image flashing in their minds.

A quick look between the brothers and Scott lay on his back on the dock surface. Lily quickly looked around the quiet lake. Why they thought it was appropriate to have DP sex on the end of the dock, she wasn’t sure but it was definitely adding more thrill to the moment. She straddled Scott’s hips and leaned forward to kiss him. She then leaned back and raised her face for Bill to bend over to kiss her, which he did. She reached between her legs, found Scott’s hard cock, and raised the head to her pussy, easily sliding down the length of it. She smiled at both men, then leaned forward to kiss Scott while knowing she was about to experience another first in her sexual experience. She felt Bill applying lube to her asshole and pushing it inside with one finger. She gasped into Scott’s mouth. Just one finger was an amazing feeling alongside Scott’s cock in the next chamber. Bill wiggle his finger teasingly for both Lily and Scott and both sighed while not breaking their kiss. When Bill pulled his finger out and replaced it was a second, Lily moaned. Karen had introduced them to anal and they had introduced Lily to it with the same care they applied to their mother. Now … Lily shuddered as the fingers left her asshole and she felt Bill come up behind her ass. He spread her ass cheeks and moved his cock head to her puckered hole. Before pressing forward, he leaned against her and kissed her back.

“Are you ready, Lily?”

She gasped out, “Oh, yes! I love you two so much. I want to do everything for you … with you.”

Bill pressed forward at her constricted hole. Her head rose to the sky with her mouth open as she felt the head spreading her normally tight hole made even tighter by the cock already in her pussy. A low, guttural, “OHHHHH … FUCCCCKKKKK … YESSSSSS” escaped her mouth as the head slowly opened her sphincter and pushed inside. “Oh … God … wait … please.” She put her hand back against Bill’s thigh to reinforce that he should stop. Everything was so tight and even now she felt so full she couldn’t believe it. The stretching, though, felt like she might split but as quickly as the sensation seemed to overtake her, she could feel it subsiding and easing.

She leaned down and kissed Scott with mouth, lips, and tongue. Then, she leaned back and twisted her head and body to receive a similar kiss from Bill as the two cocks were held quietly where they were inside her. Finally, “Oh, you guys … I never … amazing … oh, fuck me … please … ravage your … little sister.”

The brothers smiled at each other over Lily’s shoulder and Bill eased his cock a bit deeper. It was the tightest he had ever felt and shouldn’t have been surprised. He pulled back an inch and pushed in a couple inches, pulled back an inch and drove in several more until they were both fully inside her, at least in this position. Her moans, gasps, and groans filled the air around them and half of them weren’t hushed. Bill couldn’t help but glance up across the lake as he remembered how well sounds traveled over the still water. ‘Fuck it’, he thought. This was what they were up here for this week. If someone was going to notice, let them notice.

Lily couldn’t stop panting as each thrust from one or the other or simultaneously from them both resulted in a gasp, moan, grunt, or sigh from her. With her supporting herself over Scott on her arms, he moved his hands to her swinging and bouncing breasts. He fondled and generally mauled them while switching to using his fingers to roll, twist, and pull her nipples. Lily orgasmed as the guys just continued to fuck her holes and her gasping and panting increased as if she were finishing a good time in a 10K run. The orgasm subsided only slightly as they continued to fuck her. Her one time with anal before had been enjoyable but not like this. Since all this had started with her and the family, she had become something of a student of sexuality on the internet. She truly wanted to bring as much pleasure as she could to her family as her mom reinforced to her: focus on your partner and the sex will be great. Along the way she learned things about her own body they didn’t teach in school. Things like the G-spot and clit being connect; like the clit not having any known purpose but to create pleasure; like the membrane between the pussy and anal chambers having thousands of nerve endings between the two. Her mind flashed with understanding … the two cocks pressing against each other would induce so much more sensation. And, she loved it. She orgasmed, again. Her body shook and she sagged against Scott as Bill flood her ass and quickly followed by Scott’s cum filling her pussy.

The three remained joined for long minutes. Bill supporting himself, even if awkwardly, joyfully, as Lily lay on Scott and her body remained filled with cock even as they slowly softened and ease on their own from her deliciously consumed body.

On the porch of the cabin, the parents were standing at the railing naked and watching the siblings at the end of the dock. Carl was fondling Karen’s breasts and kissing her neck and shoulder and occasionally teasing her ear. She giggled as his tongue brushed her ear. She squeezed his hands at her breasts, “Do you ever have any regrets, Carl?”

“Regrets? What would I possibly have to regret?”

She leaned her head back alongside his, “My family … the way we are?”

He chuckled, “No … I never did. You know it was a shock when you first told me when we started talking about getting married, but … even initially hearing about this … I don’t know … I loved you with my entire being and I felt yours back to me. Part of what was you and your ability to love had to be part of what you’d experienced in your family, so how could your family be a bad thing? I was nervous, at first, but never regretful.”

She turned in his arms and kissed him hard. It seemed to her that their passion had spiked since Lily had joined them. They could now fully share in moments of passion without concern. “Thank you, lover. You’re amazing …” She smiled lustily at him. “… in so many ways.” He chuckled and pressed into her against the railing, pressing his once again hardening cock into her abdomen. She moved up and down over it and looked into his eyes, “You know what my mom said when I told her about this week?” He shrugged. “She couldn’t wait to get you in bed, again.”

Their lust consumed them, again. Carl turned her around, bent her over the railing, and easily entered her cum filled pussy. As he drove his cock into her pussy and resumed fondling her breasts, they watched Lily and her brothers in her first DP. They both had the same thought, ‘Given the planned week, this certainly won’t be her last.’

Early afternoon the next day, Lily bounced down the steps from the cabin porch as her mom returned from a jog down the two-track driveway out to the road and back. Karen smiled at the sight of her newly free-spirited daughter, naked and breasts bouncing freely. She called out to Lily, causing her to stop and wait, “Where are you headed?”

“The dock. Thought I would catch some sun while the guys were out fishing. Want to join me?”

“Naked? Is this your normal attire now?”

Lily giggled, “Well … for this week …”

Karen laughed. That was what they were here for; to really let go in private. She took Lily’s arm to join her on the dock, when they both heard the noise of tires crunching on gravel and dirt. They turned to the sound of an approaching vehicle, but the naked Lily stayed close behind her mom.

Lily peered around her mom in the direction of the two-track lane disappearing into the woods. “Are you expecting anyone?” Nothing. Lily persisted, getting more nervous by the moment. “Mom?”

But then the car was there. She might have recognized the car if she’d seen it in many other places, but it seemed out of place here. The car stopped some 20 or 30 feet away but far too close for Lily’s comfort. She pressed herself tighter behind her mom and peeked out around her. She could see two people inside but the reflection of the sun off the windshield made anything more impossible. When she saw Karen’s arm go up and wave, she was confused. Then, the passenger door open and an older woman stepped out and immediately stretched her back.

“Grandma? Grandma!” Lily was stepping out from around her mom when the driver side door open. “Grandpa!” She started sprinting toward them when she realized she was naked. She came to a stop and covered her breasts with an arm. Her grandpa walked right up to her and took her into his arms, her grandma joining from the side. Excitedly, Lily asked, “What are you guys doing here?” She sputtered at the way that sounded. “No, I didn’t mean it that way.”

By that time, Karen was just behind Lily, “Well, they were invited, of course. We thought it would be a nice surprise for you.”

“Well, it worked. Here I am naked.”

Her grandpa said, “Speaking of …” He held her out at arm’s length, “Let’s have a look at you.”

Lily reacted, “Grandpa!”

“Hush, girl. Like I haven’t seen a naked woman before. Oh, my, yes … you definitely take after your mother … in all the right places.”

Her grandma slapped his arm, “You hush now, old man. Honestly, you have her blushing like a nun caught in the shower.”

Karen gave Lily’s ass a playful swat, “Why don’t you help your grandpa take their bags into a bedroom.”

Her grandpa wrapped his arm around Lily and guided her to the trunk of the car, his hand slipping down to her bare butt. He leaned toward her, “To the bedroom, huh?”

From behind her, Lily heard her grandma’s exasperated response, “Stop teasing the poor girl.”

He winked at Lily and responded back, “Who’s teasing?” Lily blushed deeper.

From behind, Lily heard her grandma ask Karen, “Now, where is that husband of yours?” And she heard her mom chuckle.

They had only two roller cases and they managed to muscle them up the three steps and into one of the empty bedrooms. Lily asked, “Grandpa? Why did grandma ask about my dad that way?”

He had tossed both cases onto the bed, then pulled them back off as if he had a second thought. He sat on the bed and Lily stood in front of him. “Well, darling, your grandma has had a thing for your dad since we knew your mom was serious about him.”

“Seriously? Wow …”

“Your mom picked a winner when she found him, I’ll tell you. I know he is just fitting into the family with your grandma, and she knows it too, but she says he has this way of making her feel … how did she put it? … special … like at that moment there isn’t a more desirable woman.”

He had gently pulled her closer between his knees. He leaned forward now and kissed each of her nipples, causing them to become instantly erect. She sighed and responded with what she had been told, “I think it is what they have tried to instill in us. They tell us that if we focus only on giving pleasure to our partner, the experience will be great for both of us.”

He smiled up at her, then, “Lily … I …”

She leaned forward and kissed him on the mouth, quieting him. When she pulled away, she pulled him up off the bed. “Grandpa, I want to make love with you. I want you to bring me further into our family tradition.” He smiled. He pulled her into his arms and lightly stroked her nakedness.

Lily pulled the covers of the bed down as he began getting undressed. When she returned to him, his shorts were falling to the floor. She knelt before him and pulled his underwear down and took his semi-hard cock into her mouth as she assisted him stepping from his shorts. She heard him gasping and sighing as she sucked and stroked with her hand. She smiled around his cock; this will be three generation of the family she has given herself to.

He didn’t need much encouragement to become fully hard, but her young mouth felt particularly wonderful and … this was finally the next generation he’s been able to participate with. But there was enough, he really wanted to feel his old cock inside this young pussy. He pulled her up to her feet and kissed her hard and long. His hands were over her naked body, especially her young, firm breasts.

“How do you want to do this, grandpa? Your choice, I’ll do anything you want.”

He kissed her lightly on the lips. “You are like your mother and in all the most wonderful ways, all teasing aside. I would really enjoy it if you rode me so I can watch you and enjoy the sight of you naked young body.”

She blushed all over, again. “Oh, grandpa …”

She followed him onto the bed and when he stopped on his back, she continued to crawl over his body and stopped over his hips. She reached underneath and found his cock, settled over it, and slowly sank down the entire length in two motions. He gasped, which joined her moans. He did watch, too. He watched as she rose and dropped down on his cock, watching his cock appear and disappear underneath her, watched her breast sway and bounce, and watched her face change from smile to opened mouth to smile and back to open mouth. He reached up and fondled her breasts, then teased her nipples. She was fucking him slow and steady, not rushed but enjoying the moment as he was.

“There you two are.” Lily giggled at the sound of grandma’s voice and smiled down at her grandpa.

Her grandpa gave her nipples a twist and Lily groaned as she continued to fuck up and down despite the appearance of her grandma. Her grandpa winked up at Lily but spoke to his wife, “I thought you were off chasing down Carl?”

She knelt behind Lily and began kissing her shoulders, stroking her sides and reaching in front for a breast. “I was … he’s out with the boys fishing. We got here early to surprise them and … but … do you mind sharing our granddaughter?”

He chuckled, “Woman, you should know better than to have to ask. Besides, then I have two of the three hottest women I know to exist.” Lily giggled and for a moment stopped fucking as she leaned back to receive a mouth kiss from her grandma. Then, in a flurry of clothes flying, she too was naked and pressing her bare breasts into Lily’s back. Then, her grandma was crawling towards her grandpa’s head and announced, “Are you ready, husband?”

He smiled up at Lily, then at his wife, “Always … give me your sweet pussy.”

With that she sat over his mouth, sighed, and leaned to Lily and began kissing her in a very un-grandmotherly way.

As the three of them were relaxing after very satisfying orgasms, they heard an outboard motor approaching. Lily ran out to the porch naked, her grandma put on a blouse that almost covered her butt, and her grandpa put on shorts. They were all standing with Karen at the base of the steps watching the guys bump into the dock when they all heard another car on the dirt drive.

Soon, the car was parked next to the others and Lily turned to her mother with a smile, “Uncle Matt and the twins?” Karen nodded with a smile.

Karen and Lily stood facing the arrival of Karen’s brother. Lily’s grandma stepped between them with her arms around both and said to Lily, “Surprised?”

“Oh, yea … so, three more guys. Seven guys.”

Karen added, “And three gals.”

Grandma chuckled, “I know that math … seven guys plus three of us gals … equals a lot of fun for us.” The three of them started laughing, much to the confusion of Uncle Matt and the twins approaching them.


* * * Another MOTHERES & DAUGHTERS story will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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