Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal. Pt7


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Visiting Maria’s office and some hot co-workers.

Mark let me walk you to the door if I can…lol Is your ass sore? Yes, but it was worth it and my pussy lips are tingling still. Ok. I put my clothes back on as she waddled to the door nude. Mark I can promise you will get the contract and I would love to see you when you have sometime for me. Maybe…I will take that as a yes Mark. I don’t think I will every walk normal again and want my husband dick again. As she laughs. Ok, bye Heather..Bye Mark and Thank you.

As I got in my truck I looked at the clock as I started it up. O Shit it’s 4:15PM I have been here for 3 hrs fucking Heather. I was thinking to myself Fuck, Fuck, why did I let her blackmail for this job. What if Maria finds out…FUCK ME. I can’t tell her or anyone about this day. I started driving out as I passed the security gate and I noticed Mr Lopez coming through the gates but I don’t think he saw me as I passed. I pulled to the side of the estate exit before the main road to make a call to the store. I looked at my phone with 3 miss calls Pat, Juan, and Maria. She called me at 2:15PM so I had to think of something before I called her. Well I did leave my phone in the truck as I was serving a customer so that is not a lie. I first called Pat and then Juan to find out the reason for the call and everything was a ok with them both. I called Maria and got her voicemail sweet “Hi Baby Sorry I missed your call. Call me back when you are free”. I called the store to see how everyone was doing as Jackie picked up the phone. Hi Boss. How is the new customer? She is doing fine now. Good to hear. I am just heading back but not might not make it before closing because of the traffic. So I will see you all tomorrow morning. Ok, Boss have a good evening. You too. I decided to head to the attorney office for a 6PM appointment to review the contract then head home for a shower, dinner, and bed. Heather did a job on me and drained me. I had to stop at a 7 Eleven for something to drink to get my fluids back in me.

I got home for a shower and dinner as I started up the grill. I put some chicken on the grill as my mom came home from work. Wow two nights in a row home. Did you breakup already with Maria. No, we are both are busy with work. I am glad you both have your careers as your first priority. Maria is going to Brazil on Monday for work so I will not see her next week. I hope she is traveling with other people. Why? It could be dangerous for a single woman traveling alone in Brazil. Thanks mom you make me feel great now. Wow..You really like this girl. Yes, Mom she is a great person and mother. She has a kid? Yes, Marco. Great kid and very well mannered too. I didn’t know she had a son so who watches Marco when she is gone? Her mother Rose. They live together? No, she has her own condo in the same building. Ok, I will stop asking all the questions and don’t burn the chicken. We ate dinner and I headed to my room for a little TV and bed.

I called Maria again and she picked up. Hi Baby. Hi Sexy How was your day? Mark it was the craziest day this week. How was your day and the new development? It was crazy and a busy day for me too. I got a copy of the contract so I can bring it to you tomorrow night. Sweetie I will not have anyone to look over your contract because I will be out of the office next week. Can you drop it off tomorrow afternoon sometime so I can give it to one of my real estate attorneys to review it? Sure, I can stop in tomorrow afternoon if that works for you? Yes that would be perfect but call me before you head to the office? Sure, will do. Mark are you coming over for the weekend? Well I am not sure because I need to do some yard work, laundry, trim some tree, and other stuff. Mark are you fucking with me right now? I start laughing yes. Baby I am dying to see you this weekend plus the shopping. I was going to hang up on you telling me you had yard work over spending time with me. I will call you tomorrow afternoon before I head your way. How is Marco? He is doing great reading your magazine from the game. Really? Yes, he love it and specially the cheerleaders. He is pickup some of my good habits…lol You are so bad. I know I am a bad boy and need to be punished. Well I might just have to keep you in my room and no playing video games. O No…as we both laugh. Baby I should let you go get Marco ready and I need to hit the pillow myself after today. Ok, bye Baby..Sweet Dream Maria.

Friday morning arrived and I started my day like yesterday to the gym, shower, breakfast, then off to the store. As normal I had the morning meeting with the staff and gave them a treat by telling them to give me 2 customers so we can all finish up early. Steve says really boss you are going to clean the pools with us today? Yes, is that a problem. No, but can you tell your girlfriend Thank you. All the staff laughed out loud and I smiled too. Ok, smart ass you can keep all your pools. Dead silence..Boss I was just joking. I know and I am just fucking with you should see all your Give me 2 customers from each of you or you can keep all your customers as they started pulling out 2 customer sheets for me. Also I want everyone to tell Jackie what you want for lunch from Mel’s and be back here at 12N. Wow..Boss I want to meet this lady you are dating from Jackie. Everyone departed except Jackie to manage the store and I asked Jackie you didn’t tell anyone about my plan at lunch? No Mark and all the numbers I gave you are correct because I recounted them to ensure I was correct. Thank you Jackie. I grabbed the customer sheets and headed out to complete the route.

I completed 8 out of 10 customers so far as it was almost 12N. I headed to Mel’s to pick up the food and drinks. I went in as I noticed my first girlfriend working at Mel’s Hi Jennifer (5’2 32C/28/30 Long Blonde, Green eyes, maybe 110 lbs) Hi Mark How are you doing as she walked around the counter to give me a hug. Wow Mark you have changed. I hope for the better? O yes, what happen to the old Mark as she squeezed my right bicep. You look good too. Thanks. I am here to pickup an order for the store. Yes, right here as she hands me 2 bags and let me carry out this bag for you. Ok, Thanks Jennifer. I watched her lead the way to my truck as I held the door open for her. I looked at her small ass move with each step and had to make a comment. Jennifer you still got that High School walk as she turned her head. You will never change about my butt. Well it always catches my eyes. She smiled at me as she opens the passenger door to place the bag inside. My mother was talking about you last month saying that I should find someone like you because she always liked you. Your mother was always nice to me and a sweet lady. Thanks I love her so much more since my dad cheated on her with his secretary. Wow..I am sorry to hear that for you both. Mark you should surprise my mom by stopping over and play a game of pool like the high school days. Maybe I will stop over next week. Great, I will not tell her that we talked about it. Ok, take care and maybe we can have a drink some day (What the fuck Mark you are seeing Maria in my head) Sure, that would be great Mark. Take care Jennifer as I drive to the store.

I walked into the store with the food and Jackie laid out all the food in the lunch area. I joked around with everyone telling “Kids please wash your hands”. Steve the joker says ok Dad as we all laugh. After everyone ate the food and chips I told them to come over here for a minute. I want to really tell you all I couldn’t have a successful business without each one of you. I really appreciate all your hard work and the extra work coming down the road with the new home development. So I want to tell you all that I am giving everyone a $3.00 hr pay raise starting this week. I heard a lot of thank you’s. Let’s finish up the routes and call it a early day for us all by 3PM. I never seen my staff move to the trucks so fast to finish the work. After everyone was gone I told Jackie I want you to have a $4.00 hr pay raise and she walked over to me and gave me a strong hug as she crushed her big 34DD tits against me. Jackie was 31 yrs old 5’7 a middle bone 34/30/30 est 130 lbs waving long dirty blonde, brown eyes, with a firm round ass. Thanks Mark. You are welcome so can you get them big titys off my chest before I change my mind. She breaks the hug and slaps me in the arm “You Pig” as I laugh at her. You need to control them watermelons. You think I have big tits as she holds them? Yes, not Hugh. You better finish your route before you think you are leaving to visit your lucky girlfriend. Yes, will do because they are only chemical drops.

I departed to finish up the 2 customers and after completing them I headed back to the store. I walked into the store and saw Jackie bending down under the front counter on her hands & knees. Wow…Jackie nice view. She turns her head with a smile and tells me you are such a young pig. Yes, I am as I smile back. Do you need any help? Yes, I am trying to pull the cable thru the counter dividers. Ok, let me help you as I move down to my hands and knees next to her. I will push the cable thru the hole and you pull my cable. She looks at me really..pull my cable. Mark I think you need your girlfriend to pull your cable. O boy that didn’t sound right sorry Jackie as she laughs at me. As I looked at hear she had her shirt hanging low as her tits were in view a little. She noticed and told cable or tits? Sorry you got me..Cable. Jackie grabbed the cable as she pulled it and I had to do it. O Yes Jackie. She elbowed me as we both laughed. Jackie I have to tell you one thing you can handle a cable. Only if you knew how well I can handle a cable. I was speechless after her comment. Mark does the cat have your tongue? No comment. We both got up and I told her to call me if anything comes up because I am heading home. Have a great weekend Mark. You too as I headed to my car around 2PM.

When I got home I pulled my overnight bag together so I could crash at Maria’s for the weekend. I shaved and showered then put on some jeans with a Green Tommy short sleeve shirt. I left my mom a note that I was staying with Maria for the weekend before she leaves to Brazil. I called Maria as she picks up Hello Mark..thank you for calling. Hi Maria bad time? No, I needed this call to make me feel better. You having a bad day? Sadly yes, I need to be in the courthouse for 4PM so when are you coming. I can be at your office in 30 minutes. Really? Yes. That will be great I will be waiting for you in the lobby so call me when you are 5 mins out? Ok, will do. See you soon sexy bye. I started driving to her office and when I got 5 minutes out I called her. Hi Sweetie you almost here? Yes, I am at the exit to downtown. Ok, see you in the lobby and I can’t wait for a hug and kiss. I pulled up the valet area and gave my keys to the guy as Maria was talking Spanish to him at the same time. Si Ms. Garcia. I walked over to her with the paperwork in my left hand. Hi Babe as she gives me a soft short kiss and grabs my right hand with a squeeze. Mark you just made my day coming in. Maria you always look great with anything you wear. Thank you. Maria I am so glad you are happy seeing me because anytime I see or hear you it make me happy. Mark stop talking sweet or I will be taking you to my place now. I learned over to her ear I can’t wait to eat you up. She squeezed my hand and told me to stop teasing her because I can’t have wet panties for court. We walked into the elevator alone as the doors close and she turn to me so fast to kiss me deep and strong. I moved my right hand to her butt for a strong squeeze. She broke the kiss as I grabbed her butt. O baby you are teasing now because you are making me have a issue in my jeans. She moving her hand over my crotch. Wow..are you getting hard for me. Yes, it’s not the elevator buttons.

The doors opened wide and she grabs my hand leading out of the elevator and tells me to be nice. It feels like a thousand eyes looking at me as we walk on the 35th floor of her office. As we walked through the floor I kept my contract in front of me crotch as she introduced me to a couple employees until we got to her office. I watched her walk around her desk in the shoes that had a min 3” heel. Please take a sit as she point to the table next to her desk. Can I see the contract? Sure as I hand it to her..Wow it’s a thick one. Really no teasing Maria. She smiles at me and tells me you bring it out of me. She moves to her phone and clicks on on button Ha Luz Can you come in? Sure. We are going to Luz wedding in Mexico. As the door opened up and Luz came in closing the door. In my head I said “Damm” maybe a 25 yrs old, pretty 6’4 but had some high 4’ heels with a 36/32/34 body for the first 5 seconds looking at her. Maria introduce me with Luz and sat down with us at the table. Mark Luz is the best on real estate development contracts so you are in good hands. You both are the experts so Luz I just need to make sure the contract is fair to me and the builder. Mark that will make the contract review a lot easier if that is the way you want it? What other way can it be? Maria tells Luz he is a virgin on Miami uturn contracts. What does a uturn contracts mean? Luz tells me uturn contracts are what is all good for you even if the builder writes the contract to favor them. Luz I don’t want to be bending over holding my ankles and not enjoy it. Ok, I understand Mark as Luz says but sometimes it’s ok to bend over when you get a reward on contracts and other things. Wow in my head was that an invite to me and is Maria going to take that as an offer to me. Maria tells me she means sometimes it’s ok to give a little on somethings if you get a bigger reward somewhere else. I understand Luz I trust you.

Maria tells Luz as I told you earlier do it on your free time next week and you can contact Mark directly because I will be in Brazil. You lucky lady going to Brazil. You want to take my place? I wish I had your International Law experience and degrees. Mark are you going with her? Maria looks at me as I felt her hand on my knee. I can’t go because I have a business that I need to run and it’s moving very successfully right now. What is your business? I own a Pool Service & Building company for 2 yrs but been in the business since my teens. Mark can I ask a favor from you? Sure, name it for what you are doing for me. My parents pool has a leak and they always have to put water in it daily. Please give the address and I will gladly come out myself to fix it for your parents as long it’s not a big problem. Thank you Mark my parents will be so happy they can stop filling the pool. No, thank you for looking at the contract. Here is my parents address and my cell phone to call me when you are coming out because my parents don’t speak English “Cuban” so I can translate. I work from home on Wed if that makes it easier for you to stop over? Sure, that will work around 2PM? Ok, deal. Maria looks at the clock Mark let me take you to the other Partners real quickly before I head to court. Luz and Maria got up to walk out as Maria says come with me sweetie. I watch both Luz and Maria walk out of the office damm I would love to have a threesome with them. Wow did I just say that in my head as I follow Maria now. I have a great girl so why do I think this way.

I walk behind her to another big office as Maria talks to this lady to introduce you to Mark as I walked in. Maria tells me this is Maria Sanchez another Partner. Hi Mrs Sanchez..Mark call me Maria or Mimi. Ok, can I officially call you Mimi because I got 1 Maria in my life. Mimi looks at Maria wow sweet talker too. Nice to meet you Mark and see you at the wedding. Maria when are going down to Mexico? Thursday. Great me too but I still need to go shopping. Maybe we can have lunch one day together in Mexico. Sure we can do that. I followed Maria to another office and it was a man this time Carol Sanchez on his door. Maria introduce me with him and headed back to her office. I asked Marian is Carlos and Maria married. Not anymore but I will tell you more about them later. Ok. As we got back in her office she was placing paperwork in her briefcase for court and asked me do you want to wait here for me or meet me in the lobby bar? Can I just sit on the couch right her and rest because I might need it tonight. She smiles..yes you better rest for me because it’s been 2 days without you. Good luck in court! she walks over to me and bends down to give me a quick kiss as I rub her thigh as butt under her skirt. Don’t start as I laugh.

I had my eyes closed when I had the feeling someone was looking at me. I opened my eyes and turned my head as it was Luz. Sorry did I wake you? No, it’s ok do you need me? No, I was just dropping off some paperwork on her desk. Maria was right about you. What did she say about me may I ask? You are great looking, great body, and great smile with sexy green eyes. Really..that is a lot of Greats…lol Yes, but she was right. Thank you. I feel the same way about Maria and more. Wow…you guys are in love if you feel that way based on my father words. The Love word means a lot to Maria and I but I don’t know if we are their yet to say it. I understand Mark. You are in Love with your man because you are getting married next month. Yes, but I still have so much more work with the resort on the wedding plans. Mark do you want to look over contract together and I can teach somethings to look for in future contracts? Sure. She goes to get the contract and we sat around the table as we review it together. Luz shows me a couple terms and new words that we can change to favor you. Your contract is pretty simple but I would give the highlighted statements to remove for your safety. Ok, thank you so much. Mimi comes in and asked Luz if she was going to join us in the lobby bar. You want to come Mark for a drink? Sure. Mimi says I will text Maria to tell her we are in the lobby bar. Thank you. I stood up as Mimi head down to the bar and I told Luz thank you again as I reached out for a hand shack but Luz shocked me with a hug as I gave her a quick kiss of the cheek. She handed me the paperwork and I had to use it again to leave the floor after that hug.

I walked with Luz into the elevator as it jammed up as Luz stood to the right of me against the back wall. I reached my left hand behind to hold the back rail and Luz lost her balance as people got in the elevator. I reach around her waist to held her from falling holding a little of her ass…thank you I held here close. I moved my hand to her butt and I felt her lean more to my side. The doors opened and everyone started moving out as I moved my hand up her back letting her out first. I kept the paperwork in front because I was getting a little monster. In my head I told myself to be cool she is a coworker with Maria. As we walked in I asked Luz what would you like to drink because I am buying you a drink for reviewing this contract as I waved it in the air. Luz looked at me and then to my waist and looked back up fast to my face..ok house white wine. I went to the bar as Luz went to find the others. I placed the order with the bartender white house wine, Jack & coke, and Cabernet wine. I looked at my phone 5:15PM so I text Maria..I am at lobby bar waiting for you with some coworkers. I have you a wine wait with a kiss.

I stood at the bar waiting for the drinks and then I felt a hand rub up my back with a voice you got my wine. I turned around to see Maria as I reached to pull her closer to kiss her. How was court? It was a waste of time because they pushed it out for another 2 weeks. Baby I am very happy that you are here. Here are your drinks Sir. I gave him $50 for the 3 drinks and Maria asked who’s the White wine for? Luz for completing the contract already. You are joking! In my head I was not sure if she was pissed or couldn’t believe she reviewed the contract. Yes, she showed me some parts of the contract that need to be removed and a couple term that need to be changed. Wow..I told you this girl knows her shit. I am so glad we have her at our Firm. Well I am glad I met you as I gave her another quick kiss. Give me the contract and I will place it in my briefcase. We walked over to the others after I got my change. I handed Luz the white wine. Thank you Mark. Maria moved over to Luz to whispered something in her ear and gave her a kiss on the cheek as she smiled. Mimi comes over to me so how are you doing with us ladies? I couldn’t be in a better place. I can think of better place with a smile. Mark you have all the right words at the right time. You sure you are not a lawyer? Nope, I am not that smart. Thank you. Mimi have you lived in Florida all your life? Yes, South Miami mostly and went to UF and Harvard. See you are smarter then me. Maria walks over as she puts her arm around me and jokingly to Mimi is he getting fresh? Nope, but I would not tell you if is was as she puts her hand on my shoulder right Mark? I plead the fifth. They both laughed at my comment “He was a lawyer in his past life”. Maria ask me can I have a minute with Mimi..sure as I step over to Luz seating alone. Hi Luz do you need another wine? No thank you need to drive home soon. Ok, thank you again on reviewing the contract and I think Maria was shocked that you got it done so fast. Yes, she just thanked me. I will call you Wednesday when I am head out to your house. That will be prefect and I can’t wait to tell my parents.

Maria and Mimi comes over to Luz & I so does anyone need another drink because M & M are having another one. Luz said no thanks because I need to head home after I finish this wine. I will take another Jack & Coke. Mimi walked to the bar and Maria wrapped both arms around me as she looked at Luz from my side. Luz is he a cutie? Yes, you are lucky lady. Your man is lucky not a positive way. Maria tells me I guess I will keep you and gives me a kiss on the cheek. Maria asked Luz when are you going down to Mexico? We all are going down Wednesday. I can see she was getting happier talking about the wedding. You staying in Mexico for your honeymoon too? No, we are going snow skiing in Colorado. Wow…Go from warm temperatures to cold within days. Where is your fiancé from and what does he do? Mark are you being the big brother with all the questions? As they both laugh at me. No just trying to find out more about my little sister fiancé. Luz you better answer your brother’s questions or he will not approve of your marriage. Well big brother Mark he is in construction and originally from Columbia but been in Miami since he was a little kid. Mimi comes back with 2 drinks and says she needs to get the Jack still no problem I will get it as I walk to the bar. As I reach for my drink between to people when I felt a hand touch my back as I was think it was Maria. I turned around to see Mimi looking at me and asked me can you get my credit card from the bartender. One of the customers moved out from the seat so I was able to take the seat as Mimi moved between me and the other customer at the bar. The bartender came back with her credit card and receipt to sign. I had my legs open as she was stand between them as she rest her hip against me. I placed my right hand on her back rubbing it up and down Thank you for the drink. It’s my pleasure as long as you keep rubbing my back. problem I didn’t say stop that as she moved her right hand over my lap as she exited between the seats. Maria is a very lucky girl I see. I froze in my seat knowing she felt my semi hard cock so I decided to visit the bathroom before returning to the girls.

More is coming.

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