Another World, Another Life Pt. 1


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This my attempt at a fantasy themed story. This is just a trial to see if it’s popular at all. it’s barely ten pages and the sex scene is rather short and not close to the beginning. If you like it let me know and I’ll pop out a second part to start with. Please keep comments constructive and civil. This story will be exclusively male with mtf trans.

I stood watching my city burn, and vowed to carry on. My family was dead. My subjects were being brutalized. My kingdom wasn’t conquered yet, however. There was a single ray of hope to restore Alalarn. We had been sentinels, guarding the races from any and every threat, and now some of those very people had risen up. And yet, I would not yield. I was young, especially by the standards of my people.

I who was considered a freak, who was laughed at, and yet I who was the only one who could save the nation of sentinels, and help protect the order and balance of this world. I had been born a boy, and yet I had desired nothing but to be a girl, and when I discovered I had magic, I did my best. It was a complex, dangerous, spell, and my success was only partial. I had the figure, voice, stature, and very mindset of a bright, vivacious young woman, and yet I had male organs between my legs. And yet, my magic had only grown as I had gotten older, to the point I could do it. I could do it once, Goddess willing. I could summon a hero from another world. A world higher in the hierarchy of worlds. The ritual would imbue him with power. The question was of his character and temperament. And yet it was my only chance.

I was walking home from class, my apartment was in sight as I swore at the ungodly heat inside my head. I had lived in the South for more than three quarters of my life, and the heat of the summer still kicked my ass. It wasn’t like I was out of shape, either. I wasn’t buff, but I was only ten pounds overweight, if that. My cardio and stamina were good, too. It was the fucking ninety-nine degree heat and hundred percent humidity that did it.

I was just in front of my door, about to step into the blessed relief when it all went wrong. There was a girl about three years younger than me, maybe, dressed in what looked like a cross between a toga, a nun’s habit, and Native American tribal dress. She appeared to be just finishing some kind of ritual dance. I was in a cave, lit spheres of soft light. I knew what had happened. The heat finally got me. I was hallucinating after a nasty heat stroke. Otherwise, I had just started living the plot of a stupid anime.

“What is your name?” the girl asked me in a somewhat mezzo-soprano but melodious, gentle, almost calming voice.

“Ben. Benedict.”

“Is that your full name?”

“Benedict Jude Francis Gregory Farnes. I was named by overzealous nuns. Can’t seem to hate them, even now, though.”

“I am Aliliana Nestuen Nar’T’Sharn. I am the last princess of Alalarn.”

“Is this real?”


“Wonderful. My worst nightmare has come to pass. I’m now a protagonist in an overused trope shit storm of an anime.”

“I don’t understand what that means.”

“Any chance you can send me back?”


“Fucking great. Thanks so much.”

“Will you save my nation?”

“Do I really have any other choice, as of right now, at least?”

“I…had hoped you would be…”

“Less pissed? More eager to acquiesce to your every whim? Please give me a moment to collect myself,” I had to ask. My anger was reaching points it never really had before. I was generally an easygoing guy. I was raised by nuns and they helped instill goodness and forbearance in me, or so I had always believed, but right now I was so angry I could just about ring this self proclaimed princess’s neck. That would be bad, though. Very bad, and very wrong. The very least I could do was hear her out. She gave off an air of honesty, and literally just looking at her pretty, very gentle face was chilling me out. There was something about her, like she was there for me, and yet also stupid strong in some way, like in character, but also I just totally sensed she was a total badass. I sat down on the floor of the cave.

“Sorry I was an asshole just now. I’ll definitely hear you out, for sure. It sounds like you’re in some deep shit, and that just maybe I can help you out of it.”

I was shocked at the utter turnabout in the man, Benedict’s demeanour. He was even ever so slightly smiling at me. He was handsome, by the standards of my people, at least. He had a neatly trimmed beard and carefully brushed or combed hair. His clothes were odd, yet I could tell at a glance they were clean and that he took good care of them. His hygiene was fantastic, too. He could honestly pass for a marquess, or even a duke. He could almost be royalty.

“Are you perhaps a noble or royal in your world?”

“Nope. As plain old commoner as they come.”

“I see. Well, you said you would hear me out, but do you wish for something to drink or eat?”

“Not really.”

“I see. I will begin then. It started twenty years ago, just before my birth. A new religion rose up in the far west of the continent, and spread to the other two continents. The zealots spread their religion by the sword. You convert or you die. It had no followers in Alalarn or our neighbours. We have always believed in personal liberties, within the bounds of the laws of our nation, of course.

“Then, four years ago, the zealots started to wage war on our neighbours, starting with our western neighbour, our fast ally Zernia. They fell, even with our aid, and the aid of Hiln and Cretz. Hiln and Cretz were next, and last it was us. A month ago they used some kind of magic to launch a surprise attack on our capital city. My family was almost assuredly killed to the last. My only hope is for my eldest brother, who fled his life as the heir. I don’t have hope of him saving our country, and eventually driving them out from our allies’ lands, rather I hope he can carry on our bloodline.”

“Damn, that’s crazy!” the boy declared. His language was coarse, but not off putting. His shock and anger was clear and genuine, too. “Are you sure there’s no one else left?”

“Almost completely. There is a chance they spared the youngest, my nephew Firin, but they have had no compunction about putting even babes in arms to the sword or spell.”

“You keep saying they or zealots, but is there no proper term for them or their religion?”

“The One True Faith. Believers.”

“Really? That’s it? I can’t decide if that’s confidence they’re the real deal or if it’s arrogant assumptions. Let me ask you this: obviously magic is real, here at least. What about divine beings? Is there tangible proof their deity isn’t the only real one?”

“Their deity is false. The Goddess proves her existence by your summoning, if nothing else. Your summoning required more than just mana, it required divinity, a power an entire order of magnitude above mana and mortal magic.”

“I see. What are the tenets of belief in the Goddess?”

“My people have worshipped the Goddess Lyrishina for our entire existence as a people, at the least. Our written records go back so far the first of them are carved into tablets and on huge boulders.”

“How long ago do your records go back?”

“Five thousand years, at least.”

“Holy shit. And in that entire time there was never a single bit of evidence of this deity of the one true faith? What do they call it? Just God, or something?”

“God above all. And no, until twenty years ago there was no mention, at least on this continent, of such a deity. However, we freely recognize there are other deities.”

“Right.” Benedict fell deep into thought. “Tell me more about Lyrishina.”

“She is the Goddess of Magic, Love, and Eroticism.”

“Eh, three aspects, huh? Also, eroticism?”

“Yes. Magic and the erotic arts are inextricably and in many ways inexplicably linked.”

“Gotcha. So, you need me to fight as a one man army against these zealots?”

“In time. You aren’t ready. It will be months, if not a year or slightly longer.”

“I see. I’ll do what I can. I can’t help but trust you. Call me crazy.”

“Then we should begin the first of the rites immediately.”

“How do we do that?”

“Make love, of course. At first it won’t mean much, but once we build up trust and maybe, one day, love between us, we will both become so very powerful.” I took a deep breathe and revealed my secret. “I have a secret, though: I was born a boy, and only become mostly a woman with magic. I still have male organs, however, although I have always heard anal intercourse is still very pleasurable, in the right circumstances. I also have no desire to penetrate you at all.”

What. The. Actual. Fuck? My mind was racing as the princess, who was definitely attractive, was just like, ‘hey, let’s do it.’ Then she was like, oh, by the way, I’m trans. Luckily for her, I had no preferences, or rather I chose my partners based on things like emotional health and maturity, and intelligence. I had no experience with a trans girl but no problem with getting it on with one, either.

In any other circumstances I would immediately turn her down, yet there was something about her, about Aliliana. Simply thinking her name inside my head filled me with a sense of peace. I couldn’t help but believe, her, and about the Goddess, especially. I was predisposed to believe in a divine being. The sisters who raised me had been the embodiment of the best of Christianity, to the point I simply couldn’t help but believe there was something to their faith, at the least. I felt the same about this Goddess Lyrishina, and about Aliliana.

She poured us both wine after leading me deeper into the cave into where she had been sleeping. It was crazily comfortable and inviting, even though it was just a huge pile of very soft and warm looking furs and blankets. The lighting was just right, and the wine was warmed slightly to counteract the bit of chill in the air. I sat across from Aliliana as she gently and yet just the tiniest bit nervously smiled at me. Her looks were definitely princess class, upon a real examination. Her hair was coppery red, and even though she had clearly been roughing it, at least to some degree, it was carefully and meticulously brushed. Her face was gentle, benevolent I could almost say, just a hint of regal. Her figure was obviously curvy, even at a glance. What my good friend Danny, who I’d never see again, would call thick as fuck. Her eyes a piercing shade of near emerald green, too. As the wine really started to take hold, it got me surprisingly relaxed, and without a word, Aliliana stood up, then shucked off her clothes almost in one go. My breath caught in my throat.

I hadn’t actually had any expectations. She made me feel so comfortable that I just felt like it would be alright. And yet, she blew me away. She was curvy for damn sure, with a hint of a belly, though, although I would bet that would be seen as a sign of health. She had enough to eat that she could have just a hint of excess fat on her tummy, and nice round hips and plump, soft looking respectable probably large b cup or small c cup breasts. Her skin was pale, and her nipples and areolae were an enticing pink.

As my eyes travelled down her body she didn’t nothing to hide herself, probably sensing I was very quickly getting hard enough to drill through concrete. She had a fair bit of pubic hair, but no more than a genetic woman who kept herself natural might have. I saw some hair on her lower legs, but just enough to be noticed. Her magic was good stuff, since other than her very cute, thumb sized while flaccid dick and balls that were proportionate to the size of her dick, she was totally a woman. Of course, since she identified as a woman, she was a woman, period. I didn’t hesitate to strip off, either.

I was nervous as I revealed myself, but just for a moment. Once Benedict’s eyes had fully travelled up and down and across my nude body and I could see the desire in his eyes I almost audibly sighed in relief. When he bared himself, I was so aroused I became erect almost immediately. He was everything I could’ve ever asked for. Not only was he proving to be good with his personality and emotional maturity, he was just absolutely the most handsome man I think I could ever meet.

He had good hair on his chest and even down onto his stomach, a good sign of masculinity and virility. He was a healthy weight, meaning he had had a good, healthy diet, and it was like he became erect as he watched me do the same. I was greatly pleased with his manhood, as well. He was well within the perfect size for a man of noble birth and bearing. He was about five finger’s width in length, and two or just a little more in thickness.

I wasn’t sure about the standards in his old world, but in Alalarn having enough to comfortably penetrate your partner, whether male or female, without having too much or too little, was seen as the most desirable. I could easily imagine him feeling just about perfect, and I offered thanks to the Goddess that not only had he calmed down almost immediately and after calmly an rationally listening to me and asking appropriate questions, which showed a good intellect and calm demeanor and personality but he was also my ideal man in his appearance, even his stature was a good match for mine. One day when I would wear my kingdom’s most formal garb, including shoes with a slight but noticeable heel, our heights would be a perfect match.

Benedict slowly approached me, then gently but firmly embraced me with one arm around my waist and the other around my back. Then, he took the lead, but gently, not going wild with lust, as he kissed me. Our tongues almost seemed to intertwine as we kissed so passionately a small amount of our saliva was escaping our mouths to run down our chins. I was so aroused, and ready for him to penetrate me. I had already prepared with a common spell, and had prepared special oil to aid in lubrication.

And yet, I wasn’t desperate for him to penetrate me just yet. His hands explored my breasts as he kissed my neck and throat, gently, so gently. I couldn’t help but begin to thrust my genitals against his, and soon we were both slick with the fluid we were emitting in our extreme arousal. Mine was even dripping down onto the floor of these holy caves I had been living in for a month.

Benedict gently guided me down onto my sleeping furs, and I handed him the pot of Linlil Oil. He applied the oil a bit liberally, and then was so gentle as he began to prepare me. At last, as I laid on my back and gazed up at him and into his brown eyes in his handsome face nicely framed by his dark blonde hair, he slowly penetrated me.

Holy God, Goddess, or whatever the fuck, Aliliana’s ass fit me like a glove, is the best way I could say it. Even more than that, kind of. It was like we were made for each other, at least sexually. I had heard people say that they were sexually compatible with each other, and now I could fucking believe it. It was hardly my first time having sex, but it was my first time having anal sex. The oil with the slightest scent that I couldn’t quite place but that was pleasant all the same seemed to be fucking good stuff. There was no chaffing, just smoothness. It was hot and tight, yet different from a pussy.

I stared into her eyes, watching to make sure she was at least not in discomfort, and after a few minutes she had melted into a look of ecstasy. I would’ve bet I had a pretty similar look on my face, too. At some point she seemed to want to roll over, and I immediately complied. She then started to ride me, slowly but not so slowly I didn’t like it. I reached up to fondle her dick. She had grown to about three and a half inches, but since I had five and a half on my best day and she said she didn’t want to do me in the first place who gave a flying fuck?

She was intact, like me, or rather, uncut, to put it in the vernacular. It was rare where I lived in my old world, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it was completely normal here. In fact, I wouldn’t bat an eye if the concept of circumcision didn’t even exist here. Her foreskin was a bit tight, but not enough that I had any resistance as I started to move it up and down over her head. She was precumming like fucking crazy, even more than me and I precame so much you could practically drink it up with a straw. I got it all over my hand, and couldn’t resist licking it off. It had a mild salty taste, but other than that nothing.

We had been at it for a surprisingly long time. How long I didn’t know for sure, but we were both soaked in sweat, and as we held hands after switching back to missionary, I could tell neither of us wanted it to end yet. Not quite yet. We went on and on, both of us clearly in true, deep, pleasure, and it felt like an eternity before I could feel my orgasm about to hit me. “I’m about to cum!” I said. I wasn’t sure if she’d understand what I meant by cum, but she got it immediately.

“Finish inside me,” she said, almost sounding like she was begging. She had no need to beg. I’d fucking almost blow in my own face in that moment.

It was incredible. We were so perfectly in sync with each other, and Benedict just seemed to be able to continue slow, deep, and steady without having his orgasm, and he even seemed to like it. I had always heard that men preferred to simply finish as fast as they could and go about their business, but after we had switched from me on top, to me on my back, and back and forth twice I was so pleased it wasn’t true for him.

I could tell it had been almost half an hour. It was as long as the priests and priestesses of the Goddess could last, and would last in their worship of Her. Benedict was finally about to finish. He warned me for some reason, and I was worried he wouldn’t finish inside of me as though I was some whore. I had no need to worry. I felt him ejaculate, and then he had barely caught his breath before he started to give me oral pleasure. I ejaculated in what felt like, and probably was, seconds. He swallowed my semen and then kissed me. We were both spent, though, and he held me as we both drifted off to sleep.

When we awoke hours later, it was almost morning. I had summoned him at night, about an hour after darkness had set in. Benedict and I both ate a large amount of the food that the resistance fighters had supplied to me, preserved with magic, and then I began his education in the basics of magic, the source of all power in this world.

Chapter One End

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