A night of fun in the hottub


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This is the accounting of how an innocent night of relaxation a night of sexually fueled fun

One of the best investments we ever made was our king size hot tub it seats 6 adults and we practically live in it even in the winter.

The other night my stepdaughter stopped by and we were reminiscing about her college days and when she lived at home. Since her mom and I first met her daughter and I became very close some may say strangely close but my girlfriend now wife was more than ok with it. Her and I had many intimate conversations about life , relationships, love, sex you name it. So as they say time marches on and Ashley went to college for a couple of years but it wasn’t her thing but she landed a great job and had a place of her own but was still a fixture at our house even though she was now 22 she acted like a young kid sometimes always looking to have fun, playing practical jokes especially on her mother and I was not immune to her shenanigans.

Well one night Alley (we’ll call her daughter) and I were chilling out in the hot tube sharing a joint and drinking wine coolers, her mom was in the house finishing putting the baby to bed. So, we’re hanging out and she gets this look in her eye and says he wanna fuck with ma? I laughed and said I fully intend to later she laughs and said I bet can I watch. I said what did you have in mind, she slips the straps off her suit a metallic silver one piece that barely held her enormous tits (something she inherited from her mother but shot right past her sporting a nice pair of 44F titties. She slipped down in the tub with just her head and shoulders sticking out of the water so it would appear as if she was naked. I laughed and said ok I’m in what do u want me to do take my suit off, she laughs and said ah no not right now anyway. So after a minute or two Lori her mom shows up wearing a blue one piece like her daughter barely covering her 38DD’s but did nothing for her rock hard nipples with her towel draped over her shoulder and a glass of wine in the other she stepped on to the hot tub deck placed her towel on the heated rack and looked at the two of us and said oh I see we’re going ah natural tonight and without skipping a beat placed her wine glass on the side table and slipped out of her suit, climbing into the hot tub in all her baby smooth clean shaven pussy fully exposed. Well her daughters eyes practically bugged out of her head. Mom your shaved down there! why yes, I am standing there with her wine glass in one hand and reaching for the joint with the other she took a toke and said and you’re not naked so get it off now Ms. Smart ass, her daughter muttered a few unintelligible words when her mom said you heard me; you think you can ever out shock me you have another thing coming honey. I was just laughing when she looked at me taking another toke, she said you too Mr. Smart Ass.

Well she didn’t have to tell me twice I stood up and with the joint in her lips and wine glass in one hand with her free hand she pulled my suit down and I did the rest exposing my flaccid far above average size cock as she likes to refer to it, Allie was now fixated on my manhood and reached for the joint saying holy shit your hung like a horse. Now seated next to me with her daughter on the opposite side Lori said that’s right its one of the ways he keeps me happy. (now a little back story in in order for clarity Lori and Alley have a very special mother daughter dynamic, getting divorced form an abusive husband and father they counted on each other to get through the tuff times and bonded even more so or at least that I had heard of, both being naked was nothing new talking about sex and boys and the do’s and don’ts she confessed to me that it was her daughter that convinced her if she wanted to find and keep a boyfriend she was going to have to learn how to give head and I for one am glad she took her advice)

So, we’re hanging out smoking and drinking enjoying the warmth of the hot churning water releasing all the stress the subject of her shaved pussy comes back up so Lori’s daughter is full of questions how does it feel does it hurt, not until you go for a bikini wax. You wax her daughter gasped Lori stood up, so her pussy was out of the water saying sure do see how smooth and sexy it looks well it feels even better as she reached for her daughters hand placing in on her bare mound see how smooth as Alley gently touched her clean pubic area oh yes I see what you mean. Glancing at me saying looks like someone is getting turned on, her daughter in an effort to one up her mom says oh really as she stands up her massive tits dripping wet glistening in the soft light of the deck lighting say well maybe he’ll like this and she reaches over and kisses her mother and giggles. Lori says no not like that like this and grabs her pulls her and sticks her tongue in Alley’s mouth and French kisses her their big beautiful tits pushed up against each other. She break off the kiss laughing saying I must be high; they both start laughing and giggling like a couple of stones schoolgirls. Hey, you got any more of that shit her daughter laughs and said sure ma I’ll be right back, she hops out of the top and heads across the deck into the house her body glistening in the moon light and her big titties bouncing with every step, God it a wonder she doesn’t give herself a black eye with those things. I laughed and said oh jealous are we, jealous my ass she replied you seem pretty dammed found of them as she straddles my lap and shove her tits in my face. Give them some love baby. I gently kissed them and licker her breast like you would lick an ice cream cone as she often says and gently flick her nipples and suck them till, she let out a little squeal she hops off my lap and sits back down next grabbing her wine glass finishing it off saying am I fucked up sitting in a hot tub naked with my daughter and French kissing her. I laughed and said your not fucked up it just shows what a special bond you two have she laughs and said yeah, I guess your right I get a little paranoid when I’m stoned. Hey, did I ever tell you about the time her and her girlfriends dragged me out to go clubbing with them? Ah no but continue just as she was about to her daughter comes bouncing back with a couple of bottle of wine in each hand a big fat joint that looked to be the size of a Cuban cigar…lol and something around her wrist.

She hands the joint off to her mom who took one hell of a healthy toke and held out her empty wine glass saying that’s my girl, Lori passed the joint over to me and not being the smoker that the two of them are I thought I was going to pass out as I reached for a beer from the mini frig. Her mom asked what cha got there “A” and Ashley smiled and said I just got this and figured I’d capture the moment. It was a new digital camera with a timer setting to take a burst of pictures every couple of seconds, minutes or whatever it was set to. Now my wife is not camera shy by no means said oh wow pretty cool, but don’t you even think of showing them to anyone you got that. Ashley said oh yeah who and I going to show pictures of me naked with my naked mom and stepdad in a hot tub, good point Lori said after taking another hit. I knew the wine and the pot had taken over her sense of good judgement but who was I to be the buzz kill, “A” jumped back in the tub and sat as close to me as her mom was on the other side. She explained that when you see the little light start to blink it meant it was going to take a series of pictures as soon as it stopped flashing. So now the posing begins the two of them flashing their tits for the camera each kissing me on the cheeks, pushing their tits in my face, me licking nipples they both stood up to pose with their glasses and the joint and I reached up and grabbed both their asses and then slid my hand up both inner thighs, well looking at the pictures the next day it must have been perfect timing by the totally shocked look on their faces….lol all great fun.

Sitting back down both giggling laughing having a great time my wife reaches over and grabs my cock and starts stroking me under water again caught on camera the look on my face was one of ecstasy as my cock began to grow as I am enjoying the moment my wife told me she noticed one of her daughters hands was out of sight so she figured she was fingering herself. Being the one up shock mistress, she reached over grabber her daughters hand placing it on my cock. Saying take care of this for me will you, with that she wraps her arms around my neck and begins kissing me sticking her tongue in my ear which she knows drives me crazy, we’re kissing intently and I’m playing wither tits my stroking cock is getting harder by the second. I briefly glanced at her daughter who was playing with one of her gigantic melons pinching her nipples as she stroked me to full erection. Next thing I know she disappears under water and I feel her mouth on my cock. She pops back up out of the water saying oh my fucking God that thing is gigantic. My wife says show her baby I stand up and my fully erect cock as hard as a bar of steel. She gasps and is saying oh my God your hung like a horse looking at her mom she said you bitch no wonder your always smiling. Lori had one of her devilish grins saying to her hey watch who your calling a bitch or I might not let you play with it. With that Lori pushing my chest saying sit back down Ashley keeps stroking my cock now Lori swings one leg up and over mine and begins to lower herself down she murmurs guide it in for mommy with Ashley holding my rigid 12” cock Lori lowers herself down slowly slipping it into her more that wet pussy. She was the first woman who took my full length without uttering any little bit of hesitation. When I questioned her about that after the first time, we fucked she said “I’ve never seen a cock like that before and I’d be damned if I was going to let it go”

when I was fully inside her she slowly began to ride me up and down, her head thrown back and her eyes closed moaning softly, play my titties play with my titties honey not sure if she was directing both of us or not but Ashley and I began rubbing her titties, Ashley’s breathing was increasing and she fondled her mothers 38DD melons. Lori was moaning louder, and I knew her well enough that she was feeling the beginning tremors of an orgasm. With Ashley’s massive tits in my face I instinctively reached out and began sucking one of her big pink nipples. Other than the significant size difference her tits were the larger version of her mother’s perfect melons. Lori open her eyes long enough to garner a big smile saying that my girl, she just opened her mouth and Ashley took the que and the two began kissing I was playing with one of Lori’s tits in one hand and Ashley’s in the other, Lori began to shutter and shake her body was beginning to quiver her head thrown back eyes she with an intense look of concentration mixed with pleasure as she broke off the kiss. She picked up her pace and began to moan more kiss me more Ashley went back in and the two French kissed intently to see two women do this is extremely erotic but to see mother and daughter both naked with killer bodies and great tits glistening with dripping water in the soft lighting was over the top erotic this was as close to staring in a porn as I would ever get. She began to scream, and obscenities flew form her normally outward mild mannered moth. Yes! Yes! fuck me with that big cock God I’m fucking cumming oh fucking God yes fuck my pussy baby fill me with your load. As she looked on in utter amazement now grabbing both of her bouncing melons later telling the both of us that she had never heard anything like that form her mom ever before Lori couldn’t hold off any longer as she was on the brink of orgasm she finally gave in and had an explosive over the top orgasm. She always has great extremely pleasurable orgasms, but I have to believe the combination of the weed and wine brought her to a new level of sexual satisfaction. She began to slam her entire body down on my cock as she came in her earth shattering far from quite orgasm. Just as she began to come down Ashley’s began to intently play with her tits and nipples pulling them pinching them and sucking on them when Lori began to moan, and her face lit up Yes! Yes! Don’t stop baby. Ashley did as she was ordered and continued before I joined in I told Ashley lick her nipples and suck them she loves it and Lori leaned in and we began to kiss passionately within less than a minute she erupted in to another orgasm, A multiple orgasm wither husband and daughter she later said how could it have been any better.

When she finally came back down to earth she rest her head on my should for a second, her eyes lit up saying your still hard did you cum, I replied I was about to but its ok. This is where she would normally continue or give me one of her signature blowjobs, but she looked at me and smiled never saying a word I knew what she was thinking, saying Honey come here as she slid off my cock reaching for her daughters hand come help him out for me. Ashley had a nervous and confused look When she had me sit on the edge of the hot tub; I knew what was going down. Lori began sucking my cock and said to Ashely come help momma, remember when you told me I’d have to learn how to do this let me know if I was a good student. Ashly watched her mother give me one heck of a blowjob. Lori smiled and motioned for her to come over saying show me. Ashley got down on her knees her massive tits resting on my legs as she began to skillfully suck my cock where she got her experience I really could only imagine. Within a few minutes I couldn’t hold back and began moaning loudly barely able to get I’m cumming out of my mouth as I began to shoot my load, not believing it was out of surprise, but she swallowed my load or most of it. Lori still half wasted said hey let me have some of that and helped clean my cock form what cum was left over but Ashley had her mothers impish grin knowing she got the lion’s share of my cum now in her belly. The three of us collapsed back in the tub the two of them leaning on my chest. After a minute or two Lori stood up and took her daughters hand saying come on let go shave your pussy. Later on, that night I got to sample Ashley’s baby smooth bald pussy her mother beaming with pride as I brought her to several screaming orgasms.

After having her pussy freshly shaved by her mother Ashley lay on our double king size bed with her mom siting besides her gently running her hand up and down her thigh asking her well how does it feel being as clean as the day you were borne, Ashley giggles saying strange It’s like I have never experienced anything like this, she asked what made you decide to shave mom. Bobbie loves it is why I do it plus I love the way it feels when I wear silk or satin panties or when he well you know. Fucks you ma you know you don’t have to be shy. I walked in the bedroom with another bottle and some glasses , saying ladies may I pour you a glass, Lori held out her glass saying hit me, Ashley said yes please Bobby. Lori then asked me so baby what do you think of “A’s” new look glancing toward her newly shave mound. I replied I love seeing Mt. Baldy. Ashely cracked up laughing almost spitting her wine through her nose, your such a smart ass, I just smiled thanking her. Lori took my hand placing it on her mound see how smooth it is, she had some pretty thick pubic hair but not anymore. Ashley didn’t seem to mind my hand being there, so I gently moved it back n forth over her mound, Ashley let out a little squeal , do you want me to stop I asked, oh no it feels nice. Lori having place my hand there I knew I had her permission to do whatever Ashley would allow me to do, doesn’t she look sexy baby I said sex hell she’s smokin hot her humongous tits felling the effects of gravity were still lovely as ever and she also inherited her mom’s big nipples. With one hand gently messaging her pussy mound I took my free hand and began playing with her nipples, she let out a soft coo and ever so soft moan. Lori said now doesn’t that feel good honey he does have magic hands. Oh yes, he does as she smiled up at me as if asking permission, she said may I as she reached for my flaccid penis. My rely was of course Lori chimed in saying isn’t it magnificent oh yes for sure, but fuck mom how do you fit that monster in you. Well honey I have had three kids you know and its amazing how much your vagina will stretch, trust me it scared the living crap out of me when I first saw it, but I took it all isn’t that right Bobby. Yes baby you fucked my brains out like no woman has ever done right then and there and haven’t stopped since.

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