Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal. Pt6



Mrs Lopez blackmails me for some home pool service.

Mark if you want my firm to review it I can arrange it. It’s real estate not International law. Yes, but my firm handles all kinds of contracts, lawsuits, criminal, and real estate. WOW..I didn’t think your firm did it all. Sure, an extra pair eyes would be great if you can help me? Sure, I will do anything for you sweetie but it will cost you. You going to take it out in trade on me? YES! Ok, I will call you tomorrow and sweet dreams sexy. Goodnight baby..sweet dreams and no wet ones….O you are going to use my line now?..Yes, as we both laugh. Goodnight as we both hang up.

I started my day as normal hitting the gym at 7AM, home for a shower, breakfast, and headed to the store. When I got to the store we had the normal morning meeting and told Steve, Jackie, and Keith to be back at the store by 9:30 so we can head to the new development site visit. Pat will meet us at the site too. After the meeting I called Mrs Lopez. Hi Mrs Lopez..Hi Mark..Please call me Heather..Ok, I will need to stop over after lunch today because some plans changed. I know you are going to visit the site at 10AM so I will see you after lunch. Ok, perfect I will call to tell you when I am coming. I hope so…O shit that didn’t sound right in my head. Before I knew it everyone was back at the store so I told Steve to take the service truck because I need to visit a new client after the lunch. Ok, boss as we all headed to the site in two trucks. We arrived at the site and noticed that Pat was already here. I introduced Juan and Mr Lopez to my crew and visited the development and had a couple questions from the team. We all headed to the restaurant for lunch and talked more about each standard pool design 15W x 30L. So as we wrapped up the lunch Juan gave me a copy of the development plans and the timeline. The start date would be in 34 days so I will start to bring my equipment the weekend we start. Ok, I will make sure you equipment area is secure for you too. Have a great day and I look forward in working with you Jaun and Mr Lopez. Same here and take care. Mr Lopez tells Juan that he is heading to the office and call me if you need me. Ok, Sir. I told my crew to head to the store and start planning all the equipment needed so I can place the orders by next Friday.

I headed to Mrs Lopez house as I picked up my phone to call her. Hi Mrs Lopez I am about 10 mins from you. Great I will advise the security officer that you are ok to come in. Ok, see you soon. I can’t wait to see you as she hangs up. The security officer got my tag number and waved me to Mrs Lopez house. I parked the truck and headed to the front door and rang the door bell. No one came to the door so I said maybe she is the pool area so I walked thru the side gate to the backyard. I turn to the pool and didn’t hear any noise until I saw Mrs Lopez in the Jacuzzi topless. Wow..she has a nice set on tits 38DDD fake and firm. O Mark..sorry I didn’t think you would be here so quickly as she walks out of the jacuzzi topless. I turned around so I didn’t see her coming out but she said it’s ok Mark I think you have seen boobs before. I turned around and asked her where is your pump making the noise. Come over here and I will show you as I walk toward her with a towel wrapped around her tits. She has a nice ass as I walked behind her to the equipment and the only think I heard was the blower for the jacuzzi. She said do you hear that loud noise as she bends over in front of me as her towel falls and bikini string goes between her ass cheeks. I got hard automatically as she said opps my towel came off. She looking back at me do you like the view? Yes..O shit did I just say that in my head. You can touch it if you like. Mrs Lopez..stop calling Mrs Lopez call me Heather. Ok, Heather I think I shouldn’t be here right now. Why? Because I think you are looking more then a pool problem. Mark I am not looking for problems just some service. Please grab my butt as she turns around again? She grabs my hand and places it on her ass as I feel her smooth skin. You like it? Yes, it’s nice but I am working with your husband.

Mark let’s take a sit for a minute. Ok, good idea. Mr Lopez is my business, my money, and basically he works for me managing my company. I had the money that started the business and I have a Prenup with Mr Lopez. So basically Mr Lopez is nothing without me..understand? Yes. Mark I think you are a smart and hot looking man so I am just asking for a little fun so is it a problem? No, but you know I have a girlfriend. What she don’t know will not hurt her and you are not married to her. Mrs. Lopez..I mean Heather I am not the cheating kind of guy. Well that is nice. I didn’t want to go down this road but you kind are making me say this. No sex No contract. What would you like? are going to use a contract against me for sex? Yes, because I need some sex and specially with you that makes me so wet looking at you. As she stood up and walked over to me releasing her towel in front of me to the her feet. I stood up and was not sure if I should walk out but lose a lot of money or just give here what she wants one time. So Mark what do you want to do? As she got closer to me to kiss me and I went along with it. We kissed for sometime then broke the kiss and she reached to pull up my shirt over my head. Damm you look great Mark. Thank you and you do too. You like this 36 yr old 5’3 36/30/32 body as she grabs her tits in both like them? Yes, then suck them for me as I did what I was told. She had some hugh silver dollars and big eraser nipples. Bite them…O yes that is it. I like them sucked hard and use your teeth on them harder Mark.

I felt her hand rub my cock in my shorts then I felt it between my waist as she pushed them down. My dick sprang up against my stomach and she grabbed my cock with her smooth hand. She slowly stroke me as she looks up at me to tell me “You have the biggest cock I have seen or had in my hand”. You will need to fuck me slow and easy until I take it fully. Ok, I will take it easy on you. She went to her knees on the towel and moved her mouth over my head. O Heather…You like my lips? Yes, as I placed my hand on the back of her head pushing her down more on my cock. I slowly started moving my hips as she just kept her mouth open so I could fuck her mouth. She was rubbing herself as I fucked her face. My cock felt a little tight when I went deeper in her mouth as she gagged. I stopped moving and she started moving faster and popping her mouth on my cock. Heather where do you want my cum? In all my holes and I will know when you are going to cum. She broke away from my cock and started sucking my shaved balls. O Heather that feels good because no one has done that to me before. After that she switch by moving her tits to my cock and started tity fucking her. O my that was getting me hotter as her big tits squeezing my cock between them up and down for a couple minutes as she spits on it to keep it moist. I told her I was going to cum and she let go and place her mouth back over me cock sucking me. I placed my hand on the back of her head holding her fully down on cock as I cum…O Yes, O Yes, O Yes..she had to get 6 or 7 streams of my juice in her mouth as she swallowed it all. Damm you had a lot of juice for me..Thank you and you taste great too. Your welcome and Thank you for that BJ.

Mark I am not done with you yet because I need to test ride that meat in all my wholes. Are you ok with that? Sure, you want me to fuck your ass too? O YES, I save the best for last but must be easy with that tool in my ass. She strokes my clock with her hand as I start to get hard again then sit down on me with her back against me. She guide my cock between her lips as it went in her slowly but very tight. Even tighter then Maria..O my God Mark you might be to big for my ass but I will try it still. She slowly moved up and down half of my shaft and she was wet for sure. She started breathing heavy but I was not fully in her yet. She can’t be cumming already I said in my head. O Mark..O Mark..Yes,Yes as she cums on my cock as I felt her white juices flow down on my cock. She got up and turned around to me as she looked at my hard cock covered with her cum. Wow…I want to taste myself as she went back to her knees then placed her mouth back over my cock. You look so hot sucking me Heather as she looks up at me. I love your cock and my cum…yummy she says as after she breaks away from my cock.

She told me to come her as I walked to a towel on the deck. She laid down on her back spread her legs and told me to fuck her slow and easy. Mark I couldn’t get all of you in me in that position because you are big for me. I kneed down and placed my head between her lips and pushed in slow. So I did as I was told because I wanted that contract. I felt her legs wrap around me and her gasp for air. O Mark…easy you are very big for me. Heather you wanted me so you are going to get me fully as I pushed more in her but not fully yet. I pulled back and pushed back down fully this time as I was thinking she was a virgin because I felt something pop inside her when I completely rested in her. She wrapped her legs and arms around me tightly and held me. O fuck Mark I never felt a better cock in my life and I love it. Fuck me harder now. I started pumping myself deep and hard in her as she was breathing so fast that I asked her if she was ok…Yes, don’t stop fucking me this way. She couldn’t hold it anymore..O Mark don’t stop I am cumming now…O..O..O…YES as I felt her body release her juices again on my cock. I was not ready yet…we stop as she kissed me and told me you did cum again? No, not yet. Don’t stop I want your cum deep in my pussy too. I grabbed her ankles from behind me and gave her nice long strokes as she was looking up at me half eyes open. She placed her hands on my chest rubbed me up and down. Is placed her legs on my shoulders and started to fuck her stronger and deeper. O Fuck Mark easy…Heather you will hurt a little but it will be worth it. I was pushing as much of me in her because I felt I was going to cum soon as my balls tighten up. O Yes Mark you are going to make me cum again..don’t stop..I am going to cum any minute too. O yes Mark cum in my wanted pussy that is your..cum Mark..cum in me. I felt her hands grab my ass pushing me deeper into her pussy as I release in her as she cums at the same time. O Mark that is wonderful as we cum the same time with her legs held up to the sky. I can feel your juices on me as I noticed tears in her eyes. Are you Ok? O yes, it was so great that I have never felt in my life. I feel like a different person with you. In my head I said “O shit” I don’t want her becoming a cling on with me because it’s a one time fuck. I told her do you need help up as I got up from her. No, give me a minute to recover from the best fuck of my life because I want more still. Yes, we are not done because I want your ass next. O Mercy please be nice to my ass. I will be nice, slow, deep, and fast to your ass Heather as I watched her rub her pussy on her back.

I walked over her as she sat up and started sucking my cock to get me fully hard again. I love how we taste together with our juices. Ok as I helped her up she moved over to a table and bend over it. Come over her and fuck my pussy a little more. I walked over and popped my cock back in her pussy as she fucked me this was for sometime. Heather you have a nice body and a sweet ass. Thank you can have it anytime you want it even if you do get married. I started to move myself against her ass holding her hips as she stayed bent over the table. Heather would say just O, O, every time I pumped myself fully into her hot wet pussy. I told her I was about to cum and asked her where do you want it? Full me up in my pussy again Mark..I want to feel cum flowing out of my ears. Just hearing her talk this way pushed to exploded my baby seed in her deep. I grabbed her hips and fucked her like crazy as she was about to cum again because I felt her tighten up again. O, O, O Mark don’t stop I am going cum again. I felt her release and I could stop myself as I shoot streams and streams on my seed in her. I pulled out and she turned around to kiss me deeply. After the kiss she told I have never been fucked so good by anyone specially my husband. He has not touched me almost 6 months. That is not right with a body like yours. I would fuck you every night (I said in my head Shut your mouth). Don’t tell me that Mark because I will kick him out tonight…as we both laugh. Let me work on that meat again so you can work on my ass. She went to her knees and sucked clean as I got harder. You have a good looking cock too. Thank you as I rubbed her nipples. I just got my tits done 1 yr ago thinking Mr Lopez would be home more for me.

She says I think he is ready as she reaches her table for KY and I moved to my knees to licked her pussy as I parted her checks as she stayed over the table. I rolled my tongue over her red puffy lips as I noticed some cum falling out. She was a little cum slut right now and I could have it anytime I want but I am not that guy. I looked at her asshole and had to do it as I rolled my tongue over her anus. O that again? I did it again..O Mark let’s get that meat in me now. You had this all planned out I see. She looks up at me that a problem? Nope. Does Mr Lopez fuck all your holes? No, he will not touch my ass even when I asked him in the early marriage as she rubs my cock with KY and her asshole. She bends back over her table as she grabs her ass cheeks to spread them wide. Be easy with me with that extra large meat. I rubbed my head against her anal heaven and slowly push my head in and stopped after I popped my head inside. I hear her say O Mercy. You ok? Yes, never better keep going. I pushed more of me in her as I see her grab the table cover. Stop she says. I waited for her body to adjust to my cock. I pulled back and forward a little more often now. O Yes, go slower Mark. You are hugh in my ass. Heather you wanted it right? Yes. So why don’t you just relax and accept my meat that you wanted…right? Yes, you are right but please be easy because I need to walk normal still. I started moving faster in her ass. O yes, go for it Mark you are right. I started to move deeper in her. As I looked at her ass when I popped myself back out. I could clearly see the hole as it slowly tried to close back up. I pushed myself back in her and her a louder moan…O Fuck. O yes, that is want I am going to do now as grabbed her hips to pickup speed in her ass. She was holding on for dear life as I started pumping her ass fully in her and I felt my balls tight up as the juices come up my cock. I popped inside her ass…streams and stream of my cum.

She thought I was I pulled out she was going to move as I pushed her back down on the table. I grabbed a towel on the table to wipe my cock clean. She said what are you doing? As I moved my semi hard cock back in her pussy…O yes again? Are you ok with me fucking your pussy again. O yes please do. I reached over her back and grabbed her nipples to pitch them. O your bad Mark but I like it. I started slamming myself in her wet pussy as I was watching my cock go back and forth in her I noticed her asshole was closed with very red skin. I noticed a hair brush on the table and asked Heather hand me that brush. What do you want with this brush? Don’t worry you will like it. I grabbed the brush and pulled my cock out of her. I pushed the handle into her pussy as I placed my cock back into her asshole. O FUCK…You like it..o yes I do. Fuck me harder…will do but you can fuck your pussy with your hand. She reaches between her legs for the brush and starts fucking herself. You like to be DP? Yes, but it never has happen until now. You should get an butt plug to get your ass ready if you every have anal sex again. Are you offering to be my first with the butt plug? No, but I guess I should make sure you are doing it correctly. Ok, I will buy one. I was getting close on cumming again so I pulled out of her ass and grabbed the towel to clean my dick. I placed my hand on hers with the brush and pulled it out. I told her to get on the towel doggystyle as I pushed my cock back in her pussy as she gasped for air. You like my cock? I love your cock. Which hole do you prefer my cock? Pussy, Pussy, Pussy. O Fuck! You are driving me crazy Mark. Remember who asked for it. Yes, I am a bad girl. I slapped her ass yes you are..ouch you need more? Yes, I am bad girl. So I started slapping her ass harder every time I had a second to slap fuck her. She told me I think I am going to cum again…cum on my dick. I grabbed the brush from the floor and placed it against her asshole then pushed it inside slowly. I slammed myself in her and held it deep. O Yes, do that again. I did again and she popped her juice but think time she squirted a little as I started slamming myself in her for my final fireworks inside her. I shot another load in her and I was empty now. Holly shit that was good Heather. You are the best Mark! Mark you made me cum 4 times and the last one was different. Yes, you squirted. Did I? Yes look at the towel under you. Wow it’s very wet. Let me see my friend as I stood up and she sucked me clean. Mark let me walk you to the door if I can…lol Is your ass sore? Yes, but it was worth it and my pussy lips are tingling still. Ok. I put my clothes back on as she waddled to the door nude. Mark I can promise you will get the contract and I would love to see you when you have sometime for me. Maybe…I will take that as a yes Mark. I don’t think I will every walk normal again and want my husband dick again. As she laughs. Ok, bye Heather..Bye Mark and Thank you.

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