Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal. Pt5



Maria experiences her first time squirt Marathon.

She turns around to face me I thought we were just going to sleep. Yes, I am trying to but you are keeping me up…really? Yes, your ass is keeping me up…as she smiled and reached down to grab me..o yes he is awake. Yes, but he needs to go to promised me remember…ok I did. She lays back down facing me and gives me a kiss on the lips. You are not going to get me started up so I am going to turn over. I turned over and before I knew it she had her left arm over me tight. We both fell asleep now.

I woke up to my alarm Wednesday morning and turned it off. Maria was in the shower already so I walked in to pee and brush my teeth. I decided to hop in the shower for a quick wake up shower and maybe something more as she had her head under the water washing the shampoo out. She has the prefect body with her silk skin, her smile, firm body, and boobs that I wanted to suck. I knew she felt me in the shower as I reached my mouth to her left nipples as she faced me coming away from the water.

O Mark that feels great..suck it, harder, and bite it too. I did as she told me and I loved the feeling of her nipple in my mouth. She reach down stroking me and I moved my head from her nipple to her lips as we kiss long and deep. I was hard as a bamboo stick and she broke the kiss. She walked me back to her shower bench as I sat down. She sat on my lap and guided my penis between her lips as she lowered herself down on me. She was moving slowly and not fully on me yet as I sucked her nipples. She was so wet inside that I felt her starting to cum already as she only rode my head for now. O yes Mark…you are already making me cum. She wrapped her arms around my neck and then she fully popping down on me. She came all over me and the shower floor. She squirted so much this time I was thinking she was peeing on me.

Baby are you going to cum soon? Not yet..good as she stands up and turns around to reverse cowgirl on me in the shower. She put me back in and it slide right inside very easy as expected. Baby, don’t forget…I know I can’t cum inside..yes, unless you want a baby in 9 months. Nope, not yet. Fuck me sexy…ride that dick. She was in heaven fucking as fast, slowly, short strokes, or deep strokes on my cock. She must have rode me for a good 10 mins and I told her to ride my head only. I pushed her back down so I could see my cock sliding in/out and see her little asshole. O baby that is it..O yes baby! I moved my right hand to her ass and rubbed her asshole with my finger. O Yes Baby…Put one in? I pushed 1 finger inside has ass and then she went completely down on my cock. She rested with both her hole taken for the first time and slowly started moving slowly on the full length of my cock. Baby I am getting close on cumming again so can you hold it a little longer? Cum again and I will push you off if I am going to cum. She started riding me faster as I moved my finger in her the best I could in this position. O Yes Mark…I am cumming…O Fuck…I felt her shake and pussy juices flowing on me again. I think I had 10 seconds after she came I pushed her off of me and I told her I am cumming. She turned around as fast as she could in her condition and placed her mouth down on my cock as I came on here face and mouth. I like your taste and I want you more and more each day. She stands up as I did the same and I kissed her long and deep with a hug. She broke the kiss to rise off my cum as she stood under the water as she grabs the body soap. I walked up behind her as I wrapped my arms around her as I pushed my semi hard cock against her ass cheeks. One day I would like to try that somewhere special but you will have to be easy with that size. I moved to her ear and told her I will do anything to keep you happy. That goes for me too sweetie. I kissed her cheek and slapped her ass I need to rise off and head off to work. I turned on the other shower head with soap in hand cleaning myself off quickly. I felt the slap on my ass with a low laugh wow your ass is firm. I had to do it. You like slapping my ass? Yes, but I love other things from your body as she reached around and grabbed my hard cock. Wow he is hard again. Does he need want more? As she turns my water off and turns around bending over a little. I love the invite as I slide myself into her pussy from behind…O yes from her. I held her hips and moved faster as soon as I was completely in her very wet pussy. I pumped myself fast, deep, and hard in her as she was trying to catch her breath and last as long as she could but that was not long enough for us both. She started to tighten if pussy muscles around my penis as she let go with a gasp on air O Baby…O Baby…O I am cumming again. I love your cock. I love your body as I pulled out of her she spin around and grab my cock into her mouth as played with my head as I watched her. I exploded in her mouth…O..yes..O yes…I moved my hand to her face rubbing her cheek softly that was the breath taking. Maria I can’t wait to be in Mexico with you. Me too baby. We both rises off again and exited the shower as I dried her off and she brushed her teeth again. I tabbed her ass as I exited to get dressed back in my suit to head home. Maria came out as I got my shirt on and gave me a quick kiss have a great day honey. You have a good one too. I already had a the best start. As I was putting on my shoes I noticed her body as she rubbed lotion on her skin…You are gorgeous. You need to stop talking like that before I jump your bones again and keep you here all day. Ok,I am leaving and I will call you later. Ok bye.

I headed home to change for work and got to the store around 9AM. It was a normal business day and gave Maria a call around 4PM and got her voicemail “call me when you are free”. I called Juan to see when he would like to meet on Friday. Hi Mark How are you doing? Good and you? Very well; so are you still open to meet on Friday? Yes, what time? 10AM and then we can go to lunch after the site visit. Sounds great so I will be bringing 4 employees with me. Ok, prefect anything that needs to be worked out Friday will be the time to say it. Agree! Take care and see you Friday. I headed to hit the gym after work because I have been missing it. I showed up at the gym as I noticed one of my old high school buddy’s John. He was a great guy and a electrician by trade. Ha John long time no see. Ha Mark how are you doing? Great but I miss the gym a couple days. How are you doing? Not bad got engaged last month. Congratulations! Thanks. Florida girl? No, French Canadian flight attendant. I happy for you and maybe one day I can meet her. That would be great. You seeing anyone? Yes, she lives on the beach. Not a far drive from here. I am meeting my future mother in law this Sunday for branch. Good luck! You still a electrician? Yes, why? Give me your phone number because I might need a electrician for a big job. Sure, here’s my number. I will know within 2 weeks so I will call you. Thanks and enjoy the weights. I started my workout and my cell vibrates as I look to see it’s Maria. I let it got to voicemail and texted her back a couple minutes later tell her I am working out and I will call you on the ride home.

As I finished up and was walking out the phone rang as it was Juan. Hi Juan. Hi Mark sorry I am calling you after work but can we change the visit to Thursday at 10AM? I have no problem but need to check with my other guys. Quick question do I need to provide the electrician or will your guy handle that part because I have a electrician if needed. I will find out and have that information for you on Thursday. Ok, have a good night. You too. I got in my call to drive home as I called Maria back. Hi Sweetie..Hi Sexy..How was your day baby? Crazy and I might have to take a trip next week. Where to? Rio, Brazil for a client that is having US and Brazil Government tax issues. Short trip I hope? Yes, I hope so because I hate leaving Marco with my mother all the time. I understand that because mother will never find a man with Marco all the time. Yes, that is so true…as with both LOL. If your mother or Marco needs anything please tell them to call me. Thank you sweetie but I think they are ok. Where are you now? I just departed the gym and heading home. I need to go to the gym myself and yoga. Your body is prefect! No, I still need to workout to keep up with you and I need to look good for the Luz’s wedding. You will be the best looking lady at the wedding in my eyes. You are so sweet and so full of it too. I think you are a 9.5. Wow 9.5 out of 10? Yes, because if I tell you are a 10 then you will not workout to keep that hot body. Ok, sweet talker. I guess you are not coming over tonight? No Maria, I think you need to spend some time with Marco plus I am going to be busy the next couple of weeks. Remember you are going to Mexico in 24 days. Yes, I need to check my schedule…You better not back out or I will make you pay…I bet you would tease the shit out of me. I will mark it on my schedule tomorrow morning. Ok, sweetie Goodnight. Sweet Dreams to you too and no wet ones. No promises because I will be dreaming of you. Stop it you are getting Jr happy. She Laugh at me to say I guess you come over so I can take care of him. I better go take a cold shower….you can do that here too. Bye Maria and I will call you tomorrow. Bye sweetie.

The next morning I was back to my normal schedule before I meet Maria. Went to the gym, shower, breakfast/Coffee, and off to work. When I got to the store I had a quick meet with my staff. I told them the dinner went really well and I am meeting again tomorrow’s on the site. Sadly it’s tomorrow so we need to do two days of pool service in 1 1/2 days because I need 4 of you to coming with me. Keith, Joe, Lou, and Beth tomorrow for a 10AM onsite visit. The next week I will take the others to the site because I need everyone working full blast on this job. I am hiring a couple more employees so if you know anyone that is responsible please tell me? I need everyone to give me 2 pools to service from each one of you for today before you go? Boss you are going to help us? Yes, we are team right? Yes, Boss. Everyone hit the service routes as I did the same. The day was coming to a close as I was heading back to the office I called Maria. Hi Mark. Sorry I can’t talk right now because I am heading to the courthouse. No problem call me later and good luck at court. Thanks I might need it. I wrapped up my day like normal and headed home when my cell rang. I was thinking it was Maria but another surprise when I picked up the call. Hello..Hi Mark…Hi may I ask who is this? Mrs Lopez or Heather how are you doing. I am doing fine so may I ask why the call? I wanted to see if you could check out my pool because the pump is making a loud sound. Sure, text me your address and I will send someone over tomorrow morning if that is Ok? Mark I would like you to come tomorrow only. Mrs Lopez I don’t want to sound out of place but I am coming tomorrow for your pool issue only. Yes, I understand and she ended the call.

I headed home to cook some food for my mom and me. I cooked some burgers and dogs on the grill. After dinner I took a shower and headed to my bed for a good night sleep but I needed to talk to Maria. It was 8PM when I called her and Marco picked up. Hi Mark, Hi Marco how are you? Good just about to go to bed. Are you coming over? No, buddy I am at my home tonight. Where is your mother? Mommy Mark is on the phone. Hi Sweetie Give me 3 mins to get Marco in bed..sure. I am back sweetie. How was your day? It was good. How was your day in court? It was no fun because I will need to fly to Brazil on Monday. How long will you be in Brazil? 4 days. Do you need me to do anything when you are gone? Nope, my mother will take care of Marco. Would you like me to drop you off and pick you up? You don’t have to but I would love to see you before I leave and arrive back. Ok, it’s a deal. She tells me let me get a glass of water and move to my bedroom. You getting me a glass I wish I was bringing you a glass in my bed. Me too, because I would love to see what you are wearing. I have a black nightgown on. Do you think that will get me over at your place right now? I hope so because I would love another good fuck. Don’t do this to me baby because I am already in my bad in my boxers. Will you call me when you are in Brazil? Yes, but the time change is like 10 or 12hrs I think. I will take your call at anytime you call me. Sweetie you talk like that I might drive to you. Maria I think we better stop talking sexy because neither of us can get the real thing. True…because I am already feeling wet. Don’t you use any toys tonight. I can’t promise I will not because I want you so badly. I will see you Friday night and go shopping Saturday. But it’s Wed night so I will not see you tomorrow night? Sadly no because I have a meeting with Juan, Mr Salvia, Mr Lopez Friday morning about the development. Tomorrow afternoon I am meeting my lawyer on the contract. Mark if you want my firm to review it I can arrange it. It’s real estate not International law. Yes, but my firm handles all kinds of contracts, lawsuits, criminal, and real estate. WOW..I didn’t think your firm did it all. Sure, an extra pair eyes would be great if you can help me? Sure, I will do anything for you sweetie but it will cost you. You going to take it out in trade on me? YES! Ok, I will call you tomorrow and sweet dreams sexy. Goodnight baby..sweet dreams and no wet ones….O you are going to use my line now?..Yes, as we both laugh. Goodnight as we both hang up.

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