Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal Pt 4



Maria learns my business more and I meet Rosa.

Well maybe we can stop in a sex store this weekend. Really? Why not…I have never been in one. Wait a minute you don’t have any toys? I didn’t say I didn’t have toys just never been in a sexy store. So may I ask what do you have? I have 3 toys. Maybe the net time you can show me…you want to see them now? No, next time let’s get some sleep. Ok, goodnight baby…goodnight my Portuguese queen as she squeezed my arms.

I woke up alone in bed as I heard the shower running with door closed. I walked into the bathroom to take a piss and brush my teeth. Maria heard me come in and said Good morning sweetie did I wake you? No, I need to get up and roll into office because I will have a busy day. I opened the shower door to tell her I need to run now because it’s already 7:45AM plus the dinner with the client tonight. Please text or call me when you find out if you can come tonight? I will text you after I take Marco to my mothers this morning. Have a great day sweetie as she gave me a kiss. I closed the the door and headed to the store. It was 8:15 when I got a text her her saying yes I am good for dinner so call me when you are free before 12N because I will heading to the courthouse for 1PM. I called back before I headed out to visit some customers…Hello sexy as she picked up the call..Hi baby so do you want me to drive to the restaurant and meet you? That would be great if you don’t mind because I would need to leave the store early to get you. No problem I will gladly drive and meet you…what time? I need to reconfirm the time and address so I will text that information as soon as I get it. No commando as I laugh. No, I only do that for you sweetie. I also need to book the tickets to Mexico tonight because you prevented me from it last night. Ok, I will call you later and have a good day at court. Thank you. I told the staff that I need everyone back in the store by 4PM today because I have some business news to tell you. I text Juan about the dinner tonight telling him I will bring a guest. What restaurant and time do I need to be their? I went off to do my job on getting some new customers and everything went prefect. I got a text back 7PM at Joe’s. I laughed in my head and can’t wait to tell Maria. I texted Maria 7PM at Joe’s the same place last night…lol She texted me back..I am never leaving you if you are going to treat me this way sweetie. I will see you at 7PM. My day was flying and I was back in the store wrapping up the paperwork.

It was 4PM so it was meeting time with my 8 employees and give them some great news on the New Home Development bid. I know some of you have been with me from the start and has seen this store grow. Well it’s going to triple by the new of the year because I won a bid on a new home development project in the Doral area that’s building 300 new homes and most will want a pool. The look of my staff faces were priceless as I heard one say O shit. I have a dinner tonight with the ownership so I should have more information for you all tomorrow. Also I will have a special news after the contract is signed too. Congratulations boss! No, Congratulations yet until the contract is signed. I need to head home to get ready as it was almost 5PM now. Kim asked me are you going solo or have a date? I have someone. You go boss from Steve…as I laughed walking out the door. I got home showered, shaved, and got my suit on as my mom came home from her job. Wow..where are we going in a suit? So I told my mom about the big deal as she was glowing for me. I am so happy for you and I wish you the best. I know mom. Thanks!

I headed out at 6:15PM to Joe’s. I got to Joe’s valet parking like last night and the same guy looks at where her last night? Yes..where is the pretty lady? She is coming shortly so her is $40 so don’t take her money ok? Ok, thank you sir and will take care of her. I walked in 10 mins before 7PM as I saw Juan at the bar one of the foreman on the site as we shake hands wear is your date? She is coming from her office. Good, let me introduce you to the owners. Mr. Silva (mid 50’s) here is Mark..Hi Mark nice to meeting and can’t wait to talk with you about the project. It exciting to be part of your project and look forward in working with your team. I like the way you think about business. How long have you been in the business Mark? I have been in the business since I was 12 yrs old..really? Yes, sir I worked for the original owner in the summer full time and when in school I worked only Sat for him. He was a great owner and I learned a lot from him in this industry before I felt Maria hand on my back. I turned around to see her standing next to me looking stunning as usual. Who is this pretty lady Mr Silva ask? My I introduce you to my lady Maria as she shakes his hand…Hi Maria nice to meet you…It’s nice to meet you too. Would you like a drink? Sure, wine is fine..Mr Silva red or white? Surprise me…I like her Mark you lucky guy. I put my arm around her waist and gave her a little kiss as I told her you look beautiful again…you keep this up I will never leave you. That is my goal. She was wearing a black business suit and her body was eye catching in it. It’s working so far sexy as we smile together.

Mr Silva comes back with Maria’s wine and his wife Lisa that was about 20 yrs younger then Mr Silva as he introduce her to us. She was pretty around Maria’s age but I will take Maria hands down because I love her. O shit did I just say that in my head..o fuck! Mr Salvia waves over another man that I found out was Mr Lopez (50’s) another owner and his wife Heather (mid 30’s) age very pretty lady with class. Nice to meet you both as I also introduce Maria with them too. The hostess came over to tell Mr Silva that the table is ready when you are ready. Mr Silva says ok everyone get another drink and go to the table when you are ready. Maria tells me can you hold my wine as I go to the bathroom. Sure and then Heather told Maria I am coming with you. Juan walks over I think Mr Silva likes you specially using the word “Team”. He always tells us to work as a team and not solo on projects. I looked at him did you come alone? Yes, my wife is home with the baby. Boy or Girl? Boy..congratulations! Thank you as the ladies come back to us. I handed Maria her wine as she wrapped her arm under my arm as we walked to the table. Heather says Wow he can’t wait for me to return from the bathroom. I told Maria I don’t think she is happy with her man…yes, she is not as I heard in in the bathroom. Tell me later..ok. Juan said my I take you to the table Mrs Lopez now that is a gentleman. Thank you Juan.

We all sat down as I pushed in Maria’s chair then I sat down between Juan & Maria. I was cross the table from Mrs Lopez and as Maria was across from Mr Lopez. As the waitress came over to take all the orders. We started with many appetizers and salads with small talk. Mr Silva ask Maria what do you do for a living? International Lawyer. I knew I saw you somewhere before last week I was filing paperwork for another development at the clerks office at the courthouse. Wow…Pretty and smart as he looks at me. Do you have a business card because maybe I can get you some business. Sure, here you go. He looks at it Partner of the firm too? Yes, just this year. Congratulations! Thank you. I look at her with big eyes to say I didn’t know that. We can talk later sweetie as she grabbed my left knee. Ok, you surprise me all the time as I place my hand on her right thigh. She moved her left hand on top of my hand rubbing it between my fingers. The plates arrived as my seafood scallops sat in front of me and Maria had Mahi-Mahi special that looked very good too. We talked a little about the development and the main timeline for the project to be completed. I believe that timeline is reasonable for the pool construction to be completed. Do you know how many pools will need to be built or will I work directly with the home owner? The only reason you will work with the home owner directly is if they want a customize pool. I want to sale each house with a pool specially in Florida. That is great news and a lot of work for everyone but we can do as a team. Mr Salvia smiled I couldn’t have said it better myself as he looks over to Mr Lopez. Mr Lopez ask me do you think each house can have a pool within 3 weeks after the house is constructed? Yes, I feel it can be done as long we don’t have any ground issues. Mr Silva said you need a house because we could make a deal? Thank you but not yet as I look to Maria. Waitress comes are to remove the plates and asked if anyone would like dessert or drinks? Maria said no thank you I am full and I said the same reply. She leans over to tell me that she can eat anything more. Really I was going to offer you some candy. She looked at me wide eyes really you coming over? No, baby you are full…as she tells you are teasing me. Maybe…payback. No, let’s take a break tonight ok? Yes, that is fine.

It was 8:45PM when all departed the table and Mr Lopez, Mr Silva, and Juan called me over as I walked over alone. Why don’t you come out Friday to see the development with some of your team? Yes, I think that would be a good idea plus you can have your attorney send over the contract so we have no delays. Mr Silva looks to Mr Lopez I really like this guy all business and wants no delays. Mr Lopez says music to my ears as we all laugh. Juan I will call you tomorrow to reconfirm the best time for Friday. Ok, sounds good. Nice meeting you all and thank you for the great dinner. Maria was talking to the wives as I came up behind her as I told the ladies it was nice to meet you and I hope to see you again. Maria said goodbye to the men as we walked out to the cars. Maria asked me if I was going home? Yes, we both should have a good night sleep. I agree Mark. I asked her we are still on for the weekend shopping..o yes and I will call you in an hour to talk about the flights to Mexico. O ya…ok, call me in hour. You are not buying my ticket as she give me a smile. Bye sweetie as she gives me a quick kiss and sits in her car. I walk to my car as I planned on driving home. My cell phone rang “Maria” Hi..miss me already. Yes, I miss you a lot can you come over for 1 hr. Ok, 1 hour not overnighting. Thank you. I was just about to drive away when the valet guy knocked my my window the I rolled it down. Sir, one of the ladies told me to give you this. Paper Napkin. Which lady? Mrs Lopez ok thank you. I looked at the napkin with a phone number and asking me to call her tomorrow.

I drove to Maria’s condo that was 15 minutes away from Joe’s. I got to the security gate as the man told me you are ok to park in the garage as he opens the gate. I parked my car next to her like last night. Got the elevator to her floor and knocked on the door as I got a surprise Maria’s mom opened the door. WOW.. She was about 5’8, short black hair, brown eyes, and nice firm set up front maybe 36C. You must be Mark. Yes, hi. I am Maria’s mother Rose..nice to meet you but I wish it was not this late. Come in. So I heard you had a great dinner last night at Joe’s. I have never been their myself but I heard the food is great. Yes, it’s very good maybe we could have Sunday brunch at Joe’s. Are you asking me out? No, maybe we all can go out together. I know I am just joking with you and you should have seen your face…LOL If you did ask me out before you met Maria I would have accepted. O boy in my head. Maria comes out to save me now. Hi Mark I didn’t know you would get here so quick. Honey I will talk to you in the morning and Mark is taking us to Joe’s on Sunday for Brunch. Mom really already hitting on my man. Rosa leaves as she said bye to me with the normal European kiss on both sides of face as she reached my butt with a little squeeze on my left cheek. Maria tells I didn’t think you would be here that fast but I am glad you are. Marco comes out Ha buddy how are you doing? Good but sleepy. Let me tuck you in bed so you can go to sleep honey. Did you brush your teeth? Yes, mom. Goodnight Marco I said. Went to the kitchen for a glass of water as I waited for Her to return. She walked in the kitchen as I told her that I needed water. Do you want a glass of water? No thank you. My casa your casa sweetie as she moved her arms around my neck to kiss me. It was a nice smooth soft kiss. You are right about your mother she is a hot lady so I understand the apple don’t fall far from the tree. You think she is a pretty lady? Yes, very good looking lady for age. How old is she? She is 52. Damm..she looks great I was thinking mid 40’s. As she changed the subject Thank you for inviting me and I think they all liked you but not as much as I do. Yes, it went very well I think and thank you for being my date. I will be your date anytime sweetheart. So what was the deal with Mrs Lopez in the bathroom? O boy, we got in the bathroom alone with her and she was talking about how lucky I was to have you as my boyfriend. Her husband is all the time working and when she come to the business dinners he forgets about me talking to everyone. What makes her mad mostly is it’s her company not his. WOW..I did know that. O so that is why she made that comment about Mr Lopez. Yes, but I have to agree with her on one thing. What? I do have good looking boyfriend. Well I can say I have a great looking girlfriend as I give her a quick kiss.

Let’s book the airline tickets I say. She gets her laptop as we sit on the coach with my water in hand. She goes to her company website to book the flights. She does a search and ask me do you want to go down early before the wedding for a day or two? Wedding is on Saturday at 3PM so I was not sure if you wanted to fly down on Thursday or Friday. Who is going to watch Marco? My mother is going to watch him plus they might go to your parents house to swim on Sat or Sun. Cool they like Marco. Yes, they are great with him. I am sorry you met my mom tonight like that earlier. It’s ok, and you are correct she is attractive lady so you have good blood line. She is a strong lady and I couldn’t do this move without her for this job. I wish my mother could find a companion because I have never seen her with a man. Well I don’t think she would have a problem if we get her out. You have any older friends? Not that I can think of right now. Ok, back to the flight Thursday afternoon work for you to morning? Shit morning so we have 2 full days in Mexico together. You just made me so happy that you said the morning flight because I wanted the 9AM departure time. We can the 12N return flight on Sunday. Is that ok? Sounds good to me. Ok, I am buying the tickets because you are my date to the wedding and I don’t want to her it. I watched her booking and what is your full name on your passport? I told her Mark James Smith. I like your name James..thank you. She went to the purchase screen and I noticed the price $3K. Maria let me pay for my ticket and that is coach class. She looked at me with a smile no honey First class. I am fine traveling coach if you are ok. Mark we will travel First Class and it’s on me. Well I guess you are going to take it out of me with trade in Mexico. O yes, so I would take your vitamins. I don’t need vitamins for energy because your touch gives me energy. Damm you are good with the words to make me jump you as she gives me a kiss on the lips. Tickets purchased we are going to Mexico! Ok, so I am buying you bikinis and other stuff for the trip because you purchased the tickets. O no you are not getting out of the trade deal in Mexico…lol. OK. Baby I need to head home it’s almost 10pm. Ok, you don’t want to spend the night? I would love to but I don’t think we will be sleeping until midnight. I promise just sleeping? Promise? Yes, ok but I need to leave around 7AM so I will set an alarm on my phone. Ok, as she smiles like a little girl getting her way. So we walk to her bedroom and I started ‘to undress. I laid my clothes on her chair near the slider and I went to the bathroom to brush my teeth. She’s stands in the bathroom with nothing on “Damm she gorgeous”. You should leave some extra clothes here so if you stay you have new clothes to wear. Ok, I will bring some over this weekend. I finished brushing my teeth as I watch her tie the hair together. I got on the bed with my boxers only and Maria walked to the bed with just her panties. She got under the sheets and said it’s very cool in this room as she moved closer to my body. I moved my arms around her feeling her tits and stomach. Some reason my penis has its own mind as I was resting against her ass. That is must better now she says with her hands on my arms. I kissed the back of the head sweet dreams. I am so blessed to meet you. I replied…I know and I felt her elbow to my ribs. So I tit twisted her right nipple a little..ouch. She turns around to face me I thought we were just going to sleep. Yes, I am trying to but you are keeping me up…really? Yes, your ass is keeping me up…as she smiled and reached down to grab me..o yes he is awake. Yes, but he needs to go to promised me remember…ok I did. She lays back down facing me and gives me a kiss on the lips. You are not going to get me started up so I am going to turn over. I turned over and before I knew it she had her left arm over me as

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