Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal. Pt3



Maria builds her sexual relationship more with Mark.

I could have you everyday but I would overdose on sex with the Candy man with a smile. She turned over to see her clock and it was always 11PM . We better get some sleep..agreed. So I moved my arms around her holding her back against me. Maria sweet dreams and no wet she slapped my hand holding her. I kiss her on the back of head and she squeezed my hands tight as I know she was feeling me against her body..specially her ass. Thank you for a great weekend Mark.

I woke up with my arms still around Maria and I had to hit the bathroom for a quick leak without waking her up. I removed my top arm and still needed to move my left arm from underneath her body. I slowly started pulled my arm from her and she woke up as she moved over to face me. Where are you going? Bathroom…ok. I went to the bathroom to quick pee and washed my hands as I headed back to bed. I rolled back in bed with my back toward her and looked at the clock 4:30AM. I was feeling her move closer to me as I felt her arm move over my stomach. We both fell back to sleep until she woke up again around 6AM when I felt her hand rubbing my penis. Then she surprised me when the feeling of her lips around my penis as I was slowly waking up the best way a man to be woken. I was on my back as she was making me harder.. I laid my left hand on her back rubbing that smooth silky skin. She stopped moving her mouth over me and then sat up as she lifted her leg over my body so she was straddled over my hips. She moved up to slide my hard cock between her pussy lips as she lowered herself on me slowly. She felt so wet around on my cock as I placed my hands on her hips as she slowly ride my very hard cock. I was thrusting up as she came down as we both gasp with a awesome feeling as we fucked. She told me to relax and tell me when you are going to cum. Ok…fuck me sexy…ride that candy bar and make that white chocolate flow. She pickup the speed up with thrusting her pussy lips up & down over my head. That feels so good baby keep doing that…as I hear her O Baby I am cumming as she shakes on my cock then I felt a tideawave on juices flowing over my cock. That was pushing me now as I told her I was about to pop as she hopped off me and moved her mouth onto to my wet hard cock. I thought that was so fucking hot that I popped right then looking at her suck me off and swallowing everything again out of me then rested her head on my stomach as I rested my head on the pillow drained. That was incredible baby! What a way to wake up…thank you. I think it’s the perfect way to start my man’s day off right…Do you agree? O yes can’t think of a better way. Best damm alarm clock that I could wake up too.. As she rubs my soft cock now. I think he likes you. I am glad someone loves me…come her baby as she moves up to my face. My penis loves you like your pussy loves him…right? Yes, so let’s take it slow with the Love word because it has a lot of meaning to me as I guess you too. Maria looks me in the eyes to tell me you are so right that it makes me like you more. I kissed her nice and easy on the lips with a hug. I moved my hands down to grab that sweet Portugal firm ass. I think you are an ass man because you love grabbing my butt. Remember I am a HTT man as she smile at me.

She tells me I am going to shower as she rolls off of me and the bed. I told her you have 10 minutes then I am coming in for another round in the shower. She said make it 8 minutes because I want more time with you candy man. After a good 6-7 minutes I walked to the bathroom and had to brush my teeth and pee before walking in the shower. I open the shower door as I noticed her running the water over her body facing me. You look beautiful under the water and she moved her head out to wipe the water away from her eyes. You make me feel beautiful and I hope you continue to think that about me. As she steps to the side and waves me to come under the water then she turning on anther shower nozzle on as water started to fall from the ceiling. Never noticed the shower head in the ceiling because the ceiling is about 9-10 feet high. I washed my body and hair quickly because I wanted her again. After I was done I turned off my shower head and just had the ceiling on. We made out under the water for sometime then told her to turn around as she had a big smile on her face. What could you do to me turned around…wait and feel I said with a smile back. She gladly turned around to the wall as I placed my right hand between her legs as I rubbed her pussy. O yes..I was hoping you would have my pussy in some more before going to work but I hope you have more then a hand for me. My cock was hard as a rock as I used my left thumb to play with her asshole. O you are being a bad boy…not that hole yet sweetie. She sounds like she is up for it down the road…sweet. I removed my thumb from her ass and grabbed my hard cock to meet her lips then push myself between them…Oh my that feels good baby…please go slow. She felt tighter from behind for some reason but it might be the angle. She placed bath hands on the wall and I started pumping in her faster and deeper as she mouned with pleasure. O Baby…keep do it baby because I am about to cum…so that only pushed me to fuck her harder as I grabbed her hips tighter. Thrusting in & out like a jackhammer and I felt tightness as another tideawave over my cock and on my legs with warmer water. Wow…in my head she is a squirter. I told her I am about to pop as I pulled out and she fell to her knees facing me. Baby cum on me..give me your chocolate. As she was talking dirty..Give it to me, Shoot your load on me and in my mouth as she opens it wide. I stroked myself as my cum shot, shot, after shot on her tits, neck, hair, and face. O yes…as I pushed my face under the water. I felt her mouth come over my cock and suck me clean. I looked back to her as she started to stand up and pulled her to me as we kissed deeply with passion. I was thinking it’s only been 2 days and this girl is working me over good. She went back under the water to rise my cum off her body and clean her hair again. I gave her another quick kiss and told her I will get ready in your room. Ok sweetie. I got dressed and waited in the kitchen as I made coffee for us and Marco some cereal with a side of OJ. Maria came out surprised to see that I made everything for Marco and made her coffee. She came over to me with a quick kiss and thank you for helping. I was GuGu Gaga as I looked at her in a black leather skirt, white top, with a matching leather business jacket as she noticed by my eyes. You like? Yes, you can put on anything in my eyes and you look great.

It’s was 7:30am when Maria said we better get moving to get your car as we headed to the door. Maria spoke Portuguese to her son and he gave her a kiss goodbye as she headed to the door. I will meet you at the elevator because I need to tell my mother I am leaving now. I saw her knock on the door and then speak to her mother as she walked toward me. I pushed the elevator button as the doors opened and I walked inside holding the doors for her to enter. Before I knew it we were at the parking lot level as we walked to the car I heard her say “Merda” forgot my briefcase. I will be right back after she opened the car and tossed her purse in the car. She headed back to the elevator as I sat in her sweet car. I waited 10 minutes then she got back to the car and another surprise came my way. I have an idea if it sounds good with you…What? Why don’t you drive me to work and you take my car to your store. Come back to pick me up after you close the store then we can go pick up you car tonight. Maybe spend the night again. I don’t close up until 5pm and would get you around 6:30 because of the traffic. I am fine with that if you are ok with it. As she kissed me on the lips and said so? Ok, show me your office. Good to hear you like my offer. I drove her to the office and I told her I will call you when I am heading to pick you up. Ok, sweetie. Thank you for everything this weekend and you have a great day. Got a kiss goodbye and told her have a good one too. I hope tonight too as she closed the door.

I drove to the store and when I got their one of my employees saw me getting out on the New BMW sedan. New wheels boss? Yes & No, it’s my girlfriend’s car. What the fuck did I just say…If your girlfriend looks as good as that car I would keep her. Thanks! I walked into the store as usual and reviewed the day schedule with my staff. I passed out the routes for each employee and told them I was leaving at 4PM so if you need me for any issue please contact me before. We all hit the routes by 9am as I got in my company truck to visit a new pool construction customer. I wanted to landed this $80K new construction for 4 week job. After marking the yard with all the measurement and estimated pipe lines with dig area. I gave the customer the timeline and estimated cost with a 90 day pool service after completion. She told how much do you need for the down payment and when can you start? I only need 10% and can start next Monday if that works for you? Yes, that sounds fair and good with me so let me get you a $8K check. I have the contract write up and the timeline schedule for you to review so only a signature is needed. After I departed the customer I felt great so I text Maria call me when you are free? I was driving back to the store when my cell went off as I looked at it “Maria” as I accept the call on speaker. Hello sexy…Hi baby How is your day going? Great and better now that I am speaking with you. How are you doing? Good and I hope to feel great better later with you later. I have a question for you.. Do you want to go out to dinner tonight if you can get your mother to watch Marco? Let me check with her but I don’t think it will be a problem. I will text you shortly. Ok, what kind of food would you like? Seafood is my favorite if you are asking…Great and I will wait for your text. Calling her now baby…I need to run to court now bye. I walked into the store and Jackie that works the store said I was going to call you because Joe needs you at the Smith’s house asap. Ok, what is the problem sink hole was all he told me. O shit! As I was about to walk out I asked Jackie if she could call the Joe’s seafood restaurant on the beach to see if we can get a 7PM table for 2? Wow..who is the lucky lady? Tell you later.

I got to the Smith’s house and noticed the sick hole was in the deep in of the pool. The biggest problem was the Rock waterfall that was leaning toward the stone slide. I made a call to my pool builder Pat to see if he could come out and fix the sinkhole and secure the Rock waterfall is safe. Hi Mark Hi Pat..I need you to stop over at customers pool ASAP “Sinkhole” to save this pool. No problem I could be their within the hour with my trucks. Thanks and call me if you need anything from me. I went back to the store for lunch before heading for the second round bid for a new 300 home development that wanted some personal pools and a Community pool. I told Jackie that I was heading home after the bid and if anyone needs me call my cell. I spoke with the home development forman Juan about the second round bid and where I stand in the bid? Mark I can’t tell you other then you are in the running within the top 2. I need each pool constructed within 3 weeks and if you can do that I will push you as the winner but it’s not my decision. Give me 15 minutes for the answer…sure. I stepped away to make a phone call. Hi Pat…Ha Mark I am at the Smith’s house and fixing it. Good news, well we could be a lock if we can guarantee each pool can be completed within 3 weeks on the new 300 home development. Wow…they are pushing the timeline and I will need to hire about 20 new employees. It will be a deal if we can do each standard pool within 3 weeks. Shit..let’s do it Mark and let’s have lunch next week to go over everything that we both will need. Great idea and I will call you with a time by this Friday. Take care Pat. I called Juan back we can do each standard pool within 3 weeks as long as we get a timeline for each house build. I can do that plus we like to have everything laid out for all the contractors on the site. Great to hear that when will it be finalized? I have a dinner tonight with them so I will call you tomorrow. Sounds good to me and if anything comes up please feel free to call me. Have a good day Mark…you too. I got back to the store and looked at my phone no text…shit. As I was doing paperwork I would look at my phone for a text as Jackie noticed…wow..she must be important to you as much as you looking at your phone. Also you have a table for 7PM and if she can’t make it I will gladly go in her place. I laughed and said thanks but she will text me soon. She might be in court. A lawyer? Yes. Where does she live…may I ask? Condo on the Beach. Good for you Mark and I hope it works out for you because I know your mother wants grandkids…as we both laughed out loud. Got a text…sorry baby for the delay and yes dinner is a go. Call me when you are heading to my office? Ok will do.

I headed home to shower, shave, and getting ready for a great date with the sexiest girl I have ever been with. As I was getting ready my mom came home and said I guess you had a good night with a new car too. I understand your business is doing well but don’t go crazy spending money. I laughed mom it’s not my car it’s Maria’s car that I am dating. Where did you meet her? Yes, is Rebecca Goddaughter…O shit! You can’t find someone that is not related to the family some way. Mom she is a very nice lady and she has a great career. Where does she live and do. Maria has a condo on the beach and is a International Lawyer. Wow..nice pick up but…what? She is connected to the family already and if you screw up with her your Dad will have to deal with it..that’s all. Dad and Larry already told me the same story so don’t worry about it. Ok, do me a favor..What? Call me when you are planning to overnight somewhere so I don’t worry about you. Ok, sorry I will advise you in the future. Thank you. I went back to finish up getting ready for the date and got some extra clothing for tomorrow. Mom..I am leaving now and might not be home tonight. Ok, be careful and don’t drink & drive.

I headed to Maria’s office and when I was 5 minutes out I called her. Hi Mark..Hi..I will be at your office in 5 minutes is that ok? Yes, I will meet you at the outside the front doors. Where are we going for dinner? It’s a surprise. Ok, so we are going to play this game…Maybe as I laugh. I was right at the corner block to her office sitting at the red light as I noticed Maria standing outside talking to the valet man. Damm she looked sexy as hell waiting for me as the light turns green and I headed to the office curbside. The valet man opened her car door for her as she sat in the passenger seat and door was closed. I leaned over and gave her a kiss then told her she looks stunning. Thank you baby so where are we going for dinner? A seafood restaurant on the beach…”Joe’s”? are a good lawyer as you got the information out of me so fast…as she smiled at me. I drive to the restaurant valet space as I put the car in park. I got out of the car and walked over to Maria’s door as the valet guy opens her door as she stepped out. I gave the valet $20 and reached for her hand as we walked into the restaurant. I did noticed the valet guy dropped his jaw when she was swinging her legs out of the car too. It made me feel real good to know I was walking into this restaurant with best looking woman in the world. The restaurant hostess walked us to a table for two next to the water view. After I pushed Maria’s chair in and went to my seat she reached over to grab my hand. You are so wonderful to me taking me to Joe’s and I have always wanted to eat here. I am glad you like it and I want to tell you I have not felt so good with anyone in life in such a short time. Plus I also might have some great news tomorrow for my company. What is it? I might have 300 new pools to build for a new housing development. That is great news and I hope you get it. Thank you and me too but let’s enjoy each other with a great dinner. The waiter came over to us to introduce herself “Heather” and asked what we would like to drink. Maria looks at me wine or martinis? You pick…ok wine it is but we you pick it Heather based on our food order. Heather says like me tell you about the specials: Chilean Sea Bass, Stuffed Lobster with Stone crab, and 2lbs of Stone Crab. Maria says I will take the Stone crab special and I tell Heather Sea Bass for me. Would you like any appetizers Maria says I am ok just a salad with French dressing and you Sir? I will take one to with Italian. So please tell me more about yourself and future goals? Ok, but you first…deal. Maria starts off that she was born in Lisbon, Portugal and lived in Portugal for 22yrs then moved to London for my International Law Degree for 4 yrs. I went back to Portugal and got an offer to move to Miami for my job now. Personally I think it’s turning into my second best thing in my life time pending…as she smiles at me. Marco is number 1 in my list. I hope to make the best life here for Marco and I. So tell me about you as the wine & salads come to the table. Well I was born in Miami and grew up in the same house still. I played a lot of High School sports and was offered a college scholarship for football. I was working in the pool business at a young age and purchased the business just 2 yrs ago. I have 3 older brothers: 1 in Europe and 2 in Florida. My parents divorce when I was 10 and it was ugly part of my life. Maria tells me divorce can be tough for young kids and the parents. Yes..I agree. My future goals is to have a successful business, buy a big house on the water with a pool, big boat parked in my backyard, hottest wife, kids, happy family, and most of all healthy family. I like your future so you wanted to get married and have kids? Yes, one day with the right lady. Do you know of anyone? Maybe I might know someone for you as we both smiled at each other. How was your day in court? It was a normal day except I was thinking about you and our weekend. I was thinking about you in my free time and questioning myself if I am falling for you. I can understand your feelings because I was having the same issue about you too. Mark you make me feel so good when I think of you and specially when I am with you in person. Specially right now! That is good to hear that we both have the same feelings as I place my hand on her hand. I think you are a special lady in my eyes and I want to see where it takes us if you are ok with it? As I was saying the words looking into her eyes getting watery. She tells me yes I would like to see where it takes us too. She leans over the table to kiss me. Heather comes back to take away the salads and the entrées came right behind her. We ate the food with small talk and many smiles at each other. We completed the meals and Heather asked us if we would like dessert. Maria said no thank you and I will have some at home later as she looks at me with a sexy smile. I replied nothing for me and I gave her my credit card. Maria asked me if I wanted any money…no I invited you to dinner plus maybe you can give it in trade. I will sweetie! I guess then you will have a million dollar credit after you are done with me with a smile . You think I am that good? Yes, the best! Thank you and I think you are the best too. Let go get my car so I can get you home to Marco. We will have to stop in for a quick 5 mins at my Dad’s. Heather came back with the bill and asked me for my valet ticket so the car will be ready for us outside. Thank you Heather as I gave her $80 tip and told her thank you for the great food and service. As I stood up to walk over to Maria to pull her chair out and held her hand to the car. The passenger door was open as I walked her to it and I walked to the drive side. I handed the valet $20 Thank you Sir.

I drove to my Dad’s as we talked about the dinner, service, and the view. She looked at me and said I was just invited to something and was not sure you would like to be my date..sure, what and when? It’s a coworker wedding next month and I need to send the invite back by Friday if I will attend with a guest. I know it’s a little early to invite you to a wedding since we just met this past weekend but I don’t want to go alone. Yes, I would love to go with you but it’s not going to be a double wedding right….lol not planning it to be she replied. Ok, deal. Great to hear you will be my date so I will buy the tickets tonight. Where is the wedding at? Some resort in Mexico and do you have a passport? Yes. Let’s go shopping this weekend if you would like to go? I said maybe in sarcastic way as she slapped my right leg. What am I going to get out of the shopping? Ok, I will buy you a suit…no need I have two already. Well you will have 3 this weekend…ok sexy. We arrived at my parents and made is pain free with a quick hi and bye as we headed to the condo as I followed her in my car.

My cell phone rang Hello…it was the Foreman Juan for the new home development Mark I could wait until tomorrow to tell you that you won the bid. You are not playing with me? No, I spoke with the owners just now at dinner and it can be a done deal by this Friday. I will email you the contract for your lawyer to review and the ownership would like to meet you if you are open tomorrow night. Sure, I can make it. You can bring a guest because the owners wives will be their too. Ok, I will see if my lady can make it and I will text you tomorrow morning if I will have a date. Congratulations Mark! Thank you for all your help and look forward in working with you on this project. I hung up the call and as I was putting it down Maria calls me..As I answered 900 Sex Line..she laughed can I have a hot man delivered to my bedroom for a night cap. Sure I can arrange that guy. She said follow me into the garage. Ok. I parked in the spot with her condo number next to her car as we both got out out of our cars. I grab my bag as she reached out to hold my hand to the elevator. I like this kind of arrangement because you have a parking spot for me next you. Yes, I pay for two spots because it’s a 3 bedroom condominium and could have 3 if needed plus I have a boat slot. You have a boat slot? Yes, they tell me I can park a boat 50 feet long. That would be nice to have. Yes, I would love to own a boat but I don’t know much about them. Maybe one day we could have one. I would like that as the elevator doors open at her floor then she opens the door to the condo.

We walk into her condo to drop her purse and the 2 other bags then she walks over to me as she places a soft kiss on my lips to tell me she is going to get Marco. Do you want me to come with you? No, it will be quicker if I go alone as she gives me a smile. Ok, I will be on the couch waiting for you both to return. About 5 minutes later Marco came in the door and said hi mommy wants me in the shower. Ok buddy. Maria walked back in went to Marco’s room to make sure he was in the shower. She came back to me as she pulled up her leather skirt up a little and saddled my waist. I noticed she had nothing on under the skirt. Did you go commando today? She laughed NO… I removed them when you came to pick me up. Ok, move my treasure up here as I tap my mouth. She did as I told her with a big I rolled my tongue between her lips I noticed she was already very wet. I felt her hands in my hair as I continue to eat her out with hands on her ass. She started gridding her pussy on my face as we both heard the bathroom door open and she jumped off my face breathing heavy. She looked at me as she raise her hand with 1 finger …1 min I will be back. I told her let’s take care of Marco now and we can play later…ok as she smiled back at me. I went to the bathroom to clean my face and change to shorts and t-shirt. I returned to see Marco eating ice cream and I ask him where is my bowl? Marco looked at his mom can you make Mark a bowl of ice cream? I am just joking Marco I am good. I will get you back Mark…as we all laughed together…ok Marco peace. Marco after you finish your ice cream go brush your teeth and hit the bed. I looked at the clock it was 8:20PM and I was getting sleepy myself for some reason. Marco gave me a hug and asked me if I was going to move in? No, buddy but thank you for the offer as I look at Maria. Maria face was speechless as she told Marco I will race you to bed.

As I was laying on the couch Maria came out and sat next to me and said I have no clue why he asked you to move in. No clue either but I don’t want to hurt him or you with any high hopes. Thank you as she gave me a hug and kiss. You want to watch a movie or TV? Let’s watch TV and talk about this weekend shopping. She got so excited as she laid her head my stomach looking up at me and said which mall do you want to visited? No idea, because I am not a professional shopper. I have seen your walk-in closet damm you you have some clothes and shoes. Yes, I do have some shoes as she turned her head toward the slider. Let’s go outside on the balcony and talk out there as we look at Downtown Miami but let me change and I will meet you. Ok, so I exited to the balcony from her bedroom and sat down on the only chair overlooking Miami. About 5 mins later she came out in a long night shirt that was see thru. I thought we were going to just talk out here…yes why do you say that? Well you have that on and I only want to screw you right now. Do you? O yes, control your animal for now. I love this view after a long day at the office. I can understand why you like it. She walks over to me and sat down on my lap that was already semi-hard and I knew she feels it as she looks at me…later big boy with a smile. She had her arm around my neck resting on my shoulder then said something that made me freeze. I was thinking what Marco asked you and trying to understand why he asked you that question. Do you think you would move in with me if everything stayed the same? I looked at her for a long 10 seconds and said NO…she gave a sad face as she looked toward the bay. I will only move in if it’s better for us all and she turned her head back to me with tears in her eyes. Maria I like you a lot “I mean a lot” like no one ever, but we only been seeing each other for 3 days… 3 1/2 she says…ok I give you a half a day. I personally don’t want to mislead either of us or hurt Marco thinking that I could be a future stepdad. Marco loves you already because he told me before bed that he would like you to live with us. Thank sounds wonderful but let’s take it slow and not rush anything that makes us regret anything later. You are a Lawyer so you should know all the facts before taking the case…right? me the Lawyer terms now as she slaps my chest. You are so right sweetie…slow and easy with time. Yes, I can promise you one thing if neither of us change how we both feel with each other I will move in and maybe more in time. She had the biggest smile I have ever seen on her…you promise that not a maybe. Yes, not a maybe. She gave me a sweet deep kiss as we make out for a good 5 minutes. Her long black hair was like silk as my hand was holding her as we continue kissing and her hand the side of my face.

We broke the kiss as she stood up and reached for my hand to the bedroom. I need to pay for my meal now with a blink of her left eye to me. O yes, you better be real good to because that was no cheap meal as she let go of my hand. O really. Just joking…as I was not sure if I just killed the mood. She laughed at me…you should see your face right now. Stop that Lawyer look because it’s scares me. O shit I forgot to ask you if you are open tomorrow night for dinner. Tomorrow night again? Yes, the ownership of the new home development wants to meet the new pool construction team. You got the deal? Yes, the Forman called me just before called me. That great news….so you open? I think so I will need to confirm tomorrow morning with my mom if she can watch Marco. Well let me treat the new big deal as she removes my shirt and shorts. No boxers? No I wanted to be you and how it feels. I like it this way because I have less to remove on you and she just removed her night shirt. I got on the bed as Maria went to lock the door and came back to the bed. I told her as a joke can we just talk? She looked at me like are you fucking crazy with a naked woman in a bed ready to fuck your brains out. Payback…you should see your face. She said ok as she went down on me to bite my head as she looks at me. Ha,ha,ha…easy with the teeth. I can get a better payback remember that…lol ok you win. I told her to bring that box up here 69. I had a great view as I slide my finger over her lips as I can see the moist lips that was already waiting for me. I had a great view of her small tight asshole that was clean color skin so that means two things: not touch much and she keeps herself clean. I slide my tongue up and down between her lips as she slides up and down my shaft. I hear o baby I like that so I did it over and over then moved my thumb over her asshole. O yes, you really do like my ass…do that again as she went back down on me. I was parting her lips with each lick and moving my thumb back forth over her asshole. I wanted to push it in but was not sure I had the green light yet. She was doing real good on me as I slapped her ass and told her to saddle me cowgirl style. She was riding me as I pulled her hair together on her back…I love your hair. I hope you love all of me. I didn’t walk into that one as I kept my mouth zipped. I slapped that right ass cheek come of on baby ride that horse bareback. I felt her ride it faster as I moved my hand over her back pushing her forward so I could see my cock move in and out. Damm that is sexy ass and I moved my thumb back to her asshole again and again. I felt her tighten around my cock so I knew she was about to cum soon. Go for it baby…as I moved my thumb over her ass and slowly pushed it in. She popped her juices all over my cock as my thumb went knuckle deep inside…o baby that feels so good. She was shaking like never before so I knew she cumming any second as felt her release on me. She told how do you want to cum baby? Let’s do doggystyle good I like that position but remember don’t cum in me…yes I know you are not on the pill. She got on all fours on the bed as I got back behind her as I looked her over…Damm you look beautiful in this position. I grabbed my hard cock and rubbed up and down her lips then pushed myself between them an to my surprise Maria pushed back on me all the way fully as I rested completely in her. She went down on her elbows with her fine ass up for me and I started fucking her slowly. I pulled her hair together as I held in in my left hand and pulled her head back a litte. O baby I love it when your cock is in me this way. I used my right hand and rubbed my thumb over her asshole again. I slowed down and popped my knuckle in her ass as she gave a loud sound of pleasure. O bad boy. She was breathing heavier each time I pounded her pussy and kept my thumb in her ass. I was feeling tightening around my cock again after 5 mins. So I removed my thumb and released her hair to the side. She told me to keep fucking me harder baby so I grabbed her hips to give more pressure and deeper into her. Her orgasm escapes her body on my cock and was shaking until I pulled out and shot my load on her back with 4 heavy streams. I rested my body on her as I kissed her cum free shoulder then she falls completely on her stomach. I asked her if I need to carry you to the shower? You might have too. I would love to carry you anywhere you need to go.

I reached under her body as she reached around my neck and I lifted her up to the shower. I carried her 5’ 10 body to the shower as she kissed me. I lowered her feet to the floor and we went back to kissing. I broke the kiss and told her lady’s first into the shower and as she walked in I slapped her ass nicely. Ouch…o baby I think you like my Portugal ass. I do! She turned on the water as I turned on the other shower head as we both washed ourselves at the same time. I just watched the water flow over her body with 34DD as she washed her hair. I turned off my shower head as she was rinsing out the conditioner from her hair. I stepped out of the shower and dried off as I held a towel out for her. I wrapped her body and held her close to me with a soft kiss. Let’s go to bed….give me a couple minutes so I can dry my hair a little more. Ok, I hope I am not sleeping before you come to bed because you tired me out.

I got in bed with my boxers put my head on the pillow then she came out to unlock the bedroom door. She got in the bed nude as she faced me. Mark thank you for a wonderful dinner and staying with me tonight. Thank you for accepting my dinner offer tonight and hopefully tomorrow too. Yes, I will call you tomorrow and I don’t think it will be a problem. Maria I want to make sure I am not taking time away from Marco with you. The last couple of days it’s just been you and I. I like Marco and mom & son are very important growing up. If you can make dinner tomorrow night it will only be dinner not saying I don’t want to sleep over again but I don’t want Marco to think anything more with us. Mark you are so right and that makes me like you even more each time you speak about us. She kissed me and turned over as she moved her naked body against me and I wrapped my arms around her. Mark…yes.. personally no one has done that to me. What do you mean? Your finger in my ass but I always wanted to know how it would feel..thank you. Did you like it? Yes, it help me cum so much more and faster for some reason. Well maybe we can stop in a sex store this weekend. Really? Why not…I have never been in one. Wait a minute you don’t have any toys? I didn’t say I didn’t have toys just never been in a sexy store. So may I ask what do you have? I have 3 toys. Maybe the next time you can show me…you want to see them now? No, next time let’s get some sleep. Ok, goodnight baby…goodnight my Portugal queen as she squeezed my arms.

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