Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal Pt 2



Stepmom Godaughter from Portugal that that says Go Dolphins.

We got to my car then I told her I will see you tomorrow morning and she replied I wish it was 10am already. She leaned in with another strong deep kiss as my back rested against the car as I held her tight against me. This felt so good and my penis rested against her that I know she felt. We broke the kiss and I told her she better get back in your condo before I throw you the back of my car. She reached down and grabbed my cock saying I bet he is speaking right now for you…with a very sexy smile. Ok, you got me and I will see you tomorrow as I give her a quick kiss on the forehead. I got in my car and drove home looked forward on having the greatest weekend in my life so far.

The Sunday morning sun was my alarm clock as I rubbed my eyes as I rolled to see my clock. O shit it’s 9AM as I jumped out of bed and ran to the shower for a quick wake up shower and a little landscaping below. Got to my room for some shorts and t-shirt plus I grab an extra pair of clothes if any plans changed after the game. I grabbed the 2 bags of ice from the freezer that I purchased on the way home yesterday. I spread it over the beer in the cooler that was sitting in my trunk and drove to my Dad’s house to pickup Maria. I looked at the car clock showing 9:30AM so I should make it by 10AM. I was thinking what would Maria be wearing for the game as it was making me get a little excited. As I got to my Dad’s house Maria car was not their but it was 9:55AM so I went inside because I still needed to get the 2 tickets for the game. As usual my Dad the early bird was up in the kitchen making something to eat with a Blood Mary. Hi Dad…Good morning ready for the game son specially taking Maria? Yes, she is really a cool girl. Son she is more then cool..she is a hottie and you know it if you are a Smith. How was the beach yesterday because I heard it was fun. I hear you saved Marco from the water…WOW no secrets here! Dad can I get the tickets before I forget and he said check the table. Thanks Dad! I have 2 request…what do I need to do? Please don’t drive drunk and don’t hurt Maria. Deal! I really mean it son…Maria is your stepmom Goddaughter and I will have to hear it if anything goes bad. I understand Dad and I will not do anything I will regret. Good to hear that son as I hear the door bell ring. I said that should be Maria so I walked to the door as I open it was Marco & Maria.

I am sorry I was a little problem it’s only 10:10 as I look at my watch. Come in as they both walk in and I see Marco run to the pool area and Maria don’t go in the water yet Marco. As I see Maria looking hotter then yesterday…she had on some tight teal yoga shorts with a white Miami Dolphin t-shirt with a big V that gave me a nice tity view. Wow…you look beautiful more each time I see you as she walked over to me and gave me a quick kiss on the lips and said thank you sweetie. I watched her walk to my stepmom as she was coming from the pool area and they started speak Portuguese with some laughter. I said what is so funny? Rebecca said you need to learn Portuguese. I need someone to teach me..Maria says I will teach you. Ok, deal and we better start heading to the game. Give me 5 mins? Ok, as she continue to talk to Rebecca about Marco and gave her cell number and I told Rebecca that I will have my cell if needed too. Maria gave her son a kiss by the pool area and then said good bye as we walked to my car. Maria asked me if I wanted to take her car I said no problem let’s take my car because I have the cooler in my trunk. I opened her door so she could get in the car and she said what a Gentlemen.

I started driving to the stadium gates for season ticket holders and notice my brothers RV parked so I parked as close to him as I could. Before we got out of the car Maria asked me if she could have a kiss before we head to my brother. Yes, I been wanting to kiss you when you came in the door. Maria moved closer to me and started to apply her lips when her cell phone rang. Hold your lips as is as I take this call. I hear her say hello then she changed to Portuguese as the call went on about 5 mins and I waited in my seat. Maria sounded like she was finishing the call so I joked around by getting back in the kissing position and I saw her ending the call as she turned her head to me. She started to laugh because I showed my kissing fish lips but that didn’t stop her for coming in to meet my lips. She kissed me with some much passion as we played tonsil hockey for a long minute before we broke the kiss. You can kiss me anytime like that again. Ilex me tell you a little about my brother Larry and his wife Kate. They are really cool to party with and they have all the food with liquor because I got the beer. I told her if she wanted to leave her purse in my trunk but bring your cell and ID. As we got out of the car I clicked on the trunk button to open the trunk on my BMW 324i convertible. She placed her purse in the trunk behind the cooler as I grabbed the cooler out of the car. I sat the cooler down on the ground and asked me if you want me to hold your ID & phone? O yes that would great if you can hold my ID sweetie but I will hold my phone for now. She placed her purse in my trunk. As I close the trunk I went to grab both handles on the cooler. Maria said let get one side and help you. Maria grabbed one handle as we both walked to my brothers RV. I have to say it again you are going to turn a lot of heads at this game and my brother with be in shock that I can date a girl this good looking. Maria says you are joking because I find you very attractive and happy I met you. Thank you sexy! As we continued to walk thru the parking lot looking at every guy turn to look at Maria and noticed 1 guy get hit in the arm by his wife.GF looking at Maria. We arrived at the RV as I see Kate coming out of the RV then she spoke out Larry your brother is her. We put down the cooler and I introducing Maria to Kate as Larry was coming out and immediately said holy shit how did you get this pretty lady Mark. I told you he was a live wire we all laughed and Kate said to Larry be nice to Marks guest. They did the hand shake and he asked me did I bring the beer and I replied yes right here. I asked Maria & Kate what would you ladies like: Bud Light, Stella, Heineken, or start to the liquor? Maria said I will take a Bud Light and Kate the same. I handed everyone a open beer and myself as we all cheered Go Dolphins. Larry walked over to the grill that was already started up and we started chatting like the girls did. Larry asked me how did you meet Maria “Damm she is cute”. I met hear at Dad’s house. How? She is Rebecca Goddaughter. better be good to hear because I don’t want to hear the shit from Rebecca because I will if the shit heads south. Specially Dad…I know. I see Kate & Maria talking up a storm and Larry said you better get over their…lol I walked over with a comment “Ladies you need to stop talking about me with a laugh”. Kate said o boy he heard us Maria as we all laughed. Maria said I was just telling her how we met and yesterday beach trip with Marco. Yes, it was a good time. Kate said we should head to their house one weekend and go out in the boat with Marco. Maybe we should look it to later later this mouth. Kate said I bet Marco would love fishing and swimming out on the boat. Ok, we can talk more about that trip later. I am coming over to see what you ladies would like to eat…pause…the girls looked at each other and laughed…ok that came out wrong. Hamburger, cheeseburger, Hot Dog, or Sausage? Wow..that is a lot of food..Maria replied. Welcome to the Smile tailgate party! As Kate said I need to get some vegetables cut for the food excuse me. Maria asked can I help she no need relax and spend time with Candy man…as she laughed walking inside the RV. I looked at Maria as she smiled at me..what? Candy Man to Maria. I just said you are so sweet that I want to eat you up like a Candy Bar. I told her the way you look is making my Candy bar happy as she gave me a sexy smile and biting her lower lip…yummy as she walked over to Larry at the grill. I had to use the bathroom so I walked into the RV as Kate was cutting the vegetables on the plate. She asked me you need anything I said yes the bathroom to release the Candy Man liquid as I walked to the door. Kate was a hotly herself married to my brother about 5’3 110lbs with a little Greek butt and I guess 36C boobs. As I closed the door I heard Kate mumble out I bet you got a nice candy bar as I heard exit the RV. After I finished washing my hands I opened the bathroom door as Kate was coming back in. As I walked toward her she was reaching for another serving plate over the stove. I asked you need any help as I reached behind her her Greek butt was resting against my relieved cock and I heard her say o boy. Opps sorry I didn’t mean that to problem somethings get in the way as she turned around grabbing her boobs. We both smile as I exited the RV and she followed me out to the food table. I looked over at Larry talk to Maria and noticed the height difference. I always wanted to know how Maria 5’ 10 & I must look like together as Larry is 6’6 260lbs and me 6’4. Maria looked so damm hot in the yoga shorts…as I whispered “Damm she is hot”…then I heard Kate say yes you are correct and turned to Kate..opps I thought I was saying that in my head…lol Kate said she sounds like a keeper. I reply time will tell as she said good answer. Kate spoke up Larry is the food ready..Yes, coming over in 2 mins. I said does anyone need another drink…Larry yes BL, Kate the same, and Maria said I will take a Stella. Larry turned around to me and said watch out she is up scaling us now….so that means we will have to take a shot after lunch. So I handed Maria a plate as we made are our plates of food with all the works. We all sat down at the table and enjoyed the food and the parking lot music including the RV’s. Maria said great job on the burgers Larry and vegetables Kate they tasty so fresh. Kate said it’s from our garden at home. Larry joked around to me as to keep Maria because she like his food…then Maria asked me if I can cook like my brother. I heard laugher from Kate & Larry..I don’t think we every seen him behind a stove or grill. I spoke saying I sometimes cook on the grill at home for mom…Larry says ok…lol. Just joking with you little brother I bet you can cook if need too. After we all finished and started clean up we had about 1 hr to game time so we sat around drinking. Maria & I must have been on the 5th round of beers now going to the 6th but Maria said let me make a quick call..ok. As she walked out to the parking lot road I was watching her and Larry said she sound like she is a strong lady to be a single mother and great career too. I looked at him and said yes she is a strong person for sure to raise her son alone, but I never asked her what she did. Larry & Kate laughed at me you didn’t ask her what she does for a living…NO, I totally was lost in her beauty and how nice it was to talk to someone that was not a value girl. I understand that Mark as Kate tells me she is a International Lawyer with a big company Downtown Miami. O shit…I didn’t know that but that don’t change my view of her as a person. As Kate & Larry went speechless and I knew that she was right behind me. I said Maria is right behind me and they both shook their heads up/down. Maria spoke up and said I am glad you feel that way Mark because we never talked about our careers. Larry got up for another beer and asked if anyone wanted one…please I said as I looked at Maria you want to take a walk? Sure, and I will take one too. We got the beers and started to walk as Larry said we are head in the gate 12:45 so be here or see you at the seats..Ok. We started walking and talking about are careers and I told her that I am really sorry that I never asked you what you did for a living. She said that she is at falt to for not asking me my career. I told her I don’t carry if she was a nanny or a CEO of a big company because I like you and want to see we’re the road will take us. She look at me with water in her eyes to tell me that was all she was hoping for with me and I like you a lot if you don’t know by now. As I leaned over to kiss her right then and now. I reached her as my hands got the back of her head and the lips touch with the strongest kiss so far with her. I heard a crowd of people yelling and whistling as we broke the kiss..she was beet red in the face and I was on the blush side myself as we started walking again holding hands back to the RV. We just got back before they held to the stadium and grabbed another beer for us both. I heard Kate call Maria inside the RV as she walked inside. Larry asked me is everything ok? Yes, everything is great thanks for asking but you could have stopped me when she was behind me…as he laughed at me and said no it was funny watching your face but you didn’t say anything wrong straight from the heart. Larry yelled out let’s go ladies we are going to miss the kick off. They both walked out with a smile on the faces that was definitely questionable but I didn’t ask.

As we headed to the stadium escalator we followed Larry & Kate as I was behind Maria looking at her sweet yoga ass. I asked her if she does yoga and she said yes and other sports. Do you like my teal yoga shorts that I got after you departed yesterday? Yes, as I placed my hand on her ass with a strong squeeze. You bad boy came out of her mouth as Kate caught it too. Kate said whispering is he being a bad candy man with a laugh and turned around. I looked at Maria with my lips on silence mode you are going to get it and she replied I hope so. As we got to the top about to get off the escalator. I slapped her ass as she turned around fast as I wrapped my arms around her getting off the escalator. She leaned in on my ear I am going to tease you the whole game now as she bite my ear softly. I was not sure if I pissed her off now with that slap but I was not going to ask now. We headed to the seats and I told them I am going to get some beers and Larry said here some money no you get the next round. Ok.. Maria said I will come with you ok. So we got to the concessions and stood in line as Maria wrapped her arms around me from behind. I had to ask her…are we ok? She said why wouldn’t we? Well I was not sure if you were pissed off at me for slapping your ass coming up. O no but you will regret slapping my ass in public without my ok…as she give me a smile. O shit I said and she said o shit yes. What is the saying in the states..Payback is a we both laugh. Ok, I will never do that again I promise thank you unless I ask for it. How does that work? You will know when it’s time…Ok. So as we stood I felt Maria moving her hands under my jersey that hangs below my waist and rubbing my abs. I love your tight stomach so here is one way I am going to pay you back…then I felt one hand slide inside my shorts with a tight grip on my semi hard on. She whispered in my ear how does that feel as I moved my head to her staying you win as she lets go and walked forward to the counter to order. We walked back to the seats with 4 beers in the nick of time for kickoff. I leaned over to Maria asking her if she wanted me to hold her phone. She said no I have a place as she puts the phone on vibrate and slides it inside her yoga shorts up front. She looks at me with a smile and I said I wish I was your phone right now. Me too! I told her you never gave me your number and she said you never asked for it. Can I have your number.? yes give me your phone so she added it and handed it back. So I text her right then to give her my number…as she froze in the chair and looked at me. I just texted you my number with a smile…that was the best text msg I got in a very long time as she smiled at me. So when went back watching the game and explaining the basic rules and points. The game was going fast and almost halftime I asked Maria do you need the bathroom…o yes I could go so come with me. I told them we are heading to the bathroom before half and get some more beer. Larry said good idea let’s all go now before the bathroom lines are crazy. We all got up just before the 2 min warning as the Dolphins have the ball. I told them we will be in the beer line when you get out. Kate & Maria headed to the ladies with a little line and us guys had no line. Larry & I headed to beer line after that was longer then the men bathroom line for sure. The ladies came out laughing and chatting about something. I knew both were getting a little buzzed by now. Kate came up to Larry and wrapped her arms around him and Maria did the same to me. I ask are you lady’s having a good time..o yes and I have to get Maria’s new phone holder as they both laughed out loud. Larry turned around and said what phone holder as Maria tapped her yoga shorts in front. I hope you have that on vibrate..she said yes I am just waiting for a call or text as she laughed. I asked does anyone want peanuts with beer.. sure grab a bag Maria said beer & nuts are a must right for football. Larry tells me she is a keeper!..Maria & I look at each other and said “time will tell”. We headed back to our seats for the second half Kate & Maria sat together as I sat between Kate & Larry. The Dolphins were losing with 5 mins remaining in the third quarter. I asked does anyone need a beer? Larry said I am done because I have to drive and I agree to for me. Maria and Kate looked at each other as Kate said split one with me…sure. Ok I will hit the bathroom and get 1 beer. So as I was walked out of the bathroom I was thinking I should text Maria again as a joke. I got the 1 beer and stood at the top before heading down to the seats I text her to see her head move back and then grab her shorts for the phone to read the text “You are the best looking girl in this stadium”. Thank you for coming! Now I headed down to the seats handed Kate the beer and walked in front of Maria as she grabs my ass with a squeeze. I sat down to watch the remaining of the game it was getting better because Dolphins were driving down to take the lead. Then the unbelievable happen with an interception inside the red zone and the Bills ran it back for a touchdown. So the Dolphins are losing 31 -21 now. We still have the 4th quarter to come back Larry. Next think that made the heat go up in the stadium was when Kate & Maria remove the shirt as they sat in bikini tops “Surprise”. Before we knew it it was the 4th Qtr with 4 minutes remaining down by 3 points and Miami had the ball at its own 35 yard line. The crowd was going crazy as Miami was moving the ball to be inside the Bills 25 yard line with less then 2 mins. I don’t want overtime I said and Larry says I agree. I looked over at Maria/Kate as they were really into the game at the edge of the seat. The QB dropped back threw the ball across the middle of the field to the wide receiver and he ran to the 3 yard line with 40 seconds and running and no timeouts. They ran up on the line and spiked the ball to stop the clock. Maria looked over to Kate asking her why did he do that? Kate told her the reason he skied the ball and Maria looked like she understood the reason now. The next play the QB handed the ball off to the running back as he crossed the goal line “Touchdown”. Everyone in the stadium was yelling and jumping up and down. I high five my brother and then turn to Kate & Maria I saw them jumping up & down hugging each other. That was a sweet view 2 hot girls jumping up & down in bikini tops. Then the unexpected happen Kate turned around to us as her right tit was out in the open as she went to hugged me jumping up & down like she did with Maria. Kate’s tits rubbing up & down my chest as I was looking at Maria as I spoke in silence to her you are next as we broke the hug with Kate. I moved my head to Kate’s ear be calm but your right tit is out of your suit. We broke the hug as she fixes herself as she looks up you like? I smiled as I walked to Maria as she came to me with wide open arms as we hugged and I kissed her forehead then her lips. I asked her did you like the game and she thanked me with another passion kiss. Yes!

We started to walk out of the stadium holding hands as I lead the way to the RV. We got to the RV as Larry unlocked the door and he headed to the bathroom as we all waited outside as I setup the chairs again to let the traffic die down. Kate went in to use the bathroom as Larry was coming out. I told Maria you can go next when Kate comes out as she said thank you. Maria headed to the door as Kate exited and Kate spoke out saying I feel so much better now. I grabbed my phone and text her..”I love you ass”. I noticed her stop before going into the bathroom thru the window as she turned her head toward me with a smile. I headed toward the RV and waited inside as Larry was cleaning up the grill. She came out as she noticed me standing waiting for the bathroom. She walked up to me and told me that shower is to small for us like yesterday. As she walked to pass me I grabbed her hand and told her thank again for coming with me and kissed her as I applied my hand on the back of her head. As the kiss got more passionate as the tongues moved like music in each mouths like one. I heard my brother yell get a room Mark as we broke the kiss. I tapped her butt as I headed to the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and wondered how lucky I was to meet Maria. I exited the RV wanting to take Maria straight to her place and fuck her so badly. What a surprise seeing Maria and Kate drinking a beer with 4 shots sitting on the table. Larry looks at me and says we didn’t take the shots after lunch. I looked at Kate and Maria can we be exempt from taking the shots because we have drive? Kate looked at Maria can that request be legal in court? Maria said legally we can’t force them to drink…specially if they care more for the personal cargo I think they should be exempt so do you agree? I agree Maria they can have a pass this time. I said you can have the 2 extra shots because we are driving. Maria said I am up for it if you are Kate…sure let’s do them both. Larry spoke up saying remember we all work tomorrow so we better start to head out soon. The ladies knock 2 shots down quick and Maria didn’t make any face on the first one but did on the second shot. Are we ready to go? Sure. I helped picked up the chairs and placed them in the RV with a quick leak before heading the road. So I carried the cooler as Maria walked next to me back to my car. I grabbed 2 waters for the drive back home after I put the cooler in the trunk. I started driving out of stadium when she reached over and held my knee “Thank You” for a great time this weekend. I hope we have a lot more good times like this in the future. I hope so too! Got on the highway and Maria said keep your eyes on the road as she leaned over as I felt her hand over my cock. I told her you don’t have to but I can’t stop you because two hands must be on the steering wheel at all time. She pulled herself closer to me and moved my shorts down so she could get my cock out in her hand. She was slowly stroking me then she moved her mouth over my head then she looked up at me then said keep your eyes on the road. She looked so hot sucking me as she moved down more and more each time deeper. She was making it a sloppy BJ and closer to no return. I placed my right hand on her shorts and started to rub her sweet tight ass. I had to have more so I moved my hand in the back on yoga shorts to feel the smooth Portuguese skin. It felt so good as she liked it to with a couple of mouns. She must have hit a higher gear on my cock as soon as my finger moved over her asshole then got to her pussy. I popped 1 finger inside as I played with her pussy. I can feel more wetness on my finger and she sucked me tighter as I felt her leg part more open for me to get deeper. I told her I was about to pop as she picked up the speed wanting my cum based on her skills. I had to put my car on cruise control because I didn’t want to go over the speed limit in my position. Just as I click control I felt my balls tighten up and I exploded in her mouth as I moved my finger like crazy on her g-spot as she started to cum. Maria sucked everything out of me then looked up at me and said I have been wanting this since yesterday. I pulled my hand out of her shorts as she got back to her seat as she adjusted her yoga shorts. I linked my fingers to taste her pussy as she looked at me. You like my taste? O I do. I handed her the water as we both look at each other saying Thank you at the same time. Maria surprised me by asking if I could come over to her condo plus she shouldn’t drive home in her condition. I would love to come over or spend the night but I don’t want Marco to think anything bad of us. I want you to stay the night but don’t know how I will tell Marco because I have never had someone overnight. Let’s play it safe by me just driving you home and take it from there. Ok, let’s see how it goes. I pulled into the driveway and told Maria you need to put your shirt back on. She didn’t know her shirt was still off. O boy I am definitely driving you home so let’s make it quick. We walked in with a quick hi and Maria got a hug from Marco then he came to me did you get me something Mark? Yes, I got you a Dolphin game magazine plus a calendar and I can’t wait to see it at home. Rebecca asked us if we were hungry and we both said we are full from the game. I walked over to the kitchen to talk to my Dad to tell him I was going to leave my car here for the night. Why? I need to drive Maria and Marco home because she had a little more to drink then me. Ok, thank you being smart and safe.

So we made are goodbyes and headed to Maria car as I went to my car for Marco’s gifts and my clothes. I put the stuff in her trunk and started driving to Maria’s condo. We arrived to the residence gate as waved her key and the gates opened for us to park under the condo. We all got to the elevator then arrived to her door. She opened the door as Marco walked in first and like yesterday hit the shower and wash your hair. I noticed the clock showing 6:30PM and I asked what do you need me to do. She tells me just relax. I said can I turn on the TV? Sure, please feel like you are home. Do you want anything to drink…I will get it like at home…as I walk bye her she grabs my arm to a complete stop looking at her. Thank you for driving us home as she gave me a short kiss on the lips. Anything for you then I felt a slap on my butt go get your water and the glasses are on the right side of the sink. Do you want a glass of water…sure. Marco had the fastest showers because he was out in the living room within 10 mins. Maria smelled his hair to make sure he washed it. Marco here is your Dolphin magazine and calendar then he ran it to his room “Thank you”. As I walked to the couch to watch the remaining 4:30 game Marco asked me if I was staying over? I was speechless then Maria said he drove us home but are you ok if he stayed? Yes, I am fine but mommy you will need to wash his clothes again like yesterday. Yes, good idea Marco. Mark do you want to shower now or do you want me to go first? Maria tells me with her eyes to go ahead first. Ok heading now and leave your clothes outside the door like yesterday. Ok, will do. Marco ask Maria can I play video’s now. Yes, but remember bedtime is 8pm because you have school tomorrow. As I was walking in the bathroom Maria came in behind me. I am dying to be in the shower with you again but I will give 10 minutes before I come back. I got the water temperature right and washed my body good and hair then I heard the door open. I looked thru the steamed up glass as I see put her hair in a tie. Then she walked in the shower as I was facing her with a hard on already. She said I guess someone is happy to see me then we kissed. I wrapped my arms around her as the body blended as one under the warm water. I moved her completely under the water as we broke the kiss and told her let me clean you up. I got the her bath soap on the sponge then placed it on her back as I went to town cleaning her. She washed the front of her body then asked her to rise off. She started to wash her hair as I kneeled down with her back to me and rubbed her ass telling her ass feels so good. Turn around and give me your leg baby…o yes you are reading my mind please eat me. She rested her leg on my shoulder as I rolled my tongue over her lips that made her shake with pleasure then I parted her lips with my tongue to taste her sweetness. I felt her hand on my head as she spoke to me tell me you can eat my pussy anytime. I flicked my tongue back and forth between her lips as I felt hand grab my hair tighter as she said yes keep doing that please. I did it again and again for sometime as she shook. I was felling her left leg pushing against my neck like she was getting close to cumming. I move my left hand around her ass then moved my fingers between her ass cheeks. O yes is all I heard with the water hitting the shower stone floor. I got my thumb rubbing her pussy and my center finger over her asshole rubbing them both. That was all I needed to do as she spoke out “O God, O God…Then in had a little rush of water come flowing out on to my face and then both her hands grabbed my shoulders pulling me closer to her. I popped my center finger in her asshole a little then she went to shaking and cum again back to back within a min. I pulled my finger out and just held her ass with both hands until she came down from that experience. I stood up and we wrapped are arms around each other as the water came over us both. She was still breathing heavy and I asked her if she was ok. I never felt better thanks to you. She kissed me and we held each other for a good minute and she said we better get out before Marco come knocking…yes good point. I will let you out first so Marco don’t think anything. I stayed in to clean my face and hand. I turned off the water and as I stepped out Maria passed me a towel. As she was walking back out I slapped her ass she stopped in her tracks again. O shit did I do it again. Fuck me! She turned her head back and surprised me do that again but the other side. I did it again and I heard her say I like that kind on butt slap. She turned around dried my chest off and then went straight to my package to dry. O he is so big and wants to play but we will play later…is that a promise…O yes it is as she steps out and wraps the towel around her hair. I followed behind with the towel wrapped around my waist as Maria clicked on the remote control to close the shades and more lights for the room. The bedroom door was closed so I dropped my towel to put my boxers and shorts on. I looked over at Maria as she just put on another pair of yoga short and a T-shirt. We looked at each other and she said you still want to stay overnight? Yes, if you & Marco are ok with it as she walks over to me. I don’t want to scare you but I am really like you in this short time. I feel the same way but I don’t want to scare you either so let’s take it slow and easy so neither of us get hurt. Maria kissed me then walked to open the door to the living room to Marco. I came out and sat on the couch with Marco as Maria went to the kitchen. Does anyone need anything and Marco said can I have some ice cream…sure I will bring it out as she asked me if I wanted some too. No thank you. As Maria came over to give Marco his ice cream as she bend down she was giving me a great view of her tits as she looked up at me with a smile…got you with a smile. O yes you did. Where is your shirt? I was going to ask Marco if I could use one of his shirts…Marco turn to me you can fit in my shirts and laughed at me. why not? You are to big for them. Ok, I guess I will have to find a shirt as I walked back to the bedroom to grab my shirt from the bag. As I was putting on my shirt Maria came up behind me with her arms wrapping around me saying I love how you joke around with Marco on the shirt. I turned around and told her I like Marco and I am a kid sometimes too so don’t be surprised if I am play video games with him one day. I would love to see that one day. I reach with both my hands to her face and kissed her and told her I hope you have a strong bed. I don’t know because I have had no one to test out with me and if not I would be fine buying a new one if we break it…lol Maria noticed the clock and said I need to get Marco in bed it’s 8 o’clock as she walked out to tell him to finish up and go brush your teeth for bed. I sat on the couch watching a show and Marco came up to me and gave me a hug. I told him goodnight and sweet dreams as he ran back to his room as Maria watched him. Maria came out as I was laying out on the couch and she came over rest against my chest. I placed my hand in her long hair and told her I love your hair. Do you like long or short hair? I like long hair but some short hair styles look just as good as long hair but it your hair so do what makes you feel good. She looks up at me…you saying everything I like to hear and that makes it easier for me to fall for you more. I leaned down to kiss her as it turned into a very long passion kiss and make out session as she moved up on my body. She moved to sit on my lap as we continue to kiss deeply and I had to hold her yoga shorts. She was moving her hips on my hard cock resting against my stomach so it felt good for us both. I moved my left hand to her right breast under the shirt as my fingers played with her nipple. She was a great kisser and had a lot of passion that was the best make out session in my life. Next minute I felt her body start to shake with her hips as we continue to kiss then she broke the kiss with heavy breathing. Oh my I can’t stop… she came on my lap in her yoga shorts then I felt wetness coming on my shorts. I knew I didn’t explode so I was thinking she squirted again like the shower. She collapsed on my body as her head rested on my shoulder next to my ear breathing heavy still. Baby you know how to push me over the edge and I love it. are the best kisser and other things too. Like? Ok, don’t get a big head know you are the: Smart, Best kisser, sexiest woman in my eyes, killer body, strong person, great values, teaching your son respect for others, and great mother. Is that all you got on me? No…Go on…the best looking ass in yoga shorts and hands down the best BJ I have ever had in my life. She slaps me in the pig. As I grab her tightly against my body and whisper should we take this to your room. Yes, but let’s chat a little more to make sure Marco is asleep. Ok! She asked me what time do you need to be at your store in the morning? I can go in anytime based on your schedule so when do you need to go to work? Normally I am in the office around 8AM..what time is Marco go to school? No problem with that my mother will pick him up around 7AM and pick him up after school. I didn’t know she was in the states..o yes she lives two doors down from me. Wow…another surprise! What about your father? She looked at me with a sad face I don’t know my father because he left my mother before I was born. Damm sorry to hear that. I will introduce you later when the time is right. Ok, I will leave that up to you when I meet her. She is going to love you so I need to watch you both. I gave her a funny look what do you mean? She is young, good looking for her age, single all her life since I was born, and I don’t want her to take you away from me.

I laughed don’t worry no will take me away from you sexy..I promise…don’t promise if you have not seen her…just joking with you. As she hops up off of me she notices my pants wet…did you? No, that is from you… oh my I must have cum a lot. See what you did to me as she had a great smile on her face because I was have never done that before in my life. You never squirted? No…see you make me so horney I do things out of control with you. Is that a bad thing? She smiled with a NO…plus I love the way you make me feel with you. Good to hear so let me make you feel better in your room..ok give me 1 min to check on Marco. I walked into the bedroom and remove shorts as my cock is 3/4 hard still and as I turn around Maria comes in the room closing the door with a lock. I ask her if she wanted to rise off she said I can if you want me too. No need because you will be wet again shortly as I smiled back at her. She removes her clothes and hops in the bed spreading out on it. I walked to the other side and she said freeze. She moves to me and says I was wanted to do something from a movie I saw. She slides my cock in her mouth laying on the bed and as I placed my hand in her long hair. O yes was all I could say as I look down at this beautiful woman’s body laying out that I was going to make love too. She stop for a second as she moved over to back and started sucking my cock upside down with her legs spread open. Did I die and go to heaven. I reached down with both hands and played with her nipples pinching, grabbing, and rolling my fingers over them as she was working me over deeply. I bend over her to push my right hand down her stomach to her treasured pussy. I moved my fingers over her lips and rolled them around as I heard her gasp with my cock. I started to feel tightness in my balls so I knew I was about to cum. I told her I was getting close and she it in high gear suck-on. I think I didn’t last 15 seconds after she hit that gear as I let lose of my load in her throat and mouth. She didn’t miss any of my cum as she swallow everything and as she departed from my cock looking up at me. Did you like that one? O yes that might be number 1…might be? I don’t want you to think that was the best because you will not try to be better…lol I like that thinking. I got on the bed and told her to come over her as she crawled over to me. I want this night to be memorable for the rest of our lives for both of us. We kiss passionate for another 2-3 minutes then I rolled her over on her back in her King size bed. I moved down her body kissing/sucking on her neck, tits, nipples, stomach, rolled my tongue in her bellybutton, and then parted her lips with my tongue as you gasped. I smelled her earlier juices on the skins and is was delicious. I kneeled between her as I pulled her legs back toward her and she grabbed her ankles. I looked at this position at her pussy and asshole. I went to town on that sweet pussy and she moved every time my tongue slide between her lips with “yes” out of her mouth. I pushed my tongue inside her pussy as I held the lips parted with my fingers with the tongue thrust inside. She was gasping and telling me I love what you are doing…please don’t stop..That just made me feel so good that she was loving it and wanted more so I gave her what she wanted. I push my face deeper to the pussy and thrusted my tongue even deeper as I felt her legs close on my head with her grabbing the back of my head into her pussy. She released herself again with squirting on my face and her talking out “eat my pussy don’t pull your tongue out of me”. I had to close my eyes as the second squirt got in my noise and eyes. I felt her release my head with her legs and slowly pulled my face away all wet as I look at Maria. She moved up to me as we kissed me so she could tasted herself with my tongue. I joked around telling her she needs to change the sheets tomorrow.

Give me 1 min as I head to the bathroom to clean my face. Can you bring me a towel…sure. I came back with a towel and started to rub her pussy saying need me to clean this up. Maria smiled and said I prefer your mouth…I love eating your pussy..that is good to hear…I shaved it last night for you…I noticed it was shaved in the shower. Do you like it shaved or a little landing strip? I am good with either way if it’s your pussy. Damm you say everything right..come up her I want your lips as another make out session. She was getting warmed up again as she broke the kiss and looked at me with a questionable face. Can you do me two favors? Yes, what? Be easy with me with that stick it’s been over a yard for me. Ok, will take it slow…and? Can you not cum inside of me because I am not on the pill yet. Sure, so do you want me to use a rubber? It s all up to you sweetie. Ok, I will pull out when I need to cum. Ok, good because I wanted to feel the real hard candy man in me. As I grabbed my hard cock to line it up to Maria’s treasure box as my head touched her lips. I slowly slide between her lips as my head moved inside. I was looking at Maria as she opened her mouth and closed her eyes halfway…Please go slow as she gasp again. I moved my cock deeper in her slower as half of me must be in as I moved my face down for a kiss. Her lips felt different for some reason and then I pushed a little more as I feel her long legs wrap around me. I stopped myself 3/4 and moved back out slow and just as my head hit the air I pushed back in. I felt her legs tighten on me and her gasp in my mouth as I push myself fully in her slowly. I had her hands on my back but then i was feeling her nails in my back as I was completely in her box. I just froze kissing her as I enjoyed the feeling of her completely around me in some many ways: arms, nails in the back, legs wrapped around my back, and that sweet pussy holding my cock. We both are breathing a little heavier so I broke the kiss to ask her if she is ok. O God yes never felt anything like you. Please fuck me slowly and pick up the speed as you want but please don’t cum in me. I understand so tell me if you need me to stop. Fuck me now she said…with a smile. I moved my cock back out and back in faster each stroke like I was drilling for oil. I knew that her pussy was the best pussy that I have had in my short life. Before I knew it she was cumming as her legs locked on me and her arms grabbed my ass helping me slam myself in her. She had her eyes closed as I was looking at her and I gave her a quick kiss. I felt myself getting close so I told her I am about explode so please release your legs. She released me and she said where do you want to cum? Tits ok? Yes, that is hot as I pulled out and moved up over her stomach and jerked off…she spoke to me shoot the hot white chocolate on my tits baby…shoot it…that did it for me as first shoot hit short, next one hit the right tit, and the three shoot got a wild hit to her face. We looked at each other with a big smile. Let have a quick shower Maria said..ok as we both headed to it. Go ahead in the shower and I will be in 1 min need to pee..ok. Got in and set the water temperature as I grabbed the soap to clean my body and still semi hard cock. I lotion up cock and cleaned up my face even if I love the smell of her pussy. I heard the door open as I was running the water over my face. I was feeling Maria grabbing my cock from behind and told my cock you can have me anytime. I love this Candy bar. I turned around tell you I love your candy box myself as I moved my right hand over her pussy and slide a finger inside. Her eyes opened up more and kissed me. Are you done with the water? Yes, let me get out of the way and I will see you in bed. I stepped out and dried off and had to piss so I made it quick. I washed my hands and then Maria told me you can brush your teeth with the new toothbrush under the sick. Thank you! Finished brushing my teeth and headed to the bed as I heard the water turn off.

I was laying in the bed with just my boxers on and I heard the door open as she came out with nothing on as she walked to her dresser and grabbed a long night shirt as she puts it on. Maria asked me if I needed water…sure great know me to well already. She came back with a bottle water and I opened it for a drink as she walked to the other side. Maria got under the sheets facing me as she moved her hair behind her it still a little wet she said. You are still wet or your she give me a smile both but let’s talk. Sure, What time are you waking up to drive me to my car in the morning? I am going to keep you as my hostage…o really as we both laugh. I would love to be your hostage..would you for life? We both looked at easy other for a long pause..I didn’t mean marriage…I understand but if it was and we knew each other earlier in my life I would say yes. She smile and noticed her eyes get a little watery. Can I tell you something Maria? Yes, please. I don’t know much of you in 48hrs but you are off my chart right now. Plus I still don’t understand how a man can cheat on you as well depart from his own son for another woman. She was about to speak let me finish please. How can another take your place a woman that gave birth to your son and who is beautiful as you are inside and out. I couldn’t leave a person like you even if it was a Victoria’s Secret model. She was crying now. Maria I don’t want you crying as I reached over you hug her. Mark…you are the sweetest man I have ever met in my life with so many kind words and Marco likes you too. I roll her on top of me under the sheets as I wiped one tear from her face. She said I have a personal question for you..Do you want to have kids? Yes. How many? maybe 3 or 4…her eyes got wide you serious? Yes, do you want more? Yes, but I would have to meet the right guy…Do you know anyone? I slapped her bare ass under the sheet as she went ouch. You are a bad boy and need some punishment as she moved under the sheets crawling to my very hard penis with all the pre-talk. I felt her hand pull my cock out then I felt her mouth over it with a purpose to make it fast. She was working my cock with the mouth and the hand was playing with my balls. I arched my back because she was not wasting any time nor wanting it to be a long process for me to cum. She had me cumming under 5 mins and it felt like a lot too. She finished and crawled back up to me after she swallowed then surprised me with a deep kiss. I didn’t care because I was falling for her quick but I couldn’t tell her yet. She broke the kiss and said are you ok with me kissing you after that…’s all good if you are ok with me doing the same. Yes, another thing we have together. What is that she asked? We both like oral and no problem kissing after it. Yes, she replied and I don’t taste bad do I? I laughed you taste delicious. I could have you everyday but I would overdose on sex with the Candy man with a smile. She turned over to see her clock and it was always 11PM . We better get some sleep..agreed. So I moved my arms around her holding her back against me. Maria sweet dreams and no wet she slapped my hand holding her. I kiss her on the back of head and she squeezed my hands tight as I know she was feeling me against her body..specially her ass. Thank you for a great weekend Mark.

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