This is a story around a mother, Olivia (Liv) and her daughter, Patricia (Pat). Olivia is 49 and Patricia is 22, the youngest of three children. Sometimes, she discovered, when you try not to want something, it can become overpowering and where it can take you can be very surprising. This is a bestial story.


This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This is a bestial story.

This is a story around a mother, Olivia (Liv) and her daughter, Patricia (Pat). Olivia is 49 and Patricia is 22, the youngest of three children. Olivia has dark brunette hair with some greying that falls to the shoulders while Patricia has slightly shorter dark blonde hair. Both women have C-cup breasts. Olivia has pubic hair trimmed above her pussy while Patricia keeps hers clean shaved. Patricia spent two years at the local community college and is also out of the home and working. Olivia has always been a stay-at-home mom and continued to be after the children left home. The family have a nice home in the suburbs where Olivia has made something of a hobby of gardens and plantings around the yard. Olivia’s husband, Harold, is a mid-level technical represent at construction equipment manufacturing company and travels nationally every week.

Olivia’s sex life had disappeared over the last several years as her husband’s traveling increased steadily. Now he is traveling every week and he enjoys it. He meets with current and potential clients across the country and has the opportunity to solve problems for them. The change, though, has left Olivia largely alone, especially after the last of the children, Patricia, left home. For a while, she took the time to explore new hobbies and interests. She found she still craved something of a sex life and even when Harold returned on the weekend had little interest. She wondered if he might be having affairs but he was moving around the country so much … As she tried to fight the thoughts of sex, she found herself thinking and wanting it more.

Sometimes, she discovered, when you try not to want something, it can become overpowering and where it can take you can be very surprising.



The distinct sound of her daughter’s shocked voice surprised both her and Blackie, both flinching violently in mid-fucking mode. Her husband’s Black Labrador Retriever he originally got for hunting only flinched at the sound and barely paused while he continued fucking his big cock into her. His knot had passed through her hole moments before, which meant his climax wasn’t far behind. The shocked and anguished voice of her daughter had a far bigger effect on Olivia, however.

“NO! … No, Patty … Oooohhhhhh … Godddddddd …” She tried to move, to look behind, to escape, to disappear, anything, but she was stuck, tied, literally and solidly to the dog and was going nowhere. The shock of the voice and the reaction from her and the dog jammed the knot inside her against her g-spot and her already highly aroused and stimulated body erupted into the orgasm moments before was an exciting anticipation but now a dreadful fact. The next sounds were unavoidable, “AHHHHHHH … yes … no … ooooooooohhhhhhh Goooddddddddd.”

Olivia collapsed to the well-cut lawn in the backyard, her orgasm overwhelming her despite the horrifying state of being caught by her daughter. For a moment, the high of her orgasm took over her mind as well as her body. Her arms not only collapsed under her so her chest, breasts, and face were planted on the grass with her ass still up on her knees with a dog’s cock and knot firmly lodged in her pussy, but her entire body seemed to quake through an orgasm intensified by the embarrassment of her situation.

Patricia, for her part, stood in rapt shock at the scene in front of her. After ending an early shift at work, she impulsively stopped to see her mom. The house was quiet as she let herself into her parent’s house, called a few times, then wandered to the sliding glass door leading to the patio in back. It wasn’t until she stood on the patio and could see around a hedge that she found her naked mother on her hands and knees with the family dog on her back … fucking aggressively into her. Her vocal reaction was immediate and unthinking. She witnessed her mother’s shocked and fearful reaction but also the apparent earth-shattering orgasm she immediately responded with. Although she tried to verbally pull out her mother’s explanation, she saw quickly it was futile as she watched her mother’s body being overtaken by a surprisingly intense orgasm.

As she saw her mom regain control over herself, Patricia moved next to her mom and sat cross-legged on the grass when she realized her mom wasn’t going to be moving for some reason. Olivia looked pleadingly at her daughter, “Oh, my God … Patty … this is awful … please, don’t tell your father.”

To Patty, this was weird on so many levels. Not only finding her mom fucking the dog, it was outside and despite the six-foot fences … it was outside. But, now, she wasn’t pulling away from the dog as she spoke those desperate words. She stayed embedded with dog cock. Her curiosity was too much.

“Mom? Why … why are you staying that way?”

She got a weak smile, an embarrassed smile, “We’re stuck. I mean knotted.” She shrugged, “Canine evolution.” She sighed, “They have a ball of fleshy tissue that forms at the base of their cock. It locks him to the female to aid in insemination.”

Patty was past her shock, now she was really curious how the woman she knew as her proper mother was involved in sexual activity behind her father’s back and with a dog. “Interesting … you seem to know a lot … how long has this been going on?” About six months. Patty was shocked, again. “With the dog?”

“No.” Olivia hung her head and gasped as the dog turned on her back, raising its leg over her and now standing pointing the opposite way ass-to-ass.

“So, you’ve been fucking other men, too?”

Olivia sighed in resignation. She knew her only hope was to spill everything and hope her daughter would hold this in confidence. Maybe she could promise it would never happen, again. She went on to explain how it all started by accident as many ill-conceived ideas and actions seem to. She had been lonely, needing something with Harold gone so much. She was out to dinner by herself, went to a bar for a couple drinks … she met someone … a nobody, a stranger. He was attentive and it felt good. He was after sex, of course, but even that felt good, knowing a man saw her as desirable. It happened a few more times but she felt guilty. She stopped, but … then the dog …

“Wait …” Patty could understand the explanation so far. She wasn’t blind about her father. He definitely seemed more in love with his job than the home and he had become … large … and non-responsive to her mom’s needs and she understood that. She could even sympathize with her mom’s needs, but … “The dog? You thought maybe fucking his dog might be less cheating? And, how did that even start?”

Patty noticed the dog pulling at the joint of their mating and became divided in her curiosity. While she wanted to know what her mom had been thinking to get to this point, she was also fixed on what was happening in front of her. As the dog pulled, her mom would sometimes gasp and close her eyes.

“What’s happening now with you and the dog?”

“Oh, God … the knot … he pulls, tests, the tie holding us … his knot inside me holding us … it jams into my g-spot … good … feels good …”

Patty could see her mom’s embarrassment increase with the admission. Then, the dog pulled away, finally. She saw cum pouring out of her mom and …

“Oh … my … God … that was inside you?”

Olivia fell to the ground, then struggled to her knees. “I’m getting something to cover-up with …”

“No.” Even Patty was surprised at the firmness of her voice. It was almost command level. She looked at her stunned mother’s expression. She gave her a curious smile, “No, you’ll stay like that. You’re the one fucking the dog. Finish telling me.”

The sight of a small puddle of cum on the grass next to her mom was evident. Patty’s mind was swirling. Olivia continued her explanation as Patty gazed at her naked mom sitting on the ground in front of her. She was still very attractive and trim. She guessed she hadn’t really noticed because … well, she was her mom. Her dad had become very out of shape and they were a couple and she really hadn’t thought about them … that way … didn’t want to really. But here they were.

When Olivia had convinced herself not to cheat on Harold, her desires never ceased. Telling your mind, no, when your body is saying something else is a constant struggle. You look for substitutes and diversions. She felt a thrill by being naked so she began doing housework and spending more time naked in the house. She then escalated that into going into the backyard in panties and bra, then just panties, and finally naked. As her comfort and courage increased, stepping out into the yard became doing gardening and weeding. That’s when it happened. She was on all fours weeding when Blackie found her pussy … probably her arousal scent … and licked her. She flinched away that time, but out of curiosity later allowed more contact. It felt good and somehow seemed harmless. She was stunned, frozen a few days later when he mounted her. That’s how it had started.

“Patty, please, don’t tell your father. I still care for him but …”

Patty finished the obviousness of the coming comment, “… but at this point, it’s not the passion, especially with him absent for the most part.” Olivia nodded but she was still beseeching her daughter with her eyes. “I think I understand, mom. I’ve wondered for a while what his weight gain and constant travel might be doing to you. You obviously still have strong needs, physical needs, and still a vibrant woman who wants those physical needs satisfied.”

Olivia looked at Patty hopefully. “So, you understand. So, you won’t tell your father?”

Patty smiled. It wasn’t really a reassuring smile. “Oh, I understand, mom. I don’t know if what you’re feeling or needing is much different than when I would sneak around to have sex with guys. I think the sex drive might run high in us, mom. How did you ever keep it pushed down for so long?” Olivia shrugged. “We’re going to have fun, mom. I know guys. Trust me, young guys find mature women appealing.” Patty looked at the naked woman opposite her, “And you are hot, mom.”

Olivia blushed. The idea of her daughter setting her up to have sex was … she had to admit was exciting but also it was scary, too. “I don’t …”

“Yes, mom, that’s what we’re doing. I won’t tell dad you’ve cheated with other guys or that you’re fucking his precious hunting dog that he now ignores. But, yes, we are doing this. Guys would line up for a mother/daughter pair.” She saw the look of intimidation in her mom’s eyes. She moved forward and hugged her, “Don’t worry, mom. It’ll be good, I promise. We’ll be careful of the neighbors and where your or dad’s friends might hang out.”

Olivia looked at her daughter with something of reluctance, but excited, acceptance. “Okay, I don’t know I have much choice here. I can’t lose your father, honey. Put purely selfishly, he’s all I have for a secure future.”

Patty reassured her, then surprised her, “So, when will Blackie be ready, again? It looked like you had a wonderful orgasm.”

Olivia smiled almost with relief. “Oh … he’s probably ready, already. He recovers quickly, faster than a man. The knot is so … such an experience, I guess … doing back-to-back never occurred to me.”

Olivia directed her daughter to strip as she called the dog over. His cock had receded during their talk but there were still several inches outside the sheath. When naked like her, she had Patty sit on the grass with her legs wide. It seemed to Patty that the dog knew what it wanted as it sniffed at the new scent coming from the other woman. Patty watched in anxious wonder as the dog’s nose sniffed closer and closer until the wet nose bumped her moist pussy lips. When the tongue shot out and swiped her lips, she gasped. Her mom pushed her back to lie down and tilt her pelvis to give the dog better access. She groaned at the series of long swipes of the tongue covering her pussy and flicking over her clit. She immediately knew how her mom had become hooked on the dog and this was only the tongue. She also knew she could easily have a wonderful, satisfying orgasm just like this, but what she had walked in on with her mom was fixed in her mind and she had to experience that for herself.

“Mom … I want him … inside me.”

Olivia smiled. Her daughter had been putting on such a tough act with her to keep her quiet and here she was like an earlier version seeking assistance. “On your hands and knees then, girl. And brace yourself. It’s like nothing you’ve ever felt.”

Patty had arrived at the end and she learned about the knot, but what else was her mom referring to? There had to be more the way she said that. Patty turned her hips and broke the contact with the dog’s lapping tongue. As she turned, she saw the dog watching her, looking over at Olivia, and back to Patty. She couldn’t get over the feeling that the dog knew what was coming and her imagination had him thinking about his luck to have two human bitches soon.

Her intense curiosity and the memory of her mother’s intense pleasure had control over her now. She moved to her hands and knees as instructed and glanced behind her as she felt the tongue on her pussy, again. She wiggled her butt and felt her mom pat it while tells the dog to ‘mount’. Whether the dog understood the word or not, it did jump onto Patty’s back and she immediately felt the pointy cock probing at her. She felt her mom behind her guiding the dog’s cock between her pussy lips and into her hole. As soon as the dog felt himself inside the warm, wet sheath of the pussy, he surged forward, driving his cock deep with a powerful stroke. His front legs wrapped around Patty’s waist as the dog began thrusting with a wild, frantic pace of fucking. Patty gasped at the feeling of it and moaned as she repositioned her knees and hands to steady herself against the onslaught of the dog-cock at her pussy.

She began moaning and groaning as the fucking didn’t slow. It was crazy. It was the strangest sensation she had ever experienced. It felt like a machine on her back locked on a high position driving the cock relentlessly into her. Then … she felt it. At first, her mind was slowed in recognizing what was happening. She felt something banging at her pussy, then remembered the knot, the ball of dog-flesh that forms at the base of the cock before it climaxes. The dog’s intention of getting the knot inside was clear and she wanted it, too. Her mom loved the knot, she said. Patty pressed back against the driving pressure of the dog and she could feel her pussy opening, stretching to take the forming ball. When it popped inside, that’s how it felt, she cried out. The stretching feeling was instantly gone and replaced by a fullness of the knot and the cock deeper inside her.

Patty was so close to orgasm. She felt the dog knot inside her moving the short distance it could and banging against her g-spot when she rotated her pelvis just so. She cried out as her body succumbed to the orgasm. Her pussy clenched around the cock and knot, holding it tight as her juices flooded them. At nearly the same time, she felt both cock and knot pulse and swell before spurt after spurt of warm, watery dog-cum was shot into her pussy.

Still tied to the dog, Patty watched as her still naked mother slithered underneath her so their heads were even. “How was it, Patty? What do you think of dogs now?”

Patty lowered her mouth to her mother’s and gave her a very un-daughterly kiss. “My God, mom! You were right. The knot was amazing. The fucking was unbelievable. My God!”

Olivia chuckled. “So, you aren’t telling dad?” Patty shook her head. “But you haven’t changed your mind about the other?” Patty shook her head with a growing sly smile.

“No way … you’re going to make up for lost time and I know how to make it happen.” They kiss, again, and while they did, Blackie pulled the knot out and with cum running out of her gaping pussy, Patty moaned into her Olivia’s mouth. Then, “We’re going to have so much fun …”

Before leaving, Patty gave her mother specific instructions she was to follow. When her father was gone, which was all workdays, Olivia was to be naked when inside the house and the backyard. This was something she was already doing on occasion, but being told to do it suddenly made the act more exciting. As a safeguard, she was allowed a loose housedress to be in the coat closet by the front door for when someone came to the door. When she left the house, she was to start wearing tighter tops and shorter skirts or shorts. She was encouraged to fuck the dog at least once a day and to try to manage that when her husband was home if he left the house for several hours for golfing or to the office. Suddenly, all the erotic things she sometimes indulged in were mandatory.

This went on for a couple weeks with Patty coming over to check on Olivia and to play with the dog together. The dog was becoming quite skilled in mating with a woman and could spend an amazing amount of time fucking and licking the two of them. Olivia began to relax as she settled into the routine her daughter had laid out for her. She loved being naked and fucking the dog. Somehow, being told was freeing for her and the enjoyment was somehow increased.

Then … it changed.


“In the kitchen, honey.”

This was nothing new. Since the big discovery that day and the uneasy shift in their relationship, Patty had been visiting Olivia more regularly. It was apparent to Olivia that the visits were a combination of her daughter’s equal desire to mate with the dog and her interest in seeing her mom complying with the expectations presented to her. To date those expectations had been limited to nudity around the house and mating with the dog daily, both things she already had enjoyed on a more limited basis. She was beginning to think her daughter had been all playful bluff.

Olivia heard shoes at the entry to the kitchen where she was cleaning the refrigerator and making a shopping list of things needing to be replaced. She absently turned her head to welcome Patty when … “Aaaiiiiieeee …” and she dodged behind the open refrigerator door. “Who … Patty, what …”

Patty just chuckled, “Mom, come on … that’s no way to greet someone into your home … This is Otis, a friend of mine.” Patty chuckled and moved to the refrigerator, pried the door from Olivia’s hands and closed it. “Otis, this is my mother, Olivia.”

Olivia stood naked … the only one naked. She gathered all her control and courage to step forward, with a guiding hand from her daughter, to shake the man’s hand. Instead, he pulled her into a hug with his hands roaming her bare back. Otis was the biggest black young man she had ever seen and being in his arms only reinforced the impression. He had to be 6’ 6” and close to 300 pounds but it was very solid as her body was telling her being pulled into it.

He released her so she could step back but only a step as he held her hand. Patty commented, “Otis is one of my friends I was telling you about who think mature women are hot. What do you think, Otis?”

Olivia self-consciously looked up at the man as he appraised her from head to feet. He smiled, “Ohhhh … yea, you were right, Patty, your mom is definitely a hot mature.”

“I knew you’d like her.” She flicked her eyes up, “The bedrooms are upstairs. Mom will show you their bedroom.”

Olivia’s reaction was immediate. Wait … what? … her eyes flashing to her daughter and she saw the look, the quiet self-assured look that the authority control in their relationship had shifted. And, in that moment, Olivia realized with resignation … her daughter hadn’t been all bluff after all. Olivia knew she had to gather herself quickly. She gripped the hand in hers a little tighter and led Otis out of the kitchen toward the stairs. She looked over her shoulder to find her daughter taking a beer out of the refrigerator and settling in a chair at the table, sending an approving look back.

As she led the way upstairs, his hand rested on her bare butt and gently stroked it. She couldn’t believe they were going to do this in the master bed she shared with Harold. Bizarrely, her mind started working on a check-list: open the windows later to air out the room, wash the sheets … When she had cheated with men before, she had always been careful that the meetings were never at the house. The reason why came rushing back. It felt doubly cheating to be with another man in their own house … maybe triply cheating in their bedroom.

She led him into the bedroom, released his hand to move to the bed and pull the cover off (the cover was much more difficult to wash). She turned to find him standing … waiting. He had made no effort to undress, unlike the other men who had been so anxious they became naked in an instant before she could change her mind. This one, Otis, stood expectantly, confidently, that she would do the work of undressing him and taking the initial lead. She weakly smiled and stepped to him. She loosened his belt and tugged his polo shirt out and up his upper body. He raised his arms to assist her in taking it off. He pulled her into his body, again. She felt her breasts and nipples spread against his muscled chest … his hard, black, muscled body. She found herself pressing her body into his, too. Her arousal spiked with her body against his and his hands roaming over her back. She felt her pussy moistening, preparing itself. Her body was anticipating even if her mind was still struggling with what was happening.

They kissed for several moments, her nipples becoming hard nubs against his skin. She broke the kiss and let her mind go and followed what her body was telling her. She unzipped his pants and sank to her knees, relieving him of his shoes and socks before lowering his pants and removing them. She ran her hands up both legs, over both strong thighs, and to his waist. She looked up his body to find him watching her with that damned self-confidence that seemed to turn her on even more. What was that about? Her daughter taking control excited her, now this man she only knew as her daughter’s friend exuding control and dominance. In that moment, her mind was losing her identity and her body was taking control, responding to her daughter’s expectation that she fuck this man, and responding to whatever control this man seemed to imparting onto her.

Without more thought, she seemed to submit to it all. She kissed his stomach. She kissed down over the waistband of his boxers and felt his cock underneath hanging down hidden. Her mouth became greedy as her kisses followed the shape of it down. It seemed huge, but … it couldn’t be … could it? She looked up his body, again. He was smiling down at her. Her fingers began pulling the waist band down, her lips began kissing each inch of newly exposed skin. When the base of his cock became exposed, her lips trailed behind the material. She let the boxers fall to the floor and she sat back on her heels, her hands holding the massive thing, her eyes wide and her mouth gasping. Her hands were wrapped around it and it was huge while soft. It was longer and thicker than any cock she had seen … and it was soft.

Her mouth returned to it, licking the length up and down several times before her lips parted and she took the head between them, her tongue now swirling around the head, her mouth sucking for the pre-cum forming there. She sucked hard and glanced up at him. Damn … that same self-assured look. He knew what his body … his cock … did to women.

She worked his cock with her mouth and hands like a whore seeking a big tip. When it was hard, he pulled her up into his body and they kissed. His cock pressed against her stomach sent a chilling shiver through her. It was huge. Both of her hands had been around it and she still could suck on the head. It was her forearm length. She suddenly began to doubt if she could even take it all inside her.

His hands weren’t the only ones roaming. Her hands sought out his skin as much as his did hers. She looked up and expressed her concern, “I don’t know if … if I can take you. You’re so much bigger than …” He kissed her to stop her. Then he assured her she would be able to. He said Patty has and does. She would have control by being on top. He softly reassured her with his words and soft, teasing kisses.

He moved to the bed and lay on the center, holding his cock straight up. Olivia looked at only it as she crawled onto the bed after him. Her eyes fixated on that black pole, her mind doubting, but her body demanding it to be inside her. Her body won out.

It was her and the cock, now. Nothing else. She swung her leg over Otis’s hips and took hold of the cock from him. She positioned her pussy over it and moved it back and forth until it sank barely into her hole. She bit her lower lip in anticipation and lowered her hips down an inch. The head, just the head, spread and stretched her opening and she gasped at the feeling of being so filled and it was only the head. She lowered herself another inch and sighed. Another inch. Another. She was panting with the feeling of fullness and stretching with each inch of penetration. She raised up and pressed down, up and down. She was gasping with the most intense arousal on a man’s cock. Only Blackie’s cock and knot had elicited such a feeling of fullness. She pressed down and looked between her legs. God! There were still inches outside and she felt the cock bumping her at the top of her uterus. She wiggled her hips while pressing down and taking inches more cock until she was finally sitting on his hips. She was gasping and panting, but a smile of achievement came over her face. But, if she had been able to see her face like Otis was, she might have been shocked by the lustful, depraved expression showing there.

Olivia began a deliberate rising up the length of his shaft and equally deliberate lowering down until it bottomed out inside her. Over and over she rose and lowered. Her head sagged back on her neck, her eyes closed in concentration on the sensation of the cock moving inside her tightly grasping pussy, her mouth gaping open, and her breath coming in raspy gasps. She was totally unaware of Patty standing in the doorway watching with a knowing smile on her face. She had to come and see for herself as her mom discovered the difference a big cock can make. She quietly turned and left with the satisfaction of knowing her mom was hooked. Yes, indeed, they were going to have fun.

When her mom came down the stairs naked, Patty was sitting in the family room. She dropped the National Geographic as Olivia plopped down in a nearby chair. Her hair was wet and her skin was rosy from an apparently hot shower. Patty only raised her eyebrows but Olivia knew what was being asked.

“My God, honey … it was like a pole up inside me.” Even though her skin was colored from the shower, Patty could see her mom blush as she realized how blatantly she was describing the experience, but it didn’t stop her. “The first time he let me have control and set the pace. I came twice on top of him. My God … Then he rolled us over and put my ankles over his shoulders and plowed into me as if he was trying to come out of my throat. It was one orgasm after another until he came inside me.” Patty raised her eyebrows, again. Olivia smiled knowingly, “It took me a while to recover after that but he had me lick his cock clean.” Olivia looked directly at her daughter, “I’ve never done anything like that. What an interesting taste … our mixed juices … good, though. I think I like it.” She blushed, again. “Then he took me into the shower. He pushed me to my knees under the water and I sucked him hard. He fucked me pressed up against the wall with the water spraying down on us.” She looked at her daughter with more showing in her eyes. “As we both came in the shower, he said … he said he has friends … friends who would also like a mature woman.” Olivia leaned forward toward her daughter, “Have you … I mean … yea, have you been with his friends, too?” Patty nodded with a very knowing smile.

After that, when Harold returned for the weekend, Olivia was as nervous as a stray cat who wandered into their backyard with Blackie outside. But nothing happened. He was as oblivious as always about her. He never indicated a desire to have sex and went about his affairs as if downloading his previous week into reports and assignments for others at the offices and preparing for the next week’s trip was all that was important. In between, he played a round of golf with his buddies and she had the opportunity to have Blackie mount her, which she had proudly reported to Patty via a text. Her life was very different now and she found herself distracted around Harold wondering what the coming week might hold for her, though Harold seemed completely unaware.

The question of what might come next was answered when Patty called on Monday. Olivia was distracted. She had intended to be cleaning her bathroom and had gotten halfway done when her mind went to being fucked by that monster cock in the shower. She had been stroking her pussy sitting in the shower when she heard her phone chime. She scrambled out of the bathroom and managed to answer it before going to voice mail. As she picked the phone up, prepared to swipe it active, she saw it was her daughter.

“Hi, honey.”

“Hi, mom. What were you doing? I thought this was going to voice mail … mom, what WERE you doing?”

Not that Patty could see, but Olivia blushed. Was she going to admit it? Could she admit it? Patty pushed. “I was cleaning the shower … I … I started thinking … remembering … Otis … I was stroking myself …” She heard Patty chuckle. “Oh God … what’s happening to me? I let a man I didn’t even know fuck me … repeatedly. I can’t stop thinking about how he felt, honey.”

Patty laughed at her mom’s bewilderment. “I know, mom. I know. It’s exciting, though, isn’t it?”

Olivia gasped out, “Oh, yes … my God, yes … this is so much more. It’s a little scary, too.”

“Don’t worry, mom. This is exciting for me, too. Together we can do things we might not alone.” Olivia sighed. She wasn’t sure what was meant by that, but she had to admit her excitement. Even her confession to the daughter was exciting. “Which brings me to the reason for calling. Otis is on the line, too.” Olivia blushed deeply. Oh, no. He heard her confession about masturbating to his memory?

“Hey, Liv … Patty said your friends call you ‘Liv’. I think we might be friends now?”

Olivia nodded, then remembered she needed to be verbal. “Yes … yes, I think we should be friends now …”

She heard him chuckle. God, how would she face him again after he heard her talk about him and …

“Mom, Otis had an idea I think will be fun for us. He has a regular card game with three friends and this week is at his place. He thought we could be there and act like hostesses. You know … get them drinks, snacks, and … you know … keep them happy.” Patty giggled. But Patty didn’t really give Olivia a chance to accept or reject or question the idea. “Hey, Otis, what would be appropriate for us to wear?”

“Nothing. Wearing nothing would be most appropriate.”

Patty giggled, again. “Well, we can’t do that. We have to get to your place, first. Mom, I’ll give you a call with the details.” Again, there was no waiting for her reply. The line went dead. She stood looking at her naked self in the mirror still holding the phone. Her nipples were hard and her pussy mound was glistening from the attention she had been giving herself sitting on the floor of the shower. What was happening to her? Clearly, Otis had the expectation that she and Patty would be naked hostesses for his card game with his friends and the implication of that was also clear. She would be made available to three more men she didn’t know. God, she was horny! This time she went to her bottom dresser drawer and the dildo she had hidden there. She lay on the bed and turned the vibration on and jammed the toy into her pussy with a gasp of anticipated relief.

The night of the card game had Olivia standing in her bedroom before her vanity. She was dressed as Patty had directed. She had a string of artificial pearls dangling between her breasts, dangling earrings, thigh-high, white stockings, and her highest heels (four inches). That was all. She could feel her pussy drooling in anticipation of this decadent act she was about to undertake. She heard the front door open and close and Patty call out for her. She left her room and descended the stairs carefully in the heels she hadn’t worn much since Harold stopped caring about her looking sexy. Patty was standing at the bottom of the stairs and opening her raincoat, she was dressed similarly underneath. Olivia was nervous but Patty was smiling. She was now holding Olivia’s raincoat for her to put on. They were both leaving the house covered with a raincoat cinched at the waist and not much else.

On the way, Patty’s phone chimed. She fished it out of the console between them and handed it to Olivia. She noticed it was Otis as she activated it. “Hi, Otis, this is Liv.”

“I’m guessing Patty must be driving. Okay, listen … would you two be dolls and stop to pick up some chips? I completely forgot.”

“Uhmm … I guess so … yea.” After thanking her, the line went dead. She relayed the request to Patty.

She laughed, “He’s playing with us, already. Teasing us with exhibitionism. Even though we’re technically covered, we’ll feel exposed by knowing how little we have on. There’s a Quik Stop, we’ll pull in there.” Olivia shook her head. Now she was walking into a convenience store dressed like this?

They arrived at Otis’s place before the others were scheduled. He had a nice home in a quiet suburban neighborhood. Otis took their coats at the door and they were nearly naked … no, Olivia really felt naked, not nearly. Otis gave them a tour of the house, then provided his last instructions as the doorbell rang for the first time. As instructed, both Olivia and Patty opened the front door and greeted the first guest. Otis had only told the three men he had a surprise for the evening and being greeted by two naked white women certainly filled that billing.

The evening began fairly tame given the situation with the women being ogled as they delivered drinks and snacks but escalated after a half hour to roaming hands on their bare skin. While the women were both in the kitchen at one point about an hour into the card game, something must have been said by Otis because the roaming hands became freely exploring hands and fingers. Soon, the game was being interrupted and delayed as the women were pulled into laps for kissing and fondling. Patty giggled at the attention of the men from the start. It took Olivia a little longer but even she succumbed to the mouth and finger attention until she too was sitting on laps with legs open and freely accepting the probing fingers of the men.

Shortly after that, the pretense of the card game evaporated and each woman was taken to a separate bedroom in the house with two men. Olivia was led away by two men she had only met that night and felt totally wanton but extremely aroused by the entire evening. And it was only going to get better from that point on. After the men stripped and she used her mouth and hands to fully arouse both cocks, for a moment she sat back on her heels and gazed at two more black cocks. Before Otis, she had never even wondered about black cocks and now it seemed they were becoming regularly available to her. These two weren’t as big as Otis’s but much bigger than Harold.

She was moved to the made bed. She pulled the covers back, as she would have done at home, and crawled into the center on her back. One man moved between her spread thighs while the other moved to her head. She watched as the man moved his cock over her pussy, then into her hole. She gasped as it penetrated and moved in and out until it was deep inside her. I hand on her forehead tilted her to one side where she found the other hard cock. She opened her mouth to accept it. After a while, she had no idea how long, the two men switched positions. She’d never been with two men and this was tremendously arousing and stimulating. The continuous rotational fucking sent her arousal through the roof but the change allowed them to hold off their own climax. Olivia orgasmed twice before the men began plowing harder into her for their own climaxes.

She was cuddled between the two men when Patty appeared at the door. She was all smiles but looked bedraggled and mussed. When Olivia glanced down the girl’s body, she could easily see the sheen of fluids between her thighs at her pussy. She crawled onto the bed and began making out with her mother, then said it was time to switch. Four men. Olivia realized she was going to have sex with four men that night. She scooted off the bed but stopped at the door to look back at her daughter who was already being consumed by the two men she had just fucked. Olivia shook her head but her face had a big smile on it.

The next day, Olivia was in the backyard weeding one of the flower beds. She was on her hands and knees with earbuds playing one of her favorite blues mixes. She was feeling very content about herself and her new secret life when she nearly jumped over the privacy fence at the touch on her butt. With a racing heart, she turned to find Patty laughing. Taking the buds out of her ears, she could hear the apology being repeated to her. Olivia stood and was embraced by her daughter. She hugged her clothed daughter and only then was reminded that she was naked. Having her daughter take charge and instruct her to remain naked, be mounted by the dog, and be available to her friends seemed to take the responsibility of those actions away and release her to enjoy the situations. Even going into the convenience store nearly naked was only possible because she was told to have to do it. It was a strange thing to give control to her daughter rather than the other way around but it made it exciting.

Inside the house, after cleaning her hands and knees, they sat at the dinette table with ice tea. Patty asked how Olivia was feeling about the night with the four men, Olivia said she actually had a lot of fun. Patty became pensive, then, “I got worried. I am worried. It seemed that you enjoyed it … a lot, actually … but I am worried about what is happening with us. So, I decided, we’ll stop this. Your secret from dad is safe, but I don’t want you to ever regret what you do because I tell you to do it. I don’t want to risk that, mom.”

Olivia stood up and moved to her daughter, taking her head and hugging her into her nakedness. She then knelt beside her and looked her in the eyes. “And here I have been feeling so content and happy about myself and what has been happening, honey. I don’t want it to stop. If you want to back off a bit and bring ideas or offers to me, that’s fine, too. You’re doing me a favor as it turns out. I’m released to do things without the guilt of going on the prowl. I’m not sure any of this makes sense as I verbalize it but it is how I feel.”

“Are you sure?” Olivia nodded. Then, Patty’s face beamed with something she seemed bursting to let out. Finally, “Well … in that case … when is dad scheduled to be gone over a weekend?” Olivia responded that it was soon, the weekend after next. “Otis said a friend of his has an acreage and a pool. They want to have a blowout party before the end of summer. Just a bunch of guys. Well, almost just a bunch of guys.” Patty’s smile increased, impossibly. “He said, it’s a perfect spot to bring a dog.”

Olivia’s mouth gaped, “You told him about the dog?”

“Yea … he thinks that would be great for the party, too.”

Olivia gazed at nothing on the other side of the kitchen and asked, “How many is a bunch?”

Patty chuckled. She now knew her mom was going to do it. “Just us and 10 – 12 guys. Well, plus Blackie.”

Olivia smiled as she sat down asking for details ….


* * * More MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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