Roxanne Rocks My World



Former pornstar actress, Roxanne Hall is my MILF next door neighbor that has been trying to have sex with me every day since she moved next door while I sexually fantasize about her fucking my ass with a strapon.

Hey there! This is another sex story thats based on one of my sexual fantasies. This sexual fantasy that this sexy story is based on is about me getting my ass fucked by another one of my favorite pornstars. The beautiful British MILF, Roxanne Hall. When I have this sexual fantasy about Roxanne Hall, I use a huge and long black veiny dildo with a suction cup or my twelve inch ejaculating dildo while taking a nice, steamy, and relaxing hot shower.

In this sex story, Roxanne Hall is my British MILF next door neighbor that used to be a big time pornstar. She comes over to my house occasionally wearing super revealing clothes and dresses that show off her huge boobs and her sexy ass which I’m always staring at when Roxanne isn’t paying attention.

I heard a knocking coming from my front doors. I opened the doors to see my beautiful and sexy British MILF neighbor, Roxanne Hall. She smiled at me.

“Hey, Ricky!” Roxanne said.

“Hey there, Roxanne!” I said.

Roxanne was wearing a very revealing white dress that shows off her cleavage and her sexy ass. We hugged each other. I could feel her huge breasts being pressed against my chest.

“Come on in, Roxanne!” I said.

Roxanne walked inside my house. She walked in front of me and stopped to adjust her shoe by bending over and showing off her sexy ass. I stared directly at her ass.

I swear, Roxanne comes over to my house at least once a day to visit me, hoping to have sex with me but she never succeeds.

“So, have you had any lucky ladies over lately?” Roxanne asked.

“No, not lately. Honestly, you’re probably the only lady that comes over anymore,” I said.

“Well, that’s good to know,” Roxanne said.

Roxanne and I both sat down in the living room on my couch. She scooted over next me.

“It must be pretty lonely in a house by yourself,” Roxanne said.

“Eh, not really. I enjoy the quiet,” I said.

“Yeah, but you’ve got to at least be missing certain people. A girlfriend perhaps? Someone that you occasionally have sex with?” Roxanne said.

“Um, nope. I’m not missing anybody,” I said.

I started staring down Roxxane’s dress, looking at her huge boobs. Oh, man, would I love to play with those bad boys. Roxanne turned her head and faced me as I quickly stopped staring at her huge boobs. Roxanne takes off her white high heel shoes and started rubbing her feet.

“Aw, shit. I forgot that I’ve got a casserole burning in the oven. I’ll see you later, mate,” Roxanne said.

Roxanne picked up her shoe and left my house. As she was walking away, I stared at her sexy ass. The longer I stared at her ass the more I fantasized about Roxanne fucking me with a strapon. As soon as she went through my front door, I got up and went upstairs into my bedroom. I opened up my dresser drawer full of my sex toys. I chose a humongously huge, long and veiny black dildo. I quickly went to my bathroom and started running a nice, warm and steamy shower. I got naked and got inside my shower. I laid down on my back, in the tub and spread my legs. I gently shoved my dildo inside of me and started fucking myself fast, deep, and hard with my dildo. I started moaning very loudly because my dildo was hitting me right in my g-spot.

After an hour had passed, Roxanne showed back up at my house unannounced.

“Oi, Ricky! I forgot my other shoe. I’m just here to grab it,” Roxanne said loudly.

Roxanne heard nothing as she grabbed her shoe.

“Ricky? You here, mate?” Roxanne asked.

Roxanne heard some noises coming upstairs. She thought it could possibly be an intruder so Roxanne walked upstairs to check and see where the noises were coming from. She followed the noises to my bathroom where she saw a cloud of steam rolling underneath my bathroom door. She quietly opened my bathroom door and snuck inside my bathroom as she heard me moaning. She peeked through the shower curtains and had seen me fucking myself with my black dildo.

“Oh, Roxanne…” I moaned.

Roxanne was shocked and surprised at what she was seeing. Her eyes and her mouth were wide open from the shock and surprise. I kept calling out her name as I was pleasing myself. The longer she watched me please myself, the more sexually aroused she got. She started lifting up her dress and started gently rubbing her pussy. Then she got an idea. If I sexually fantasize about her fucking my ass with a sex toy, then she was going to make that fantasy come true. She stopped rubbing her pussy and yanked my shower curtains open catching me in the act.

“Oh, my fucking God! Roxanne, what are you doing?!” I asked loudly.

“So this is what you like to do when you’re home alone, eh? Relieving yourself with a big black dildo while fantasizing about me?” Roxanne said angrily.

“Oh, my God! Roxanne, I am so sorry!” I said.

I tried covering up my dildo with my legs and my dick with my hands but Roxanne stopped me from doing both.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

Roxanne stared at my dick while and my dildo. She bit her bottom lip and gave me a seductive look in her eyes.

“Did you know that I used to be a pornstar, Ricky?” Roxanne said.

“What does that have to do with anything?” I asked.

“I was once one of the most famous professional pornstars back in the day. I was a pornstar that got her start in the eighties and nineties and the early two thousands. I started out as a young hot British woman with a pretty face that every man and woman wanted to fuck. But as time went my body changed to hot and young to worn out and old. Sure, I had some roles in porn every bow and then but not as much roles as I had back then. My pornstar career started to decline by the twenty-tens. Now, nobody wants to fuck me, because they all think that my body is worn out and that I now fuck for shit. We’ll, I’m going to prove them wrong.. By fucking you, Ricky, with my big black cock. I can still have sex like I did in the eighties. Back in the eighties, I would fuck anyone with a big throbbing cock. I would get double penetrated, I would swallow huge loads of cum, I would have an anal orgasm so intense that I had to stop my male co-star from fucking me any further, I couldn’t handle it, I would get my pussy creampied. One of my most famous double penetration porn videos that I did? It was a superhero porn parody about Batman and Superman. I got casted in the role of Catwoman. In the porn video, Batman and Robin need information and they had to double penetrate and both of my fuckholes to get some information. I felt young again while wearing that slutty Catwoman suit. I have also had lesbian sex with any woman that I was told to or wanted to. I even had lesbian strapon sex. I was once told by one woman that I had fucked with the same strapon that I am wearing had told me that I really knew how to use a strapon. Is that what you want me to do to you, eh? You want me to fuck you with my strapon?” Roxanne asked angrily.

“Roxanne, your not old and worn out. You are a beautiful and an incredibly sexy MILF with an amazing set of huge boobs, and ridiculously sexy ass. I think you’re one of the most beautiful women that I have ever met. Ever since you first moved in next door, I’ve always had this sexual fantasy of you and I. In my sexual fantasy, you fuck me in my ass with a huge, very long, and black veiny strapon. I sexually fantasize you fucking me like you fucked Lily Labeau in that one lesbian strapon porn video you did together. Ever since I first saw the first porn video of you I’ve ever watched of you was a porn video of you in the eighties. In this porn video, you were outside enjoying nature with the perfect weather while fully nude and then I saw you going down on two guys that eventually double penetrated you. I thought you were pretty back in the day. And your more recent porn videos that have look like what you do right now more? I think you are flat out one of the most beautiful and sexiest woman that I have ever seen. Ever since I saw your porn video of you fucking Lily Labeau with your strapon, I’ve always wanted you to fuck me with a strapon like that,” I said.

Roxanne smiled and laughed.

“So, you knew that I used to be a professional pornstar, eh?” Roxanne asked.

“Oh, yeah! When you first came over to introduce yourself as my new next door neighbor, it was like a dream come true,” I said.

Roxanne bit her bottom lip and looked into my eyes seductively.

“So, what was your favorite porn video of mine? Lemme guess, the Catwoman double penetration porn video?” Roxanne said.

“Actually, no. My favorite porn video of you is where you’re acting as a MILF stepmother that catches your stepson masterbating to a nude magazine in the living room. At first, you are rather upset that your stepson was jerking himself off in the living room and you asked him if that was how his father raised him. You then show him your sexy ass and you tell him to grab your ass. You tell your stepson that he was going to be in a lot of trouble if his father found out. Your stepson asked you not to tell him, you’re like “Yeaaah” and you started sucking your stepson’s dick and then you fuck him and after a little over thirty minutes had passed, your stepson cums inside of your pussy. Sometimes imagine thats me as your stepson and your my hot and sexy MILF stepmother. But instead, I imagine that you catch me fully naked with my legs spread wide open while I was using your twelve inch ejaculating white and veiny dildo in the living room. As you catch me in the living room, I made your dildo ejaculate fake cum deep inside of me. You raised your arms in the air and gave me such a pissed off look. You yell at me for using your ejaculating dildo. I told you that I was so sorry as I pulled your ejaculating dildo out of my ass, which causes my ass leaking a small puddle of fake cum all over the couch. You then called me a dumb fuck. You made me sit on the couch until you came back out fully nude and wearing an fifteen inch ejaculating white strapon. You force me into getting my ass fucked by your ejaculating strapon. I am resistant towards you and your strapon and tried fighting against you but you managed to pin me down on the couch as you forced your ejaculating strapon inside of me. You fucked my tight little hole fast, hard and deep causing me to yell loudly and I try begging you to stop. You said that I liked using other people’s sex toys to fuck your ass then a sex toy up your ass is what I’ll get. After the first ten minutes of you fucking me with your strapon, I was resistant and trying not to enjoy it. But after twenty minutes, I give in and beg you to fuck me faster, harder and deeper inside of me. You smiled as you started fucking my hole faster, harder and deeper inside of me causing me to moan incredibly loud. When its been well over thirty minutes, you shoved your ejaculating strapon deeper inside of me and ejaculate a huge fat load of fake cum inside of my ass. My ass aches everytime I have a sexual fantasy about you,” I said

Roxanne laughed and smiled.

“You really want me to fuck your arse with a strapon, don’t yah?” Roxanne asked.

“Yes, I do,” I said.

“Well, if that’s what you want then that’s what you’ll bloody get! Stay here and don’t move,” Roxanne commanded.

Roxanne left my house and went back home. She opened a drawer full of sex toys that she had used in her past pornographies. She searched through the drawer until she found a ridiculously humongously huge, very long and black veiny strapon. She quickly walked back to my house, back to my upstairs bathroom.

“Roxanne, are you and I going to do what I think we’re going to do?” I asked.

“I’m going to bloody fuck the shit out of you. That’s what,” Roxanne said.

Roxanne stripped herself naked revealing her sexy MILF body. I stared at her incredibly beautiful body. She has an amazing set of boobs, a sexy ass, and a fine looking pussy. My dick got super hard just staring at Roxanne while naked. Roxanne noticed that I was staring at her while naked and smirked.

“You like my body, eh?” Roxanne asked.

“I’m not gonna lie to you, Roxanne. You have an amazing and incredibly sexy and beautiful body,” I said.

Roxanne strapped on her strapon and got into the shower with me. She closed the shower curtains.

“Stand up so I can lay down in the tub,” Roxanne commanded

I stood up on my feet as Roxanne layed down in the tub.

“Now, get in the cowgirl position,” Roxanne commanded.

I got into the cowgirl sex position. I hovered my ass over her strapon. I stared at Roxanne’s strapon. It was a ridiculously huge, very long, and veiny black strapon. My ass was aching for it to be fucked by Roxanne’s strapon. I lowered my body towards her strapon. Roxanne grabbed her strapon and barely pushed the tip of her strapon to my fuckhole, not even penetrating me yet. Roxanne wait a few seconds and then she forced her strapon deep inside of me which caused me to shout loudly as I was surprised at how hard Roxanne penetrated me. She started fucking me fast, hard, and very deep. I was moaning loudly.

“How do you like me fat black cock? Feels good, eh?” Roxanne said seductively.

I laughed.

“I can’t lie to you, Roxanne. You’re doing a good job so far but I was expecting you to be better at using a strapon,” I insulted.

“Oh, yeah? You think that’s all I’ve got? Well, there’s bloody more where that came from,” Roxanne said angrily.

Roxanne grabbed ahold of my waist and forced her strapon all the way up inside of me and started fucking me faster and harder, like no one ever has. I was yelling and screaming as I felt sexual pleasure. I grabbed Roxxane’s huge boobs and squeezed them as she was fucking my soul out of my body. I looked down at my lower body and saw that her strapon was making my belly bulge. Which turned me on even more.


“You’re goddamn right my cock feels good. Now shut up and kiss me while I’m fucking you,” Roxanne commanded.

I got my face close to Roxxane’s face and we started French kissing each other while she was fucking my tight fuckhole. I moaned loudly while we were making out, while our tongues swapped. I just sat there getting my ass fucked, squeezing her boobs while making out with her. The feeling of doing all three of those things at once, really turned me on for some reason.

My legs started to shake while Roxanne was still fucking me with her strapon. I knew what was happening to my body. I was about to start having an intense anal orgasm. I started screaming loudly as the urge to have an anal orgasm increased.


Roxanne gave me a sexy yet evil smirk on her face.

“Don’t slow down, eh?” Roxanne said.

Immediately after Roxanne said that, she started fucking my tight little hole even faster than before causing me to yell and scream incredibly loud because I started having a very intense anal orgasm. My whole body was violently shaking, my legs were shaking the worst. I started holding my breath in causing my all of face to turn red for a few seconds. I had to remember how to breathe as I took a deep breath and moaned and quivered loudly.

Roxanne removed her strapon from my body as I layed down next to Roxanne while being warmed up by the hot water.

“Roxxane?” I said.

“Yeah, Ricky?” Roxanne said.

I laughed and smiled.

“You really know how to use a strapon,” I said.

Roxanne smiled.

“Trust me. I am well aware,” Roxanne said.

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