Daddy’s Honey ? Pot


I was just getting out of the shower, and on my way to bed, the first time Daddy tasted me. I had climed half-way out when my foot slipped on the wet floor. I did a perfect split and my pink little cunt slammed down hard on the rim of the bathtub. Never before had I felt pain like that between my legs. I started to cry uncontrollably as I sat there, completely bare, still dripping wet from my shower. Daddy rushed in when he heard me, and for a moment, all he could do was stare; my hands clutched between my legs, as tears rolled down my pale, rosy cheeks. As I saw him standing there, enthralled by the site of my smooth, naked, wet body, I cried out, practically begging for him to relieve my pain; “Daaadddyy!! It hurts! Pleaase!!”

His distracted mind quickly snapped to my attention, realizing what had happened to his sweet little girl. Daddy snatched me up into his arms, gently kissing me on my cheeks. As I wrapped my arms around his neck, squeezing onto him tightly, he carried me into my bedroom, still sopping wet and writhing in pain. He whispered into my ear; “Oh babygirl, you’re alright, Daddy’s here now, Daddy has you baby.” I was still sobbing as he laid me down onto my queen sized bed. My petite body stretched almost perfectly across the width of the bed, the heels of my feet barely hanging off the side. He leaned over me, brushing my wet black hair from my face, and kissed my tear streaked cheeks again. He looked into my eyes with a soft, sweet smile and told me; “Don’t worry honey, everything will be alright.” Then, slowly and gently, Daddy started to spread my legs open; “Let Daddy look at you baby, come on honey, let me see where it hurts you.” I just laid there, quietly sobbing, as he spread my legs as wide as he could get them, while my sheets soaked up the remaining beads of water that rolled off of my young, perky body. Gently but firmly, Daddy pressed his thumbs up and down on my groin muscles, making sure nothing had been broken. As he went along, massaging my groin with his thumbs, he asked; “Does this hurt baby? How about this? And how does that feel?” Daddy concluded that, aside from being a little sore, I was fine, I hadn’t broken anything.

As he stood over me, staring down at my petite naked body, I started to feel a bit strange; a slight mix between nervousness and embarrassment came over me. He noticed my gaze and just smiled sweetly, as he reassuringly exclaimed that I shouldn’t worry, he was going to make it feel better. I just layed there, wiping the tears from my face, as I stared into his eyes, my legs still spread wide for him. He held my gaze as he slowly knelt down beside my bed, his belly leaning against my mattress. He continued to massage me, his hands firmly caressing my thighs and groin. He smiled, and then leaned his face in close to my pretty little pussy. Daddy started to kiss me along my groin, pressing his soft, moist lips against my smooth skin. He moved his lips to my right thigh, and then to my left, slowly kissing up and down the length of each one. I could feel the pain starting to disappear as he continued to kiss and rub my legs, purposely avoiding my sore little cunt. He started to massage me in a circular motion on either side of my sweet, pink pussy, gently spreading my juicy lips apart with each new circle of his thumbs. I could feel the juice collecting at my tight little hole as Daddy kissed and massaged me into a state of delirium.

I barely knew what was happening to me, before Daddy had my sweet little pussy practically begging him for more. My eyes were closed now, and a deep, intense look of concentration overtook my face. He lifted his head for a moment, just watching me, with a fierce, lustful, rapacious expression stretched across his face. His eyes explored my young, beautiful, petite body, admiring my soft, pale skin, and my perfect, stiff little nipples. He lowered his face between my legs again, closed his eyes and took a long, deep breath, inhaling the sweet scent of my virgin little cunt. Daddy opened his eyes, and gently spread my pussy lips apart with his thumbs, watching as my sweet juices gathered against my tight, innocent fuck hole, and then dripped, down to my cute, pink, puckered asshole. His voice, though demanding, was quite comforting as he spoke; “That’s it baby, just relax. Your Daddy has you, everything will be alright, Daddy will make it all feel better.” His wet, hot tongue licked up and down my thighs, passionately sucking on them until I was sure he had left a hickey or two. It was obvious that he wanted my sweet little pussy worked up into a frenzy, soaking through my bedsheets, before he gave me any real satisfaction.

I started to twitch and squirm as his tongue sucked and licked my thighs, gently nibbling and squeezing them. He slowly worked his way onto the bed as his lips travelled further up my body; licking across my belly, sucking and biting me tenderly. his tongue molesting and drooling against my belly button. his firm hands caressing my hips and waist as he kissed and licked each one of my ribs. sucking and massaging underneath each breast, his tongue steadily travelling up between them, gently kissing and sucking on my cleavage. slowly, making his way to my neck bone, his hands massaging the sides of my breasts as his mouth enjoyed my neck, biting and sucking on me like a beast possessed, overcome with an insatiable lust. My naked, eager body layed underneath him now, as he slobbered and sucked against my earlobe. He hadn’t realized his body’s almost intuitive progression, steadily moving itself on top of me, until he felt me squirming beneath him, softly moaning into his ear. I could feel the hesitation in his lips, and his body tense up, as a sudden surge of guilt rushed through his veins. The possessed beast had broke from his trance, and I could feel his lust retreating, overwhelmed by the conflictions that his virtuous conscience presented.

I couldn’t bear it, he had brought me too far. Engulfed in ecstacy, my innocent, eager body was begging for more of him. I needed, and wanted, him to finish what he had started. I could feel his heart, pounding inside his chest, as his body hovered over mine, struggling with the overbearing desire to continue his debauchery. Before he could lift himself off of me, in a last attempt to save what was left of his morality, & my innocence, my hands grabbed ahold of his body; my right hand found its way underneath his t-shirt, gently scratching and rubbing his back, as my left hand caressed his neck, my fingers running through his hair, gently pulling on it as my lips latched onto his earlobe, sucking, licking, and gently nibbling on him, before whispering a soft, sweet little moan into his ear; “Pleeaase Daddy, make it feel better.” I was trembling underneath him now, as my tongue sucked and licked on his neck. With only a few more soft, sweet moans, and a gentle bite near his collar bone, Daddy couldn’t control himself anymore. He pushed my arms above my head and held my wrists down as he forced his tongue into my mouth. It was hot and wet, and so eager to be inside of me that I nearly choked as he pumped it up and down my throat. We moaned and groaned, our lips vibrating against eachother, as our tongues intertwined. My breath was quick, and my perky little tits heaved in excitement underneath his grasp, quickly grabbing his attention. His mouth moved down my body again, circling and flicking his tongue against my pink, stiff nipples, licking and biting them, before passionately sucking and caressing each of my breasts. He gently squeezed and pinched my nipples while he sucked, as if half expecting my perky little tits to start gushing sweet warm milk down his throat.

I moaned uncontrollably as Daddy’s tongue curiously explored my body. He was relentless, sucking and teasing me with his tongue until he was once again staring at my sweet little pussy. Without hesitation, Daddy firmly pressed his lips against my hot, pink, juicy little cunt. All I could do was lay there, my body trembling, as my hot, wet little cunt was gently kissed for the first time. Daddy stared up at my face as he pressed his soft, warm lips firmly between my legs. He kept on, giving soft, gentle kisses, as my hot little pussy gushed with delight. I started to caress my breasts, spreading my legs even wider as Daddy kissed my sweet little mound. He watched my body squirm for him as it enjoyed his playful lips, and then, I couldn’t help but start to beg for it; “Pleeaasse, ooh pleeaassee Daddy, ooohhh Daddy, pleaaseee!” I didn’t have to say anything else, he knew what I wanted from him, the same thing he’d been craving. He lowered his lips to my cute little clit, and gave one last playful kiss, before slipping his tongue between my pussy lips and finally tasting his sweet, juicy little girl. I was overcome with ecstacy as his tongue glided up and down my hot, juicy slit.

He spread my cute little mound apart with his thumbs, groaning with pleasure as he firmly pressed his tongue against my tight hole. Daddy licked and sucked at my hot little pussy, slurping my sweet juices down his throat as I twitched and moaned underneath his grasp.

I could feel my sweet pussy juice gushing from my tight little fuck spot. He sucked on me like I was his own, personal little honey pot. His tongue circled and licked at my virgin hole, pushing and probing it until my sweet, tight little cunt finally gave way. I cooed his name as his tongue pushed deeper and deeper into the depths of me; “Daaddyy, mmmm, ooohh Dadddyyy!” His tongue licked and sucked, massaging my insides, forcing more of my sweet juices to squirt into his mouth. He gently slid his middle finger inside of me, caressing and working my g-spot as he commanded me; “That’s it babygirl, give all that sweet, delicious juice to Daddy. Come on baby, let it out, let Daddy have it.” My pussy started to leak again, and as Daddy’s mouth moved down for another taste, his tongue and finger gently pleasuring my sweet, hot little cunt, I couldn’t help but experience my first orgasm. I moaned and bucked my hips against his lips uncontrollably. Daddy was in awe, his finger not daring to move from my g-spot as he slurped up everything that my tight little hole could squirt out for him.

As my orgasm came to a finish, I just laid there, soaking wet and completely exhausted. I was still wrapped up in my own little world of wonderment when I realized that Daddy’s naked body was climbing on top of me. This was the first time I had ever seen his cock; it was hard, long, and thick. It twitched and throbbed as he positioned it between my wide open legs. I hadn’t a clue of what was about to happen. I was still whirling from the intensity of my orgasm as Daddy laid on top of me, kissing and sucking on my neck and earlobe once again. I could feel my pussy start to drip again as his hands ran across my body, firmly massaging and fondling my breasts and ass. I was practically gasping for air now as my body squirmed and heaved with pleasure, ready and set to go for round 2. I started to rock my hips up into him and I felt the head of his cock brush against my hot, wet pussy lips. He brought his hips down a little lower, his cock slowly sliding up and down against my soaked little cunt. It felt sooo good as I bucked my hips into his, trying desperately to hump my sweet little pussy against his hard, throbbing dick. He slipped his hand between my legs as he sucked on my neck, gently slipping one, then two fingers inside of me. I had no idea that Daddy was trying to prepare my sweet, tight little cunt for the pain it was about to endure. It felt slightly uncomfortable as his fingers probed and stretched my pussy, urging my tight little fuck hole to open for him.

He did this until my pussy drenched his fingers, all the while sucking and kissing all over my body. Finally he grabbed his cock and started to rub it against my cunt, up and down, using my juices to lubricate his thick and ready cock. I just laid there, moaning and unsuspecting as I enjoyed the feel of his warm, thick dick rubbing against me. He kissed my cheeks, and then my lips, forcing his tongue into my mouth. It was the perfect distraction; I desperately sucked and licked back against his tongue, barely feeling Daddy’s cock slowly and firmly pushing its way inside of me. Then, with one thrust, Daddy popped the head of his cock into my sweet little pussy and I let out a surprised and painful little shriek. His hand quickly wrapped around my mouth, hushing my cries as he tried to calm me down; “Shhh, don’t worry baby, you’re okay, you’re alright. It won’t hurt for much longer honey, don’t worry okay?, Daddy’s gonna make it better, just relax.” My body was tense now, I was in a sheer panic as Daddy held me there, kissing my face and begging me to relax. Another thrust into my tight little hole, and tears started to roll down my face again. I squirmed desperately, trying to push him away as he held me tighter, nearly crushing me with his weight.

He was nervous now, I could feel it, but I saw in his eyes that his mind was made up, he was going to bury his cock deep inside of me, whether or not he had to force it. He pushed the head of his cock in and out of me, trying to get my sore little hole to enjoy it. It hurt too much, I couldn’t help but cry. He laid still for a moment, kissing my cheeks and wiping my tears away. “Just lay still baby girl, relax your body okay? Daddy wants this to feel good for us both. Take nice deep breaths, okay baby?, just relax.” I did as he said. I tried to relax my body and started to take long, slow, deep breaths. He removed his hand from my mouth and kissed me again, slowly pushing his cock a little bit deeper inside of me. I wrapped my arms around his neck and held onto him tightly as I wept into his ear; “It hurtss Daddyyy, it’s hurting meee! Pleeasee Daddy, pleeaasee just make it feel better!” He held me tight against him, kissing and whispering into my ear; “Ohh my sweet girl. Alright baby, just hold onto Daddy tight, it won’t hurt for long.” He gently thrusted and worked his hips between my legs, forcing himself deeper and deeper into my tight little cunt. I held onto him and sobbed into his neck as his cock gently fucked its way inside of me. Daddy squeezed me tighter and with one deep thrust, his cock ripped through my virgin little pussy, popping my tight, sweet little cherry into pieces. It felt as if someone had punched all the air out of me. I squeezed his neck tighter, gasping and trembling from the pain as Daddy tried to calm me; “Easy girl, breathe, take a nice deep breath. You’re okay baby.” He started to thrust gently again, his thick cock slowly making love to my aching little hole. He was sucking on my neck and ear again as I closed my eyes, I could feel my pussy getting wet again as he gently pumped his cock in and out of me.

I started to twitch and squirm beneath him, and before I knew it, my hips were rocking and bucking into his. My sweet little cunt humped and fucked back against Daddy’s dick as I started to beg him; “Faster Daddy, go faster, push it into me, harder, pleaasse.” Like instinct I wrapped my legs around his waist and started to fuck my pussy onto his cock. He held my wrists down and started to force himself deep inside of me, as hard as he could. We were speechless, grunting and moaning as we fucked at each other like wild animals lost in a fit of lust. I bit down on my lip as I watched him, staring into my eyes while his cock forced the innocence out of my sweet little pussy. I was overcome with emotion, and using the last bit of breath I had, I moaned loudly into his ear; “It’s cumming again! Oh Daddy, don’t stop! Pleeaasseee, ooohhh Daaadddyyyy!!” He fucked me even harder, holding me tight against his body as he felt my tight little pussy enjoying its first orgasm against his cock. He whispered into my ear as he neared his orgasm; “OH Baby Girl!, That’s it honey! Let Daddy make it all better!! Mmm Honey!” He started to moan and grunt, thrusting harder and harder, and then I could feel it, his cock twitched as Daddy unloaded his warm hot cum deep inside of me. He held me down as he commanded me; “Take Daddy’s cum baby, that’s right honey, let Daddy put it deep inside of you. That sweet little cunt milks Daddy’s dick soo well baby!” And with a few more thrusts, we were finished. Daddy brought his face back down between my legs, licking and cleaning up my messy little pussy. His tongue felt nice and soothing against my hot, sore little cunt. When Daddy had his full, lapping up every drop of our sweet sticky mess, we just laid together for a while. He whispered into my ear; “My sweet, perfect girl, Daddy very much enjoyed making love to you. Daddy loves you so much honey.” Daddy massaged and kissed me, holding me tight against him, gently caressing my hair. After a while, Daddy helped me change the bed sheets, and then kissed me goodnight. We both slept soundly, dreaming of the pleasures we had enjoyed, and imagining everything else that was still to come.

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