Daughter Likes To Suck Daddy’s Love Muscle



ould finally be forced to play with her little pussy until she came.

Kelly gasped as she saw her daddy’s large balls swinging up and smacking against her mother’s asscheeks. The man was snorting and panting as he humped on top of his wife like a wild beast.

Kelly Fowler awoke in the middle of the night to the lewd sounds of her father fucking her mother. The girl sat up in bed, feeling her heart beginning to pound with excitement. This happened several times a week, at least. The obscene sounds of hot fucking taking place in the master bedroom right next door to Kelly’s own room would bring the girl fully awake. She would lie in bed and listen to her parents fucking. And, as she listened, she would grow more and more excited until she would finally be forced to play with her little pussy until she came.

Kelly gasped as she saw her daddy’s large balls swinging up and smacking against her mother’s asscheeks. The man was snorting and panting as he humped on top of his wife like a wild beast.

Alice, Kelly’s mother, was raking her fingernails across her husband’s tautened asscheeks. From the sounds they were both making, Kelly could tell that they were both getting off on this fuck in a very big way.

In a matter of seconds, Kelly’s little pussy began to drool and her cunt juices flooded her entire crotch, spilling out from between her cunt lips and dribbling on down her quaking thighs. As she watched her father fucking her mother, the girl found herself wishing with all her heart that some day she would be married to a big, handsome man like her father who would give her the kind of fucking pleasure her mother was lucky enough to experience.

Kelly moaned softly, beginning to rub her little pussy through her nightgown now. She could tell that her mother was coming hard, one orgasm rapidly giving way to another and yet another.

Now Tom, Kelly’s father, rolled over onto his back, letting his wife ride up and down on his long, thick prick. Kelly felt a twinge of jealousy as she stared hard at her father’s cock. But then she silently scolded herself for such thoughts. After all, she told herself, if I got it on with my own father, that would be incest. And the girl could think of no greater sin than that.

Just then, Tom pulled completely out of his wife’s pussy and Kelly saw his huge cock thrusting upward into the air. She gave a little strangled gasp, her eyes all but bulging out of her head. She was not sure just how big most men’s cocks were since she had never seen one, but she was smart enough to realize that the throbbing shaft of fuckmeat rising up from the wiry patch of prick hairs between her father’s legs was unusually large.

God, he’s hung like a horse! Kelly thought lewdly. The man’s cock was super-long and so thick around that he was unable to fit his large fingers around its middle.

She gasped again and Tom turned his head. Suddenly, Kelly found herself staring straight into her father’s smoldering eyes. A big grin creased his ruggedly handsome features as he stared at the virgin.

Alice was lying on her belly on the bed at this point, and her eyes were closed so she did not see what was happening.

As Tom stared at Kelly, he slowly and sensuously licked his lips and began to deliberately stroke his fingers up and down the incredible length of his huge, dripping prick. His eyes roved up and down the girl’s trembling body. Kelly was unable to move. Although her mind was racing with thoughts about how wrong it was to let her own daddy look at her this way, she was paralyzed, mesmerized by his bold grin and staring eyes.

The girl was wearing only a flimsy nightgown and a pair of bikini panties. Her curvy teenaged body was clearly visible to her father’s lust-filled gaze.

Her full, jutting tits lifted the gauzy material of the garment and her ripe, pointy nipples pressed urgently against the nightgown. Her long, golden hair spilled over her sloping shoulders, framing her beautiful face. Her widened eyes burned with startled excitement and her cheeks were flushed with color.

Kelly could see the lust in her father’s eyes and she panicked, repressing her own incestuous desires. She quickly wheeled around and, dashed back to her room, throwing herself onto her bed.

Tom kept Alice moaning and screeching and the bedsprings creaking until almost dawn. Kelly was unable to sleep. She was kept awake not only by the lewd fucking sounds from next door, but by the strong sexual urges which tore continually through her loins. She brought herself off with her hand half a dozen times as she listened to the exciting sounds of her father fucking her mother.

The next day when Kelly returned home from school, she found her father sitting on the couch, wearing a tight T-shirt and jeans which bulged at the crotch. He was sipping a beer and watching television.

“What are you doing home, Dad?” Kelly asked, noticing that her voice was trembling.

“Just decided to take the afternoon off, that’s all,” Tom said with a shrug. “If figured that you and I hardly ever get a chance to visit with each other all alone, and that it’s high time we did.”

“Y-You wanted to be alone with me?”

“Sure, honey, isn’t that what you want? I mean, the way you were looking at my cock last night…” Tom gave a lewd grin as he stood up and moved closer to the girl. His eyes moved up and down her body. Then he rotated his hips and Kelly’s eyes instinctively moved to the huge lump in the crotch of his tight trousers. Tom moved one hand down and began to rub the length of his cock through his pants as he continued to stare at the girl.

“Oh God!” Kelly cried and she turned and darted from the room, followed by her father’s loud laughter. To her dismay, she thought she heard a ring of triumph in that laughter, as if the man now knew for sure that his daughter wanted him every bit as much as he wanted her.

The girl threw herself on her bed, feeling confused and ambivalent about her father. She knew that incest was terribly, terribly wrong, and she felt a surge of disgust at the very thought of making it with her own father. Yet, there was something exciting and animalistic about the man which roused a tremor of primitive female need deep in her little pussy.

Kelly lay there, trembling all over, expecting her father to burst into her room any minute. But he didn’t. And, as Kelly lay there in a state of constant anticipation, she had the disquieting suspicion that her father was deliberately playing with her and with the desires that he knew were surging through her body. She drifted off to sleep, thinking that the sexual war between her father and herself had barely begun.

The next day, Kelly stayed late at school. She did her homework in the library, not leaving for home until she was sure her mother would be home from work. As the girl let herself into her house, she called out, hoping to hear her mother’s voice. But, to her surprise, no one answered at all.

She breathed a sigh of relief as she headed for her bedroom, glad, that her father wasn’t around. Suddenly, the girl stopped dead in her tracks and gasped. On her bed lay a crumpled pair of her bikini panties. And they had not been there when she had left for school.

Frowning with confusion, she picked up the panties and, to her horror, discovered that they were all sticky with gooey cum. In fact, they were stiff with the spunk that seemed to cover every single bit of the flimsy panties. She cried out with shock and disgust as she realized that the jism was still warm.

“Oh, God, no!” she cried, letting the pea ties fall to the bed.

She heard a loud laugh behind her and whirled around to see her father standing there. His powerfully muscled arms were folded across his brawny chest, which was bare. He was wearing only a pair of undershorts and they tented out around the length of his huge prick. His body was glistening with sweat.

“I borrowed a pair of your pretty panties, Kelly. They sure smell good… I’ll bet your little pussy smells real good just like that,” Tom said huskily, his eyes burning into Kelly’s with unabashed lust.

“Wh-where’s Mom?” Kelly asked nervously, feeling a strange aching sensation deep in her pussy.

“Oh, she’s working overtime tonight. She won’t be home until very late, Kelly… very, very late,” Tom said with a grin.

And with that, the man’s eyes rated over the girl’s trembling body once more. She was wearing a short skirt which ended above her knees and a loose blouse which sloped over the mountainous hills of her tits. It was clear that Kelly was well on her way to becoming a big-titted woman just like her mother.

Tom stepped closer to the girl and she smelled whiskey on his breath. Her heart raced with fear and excitement.

“C’mon, Kelly, give your daddy a nice big kiss!” he said.

“No!” Kelly cried, realizing at that moment that she was crying out against not only her father’s lewd demand but her own incestuous desires for the muscular man.

“You little bitch!” Tom roared angrily. “When I tell you to do something, you’d better do it if you know what’s good for you!”

Kelly whimpered in fear and pain as her father’s fingers clutched a thick handful of her hair, wrenching her head beck so she was forced to stare up into his eyes.

She could smell his musky, masculine scent, mingled with the smell of whiskey. She felt his manly strength and it made her feel dizzy and she trembled violently.

Sill holding the girl’s head back, Tom bent down, his full lips parting. Kelly gave a muffled groan as her father smothered her moist mouth with his open, hungry lips. He sucked at her greedily, his long wet tongue slipping between her teeth and lapping up her sweet-tasting saliva.

The man’s cheeks hollowed as he sucked at the girl’s mouth with a hard, vacuum-like pressure, fiercely kissing her. His free arm went around her waist, brutally yanking her against his tall, muscular body.

Kelly felt overwhelmed by her father’s brute strength. All of her impulses to resist him melted away in a haze of confused, passive sexual passion.

Tom’s hot mouth against hers made Kelly shudder with desire and she liked the way his hard body pressed against her smaller, softer one.

She gasped into his open mouth as she felt the huge solid log of his cock throbbing through his trousers. It felt gigantic against her and she moaned softly, telling herself at the same time that this was wrong – very, very wrong. But it felt so good to be kissed so passionately by her father and she decided that she would give in to his kisses, but that she wouldn’t let anything else happen. I could never in a million years commit incest, she told herself with absolute certainty.

Still kissing the virgin, Tom squeezed Kelly’s ass through her skirt. Then he drew his fingers up the front of her body, crushing them cruelly around one of her tits. He squeezed it so hard that Kelly jerked back, uttering a little hoarse cry of pain.

He released her hair and clenched his hand around her other tit. He grinned down at the girl as he mercilessly twisted and mashed her aching tits, crushing them together, then wrenching them viciously from side to side, digging his fingers into the firm flesh as hard as he could.

“Y-You’re hurting me!” Kelly gasped, tears springing to her eyes.

Tom laughed, abruptly releasing the teenager’s bruised tits, and she gulped down a breath of relief. His fingers quickly moved to the buttons of her blouse and he impatiently undid them.

“No, no, Daddy!” Kelly cried, stepping back from him. Again, the man’s face twisted with anger.

“You little bitch!” he yelled. He drew his arm back, slapping Kelly hard across her face. His hand came back and he brutally struck her again. Kelly groaned and fainted.

As she started to come to, Kelly was aware of something gripping her tightly and painfully about her inner thighs, something hot and moist sliding over her puckered pussy-slit.

She moaned and opened her eyes, staring down with a dazed expression. She was lying on her back on her bed, stark-naked now. Her arms and legs were spread-eagled and her father was kneeling between her legs, mashing his face against her pussy as he noisily sucked and licked it.

“Oh, God, no!” she cried.

Tom was naked, too, and the sight of him nakedly crouching there between her legs sent a jolt of lust blazing through the girl’s loins even as she told herself that it was wrong and that she must resist him.

The man tightly gripped the girl’s thighs with his strong fingers, peeling back the delicious lips of her pussy to get at the sweet fuckmeat within.

In spite of her feelings of guilt, wild sensations of pleasure continued to wash through Kelly’s loins as her father ate her out.

Her face burned and ached from the savage slapping he had given her, but her body was beginning to glow with a deep, primitive urge. Darts of electricity shuddered through the virgin as Tom’s long, wet tongue slid between her pussylips and explored the moist, quivering cuntflesh.

Kelly felt her daddy’s tongue brushing across her clit and blasts of mind numbing ecstasy washed through her.

“Ohhhhhh!” she sobbed in hysterical delight, arching ha back as incredible shocks of incestuous pleasure rushed through her.

Suddenly, Tom sat up, panting thickly, the lower part of his face gleaming and dripping with Kelly’s cuntjuices. The teenager’s eye hungrily drank in the sight of her father’s muscular body, thinking that he was better built than any other man she had ever seen.

Up close, his cock looked even bigger and thicker than before, and Kelly felt a jolt of fear and excitement shoot through her. Rising in the air, bloated with lust, his huge prick throbbed visibly, his fat, fist-sized prick knob huge and purplish and glistening with pre-cum.

With a lewd grin, Tom fisted his huge cock and stroked his fingers up and down its pulsing length as he gazed down at Kelly with blazing eyes.

Kelly saw the horny excitement in her father’s eyes when he looked at her lying there helpless against his masculine strength, all naked and spread out for him to do whatever he wished to her. With a husky grunt, he scooted forward, straddling the girl’s hips with his knees and getting up on them so that his huge, hairy sac of balls swayed above her flushed face.

Kelly could smell the heady, musky aroma of his balls and the scent made her head reel in excitement. Tom stared down at her, licking his lips.

“Okay, baby, I want you to suck and lick those big fuckin’ balls! I want you to really work that hot tongue of yours an them!” he said huskily.

Kelly shuddered all over the man’s big, meaty nuts descended onto her face. They smothered her mouth which she automatically opened up. Her full, sensuous lips circled into an ‘O’ damp and her cheeks hollowed just instinctively as she began to suck on his balls.

The girl hated to admit it, even to herself, but she liked the taste of her daddy’s balls. Greedily, she thrust out her tongue ad washed it lewdly back and forth across his trembling balls. She could feel them tighten and thicken with hot lust. And her father groaned and growled with pleasure as he felt her licking his meaty nuts.

She thrust her tongue beneath his sac and whisked it back and forth, and Tom shuddered in pleasure, his huge, bulging cock lurching with lust. He reached down and stroked his long, thick prick while Kelly sucked and lapped at his balls.

I’ll just try to forget that he’s my father, Kelly feverishly told herself as she turned on more ad more, still licking and sucking on Tom’s balls. I’ll just try to pretend that he’s just a man, any man, and that way I can do this without feeling too guilty.

A few minutes later, Tom lifted himself up, his big, dripping nuts swinging away from Kelly’s mouth as he cased down, planting his hard ass on the girl’s big tits. He slid a hand around the back of her head, hauling it up roughly, gripping her about her hair once more. Then, holding his humongous prick in the other hand, he guided it on down, rubbing its pulpy, slick tip against Kelly’s parted, panting lips.

She trembled, tasting the flavor of her father’s pre-cum, filling her mouth with the salty, pungent taste of his manhood. Her senses swam with delirious excitement. She felt that, in spite of her knowledge that this was horribly wrong and depraved, she was rapidly becoming her daddy’s slave. She knew now that she would do whatever he asked of her. No longer was she even passively resisting his incestuous advances. And that change in Kelly’s attitude frightened her as much as it thrilled her.

Far she knew that once she completely gave in to her daddy and to her own incestuous urges, there would be no going back. She would suck and fuck her father every chance she got. And since she knew deep down that incest was just about the worst sin imaginable, she honestly did not think she could live with that. She would feel dirty and depraved, and she knew she would never have one moment’s peace of mind. But all such thoughts were swept from her mind for the present as her father spoke.

“Suck it, bitch! Open your mouth and take my huge cock inside! Suck it good, Kelly!” he ordered huskily.

Kelly let out a little helpless moan as she let her jaw drop, straining it as far as it could possibly go. She pushed her stretched lips forward, curling them eagerly around the huge, fist-sized knob of her daddy’s cock.

Ha teeth scraped over the pulpy surface, and his big cockhead got stuck between them. She gurgled feebly in despair, thinking that she could not possibly fit her daddy’s huge cock inside her mouth.

Tom saw the problem and he guffawed with delight, feeling a surge of manly pride as he realized that his prick was too huge for the girl to take it into her mouth. He jerked his hips back and yanked Kelly’s head forward roughly. Then he slapped her cheek with his huge donkey-sized cock.

“Okay, then lick it! Let’s feel your hot, slut tongue on my prick! Now!” he demanded thickly.

Whimpering, the virgin obeyed. Her little wet tongue washed back and forth across the rubbery knob, making it gleam obscenely with her saliva.

Tom guided Kelly’s face slowly up and down the length of his oversized prick. Her fluttering lips and lapping tongue explored the hunk of meat. The teenager savored the musky flavor of it, relishing its hugeness and heaviness and thickness, bathing it all with her girlish saliva.

She buried her nose and pouting lips in the sweat-soaked nest of hairs surrounding the massive base of his prick, the pungent flavor of her father’s body making her senses reel.

Tom groaned with pleasure as he moved her face up and down his cock, urging her on with loud, lust-filled groans, mashing his rock-hard erection against her face.

He smacked his cock back and forth across Kelly’s cheek, rubbing the slick knob all over her face, against her nose and eyes and throat. Tom panted harshly and stared down at Kelly with eyes that blazed with fuck-lust.

“Okay, girl, now you’re gonna get your tight little pussy slammed full of my big cock!”

Kelly’s heart lurched with sudden, intense fear and she whimpered helplessly, biting her lower lip. She trembled all over as she thought about what it would feel like to have her daddy’s huge prick rammed all the way up her virginal pussy. She was sure that she wouldn’t be able to take it and that the mammoth cock would tear her apart.

And then there was the terrible guilt. It was bad enough to lick her father’s cock. But never in a million years could she let him fuck her. She was positive that she would go straight to hell for such a whorish, depraved act. But then, Kelly reminded herself that her father was not exactly asking for her permission to fuck her. He was so strong and manly, and she knew that he could force himself on her with no problem at all should she try to resist him. She was sure that he would show her no mercy. He would literally rape her if she didn’t give in.

Tom grinned down at the hapless girl as he positioned himself above her, one of his meaty hands on the bed alongside her right tit. Both of Kelly’s tits were trembling and their nipples rose up stiffly, betraying a deep, hot excitement which mingled in a thrilling way with the fear that pounded through the girl’s body.

The man caught hold of his huge, thick cock with his free hand and leaned forward, panting with bestial excitement.

Kelly shivered, closing her eyes against the hot passion that was rapidly growing within her. She groaned slightly as she felt the enormous knob of her daddy’s cock mashing between her spread thighs, pressing aggressively against the tender lips of her little pussy.

“I knew your pussy would be nice and tight!” Tom groaned as he forced his broad cockhead between the girl’s cuntlips. Then he planted his other hand on the bed next to Kelly and grinned down at the girl.

Kelly felt the pressure of his huge cock against her virgin asshole and she forced herself to relax, reminding herself that he would rape her anyway if she didn’t give in. And deep down, she had to admit to herself that she wanted that huge, oversized cock of his deep inside her.

With a lusty roar, Tom heaved his ass forward, shoving his prick into Kelly’s pussy with brute force. His huge prick rammed brutally between the tender folds of her cunt, spreading them wide apart, spearing the teenager up the middle on his long, fat cock.

“Aieeeeee!” she wailed as she felt her cherry breaking against the onslaught of his huge cock. She sobbed with pain and excitement, realizing that in that one quick moment, her father had ended her days as a virgin once and for all.

Even as the red-hot pain pounded through her pussy, Kelly began to feel waves of intense pleasure deep in her throbbing cunt. Jolts of pussyjuice shot from her ravaged fuckhole, drenching her daddy’s cock lewdly before running down her thighs.

The girl’s cuntwalls were split wide apart now, stretched farther than she had thought possible by the long, thick prick impaling her. Tom’s sweaty prick hairs mingled with Kelly’s damp golden pussy fur. Her aching cuntlips sucked convulsively around the enormously thick base of his cock.

Tom’s throbbing cockhead had slammed brutally against the back wall of Kelly’s pussy, battering it hard, and he grunted again and again, rolling his body from side to side as he twitched his meaty prick deep inside of her.

His movements made explosions of pain knife through the teenager’s lower body. Her vision swam and her entire body jerked violently, her big tits bouncing from side to side.

“Yeeeoowwww!” she shrieked hoarsely. “Nooooo, Daddy, noooo! Take it out!”

She arched her back, her face grimacing in agony, heaving her body frantically from side to side.

“Take it out? Not on your life!” Tom said with a cruel-sounding laugh. “Just relax, baby, and you’ll end up begging me for more!”

And with that, Tom began to fuck the teenager in earnest. He drew back, sliding almost all of his huge prick out of Kelly’s painfully stretched pussy. Then, grunting with animalistic lust, he fucked it back up inside of her.

“Oh, God, that hurts sooo much!” she sobbed.

He slammed his huge prick in and out of Kelly’s little throbbing cunt with all the force in his huge, muscular body. Each time he pumped his prick into her, his sweat-soaked balls whipped up and smacked against her quivering asscheeks, and her body jerked forward violently, her large, trembling tits flopping up and down.

Kelly sobbed and gasped breathlessly as her father fucked her harder and faster and deeper. But soon the excruciating pain began to ebb and in its place, waves of incestuous pleasure consumed the girl.

Her entire body ached and throbbed, but ecstasy fluttered through her nerve endings, making her feel dizzy and wild with desire for her father.

She moaned feebly, tossing her head from side to side. Little gasps escaped from between her rosy lips each time the man stroked his heavy prick up to the balls inside of her pussy.

“I’m glad you waited for your daddy to fuck you, honey,” Tom pantied lewdly, “yeah, I’m real glad you’re a… only right that I’m the first to fuck you… ahhhh, your little pussy is so nice and tight… it’s squeezing the slat out of my prick… yeah, baby, you’re a great lay… just need a little seasoning.”

He slammed his prick into her harder and harder, faster and faster, making the bed creak and groan and bounce.

“Ohhhhh, unnhhhh, Daddy, it feels soooo good, fuck me, fuck me,” Kelly groaned.

She was a little shocked by her own words, in spite of how much she was getting off on her very first fuck. For she still believed that this was all wrong, and that incest was wicked and depraved. How can I be enjoying this? she asked herself as her father continued to fuck her hard and fast. But enjoying it she was.

Tom’s hairy belly smacked rhythmically against the girl’s lily-white tummy as he lewdly humped her. In a matter of minutes, Kelly felt the beginning of climax. The intense pleasure filled sensations traveled through her writhing body, focusing in on her cock-stuffed fuckhole.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!” Kelly screamed with excitement as ricocheting bursts of exhilarating ecstasy blasted through her, making her pussy gush with orgasmic fluids.

“You hot little slut! You came! I made you come!” Tom cried triumphantly, grinning down at the girl’s lust-contorted face.

He grunted in hoarse excitement as he felt the girl’s orgasming pussy convulsively milking and tugging around his plunging prick. Her thick, hot girl-cum washed over his long, thick cock, and he knew that he was about to come too.

“Get ready, you hot little bitch! Yeah, Kelly, unnnhhh, uhhhh, I’m gettin’ there, gettin’ close! Yeah, Kelly, take it! Take it all! Aaarghhhh!”

He threw his head back and bellowed like a wild beast, slamming down on top of the girl, skewering her trembling girlish body on his huge thick cock.

Kelly sobbed brokenly as she felt her daddy’s big prick swell inside of her and begin to spurt huge, heavy gobs of searing cum right up into her fuckhole.

“Ohhhh, Daddy, it feels sooo good! I love it! Keep shooting, Daddy, gimme all your cum!” Kelly cried thickly, coming again.

Even as the girl’s or peaked and she cried out with pleasure, Kelly knew that she could never accept what she had just done.

“What’s the matter, Kelly? You’ve been acting so depressed. It’s just not like you,” Alice Fowler said with concern.

It was five days since Kelly’s father had popped her little cherry and in this brief time, the incestuous lovers had been fucking each other every chance they got.

Tom was happier than he had ever been. But Kelly was tormented by the guilty doubts that plagued her. As much as she loved getting it on with her daddy, and as much as she coveted his huge cock, she could not shake the feeling that what they were doing was very, very wrong. And it was this guilt which was eating away at her, this guilt which was making her feel depressed.

“Oh, it’s nothing, Mom,” Kelly said now, blushing slightly as she tuned away from her mother.

“Don’t do that, honey,” Alice said softly. “Don’t do what, Mom?” Kelly asked innocently.

“Don’t shut me out. You and I have always been so close. Now, come on, I know that something’s been bothering you during the last few days. We’ve always been able to talk, you and I. Your father’s out for the evening, so this is a perfect opportunity for us to touch base. What’s bothering you, honey?” Alice asked warmly.

“It… well, Mom, it’s about sex,” Kelly said with a sigh.

“Okay. What’s the problem?” Alice asked with interest and concern.

“Well… this may shock you, but Daddy and I have been fucking,” Kelly said in a rush. But, to her own surprise, when she turned and faced her mother guiltily, she saw that the older woman was smiling.

“No, honey, I’m not shocked at all. Tom had told me all about what has been going on with you two, and I couldn’t be happier about it,” Alice said.

“Really?” Kelly asked in shock.

“Really! I want you two to be close and what better way? But you said you have a problem about sex, honey. What is it?”

“I love making it with Daddy, Mom? I love his big cock! And I love feeling it ramming up inside my pussy! But, it’s incest, Mom! And I can’t help but feel that it’s wrong!” Kelly cried, tears springing to her eyes.

“I don’t agree, darling. I see nothing wrong with incest. But, if you feel that way, maybe it’s because you made it with your father, who’s a man,” Alice said.

Kelly frowned, not understanding.

“Maybe you were just expecting too much of yourself, honey, when you fucked your daddy. Maybe it just wasn’t possible for you to accept such an act with a man. Maybe if you got it on with a woman, it would be easier for you to accept, even if it were still incest,” Alice said.

Kelly was silent for a few moments, digesting her mother’s words. Then the girl gasped and flushed as the full impact of her mothers meaning struck her with full force.

“You mean that maybe if you and I got it on, I’d feel better about incest?” Kelly asked in a trembling voice.

“It is a possibility,” Alice said casually with a shrug, but her pussy was burning with lust for her daughter.

“God, Mom, what an idea!” Kelly cried but she felt herself starting to turn on with the thought of making it with her own mother. “I-I don’t know, Mom. I mean, maybe you’re right. I think that maybe I would like to get it on with you. But I still feel so guilty about what I’ve been doing with Daddy, and I guess I feel that I need to be punished, like maybe you should spank me or something like you usually do when I’m bad.”

“Well now, that could be arranged. There’s no reason why we can’t do both,” Alice said.


“Sure, honey. I don’t see why we can’t get it on and also give you the spanking that you feel you need,” Alice said calmly, her pussy itching and throbbing with sexual need.

Kelly gasped again. But even as shock washed over her, she felt a hot, pounding excitement shooting through her body at her mother’s lewd suggestion.

“You might even find yourself getting off on being spanked,” Alice said with a grin.

“Mother! That isn’t what I meant at all!” Kelly cried, her eyes wide.

“I know. But we’ll see.”

The two females grew still, the silence between them becoming more and more significant as it lengthened. They stared straight at each other, neither of them puffing their eyes away from the other.

“Do you think I should spank you?” Alice asked, finally breaking the silence.

At her mother’s words, Kelly’s pussy grew hot and wet. And her nipples got hard.

“I-I think so, Mom,” she said meekly.

“Take your clothes off, dear,” Alice said huskily.

At once, the teenager began to undress. At the same time, Alice removed her own clothes, everything except her panties, which she kept on. But Kelly was stark-naked and she trembled as she saw her mother’s lust-filled gaze move over her, from head to toe.

Alice moved claw to her daughter and placed her hands against the teenager’s cheeks, slowly drawing her face to hers and kissing her.

Kelly returned the incestuous kiss, letting her lips open hungrily, letting her mother’s tongue slip into her mouth and responding in kind with her own tongue.

“Mmmmm,” Alice moaned, a husky sound that came from deep in the older woman’s throat. “You’re such a beautiful, sexy girl. I’ve always wanted to do this with you… to kiss you like this.”

Kelly was surprised by her mother’s words. She had never consciously thought of the beautiful older woman in that way. But now she knew that she wanted her, and that she had probably always been hungry for her in a sexual way.

A little voice inside Kelly’s mind tried to tell her that this was incest, and every bit as wrong as what she had been doing with her father. But the horny girl repressed these doubts, needing what was beginning to happen between her and her mother.

Alice smiled at her daughter as she reached down between the teenager’s legs, touching Kelly’s pussy.

“Oh God, Mom!” Kelly gasped. It felt to the girl as if an electric shock had just ripped through her loins.

Alice touched her daughter’s cunt again, pressing her moist pussy harder and harder with her soft hand. She pushed two fingers between the bloated pair of pussylips and shoved one finger on up into Kelly’s fuckhole.

“Jeeeesus Christ!” Kelly cried.

“Oh, darling, you’re so wet. I can’t believe how much juice you have in your tight little pussy!” Alice said thickly.

“It’s… because… of you, Mom,” Kelly panted. “You’ve made me… so hot… so wet… oh, God, you’re turning me on so much!”

Alice took her daughter by the hand and led her into the master bedroom. She gently pushed the girl back onto the big bed, and Kelly saw that her mother was holding her panties in her hand.

“What are you going to do with my panties, Mom?” Kelly asked breathlessly.

“Just you wait… I have a great idea,” Alice husked. She pressed her hands against the insides of her daughter’s thighs, opening her up, parting the girl’s pussylips.

To the girl’s surprise, Alice began to stick Kelly’s panties up into the girl’s cunthole.

“Oh, wow!” Kelly moaned, feeling her pussy filling up with the flimsy panties.

“I think you’re gonna love this, honey,” Alice said with a little excited laugh.

The panties were completely up inside Kelly’s pussy now, and the girl could feel the silken material pressing against the walls of her cunt every time she shifted about on the bed.

Alice gave a little moan as she lowered her face down between her daughter’s legs. The teenager felt her mother’s tongue sliding over her clit and she came at once.

“Ohhhhh, Mom, I’m commmiiinnnggg?” she cried, thrusting her hips up from the bed and shoving her penile-stuffed cunt against the older woman’s face.

“Mmmmfff,” Alice responded, delighting in the tasty juices that flooded into her sucking mouth as she sucked and tongued the girl to orgasm.

Kelly closed her eyes and totally gave herself up to the mind-blowing pleasure that cascaded through her quivering body. She felt as if she were floating up in the air, somewhere above the bed. The outer world simply ceased to exist. And now there was nothing except for the touch of her mother’s tongue on her clit, the older woman’s fingers on her cuntflesh, and her mother’s sucking lips and nibbling teeth.

“How-how do you know how to do this, Mom?” Kelly asked breathlessly as her powerful orgasm began to ebb.

“My own mother taught me… just as I’m teaching you, darling,” Alice replied, taking her juice-smeared face away from her daughters streaming pussy.

“Oh, God!” Kelly cried.

Again, Alice lowered her face to Kelly’s crotch. She shot the full length of her tongue up into the girl’s fuckhole to where the panties were. The tip of her tongue stabbed into the silky fabric, and then she pulled out again only to thrust back into Kelly’s quivering cunthole.

“Oh, that feels sooo good, Mom!” Kelly gasped, tightening her cuntwalls against the sides of her mother’s fucking tongue.

After tongue fucking her daughter for a few moments, Alice turned her attention to Kelly’s clit once again. She stabbed her tongue-tip against the teenager’s clit again and again, feeling it pulsing against her tongue.

“Ohhhh!” Kelly cried, fondling her own tits.

Kelly was amazed and impressed by her mother’s skill. The older woman’s tongue seemed to know just how much pressure to exert, and how to keep the girl right on the brink of another orgasm without actually pushing her over. Alice kept it up for what seemed like a long time, slowly driving her daughter toward orgasm, but always leaving the girl wanting more and still more.

“Oh, God, Mom, please let me come again! Pleeease!” Kelly sobbed, tears streaming down her cheeks. She felt as if she couldn’t ever get enough of her mother’s mouth and tongue. But, at the same time, she badly needed to come. Kelly had forgotten all about her panties but they were still stuffed up inside her cunt, getting wetter and wetter. Then, just as the teenager was about to come hard, Alice stopped. She sat up and slid her juicy fingers up inside her pussy.

Alice pulled her daughter’s panties out of her wet cunt. She pulled them out slowly, letting the silky material slide over all of Kelly’s inflamed cunt-tissues. As the last part of the panties slid out of the girl’s cunt, Alice pulled them up through Kelly’s juicy fuck slit, scraping them over her tortured clit.

That was all it took. Kelly started to come. She felt all of her muscles going rigid and she started to moan. But the sensation stopped when the panties were all the way out of her. She sighed with disappointment, still needing to come.

“Now… put them on,” Alice commanded.

Kelly gave a little moan of excitement as she took her panties from her mother’s outstretched hand. She was amazed by how wet the undergarment was. Her panties were drenched. They were slick and oily with a heavy, pungent scent of cuntjuice.

“You want me to put them on now?”

“Yes, darling, and hurry before they dry out,” Alice said, her voice thick and filled with sexual urgency.

The panties felt a little cold against Kelly’s flesh as she pulled them up over her thighs.

“Now roll over,” Alice said when her daughter’s panties were properly in place.

Kelly obeyed her mother willingly, guessing that was coming.

Alice got up from the bed, and walked over to the large chest of drawers against the wall. Kelly glanced over her shoulder as her mother returned to the bed, and she saw that the older woman was holding a sturdy, wooden ruler in her hand. It was an eighteen incher.

Kelly realized that she was about to get that spanking she had asked for, and her heart began to pound wildly. Her clit was tingling and her asscheeks were quivering in anticipation. She had told her mother that, she wanted to be spanked because the girl had honestly believed that she had it coming, and she had also hoped that being punished would help to alleviate some of her feelings of guilt. But now, as she waited for the first blow, she realized that she was extremely aroused, she remembered her mother’s words about the spanking turning her on.

Alice clutched the long wooden ruler in one hand and raised her arm high in the air. Then she slammed her hand down, smacking her daughter’s ass hard with the ruler.

“Owwwww!” Kelly cried and tears sprung to her eyes.

Again, Alice raised her hand, and again, the ruler crashed down on the girl’s helplessly trembling asscheeks.

“Aieeee!” the teenager yelled as her tears rolled from her eyes and rained down her face.

The pain was far more intense than anything the girl had expected but so was the pleasure. Her little pussy was burning and itching like mad now, and Kelly found herself impatient to feet the next blow. She didn’t have long to wait.

Again, Alice smacked her daughter’s ass as hard as possible with the savagely punishing ruler.

“Yeeeeoooowww!” Kelly screamed at the top of her lungs as a red-hot agony of pain merged with the pleasure in her cunt and she groaned with ecstasy.

Kelly was writhing violently now. As the pain shot through her and her mother continued to spank her, Kelly’s clit sent out exquisite pulses of pleasure, and the teenager felt as if she couldn’t get enough of this exquisite torture.

The wet panties just made the stinging feeling more intense, and the knowledge that it was bar own juices that had made the panties so wet just served to arouse the teenager all the more.

She turned her head to look at her mother over her shoulder, wanting to see the expression on the older woman’s face. What she saw made her gasp with lust.

For Alice had her hand down inside her own panties, and as her daughter watched her, the woman pulled her panties all the way down, fully exposing her pussy to Kelly’s lust-filled gaze.

“Oh, God, Mom!” Kelly cried as Alice stuck two fingers up into her own pussy-slit, rubbing her thumb against her pulsing clit. The older woman continued to spank her daughter’s ass with the ruler as she played with her own pussy.

Kelly groaned and immediately stuck, her hand beneath her own body, beginning to finger her own little clit. In just seconds, the girl’s pussy blasted into orgasm, and she shook and shuddered all over as she came harder than ever.

The next evening after dinner, Kelly told her parents that she needed to talk to them, and the three Fowlers went into the living room where they could be comfortable.

“Now, what’s on your mind, dear?” Alice asked, hoping that her incestuous pussy-eating session with her daughter had helped the girl to accept incest.

But that was not the case.

“Oh, Mom… Dad,” Kelly began, nervously twisting her fingers together as she looked from her mother to her father and back, to her mother again, “I-I’ve been so unhappy. I loved getting it on with you… both of you. I can’t deny that. But it’s incest and I believe that that makes it wrong.”

“Oh, Kelly,” Tom groaned, heaving an exasperated sigh. But his wife shot him a meaningful glance and his tone became more patient. “It’s not wrong, honey, it’s a terrific, natural way to express your love and…”

“No!” Kelly interrupted firmly, putting one hand up as if to ward off his arguments. “Don’t try to change my mind about it, Dad. You and Mom have your opinion and I have mine. I can’t help it if I don’t agree with you two. And being here with you both and feeling the way I do about incest… well, it’s driving me crazy. I feel that I have to get away for a while. That’s what I wanted to talk to you about. Summer vacation is coming up and if you guys could think of someplace I could go…”

“Look, Kelly, I don’t see any real problem here,” Tom said, trying not to let his voice betray just how disappointed he felt in his daughter. “I mean, if incest upsets you so much, then your mom and I just won’t get it on with you anymore. But you don’t have to go away. You can stay right herewith us and we’ll just go on as before… but with no sex between us, okay?”

“No, Dad, that won’t work. I’ve thought of that,” Kelly said with a blush as she thought about what she was about to admit. “But it wouldn’t be any good. Because, now that I’ve made it with you, and with Mom… now that I know how great it can be… well, it’s all I think about now, and I couldn’t possibly trust myself to stay here with you. Even if both of you left me completely alone, I’d be after you all the time!”

Tom grinned but, as before, a glance from his wife brought him up short and his expression grew serious once again.

“I see your point, honey,” Alice said, realizing that she would have to let her daughter go away for a while as she was asking to do, for if Kelly were denied her reasonable request, the girl might resent her parents and grow distant from them. The Fowlers had always been a close family and Alice wanted them to remain close. Perhaps, she thought, by letting Kelly go away for a while, the teenager would come to realize that her parents incestuous lifestyle was not so terrible after all, especially if they sent the girl to a very special person who would help her see the light.

“So what are we going to do?” Tom asked, spreading his hands out helplessly. He hated the idea of losing Kelly, even for a short time, and even if he couldn’t fuck her anymore. He genuinely loved the beautiful girl.

“Well, I think that we should do exactly what Kelly is asking. I think that we should let her go away for a while,” Alice said, looking at her husband.

“But, Alice! I don’t want…” Tom began.

“I don’t want her to go away either, Tom,” Alice said, looking him directly in the eye and trying to communicate the urgency she was feeling, for she was more and more sure that this was the right thing to do, the thing that could make them all closer, the thing that could prevent them from losing their daughter’s affection once and for all. For Alice was convinced now that unless Kelly came to accept incest, she would most likely reject her parents eventually, blaming them for the incestuous acts she had enjoyed with them, and judging them for their way of life.

“I don’t want her to go away either, Tom,” Alice said as Kelly’s eyes moved from one parent to the other, following every ward of their conversation with intense interest. “But, it’s what our daughter wants. It’s what she needs, and how can we deny her something she feels so strongly about? So, I think that we should send her to her cousin’s house in the country for a while.”

“Her cousin?” Tom asked with a slight frown.

“My cousin? What cousin?” Kelly asked with surprise.

Alice smiled at them both.

“Well, he’s such a distant cousin that he’s almost no relative at all. That’s why you never heard of him, Kelly. And then he and his family lived clear across the country until just a few months ago. But now he’s not all that far away and I’m sure he’d be delighted to have you visit with him and his family for a while. And he’s a minister, Kelly. With your values, that should please you very much.” Alice hoped that her daughter would not think she was being sarcastic, for that was not her intention. More than anything else, she wanted things to be good between herself and the girl.

“Oh, yeah, he sounds neat, Mom! Does he have any kids?” Kelly eagerly asked while Tom just sat there speechlessly, his eyes riveted on his wife’s face.

“Yes he does, dear. He’s a very distant cousin of mine, so that would make him an even more distant cousin of yours, hardly any relation at all, really. His wife died recently. He and his kids moved back to this area shortly afterward, so he’d all alone with his two kids, a boy and a girl.”

“Oh, neato!” Kelly cried. “Can I go visit them soon?”

“Well, I don’t see why not. School is out now and I’ll call him later tonight to ask if it would be okay for you to take the bus or train out to their country place the very first day of your vacation. How’s that?” Alice asked with a warm smile.

“Oh, that’s great!” Kelly cried, springing up and hugging her mother and father. In her excited state of mind, the girl didn’t even realize that her father was just sitting there woodenly, not saying a thing. “I’m gonna go to my room and start looking through my clothes. I wanna plan what to pack?”

Alice laughed at her daughter’s enthusiasm as the girl left the room. She knew she had done the right thing. For in just a matter of minutes, Kelly’s mood had changed from one of anxiety and depression to one of happiness and bright anticipation.

“You were talking about Ray, weren’t you? You’re actually thinking of sending Kelly to Ray’s, aren’t you. Alice?” Tom said, an expression of disbelief on his handsome face.

“Yes, dear, I was talking about Ray,” Alice said taking her husband’s hand in her own and gently squeezing it. “And I’m not just thinking of sending Kelly there. I’m definitely planning on it… if, that is, Ray goes along with it. But I think he will. He’s been wanting to see Kelly for a long time now but, until tonight, I’ve been turning him down, thinking that Kelly might find out the truth and that she might not be able to handle it.”

“I know! That’s why I’m so shocked that you’d actually want to push those two together now, after all this time. I mean, what if Kelly does find out the truth while she’s there? What then?” Tom asked with a frown.

“Well, let’s just put it this way, darling. If Kelly doesn’t find out the truth, fine. No harm done. And she’ll be getting away for a while as she wants and needs at this time. But, I’m hoping that somehow she does find out the truth while she’s there. Then, you and I may just see a very enlightened, liberal-minded girl return home, a girl who might be able to embrace our way of life after all,” Alice said with a grin.

“Oh, I get it! Hey, Alice, that’s a very devious idea. Very, very sneaky. I love it!” Tom said, pulling his wife to him in a warm embrace.

Kelly Fowler arrived at Ray’s country home on a hot sunny day and she was pleased to find that her distant cousin had an Olympic-sized swimming pool. She was even more pleased to discover that the man was a real hunk, minister or not.

As soon as she arrived at the big, rambling ranch-style house, Kelly was introduced to Ray’s children, Josh and Kim. Kelly figured that the two likeable teens must be her even more distant cousins. The three teenagers liked each other right away, and Kelly liked Ray even more. She was glad she had come and sure that she would enjoy spending the summer with these relatives whom she had not even known existed such a short time before.

After Josh and Kim had helped Kelly put her things away in the bedroom which she would have all to herself, Ray told his kids to go outside for a while so he could talk to Kelly alone.

As he stood there facing the girl, Kelly could not help but be distracted by the man’s powerful good looks. It wasn’t only his body, which was tall and strong and muscular, but it was also a certain charm and charisma he gave off. Kelly could see why he was such a successful minister. She knew already that she would let him lead her down any path, religious or otherwise the man put his hand on Kelly’s shoulder, and the warm pressure of his touch brought the girl’s attention fully back to her cousin.

“Honey, I’m really glad you came here to visit us,” Ray said softly.

“Me too, Reverend,” Kelly responded.

“Now, honey, I told you when I picked you up at the bus station that you should call me Ray. I want us to be friends… very, very close friends,” Ray said, squeezing the teenager’s shoulder gently.

“Oh, me too, R-Ray! I’d love that!” Kelly said fervently, feeling tears springing to her eyes at the man’s sincere words.

“Now, Kelly, I had a good long talk with your mother about what you have been doing with her and with your father, too,” Ray said.

“Wh-what do you mean?” Kelly stammered nervously.

“Don’t try to deny it, Kelly. I know all about it. And I can see right through you,” Ray said with a smile.

Kelly blushed and turned her face away from his, feeling that what he had just said was true. It did seem to her that the man could see right through her, that he could tell that she was strongly attracted to him and she blushed again at the thought.

“Admit it, girl. That’s the first step. Admit what you’ve done,” Ray said softly but there was a undercurrent of tension in his voice.

“Okay, I know you’re right.”

“I didn’t say that. But I did say that you should admit it. So you tell me right now. Tell me what you did with your father. And with your mother,” Ray said, squeezing her shoulder insistently.

“All right! I-I… oh God, Ray, I fucked with my daddy! And I let my mom eat me out. And then I sucked her pussy until she came!” Kelly blurted out, raising her tear-filled eyes to the man who was gazing down at her with a burning intensity.

“And did you enjoy it?” he asked huskily, moving a little closer to the girl and putting his free hand on her other shoulder, pulling her up against him.

For a moment, Kelly was speechless. All she could feel at that moment was her cousin’s big hard cock pressing against her. She was sure that he had a hard-on and she felt her little pussy beginning to drool with lust.

“I repeat… did you enjoy it? Tell me, Kelly,” Ray said hoarsely, stepping slightly away from the confused girl.

“Yes, I did! I loved it!” Kelly cried, noticing that her cousin’s eyes were wandering over her tits. She felt his hands trembling on her shoulders and she closed her eyes and moaned softly.

A powerful sensation of lust swept through her entire body, and she knew at that moment that she wanted this man. She wanted to feel his big hard cock thrusting up into her little pussy. This’ll be perfect, she thought to herself. If I fuck with him, I’ll get what I need and I won’t have to feel guilty the way I did after making it with Mom and Dad. ‘Cause, after all, Ray’s just a distant, very distant, cousin. It’s not like we’re closely related the way I am to Mom and Dad. So fucking with Ray will be no worse than fucking with any other man. And that I can handle.

Excited by her thoughts, Kelly decided that it was up to her to let this good-looking man know just how much she wanted him. She would come an to him, not leaving any doubt in his mind about what she wanted from him.

She pulled away from her cousin and looked him straight in the eye. Then she walked away from him, deliberately swiveling her hips seductively. She perched herself on top of the big oak desk across the room.

“I just confessed my sins to you, and you’re a minister. So, don’t you think you should punish me?” she asked with a smile.

“Punish you? You want me to punish you?” Ray asked, his face turning red.

“Sure!” Kelly said with a casual shrug of her shoulders. But her little pussy was burning uncontrollably and she was desperately hoping that he would give her what she needed. “What I did was wrong, and who better to punish me than a minister?”

“You’re a smart-alecky, Kelly!” Ray said.

“So why don’t you do something about it?” Kelly replied saucily.

“I might just do that!”

“Oh, come on,” the teenager taunted. “I don’t think you’ve got enough hair on your balls to do anything to me at all. But I know what you’d like to do…”

“Yeah, I sure do,” she said as she hopped off the desk. She turned her back to him and stuck her ass out provocatively.

“Does this give you any ideas?” she asked teasingly, giving him her sexiest grin. “Naw, I don’t think you can do it!”

“Do what?” Ray growled.

“I don’t think you can do what you want to do to me,” Kelly said, turning on more and more.

“What’s that?”

“Spank me.”

Ray flinched, almost as if the girl had struck him.

“Spank me, Ray,” Kelly repeated. “Isn’t that you’d like to do to me? Hmmmmmm? Don’t you want to spank me?”

Ray’s eyes widened and he felt his cock hardening more and more. He wondered how he had so quickly lost control of this situation. He felt a surge of anger at this upstart girl who had him by the balls and who knew it.

“Why should I spank you?” he asked, trying to sound nonchalant, but he knew that the girl could hear the lust which thickened his voice.

“Why? Because I just confessed to you that I fucked with my daddy and my mom, and what’s more, that I loved it! I loved it, do you hear me, Reverend? I loved the way it felt when my big, handsome daddy fucked me up my tight little pussy with his huge hard cock! And I loved it when my mom licked and sucked my cunt! Now, if that isn’t enough for you to punish me, then I don’t know what is!” Kelly cried, her eyes blazing with desire.

“My God, you really are depraved!” Ray said with a dry laugh.

Kelly giggled.

“I know I am! That’s why you should punish me! Come on, Reverend Ray, go for it! It would be fun, don’t you think?” Kelly said as she slowly raised up her skirt until her panties were showing.

Ray stared at the sexy girl and slowly his jaw dropped open.

“Oh, Ray, I’ve been such a naughty girl. I’ve been very, very bad. Don’t you think you should punish me and I won’t be so bad again?”

And with that, she turned around, making sure that her skirt was raised completely above her ass. Then she leaned over the big oak desk.

“Come on, Ray. Do it to me. Be a good Reverend. I know you want to spank me. I can tell. Come on. You’re not supposed to lie, especially if you’re a minister like you are. Come on, tell me the truth, Ray,” Kelly said, her voice growing hotter and wetter with each passing second.

Kelly looked at her cousin over her shoulder and saw him staring lustfully at her. In that instant, she knew that she had the man exactly where she wanted him.

She reached around behind her and slowly began to pull the elastic band of her panties down… very slowly… very teasingly… a quarter of an inch at a time. She felt her my white asscheeks come into view along with the long, deep crack between them. Then she looked over her shoulder again and saw that Ray was starting to tremble. And what was even more exciting was that the front of his trousers was sticking far out in front.

“Why, Reverend Ray,” she said mockingly, “I do believe you’ve got a big hard-on, haven’t you?”

The man did not bother to answer the girl. Instead, he continued to stare at her with look of longing and hunger. Kelly had her panties down to her thighs now and she decided to go for it. She knew that she was being mean and that what she was doing might also be a little dangerous. After all, she thought, you never can tell when someone like a sexually repressed minister is just going to get so much pressure bottled up inside of him that he’ll suddenly erupt. But she did not really think that her cousin would go crazy on her. And, besides, she reminded herself hotly, she was so turned-on and needed his spanking and his cock so badly, that it was well worth the risk.

And Kelly was having fun, too. She felt a tremendous sense of sexual power over the man as he squirmed and trembled. Suddenly, he didn’t seem so strong or powerful any longer. He was rapidly becoming a slave to the lust that they both felt.

With a little triumphant laugh, Kelly dropped her panties to the floor and slowly started to spread her legs apart. Then she reached around behind her and slowly dipped one finger into her pussy, not at all surprised to discover how wet it was.

“Mmmmmm, I’m so wet, Reverend Ray. Don’t you want to feel my pussy? Hmmmm?” Kelly asked throatily.

She turned around, her back over the desk now. She spread her legs for her cousin at the same time, running two fingers up into her cunt and grinning when she saw that his eyes were locked on her pussy.

“Mmmmm, don’t you like this, Ray? Don’t you think I have a pretty little pussy? My daddy thinks so! So does my mom! Have you ever seen such a pretty little pussy as mine? And you know what, Reverend Ray, honey? My little cunt is really tight and hot. I’ll just bet that your big old cock has never been in a pussy as tight as mine is. Hmmmmm? What do you say?”

With a low groan, Ray began to walk toward the teenager until he was towering over her. He glared down at her and she felt mesmerized by the intense expression she saw in his dark eyes.

“You’re a very sexy girl, Kelly,” he whispered.

Kelly smiled, confidant that she had the man in her power and that he would do whatever she wanted. But his next words made the smile freeze on her face, and she felt a tremor of fear deep in the pit of her tummy.

“You’re a clever girl, too. You think you’re the one in control here, don’t you? You think you can just waltz in here, and take over as if you owned the place! Just remember that you’re a guest here, and that I’ll not hesitate to toss you right out on your pretty little ear if you don’t shape up! You think you’re putting something over on me, don’t you? Well, you’re wrong, you stupid little slut, because I don’t like being treated this way! I’m used, to a good deal more respect around here than what you’re showing me. But I’ll teach you to respect me, you little whore! I’ll break you if it’s the last thing I do!”

Ray reached down and pressed a heavy hand against the girl’s tits, holding her down against the desk as she began to struggle against him.

“No, Ray! Stop! You’re hurting me!” Kelly sobbed, realizing flow that she had never been in control of what was going on between her and her cousin. Now she knew that the man had simply been biding his time, giving her enough slack to reveal herself before him. And now there was no doubt in the teenager’s mind that Ray was the master, not only of this encounter but of everything and everyone in his home. But in spite of her fear, she felt a surge of renewed lust for him, knowing that she was even more attracted to him now because of his display of manly strength and power over her.

Ray pressed down on Kelly’s tits harder, bruising her delicate titflesh. He cruelly twisted and pinched her nipples through her blouse and she squealed with and excitement.

“Nooooo! It hurts!” she screamed, not wanting to let him know how much she loved the way he was treating her.

She tried to kick out at him with her feet, but hewn too quick for her. He managed to hold her at bay, avoiding her kicks. She tried to claw at him with her hands, but he easily evaded her attempts to strike him.

“You think you can taunt me and walk away unscathed? No, dear girl, you’re going to learn exactly what the wrath of God feels like. I’m going to let go of you now, and if you know what’s good for you, you’ll stay right there, just as you are now. If you move so much as a muscle, I swear to God I’ll give you a good deal more than a spanking! I’ll beat you until you’re black and blue.”

Looking at him and seeing the expression of unbridled rage in the man’s eyes, Kelly could see that her cousin meant exactly what he said. She had no choice. She would remain still, just as he was ordering her to do. Besides, she told herself she wanted a spanking, not a beating, and she was hoping that if she cooperated with him, she still might get what she needed from him.

When he was sure the girl was not going to try to escape, Ray moved back from her, grin fling down at her lewdly.

Kelly’s little pussy was dripping wet and it was totally exposed to the reverend’s steady, lust filled gaze.

“You’re gonna get what you’ve been begging me for, but maybe not in the way that you wanted it. But then, like I told you, I’m the one in charge here,” Ray growled.

Kelly’s fear-filled eyes flew to the man’s waist as he began to unbuckle his heavy, leather belt. She stared at it as he held it in his hand, and she knew that it would hurt like hell.

Ray reached for Kelly, spreading her legs apart at the thighs and running his strong, meaty fingers down through her pussy fur. Kelly whimpered and squirmed against him, trying to pull back from him. But she was no match for him.

“Hold still, girl!” he said, his lip curling up into a snarl as he grabbed a clump of her pussy hair and pulled hard on it.

“Yeeooowww!” she yelled in pain.

But her punishment was only beginning.

“You hold still if you know what’s good for you, Kelly, or you’ll be sorry, I warn you!” he bellowed. He started to wrap his belt around his hand. He placed one hand on the girl’s tummy, pressing down hard and, with the other hand, he brought the belt down right across her pussyslit.

“Aieeeee!” Kelly screamed at the top of her lungs. Her entire body jerked and she thought that she was going to lose her mind as agony of pain ripped through her.

“Oh, so you were lying to me when you said you wanted me to spank you? Well, girl, it’s too late to change your mind now, I can tell you! Now, you little slut, you hold still and stop wiggling all over the place or I’m going to have to really hurt you.”

He swung his belt across her tender pussy again.

“Noooooo!” Kelly screamed, tears of pain running down her face now.

Again, the minister brought the belt down savagely across the girl’s aching cunt mound.

“Oh God!” Kelly sobbed.

Now Ray really got into it and he started to whip the teenager’s pussy harder and harder. He was striking her pussy so savagely with the belt now that her body jerked violently with each blow and the heavy desk beneath her scooted back an inch or so with each whipping.

A few minutes later, Ray grasped Kelly’s feet and raised them up and back, exposing her ass. Then he lowered the aim of his belt, bringing it down across her asscheeks, first one, thon the other.

“Owwwwww! It hurts sooooo fuckin’ much!” she cried, gasping with pain.

“Watch your mouth, you filthy little whore!”

Ray roared.

He shifted again, pressing her legs tightly together and beginning to spank the backs of her thighs, whipping her just as hard as he could.

Kelly screamed again and again, but she knew that her cousin would show her no mercy, and that he was not about to let her go until he was completely finished with her. She wished now that she had never taunted him into punishing her. This was not what she had had in mind, and she didn’t know how much longer she could endure the mind blowing pain.

Ray spread Kelly’s legs apart again. This time, he brought his belt down lengthwise through her pussy-slit again and again, harder and harder, ripping the tip of it over her clit, tearing through her wet pussylips, turning the entire cuntal area into a hot sea of pain.

And yet, each time the strap slammed into her cuntflesh, Kelly could feel her pussy growing wetter and wetter. There was even a slightly splashing sound each the belt struck her. The teenager had an exciting image of droplets of cuntjuice splashing up and covering the minister’s shirt and trousers. But she could see other stains on his trousers and she knew that they had not come from outside. They had come from his cock, and now it was harder than ever. She looked down at his crotch as he stood in front of her pussy, and she could see his prick pulsing and growing larger with each passing second.

My God, Kelly thought to herself there’s only one way he can possibly get rid of a hard-on that size, and that’s to stick it in my cunt! The lewd thought aroused the teenager like mad and suddenly the pain from the whipping blended with her lust and she no longer minded the blows of the belt. In fact, she enjoyed them, for they mingled lewdly with her desire and filled her with a hot, pounding pleasure.

Ray was whipping the girl more slowly now, taking his time, making each stroke careful and deliberate, obviously enjoying what he was doing. He aimed for her cunt-slit, raised his arm, and brought it down, making each stroke harder than the last.

He placed his fingers on either side of her pussy and started to spread her cunt-slit wide open. Kelly groaned as she felt her cunt opening up wider and wider still. Ray was staring hungrily at her now, peering right up into her tight little fuckhole.

Then the minister growled, and he trapped his belt around his hand a couple of more times until they were only a few inches remaining.

She couldn’t believe how it felt. It hurt like hell, but it also made a blast of incredible sensation tear through her body, leaving her trembling with pleasure and excitement. She felt more turned-on than ever before in her life. And when she realized that this was only the first day of her summer-long visit with her cousins, her mind reeled and spun with all the possibilities of the different kinds of sexual experiences she and Ray could enjoy together.

Kelly could feel her little clit growing hard. She could feel it throbbing violently from the pain of the belt, but also from the inner ecstatic pressure that was filling the tiny clit and the rest of her pussy, even shooting up into her belly.

The teenager could feel all of her pussy membranes swelling, filling with more and more lust. And she felt her little fuckhole filling with more and more juice until she wet fluid began to flow freely from between her tight cuntlips.

Ray whipped the girl’s pussy again and again. Kelly cried out with mingled pain and pleasure now as she felt the cruel leather strap striking her across her pussylips, across her clit, and right across the rim of her cunthole. She was impressed by the minister’s ability to zero in on his targets so skillfully, to strike any tiny area of her cunt which he wanted to whip.

Her clit was growing hotly. Her entire cuntal area, as well as her thighs and asscheeks, felt as if it were on fire.

Again and again, Ray swung his arm, landing blow after blow on Kelly’s helplessly exposed pussy.

“Ohhhhh, God, Ray!” she whimpered, feeling overcome with pleasure as much as with pain.

The whipped teenager felt as if she were losing her mind. She was losing all control. AM that remained was the thrilling sensation inside her cunt, the intense pleasure she felt in her clit, the growing ecstasy she felt all through her body. She felt as if she would burst any second with all the sensations and emotions which were rapidly filling her up.

“Ohhhhh, yessss!” she screeched, wondering how much of this exquisite torture she could handle before she would pass out or literally lose her mind.

She wanted her cousin to stop hitting her pussy with the punishing belt. But she wanted him to continue striking her, too. She was so confused that she didn’t know even her own name at that point.

Again and again, the man brought the belt across the girl’s cunt and clit, making Kelly groan with agony and ecstasy. Kelly opened her eyes and saw that he was fumbling inside his pants.

She gasped with excitement when he pulled his cock out. It was completely stiff and erect, and seemed to be throbbing every bit as much as her pussy was throbbing at that moment. She licked her lips hungrily and felt a deep ache in her pussyhole as she stared at the huge prick.

Maybe he is only a very distant relative, she thought excitedly, but long, thick cocks must run in the family. For, Ray’s prick was just as super-long and enormously thick as her father’s.

While the minister continued to strike the girl’s cunt with his belt, he used his other hand to grip his cock. He began to stroke it feverishly as Kelly watched him hornily. After only about six strokes, his huge prick began to squirt cum all over the place.

“Oh, God, yes!” Kelly squealed as some of the hot jism landed on her face. Another glob of the creamy cum spilled onto her lips and at once, Kelly stuck her tongue out and licked up every bit of the jizz that she could reach.

“Mmmmm, good,” she murmured, enjoying the taste of her cousin’s cum. She saw him watching her, and she could see that he was a little shocked by her bold, lewd actions.

Still, the heavy load of spunk continued to shoot out of Ray’s prick and when some of it landed on Kelly’s cunt, she squealed with excitement.

As Ray continued to pump his fist up and down his orgasming prick, he resumed beating Kelly’s cunt with his belt.

“Oh, God, Ray!” Kelly cried, feeling more turned-on than ever as she felt the leather striking her clit and she watched him jerking himself off. It was such a turn-on, especially when more and more of the gooey spunk landed on her tits and thighs and cunt.

Kelly felt good, better than she had ever felt before. She wanted this crazy, savage belt whipping session to go on and on forever. But she needed to come, too. And more than anything else, she needed to feel Ray’s big cock fucking up into her little pussy.

At that inopportune moment, there was a sudden knock on the door.

“Daddy! Are you in there?” Kelly’s voice rang out. “You have a phone call. It’s Mrs. Franklin, and she sounds really upset. She needs to talk to you, she says.”

“You’re not going to leave me right now, are you?” Kelly asked, her voice trembling with sexual need.

Ray grinned, obviously pleased by the girl’s slavish desire for him and for his big cock.

“Why, of course I am,” he said as he stuffed his still-hard prick back into his pants, zipped them up and turned away from ha. “My first responsibility is to my parishioners.”

“But I need…”

“Go to bed early tonight. I’ll come to your room and we’ll continue this little discipline session,” Ray said, leaving the room and closing the door behind him.

“Oh, shit!” Kelly muttered, wondering if her horny little pussy could manage to wait that long.

Kelly went to bed right after dinner, telling her cousins that she was tired from her trip and she wanted a full night’s sleep. Josh and Kim seemed disappointed that Kelly would not be watching television with them later, but Ray only nodded casually and said goodnight to the girl. For a while, Kelly had to wonder if she had misunderstood Ray or if he had changed his mind and did not intend to come to her room after all.

As the girl lay in bed waiting for her cousin, she found herself slipping into an erotic mood. Her pussy was oozing out cuntjuice, and as she pictured Ray’s cock thrusting in and out of her, she grew more and more aroused.

Kelly began to paw at her clit, sticking two fingers up her fuckhole at the same time. She rubbed her, clit as hard as she could, moaning with pleasure. As she stroked her clit and fingerfucked her tiny pussy hole, she felt her juices flowing all over her fingers, spreading out through he pussy fur, smearing all over her thighs. “Oh my God!” she yelled, coming hard suddenly. But, as satisfying as her orgasm was, she knew that it was nothing compared to the climax her cousin’s cock could give her.

She fell asleep after that, convinced that the minister would not be coming to fuck her after all.

She awoke from a sound sleep, moaning and groaning with pain and pleasure.

“Yes, yes, yes, yes!” she heard herself crying. She opened her eyes and realized that she was not dreaming. Ray was there and he was whipping her pussy and her tits. But this time, he was hot using his belt. He had a heavy black leather whip in his hand.

“Oh, God, Ray!” the teenager cried, thrilled beyond belief. She looked down and saw with surprise that she was no longer wearing her nightgown. She saw the flimsy garment wadded up at the front of the bed.

She was lying there in bed, completely naked.

Her legs and arms were splayed out, spread eagled before her cousin. Her pussy was wide open, and that merciless whip ripped through her cunt again and again, striking her clit.

“Ahhhhh! That’s sooooo good! I’m coming, Ray, I’m coming!” the girl cried, feeling one orgasm after another shoot through her loins as the man silently continued to whip her.

She noticed dimly that, although he was striking her hard enough to hurt and to turn her on, he was holding back, not using all of his strength to whip her. And she realized that if he had whipped her as hard as possible, her little pussy would be cut to ribbons. This guy knows just what he’s doing, she thought as she writhed lustfully on the bed, and she had to wonder just how many other girls had fallen prey to the minister’s belt and whip.

“Unnhh, yes, Ray, whip my pussy! Hit my clit!” she begged as she spread her legs even wider apart.

But suddenly, Ray dropped the whip to the floor and grinned wickedly down at the helplessly writhing girl. Then, as she stared up at him with pleading eyes, he took his belt off, just as he had done earlier that day, and he held it out to her.

“Here, slut, whip your own pussy while I watch you!” he demanded.

Kelly gasped. She could hardly believe the depths of depravity she had sunk to in so short a time. But even as she was thinking this, she was holding her own hand out for the belt. Ray laughed triumphantly and the girl almost hated him at that moment.

She spread her legs wider, gripping the belt tightly in one hand. Then, she started to slap the belt against her clit as hard as she possibly could.

“Oh, God!” she cried, going mad with pain and ecstasy.

She whipped her clit again and again, sobbing with the red-hot agony that tore through her loins and mingled obscenely with the deep, aching pleasure she felt.

“Commiiinnnggg!” she cried only moments later.

Her muscles clenched tightly and waves of orgasmic ecstasy poured over her, releasing more and more cuntjuice which ran lewdly down her trembling legs.

Ray laughed again. And then he threw himself onto the bed and wrapped his muscular arms about the teenager, kissing her passionately and deeply. The man and girl entwined their tongues, and Kelly moaned lustfully into the minister’s gaping mouth.

He had his hands all over her body and she found herself pressing herself tightly up against him, wanting it all. And more. Her nipples were hard, tight, and aching to be touched. Ray cupped her tits in both hands and squeezed them hard, really hard.

“Oh, yes, Ray,” Kelly gasped. She wanted it. She needed it. She needed it hard and rough, and she needed it from him.

“Jesus, you’re so fuckin’ wet!” the minister swore as he stroked her cunt.

Kelly sighed and leaned into him, feeling his fingers stretching her pussy apart, stretching her wider and wider until she thought she could not stand it any longer.

“Oh, God, Ray,” she groaned, “fuck me… fuck me… fuck me!”

The man looked down into her eyes.

“I’ve never seen such a willing bitch,” he muttered.

“I’ve never been this horny! Are we gonna talk about it or are we gonna do it?” Kelly asked huskily.

Ray grinned and laughed. Then he stood up and quickly shed all of his clothes.

As he climbed back into bed with Kelly, she flushed and turned her head to the wall.

“You’ll probably think I’m crazy or something, but would you spank me first? I love the way you punish me!” she cried.

With another delighted laugh. Ray sat up on the edge of the bed and lifted the girl up. He lay her across his naked lap. She could feel his cock, hard and throbbing, pressing up into her cunt.

“Spread your legs a little bit, honey,” he husked. And when she did, he slipped his cock up in between them, pressing it right against her pussy-slit.

“Now, close them again,” he ordered.

With a little happy sigh of anticipation, the teenaged girl did as she was told. As soon as she closed her legs, the minister began to spank her ass. He used, hard stokes, knowing how much she liked it that way. Kelly needed to feel a stinging, punishing kind of pain and he knew that. He moved his slapping hand from asscheek to asscheek, hitting her harder and more roughly each time, yet never crossing the line to unbearable unpleasant torture.

“Oh, God, yes, yes, Ray, yes, keep spanking me just like that! Ooooh, I can feel your big hard cock throbbing against my pussy! Jeeeesus, it feels sooo good!” Kelly cried, writhing hard on his lap. She rubbed her little cunt up and down against his cock, and she could feel the man’s broad cockhead moving about her fuckhole.

Suddenly, after he struck her ass especially hard, she jerked her hips up and rammed them back down again, squealing with excitement as she felt the head of his prick slide right up inside her.

“Yesssss!” she screeched, thrilling to the ungodly pleasure that rocked her entire body.

“You sexy little slut!” Ray groaned hoarsely. He continued to spank the teenaged girl, harder and harder, feeling more and more of her thick juices flowing over his cock and balls as they slowly and steadily fucked each other.

“Unnnhhh, yessss, it’s sooo good!” Kelly moaned, knowing that this was what she had been desperately needing ever since she had first set eyes on her distant cousin. It was a delicious fuck, and the girl could hardly believe the intense feelings that raced from her cunt, charging her tits, her entire body.

It was a fuck which she could totally give herself up to because it was not an incestuous fuck and therefore she figured she had nothing to feel guilty about. It was just a good old fashioned fuck between a man and a girl. What could be wrong with that?

Each time Ray slapped her ass, she rammed her hips downward, capturing the full length of his huge prick inside her aching cunt. He was slapping her harder than ever now, the huge opened palm of his hand landing painfully onto her ass, turning both of her asscheeks a fiery red.

Kelly came again and again, and still the man’s cock continued to fuck into her, hard and throbbing and thrusting.

After a while, Ray rolled her back onto the bed and fucked her hard and fast while she lay beneath him, gasping for air and moaning with ecstasy. And still she came, each orgasm more intense and long-lasting than the one before it.

Kelly was amazed by the man’s staying power. She knew that she could take it no longer. She had to feel him coming inside her.

“Shoot now, Ray, shoot! Oh, God, yes, I have to feel all your cum gushing up into my pussy!” she squealed, humping down harder than ever on his cock and feeling his big pulsing cockhead smacking up hard against the back wall of her pussy.

“You Goddamned little whore!” Ray roared as he let loose.

“Ahhh, yesss, I can feel it! I need it! Give me every single drop of your hot cum!” Kelly cried, tightening her cunt walls against the sides of his prick as it unloaded inside her.

Jolt after creamy jolt of scalding jism exploded into the teenager’s cunthole until finally the tiny opening overflowed and the sticky jizz backed up and began to run out between her tight cuntlips, finally dribbling down Kelly’s thighs and smearing Ray’s own lap.

“Oh, it feels soooo fuckin’ good!” Kelly cried loudly as she came again.

As he continued to come, Ray reached beneath the girl and gripped both of her stiff nips in his hands. He used his thumbs and forefingers to pinch and twist the little buds, and he groaned as he felt them pulsing against his touch.

“Aieeeee! That hurts! Hove it! Do it again!” Kelly yelled insanely as electrifying lances of pain and pleasure knifed through her.

“You silly bitch!” Ray said hoarsely as again, he took her red nipples between his thumbs and forefingers and twisted them hard, first one way, then the other.

“Yeeeeoooowwww! Yesssss!” Kelly cried, coming yet again.

Along while later, after they had both finished coming, Kelly crawled exhaustedly off her cousin’s lap and collapsed on her back on the bed. She smiled gratefully up at Ray, trailing her fingertips up and down one of his sweaty arms.

“Mmmm that was so good, Ray! What a welcome you gave me! And it’s the kind of fucking I don’t have to feel guilty about,” Kelly murmured, turning over onto her side, feeling suddenly very sleepy.

“How do you figure that? You felt guilty enough about fucking your mom and dad.” Ray said in a strange tone of voice that the girl was too sleepy to notice.

“Oh, you know. Mom and Dad… that’s real incest… that’s what I can’t accept… it’s not like you and me…?” Kelly murmured, her words trailing off as she fell asleep.

For long moments after she had fallen asleep, Ray at there on the edge of the bed, staring down at her, wondering how she would react if she knew the truth… if she knew that he was her real father.

Kelly woke up early the next morning, feeling extremely horny. She reached down and felt the warm juices oozing from her cuntlips onto the sheet below, and she moaned with desire.

She fingered her twitching pussy while remembering every lewd detail of her fuck session with Ray the night before. But suddenly, she found Ray’s image being replaced by Josh in her mind.

The boy was so tall and muscular, much like his father. Kelly knew that her cousin lifted weights and it showed. The teenager was very well-built with hard, rippling muscles. Kelly moaned now as she thought of the large bulge she had seen between his muscular legs.

Panting with lust, Kelly stroked her tits with one hand while continuing to rub her pussy with her other hand. She felt her throbbing nipples hardening beneath her obscene touch. She was still naked from the night before, and now she stroked her entire body.

Turning on more and more, the girl began to fingerfuck her wet pussy as she continued to think about her hunk of a cousin. She moaned aid thrust two fingers up her slick pussyhole. She wondered if Josh were as hot for her as she was for him.

Suddenly, she gasped, remembering vividly the way he had looked at her when she had arrived the day before. She had seen him staring at her big tits, his eyes traveling boldly down her body, finally riveting on her crotch. Kelly was fingerfucking herself, thinking that he was probably as horny for her as she was for him and his big cock.

With that thought, Kelly began to pump her fingers faster, in and out of her juicy, grasping cunthole. With her free hand, she rubbed he large, aching tits. The teenager moaned aloud as she thrust her juice-soaked fingers harder and deeper into her small pussy. She thrashed her hips upward, humping her hand with her pussy.

“Ohhhh, Josh!” she cried out. The more she thought about it, the more the blonde was sure that if she could just get her cousin alone and let him see her naked body, he would be more than willing to fuck her.

At that point, Kelly felt her orgasm beginning, and she turned off all thoughts except that of the pleasure she knew she was about to feel.

“Ohhh. Josh, honey, I’m commmiinnng!” she cried as shudder after shudder of hot climax rippled through her hot, wet pussy.

She tonal her head back and forth wildly on her pillow, sending her long, golden hair flying over her beautiful face.

As she came, she pumped her fingers faster and faster, plunging into her spasming pussyhole deeply. Even after her orgasm ended, Kelly continued to fingerfuck herself, her cuntjuices drenching her hand. Then, sighing contentedly, she licked all of the girl-cum off her slender fingers.

She fingered her nipples and sighed again. She knew that she needed another orgasm, but she also knew that the kind of orgasm she needed now was the kind that only Josh’s big cock could give her.

The thought of Josh’s rough hands roving over her body and his male hardness fucking untiringly between her quivering thighs made the teenager tremble with desire, and she rubbed her pussy again and again.

As if dazed, Kelly thrust her fingers into her cuntlips, feeling for her twitching clit, each finger throbbing strongly as if it were a miniature version of a cock.

No, no, I can’t stand it! the girl thought. She moaned, realizing that if she finger fucked her horny cunt again, she would have another orgasm, but that it would be the kind which would just leave her wanting and needing more.

She sprang up out of bed and grabbed her bikini, deciding that she would cool off in the swimming pool. Dressed, the girl studied her attractive reflection in the full length mirror which hung on the back of her closet door.

She was wearing an extremely revealing sky-blue string bikini which left very little to the imagination. Her large tits overflowed the skimpy top, and there were curly tendrils of blonde pussy fur poking around the edge of her bikini bottoms.

She smiled at her reflection, pleased with how she looked. She left the house, not seeing anyone else around. As she approached the swimming pool behind the house, she gasped with excitement. There was her cousin, Josh. He had obviously been swimming already, for he was dripping wet. And he was lying next to the pool on a large towel. He wore a pair of tight bikini briefs and his crotch stuck out in a bulge that thrilled the girl and made her pussy drool with lust.

“Hi. Kelly! Come on and join me. Water’s great!” Josh said as he raised his head and saw the girl.

Kelly smiled at her cousin, wondering if he could tell how much he turned her on.

“You’re looking very pretty today… and very, very sexy,” Josh murmured, his eyes roaming over Kelly’s big tits and her narrow waist and long, slender legs.

“Thanks. You’re looking pretty good your self,” Kelly responded excitedly, giving his bulging crotch a meaningful look.

She sat down next to the boy and their arms brushed together. She shivered, feeling a deep, raging lust sweeping over her entire body.

“Well, I think I’ll go in for another swim!” Josh said as he sprang up. He dived expertly into the water.

He began to swim lap after lap through the cool blue water. Seeing that he was totally unaware of her at that moment, Kelly stretched out, face down on the towel. Her mind was dizzy with the touch of his arm and she could feel the exciting pressure of the hard surface underneath the towel pushing up against the softness of her large, sensitive tits.

With a gasp of helpless desire, she ground her cunt hard against the towel, savoring the hot licking tongues of sensual pleasure that pulsed through her body.

Suddenly, she felt drops of cool water falling on the feverish flesh of her back. She turned over and sat up with a gasp, seeing that Josh was standing over her, dripping wet.

“What were you doing? Trying to jerk yourself off?” Josh asked with a knowing grin, his cock growing hard.

Kelly felt a hot quivering sensation deep in her cunt as she saw the boy’s prick hardening beneath his briefs.

Josh sat down next to the girl and she lay on her back, staring up at him with a glassy, unfocused look in her eyes.

“I… I just feel so horny,” she said.

“For anyone in particular?” Josh asked with another grin as he rested one hand on the girl’s waist. Then, he moved his hand down to her hip.

Kelly squirmed beneath her cousin’s touch, wishing she were bold enough to just reach out and push the boy’s hand right down into her hungry cunt.

“Well, now that you mention it… yeah, there is one guy I’m really hot for!” she said with a laugh. She moved her hand down to cover his at her hips, her fingers closing on it tightly.

“Now I wonder who that can be?” Josh said teasingly.

The hot touch of his fingers on her hip was making Kelly’s asscheeks squirm down involuntarily against the sunbaked towel. The slow, rhythmic squirming and wriggling at her asscheeks down against the ground began to slowly make itself felt against the boy’s hand, which she was still holding onto tightly.

“Oh, Josh, I think you know the answer to that,” she said dreamily, closing her eyes and sighing with passion.

“Tell me what you want, Cuz,” Josh said huskily.

“What I want…” Kelly began, “what I want is for you to fuck me!”

“Are you sure that’s what you really want?”

Josh asked in a teasing tone, wanting the girl to beg him for it.

Kelly groaned, knowing that she needed her cousin’s big cock to quench the hot, licking flames that enveloped her entire quivering body. Nothing else existed for the girl at that moment but the raging fire rampaging between her legs and through every nerve in her body.

“Yessss! For God’s sake, yes, Josh! Fuck me!” she screamed, her lovely face contorted with lust almost beyond recognition. “Fuck me now! You must! I can’t stand it!”

She looked up and saw the huge bulge beneath the boy’s tight restricting briefs. She reached out eagerly and began to pull his briefs down all the way to his knees. She gasped with excitement as his hard, thick cock sprang free, sticking straight out in front of him.

“Oh, God, Josh, your cock is sooooo big and soooo hard! I want it up my pussy now!”

“Take your bikini off, Cuz,” the boy said huskily, hardly able to control the lust that was pounding through his hard, male body. “Let me see your goodies!”

With a triumphant smile, Kelly moved her hands to her top. With an impatient little groan, she jerked them harshly, and the top came away in her hands. Her full, firm tits bounced out freely toward her cousin, like an offering.

“Whew!” Josh cried, whistling between his teeth. “Really nice!”

He reached down and gently stroked her throbbing nipples, feeling them hardening against his probing fingers.

With a moan of lust, Josh bent down and tore the girl’s bikini bottoms off, unable to wait any longer, unable to pretend that he wasn’t as horny as she was.

He crouched next to her and nudged her arm with his big cock. Kelly gasped, staring hungrily at his prick. It stood out from his hairy crotch, obscenely long and hard.

“Go on, Cuz, touch it,” Josh urged.

Kelly reached out with trembling arms and touched her cousin’s hard, juicing cock, and the boy groaned with pleasure. She caressed Josh’s cock gently. The tender, sensitive tips of her stroking fingers gently fondled the quivering cock-flesh up and down and over the rounded, purplish cockhead.

“Ohhhhhh, yessss,” she moaned, aware of nothing at that moment except the stiff, bloated, jerking cock jutting out obscenely from her cousin’s crotch. And she could feel nothing but the throbbing of her hungry cunt, now gaping wetly between her soft white thighs.

She twisted and writhed uncontrollably on the ground, pulling and stroking the hard, twitching prick which seemed to grow bigger and harder in her hands.

“Suck it, Cuz! Suck my cock!” Josh commanded hoarsely.

“Jeeeeesus, yessss, I want to suck your big fat cock!” Kelly cried hungrily.

Josh quickly straddled the girl’s face. With both of her small, soft hands on his cock, she closed the warm, wet cavern of her mouth around the bulbous head of his throbbing prick.

“Yeah, Cuz, that’s it, suck it hard!” Josh cried, his face turning a deep red.

Kelly began to suck Josh’s cock with wet, slurping noises that turned the teenagers on that much more.

Josh tangled his strong hands deep into the girl’s long, blonde hair, and his aching cock jerked spasmodically against the hot moistness of her swirling tongue. Suddenly, he pushed her head roughly toward his crotch, makin almost the full length of his cock disappear into her tot, sucking mouth.

“Unnnnhh, yeah, that feels great, Cuz! Suck it had! You’re doing it so good… better than any chick ever… suck me!” Josh put his cock into her sucking mouth.

He moved his ass back and forth, riding the girl’s mouth as if he were in her cunt. He had about half of his long prick down her throat now, and she instinctively struggled against the urge to gag, wanting to deep-throat him. She grew hatter and hotter. And her little pussy grew wetter and wetter as she thought about what was happening between her and her teenaged cousin, and as she thought about what was still about to happen.

Kelly closed her eyes and moaned softly around the thickness of the fat cock inside her mouth and halfway down her throat. She loved the way Josh’s cockmeat tasted. Knowing that in a matter of minutes, this same huge cock was plunging up into her pussyhole, she moaned again with excitement, and she sucked him harder and harder.

“Arrghhh, yeah, baby, yeah,” Josh groaned, shoving a bit more of his cock into her mouth. Then he pulled back, almost all the way out of her mouth. And once again, he shoved his prick inside, his balls bouncing against her chin as he fucked her mouth lustfully.

“Suck it good, Cuz! Suck it hard! Suck meeeeee!” he cried.

Kelly sucked the boy’s cock harder, giving it all she had. She hollowed her cheeks to increase the incredible suction power she was exerting on his stiff cockmeat. Her saliva dribbled, down her chin, and over Josh’s cock as he continued to fuck her mouth and she sucked him still harder. He pushed even harder, thrusting more of his prick into her mouth, making it slide all the way down her throat.

Kelly gagged slightly. But she quickly recovered and began to work her strong throat muscles around her cousin’s bloated prick. Over and over, she clenched and, unclenched her throat muscles around Josh’s prick. Each time he thrust his cock down her throat, she worked her muscles around it, holding him tightly in place while she sucked him. Then, seconds later, she released her hold, and he slipped his prick out of her mouth again until only his pulsing prickhead remained in the grip of her wet lips.

Josh continued to fuck the girl’s mouth with his big, bursting prick, groaning with pleasure and lust. He could feel her throat muscles clasping and unclasping around his hot, thick shaft of meat and he thrilled to the obscene sensation.

“God, but you’re great!” he exclaimed. “You give great head!”

Kelly felt like laughing with joy at ha cousin’s compliment, but her mouth was stuffed so full with his fuckrod that she couldn’t. But she didn’t care. For all the blonde cared about at that moment was the hot thrilling feeling of sucking him off. And soon, she thought excitedly, he’ll be fucking this huge cock of his right up my cunt!

“Unnhh, I’m gonna pop in a minute, Cuz, and when I do, I want you to swallow all my cum!” Josh yelled, pumping his cock deeper and deeper as his climax built.

Kelly’s eyes widened, and she nodded her head in eager agreement. Her cousin didn’t know it, but the girl would have it no other way. She longed to taste his cum, and she had been headily anticipating that very thrill ever since she had begun to suck him off.

Josh lifted his ass up off her big tits and fucked her mouth with a lust-filled fury, about to come.

“Awwww, shiiiiit, commmiiinnnggg!” Josh gasped only seconds later.

His cock jerked upward, and his cock-tip throbbed violently against Kelly’s throat. She could feel the strong, pulsing sensation against her throat and she loved the way her entire mouth seemed to vibrate.

She moaned with pleasure and lust as a blast of hot cum exploded into her throat. She swallowed rapidly, writhing in sexual delight as she tasted Josh’s cum for the first time. It was delicious, just as she had known it would be.

More and more cum shot into her mouth and down her throat. Although the blonde swallowed hard and fast, her mouth quickly filled up completely and her cousin’s cum began to gurgle out between her sensuous lips, splashing down onto her gigantic tits, lewdly coating the long, throbbing nips.

“Yeah, baby, take it all! Goddamn, it feels soooo fuckin’ good! Swallow it all, Kelly!” Josh moaned as he shot the last of his enormous load.

When he finished coming, Josh pulled his thick, still-hard cock out of Kelly’s mouth and shook the last few traces of his cum onto her chest where it mingled lewdly with the part of his load that had spilled out from her mouth onto her tits.

Kelly was in the midst of her own orgasm, for sucking her cousin off had aroused her so powerfully that her pussy had exploded with its own climax as she swallowed his cum down.

“Ohhhh, I’m coming, Josh! It feels soooo good!” she groaned, writhing violently on the ground.

“You’re a goddamned good little cocksucker, Cuz!” Josh said, shaking his head with amazement, grinning as he stared at the girl who was coming hard.

When she finished coming, Kelly scooped up all of Josh’s cum from her heaving tits, greedily stuffing her jism-coated fingers into her mouth where she sucked her own jism off one by one.

“Wow! You’re really hot!” Josh said. “So are you!” Kelly sang out happily as she stared at the boy’s cock which was still rockhard and jerking with lust.

“Hurry, Josh, do it to me! Fuck meeeee!” she begged desperately, her eyes reflecting an intense hunger and hot desire that took the boy’s breath away as he gazed down at her.

He had never seen a more thrilling sight in all his life. The beautiful blonde girl was lying naked on the ground, his cum coating the inside of her mouth and throat, her big tits hot and throbbing, and her eyes and voice begging him to fuck her. His cock hardened even more and twitched violently. Josh sensed that he was about to experience the most exciting and satisfying fuck of his life.

“Hurry, for God’s sake, Josh! Don’t do this to me, you horny bastard! Get that fat cock of yours into my pussy! I need you to fuck meeee!” Kelly wailed.

Josh groaned and, bending his head, he hungrily locked his lips onto her large, throbbing nips, his tongue swirling around hotly all over the pulsing tit-flesh. His lewd actions made Kelly writhe and twist on the ground in a dance of savage lust.

As he continued to suck and lick her swollen nipples, shivers of hot, unbridled desire shook Kelly’s body, and she squirmed beneath him as though she had gone stark raving mad. Soft groans of pleasure murmured through her wetly parted lips. Suddenly she couldn’t stand it any longer. She wrenched the boy’s head away from her trembling tits and it made a lewd, wet sucking sound as Josh’s eagerly devouring mouth was forced away from her tits.

“Pleeeeease fuck me now, Josh! Hurry! Fuck me hard with your big fat gorgeous cock. I need it soooo badly! Stick it in me right now, Josh!”

She stared up at the boy, her eyes desperate and pleading, her entire body twisting lewdly in a fit of desire. Shivers of lust raced along the length of her spine, zeroing in on her pussy at the thought of her cousin fucking her.

Josh hovered above her, getting off on the way she was lying beneath him with her thighs wantonly splayed, begging him to fuck her.

“Fuck me! Fuck me now, Josh!” she cried again and again.

She dropped her hand down between their feverish bodies, gasping the hardness of his painting prick tightly between her searching fingers. She groaned with excitement as she felt how big and thick and hard her cousin’s prick was. She just couldn’t wait to feel it ramming up her little cunt.

Josh moved up her twisting body, sliding his huge prick up toward her trembling cunthole. Kelly quivered all over with anticipation as she felt her cousin’s huge, hard cockhead working into her pussy.

She was panting hard, beside herself with fuck-lust. The enormous cockhead slipped between her bloated cuntlips. She groaned with pleasure, feeling her cuntlips being peeled back as her cousin’s gigantic cock screwed its way inside her.

“Jeesus, but you’re tight! Like a virgin!” he cried hoarsely.

“I assure you… I’m no virgin,” the girl giggled, still panting harshly.

Suddenly, Kelly felt the big prickhead pushing its way into her tight fuckhole and she squealed with excitement.

“Oh, yes, Josh! Fuck me! It feels soooo fuckin’ good!” she gasped.

Kelly felt a stab of pain caused by the enormously thick and long prick fucking into her. But the blonde girl did not mind the pain. Not one bit. She had expected it. And in fact she had looked forward to it. For she was smart enough to know now that the pain only added to the thrill and the pleasure of fucking.

Josh thrust forward, pushing more and more of his prick into the teenaged girl’s tight little pussy. She arched her back, clawing at the boy’s broad back with her long, sharp fingernails.

Her little cunt opened up more and more to the driving prick and finally she felt the huge cock rushing all the way up into her cunthole, its broad cockhead smacking up hard against the back wall of her pussy.

“Ohhh, yesss!” she squealed with pain and ecstasy.

“Take it all, baby! Take my whole cock up your little pussy!” Josh groaned, grinning down at the girl.

“Ohhh, yesss, yessss,” she moaned as Josh began to slide his enormous prick in and put of her, in and out, her creamy pussyjuice lubricating his prick and making it easy for him. Kelly moaned continually, writhing frantically on the ground, trying to get even more of her cousin’s cock up inside her.

“Unnhhh, ohhh, baby, I love fucking you! Your little pussy’s so fuckin’ tight and tiny and juicy!” the boy cried as he continued to fuck the horny girl.

He slipped his hands under the girl’s ass and raised her hips upward. Kelly bent her knees, beginning to hump her hips up, grinding her cunt against the bay’s crotch, their crotch hairs mingling lewdly.

As Josh continued to fuck her, he dropped his strong hands to her chest and kneaded her heaving tits. He pinched the long, swollen nipples, rolling them around painfully between his fingers until he made her cry out with pain/pleasure again.

He plunged the full length of his thick prick into her harder and deeper with each savage thrust, feeling as if his aching balls would pop any second now. Each time he rammed his prick into the girl’s cunt, she thrust her hips high up into the air, meeting his prick with her drooling pussy.

“Wow, what a great lay you are!” Josh grunted, wondering where the sexy girl had learned her exciting sexual technique.

“Unnnnhhh, ohhh, Josh, your cock’s woo big and hard! I love the way it feels inside of me!” Kelly yelled as her cousin’s huge prick shoved its way into her juicy pussy over and over, bringing the cousins that much closer to the orgasms they both needed so badly.

Kelly lifted her ass high off the ground, keeping pace with her cousins a violent fucking motions. She shivered and trembled with lust as the two teenagers continued to fuck each other.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Josh, fuck me hard!” she cried, half out of her mind with desire for her cousin.

Josh bent his head again and sucked her big tits into his wet, slobbering mouth, first one, then the other. He moved his tongue roughly over the distended nips and she cried out with excitement and pleasure.

Josh continued to slam his pulsating prick harder and deeper into Kelly’s pussy with each forceful thrust. Her cuntjuices were pouring out thickly and rapidly how, coating his cock, wetting down his churning balls, and dribbling down her slender thighs. Over and over again, Josh’s gigantic prick slid easily into Kelly’s tight, sopping wet cunt.

“Ohhh, God, yessss, it feels soooo good, Josh,” Kelly gasped with erotic pleasure, tossing her head back and forth on the ground, her long, blonde hair fanning out prettily on either side of her. Her mouth was slack, drool oozing from its corners. Her eyes were wide and unseeing, glazed over with lust.

As Josh rammed her with his long, thick cock, the girl skillfully tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around it, loving the way it throbbed against her cunt walls in response.

“Yeah! Yeah! Squeeze, that fucker!” Josh panted.

Both of the horny teenagers were covered with a fine sheen of sexual sweat now as they continued to fuck wildly toward the much needed climaxes. Josh and Kelly were fucking like two wild animals in heat, their sexual movements wanton and uncontrolled.

Over and over again, Josh shoved his raw, pulsing cockmeat deeper and deeper into Kelly’s cunt, sliding out, then ramming back into her again, his tightening balls slapping lewdly against the crack of her ass.

He pounded heavily into her cunt like a piledriver, and each time he thrust downward, Kelly responded eagerly and hungrily with an upward swing of her hips, impaling herself on her cousin’s prick.

While the boy continued to fuck her, Kelly groaned loudly like a mating animal, obscene gurgles of delight rolling out from between her moist, parted lips. Her throaty cries aroused Josh savagely, and suddenly, he knew that he could hold back no longer.

He came violently.

“Yes! Come inside my pussy, Josh! Hurry! Gimmie all your cum!” Kelly begged desperately.

Josh cupped his hands beneath her ass and shoved her pussy up high and he drove his cock even deeper into her while he came. Over and over he stabbed into her with his bursting prick.

“Unnnnhhhhh! Aaaaarrrrghhhh! Commiiinnnggg!” he roared as globs of hot cum shot from his twitching cum-slit into her cunt, making the blonde girl scream out in a frenzy of excitement and ecstasy.

Josh snapped his head back and groaned aloud as wad after wad of hot spunk shot from his prick and splashed wetly into the girl’s twitching pussyhole.

“Oh, God, yes, yes, yes, yes!” Kelly sobbed with excitement. Her cousin’s hot burning cum completely filled up her pussy in a matter of seconds and ran out lewdly from between her swollen pussylips.

“Ohhhh, ooooooh, Josh, your cum is filling me all up! I can feel it and does it feel great!” the girl squealed.

Kelly began to come.

“Ohhh, God, God, God, I’m commmmmiiinnnggg sooooo fuckin’ hard, Josh! I’m coming with you!” she cried hoarsely.

“Yeah, go for it, Cuz! Shoot your stuff! I can feel your little pussy coming real hard! It’s making my cock jerk around in there like mad!” Josh yelled excitedly.

“Aieeeeee! Yessssss! This is what I needed!” Kelly cried at the top of her lungs as the peak of her climax struck her with full force and her entire body jerked savagely there on the ground.

She could feel her powerful orgasm burning hotly in every single nerve of her body as her cuntwalls contracted hard with the force of the orgasmic explosion that rocked her body. “Ohhhh, yeahhhhh,” Josh cried as he felt the girl’s cunt-muscles spraying hot thick cum into her flooded pussyhole.

“What a great fuck!” the boy groaned moments later as their orgasms ended. He rolled off the girl, sprawling tiredly onto his back, his semi-hard cock still jerking slightly between his muscular legs.

Kelly glanced down at her little aching pussy. The sight of her cousin’s cum drooling obscenely from between her swollen cuntlips made her moan with excitement.

“Wow, Kelly! You’re sure a great lay! I’m really glad that you don’t have any hang-ups about incest!” Josh said with a grin, idly fingering his cock.

Kelly’s eyes widened at her cousin’s words. She gasped and sat up, glaring angrily at him.

“Incest? It’s not really incest between you and me!” she cried, feeling a desperate need to make him agree with her. After all, she hadn’t run away from her incestuous relationship with her parents only to find herself confronted by the same thing here.

“What are you getting so worked up for?” Josh asked with a lazy smile, reaching out to stroke the girl’s tits.

But Kelly shrank away from him, avoiding his touch.

“You called it incest,” she said, as if accusing the boy of some great crime.

“So?” Josh shrugged. “That’s what it is, isn’t it? After all, you and I are cousins.”

“Distant cousins, very distant. I don’t even know how we’re related! We may not even be really related, except by marriage,” she said, her voice filled with tension.

“We could ask my dad… about how we’re related, I mean,” Josh said, wondering why his cousin was so upset.

“No!” Kelly cried, jumping up. She reached down and picked up her bikini and slipped it back on. She knew that she didn’t want to ask Ray how she was related to his family. For the girl was terribly afraid that she might find out something she couldn’t handle. She was afraid that she would find out that perhaps she was not so distantly related to this family after all. Then she would be forced to view her fuck sessions with Josh and Ray as true incest. For Kelly was convinced that fucking anytime, anywhere, and with anyone was one hundred per-cent all right, as long as that person was not a close relative.

“Hey, Kelly, come on, lighten up. Take your bikini off again and let’s have another fuck!” Josh urged, still not understanding his cousin’s abrupt change of attitude.

“No, no, not right now. I’m tired now. I’m gonna go on inside and rest for awhile,” Kelly said, walking away from the boy. But then she turned and fixed her cousin with an intense gaze.

“But, Josh, what we just did… it’s not incest! Okay?”

Josh stared at the girl, thinking that if he were to give her an honest answer, he would say that no, it was not okay, that they were cousins and that that made their fuck session incest, no matter how distantly related they may be. But he heard the tremor in her voice and he knew that, for some unknown reason, the girl was actually pleading with him to give her the answer she needed.

“Sure, Cuz, okay, it wasn’t incest. Yeah, you’re right, it wasn’t incest,” he said.

Kelly flashed her cousin a grateful look and turned away again, moving rapidly toward the house.

“But it was incest,” Josh muttered in a low tone that only he could hear.

In a very short time, Kelly found herself comfortably settled in with Ray, Josh, and Kim as if they were her real family and she lived with them all the time. They all got along very well together and Kelly knew that her relatives were glad she was visiting them for the summer.

Fucking with Ray and Josh became a regular pastime for Kelly, and she couldn’t have been happier. The girl had a tacit understanding with Josh that they were not to discuss incest, or how they might be related. And once, when Kelly thought that Ray was about to get into the subject of how they were related, she quickly changed the subject.

One morning, after Ray and Josh had driven into town for some supplies Kelly found herself alone with her cousin Kim for the first time since she had arrived for her visit.

But there was no self-consciousness, for in a very short time the two girls had discovered that they had a lot in common, and they seemed to be growing closer every day.

“How do you like fucking my brother, Kelly?” Kim asked suddenly as the two girls sat in the den, listening to Kim’s new tape by Duran Duran.

“He told you?” Kelly gasped in surprise.

“Sure,” Kim said with a shrug of her shoulders, “we tell each other everything!”

“Well… to answer your question, I love fucking with your brother! He’s got a huge cock and he really knows what to do with it!” Kelly said with a grin, feeling her little pussy beginning to grow wet.

“He sure does!” Kim enthused.

Kelly gasped again.

“You mean you and he…”

“Yeah! We fuck all the time!” Kim said, and there was no missing the pride in her voice.

“But that’s incest!” Kelly said, feeling uneasy as she realized that this conversation was beginning to tread on round that was very dangerous for her.

“Sure, it’s incest! What do you think makes it so exciting?” Kim said with a laugh.

“Well… when Josh and I get it on, it’s not really like incest because we’re hardly related at all, you know,” Kelly said, flushing.

Kim didn’t respond. She merely arched one eyebrow to show that she didn’t buy her cousin’s argument one bit. But Kelly chose to ignore this.

“You’ve been getting it on with Daddy, too, haven’t you?” Kim asked a few minutes later.

“Yeah, and it’s great! You don’t mind, do you, Kim? I mean, you’re not jealous or anything, are you?” Kelly asked with concern.

“In fact, he’s the one who popped my cherry for me!” Kim said proudly.

“Oh!” Kelly said, her eyes widening. Then she suddenly sprang up from the sofa, unable to sit still any longer. For, what her cousin had just revealed to her hit much too close to home for Kelly’s comfort. Flashes of her father popping her own cherry raced through her mind and she shook her head slightly, as if to clear it of such troubling memories.

“I think I’ll go get us a soda,” she said, walking toward the kitchen. But as she left the living room, she had to admit to herself that just the thought of her daddy fucking her, and the thought of Ray popping his daughter’s cherry, made her blood rush poundingly to her cunt. And she felt more and more juice oozing out of her tight little cunthole. What’s wrong with me? Kelly asked herself silently, taking the sodas out of the refrigerator and heading back to the living room and to Kim. After all, I’m here to get away from all that, that incest stuff. I’ve got to force myself to think of other things!

As Kelly handed one of the sodas to Kim, she noticed for the first time how huge the other girl’s tits were. She felt her face flushing.

“What’s wrong? You’re staring at me so funny,” Kim said as she popped the top on her soda can and took a long swallow of the cold, sweet liquid.

Kelly sat down next to her cousin again, fidgeting nervously. She didn’t know what to say. She certainly couldn’t tell Kim that she was having lewd, sexual thoughts about her.

“Oh, uh, nothing,” she said, feeling all too aware of the girls warm body right next to her.

Both of the girls were wearing shorts and Kim’s bare thigh lightly touched Kelly’s.

“Oh!” Kelly cried, jerking away from her cousin’s touch.

“Hey, hey! Take it easy! You’re as jumpy as a long tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs. What’s going on with you anyway, Kelly?” Kim asked with a slight frown.

“I-I guess I’m just a little tense,” Kelly murmured.

“I’ll say!” Kim said with a little laugh. “Come on, you stretch out here on the couch and relax.”

Kelly sighed as she stretched out on the couch. Kim sat next to her and placed one of her soft hands on Kelly’s arm.

“Mmmm, that feels nice,” Kelly murmured as Kim’s hand moved around to her back and she began to massage Kelly’s tense muscles.

Kelly felt Kim’s hands slipping to her shoulder and brushing softly through her long, golden hair. Kelly let out a long sigh as her cousin’s fingers massaged down the tensed muscles of her back and moved to her shoulder blades.

“Yeah, this is what you need to really relax, honey, a good massage,” Kim said huskily. She continued to caress Kelly’s back, lower now, touching the small of her back above her smoothly rounded asscheeks.

“Oh, wow, that’s really good,” Kelly muttered, realizing that her cousin’s touch was not relaxing her as much as it was turning her on. Her little pussy felt so hot and wet now, that she knew she wouldn’t be able to stand it for much longer.

Kim grinned, knowing exactly how her touch was affecting the other girl. She continued to massage Kelly’s shoulders and back, tenderly moving her hands around in exciting circles up under her arms until her fingertips were almost touching the sides of Kelly’s huge tits.

Kelly shuddered as she felt a thrill of erotic pleasure pass through her. She felt the tips of her cousin’s nipples pressing lewdly against her back. She drew forward a bit, but she felt Kim move with her from behind.

“Poor little Kelly… all tense and uptight,” Kim crooned huskily.

Kelly knew that something sexual was going on between her and her cousin, but she wanted it to continue. She reminded herself that making it with Kim would be no more incestuous than getting it on with Josh.

Suddenly, Kelly sat up and turned around so she could see her cousin. Kelly was smiling, her lips moist and slightly parted. The top button of her revealingly low top had come undone and Kelly caught a glimpse of sexy tit-flesh.

“Have you ever made it with another girl, Kim?” Kelly asked, surprised by her own words.

“Sure, lots of times! It’s great!” Kim said with a grin. “Come on, cousin dear, I think it’s time for us to find another way to rein you.”

Kelly rose and left the room with her cousin, feeling as if she were in a sexual trance. The two teenagers walked to Kim’s room, their arms around each other.

As though in a daze, Kelly followed the other girl into her room. She knew what was going to happen between them and she felt powerless to stop it. She was so dizzy with fuck-lust and so turned-on at the thought of making it with her cousin that she didn’t even want to try to stop it. She wanted it to happen.

Kim’s dark eyes were glazed with incestuous desire and her full, moist lips glistened erotically. She pushed Kelly gently but firmly toward her bed and tore the girl’s clothes off almost before Kelly even knew what was happening, leaving her completely naked and trembling with excitement.

Then, as she gazed down at the beautiful, nakedly squirming girl, Kim tore her own clothes off and sat next to Kelly on the bed.

“Turn over onto your tummy so I can massage you,” Kim ordered huskily.

In a matter of seconds, Kelly was lying on her tummy with her cousin straddling her smooth, quivering asscheeks. Kelly’s thighs were spread apart and she could feel the other girl’s furry pussy scraping against the back of her leg.

“Mmmm, I love the way your skin feels… so soft… so smooth… so sexy,” Kim murmured hoarsely as she massaged the girl’s back. “Do you like it, honey?”

“Oh, yes, Kim,” Kelly breathed. “It feels so good… I’m getting so hot.”

Kim’s skillful fingers worked their way down Kelly’s naked back, her palms widespread as she massaged and caressed the smooth flesh.

Kim lifted the weight of her body from Kelly’s and slid her hands over the nakedly trembling cheeks of Kelly’s ass.

“Unnnhhh, that feels great… God, it’s a real turn-on!” Kelly cried, tensing and relaxing her asscheeks as her cousin kneaded their curved softness. A low groan of unbridled lust bubbled from Kelly’s throat.

Then, with an echoing groan of her own, Kim pushed Kelly over onto her side and, she began to stroke Kelly’s big, quivering tits, pausing to tease the other girl’s big nips into hardness with an expert touch. Kim trailed her fingers down Kelly’s ribs as she shifted position so that now they were lying on their sides facing each other.

Kelly stared hornily at the sexy, curvy body of her cousin whose knowing touch continued to send tremors of desire through the girl’s body.

Kim wantonly pressed her juicy pussy against Kelly’s leg, moaning with desire. She smiled with pleasure as the other girl’s eyes moved back and forth between Kim’s big, billowing tits and her soft, downy pussy.

“Just relax, darling. I can make you feel very, very good… in a way that only another girl can,” Kim whispered as she moved her hands to Kelly’s face.

Kelly obediently lay still, her only movement the slight trembling of her body. She felt her cousin’s gentle fingers running across her moistly parted lips and on down her chin to her long, smooth neck. She shivered as if cold, but actually she was feeling… very, very hot.

“Oh, Kelly, you’re so beautiful and so sexy. I have to admit that I’ve been feeling a little jealous of Josh. I mean, he gets to fuck you all so that I could stick it up your gorgeous little pussy!”

Kim’s words jolted Kelly. She was speechless, thrilled but surprised to learn just how much her cousin wanted her.

Kim’s hands dropped to Kelly’s throbbing tits and her face moved closer. Then, her warm, soft lips closed over Kelly’s, gently at first, but then more insistently and passionately. Kelly felt her own lips, tense at first, relaxing slowly under the lewd pressure of her cousin’s mouth.

As Kim’s tongue slipped wetly into her mouth, Kelly found herself giving in completely, and she let her horny body follow its own natural instincts, rubbing her hotly aroused cunt hard against Kim’s twitching pussy.

Kim’s hands continued to massage the other girl’s huge, tingling tits while Kelly, dazed and excited, moaned with lust. She closed her eyes and trembled from head to toe, alive with a red hot desire which danced through her hungrily throbbing cunt.

“Lord, but you’ve got such beautiful tits, honey,” Kim sighed, holding on tightly and rubbing her naked body against Kelly’s so that their lust-hardened nips met and the huge, hotly quivering tits of one girl crushed erotically against the other’s.

Kelly felt Kim’s thighs raise up and her long, tapering legs twine about her until Kim’s soft pussy hairs brushed warmly against her own wetly heated pussy. Then Kim’s hand was on Kelly’s squirming asscheeks, puffing them apart, her fingers slipping between them.

“Oh, God!” Kelly gasped and she jerked forward involuntarily, her huge tits squeezing against her cousin’s softly trembling tit-mounds, as Kim continued to caress Kelly’s tightly puckered little asshole with her stiffened middle finger.

A moment later, Kim was sliding down the other girl’s trembling body, rolling her onto her back and crawling up between Kelly’s quivering legs.

“Oh, God, noooo, we can’t, nooooo!” Kelly moaned, dropping her hands to her own hotly pulsing cunt. She held her breath, trying vainly to fight against the exciting desire that threatened to overwhelm her completely.

In the back of her mind, there was a soft whisper: incest… incest… incest.

“Nooooo, it’s wrong!” Kelly groaned, in response to that accusing whisper. But again, she reminded herself that this girl was nothing but a distant – very distant – cousin. It may be incest in the technical sense, the girl told herself desperately, but we’re not closely enough related for it to be real incest, at least not in the way I think of incest. Making it with Mom and Dad… now, that’s incest, no two ways about it, she continued to think. And if Josh and Kim were my brother and sister, or even my first cousins, that would be real incest, too, and that would be very wrong. That I couldn’t handle. But this isn’t like that, so quit torturing yourself about it and just let go… enjoy it, Kelly! And, with those convincing arguments in her thoughts, Kelly was able to at least accept the exciting thing that was happening between herself and Kim, even if she still did not feel completely comfortable with it.

Kelly felt Kim’s soft hands running over her naked inner thighs, caressing them in a soft, sensuous way, lingering there and then gently trailing up to where Kelly had drawn her hands over her furry cunt.

“Don’t be afraid, honey. Don’t cover your pretty little pussy up. You’ve got nothing to be ashamed of,” Kim said as she gave a little tug at the other girl’s fingers which were cupped over her trembling cunt.

Now Kelly’s little cunt was completely and helplessly exposed to her cousin’s eager gaze.

“Mmmmmm, your little cunt is so hot! I’ve just gotta lick it, Kelly!” Kim groaned.

Kelly’s entire body jerked violently as she felt her cousin’s head moving downward and her wet, hot tongue licking moistly on the insides of her straining thighs. She felt her clit growing large and stiff as it swelled with lust and excitement.

Kim’s tongue licked on and on, lapping at the other girl’s puffy cuntlips, making little electric thrills sizzle through Kelly’s hotly throbbing cunt.

“Oh, God, Kim, what are you doing to meeee?” Kelly wailed, writhing about on the bed. “It feels sooooo good!”

Kim darted her head lower, and her tongue found the moist crack between Kelly’s tightly clenched asscheeks. Kelly’s mind reeled, with sexual excitement as she felt her cousin’s tongue licking lewdly up and down her ass-crack while her fingers stroked along the wet, meaty crevice.

“Oh God, God, God, God!” Kelly groaned, tossing her head from side to side while the other girl worked her hands under Kelly’s naked asscheeks, cupping them and tilting her hips up slightly.

“Yeegawd!” Kelly cried, shuddering in ecstasy as she felt her cousin’s tongue-tip flicking over the sensitive hole of her little puckered ass. She began to shudder even more violently as Kim began to shove her tongue inside Kelly’s asshole.

“Ohhhh, Kim, it feels woo good, I can feel your tongue in my asshole… aaarghhhh, unnhhhh,” she babbled. She knew that what she and her distant cousin were doing together was dirty. It was perverted. It was obscene. And she loved it!

Suddenly, Kim moved her mouth and tongue to Kelly’s cunt. Kelly twisted and writhed in erotic excitement, greedily thrusting her cunt up hard against her cousin’s sucking mouth. She was trying desperately and wantonly to get the other girl’s long, worming tongue deeper and deeper up between her pulsing pussylips.

Kelly’s naked, juicy pussy was tingling with each hot lick of Kim’s flicking wet tongue along her pussy-slit. Thick, hot pussyjuice oozed from Kelly’s cunthole, washing lewdly over her cousin’s tongue.

After a few minutes, Kim pulled herself up from between the other girl’s legs and lay on top of her so that their large, throbbing tits were crushing obscenely against each other. Kim thrust her ass downward, rubbing her softly furred pussy against Kelly’s trembling little cunt, thrilling the two teenaged girls to a mindless peak of passion.

“Ohhh, yessss, fuck me with your pussy!” Kelly cried suddenly, not even knowing that she was going to utter those lewd words until they were already out of her mouth.

She groaned with a savage kind of pleasure as her cousin continued to rub her cunt against Kelly’s. The two horny girls ground their juicy crotches against each other again and again, their mouths mashing together, their tongues dueling, their saliva mingling obscenely.

Just as Kelly was about to come, Kim moved down her body again while Kelly’s hands urged her cousin’s head down to her hungry pussy. Kelly’s hands tangled in her cousin’s long, thick hair, lovingly caressing her neck as she pushed the other girl’s face closer and closer to her hot, aroused cunt.

“Jeeesus, baby, you’ve got such a gorgeous, wet little pussy!” Kim mumbled hoarsely into the other girl’s parted thighs. She pushed her face closer to the girl’s shamelessly throbbing pussy until her mouth was pressing directly on it. She opened her lips, brushing them against Kelly’s soft, wispy pussy hairs.

She opened her mouth wider, flicking her tongue along the soft, fur-rimmed cunt, feeling Kelly respond automatically and eagerly by squirming her nakedly writhing asscheeks.

“Awwww, yesss, Kim, that’s it, do it, suck my pussy!” Kelly cried loudly.

Kim licked harder at the other girl’s wetly glistening cunt. Kelly seized her cousin’s long hair and ground her ass upward, trapping Kim’s cheeks and neck in a deliciously erotic thigh hugging embrace that buried Kim’s tongue to the depths in Kelly’s wildly pulsing cunt.

“Yesssss!” Kelly shrieked at the top of her lungs as Kim’s face sank into her hungrily writhing pussy and she began to lick and suck for all she was worth.

Kelly raised and lowered her hot, juicy cunt in lewd, erotic circles up against her cousin’s mouth, impaling her cunthole on Kim’s darting tongue in a frenzy of lust.

The warm, honeyed fragrance of Kelly’s cunt filled Kim’s flared nostrils with its obscenely exciting aroma. She could feel the tight walls of Kelly’s cunthole tightening against her greedily thrusting tongue and she moaned with pleasure, the sound of her moan reverberating against Kelly’s cuntwalls.

“Ohhh, yesssss, Kim, keep fucking my cunt with your tongue! God, it feels soooo friggin’ good! Don’t stop, Kim, don’t stop fucking my pussy until you make me come! Tonguefuck meeeeeeeee!” Kelly gasped.

Again and again, Kim fucked her wet, pointed tongue hungrily into the other girl’s clasping pussyhole, thrilling to the way the girl’s cuntwalls sucked at it.

“Yessss, suck my pussy, Kim, suck it good! Suck it hard! Oh, God, I can feel your tongue all the way up my little hole! And my juices… I’ve never had so much juice in my pussy before!” Kelly cried, shaking all over.

Kim was well aware that Kelly’s little pussy was filled to the brim with juice. For the hot tasty sauce was pouring into Kim’s mouth in a steady torrent. And Kim swallowed it all down eagerly and thirstily. As soon as she was sure she had lapped up every drop of the tangy juice, more of it flowed into Kelly’s cunt until it was filled to the brim once mote. By this time, Kim’s face was wetly smeared with the stuff and she welcomed the lewd sensation.

Suddenly, Kelly knew that she was about to come. An incredible ecstasy began to flood through her belly and thighs and loins. She fucked in rhythm with Kim’s tongue as she began to come, her pussyhole still oozing out gallons of hot juice which drenched the other girl’s mouth.

“Commmiiinnngg!” Kelly wailed as the peak of her mind blowing orgasm crashed through her with full force, making her entire body shudder and shake with its intensity.

Kim moaned as she came along with Kelly. She continued to tongue-fuck Kelly’s orgasm – big cum – as they both came. Finally, long moments later, Kelly’s orgasm began to subside and Kim reluctantly tore her mouth away from the little twitching pussy.

“Now…” Kelly said breathlessly as she grinned down at her cousin, “it’s my turn to eat you out!”

“I wanna fuck you up your ass, baby!” Ray crowed.

With an eager grin, Kelly got into position, crouched on all fours in the middle of her cousin’s big bed. Both Kelly and Ray were naked. They had been fucking steadily for hours now, and the delicious ass-fucking that was about to happen would be the crowning glory.

Kelly knelt there on all fours, her huge tits dangling downward, her face flushed with desire and excitement. Ray tangled his hand in her hair and forced her head downward while he tightly gripped her hips. Kim and Josh were spending the night with friends, and Kelly was thrilled at the opportunity to be completely alone with Ray.

The girl’s naked asscheeks waved lewdly, high in the air behind her. Her hair was tangled and loose around her lovely face. She had never felt so whorish in all her life. All she could feel at that moment was the hot lust that pounded hotly through her loins.

She whimpered involuntarily as Ray’s hands kneaded the rounded cheeks of her ass, twisting and squeezing the softly yielding flesh with growing desire.

“Ahhh, yesss,” she sobbed as she felt the obscene wetness of the man’s tongue on her nakedly trembling ass, sweeping up the full length of the wide-split crevice between her asscheeks.

She squirmed, savoring the tingling sensations caused by the holly licking tongue on her assflesh. She moaned again and again as Ray continued to tease and slobber his wet tongue up inside her widely stretched asscrack. His fingers tightened painfully on her asscheeks, forcing them far apart, revealing the tiny dark pucker of her little asshole.

Ray stared with unbridled lust at the tightly puckered little ring. Then he fucked his stiffened middle finger into the tiny opening, probing and prodding until at last he managed to insert it to the first knuckle in the rubbery little bunghole.

“Oh, God, it hurts, but I love it!” Kelly sobbed, her nakedly raised asscheeks trembling with excitement.

As he rammed his finger in and out of her tight asshole, a hot, thrilling pressure flooded through the girl in rising tides. She felt as if her entire body were on fire from the obscene finger-fucking up her ass. Ray’s free hand continued to grip the soft smoothness of her asscheeks, his fingers burning into her flesh.

“Jeeesus, Ray, that feels good! Sooooo good!” Kelly whimpered as she felt his finger worming its way deeper up into her tightly clenching shit-chute. He was painfully stretching her ass walls but Kelly was not complaining. Not one bit.

“Push it in harder!” she cried suddenly.

“Sure, baby, my pleasure,” Ray murmured with a grin. With a lustful grunt, he squirmed his finger even farther up into the tight little hole between the girl’s naked asscheeks, burying it to the palm of his, hand in her ass.

Suddenly, the teenager felt her cousin withdrawing his strong, thick, finger, letting her sorely stretched little asshole suck back to its original tightness. Kelly felt a twinge of disappointment, but then she realized that the man had withdrawn his finger only so he could stick his cock up her ass, and she trembled with anticipation.

Ray cruelly spread the girl’s asscheeks apart, straining them beyond belief. He groaned with passion and Kelly looked back over her shoulder to see what was going on.

“Oh, God!” she gasped as she caught sight of the massively swollen length of her cousin’s cock which was cupped lewdly in his free hand. His broad, smooth cockhead was purple and throbbing obscenely with the animalistic lust he was feeling.

Waves of desire and excitement overwhelmed the teenager and her asshole quivered in lewd anticipation of what was about to happen next. He was going to fuck her up her asshole! She could hardly wait, even though she knew that the man’s huge prick could rip her apart.

“Ohhhhh, unnhhh!” she moaned as she felt the bursting head of Ray’s cock pressing up into the lewd split of her asscheeks.

She felt the mounds of her soft ass flesh straining far apart and she felt the hot pressure of his pre-cum-slickened cockhead against her weakly resisting asshole.

For a moment, he paused, her asscheeks spread wide, pressing his big cock-tip against the little crinkled ring of her bunghole. Then, suddenly, the girl could stand it no longer.

“Please, Ray, hurry! Fuck my ass! Do it now!” she cried wildly, waving her upraised asscheeks around desperately in a fit of lewd lust. Her desperate plea goaded the lust-maddened man on and, with a savage snarl, he fucked violently against her tightly puckering little asshole.

“Goddamn little hole’s so fuckin’ tight! Can’t get into it!” Ray grunted. He held Kelly’s trembling asscheeks tightly in place, fucking relentlessly against the tiny opening of her asshole.

“Oh, God, you’ve gotta get it in, Ray! I have to feel your huge cock up my ass! Force it! Rape me! I don’t care! Just shove your cock up me!” Kelly cried, tears of frustration filling her eyes.

The girl could not still the quivering and shaking of her tits and ass. Harsh moans of near-hysterical desire choked in her throat as she hunched back against her cousin. Lust ate at her little pussy like red-hot flames, and she groaned again, waiting impatiently for that moment when she would feel her cousin’s huge cock buried up her little bunghole.

With a loud, animalistic grunt, Ray fucked his prick even harder forward, determined to fuck the entire length of it up the girl’s bunghole.

“Ohhhh, yessss!” Kelly shrieked as she felt the first sudden popping of her tight little outer ass-muscle. An intense pain shot out from her naked asshole and enveloped her entire body, blanking out all thought except the one that mattered the most, the thought that her cousin was ass-fucking her now.

“Yessss! Yessss!” she screamed, tears streaming down her face. “Fuck me hard! Fuck my ass until I come, Ray!”

“Don’t worry, you little slut,” Ray said with a laugh. “I’m gonna fuck you up your ass with my whole cock until I dump my load inside you!”

He stared down in lustful excitement at his throbbing cock. His huge, rubbery cockhead was just barely embedded inside the girl’s wide-split whole and his lips bared in a wicked smile.

“Aaaarrrrghhhhh!” he groaned.

“Yessss, yessss, yessss, fuck my ass,” Kelly moaned over and over, each moan deeper and longer than the last.

With a brutal grunt, Ray suddenly fucked forward as hard as he possibly could, using all of his manly strength. At last he managed to sink the full length of his pulsing prick up to his balls in the teenager’s bowels.

“Oh God, Ray, your huge cock is gonna split my ass!” she sobbed with pain and pleasure. She was completely skewered on her cousin’s cock now, her thighs and naked asscheeks lewdly upraised to accommodate Ray’s huge, cum swollen cock.

Slowly, Ray began to withdraw his thickly thrusting prick from Kelly’s tiny ring of ass muscle. He drew it out little by little until only the swollen cockhead was still rimmed by her rubbery asshole, and then he surged hard again.

The man began to fuck the girl with a slow, steady, cock-fucking rhythm as her tiny bunghole gradually became accustomed to the feel of his thick prick. He began to fuck in and out of her, burying his hard cock right to the balls in the hotly clinging tunnel of her cock split asshole, and then out-fucking it almost all the way before plunging in again. The lust bloated sac of his balls slapped lewdly and wetly against the spread lips of her soft, swollen pussy.

Kelly hunched there on the bed, beyond all rational thought now. She was trembling all over, thrilling to every single second of the brutal ass-fucking she was getting from her cousin.

Ray continued to fuck in and out of the girl’s cock-stuffed asshole, loving the way her tight ass walls clutched at his prick with each inward thrust.

“Ahhhhh, yessss,” Kelly moaned, crouching in her nakedly submissive position. Tingles of cunt-wrenching pleasure twisted about inside her helplessly cock-skewered little asshole. She was shamelessly enjoying the ass-fuck Ray was giving her.

“Ohhhhh, Ray, it feels soooo good! Keep fucking my ass, Ray! Fuck it hard!” she screamed out in a frenzy of lust. “Fuck it in harder! Hurt me with your big prick!”

Surges of wild pleasure spasmed through Kelly’s nakedly twitching pussy and huge, bursting tits. She began to thrust her ass backwards to meet Ray’s cock-thrusts. She was on fire all over like a shameless whore from the exciting ass rape of her lust-driven cousin.

“Ahhhh, unnhhhh, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she chanted between tightly clenched teeth unable to contain herself as her widely split asscheeks began to screw back on Ray’s ass-plugging cock. Her ass muscles contracted lewdly around his deeply pistoning prick as it withdrew, increasing the pleasure for both of them.

“Mmmm, Ray,” she grunted in complete submission. She could feel his cum-heavy balls banging up against her pussylips with each inward ass-thrust of his cock, and she sighed with pleasure, knowing that very soon now, she would be receiving that creamy load of cum up her quivering asshole.

All she cared about at that thrilling moment was the incredibly exciting experience of being fucked up her as by her cousin’s huge, hard cock. All that mattered was the intense ecstasy she felt, starting deep in her ravaged asshole, shooting to her pussy, and embracing her entire body.

Kelly began to hump her ass back harder and faster, savagely returning thrust for thrust. She was moaning continuously now, mewling and grinding her naked asscheeks backwards to try to get her cousin’s cock even deeper up her asshole. Over and over, she clenched and unclenched her inner asshole muscles around the man’s prick.

“Yeah, baby, yeah, you’re a great ass-fuck!” Ray grunted, the veins of his neck standing out in bold relief as he fucked her harder and deeper with each brutal thrust.

“Oh God, Ray!” Kelly responded, feeling as if her entire body were being consumed with flames of fiery lust.

The girl was completely lost now lost in a world of pussy-tingling passion. She didn’t care that her behavior was whorish. She didn’t care that her loud cries sounded sluttish. All she cared about now was that her little wet cunt was helplessly turned-on, excited beyond belief by her asshole being fucked hard by this tall, muscular man whom she was already coming to love more than anyone in the world.

A sudden flash of desire whipped her into an even greater frenzy, making her jerk and thrash her body backwards, her huge tits dancing lewdly against her chest.

The teenaged girl was being fucked higher and deeper, tossed about by ever-stronger waves of ass-slitting desire. She knew that she would be coming soon, and she only hoped that her cousin would come with her. For she could think of no greater joy at that moment than to feel her little asshole being completely filled up with the man’s creamy cum.

Kelly’s little cunt was flowing, sending out thick rivulets of hot sauce which trickled down her legs and filled her asshole to overflowing. Ray’s cock slid easily in and out as he continued to fuck the girl’s bunghole. Her ass muscle gripped his massive cock as he thrust it in and out, faster and harder with each fucking stroke.

The horny girl thrust her asscheeks up to meet the plunges of her cousin’s hot, ravaging cock. Ray laughed delightedly.

“You love this shit, don’t you, you little slut?”

“Yes, oh, yes, Ray,” she panted. “I love it soooo fuckin’ much!”

She thrashed wildly wider her cousin’s pounding body, her lust and excitement making her movements frenzied and almost violent. The man’s prick was buried up her ass balls deep, and the tender walls of her asshole were stretched to the breaking point. But still she loved it, and still she begged for more.

“Unnnhhh, harder, harder, Ray! Pleeease! Fuck me harder! I can take it more! I love it! Fuck meeeee!” she wailed, pounding her fists against the mattress, lost in a world of desire of her handsome cousin’s monstrously huge cock.

Ray laughed with delight as he began to shove his prick in and out of the girl’s asshole harder and faster, all but breaking her slight body in two with each brutal thrust of his gigantic prick.

His huge, swollen balls slapped against her firm asscheeks as he plunged his huge cock deeper and deeper in her wet asshole. He had never been so aroused in all his life. Nothing on earth compared with the joy of fucking this little tight-assed teenager. It was the tightest, juiciest fuck he had ever had the pleasure of having. He had never had such a raging hard-on and he could already tell that when he came, his nuts would pour out more cum than ever before in his life.

His face was flushed a deep red and he groaned loudly as he fucked into Kelly’s asshole over and over again. Each time he slammed his prick home, she raised her ass to meet it, letting him deeply penetrate her little shit-chute. The girl was writhing and moaning in pleasure, and he could sense that she was about to come, just as he was.

“Yessss, Ray, that’s it! Fuck me good! Right up my little ass! Shove your huge prick up my asshole! Ohhhh, it feels so fantastic!” she cried.

She was enjoying it all. She loved the feel of her cousin’s big cock wetly bucking against her clenching and unclenching ass walls. She loved the way his thick, rigid cock-meat filled her entire little hole, feeling as if it would make her split wide open. She loved the way he was brutally thrusting his cock in and out, over and over again. She felt as if she were being raped and she welcomed every spine-tingling, cunt wrenching second of it.

“You’re such a sexy girl, Kelly!” Ray exclaimed. He could feel the jism boiling in his nuts, and he was glad. For as much as he was getting off on this ass-fuck, he was desperate to dump his huge load right up the teenager’s shithole.

“Ohhhh, Ray! I’m gonna come! Commmmiinnnggg!” she shrieked, desperately fucking her ass backwards to reach her much-needed orgasm. A deep, strangled cry escaped from her parched throat, and her naked ass heaved backward with the hot, exploding pressure of her orgasm.

Kelly’s entire body shook and shuddered as she came hard while Ray continued to ass-fuck her. Her nipples hardened painfully and throbbed violently. Her cunt gushed out gallons of thick, hot pussy juice. Her tightly, gripping asshole gripped Ray’s cock savagely so that the man cried out in protest. As Kelly kept fucking back at her cousin’s huge cock, she felt as if she had died and gone to heaven. Her orgasm peaked and she felt overpowered by the sensations of lust and pleasure coursing through her.

In the back of her mind, Kelly was dimly aware, that she was enjoying this fuck session with her cousin even more than she had gotten off on fucking her own father, and she wondered why that was. But she didn’t wonder for long. For, already she was coming again.

“Commmiiinnnggg!” she screamed over and over as her orgasm swept over her, completely overwhelming her with its intensity.

Suddenly, Ray knew that he could not hold back any longer. Kelly’s orgasmic cries of pleasure took him right over the edge and he began to come, too.

“I’m commmiiinnnggg, daughter!” he cried, not even realizing what he was saying, not even aware that he was revealing the secret that had been kept from Kelly all her life up until now. “Gonna dump my whole load… my own beautiful daughter! Take it, Kelly, take all my cum!”

Wad after wad of thick, hot jism shot from his cum-slit and splashed wetly into Kelly’s twitching, spasming asshole.

“Aaaarrrrghhhh!” he groaned as he feverishly fucked his bursting cock into the girl’s orgasming asshole. He shot the full force of his scalding cum far up into her prick-stretching asshole, creaming into every nook and cranny of her flaring ass-tunnel and filling her little belly with the boiling cock-juice.

“Oh, God, God, God,” Kelly moaned, responding as much to Ray’s words as to the excitement of feeling her little ass overflowing with his jism at long last.

And still there was more cum. There seemed to be no end to the foamy stuff. Ray fucked the girl’s asshole over and over again as a continuous jet of white, creamy cum sprayed into her and they came together.

“Ohhhh, yes, yessss, Ray, come inside me! Fill me all up with your cum! I want it all!” Kelly cried.

Long moments after, their orgasms began to subside. Ray felt his twitching prick softening inside Kelly’s widely-stretched asshole. He slipped his prick back out of her wetly drenched hole.

“Ohhhh, noooo!” Kelly cried mournfully as she felt her cousin’s prick slipping out of her cum-filled asshole.

She lay gasping on the bed, her body heaving, her tits jiggling, her eyes glazed, her thighs lewdly spread, panting hard. Her tits tingled all over with pleasure and she could feel Ray’s cum beginning to cool deep in her bowels.

“Ohhhh, that was so good,” she moaned. Ray grinned as he lay next to the girl and cradled her in his strong muscular arms.

“Yeah, it sure was, honey… you’re the best,” he said, leaning over and giving the girl an affectionate kiss on her sweaty forehead.

“That was weird,” Kelly said with a brisk little laugh.

“What was weird?” Ray asked with a frown, wondering what she was talking about.

“I mean… well, when you were coming… you kept calling me your little… your daughter… I guess you just meant that figuratively, huh?”

He sighed as he looked down at her. He had not meant to say what he had. He had no idea that he was calling her his daughter as he came inside her. But he had always known that this moment would come, the moment when it was time for the truth to be known. And he knew that he could not lie to this girl. Nor did he want to.

“Kelly…” he began, taking another long sigh.

“You don’t have to say anything, Ray!” Kelly cried frantically, tears filling her eyes. “I understand… you were just being nice when you called me your daughter. I know!”

“No, honey, you don’t know,” Ray said, reaching out and tracing the curve of her tits. “It’s time for you to know the truth, Kelly. I think you’re mature enough to handle it. And it’s your right to know it all. Now just settle back and I’ll tell you everything!”

Kelly Fowler lay huddled in the center of the bed, a forlorn figure. Her mind was reeling, ten were streaming from her eyes, and she sighed heavily time and time again as she struggled to understand what Ray had just revealed to her.

He had told her everything, although she had tried to stop him. And then he had taken her chin in his hand and gently kissed her on the mouth.

“You’re a big girl now, Kelly. And I trust you to understand what I’ve just told you, and to come to terms with it. In fact, if you’re the smart girl I think you are, you’ll realize that everything you’ve just heard is actually very good news, and you’ll make the most of it. Now, go on to your room and think about what I’ve told you. Stay there until you feel you can deal with it,” Ray had said.

“I don’t think I’ll ever be able to deal with it!” Kelly had cried, already beginning to cry.

“I hope that’s not true, Kelly, for I’ll be very disappointed in you if you can’t. At any rate, think about it and then come back here to my room and let me know about any decisions you’ve made. I’ll be waiting here for you, Kelly. You and I have the house all to ourselves and we’ve got all the time in the world.”

That had been almost two hours ago, and in that time, the girl’s emotions had run the gamut from denial to anger to a numbness that now seemed to overwhelm her. And all this time, as Kelly lay curled up on her side in bed, what she had just learned from Ray kept ringing through her head as if Ray were right there in the room with her, telling her over and over again the shattering news that had rocked the teenager’s world.

At first Kelly had tried to tell herself that what Ray had told her was not true. But before long, she had to admit that it was indeed true, for there was no way that Ray would lie to her, especially about something as important as this.

It seemed that many years ago when Alice, Kelly’s mother, was still single, she had met Ray. A tremendous sexual attraction had sprung up between them and they had had a brief but intense affair. Ray was already married at that time and was very much in love with his wife who was already pregnant with Josh. But he had been unable to resist the powerful physical attraction he felt for the beautiful Alice.

Even though Alice knew that Ray was married, and even though she and Ray were not really in love with each other, she had gone into the affair willingly, even eagerly, needing the sexual excitement the man brought into her life.

By the time Alice discovered she was pregnant with Kelly, she had already met and fallen in love with Tom who was only too willing to raise Kelly as his own daughter. The affair between Ray and Alice had pretty much run its course, anyway, and all parties involved agreed that their secret would never be revealed, and that Kelly would grow up thinking of Tom as her real father.

There was absolutely no bitterness or hostility involved, however, and over the years, Ray and Alice had made it a paint to keep in touch with each other. For even though Ray had given up all rights to Kelly, he still loved her, as any father would love his own daughter. Tom and Alice had been generous in sharing news about Kelly with Ray all during her growing-up years. They exchanged letters at least once a month over the years, and there was the occasional phone call as well.

Then Ray’s wife had died, and he and his kids had settled into their country home not too far from where Kelly lived with Tom and Alice. Ray had told Alice and Tom that he wanted to meet his daughter. He had promised not to make waves or to reveal his true identity, but he let them know that he felt a deep need to get to know this girl who was, after all, his own flesh and blood.

At first, Alice and Tom had denied Ray his request. But then, Kelly had pleaded with them to let her go away somewhere where she would not be tempted to commit incest again with her parents. And so here she was. And now she had learned that the man she had been making it with ever since her arrival was her real father. And the boy and girl she had been getting it on with, the boy and girl she had though of as nothing more than distant cousins, if that, were in fact, her half-brother and half-sister.

“Oh, God!” Kelly sobbed now, wondering how she could ever handle the guilt that came from the knowledge that she had been gladly fucking her own father. The irony of her situation was not lost on her. Here she had left home to get away from committing incest with her parents, only to fall into the incestuous arms of her real father.

With tears still streaming down her face, she suddenly sprang up from bed and all but raced to her father’s room. She threw the door open and stood there, shivering slightly in her nightgown.

“Kelly! I didn’t expect to see you so soon! Have you come to any decisions?” Ray asked, hope in his eyes.

“No, I haven’t,” Kelly responded, looking down at the floor, finding herself unable to meet his penetrating gaze. “I-I need more time. I knew you’d be waiting here for me and I didn’t want you to do that. I-I’m going to take a nap now and then… then, we’ll see. You go an and do your own thing. I don’t want you to be waiting here for me.”

“Okay, Kelly,” Ray said softly, wishing he could do something to erase the torment from his daughter’s eyes. “I can see that you need more time. I’ll be in my office working on my next sermon. You go ahead and get some sleep. But when you’re ready to talk, you’ll know where to find me. And… Kelly?”

“Yes?” Kelly asked shakily.

“If you find you can’t accept what I’ve told you, and if you should want to go back home, all you have to do is say so. I don’t want you to go, but I’ll do whatever you want, okay?”

“Okay,” Kelly said tearfully, and then she turned and fled, racing back to her own room before bursting into fresh sobs.

The troubled girl fell into a deep sleep filled with dreams. When she awoke, she sat up in bed, feeling calm and collected for the first time since she had learned that Ray was her real father. It’s all so simple really, she told herself. I feel so horribly guilty when I was fucking Tom because I believe him to be my real father. But now I know that he’s only my stepfather, so it wasn’t really incest at all. And I was fucking with Ray, I didn’t feel all that guilty because I believed him to be nothing more than a very distant cousin. But he’s my real father, so all of our fucking was genuine, bonafide incest. Now I can see that this guilt thing over incest is all in my own mind. For, if there were really anything wrong with, incest, I would have felt guilty when fucking Ray… somehow, deep down, our fucking would have been tainted by the fact that he is my real father, whether I knew that consciously or not.

With this liberating thought, Kelly began to smile. Then she dashed into the bathroom and took a long, hot shower. She put on a fresh, sexy nightgown and, feeling refreshed and horny, she went to her father’s study where she knew he was, waiting for her.

“Kelly! You look radiant!” Ray cried as his daughter entered the study and moved toward him where he was sitting behind the big oak desk.

“I feel great now, Daddy,” Kelly murmured. “You called me Daddy!” the man cried jubilantly.

“I’m here, Daddy. And now I want to make love with you. It’ll be like the first time for us since before I didn’t know you were my very own daddy. Love me, Daddy!” Kelly cried.

“Oh, yes, baby, I’ll love you all right,” Ray said huskily as he pushed the girl slightly away from him and stood up. He quickly stripped, leaving his clothes in an untidy huddle on the floor by the desk. Then he wrapped his arms around his daughter and led her over to the couch across the room. She’s right, he thought excitedly, our fuck will be like the first time for us. I’ve waited for years to make it with my own daughter with her knowing the truth about my being her real father. That’s a real turn-on!

“Are you sure, honey? I mean I really hit you hard with the fact that I’m your real daddy. Are you really very sure that this is what you want?” Ray asked huskily.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, I want it very, very much! I’ve accepted the fact that you’re my real father now. And I want to make it with you now as father and daughter. Won’t that be great?” Kelly asked eagerly.

“Yes, baby, that’ll be really great,” Ray said, laughing with delight over his daughter’s eagerness and lack of guile.

“See, Daddy, now that I know incest isn’t wrong, I can really enjoy it!” Kelly said as she and her father settled down on the big old couch, still embracing each other. “In fact, now that I understand that the guilt over incest was all in my own mind, I can see where incest can be extra-exciting, right?”

“Right, honey,” Ray said, reaching out and tracing the slope of one of his daughter’s tits. He was proud of her for having learned so much so quickly. “That’s exactly what I was hoping you would come to see, honey.”

“I see it all right! Now… fuck me, Daddy!” Kelly pleaded, spreading her legs wide.

“You got it, baby! I can’t wait to fuck you!” Ray growled, positioning himself between the girl’s widely splayed legs.

“Ohhhh, yessss,” Kelly sighed as he felt her daddy’s huge, hard cockhead working its way into her cunt. She was panting hard with sexual excitement. At long last, she felt not one shred of guilt over the incestuous act she was about to commit with her real father, and she sensed that it would be the most exciting fuck session of her life.

Ray’s cockhead slipped inside his daughter’s tight cunt a bit. Kelly felt her cuntlips part, then peel back as her father’s gigantic cock screwed inside her.

“Get ready, baby, your daddy’s gonna give you the most royal fucking of your life!” Ray growled, his words echoing the girl’s own feverish thoughts.

“Ohhhh, goody, Daddy! Do it! Fuck me now!” the girl begged tearfully.

Kelly reached up and pulled her father closer to her.

“God, baby, even though we’ve fucked a lot of times already, this really does feel like our first time together… and your little pussy’s every bit as tight as a virgin’s!” Ray grunted huskily.

“Hurry! Hurry! I have to feel your huge cock ramming up into my cunt! Hurry, Daddy!” Kelly wailed, tossing her head back and forth in sexual frustration.

Suddenly, she felt his big prick-head pushing its way forcefully up the snug, tight channel of her pussy, and she groaned with pleasure.

“Ohhhh, yesss, push it all the way in, Daddy! It feels soooo fuckin’ good!” she moaned.

Ray groaned in response, feeling the tight cuntwalls of his daughter’s pussy hugging his prick inside her. He was so aroused now that he felt as if he could easily come any second. But he was determined to hold back, to make this fuck session last just as long as possible. For both he and his daughter knew that this fuck was the most significant and exciting one of their lives.

“Hurt me with your big cock, Daddy!” Kelly cried hoarsely. “Ram me haaaaard with that huge fucker! Shove it all the way up my cunt! Go on, Daddy, do it! I have to feel your whole cock inside me!”

With a grin at his daughter’s words, Ray suddenly lunged forward with all his might, driving the full throbbing length of his prick all the way up into Kelly’s quivering little cunt, the broad cockhead banging up against the back wall of her pussy.

“Yesssss!” Kelly screamed. Thrilling to the intense pain and ecstasy, she arched her back and clawed at her father’s back with her sharp fingernails.

Now her pussy was opened up even more to her daddy’s prick, and she felt his huge fuckrod rush deeper into her cunt than it had ever been before.

“Ohhhh, yessss, Daddy, that’s soooo good!” she moaned.

“Oh, baby, you’re the best lay ever… your little pussy’s squeezing the shit out of my cock so tight… so juicy!” Ray panted as he rested a minute, feeling his hard cock twitching hotly inside his daughter’s cunt.

“Oh, Daddy, I love you so much!” Kelly cried, realizing that it was true. Now she understood why she had felt so drawn to this man ever since her arrival at his country home. Now that she knew he was her own father, she understood why her fuck sessions with him had been even more exciting than those she had shared with Tom.

As the father and daughter continued to fuck each other, images of fucking Josh and Kim sprang to her mind. And Kelly realized, with a pang of lust, that knowing that the two teens were her own half-brother and half-sister would make it much more exciting for them the next time they fucked.

Ray slid his cock in and out of his daughter’s juicy cunt, her creamy pussy sauce making it easy for him. Kelly moaned and writhed violently on the bed, loving the feel of her daddy’s huge cock filling her pussy completely. Every nook and cranny of her cunt was packed full of hot, hard cockmeat and it throbbed lewdly against the walls of her pussy, turning her on savagely.

“Wow, Kelly, you’re fucking like a bitch in heat!” Ray roared approvingly.

Kelly heard the ragged sound of lust in her daddy’s voice and it turned her on even more. Ray slipped his hands under the girl’s ass and raised her hips. Kelly bent her knees and spread her legs even wider as she humped her hips up, grinding her pussy against her father’s crotch. She felt her large tits aching with desire and the need to be sucked.

“Unnnhhh, Daddy, suck my that pleeease!” she begged.

Ray laughed delightedly as he bent his head to his daughter’s chest and sucked one large, throbbing nipple into his hungry mouth, sucking on it like a newborn babe. He eagerly moved his head from one bursting tit to the other, sucking and nibbling on the turgid rosebud nips as Kelly churned and twisted with pleasure beneath him.

“Yeah, that feels really good, Daddy!” she panted gratefully.

Ray thrust his cock harder and deeper into his daughter’s pussy each time, feeling as though his aching balls would pop any minute now. And each time he plunged his cock into Kelly’s pussy, she thrust her hips high up into the air, meeting his prick with her drooling pussy.

“Ohhhh, I love fucking my own daddy!” she cried.

If it hadn’t been for the fact that, she had found out that Ray was her own father long after she had been fucking with him, she probably would never have come to accept incest so completely. She would have most likely stayed a repressed stick-in-the-mud forever, she thought now as she continued to fuck back at her daddy.

The incestuous lovers’ bodies were covered with a fine sheen of sexual sweat as they fucked harder and harder, bringing themselves closer and closer to the mind-shattering climax that they both needed so desperately. However many orgasms they had shared before, they both knew that this one would be the most important one of all, for it would be their first orgasm with both of them fully aware that they were father and daughter.

“Ohhhh, yessss, God, yesss!” Kelly moaned again and again as she felt her father’s gigantic prick shoving its way into her hot, wet cunt over and over, sending shudders of lust and pleasure racing through her entire body which trembled in response.

She lifted her ass high off the bed, keeping pace with Ray’s violent fucking movements. She shook all over with passion for her handsome, virile father. This wild, wanton fuck was everything she had ever dared to dream about, and she knew that she could never love anything else as much as she loved fucking with her on daddy.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy!” she shrilled. “Fuck my horny little cunt!”

“I’ll fuck you hard all right, you little slut of a daughter! You’re fucking like a real pro, baby… you make your daddy proud!” Ray yelled. “Take my cock! Take it all, you horny little whore!”

And with that, he reached down and slapped his daughter hard across her face.

“Oh, God!” Kelly gasped, shocked by the blow. But then she felt a new sensation.

Over and over again, the man slapped the teenaged girl, sending her head reeling first one way, then the other, in response to the stinging blows.

Ray gazed down at her and saw the big grin on his daughter’s face. He laughed with delight, realizing that she was enjoying his cruel treatment. He slapped her hard again several times, his vicious blows leaving red handprints on her white, silken flesh.

“Do all ministers fuck like this… and beat up on girls?” Kelly asked with a lewd, husky laugh.

Ray laughed with her.

“Only those lucky enough to have such a sexy girl for their very own daughter!” he said, laughing again. He reached down and slapped Kelly’s tits this time, sending them swinging back and forth in throbbing pain.

“Owwwwww! That hurts! But I love it!” Kelly sobbed, tears of pleasure and lust streaming down her face.

“I know you love it! That’s ’cause you’re such a sluttish little whore of a daughter!” Ray roared.

He continued to slam his pulsating prick harder and deeper into Kelly’s pussy with each forceful thrust. The girl grinned up at her father, letting him know that she welcomed his savage treatment of her.

She loved it when he slapped her face. She loved it when he painfully struck her tits. She loved it when he fucked her brutally. In fact, the girl welcomed and loved anything and everything the man could possibly do to her, because he was her very own daddy. With each passing second of their violent fuck session, the teenaged girl came to love her daddy more and more.

Kelly’s hips ground uncontrollably against the bed, and soft mewling sounds escaped faintly from her passion-bloated lips.

“Ununh! Daddy, it feels soooo good when you fuck me like that! I love it, Daddy!” Kelly cried. “Fuck me harder, Daddy! I don’t care if it hurts! I love it when it hurts. Ooohhh, I can feel your whole cock filling up my little pussy… fantastic!”

“You little sexy slut… you begged me for it… now you’re really gonna get it… I’ve been going easy on you compared to the way I’m about to fuck you… you whore… you’re Daddy’s little slut, aren’t you? Say it!”

“Yes, Daddy, yessss! I’m your own little slut! Your whore! Your pussy. Fuck meeeee!” Kelly wailed.

Ray grunted as he plowed his gigantic, throbbing cock as deep as possible into his daughter’s tight, clenching pussy, pushing great ripples of quivering cuntflesh before it.

“Oh, God!” Kelly cried. She jerked convulsively as his huge rod of raw, hot prick-meat thrust itself even deeper up her cunt, filling every crevice of her cunt in a way her pussy had never been filled before.

She threw her head wildly from side to side and wailed loudly, thrilling to the sensation of her little pussy being absolutely and deliciously stuffed to the brim with hot, throbbing cock. It was the most heavenly feeling in the world to the girl.

Again and again, the minister pounded into her, pushing every single inch of his massively swollen prick into the juicy tightness of his daughter’s cunt.

He paused, letting her bursting cunthole adjust to his swollen prickmeat and then slowly, very slowly, he began to move his hips back and forth again, and Kelly’s moans of incestuous pleasure filled the air around them.

A deep sensation of happiness and absolute pleasure tingled throughout the girl’s writhing body. Her hips unconsciously gyrated in a wanton rhythm with the increasing speed of the huge, bloated cock that relentlessly continued to fuck into her.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy. I love it soooo much! It’s sooooo good! Don’t stop, Daddy! Don’t ever stop! Keep fucking me just like that!” she whimpered.

His daughter’s obscene words drove the minister into an even wilder and more frenzied fucking movement, and he pounded mercilessly into her pussy until it seemed as though the helplessly cock-impaled teenager would burst wide open from the delicious torment her body was being put through.

“Ahhhh, unnnhhhh, aaarrrgghhh, yesss, yessss, yessss!” Kelly cried, churning her hips and crotch faster and faster, trying desperately to keep up with the monstrously huge pole of fuckmeat that drilled on and on into her aching pussy.

Kelly groaned loudly as her father slipped his hand under the mounds of her asscheeks again, raising them up as he shoved his big prick into her with the muscular strength of his hips and thighs.

“Ohhhh, ahhhhh, uhhhh,” she moaned incoherently as she wound her long, slender legs around his hips each time he fucked into her. The smooth velvety walls of her pussyhole held him tightly, squeezing around his rigid cock until the girl could feel every single inch of his throbbing prick.

She screwed her crotch up hard against his until she could feel the swelling, cum-heavy balls pressed hard into the wet, wide-stretched crack below her cunt. The soft, hairy balls danced lewdly against the sensitive outer ring of her tiny little whole, sending more shivers of incestuous delight through the teenager.

As the father and daughter continued to fuck each other, Kelly realized that she had never felt this close to any other human being in her entire life, not even to her own mother and Tom, whom she had always believed to be her father. And in that instant, the girl knew with certainty that there was no closer relationship in the world than that of father and daughter. And she also knew that there was no greater way to express their love for each other than to fuck… as they were fucking now.

“Fuck me hard, Daddy! Throw it into me!” she begged, gasping with erotic pleasure.

She was approaching the orgasm she needed more than she had ever needed anything in her life. She twisted and writhed erotically, spreading her legs wide apart and then pulling them up higher and higher, bending them at the knees and spurring her daddy on with her heels as she dug them into his hard-muscled asscheeks.

The girl’s thickly flowing cuntjuices were coating her father’s cock, wetting down his bursting balls and lubricating her thighs and cunthairs.

Over and over again, the doting father slid his gigantic prick easily into his daughter’s sopping, slick cunt.

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes, Daddy, yes!” Kelly gasped, tossing her head back and forth in a frenzy of incestuous desire for the minister. She tightened and loosened her cunt muscles around the man’s cock, squeezing his hard prick as he thrust deeper and deeper into her pussy which twitched with pleasure.

“Unnnhhh, yeah, baby, yeah, squeeze your daddy’s cock!” Ray panted, thrilling to the lewd sensation of his big prick being milked by his daughter’s pussy.

Then, with a low animalistic growl, Ray began to move his cock in and out more rapidly in a short, jerking movements, teasing both her small cuntlips and her tingling clit with each savage thrust. Kelly moaned over and over as her ravaged cuntmeat burned and throbbed with more and more lust.

Both of the incestuous lovers were soaked with sweat now as they fucked wildly and frenziedly toward their orgasms. Each time Ray shoved his prick into Kelly’s cunt and she thrust her hips up to meet him, their bodies slapped wetly together. The obscene moist sound mingled with their moans and filled the room, echoing off the walls.

Ray shoved his prick deeper and deeper into his daughter’s tight, juicy cunt, sliding out, then ramming back in again, his tight, swollen balls slapping wetly against her crack.

Kelly had long ago given up all control over her own behavior. Her wanton body had completely taken over, and she fucked back at her daddy’s cock more and more wildly with each thrust. She could feel her climax building and she knew that it would be the biggest and wettest climax of her entire life.

“Ohhhhh, Daddy, I’m gonna come!” she cried as she felt her insides splitting painfully and exquisitely, filling her with an intense sensation of total pleasure. All of her senses seemed to explode in flashes of startling, whirling colors and lights, and the room spun about her as her pussy exploded in incestuous ecstasy. And as she came, she continued to slam her crotch up against her father’s.

“Unnhhhh, aaarrrgghhhh, commiiinnggg!” Kelly yelled at the top of her lungs as her hips and ass and crotch tried to keep thrusting pace with the tremors that shook her entire body, blinding her to everything except the raw, hot pleasure that overwhelmed her.

The girl’s cunthole contracted tightly and the intense, squeezing pressure around Ray’s prick triggered his own orgasm. His huge prick flared suddenly into an enormous hugeness that inflamed the girl, adding more fuel to the fire of her orgasm which was still spasming through her.

“Ohhhh, you’re gonna come now, Daddy! I can feel it! Hurry, Daddy, hurry! Shoot all your jizz! I can’t wait to feel all your cum shooting up into me!” Kelly yelled, half out of her mind with fuck-lust for her daddy’s cock.

“Get ready, baby, you asked for it! Here it comes! Now take it all, Daddy’s little slut!” Ray shouted as his huge, jerking prick began to spurt a flow of hot, molten cum into the girl’s quaking pussy.

“Commiiinnggg, you little whore!” he panted hoarsely as he scooped his hands under his daughter’s ass and shoved his cock even deeper into her cunt. Over and over again, he stabbed her juicy pussy with his busting prick as he came.

Globs of hot cum shot into her cunt, splattering against her spasming cuntwalls. Ray snapped his head back as yet another jet of spunk shot from his cum-slit and splashed wetly into Kelly’s pulsing cunthole.

“Oh God, Daddy, I can feel your cum burning up my pussy! I love it! Fill my cunt with all your cum, Daddy, I need it!” she yelled.

She felt her pussy muscles spasm, then relax, spasm and relax, over and over, each time another creamy wad of her daddy’s thick, hot goo shoot into her cunt.

“Unnhhhh, oh, baby, your little pussy’s snapping at my cock like mad!” Ray cried as his cock continued to spray the girl’s cunt hole with his thick cum. He had never had such an enormous load before, and he knew it was because this was the first time he had fucked the girl with her knowing he was her own daddy, and with her begging him to give her first truly liberated incestuous fuck.

Kelly’s little pussy gave a few more spasms and then relaxed. She felt the last spurting jets of her daddy’s precious cum shooting thickly into her overflowing pussyhole. She looked up at the man with a tenderness and love that she had never felt for any other human being. A special bond had been forged between the father and daughter, one which could never be broken.

“Oh, baby, you’re the best,” Ray grunted as he reluctantly pulled his softening prick out of his daughter’s sopping wet cunt.

“Mmmmm, so are you, Daddy! I love you so much!” Kelly cried, throwing her arms around the man’s neck and giving him a big wet kiss on his mouth, one which he eagerly returned.

“I give a pretty good fuck for a minister, don’t you?” Ray asked with a lewd, husky laugh.

“I was wondering about that, Daddy. I mean with you being a minister and all… how is it that you get off on incest?” the girl asked softly, tracing her father’s mouth with her fingertips.

“Well, honey, I’m not your usual kind of minister, I guess,” Ray said slowly.

“No, I guess not!” Kelly laughed.

“I decided a long time ago that most religions are far too negative. I think that God should be a positive force in our lives. And the most positive force of all is love… and love among family should be the greatest love of all, right?”

Ray asked persuasively.

“Right! And what better way to express that love than through the power of sex!” Kelly said with a laugh, liking her daddy’s brand of religion.

“Right!” Ray said, hugging his daughter hard. He was proud of her for her open-minded thinking and for her ability to so quickly adapt to the knowledge that he was her real father.

“You know, speaking of that family and all – I wish that Mom and Tom could be here right now, Daddy!” Kelly cried, feeling a need to explain to her parents all about her newfound enlightenment. She wanted to apologize to them for being so uptight about incest and she wanted to assure Tom that she would always love him for raising her as his own daughter, and she also wanted to let him know that she would always welcome the opportunity to fuck with him.

“Well, as a matter of fact, honey, Alice and Tom will be arriving here tomorrow for a nice long visit,” Ray said with a smile at his beautiful daughter.

“Wow! They’re coming here? How did that happen?” Kelly cried happily.

“Well, Kelly, I called them and explained everything while you were taking your nap. I feel guilty for having given away the secret that I’d promised your mother I never would. So I just had to call her and confess everything,” Ray said.

“What did she say? Was she mad?” Kelly asked worriedly.

“At first, she was. I guess she felt betrayed. But by the time I finished telling her everything, she admitted that deep down she had been hoping that you would learn the truth during your stay here. She said that was part of the reason she had sent you here. She had figured that if you and I got it on, as she guessed we would, and if you then discovered me to be your real father, that knowledge might open you up and lead to your acceptance of incest as natural and right,” Ray explained.

“She was right!” Kelly chirped with a grin. “Yeah, only she just didn’t expect it all to happen so fast,” Ray said and they both laughed.

“But, Daddy, if you called her while I was napping and you asked Tom and her to come here for a visit, that was before I told you that I could accept you as my daddy… before I told you that I feel great about incest now… weren’t you taking a big chance in asking them to come here before knowing how I’d feel about things?” Kelly asked with a little frown.

“Not really, honey. I figured that either way you’d need them. If you couldn’t handle what you had learned, I knew that you’d want them here to comfort you and to take you home. And if you could handle it, I thought it would be a good idea for all of us to be together for a while. Besides, I had great faith in you, Kelly. I just knew that you’d come around,” Ray said softly, stroking his daughter’s naked tits.

“Ohhh, Daddy, I just had a naughty little thought!” Kelly said with a husky laugh.

“What’s that, sweetie?”

“When Mom and Tom get here tomorrow, maybe we could all get it on!” Kelly said eagerly, her face flushing with renewed desire as she thought about making it with her daddy and mother and stepfather. And maybe when Josh and Kim returned home, they could join the fuck party too!

“Sure, baby! That’s just what we’re planning on!” Ray said as he knelt between his daughter’s legs and shoved his now-hard prick up into her pussy again.

“Ohhhh, goody, Daddy! Now fuck me! Fuck me hard!” Kelly groaned, thinking of all the delicious fucks to come with her family now that all of her inhibitions had been swept away. And as she raised her hips to help her daddy impale her pussy on his long, thick prick, she just knew that the Fowlers would fuck happily ever after.

The End

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