Chapter 5: Schoolgirl Offers a Naughty Reward



A hot schoolgirl offers a naughty reward if Corey can beat her in a race!

Winning A Genie Harem

Chapter Five: Schoolgirl Offers a Naughty Reward

By mypenname3000

Copyright 2019

Note: Thanks to Alex for beta reading this!


Main Characters

Corey Derrickson: College senior, friend of Kyle Unmei, given the chance to marry one of four genie, each from a different tribe, if he can find them at St. Maria Theodora Catholic college!

Aleah Buckley: Corey’s first sex slave. College senior. He claimed her after Kyle suggested she’d be a good candidate for starting Corey’s harem.

Tania Buckley: Aleah’s younger sister. Corey’s second sex slave. College sophomore. Seduced into the harem by Aleah.


Asra Duff: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Philosophy and PE.

Bettie Black: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s English and History classes. A spoiled princess dripping for a man to take her in hand.

Briana Hamilton: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s English and PE classes.

Brenda Nevada: A senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math and Chemistry classes.

Debbie Goffe: Sophomore at St. Maria Theodora.

Franny Keighley: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Jennifer Nielson: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Hallie Hunt: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s English and Chemistry classes.

Havva Najjar: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math class. After eating her pussy and seeing her submissive nature, Corey suspects she is the Jann.

In’am Alfarsi: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Lisa Comstock: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math class.

Megan Scrivenor: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Nadia Rivers: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s PE class.

Natiqua Osbourne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math class.

Regina Florence: Girl who moved in next door to Corey, sophomore at St. Maria Theodora. In Tania’s math class.

Pita Reyes: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Philosophy and Chemistry class.

Ritsuko Takayama: A Sophmore at St. Maria Theodora.

Rita Pickle: Junior at St. Maria Theodora.

Sheila Thorne: Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s History and PE class.

Tammy Fredrick: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math and PE Class

Ursula Bannister: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Chemistry class.

Vanessa Shearer: A Senior at St. Maria Theodora, in Corey’s Math and Chemistry classes. Wants a private study session with Corey.

Zahia Qadir: A Junior at St. Maria Theodora. A submissive, Arab Christian that is eager to learn naughty things from Corey. Suspected to be the Marid.


Mrs. Abigail Reynolds: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Ms. Allie Reid: Corey’s English professor and the librarian at St. Maria Theodora. A naughty teacher doing wicked things with Corey.

Coach Denise Bennett: Corey’s PE coach at St. Maria Theodora.

Mrs. Donna Blackwood: A philosophy professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Anna Petra: A nun and Corey’s Chemistry professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Doris Suzette: A nun and professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Ester Sarah: A nun and Corey’s Math professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Sister Francis Jean: A nun and Corey’s History professor at St. Maria Theodora. Suspects Corey of having sex at school. Not happy about it.

Sister Nova Victoria: A nun and new headmistress at St. Maria Theodora. Corey suspects she’s the Ifrit after she initiates a sexual relationship with him.

Ms. Valerie Terrence: A professor at St. Maria Theodora.

Corey Derrickson – Tuesday, September 8th

“Yes, I am a virgin,” Zahia answered. The Arab beauty, her face wrapped up in a tartan headscarf that matched the red-and-green plaid skirt she wore as part of her uniform, bit her lower lip. Then she added, “Master.”

“Master, huh?” I asked, my dick throbbing in my gray pants and boxers. Girls were sweeping past us, noticing us. I was the only guy in the all-girls’ college. It was all thanks to a wish my friend, Kyle, had made to his genie-wife.

This virgin girl had blown me in the hallways earlier this school day. I believed she was the Marid, one of the four genie I was here to find. Kyle described Marids as intelligent, so Zahia with her glasses and this inquisitive look had me suspicious.

And here she was, begging to suck my cock again. After I taught her how to blow me, my dick dirty with the headmistress’s asshole, she wanted another lesson. This was just delightful. I had enjoyed her nursing on my cock. It was an incredible delight to enjoy. To experience.

We were between fourth and fifth period. We didn’t have much time. I’d already been late to one class, but I had the headmistress begging for my dick. The “nun”—I suspected that she was the Ifrit—was my whore now. She had begged to fuck me, saying she couldn’t stand her vow of celibacy any longer and needed cock.

My cock.

So I couldn’t get in any real trouble. Through her, I would rule this college.

I grabbed Zahia’s arm. She glanced at my hand gripping her arm in her crisp, white blouse. She had a tartan bow tie whose tails fell down her chest swelling the front of her top. I pulled her towards the boys’ restroom. Until today, no boy had attended classes here but there was probably some law saying they needed it.

The boys’ restrooms were smaller, but that was okay. They were private. I pushed her through boldly, not caring if anyone saw us. A few girls gasped and whispered. Zahia would have rumors about her, but that was fine.

If she wanted to call me Master…

“I really enjoyed sucking on your cock, Master,” she moaned. “That’s what I should call you, right? Like Aleah and Tania do?”

Those were my two sex slaves I claimed six months ago, a pair of sisters.

“If I take you as my sex slave,” I said. “We’ll see. You’re in a competition, after all.”

“I am?” she gasped, her eyes wide behind her glasses. She was so beguiling.

“Drop your panties,” I said instead while unbuckling my belt around my gray pants.

“Oh,” she said, her dusky-brown cheeks blushing dark. “I don’t think I’m ready for that.” She looked around.

“I’m not taking your cherry in here,” I said. Though I had taken Bettie’s in here without realizing she was a virgin. “It’ll be somewhere special.”

She relaxed at hearing my words then reached beneath her skirt with both hands. Her tartan skirt lifted up and exposed a pair of crisp, white panties. They had a little, pink bow on the front. Her thumbs hooked the waistband. She shoved them down, her skirt fell down after, hiding anything delicious to see. I licked my lips, eager to see the virgin delights she had.

Her panties fell down her thighs and then past her knees. She dropped them to her feet, her ankle socks having a band of pink lace around them, and stepped out of them. I bent down and snatched up her panties. I shoved them into my pant pockets to join a few other pairs I’d been collected over the course of the day.

She bit her lip as she stared at me.

“I’m teaching you to sixty-nine,’ I said and stretched out on the sparkling bathroom floor. With no one using the restroom, it was squeaky clean. “Straddle my head. I’m going to eat you, and it’s going to feel great. But despite that, you got to keep blowing me.”

“Yes, Master,” she said, her eyes brightening. There was a liquid passion swirling around in her dark depths.

She flowed to me, her skirts swirling around her legs. She straddled my head. I stared up between her thighs. Her dusky flesh led up to this dark shadow hiding that virgin twat. I loved the sight of her. She slipped down to the floor. Her skirt fell around my head, the world growing dark.. This tangy scent filled my nose. It was a wonderful passion.

She pressed a shaved pussy on my face. I was expecting the kiss of her silky bush and not bare, hot cuntlips. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She ground on me, smearing that juicy twat against my lips.

“Master!” she gasped as I flicked my tongue through the slit dividing her plump vulva. I caressed her. I brushed her hymen, feeling that delicious cherry that I couldn’t wait to pop. But it had to be a special time.

The bathroom wasn’t it.

She whimpered again. My tongue traced up and down her folds. I licked her, savoring the tangy flavor of her pussy cream. She was so wet. With her schoolgirl skirt around my head, I was in a dark, intimate heaven.

I licked her again and then I realized she wasn’t doing anything. I brushed her clit, making her gasp, and said, “Remember what I told you.”

“I’m so sorry!” she gasped. “It just felt so good.”

“Better than masturbating?” I asked.

“I’m a good girl, Master,” she moaned. “I’ve never done that. It’s sinful.”

“So’s this,” I said and licked her again, savoring the feel of hot folds of her pussy. “And so is blowing my dick.”

“It is, Master, but I just want it,” she moaned. “You’re such a powerful man. When you offered to teach me, I wanted to learn. I was so weak. That naughty hole you’re licking controlled me.”

“Good,” I said. “Now continue your lesson.”

“Yes, Master.”

Zahia unbuckled my belt as I licked and lapped at her. My hands slid up her thighs and grabbed her naked rump beneath her skirt. She unfastened my slacks then unzipped my pants, that rasp echoing through restroom. She breathed heavily. Her hips rubbed from side to side. Then she pushed down my boxers and groaned at the sight of my cock.

She grabbed my shaft and pulled it out. She sniffed and whimpered, “It’s not sour.”

“I haven’t fucked anyone in the ass since,” I said and then fluttered my tongue up and down her cuntlips. I brushed her hymen. “Or anyone in the pussy. You’ll get that treat, too.”

“Yes, Master,” she said. “So I don’t have to lick all over your cock and just do this.”

Her hot lips pressed against my tip. They slid over that sensitive crown. The pleasure surged down my dick. She sucked on me as she engulfed me. Her tongue danced around my cock. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She ground her twat on my mouth. I licked and lapped at her snatch, her tangy juices soaked my tongue.

It was incredible. She worshiped me while I devoured her pussy. She sucked with such enthusiasm, proving what she’d learned. Her tongue swirled around my cock, caressing me like the gentle currents of a stream. Her juices dribbled out of her cunt. They soaked my mouth. I caressed up and down her, teasing her.

My fingers gripped her asshole as she sucked with hunger. She slurped and worshiped me. I groaned as she bobbed her head. Her tongue danced around me. Her hips wiggled from side to side. She soaked my mouth with her tangy, virgin juices.

“Damn,” I panted, my balls tightening whenever she sucked. “You’re amazing. You learned your blowjob lesson.”

She moaned around my cock. She sucked hard. I could tell how much she loved it. She was into it. She danced her tongue around my cock, building and building my orgasm. My tongue caressed through her folds. I brushed from her clit to her hymen over and over.

She loved my tongue on her little pearl.

Whenever I brushed her bud, she squealed. Her hips wiggled from side to side. I savored the delight of making her squeal. My tongue circled her clit. I fluttered against it. Her rump clenched beneath my fingers. Her skirt rustled around my head.

She sucked hard.

Her hands grabbed my cock’s base and my balls. She stroked me. Fondled me. She played with them while she squirted on them. I sucked hard on her bud. I nibbled on her. Sucked on her. She bucked on me, smearing her hot cunt on my face.

I soaked in her juices.

I reveled in Zahia’s twat.

My fingers kneaded her ass while my tongue fluttered up and down her virgin slit. Her sucking mouth built and built the pressure at the tip of my cock. She kneaded my balls, full of my cum. She massaged my nuts, sending jolts of to the crown of my dick.

“Damn,” I growled. “You’re great, Zahia. Really love sucking cock. Mmm, a virgin cocksucker. Love it”

She whimpered and nursed.

The bell for the start of fifth period rang as I sucked hard on her clit. She squealed around my cock. Her hips bucked. Then her juices gushed out. She came, bathing my face in her virginal passion. I licked up her delight, loving the taste of her tangy cream. Her hips danced, her ass flexing beneath my kneading fingers.

She sucked so hard on my cock as she did. She slurped on my cock. She bathed it with her tongue’s warmth. Her passion gushed out of her like a flowing river while my balls swelled. The pressure rose to the tip of my cock.

“Fuck!” I growled. “You’re amazing, Zahia!”

My cock erupted.

I flooded her mouth with my jizz. My hot cum pumped hard into her. She swallowed. Her noisy gulps echoed through the bathroom. I loved it. My body bucked as this sweet, Arab virgin drank my jizz. My tongue licked at her pussy, gathering her flood of cream.

It was incredible.

It was this amazing treat to enjoy.

It was fantastic. She swallowed my spunk. She gulped it down with eager hunger. She whimpered and moaned. The final blast of my cum fired into her mouth. My orgasm hit that peak. I groaned, my body buzzing with the delight of this moment.

Her tongue danced around the tip of my cock as I came down from my climax. She shuddered, her own high dwindling. She kept nursing on me like she wanted more cum. Was she addicted to the taste of my jizz?


“You were great,” I said. “You learned how to sixty-nine like the natural cocksucker that you are.”

She slid her mouth off my cock. “Thank you, Master. It’s such a wonderful thing to do. I love it.”

“Mmm, I’m glad. You’ll get more chances. I’ll try to have my dick soaked in pussy juices so you can have a real treat next time.”

“I think I’d like that,” she said. “But… That sour flavor…” She whimpered like a panting bitch.

“I’ll fuck someone in the ass, too,” I told her. “Don’t you worry.”

“Thank you, Master,” she moaned and rose off of me.

I panted as her skirt lifted. Light spilled around me. I blinked. I licked at my lips, savoring her tangy flavor. She smoothed her skirt and pressed up her glasses. She had some of my cum on her chin along with her drool. She went to the sink and quickly washed her face.

I buckled up and stood. “We should get to class.”

“Oh, yes,” she said, her eyes wide. “I’ve never been late to a class before.”

“Just lie and say you got lost,” I said and finished buckling up. I scooped up my bookbag.

“That won’t work, I know this college,” she said.

“Just tell her you were following the headmistress’s order to help out newcomers and that’s why you’re a few minutes late,” I told her. “Let’s go.”

“Yes, Master.”

She hurried over to me and took my hand.

We emerged into an empty hallway. I had chemistry next, and we quickly had to part. I rushed around the corner and took a flight of stairs two at a time. I darted towards the classroom and burst in a few minutes late. It was a chemistry lab with workbenches instead of desks, each one with the gas spigots and bunts and burners on them. Everyone was sitting on stools instead of sits. The nun, Sister Anna Petra, glanced at me.

“Lost?” she asked me. “You looked flushed. Running around?”

“Yeah, sorry,” I said and looked around. I spotted Aleah with Vanessa, the girl from my first-period math class who asked me to tutor her. My sex slave, her red hair in pigtails, gave me a naughty grin and motioned to me. “Just… overwhelming, you know.”

“I bet, Mr. Derrickson. I believe Miss Buckley is saving a stool for you,” she said. “She says she’s your girlfriend?”

“Yeah,” I said.

“Sorry, ladies,” the nun said as I sauntered by, “there’s no point in wasting those youthful hormones on Mr. Derrickson, he’s in a committed relationship.”

A look of panic crossed Vanessa’s face. She was a busty, black-haired girl, her tits stretching out that wonderful blouse. Aleah leaned over and whispered something that relaxed Vanessa. I took my place between the two girls at the bench, dropping my bag beneath the table. Both girls were standing instead of sitting, so I joined copied them.

“Master, I negotiated a ‘study lesson’ with Vanessa,” Aleah said, her hand sliding over to rub across my crotch and squeezing me. “During lunch tomorrow.”

“Yeah,” Vanessa said. Then she passed over a pair of blue panties with white lace on her waistband.

“Looking forward to helping you practice some things,” I said, slipping the panties into my pocket. It was bulging with panties now.

“I promise to pay you with anal sex,” Vanessa answered.

Aleah had a broad grin on her face as she groped my cock. She was clearly proud of arranging that. I put my hand on her ass and gave her rump a squeeze. She shuddered. She definitely deserved a reward later on today.

Sister Anna Petra went into her safety spell, talking about safety goggles and warning about chemicals and what to do if someone was contaminated. The entire time, I was standing between two sexy Catholic girls, one my sex slave and the other offering me her asshole. The magic Kyle’s genie wife put on me gave me sexual stamina.

Despite all the fun I was having, I was hard. Aleah squeezed and kneaded my cock. My naughty sex slave glanced at me, her small breasts rising and falling in her blouse. She looked so wicked. She massaged me.

Then she unzipped me.

“Naughty,” I whispered.

She slid her hand into my pants. I groaned at the feel of her sliding into my fly. Vanessa glanced down, her eyes widening. Shock rippled across her face. She shot Aleah a look. My sex slave winked and then pulled my cock out the slit in the front of my boxers.

She stroked my cock as the nun was going over the use of the eye-washing station. I stared at her talking while that delicious hand pumped up and down my cock. Vanessa squirmed beside me, her large breasts jiggling and bouncing in her blouse. She bit her lip. Her skirt swayed back and forth as she squirmed.

She was just a delicious treat.

“Why don’t you put a down payment on tomorrow’s study session,” I said, my voice coached low.

“Mmm, yes,” Aleah purred. I gave her ass a squeeze as she wiggled beside me. She slid her soft hand up to the tip of my cock and massaged my crown. She rubbed the precum into the tip. The pleasure surged over me. “That sounds perfect.”

Vanessa’s hands, currently resting on the gray counter dotted with flecks of white and black, twitched. Her cheeks were scarlet. Her left hand slid off the counter. She drifted down and brushed my cock near the base. She slid her fingers around me. Held me tight.

Aleah nodded and released my cock. My sex slave was happy that I was getting pleased. That this sexy girl was pumping her hand up and down my body while I darted my eyes around the room, staring at the other girls. Brenda from my Math class was standing beside Hailee from my English class. Their skirts fell over their rumps as they watched the nun miming how to use the eyewash station.

Vanessa’s delightful hand slid up and down my cock. She pumped with slow strokes. It made getting through the tedious safety checklist bearable. My balls tingled. The cum built pressure in my balls. Her hand massaged the tip, stroking it.

“Just like that,” I said beneath my breath, my eyes falling on Sister Anna. She was a slender nun. She was one of the new professors introduced at the welcome assembly, a bright smile on her pink lips. What did she look like underneath that habit?

Vanessa’s wonderful hand pumped faster and faster. She stroked me with that delightful grip. The pleasure shot down to my balls. My nuts twitched as the pressure built. My eyes studied the girls in the class. There was a cute brunette with some of her hair braided and hanging over the rest of her hair falling straight down her back. A cute, Hispanic girl with nut-brown skin, who was bent over two stations before me, had her plump rump hugged by her red-and-green tartan skirt.

God, I loved this. My cock throbbed in Vanessa’s grip as she pumped her fingers up and down my dick. The pleasure built faster and faster. This wonderful explosion that would burst from me. I didn’t make a sound as it built.

I squeezed Aleah’s ass hard.

She smiled. “Enjoying yourself.”

“I am,” I groaned.

Sister Anna Petra began discussing the various equipment. My eyes fluttered. The pressure soared. She had such a round face. Pink lips that begged to be kissed. To be wrapped around a dick. My heart pounded faster and faster.

My cock erupted.

Hot jizz spurted from my cock and splattered against the inside of the counter. The pleasure fired through my body. I grit my teeth to keep from grunting. Waves of darkness washed across my vision as the rapture slammed into my mind.

Vanessa pumped her hand faster and faster. She worked that delicious fist up and down my cock. My cock spurted over and over. My body shook. I squeezed hard on my sex slave’s ass. I pressed my fingers into her crack.

“Damn,” I groaned as I spurted a final time. “You are definitely getting that study date tomorrow, Vanessa.”

“Good,” she panted, her hand sliding up and down my cock, working out the last of my jizz. Watery cum poured out of the tip of my dick. She pulled her hand away and gasped at the milky jizz running over the back of her hand.

“Lick it up,” Aleah said as she grabbed my cock and started putting me away.

Vanessa glanced around and then quickly raised her hand to her mouth. She lapped at the milky jizz right there in class. Her pink tongue swept out. She licked it up and a large shudder ran through her body.

It was impressive.

I trembled, my heart pounding in my chest. Blood rushed through me while I buzzed with rapture. It was a treat. My chest rose and fell. I panted, my tie feeling so tight about my throat now. I straightened as my sex slave finished zipping me up.

“Now this is an Erlenmeyer flask,” Sister Petra said, holding up a cone-shaped beaker with a flat bottom, unaware of our fun.

Soon, Chemistry came to an end. I took Aleah’s arm and swept out, seeing all those girls staring at me. Hailee pursed her lips and winked at me while the brunette with the braids just had this look of jealous longing on her face.

“You have fun at PE, Master,” Aleah said. “Maybe they’ll let you use the girls’ locker room.”

“Coed changing?” I asked, grinning at her.

“I’m sure you’ll be there by, say, Friday.”

I laughed louder and gave her a kiss. “Have fun in math.”

She grimaced. “I’m going to need your tutoring, Master. Of course, you know I’m more than willing to pay the anal price.”

“Remind me to fuck you up the ass and have Zahia suck me clean,” I told her.

“Ooh, yes, Master,” she moaned and then gave me another hot kiss that had girls whispering and giggling and talking about us. Aleah had a big grin on her face when she broke the kiss. Then she whirled around, her fiery pigtails dancing.

I headed to PE. I passed my other sex slave, Tania, on the way there. She was two grades beneath me, so we had no classes together. She flashed me a sultry smile as she sauntered towards me, her strawberry-blonde hair dancing about her head. I caught her and kissed her on the mouth.

She squirmed against me, her round breasts pressing into my chest. She was Aleah’s younger sister but had the larger tits. I broke it and said, “Have fun with your study date with Regina.”

“And you have fun on your date, Master,” she said and broke away.

A girl gasped, “I heard he was dating a senior girl. Now he’s kissing her.”

“I hear he’s dating them both,” another said. “And that they’re sisters.”


I loved it.

I strolled through the halls, loving the sights. Bettie passed me and gave me a hot wink. I spotted virginal Havva who trembled as she smiled at me. I thought she was the Jann. I was still searching for that Si’lat. There had to be a slutty, Arab cutie around here somewhere. A brassy-haired girl wearing black tights gave me a winsome smile as she walked by.

I caught a glimpse of the athletic girl with the sleek, black hair walking ahead of me as I approached the locker rooms. She headed into the girls’ space and paused. She glanced at me, a smile on her lips and a look of studious inquisition on her face. She examined me for a moment and then she walked into the locker room.

I followed into the boys. It was small. Hardly any lockers, one shower, and not much else. I stripped off my uniform, my cock already bulging hard. I pulled on my uniform, a white t-shirt that fit tight and had the college’s crest of arms stitched into the fabric over my heart. The shorts were red, matching the same hue as found in the tartan skirts. I laced up my jogging shoes and closed my locker.

I didn’t bother with a padlock. Who would come in here and steal it?

I headed out to the gym, the entrance located between the girls’ and boys’ locker rooms. The girls were coming out in their tight t-shirts and red athletic shorts, showing off some cute thighs. They smiled at me.

“Hey, Corey,” said Briana, a blonde with freckles on her face. “Guess it’s lucky for us that you’re in our class.”

“Maybe lucky me,” I told her, glancing at her legs. “You look cute in that.”

Her friend, a girl with light-brown hair, giggled and whispered. The pair swept in. I was about to follow them when I groaned. The goth girl stepped out of the locker room and froze. She glared at me. Her pale face tightened. Her black lips pursed tight. She wore her athletic t-shirt and red shorts, too, her tennis shoes black. She had a spiderweb tattoo on her inner thigh.

“You’re in this class?” she hissed. I still didn’t know her name, but she was a lesbian who didn’t like me being here. I needed to hook her up with some pussy to distract her. “If I catch you ogling any of the girls, I will tell Coach Bennett and get you kicked out.”

“No harm in looking,” I said. “We can both enjoy the sights.”

Her lips curled in disgust. She marched shouldered into me on her way past. I didn’t flinch, and she bounced off. She snarled and darted inside. I shook my head, my cock pulsing in my pants. Aaliyah’s wish to let me attend here had made most of the girls friendly, but it didn’t work on everyone.

“Well, she’s kind of a bitch,” a new voice said.

The athletic girl from my history class swept out. She had a sleek flow of glossy-black hair that she had tied back with a red headband. She had pale skin, but not nearly as white as the goth lesbian. Her round breasts looked particularly perky in her t-shirt. She had heat in her smile and a steamy look in her eyes as she flicked her gaze up and down my body.

“Yeah, she kinda is,” I said, glancing at her. Her legs were toned. Firm. “The outfit fits you.”

“Oh? You like a girl showing off her legs?” she asked as she flowed by. That steamy look in her eyes flashed even hotter. My blood boiled as she passed.

“If they are as great as your legs,” I said and followed her into the gymnasium.

I could almost feel her smile. It was in the way she walked before me. She was pleased. Her shorts clung to her rump. Her hips had a delicious sway to them. She glided across the room. My cock was rock-hard, the pressure building in my balls.

Coach Bennett wore a similar outfit. She was surprisingly perky and young, a fresh smile. She had her blonde hair pulled back into a ponytail. She had a petite build, short and slender, her breasts small. She could pass for a younger student, like a freshman or a sophomore.

“Good afternoon!” she said. “Well, having PE as the last class of the day is exciting for you. A little exercise to stretch those legs after all those hours of sitting on your keisters.” She planted her hands on her hips. “Your bodies need to be trained just like your mind. That’s important. A balanced life is one of our goals. I know you brainiacs think exercise is a waste of time. That ‘nerds’ and ‘academics’ never do sports or even simple jogging, but you’re wrong. Some of the great minds in science were excellent athletes.”

She went through her intro speech and then we were doing our warm-up stretches. She had me stand up front, which let me get a good look at her tight shorts and petite body and those fine legs, but didn’t let me ogle all those girls. No staring at Tammy’s ass or enjoying Briana’s rump. No looking at the Athletic girl’s sweet thighs.

I could feel the girls staring at my ass, though.

“Mmm, I like a boy in shorts,” said the athletic girl as I was bending over to touch my toes.

“Yeah?” I said. “Enjoying staring at my ass.”

“It’s a great ass to study,” she said. “You’re in great shape. That’s good. I wonder how great of shape you are in.”

“Trust me, I can go all night,” I said. “Just ask my girlfriends.”

“Those redheads you’re dating?” she asked.

“The two redheads I’m dominating.”

“And let’s straighten,” said Coach Bennett. She straightened up with perky energy. “And now the left foot. Let’s get down there and hold those stretches.”

“Can you prove it?” the athletic girl asked as I reached for my other toe.

“Name your challenge?” I said.

“I’ll think on it and let you know,” she said.

“Just make sure my prize for winning’s worth it.”

“Oh, it will be,” she promised, her voice liquid heat.

Steam pumped through my veins as I stretched. I felt limber and ready for our hour. Coach Bennett ran us through the last few steps and then she was clapping her hands in excitement, bouncing in place. I bet she was a cheerleader once upon a time.

“All right, girls and…” She blinked. “Well, Mr. Derrickson, you are definitely changing things up. Boy and girls, let’s go for a run. We’ll go through the neighborhood. It’s an easy route that we’ll be running once a week, so you’ll get used to it. We just go up the street leading to the college until we hit the busy street with the gas station on the corner. Then you go right and head three blocks. You’ll take that residential street all the way down to where you can only make a right turn, and that takes you right back to the front of the school.”

Some of the girls groaned but I felt eager excitement coming from the athletic girl. She slipped up to me and, her voice low, said, “I’m going to run as fast as I can. You catch me, and I’ll make it worth your while.”

“You better,” I said and boldly cupped her ass, giving her a squeeze.

“You are exactly what all the rumors buzzing about you claim,” she said and then moved away from me.

I groaned as she put a sauntering sway to her steps. Her glossy waterfall of black hair swayed behind her as she followed the other girls outside. I grinned and jogged after them, eager for this race. I was in good shape. After the accident, I started running. The exercise helped with my headaches.

I’d show her.

Coach Bennett led the way at a stately jog across the yard towards the main gate. The athletic girl glanced behind me, then she broke into a full sprint. I grinned and ran after her, my legs pounding. I flashed past the coach.

“It’s not a race, you two!” she called. “Please, don’t get lost!”

The athletic girl was fast. Her hair was a dark streak behind her, twisting and flowing in a sinuous fashion. Her legs flashed as they stretched out. She had a long stride. Lust flowed through me as I pounded after her, my feet thudding on the grass.

Then we were on pavement and racing out the college’s gate. A road ran in front of the college while a street led off ahead. She ran across the road without stopping, heading into the center of the current street.

I ran after her at full speed. She had a head start, but I was inching up on her. The terrain passed us. I drew in breaths and felt the start of the burn in my thighs. That fire blazed in my legs, but it was nothing compared to the steam building in my balls.

I wanted this girl.

This was my last period to have fun at school. I ached to sink my cock into her hot, juicy cunt. She surged down the sidewalk, as unstoppable as a churning flood. I would have to catch her on my own. I would have to be faster than her.

She had great stamina. We were two blocks from the college, and she was still at her full sprint. I didn’t relent. My long legs carried me after. I closed the distance, but she was still twenty feet ahead.

I wouldn’t lose.

I would get in her jogging shorts.

My dick led me on, almost dragging me after her. My lusts tumbled around me, a torrent that propelled me onward. The burning in my legs built and built, but I pushed through the pain. The euphoria of my exertion swelled through me. I approached that runner’s high.

I closed the gap to ten feet.

We reached the gas station. She cut through its parking lot, leaping over a small wall only a foot high. I jumped it and pounded after. We ran through the pumps. Someone shouted in surprise. Then she was on the sidewalk heading to the residential road three blocks away.

Every heartbeat brought me closer to her. She looked so graceful as she ran. So beautiful. I closed it to five feet when we reached the residential street. Her hair flashed before me as she rounded the corner onto the quiet road, leaving behind the bustle.

Houses flashed past us with hedges and picket fences. The terrain was all a blur to me. My attention was focused on her.

Four feet.

My lust beat harder and faster.

Three feet.

I could reach out and grab the back of her ponytail if I was a dick. I wasn’t.

Two feet.

I was moving up beside her. She glanced at me, face flushed, eyes steamy.

One foot.

We were practically abreast now. She grit her teeth and put her all into it, a final burst of speed.

I matched her.

Legs screaming in pain, I pushed through my limits. I smashed them and stretched out in a last burst of speed that pulled me alongside her. I glanced over at her, our feet landing at the same moment. In sync.

She smiled. Then, to my shock, she darted to her left for a little gravel alley. I changed course and followed her. High, wooden fences flashed beside us. An old car parked by a back gate. The alleyway dead-ended at another fence. She kept running until she reached it and turned around, facing me.

I slowed to a stop.

We both panted as I stared at her. Then I planted both my hands on the fence, looming over her. She stared up at me with those steamy, hot eyes. Her body quivered as I grinned at her. She had this wicked smile on her lips.

“You caught me just where I thought you would,” she said.

“Oh, you had this place in mind?” I asked her.

“Mmm, yes,” she said, her arms sliding around my neck. “You have stamina, Corey. I like that in a boy.”

“I like a bold girl,” I told her. “What’s your name?”

“Nadia Rivers,” she answered, her breasts rising and falling in her t-shirt.

I kissed her hard.

Her lips melted against mine. She tightened her grip on me as our tongues dueled. She felt so sweet and delicious in my arms. She trembled against me. I pressed my body against hers, feeling the shape of her breasts. Her lips had a delicious flavor to them. Hot and refreshing.

Her hand slid down my back. Her fingernails scratched down my t-shirt. I savored kissing Nadia. Her hands moved lower and lower. Then she was grabbing my rump. She squeezed my ass through my shorts, pulling me against her. My cock throbbed against her writhing body. The fence creaked behind her.

Her hand slid up my shorts to the waistband and then shoved into them. I groaned as she pushed into my boxers, grabbing my ass directly. She kneaded my rump as her lips devoured mine. My blood flashed to steam, searing through my veins.

She was so exciting.

I broke the kiss and groaned, “You really like my ass, huh?”

“I thought it looked cute in those slacks, but… Mmm, it’s sexy in those shorts.” She had this wild look in her eyes. “Best part of a guy is a nice ass.”

“Not my cock.”

She giggled. “I think guys are more fascinated with them then girls are. I mean, we do love them, but that’s when they’re in us. But if you want to stare at a guy. A great chest and a fantastic ass are where it’s at. And a handsome face.”

“Good thing I have all three,” I said.

“Yes!” she moaned, her fingers massaging me. “Ooh, Corey, I’m so wet. I’m dripping right now. I’m just soaking my panties. My pussy became a river while we’re running.”

“Great to hear,” I said, my hands sliding down to her shorts. I played with them and then I thrust them down her hips and let them fall off her thighs. I brushed her panties. She was wearing cotton. They felt delicious under my hand as I stroked around the edges of her butt. I breathed in and caught a sweet musk rising from her crotch. “I can smell.”

“Then why don’t you fall to your knees and find out,” she said, her words hot. She had a wild heat in her eyes. She felt like a geyser about to explode. “You’re the type of guy that enjoys eating pussy, aren’t you?”

“What makes you think that?” I asked.

“Why, you have two girlfriends.” Her eyes twinkled. “How else do you keep them?”

“I collared them,” I said. “I made them my sex slaves.”

“Kinky,” she said. “But, still, you give them something. And a guy who licks pussy is a guy who can get a girl to do all manner of things.”

“Like fuck him in an alley when she’s supposed to be running with her class.”

She winked at me while her fingers dug into my ass.

I sank down to the ground. It was hard-packed dirt here. I came face to face with her light-gray panties. The crotch was soaked with her cream, the sweet aroma filling my nose. I breathed in heavily as I leaned forward and nuzzled into the crotch.

She gasped as I licked at her pussy through the cotton panties. The dry flavor of the cloth combined with her sweet cream. She gasped and shuddered. I felt her cuntlips through her cloth and could tell she was shaved. Her breasts jiggled in her top as she shuddered. Her eyes were wild.

She grabbed the hem of her t-shirt and ripped it up. Her gray bra was a darker shade from her panties, the stretchy material cupping her round breasts. That came off a moment later, her dusky-pink nipples coming into view.

“Damn, those are nice,” I said as I nuzzled into her panties crotch.

“Mmm, guys like good tits and a great ass,” she said.

“And a pretty face,” I told her. I kissed her pussy through her panties.

“Good thing I have all three,” she answered in a playful tone. Then she shuddered. “Oh, yes, Corey, I want to drown you in my juices.”

Sounded perfect to me.

I fluttered my tongue up and down her panties while her breasts jiggled. She whimpered, her breast swaying from side to side. They were such lush and lovely tits. She slid her hands up and down her lean body. She pursed her lips and then groaned as I brushed her clit.

I sucked on her bud through the soaked panties. Her sweet juices filled my mouth, drawn out of the fabric. Her body bucked. Those perfect breasts swayed. She let out another steamy moan. The fence creaked behind her.

As much as I loved licking her through her panties, I wanted to get at her hot flesh directly.

I yanked the crotch of her panties to the side. I exposed her shaved pussy lips, engorged with her arousal and covered in a gleam of her cream. The sweet musk rose. Her clit peeked out. She had her pubic hair shaved into a V on her pudenda, an arrow pointing right at the top of her slit.

An invitation.

“Corey!” she moaned as I darted down and licked at her naked flesh directly. “Oh, yes, yes! That’s good! Mmm, just go to town on my pussy! Just lick up all that wonderful cream!”

I gladly would.

My tongue flicked and licked up and down her hot folds. I thrust my tongue deep into her cunt. I swirled around in her. She gasped, her body bucking. Her head tossed back and forth. She whimpered and moaned, her thighs squeezing around my head. She ground her hot and naked pussy lips on my face.

Her hot juices poured into my mouth. I could feel the pressure building in her body. That approaching orgasm, the exploding geyser of passion that would gush her steamy cream into my hungry mouth.

“Corey!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes! I’ve been watching you all day! You’re just as I thought! Ooh, yes, yes! I love it! I’m going to cum so hard! Then I want you to fuck me! Hard! I want you to love my pussy!”

“God, yes, Nadia!” I growled and thrust my tongue into her pussy. I marinated it in her hot depths.

Her pussy clenched around my tongue. Her body shuddered. She kneaded her breasts as I feasted on her. I slid my fingers down the V of her pubic hair to the top of her pussy. I rubbed at her clit as I fluttered my tongue through her twat’s depths.

She moaned and bucked. Her breasts jiggled in her hand. Her eyes darted to and fro. Nadia’s hot and steamy pussy juices soaked my mouth. I rubbed my fingers hard into her clit. Her cunt squeezed down on my tongue.

“Just like that, Corey!” she groaned. “Oh, yes, yes! This is amazing! You’re going to fuck me so hard! You won! You beat me! Yes!”

Her pussy convulsed around my tongue.

Hot juices squirted out. She cried out, erupting like I thought she would. I drank the flood of her sweet cream. I feasted on her while rubbing her clit. She bucked and shuddered against the fence. It creaked behind her. It was such an incredible delight.

I rubbed and tweaked her clit. I massaged that throbbing bud. She let out a shrieking moan, her voice rising like a tea kettle announcing the boil. More and more of her sweet cream poured into my mouth.

I could drown in that passion.

“I need you in me!” she moaned. “Oh, Corey! Claim my pussy! It’s your prize! Yes, yes! Just ram that big cock in me!”

“Yes!” I snarled and ripped my mouth from her pussy. I rose up and she reached for me, seizing shoulders and pulling me to her. Pussy cream dripping down my chin, I stopped her. “Turn around. I want to pound you from behind. I want to stare at that great ass.”

“Yes, Corey!” she moaned, her eyes dark, passionate depths. Then she spun around and pointed that firm rump at me.

She had a tramp stamp. A knot of blue lines so dark they verged on black. It was intricate, a maze of cords wrapped around each other with no beginning or end. I was entranced by it for a moment. It felt like every bit of it was interconnected.

“Fuck me! Please!” she moaned, wiggling her rump.

Then I shoved down my shorts and boxers in a single go. They fell down my sore legs. My cock popped out and smacked that perky rump. Her butt-cheeks swelled. She whimpered, her face pressed into the fence, her hands braced on it.

I grabbed my cock and guided it to her pussy. I felt the boiling heat of her cunt. Her juices coated my tip. I pressed into her folds and found her twat’s entrance. I rammed to the hilt in her. She gasped, her cunt squeezing around my cock. Her back arched as I pressed deeper and deeper into her twat. I reveled in being in her delightful cunt.

Her hot flesh clenched around me. She wiggled her hips, stirring her twat around my cock. I groaned at the delicious embrace. My hands slid up her body. I cupped her naked tits. I squeezed them as I reveled in her cunt’s grip.

“Fuck, Nadia, you’re juicy!” I groaned.

“You made me cum so hard!” she gasped. “Don’t be surprised by how wet I am!”

“I know,” I panted. Her juices dripped down my neck. “You gushed buckets full of pussy cream on me. Soaked me.”


I drew back my cock through her tight embrace. I loved the feeling of her cunt around me. She held me tight. I rammed back forward. I buried to the hilt in her. Her tight, hot pussy massaged my cock slamming into her depths. My crotch smacked into her rump. My balls cracked into her clit.

She moaned. The fence creaked. It wobbled as I slammed into her twat again and again. I buried into her juicy hole with all the force I could. I fucked her hard, putting my all into it like I had when I chased her.

She rotated her hips and stirred her hot pussy around my aching cock. The pressure built at the tip. She massaged my dick there with her delicious flesh. I squeezed and kneaded her round tits. I dug my fingers into her flesh as I enjoyed her steamy cunt.

“Oh, god, that’s good pussy!” I growled. “And I love the way you rotate your hips.”

“Lots of research,” she moaned. “Learned the best techniques.”

“Yes, you did!” I panted, her pussy clenching around me. She gripped me with passion. My balls smacked into her clit. I fucked her hard and fast. “Damn.”

“Now pound me!” she moaned. “I won’t break. You can fuck me as hard as you want. Fuck that big dick into my cunt and make me explode.”

“Yes!” I snarled. The pressure grew and grew in my balls. The heat of her cunt rippled around my cock. I was so ready to spurt into her. To unload every blast of cum I had left in me. I slammed into her hard. Fast.

Her hips bucked back into my thrust. Our flesh slapped together. I loved it. I buried hard into her juicy teat. My balls smacked into her clit. Her cream dribbled over my nutsack. They flowed out of her, proof of her hot passion.

My fingers slid up her breast as I pounded her. I found her nipples. I gripped both of those hard, pink nubs and twisted them. She gasped. Her pussy clenched around my dick. The silky grip sent bliss shooting through my body.

I groaned through clenched teeth at the bliss she generated. I buried hard and fast into her cunt. I rammed into her with powerful strokes, slamming deep into her twat. Her flesh gripped me. Massaged me.

Stimulated me.

“Fuck!” I groaned, the pressure in my balls building and building.

“I know!” she gasped. “Oh, yes, I’m going to explode on this cock! Just erupt! Please, please, keep pounding me! Corey! Yes! You’re not a boy! You’re a man!”

I grinned and pinched her nipples hard. She shrieked like she had earlier, that piercing cry of passion. Her pussy convulsed. Her flesh spasmed around my cock burying hard and fast into her cunt. I growled as she rippled around me, teasing my shaft.

Bringing me to the point of eruption.

“Yes, yes, yes!” she moaned. “Oh, god, I’m so glad I came to this college. It was the right decision to make. The smart one!”

“Yes!” I growled as I buried into her.

“Now cum in me! I want it! Flood my pussy with your passion! Let me experience it! Please, please, do it!”

I couldn’t say no to her begging words nor her begging pussy. Her cunt spasmed hard around my cock as I buried into her. I squeezed her tits hard as my balls boiled over. My cum fired into her steamy twat.

The pleasure slammed through my body. I growled, pumping blast after blast of cum into her schoolgirl twat. Nadia moaned, her pussy writhing and spasming around me. She milked me while her hips swiveled her cunt around my cock. Spurt after spurt of my cum fired into her.

“God, yes!” I growled, my balls emptying themselves.

“Oh, yes, yes, this is such an amazing contest!” she groaned, her flesh draining me.

“I fucking love the reward!”

I pumped the last blast of cum into her pussy. I groaned, my hand squeezing tight around her firm breasts. She moaned, her black hair dancing down her back while her twat rippled around my dick. My pleasure died down into buzzing bliss.


The sound of a camera snapping a pic ripped my attention to find the Goth dyke standing ten feet away. She had a malicious grin on her black lips. She tapped the screen of her smartphone again. The flash flared, catching another pic of us.

“Got you, pig,” she snarled, this look of triumph in her eyes. “You think I’m going to let you just ruin this school? I’m going to destroy all your fun!”


To be continued…

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