This story is an interracial story. This is a story about a mother, Abby Ordman and her daughter, Barb. Abby is 43 and Barb is 20.

This is a story that is intend to be a part of a series grouped under MOTHERS & DAUGHTERS. Each story will be independent. The stories will ultimately cover a range of genre. These will be shorter stories of one chapter which is different from my previous efforts as a writer. I hope you enjoy them.

This story is an interracial story.


This is a story about a mother, Abby Ordman and her daughter, Barb. Abby is 43 and Barb is 20. Both women have trim bodies and brunette hair that is wavy and falls just past the shoulders. Barb’s breasts are slightly larger than her mom’s, but both are well proportioned. The two looked shockingly alike, more like sisters despite the age difference. Barb has been away to college and has just finished her sophomore year. The college is local, though, about 30 miles on the other side of the city. Barb had been struggling in her classwork the initial semester, partly due to the long drive each way, parking hassles at a largely commuter college, and the newness of college classes versus high school. She finally accepted her mom’s suggestion to give dormitory life a try to eliminate some of the distraction and tension. A major addition to tension for both Abby and Barb was Barb’s father who shortly after Barb moved out, divorced her mom.

After receiving the divorce papers, Abby hired an attorney who uncovered an affair by her husband. The attorney also uncovered several financial accounts that had been clumsily separated and hidden. Her husband’s affair, it seemed, had been going on for several years. He had already made several major purchases with and for this other woman and they planned to marry as soon as the divorce was settled. These discoveries would put a major wrinkle in his plans.

Abby’s attorney was successful in not only locating several financial accounts and detailing the illicit affair, but found medical records of the woman to indicate she was pregnant by the husband. The divorce took much of a year, though the husband assumed Abby would be clueless and he would be gone with a large portion of his wealth. That turned around quickly. Abby not only took the house clear of mortgage, but also his two most prized vehicles, an SUV and sedan. The house sat on an acre of private land in a “nice” part of the city suburbs. The house was 3,000 square feet, much too big for only her, with a pool, and three-car garage. She also “made off”, as she thought of it, with 75% of his wealth. She hired a wealth manager and didn’t have to worry about working or Barb’s college, again.

Abby felt betrayed, abandoned, and alone after the divorce, though. She was frequently depressed by the betrayal and at a loss when she tried to think about the future.


“Mom?!?” Barb yelled it into the house as she and her boyfriend, Ty, bumped through the front door with arms full of boxes. “I know she’s here because I told her I’d be coming today and the door is unlocked.”

“I can’t believe the sized of this house, Barb.” Barb and Ty met near the beginning of Barb’s sophomore year and this was the first time she had brought him to her mom’s home. “I swear, I think this place could fit almost two of my folks’ houses.”

Barb dropped her box, still wondering where her mom was. “Yeah, well, my dad was an asshole, but an asshole who was really good with money.”

From above them, they heard, “Well, that was before he decided to divorce me. Not that I hold any ill-will against him.” Almost lost with a much-softened voice, “I hope that slut he married walks out on him.”

Abby had joined them in the foyer. Barb was shaking her head at Abby’s last comment. “Oh, come now, girl. Saying that is much better than hoping he rots in hell.”

“Mother!” Changing the subject, “You remember, Ty?”

“Of course, I remember Ty.” She gave him a hug, then her daughter. “I had to drive up to campus and take you two out to dinner to meet him, but … hey, I’m just mom.” Barb raised her arm as if to swat at her and Abby put up her hands in self-defense. “Take a joke, honey.” She looked at Ty and asked, “How much more is there?”

Ty rolled his eyes, “Women … seriously, I have no idea how this much stuff came out of that dorm room.” Barb looked like she was going to hit Ty, now. Ty and Abby laughed but Barb picked up her box and huffed as she took the stairs. Ty shrugged and followed.

Abby watched the two of them and smiled. Barb was such a sweet girl and she hated that one of the first things coming out of her mouth was her divorce. Somehow, she needed to get past that. Ty, short for Tyrel, is a very handsome black man a year older than her daughter. After knowing each other for less than a year, Abby had the feeling Ty was very good for her daughter. At least, that was what she saw in her daughter’s eyes when she was around him.

She promised herself right then, she would find a way to be better. She would find a way to change her life in a way that would be amazing for herself and her daughter. Barb deserved so much more from her. She would find the way to give it to her, to be the support and encouragement she deserved.

After several weeks being home, Barb’s concern for her mom hadn’t eased. She found her listless and unfocussed. She remembered the woman, the mother who was so active in her life without being overbearing or controlling. She always had room to move and discover, largely because of the relationship they shared; her mom had that kind of trust in her. Barb missed that woman. She wanted desperately to have that woman back in her life. But she also realized that her mom needed to be that woman again for her own good, so she could move on and find the measure of happiness and contentment and fulfillment she deserved.

Barb finally dragged Abby out for an evening with her and Ty. She didn’t give her an alternative, insisting that she needed to get out and enjoy herself for at least a few hours. Ty met them at one of their favorite bars where they could talk if they wanted or dance to the DJ music provided. They sat in a booth with Abby sitting on one side. Abby’s impressions of Ty were in reinforced watching the two of them. The young couple quickly fell into an easy, comfortable banter about friends, school, and the summer. Ty was staying on campus during the summer as he had part-time positions at the Student Union and tutoring in Economics.

The two had danced a number of times until Barb convinced Ty to ask Abby. With some reluctance, Abby accepted the offer. It had been years, a lot of years, since she had danced last, but Ty promised to pick slower songs for her. Shyly, she accepted. The first dance was an early classic rock song she remembered but couldn’t name.

Abby confided her awkwardness of dancing with her daughter’s boyfriend. He responded, “Mrs. O, Barb is just worried about you. She thinks you need to have some fun.”

Abby looked into the young man’s face. He was a full six inches taller and trim, but strongly built. He was very comfortable and confident in his action and she understood why her daughter liked him. “Well, first … don’t call me ‘Mrs.’ anything. As you can guess, my marriage didn’t end well and I don’t want reminders.” He apologized. “Just … call me by my name. It feels weird. I mean I’m an older woman and mother and I am not in some crisis where I am trying to relate to my daughter’s boyfriend in desperation.” She fell quiet for some minutes. The song changed but the music remained slow. “Maybe I do need to find something in my life to give me joy and pleasure … something to allow me to move forward with something.” She looked into his eyes. She had more to drink already than she had in a while because she refused to drink at home by herself. She liked this man … she liked him a lot … and she was happy for her daughter. But did she really want another relationship with strings and commitments and expectations of the future? She seriously wondered about that.

“Abby? Where did you go?”

She shook her head and smiled back at him. “Sorry, thinking about … anyway, you should get back to Barb. This is a young place and people are going to wonder about you dancing with an old woman.” She chuckled but he didn’t.

As he listened to her, he glanced over at Barb who was smiling and still encouraging him. The music had changed to an old romantic song and he unconsciously pulled Abby tighter into his arms. She reacted with a shiver that he felt but didn’t release the quite proper dance position. He shifted on hand to her shoulder and the other to the small of her back. She tensed for a moment before putting both of her arms around his neck like she did when she was younger. She could feel his tight, strong body against hers and it made her yearn for … what wasn’t in her life, anymore.

Ty softly spoke into her ear, “Abby … if any of my buddies were here, they would be watching and wondering, not about why I was dancing with an ‘older woman’, but where I met this woman. You’re Barb’s mom and maybe you just haven’t looked at yourself since she has become a woman, but you and she look more like sisters than mother and daughter.” He paused, not at all sure what kind of footing he was on, but he knew how worried Barb was for her mom and decided to plow ahead. “Yes, Abby, you are a mature woman but a beautiful woman with an attractive body. Mature or young, men will find you desirable.” Then he shut up. He knew he probably said too much. It was all true and how he felt, but … this was Barb’s mom.

Abby stopped dead on the dance floor, which only strengthened Ty’s fears. But Abby was blushing. She leaned forward and gave the young man a kiss on the cheek and took his hand. “Thank you, Ty. I’m not sure I believe all that, but … thank you.”

The next morning, Abby sat at the kitchen table sipping from a mug and gazing into the hot, dark liquid as if she expected to find answers in the swirling steam to the questions swirling in her head. She hadn’t heard her daughter enter the room and flinched when her arms suddenly were wrapped around her shoulders in a wonderful morning hug.

“Morning mom. Since when did you start sleeping in tee-shirts?”

Abby giggled and glanced at her daughter as she moved to the cupboard for a mug. “I haven’t … I sleep naked now.” She watched the surprised … shock? … look Barb returned to her. “I thought I should have something on for when you got up.”

Barb sat down kitty-corner at the table. “You’re teasing me.”

Abby laughed. “Partly, yeah. I do sleep naked, now. I started when you father left. Don’t ask me why. But, no, I don’t walk around the house that way.” She looked at Barb who was also in an old tee-shirt. “Is that Ty’s?”

Barb looked down at herself and nodded. “But … I guess like mother, like daughter.” She smiled. Abby shook her head. “It looked like you were having fun last night.” Abby confessed she did. “That’s what I mean, mom.” They talked about the night before and Abby confessed the nice things Ty had said to her. Barb corrected her. “Those weren’t just ‘nice things’ that he said. You didn’t notice the other guys watching you. You are a very attractive woman, mom. You should have some fun.” Abby laughed. Being honest to herself, she had to confess she didn’t know how to begin. As if reading her mother, Barb pushed, “Seriously, mom, when was the last time you were fucked?”

Abby responded with shock. First off, ‘fucked’ had never been in her vocabulary. Secondly, this was her daughter. She was telling her mother what she needed was just a good … fucking? She didn’t know if she should show anger or … what?

“Honey, I can’t even imagine getting into another relationship with commitments that might lead to … that. I can’t deal with that, at least not now and maybe not ever, again.”

Barb took her mother’s hand and got her attention, “Then don’t. Just have fun with it. Mom … sex can be just sex. Sex can be more, yes, but it can also just be people having fun. Sex is fun. Sex is exciting. Sex is intimate. But it doesn’t have to be bigger than that. It doesn’t have to be a big-deal with all kinds of strings attached.”

Abby was the mother but she was the shy, nervous one in the direction this was going. But she pushed herself on. She told herself she wanted to make a change and here her daughter was trying to help her. Abby’s response was tentative, not at all sure she should continue this train of thought. “You’re talking about a sex friend?”

Barb giggled, “Well, we call them fuck-buddies.”

Abby just looked at her daughter. She had been sure since late high school that she had been sexually active and she knew she was protected. She knew sex wasn’t the answer for everything that bothered her, but she also knew it was a great tension reliever. “Why does it sound like you are very familiar with the concept of a ‘fuck-buddy’?”

Barb laughed. “Ty and I are really tight, mom. I mean, he might be the guy, but we’re not rushing into anything for a while. And, yes, there are times that for us when sex is more than just sex. We also just enjoy sex, though. And, yes, sometimes that is with friends. We have fun partying, and that sometimes leads to multiple partner sex.” Abby just looked at her daughter. Who was this woman so casual and comfortable with sex and partners? But Barb hadn’t forgotten an unanswered question. “Mom, you never answered me … how long has it been since you’ve been fucked?”

Abby sighed and directed her eyes to her empty mug instead of her daughter. “A long time. Four or five years.”

“Four or five … that’s longer than …”

“Yes, daughter, longer than we’ve been divorced. I was so stupid … so trusting. You know, I might be madder at myself than your father. How could I have been so stupid? I thought it was all work and being tired and us getting older. It happens to married people, right? They drift apart and lose the fire?”

Barb stood and encircled her mom in her arms, again. At the same time, she resolved to do something about it.

* * * *

Barb drove back to the campus to meet Ty in the Student Union. She had been talking to Ty for 15 minutes about the conversation she had with her mom. Ty was visibly uncomfortable with the discussion. Well, not really discussion because it was only Barb talking. There was no dialogue and Ty was pretty sure he didn’t want to get more involved than listening to his girlfriend. But his fears came to pass.

Barb calmly and matter-of-factly asked him, “What do you think of my mom?” Confusion and concern overtook him. They already had this discussion and he told her that. “No … no, I mean … how do you like her?” He didn’t like these open-ended questions that could land him in hot water. So, Barb took a deeper breath and Ty wanted to close his eyes as if that might make this whole thing go away. Instead, he knew Barb didn’t give up on things once she got her head going on something, so he focused on her and waited. And, press on she did, “Would you fuck my mom? I mean, I want you to fuck my mom. That’s what she needs.”

Ty almost couldn’t believe what he heard. “Seriously? You think what your mom needs is a good fucking so you want me to give it to her? Are you crazy?”

Barb just shook her head and smiled at him. “No, I am not crazy. I saw it in her when we talked. Yes, I am serious. I’ll be there to help, of course.”

Ty just stared at her. Of course, she’ll be right there as if we were suggesting moving some of her furniture. At the same time, two things hit him at once. The first was that he knew Barb and she was serious and she was asking him only because she trusted him to be loving and caring and not screw it up. Well, not mess it up. The second was … he really did like Abby. He felt it with her in his arms dancing. No, not like he liked Barb, but there was something about Abby and that something combined with being asked was exciting to him. Could he say no to Barb and did he really want to?

* * * *

It seemed impossible for a while, but Barb finally got her mother to give in. At the end, Abby had to agree she had nothing to lose but embarrassment by having sex with her daughter and her boyfriend. She could only wonder what the world was coming to. But she was getting nowhere fast on her own, so maybe Barb’s approach could get her off dead-center. And, Ty was a handsome young man.

“Mom, please. You agreed and Ty is downstairs. Imagine what he’s going through.”

Abby sighed and half joked, “What, I don’t even get a dinner, first?”

Barb laughed, “Dinner would just prolong your thinking about it. The next time, we’ll do dinner, first.”

“The next time?”

The women left the master bedroom for the stairs. Abby was dressed in a pleated skirt to her knees with a white buttoned blouse. Barb was in slacks and a pull-over, open neck shirt. As agreed, Barb moved to sit next to Ty while Abby got drinks for them all, even if Barb wasn’t quite drinking age. Abby sat in a chair in front of them across a low coffee table. All conversation was awkward and Ty and Abby had a difficult time with eye contact.

Abby finally took a big gulp of her bourbon and looked directly at Ty. “Ty … are you as nervous about this as I am?” He nodded. She guessed he might be near the same nervous-fit point she was. It wasn’t really fair to ask a young man to do this when he cares so much for the other woman in the room. Right then, Abby decided to be the adult. “I understand. It might not be fair that you were asked … or was it pressured? … to do this.” He looked up and smiled. For the first time, he seemed a bit relaxed. “Thank you. Barb only asked you, I think, because she cares so much for both of us, and … she trusts you so much.” Abby stood and put her arms out toward him, “So, before I chicken out entirely …”

Ty looked over at Barb who smiled and nodded. He moved around the coffee table and walked into Abby’s arms. They hugged, but then kissed … on the lips. The first kiss was tentative. The second wasn’t. Abby sighed, then gasped as she pressed her body into the young man. When Ty pressed into her, she gasped, broke the kiss and hugged him tight and trembled.

“Ooooooo … oh … my … God ….”

Ty looked over at Barb who shrugged. He lifted Abby’s chin to look into her eyes. “Did you just cum?” Abby nodded. She took Ty’s hand and pulled him out of the living room for the stairs.

It got awkward, again, in the bedroom. Barb walked right passed them to lower the covers on the king-sized bed. This time, it was Ty who took the next step. He kissed Abby passionately while allowing his hands to glide over her body. Any touching that might have happened while dancing was incidental to dancing. This was different. His hands caressed her back, identifying the presence of a bra strap. A hand moved down to the small of her back, pulling her into him and he felt her body press into his growing cock. When his hand moved further to her butt, pulling her firmly into his crotch, he felt her shiver in recognition of his own arousal. Her sighs and moans had long since told him of her own arousal.

He looked into her eyes with his fingers poised at the top button of her blouse. She gave a simple nod, almost imperceptible if not looking for something as he was. He unbuttoned that first top button, their eyes still in contact. She flinched ever so slightly as the third button was undone and he opened her blouse to kiss the exposed skin above her bra. She groaned. He finished with the buttons and pulled the blouse from her skirt. Leaving the blouse hanging open, he took her back in his arms, this time his hands under the blouse against her bare skin. She gasped and drove her tongue to his mouth. Without breaking the kiss, he slid the garment off her shoulders. She released her hug around him only long enough to discard the blouse.

She was lost in his kiss. God, what a kisser. She flinched and gasped louder, but for her mouth being trapped, when he unhooked her bra strap in back. She lowered her arms willingly … eagerly … as he moved back slightly to remove it from her arms. His hands found both of her breasts and she moaned. He moved back a step, still holding her upper arms, and gazed appreciatively at her standing before him topless. He cupped one breast, bent over and sucked on the nipple. He then repeated the same to the other breast and nipple. She watched. She shivered. She watched the black face and mouth at her white breast. The youth … the contrast … the confidence he now showed … my God! She shivered, again.

He looked for the clasp of her skirt and she sucked in an anticipatory breath that she found herself holding until he had it unzipped. He looked into her eyes, kissed her, then pushed the skirt over her hips until they pooled at her feet. She stepped out of the garment and kicked it to the side. He gazed at her, again. She trembled under his inspection. When he smiled, she found herself smiling back.

He kissed her mouth, her neck, her shoulders. He kissed down her chest to each breast and nipple. She was continually sighing and gasping. He kissed down over her stomach and abdomen to the top of her panties. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. He looked up, then kissed her mound over her panties. She watched him lick over her pussy. She knew she was wet there … now, so did he.

He slid her panties down to her feet. She stepped out of them and left her feet parted. He looked up, then focused on her bald pussy mound. Interesting, he thought, years without sex and she still keeps her pussy bare, or did she do this just for tonight? He kissed her bare, exposed mound. His tongue came out and licked at her wet lips, glancing over her clit. She gasped and shivered, again. He rose up, his contrasting black hands gliding over her white naked body. He took her in his arms and kissed her, then moved around her. He guided her to the side and stopped her in front of a floor-length mirror. She gasped as his lips caressed her neck and shoulder, his hands cupping her breasts. She saw movement behind them. It was Barb moving to get a better look. Abby sighed at the realization she was the only one naked. Barb and Ty were both still dressed.

She closed her eyes as one of his hands fondled a breast and the other moved down to her pussy. Behind her, he whispered for her to open her eyes and she did. She watched those black hands moving over her naked white body, moving over stark white breast and pussy mound. She gasped and leaned back into the young man, giving herself over to this, finally and fully accepting what her daughter was giving her.

Another set of lips. Wait … Ty was at her shoulder … who? She opened her eyes … Barb … her daughter was kissing and licking and sucking at her breasts. Barb looked up smiling, “I love your breasts and nipples, mom. Aren’t they nice, Ty?” Magnificent, she hears from him. “Now, your pussy, mom.” Abby gasps, again. The lips are moving slowly but deliberately down her body until … OH … GOD … her daughter … her Barb … is licking at her dripping pussy.

Ty turns her away from the mirror. “Abby, I want you to see something. Barb, get undressed.” She sees her rushing to get her clothes off, too. Her little girl is such a woman. “Abby, you question yourself with words like ‘old’.” He quickly moved Barb alongside her but facing the other way. Then, Ty turned her to face the mirror with her daughter. “Look … look at the two of you. Barb is the one I love, you both know that, but look … you could be sisters. Abby, you are as stunning as your daughter.”

Abby does just that. She looks into the mirror, maybe really looking for the first time in a very long time. She sees not only how lovely and sexy her wonderful daughter is, but she sees the woman standing next to her … herself. Abby sees the differences … Barb’s breasts are a little bigger, her skin is maybe tighter and her muscles more toned … but Ty is right. She watches as her hand takes hold of Barb’s as they both look at each other and themselves. Both women are smiling. Abby is the first to respond. She turns to her daughter, embraces her tightly, and relishes in the feeling of naked breast against naked breast, naked body against naked body … and for a short moment, soft, full lips come together.

Then Barb moves, her attention on Ty, and Abby recognizes her intention and joins her daughter. Barb works his shirt up his body and over his head as Abby works his belt and zipper. She pushes his pants and underwear down in one motion and … gasps … “My … dear … God …” Barb is giggling but Abby is transfixed. She slowly sinks to her knees to help him out of this shoes and pants, but her eyes never leave the thing she isn’t believing. “My God,” she numbly repeats.

Both of her hands take his black cock and hold it. It is semi-hard and getting harder, but it is already huge in her eyes. “When it is fully hard, it is a fraction over 9 inches.” Barb somehow was kneeling next to her.

Abby looked at her daughter in near shock, then looked up at Barb’s man. “I’ve … never … I mean I’ve only had one man in my life and … he wasn’t … anything … this is … oh my God.” Barb laughed as she remembered the first time she saw it. Ty was looking embarrassed.

Barb added her hand to the now nearly hard cock and moved in to kiss the head. Abby watched in fascination, then repeated the kiss herself. Her daughter was so comfortable with this black shaft. Abby realized how little sexual experience she really had. She watched and duplicated until she too had the cock in her mouth. Her ex never seemed interested in prolonged sex or foreplay, just turn off the lights, fuck, and roll over. Now, she had a 9 inch black cock in her mouth.

Abby was pulled from those thoughts by her daughter … again. “Wait until you feel it inside you.”

Abby stood up with Barb, each with hands on the young man between them. Abby was also still holding onto that cock. She murmured, “You can really get that inside you?” Barb laughed, again. Barb and Ty had crawled onto the bed and were discussing something quietly. She was mesmerized by the contrasting bodies before her.

Then, “Mom, we think cowgirl will be better for the first time.” First time? “Mom? Mom, do you know what cowgirl is?” Abby shook her head. “Oh, mom … you have so much to learn. Cowgirl is you straddled over the man and you rise and lower over his cock. You have all the control, then. You can go as deep as you want or not and as fast and hard as you want or not.” Abby just nodded numbly.

Ty lay down in the middle of the bed and held his cock up in the air. Barb knelt alongside him and motioned for her mom to come. Abby’s body moved by itself, crawling over the bed to them. She looked at her daughter, then Ty who was smiling and encouraging. She swung her leg over the man, her pussy brushing over the cock and she flinched. She looked down between her legs and saw her open, wet pussy lips and that cock. After over four years, she was going to get fucked and it was going to be by a big black cock. She shivered, again. Barb was gently encouraging her so she reached between her legs and raised the cock, rubbing it over her slit until the head sunk partially into her hole. Her mouth opened as she held it there and wondered if she could really take it. Barb was indicating for her to sit back and she did, several inches of the cock sinking inside and filling her pussy like it had never been. She looked at her daughter and pulled her to her.

“Dear girl … the only thing bigger than this inside me ever … was you.” She crushed her lips into her daughter’s and moaned loudly as she pressed back onto the cock. She cried out into her daughter’s mouth as she pulled up and pressed back down, taking more of that wonderful cock up her pussy. She pulled away from her Barb and looked down at Ty who was doing his part in being still so she could control how much she tried to take. She looked into his face with a lust-filled gaze that fogged her vision but not so much she didn’t recognize the lusty look coming from him. His hands were busy on her breasts and nipples, which heightened her overall sensations further. She looked down and still saw black cock and she sighed. She felt so stuffed, already, and there was still more.

She leaned forward and took his face in her hands to kiss him with all the lusty passion she was feeling. She was gasping into his mouth as she made small, controlled strokes on his cock. From alongside her, she heard the persistent chant softly urging her, “Do it, mom … take it all … just sit back and take it …” over and over.

Abby rose and looked into the eyes of her daughter who simply nodded at her. She had never experienced anything like this … hell, she never imagined feeling anything like this. And, to be doing it just for the sake of it … in front of her daughter. She closed her eyes and took in a long breath, then … sat back hard. Her eyes and mouth opened and all that air came out in a gasping cry. But, she had it all. Barb hugged her and Ty shifted his hands to her hips in anticipation. She tentatively rose up and up and up on his 9 inches, then shift down and down. She started a little faster and fell back down and started shaking as a tremendous orgasm rocked her very existence. Ty pulled her to his chest and held her tight as Barb leaned over her back, both giving comfort with their bodies.

Abby was still breathing hard and ragged when Ty began moving his cock in and out, then rolled them so she was on the bottom. He shifted to his knees and hands over her as his hips pushed his cock into her and pulled back out. He leaned down to kiss each nipple, then her mouth. “I wish you could have seen your face. It was beautiful.”

Abby could only look up at him. She could feel her body accepting this continued stimulation and another orgasm rising steadily within her. She knew he was talking about how she looked in her orgasm. He’s just a young man, though, just starting into an adult life, but he is so attentive and aware of his partner. Barb’s father was never that observant or considerate. Barb is so fortunate.

In the midst of another orgasm, Ty climaxes, too. Abby couldn’t believe that sensation, either. With everything else there was to enjoy about this young man’s fucking of her, his climax was the fitting climatic exclamation point. Even in the midst of her own orgasm, she felt his. She was so stuffed with cock that when his cock jerked inside her and seemed to swell, she felt it all. When the first spurt of his cum filled her pussy, she felt it as it splashed into the walls of her pussy and filled the crevices of the chamber and washed her cervix with his seed. She clutched him to her and never wanted to let him leave her, least of all the marvelous cock buried deep in her pussy.

After, Abby and Ty regained their senses and all relaxed with a well-earned drink in the family room. They remained naked and Abby found her gaze repeatedly focused on Ty’s flaccid cock. Even soft it was longer than her ex’s was hard. She couldn’t remember feeling the way she did and she had her daughter to thank for it. It wasn’t long, though, that Abby needed to feel more of it and that made her feel quite wicked, but Barb had been patient, not to mention generous in sharing Ty with her going first. Abby wanted to now experience her daughter loving her boyfriend.

The two were sitting on a sofa and Abby moved to kneel before Ty who watched her carefully. Abby took his flaccid cock in her hand and looked at Barb who smiled with recognition and slid off the sofa to join her mother at his cock. With big smiles, the two women put their lips and tongues to each side of the shaft and began moving up and down along it. Abby’s eyes were fixed on Barb’s only inches away, the distance of the black cock between them. They were both using their open moist lips and tongues, sliding up and down, their lips coming into contact at the head. Unlike Barb who has experimented with girls while on campus, Abby didn’t know what to make of the contacts she’d experienced with her daughter so far. She fought through both the feelings of touching another woman and having that woman be her daughter.

Barb, on the other hand, relished the touches. Sex with women usually seemed softer and always different. The fact that she was now exploring it with her mother somehow made those touches more electric and exciting. So, there was some intention in her actions when their lips met at the head of the cock. She made sure to slide her lips over the tip to kiss her mom. She was pleased when her mom was soon reciprocating with her own willingness to kiss back.

Of course, all this was having a significant effect on Ty, too. It was beyond erotic that his girlfriend wanted him to fuck her mother. Now, he watched the two of them in the early stages of bi-sexual experience but also the elicit experience of mother and daughter. To have two such beautiful and sexy women working his cock with their lips and trading turns to take the head into their mouths, he was raging hard in no time. He had a very naughty idea, but would the women go for it?

He moved their activity back to the bedroom. Abby was craning her head to watch his big cock bouncing in front of him. She still had to remind herself this wasn’t just an obscene dream. This really was an obscene experience.

Ty whispered to Barb who in turn glanced at her mom and smiled back to Ty. Abby was surprised when Barb lay on the bed to be fucked in the missionary position. She had expected to witness something more interesting from these two who obviously had more variation experience. Barb raised her knees and splayed them apart wide. Ty knelt between her legs and aligned his cock to her pussy and eased the head inside. Then, in two firm strokes he was fully in her. Abby gasped. It had taken her how long to accomplish that? Then, she noticed Barb motioning to her. She crawled across the bed to her daughter and heard words she never … ever … expected to hear.

“Mom, sit on my mouth. I want to eat Ty’s cum out of you.” She looked at Barb, then Ty, and back to Barb in near shock. But, given everything else … She crawled to Barb’s head and swung her leg over her daughter and gasped as lips and a tongue were immediately exploring her used pussy. Then, with one hand, Ty pulled her to him for a passionate kiss while continuing to fuck. Both women groaned and moaned. The combination of actions and experiences overwhelming them both.

* * * *

A couple weeks later, Abby was feeling guilty. Ty had been to the house several times, sometimes spending the night since there was no mystery about he and Barb sleeping together, and he had also spent an entire weekend with them. Abby was feeling guilty because during almost all those visits, Abby had also enjoyed Ty’s cock. Ty was over for dinner (and the evening) and Abby waited until the end of dinner to bring up her concerns.

Abby looked at the two and waited to have their attention, nervous enough about bringing it up. “I think this needs to stop.”

Barb furrowed her eyebrows, “What? You mean the sex? The sex has to stop?”

Abby put up her hand to stop her and let her explain. “Not your sex. You guys need to have you time together and enjoy each other. The sex has been wonderful, Ty … hell … it’s been mind-blowing. I never knew sex could be like that.” Pause. “Okay … back on topic.” The both chuckled. “What I mean is, I really, REALLY, appreciate all you two have done for me. But I need to find my own way, now. I’ve been a third-wheel. You guys need to be able to be here and have your sex without thinking, ‘what about mom?’”

Barb argued, “It isn’t like that mom.”

“Yeah, it is. I appreciate what you are trying to do, but you know as well as I do. I have to find my way that isn’t intruding on you two.”

Ty leaned into Barb and whispered something to her. Her whole face lit up with excitement.

* * * *

It took some discussion, but they came to an understanding. The following Saturday, Abby and Barb were in the master bedroom appraising themselves in the mirror before the pool/BBQ party Barb and Ty planned. The guys were scheduled to arrive in less than half an hour.

Abby looked at herself and her daughter in the floor-length mirror. They were wearing matching swimsuits Barb purchased just for this party. Abby was doubtful. “Honey, there’s no way I can be casually in front of young men I’ve never met wearing this.” The swimsuits were identical white micro G-string bottoms and tops made of mesh that made them see-through even dry. There was so little material their nipples and slits were barely covered. And, what was covered was by mesh.

Barb took her mom’s hand and pulled her out of the bedroom heading downstairs to make the final check on the preparation. As she got her mother moving, she giggled, “Don’t worry about the suit, mom, I doubt they’ll let us have them on long.”

They were spending the afternoon around the pool and would grill dinner casually as people got hungry. This was the solution Barb and Ty came up with to assist Abby in beginning to find her own sexual life … a pool party with three of Ty’s friends from campus joining them.

The women were in the kitchen when they heard the front door open and male voices suddenly fill the house. Ty entered the kitchen, wrapping his hands around Barb from the back and kissing her neck. She squealed happily. Then Ty moved over to Abby and did the same thing, but this time his hands moved up to cup her breasts. Abby wiggled in his arms and had to quickly reposition the narrow strips of cloth over her nipples as she noticed the other three young men standing just inside the room. They were all black and at least as tall and fit as Ty. They all knew Barb, already, which was clear by the casual waves. Ty moved Abby to the men and introduced them: Mark, Tom, and Barry. The guys made no effort to hide their interest in Abby’s body and Abby reacted with embarrassed anticipation. She sent the guys out to the pool and Barb moved close to her mom.

“They weren’t meaning to be rude, mom. Everyone knows what’s going to happen today.”

Abby hugged her daughter, then kissed her on the mouth. “Why do I feel so comfortable doing that with you? But thank you. And, no, I didn’t think they were rude. We’re almost naked. What would we expect them to look at?”

They all ended up in the pool very quickly and Barb was indeed right. The guys had the obscene suits off them in no time. And, the play included plenty of touching and probing. Abby lost track of Barb. Abby had Mark and Barry tight against her body from front and back. They had lost their suits at some point, too, and as they pressed against her and fondled her, Abby felt two hard black cocks pressing into her butt and abdomen. She knew what they wanted and she accepted what she wanted. She reached for both of the cocks, getting one in each hand. She smiled. They were both about the same size as Ty.

She broke from the guys and walked out of the pool up the shallow-end steps. The guys were close behind her as she moved to the lounge chairs where she took several of the cushions off and dropped them on the patio around the pool. She lay across the cushions and put her arms up to the guys invitingly. Her daughter had introduced her to this casual sex and she was surprised, continually, by how much she not only enjoyed it but wanted it.

Mark moved between her out-spread legs. She watched in anticipation and desire as he took his place, his already hard black cock pointing at her crotch as he moved to her. At the same time, she saw Barry moving to her head. She reached to the side and grasped the other hard black cock as Mark guided his cock head to her pussy and into her hole. Penetration was smooth and easy and with just a few strokes he had all 8 inches inside his first mature woman. After gasping at the penetration and encouraging the young man between her legs, Abby turned her head with her mouth opening to accept the cock she knew was waiting there. The guys fucked her hard and with lots of energy. They switched frequently, moving from her pussy to her mouth and back, again. Then, over and over they switched, fucking her hard while controlling their own rising stimulation with the switches. Abby was a fount of sexual release sounds as one orgasm after another coursed through her body.

When the two men had released their cum into her pussy, she was nearly spent. But she recovered quickly when she saw her daughter, Ty, and Tom nearby. Barb was sucking each of them and when Mark and Barry moved away from Abby, Ty and Tom moved to her in their place, Tom taking first turn at her pussy as Ty moved to her head. These two began the same strategy by fucking her hard and switching regularly. She crashed through another orgasm when she felt the lips of her daughter on her nipples. Abby removed her mouth from the cock filling it as she continued to be fucked and looked into the shining eyes of her daughter.

Barb smiled down at her gasping mother, “The guys were too fascinated with the idea of fucking a white MILF and I love to watch you cum. I know the guys will give me my share of cock after this.”

Abby looked up with strain in her eyes as another orgasm seemed to be rising in her body. “Oh … God … I … love … this … so much!”

“I know, mom. You just had to discover it, again. And, there are a lot more guys we can introduce you to. Any of them would gladly be a fuck-buddy for you.” And that sent Abby over the top with another orgasm.


* * * Another Mother & Daughter story will follow * * * Thanks for reading.

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