Marie’s Pantyhose



Eighteen year old Marie meets a local footballer with a tights/pantyhose fetish.

“Hi, mum!” I called out as I entered the front door of our house.

“Hi, Marie” My mum called back, from the living room.

I popped my head through the living room door to let my mum know I was going upstairs to change. I was expecting her to be alone reading or watching telly. But she was not alone. A man in his late twenties was seated on the armchair recliner.

“Marie, before you go up, I want you to meet someone.” Said my mum. “This is Mr Schneider. He is the new neighbour next door.”

“Oh, ok.” I Said and walked into the room. The man was quite good looking and obviously kept in decent shape. It initially worried me that my mother was attracted to him.

“It’s nice to meet you, Marie.” Said the man. “Your mother has told me all about you.”

He looked at me up and down, his eyes lingering on the hemline of my short skirt and material of the blue opaque tights covering my thighs. Then he looked into my eyes and smiled. It didn’t look like I had to be worried about Mr Shneider and my mother. He was obviously more interested in younger women.

At that moment, I felt very conscious about what I was wearing. I was in my college uniform, which consisted of a blue skirt, blue tights, a white blouse and a blue blazer.

I smiled at him and found myself brushing my hair back as he smiled at me. He seemed oddly familiar, but I wasn’t sure from where I knew him.

“You may recognise Mr Schneider.” Said my mum, giving me the answer. “He plays for Albion United.”

“Ah, I thought I recognised you.” I said to him, smiling. Albion United was the local football team which plays in the second division. “You’re John Schneider. You play in defence.”

“That’s right, I normally play full-back.”

John’s eyes flicked down to my hemline again. I smiled and shrugged.

“Well, now that you and Mr Schneider are acquainted. “Said my mum. “Why don’t you sit down and keep him company, while I go and make some tea.”

“Oh, OK.” I said. My mum left the living room.

As I took my blazer off, I could feel his eyes linger on the outline of breasts, covered by my plain white bra and white blouse. I didn’t look at him. Instead, I bent over, in front of him, placing my folded blazer and bag on the couch. I turned round, catching him staring at my behind. I smiled, at him, again pretending not to notice. He shifted his gaze to look me in the eyes, seemingly unfazed at being caught.

I sat on the couch in front of him. I felt a little awestruck to be in the presence of one of the Albion players.

“Your mother mentioned that it’s your birthday, today.”

I smiled in response. “Yes, eighteen today

“Happy Birthday!”


His gaze flicked from my face, to my breast and then down to my hemline again. I realised that my skirt had automatically ridden up when I sat down, revealing much of my upper thigh. I adjusted the hem of my skirt, to reveal less of my leg.

“So, do you go to the games?” John asked, looking me in the eyes again.

“Sometimes.” I said. “But not every week. I sometimes go with my boyfriend.” Nervously, I caressed the material of my tights covering my knees. “He supports the team fanatically. He has a season ticket and goes to all the games, even the away matches.”

John’s gaze shifted to my hemline again. I looked down to find that my hands had unconsciously again pushed the hem of my skirt up my thigh.

“Your boyfriend is a lucky man.” John’s eyes flicked between my breasts and my thighs, licking his lips. I should have been disgusted by his behaviour. But oddly, I felt flattered, and a little excited.

“And I am a lucky girl.” I replied cheerily, pretending to be oblivious to his leering gaze.

I crossed my legs and continued to caress the material of my opaque tights, the feel of the fabric tingling under the tips of my fingers. John Schneider continued to stare at my thighs, a smirk crossing his face. I let him leer, enjoying his attention and obvious desire for my youthful body.

The spell was broken when my mum returned with the tea. John swiftly tore his eyes away from my legs and I quickly covered my thighs with my skirt.

Fortunately, my mum didn’t seem to notice anything amiss.”

I stood up and picked up my bag and blazer. “Well, I have to go and get changed.” I turned to John. “It was nice to meet you, Mr Schneider.” I said.

“The pleasure is all mine.” He replied, leering at my body one last time.

I ran upstairs, telling myself that I was happy to get away from creepy leering John Schneider. Although, in reality, I’d pretty much enjoyed his attentions.

When I got into my bedroom, I put down my bag and blazer on my desk chair and sat down on my bed with a sigh. I looked at myself in the mirror which was to the side of the bed. I smiled at my pretty face and short dark hair. My gaze drifted down to my breast and to my thighs. Oddly, I found myself captivated by the outline of my bra through my blouse, the hemline of my skirt and the fabric of my tights. It excited me that my choice of clothing had aroused a man so much that he could not take his eyes off me.

I felt my hands drift up my thighs, my fingertips and my loins tingling under the feel of my tights. I pulled my skirt up above my waist and opened my legs. I caressed the front of my white cotton panties through my tights. I heard myself sigh as I watched my hand caressing my lower abdomen in the mirror. For some reason, it was really turning me on. I imagined what it would be like for creepy John to caress my tights.

My right hand drifted down to my crotch where my fingers began caressing the bud of my clit through my tights and panties. I moaned, aroused at the sight, imagining it was creepy John’s fingers.

There was a knock at the door. “Marie. Are you dressed? Can I come in?”

Wide-eyed in panic, I quickly covered myself, just before my mum walked in. She never waits for permission to enter my room.

“Oh, you’re still in your college clothes.” She said.

“Er, Yes. I was about to change.”

“Never mind. Before you do, could you do me a quick favour?”

“Sure, mum.” I said, happy that she hadn’t seemed to notice how flustered I was.

“I want to give Mr Schneider this spare key for emergencies.” She handed me a keyring with a key attached. “Could you hand this into him? He left before I was able to give it to him.”

“Er, doesn’t Mrs Fernandez have a spare key for us?” I asked.

“Yes, but it’s always good to have another in case she’s not available.”

“Oh, OK.” Feigning reluctance.

“Can you take it now?”

“Er, sure, mum.” I sighed and took the keyring from her.

I nipped downstairs and out the front door. I didn’t bother to put my blazer on since I was only going next door. It looked like I would have to let creepy John leer at me again tonight. Part of me was weirdly tingling with anticipation. I tried to dismiss the sensation and walked up creepy John’s drive.

When I reached the front door, I considered just putting it through the letter box. But decided I should give it to him directly. It was the polite thing to do. That’s what I told myself anyway.

I rang the doorbell and creepy John promptly answered.

“Hello, Marie.” He smiled and looked me up and down, his eyes wandering between my face, breasts and skirt hemline. “Nice to see you again. What can I do for you?”

“Er, my mum wanted me to give you these keys.”

“Ah, yes. That was quick.”

I turned to go.

“Why don’t you come in for a moment?” He said.” I could give you an autographed photo for your boyfriend.”

“Er, I really must get back.” I said.

“Oh, come on.” Said creepy John. “It will be a nice surprise for him.”

He opened the door wide to let me in. I paused for a moment telling himself that I should just go home. But I didn’t want to be impolite. And anyway, John was right. My boyfriend would be delighted with the autograph.

“Oh, OK.” I said. “But just for a minute.”

I walked in the front door. Creepy John ushered me towards the living room.

“Ladies first.” He said.

As I walked into his living room, I could feel creepy John’s eyes fixed on my buttocks through my tight skirt.

“Here, have a seat on the couch.” He said.” I’ll go and get a photo.”

I obediently sat on his couch where indicated, even if it did look a bit too cosy.

As I sat alone, I looked round the living room. It was very tidy and with nice décor, clearly influenced by a feminine touch.

Creepy John soon came back with his photo and sat right next to me; his hips pressed against mine.

“Is your partner at home?” I asked.

“My wife Jane is out a work.” John smiled and leered at my breasts and thighs. “She won’t be back for a couple of hours.”

“That’s a shame.” I said. “I would have liked to meet her.”

“Here’s is the autographed photo I promised.” He said placing it on the coffee table.

“Thanks.” I picked up the photo and looked at it. It was simple image of John Schneider in his Albion United strip with his signature scrawled across it. “My boyfriend will be thrilled.”

“But I think we both know why you are really here.” Creepy John took the photo out of my hands and placed it on the coffee table in front of us.

“I don’t know what you mean.” I said, frowning.

Creepy john turned his body towards me and placed his hand on my thigh and started to caress the fabric of my tights.

“Oh, Mr Schneider!” I said. “What are you doing?”

Now both his hands were all over me, feeling up my thighs and squeezing my breasts through my blouse and bra.

“I think we both know you want a piece of John Schneider.” He said. His hands returned to my thighs. He sneered down in lust as I felt his hands move up and down the material of my tights.

“Mr Schneider.!” I gasped. “We really shouldn’t.”

He pulled up my skirt to reveal my white panties through my tights.

“Phooaar!” Creepy John’s grinned with delight.

“Mr Schneider.” I said. “I really don’t think we should be doing this.”

“Oh, God, Marie.” He said, rubbing my lower abdomen and pussy through my tights and panties. “You are so fucking horny.”

Creepy John got on his knees and started to kiss the front of my panties through my tights, while his hands caressed my thighs.

“Oh, God, Marie.” He said. You are so horny in these tights and panties.”

I have to admit that this bemused me a bit. I was just wearing regular tights and my underwear were just the standard modest cotton panties that college girls normally wear. To me, there was nothing particularly sexy about them. But for some reason, creepy John was really into them.

I looked on as Creepy John’s fingers massaged the bud of my clit through my tights and panties.

“Mr Schneider, please…” I pleaded weakly. “Please stop…”

But the truth was, my body didn’t want him to stop. My legs had opened up before him, welcoming and encouraging him to kiss and caress the most intimate areas of my body.

I should have felt disgusted and revolted by creepy John’s actions. I should have resisted him and objected to his advances. But I didn’t want to. I was actually enjoying the sight of creepy John’s fingers and lips brush over the fabric of my tights, with that mesmerised expression of delight on his face.

“Oh, Mr Schneider, we mustn’t.” I sighed, gently pushing his face against my clit through my tights and panties. “Please stop.”

To my surprise, and disappointment, he did stop. But he wasn’t finished with me. He stood up and opened his jeans to reveal his erect cock bulging under his briefs.

He quickly took off his lower clothing and pulled my face towards his cock. It was rock hard and perhaps a little bigger than average.

Before I knew it, I had my hands round the shaft of his cock and was stroking it gently. I thought about Cameron, my boyfriend and told myself that I really shouldn’t do this. But creepy John had such a hot athletic body and I couldn’t resist the feelings of desire building inside me. I just had to suck that big hard cock in front of me.

A moment later, I had creepy John’s cock in my mouth. I sucked, kissed and licked the length of the shaft, savouring the taste of his pre-cum and the sensation of hardness against my lips and upper mouth.

“Oh, God!” John moaned. “My cock has never felt so big and hard.”

I smiled up at him and took his shaft deep into my throat. He pushed my head against him until I felt myself choke. I gasped for air, sticky saliva and pre-cum dribbling onto my chin.

“Oh, you are such a dirty little slut.” Growled creepy John, pushing my face back onto his cock.

I eagerly took it into my mouth again, savouring his hardness on my lips and in my mouth. Intermittently, I kissed and licked the tip of his cock.

“Oh, yes.” Sneered creepy John. “If only your boyfriend could see you now slavering over my cock.”

I would have expected such a comment to fill me with shame or guilt. But thinking of Cameron while slurping on another man’s cock filled me only with excitement. I don’t know why, because I actually liked my boyfriend.

I could just imagine what Cameron was doing now. He was probably doing homework for college or watching something on TV. Meanwhile I was allowing my new neighbour to stick his hard cock down my throat, after letting him feel me up. Something Cameron would love to do if I let him.

The thought of my boyfriend quietly sitting at home just aroused me even more. I eagerly sucked and tongued creepy John’s cock, as my fingers of my left hand gently massaged my clit through my tights and panties.

“Oh, God.” Moaned creepy John, thrusting his cock deep down my throat. “I’m gonna come.”

Creepy John tensed and groaned out loud. I felt his cum squirt inside my mouth, causing me to gag and choke as it went down my throat. Creepy John smirked with satisfaction at my discomfort as his cum and saliva dribbled from my mouth. I detached myself briefly from creepy John’s cock, choking and gasping for breath. Then, dutifully, I took his still erect cock in my mouth and sucked it dry.

“Oh, yeah!” He said.

He sat down beside me and fondled my breasts and thighs again, leering at me with satisfaction. I let him do it, waiting to see what would happen next.

But then the alert from Creepy Joe’s mobile sounded. With a sigh, he picked it up and looked at it.

“We’ll have to stop here.” He said. “My wife is on her way. She’ll’ be back in 15 minutes.”

“I’d better get back anyway.” I said, a little disappointed. “My mum will wonder where I was.”

I quickly freshened up in the bathroom before heading out the front door.

“Don’t forget this for your boyfriend.” Creepy John handed me the signed autograph. I couldn’t believe I’d almost forgotten it.

I took it and rushed home. I tried to run upstairs before my mum could see me. But she caught me.

“You were a while.” She said.

“Er, yes.” I replied. “We were talking about the football team and Mr Schneider wanted to give me a signed autograph for Cameron.”

“Oh, that’s nice.” She said.

“I’m just going to change.” I said, before running up to my room.

“Dinner will be in 15 minutes.” She shouted after me.

I rushed into my room and sat on my bed in front of the mirror. I opened my legs and hitched up my skirt. I thrust my right hand down the front of my tights and panties, massaging my clit and pussy hole with my fingers.

I glanced down at the autographed photo lying on the bed beside me. I gasped with pleasure as I remembered creepy John’s cock in my mouth, his hands all over my body and the ecstatic expression on his face as he came in my mouth.

It didn’t take long for me to climax. I saw my face contort with ecstasy in the mirror and heard myself moan out loud, as my clit spasmed from the hidden bliss of orgasm. I just hoped that my mum wouldn’t pick that very moment to barge into my room.

Luckily, she didn’t disturb me and I soon lay back on the bed, feeling light-headed in post-orgasm bliss. I picked up the autographed photo that creepy John had given to me. Perhaps I wouldn’t give it to my boyfriend after all, at least not right away. I had other uses for it.

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