A Good Deed



April started school and immediately had more boyfriends then you could shake a dick at, I mean a stick at.

No good deed should ever go unnoticed and preferably even repaid. This is what I was taught as I was growing up. I teach this lesson to my children pand I taught it very well to my niece. Actually if you already read “Do Unto Others” you know that pay backs are not always hell. So not to bore the readers following April’s progress (my niece) I suggest if you have not read the earlier mentioned you should.

April started school and immediately had more boyfriends then you could shake a dick at, I mean a stick at. High schools in the city were a lot larger than in East Texas which meant more boys and more chances to get in trouble. I had promised my in-laws that I would keep my eye on her and it was my pleasure doing so. After the first grading period came and went April proved her self of deserving to get a part time job. She found one at the local drug store. The male manager did not even give a shit she had no experience, I’m sure he just wanted her there to look at.

Her second night there I picked her since the guy that was suppose to had been grounded by his parents. This was probably the first time we had been alone in a vehicle since our initial incident. Tempted to see if we could pick up where we left off I showed up with a beer for her. The smile on her face told me she knew where my mind was.

“This was so sweet of you.”

She took the beer and leaned over and kissed me on the cheek and pressed her hand against my crotch. With that she popped open the beer and, just as before, guzzled it like it was water. She smiled at me.

“I thought you might want more than one.” I said as I pulled a second beer from the bag.

“My gosh, how will I ever repay two beers.”

Another kiss to my cheek and hand on now my very erect cock. She smiled and looked down at the bulge in my pants. Then, just as before, she downed the beer. She literally drank beer like most people breath, without a second thought. She finished both of them before we exited the store’s parking lot.

“Hey, do you think if I take a few pills from the pharmacy they would notice?”

“What? Are you crazy? You’ve been there two days and you are already thinking about ripping them off, damn that has to be some sort of record.”

“Well to get the record straight I was thinking about ripping them off when I got the job. I mean why work for a drug store if you can’t get a few free pills. Hell do you know how much guys will pay for pills that knock out girls?”

This was a dream, of that I was certain. Not only was she talking about stealing now selling drugs and accessory to date rape. Where would this end?

“Look I’m not asking for permission to do it. I just want to know if you think they would notice.”

“Of course they would notice. Stores keep inventory of everything now days. Hell, they probably count the toilet paper rolls in the bathrooms.”

“Well, I took a few sleeping pills from some of the filled pre***ions. The customers rarely count how many pills are in the bottle. I mean when was the last time you counted your pills or finished the entire bottle.”

She was right on both accounts and yet I feared telling her as much.

“So how many pills did you get and who do you plan to sell them to?”

“I got eight pills and none of your business who I’m selling them to. I have to maintain some secrecy about what I’m doing.”

“Oh, so now we have secrets from each other?”

“Well, not as many from each other as with and about each other.”

The smile was back. It came from a mouth I could only imagine would be great to have wrapped around my dick. I pulled into the driveway and wondered where I needed to draw the line and be the adult. All I could think of was wanting to fuck her and if I started acting like a parent now, I didn’t see that happening.

I was not surprise to find my wife asleep when I got home. April said she was taking a shower. I told her I would make Daiquiris while she showered.

“And what if my sweet aunt wakes up as I’m drinking?”

“No problem I’ll tell her it is a virgin like I fix for her.”

“And if she asks to taste it?”

“Let her. I’ve never made her a virgin Daiquiri I just tell her it is so that she wont know I’m trying to relax her.”

“Oh so you can fuck her huh? You’re as bad as the guys who buy these types of pills.”

To hear her say the word “fuck” woke up my dick again. Sadly I realized she was right. I was using alcohol the same way as guys use drugs to get fucked.

I managed to talk the wife into going upstairs to our bed with the promise I would be there soon. She was in a deeper sleep then when I found her with in minutes. I heard the shower water go off and waited a few minutes before going down stairs. Checking several times to make sure the wife was asleep.

When I came down stairs April had her sleeper sofa pulled out and the blankets pulled back. She had poured herself a Daiquiri and was already halfway finished with it. Damn she could drink. She wore a very skimpy purple two piece pajama short set. I’m certain had the light been better in the room I could have seen her pubic hair.

“I hope you don’t mind I started without you.”

“No I don’t mind.”

“I also took the liberty of adding a little more rum to mine as the strawberry taste was to much.”

“Everyone’s a critic, so how is it now?”

“Great! I’m hope you don’t mind but I’m using myself as a guinea pig tonight. I took one of those pills and I want to see what happens when mixed with alcohol.”

“You did what?”

“Hey, I don’t want somebody killed my something I sold.”

“So what if you kill yourself?”

“I doubt it I’ve none things like this before. I’ll be fine. Plus this way I kill two birds with one stone.”

“And how is that?”

“Well I still have to repay you for the beer. Remember what you always say, ‘A good deed should not something something something’ or something like that.”

Her laughter filled the room and it was obvious the pills and booze were starting take their toll on her. She yawned and then drank what was left of her drink.

“Do you need another?”


She stretched out long and hard as he answered. Her stomach showing as she stretched and the top button of her top came undone. As she laid back on her bed her pubic hair came into full view. I could not believe the show she was giving me. I sat down on the bed next to her and made small conversation.

“Any test tomorrow, any new boyfriends.”

Within minutes she did not answer my questions. She had passed out on her own accord.

My breathing became heavy as I stared at her chest rising and falling. Before all else I wanted to know she had not just killed her self. I reached out my hand and held it just above her chest lowering just enough so that when she breathed her chest would rise and hit my hand. Soon I just relaxed my hand on her chest. I unbuttoned one of the only two remaining buttons. I pulled back the top slightly exposing her two sweet sixteen breasts. As if calling my name I moved face up to her chest and kissed each little brown nipple. I sucked them gently tugging them between my teeth. She laid there as if she was no longer of this planet.

I caressed her breast and looked at her face and knew there was more pleasure waiting. Before going further I stopped long enough to go back up stairs to check on the wife. My dick was so hard it was actually starting to hurt. I went into the closet and put on a pair of coaches’ shorts. This felt better but it was not the kind of relief I needed.

Returning downstairs I found April as I had left her. Her breast slightly exposed and I quickly kissed and sucked them both. They harden in my mouth and I brought my hand up to continue giving them attention.

I reached with my other hand and pull aside part of her pajama short so as to expose her complete pussy. The hair was darker than on her head but some blond was there. I felt down to her slit and found it very wet. My finger went in with almost no attempt from me. I pulled my finger out and stuck it in my mouth and knew instantly I had to taste her. I spread her legs and knelt down at the edge of the bed. Slowly I began licking her pussy. I nibbled at her clit and could feel her moving in unison with my motion. I wanted to fuck her but was afraid that might be more than she had in mind. I licked at her until I thought I would explode if I didn’t relieve myself. I looked up and noticed her mouth was slightly ajar. An idea quickly came to my mind and I climbed back on the bed I pulled my shorts down just enough that my dick was with in inches of her mouth. I looked over her breast and pussy and began stroking myself. With in seconds I was ready to discharge my entire load. I moved closer to her lips and proceeded to push my dick into her mouth slowly. The heat from her breath alone was enough to make me cum and just as my head cleared her teeth I started shooting my load. Her lips locked own on my dick as if by instinct. I pushed harder and felt her tongue move across the tip of my dick and I didn’t think I would stop cumming. I pulled out and suddenly wished I had just fucked her. I got off the bed and returned to licking her pussy. Feeling brave and stupid at the same time I pulled the shorts off of her and began licking her asshole. I doubted that she was a virgin but the look of the asshole said that it was. I licked at and stuck my tongue in as far as I could. I thought I heard her moan. I stood up to look and this brought my newly erected dick inches away from her sweet and oh so wet pussy. I leaned over to allow my dick the pleasure of feeling her pussy on my head but with no effort from me I gained full access to her sweet hole. Ready to burst from the sensation I moved slowly, rocking and again I came almost instantly. Had she not been asleep she most certainly would have found this fucking unsatisfactory. I kept in motion and thought of trying to muster up another erection, but knew that time was no longer my friend. I withdrew and stood there in awe of what I had done.

Awkwardly I put her shorts on her as they had been. Before I allowed the covers to hide her sweet body I leaned down and kissed her ass.

The next morning the wife came into the bathroom with my robe explaining that April was in our bed, because she didn’t feel well enough to go to school. She didn’t want me coming out of the shower and bathroom all “natural”. She went on how April had probably picked up something from the pharmacy. When I asked her to explain she just said “well, with all those sick people coming in, what do you expect.”

As she left me alone to finish my shower I became erect thinking about the previous night. And oh yes April had picked up something from the drugstore but she was not sick just doped up.

I dried off in put on my robe and quietly walked into the room. There in my bed lied the sweet sixteen year old I had fucked the night before. The erection began poking from underneath my robe. I turned back towards the bathroom to go jerk off.

“No need to be so quiet, I’m not asleep.”

“Sorry, your aunt said you weren’t feeling well and that you were asleep in here.”

“No, I’m feeling fine. I just wanted to punk out on school today just because. So I’ll lay here for a while and try to get some rest”

“That shit you took last night left you pretty tired huh?”

“What shit? Oh I didn’t really take one of those pills last night, I was just bullshitting you.”

“Well what made you fall asleep so fast and soundly then just the drinks.”

“I didn’t fall asleep until several minutes after you left the room.”

My heart stopped beating. What the hell did she mean by that? Was she faking it again? Was she trying to tell me she knew I had stuck my dick in her mouth and fucked her? The smile was back. Damn, I didn’t know what to believe.

“Bullshit, you were asleep well before I left the room. Hell, I even covered you up!”

“Yeah I know, but I wasn’t asleep. And if you don’t believe me you can kiss my ass!”

I looked at her and she was smiling at me and my erection, which was very visible.


“Again? Again what?”

“You can kiss my ass again!”

I knew she had me “again”.

I got dressed and went downstairs telling my wife that I had called in and told my boss I wasn’t coming in. I told her instead I was taking April to the Doctor. She was about due for school shots anyway and I thought she had a low grade fever. The wife thought I was very sweet. I went up and told April we were going to the Doctor for her shots. Before she could bitch about it I told her we’d probably make a few stops while we were out. The smile was back. The next story will tell you about the stops we made.

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