Gays Get Together



Three Gays get together in a hotel room for sexy joy

This was supposed to be an expensive hotel room, as Johnnie remembered the e-mail and it looked quite good from outside too. Ernie had sent him the name of the hotel, room number, the time and all other necessary details. He had taken a bath, shaved his very young but healthy and strong cock and balls and was absolutely ready for the sex play as he knocked and entered the room.

When he entered the room, he was kind of disappointed. The room was all dark; no lights were on and perhaps all lights were removed for a good reason. The room was very smelly; the most punkie smell. Johnnie could not misjudge it. Smell of the male semen of course. Perhaps this room was used for the gay activities only. WTF! Johnnie noticed that all curtains were also drawn and it was making the room totally dark and almost scary inside. He knew, there must be a light switch near the entrance in to the room and he reached for it but a very deep and strong masculine sound ordered him not to do anything, he was not asked to do. This was scary. The male voice had sounded exactly like the command from an Army drill sergeant. He wanted not leave now but the door had locked behind him. He almost recognized the tone he had recorded when he heard him as they met in a coffee shop and could say, that it still sounded like Ernie’s voice, he had heard couple of times, when Ernie assured him of good time, joyous sex and surety of safe surroundings. Ernie had also mentioned to bring in another man for more fun. He did not have enough time to think much when the voice was heard again telling him to approach the middle of the room. Johnnie was really scared now, thinking that he was at the mercy of that matured old man of about 45—50 and realizing that his slender body of single framed young age was of no match and he could be hurt bad but he had no choice and he walked in the room to be at the middle. As he walked, the sound of the door lock clicking from outside was heard clearly and had a very faint light come in with a shadow of another man walking in.

Soon, Johnnie had a hand placed on his shoulder and quickly the other hand on his other shoulder was pushing him down. John was trembling by now as his excitement and fear was mingling. He had no idea, who was this man, pressing on his shoulders to go down on his knees to come face to face to the cock there for service and worship. He was terrified and also disappointed. He went down, sensing the man’s eyes all over him and piercing his body. The sound telling John to remove his pants. Johnnie could differentiate now, this sound was not that of Ernie but this was the man who had come in just now.

As Johnnie went lower, the man told him to remove his shirt. A bit hesitantly but John removed his shirt. He was no wearing an undershirt and he could feel the shirt graze his hardened nipples. The man’s hands came down and began pinching, tweaking and squeezing those nipples. He smiled as the metal bar through the nipples came in his hands. Johnnie moaned but was quickly slapped in his face to shut him up. Soon the man was removing John’s belt, undoing his buttons and pulling off his jeans with the crumply underwear. By now Johnnie was removing his own shoes and quickly returned to his knees, all naked in front of the man. As John reached for the man’s belt, the most obvious object to be removed now, but the man pushed his hand away, warning him for not being impatient. Suddenly there was a slight movement felt in the room and Ernie was heard laughing as he flipped on the small side light. The room was quickly filled with lots of vague shadows moving around in slow motion. Ernie sat in the sofa chair near him.

Johnnie could see when the man above him, nodded his head in suggestion for Johnnie to take his dick in hand and make it hard. The man’s cock jumped in the pants as John’s hand got to the spot. He rubbed it gently, feeling it grow and harden. John felt the frustration because of the pant fabric in between his hand and the man’s cock. The man now very swiftly took his belt off, pushed Johnnie on the floor and gave couple of hard whips on his ass reminding him for not being impatient and asked him to just play with the equipment. John whined and began fondling the man’s cock and balls. Now it was the turn for the man to moan as his head was pulled back and his hands began unzipping himself.

He was not wearing the underwear and this made his cock to spring out freely on Johnnie’s face. The man took control and began slapping, rubbing his scary looking monster length on the boy’s face and lips. Getting the signal Johnnie took his hard cock in the mouth for sucking on it alternating the action with the enormous sized balls, sucking them too, one by one. The balls were very full and swollen and the man soon got them pulled away from John, ramming his cock shaft in the boy’s hot and wet mouth for sucking hard on it. Johnnie’s both arms now came to wrap around the man’s thighs and his fingers got busy on the ass crack maneuvering it open for the fingers to crawl up in the ass trench. The man was also pumping faster and rapid bringing him to squirt his thick juices onto Johnnie’s face and his mouth and lips. Then without saying a word, the man pulled his cock out of Johnnie’s mouth and walked into the bathroom to wash himself clean and walk out of the room.

Ernie did not waste a moment now as Johnnie could see him jump out of the sofa chair, he was sitting in. Next, Ernie took Johnnie by his wrist, pulled him to his feet and led him to the bed. The sweat had covered Johnnie’s body by now and he was feeling extremely horny and scared as well only hoping for the mercy but not overly expecting it. Soon Ernie was up on the bed alongside of Johnnie, making him lay on the bed face up and came to take position between his legs. By now, John’s young and flawless long, thick and cut cock was already hard and stretched to the ceiling of the room. Ernie swiftly leaned and began sucking the young boy’s cock while holding his balls in his palm. Making sure the leaking pre cum was well spread in an even thin layer, all over the cock shaft, mixed with the spit, Ernie got on his knees and elbows raising his ass in the air for Johnnie to take it.

Seeing the coast clear, John came behind Ernie, took a position on his knees between his legs. He could see a tiny piece of meat for penis hanging from the groin of the mature man. Now Johnnie knew why Ernie had insisted to bring in another man to their rendezvous. Shaking his head, he pulled Ernie’s ass crack apart and began pushing his hard cock in the asshole. Slow and gentle at first but pushing further and deeper with each thrust until he was in all the way. He just stopped for a short moment to let Ernie enjoy his cock inside the matured man’s ass before his movements picked up the speed, the force and also the pace and rhythm scraping the side walls of ass tunnel. Soon they were reciprocating each other’s effort. Ernie was fucking back Johnnie’s cock with the same vigor and fervor as Johnnie was grinding and sliding in his rectum. As an ass fucking aficionado, Johnnie took very brief and short breaks in between to edge and slow down his ejaculation, getting back to faster pumping and grinding his pubic bone in Ernie’s ass crack sliding in and out with full length appearing and disappearing in the asshole until his cock swelled up much more and began unloading his warm breeding nectar in the old man’s ass.

Ernie’s ass pleasure had also concentrated by now in his balls and his fully stretched to almost 3’’ long cock was spewing his semen in his own hand. Soon Ernie licked his palm and fingers to consume his own precious juice and then quickly began milking Johnnie with his mouth and lips for each and every drop left behind in the pipes. After finishing the successful sucking of each drop, Ernie asked John to get into the bathroom and clean himself and leave if he had to report back home before it was too late or come to bed if he could spend the fucking night with him in the hotel room.

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