A Goodnight Kiss From Daddy



One day my daddy started taking his finger from my side of panties over by my pussy he started fiddling with it and it felt very good.

Every day he will fiddle my pussy with his finger

It was the middle of the night and I was barely awake when my eyes opened. The room was dark, except for the soft pink glow emanating from the night light that sat atop my dresser. I felt flushed, & my breath was deep and heavy. My tired sleepy eyes blinked slowly as I tried to determine whether or not I was still asleep. My knees were up by my waist, spread wide and hanging off either side of my bed. My legs were exposed & cold; my blanket was gone, and my sheet was pulled up above my knees. I could feel my breath getting heavier, and I felt as if a million butterflies were fluttering in my belly. My eyes blinked a bit faster now as I opened them wider, trying desperately to focus on what it was that was happening to me.

As I came to, and my vision cleared, I started to notice everything; first, Daddy’s favorite flannel shirt, carelessly tossed to the floor by the doorway. next, his work boots, sitting perfectly on the floor beside my bed. finally, as I looked down, still whirling in confusion, I saw the soft white bed sheet, clenched in the palm of my Daddy’s strong rough hands, and held taut above my wide spread thighs, creating a perfect tent in which his face was buried. I could feel his warm hot breath against my skin now, and the wetness of his tongue as it kissed and licked my inner thighs. My panties, sopping wet and sticky with my sweet silky juices, clung tight against my bald, lovely little pussy. His tongue moved with stealth as it firmly traced the outline of my sweet hot mound, those lovely white panties, which by now were surely clear as glass, were the only protection that my tight innocent fuck hole had from Daddy’s eager tongue. I suddenly realized that, in fact, my Daddy was a very, very bad man, and I, a very bad girl. It never occurred to me to fight it, it just felt too good. I didn’t dare move, I stayed as still and quiet as I possibly could, strangely fearful of what might happen if he knew I was awake. I laid there, panting with excitement, watching my breasts heave up and down, enjoying the pleasure of Daddy’s mouth pressing firmly against my panties.

I felt Daddy’s hands gently massaging my butt cheeks and outer thighs, as his warm hot lips kissed and sucked against those sweet, juicy panties. I could feel him, slobbering and slurping, enjoying every bit of sweetness that seeped through the fabric. I wore my favorite baby-doll nightgown to bed; it was sheer white, with a pretty pink bow that tied in the front and laid perfectly between my ripening breasts. Its material was thin and delicate, and you could see straight through to my beautiful, perky tits. My pink, puffy little nipples stiffened with every lick and flick of his tongue. I could hear the wet sticky juices between my pussy lips squelch and squish as Daddy slowly peeled my panties away from my delectable, sinless body. As he rolled them down, past my beautifully plump ass, a string of silky white cream clung to my hot wet little pussy and connected with my saturated panties. This silky strand of pearly white juice dripped onto my thigh, leaving a sweet, wet little mess, which his tongue gladly cleaned up. Still unaware that I had woken, he whispered under his breath; “My god, you are just a sweet, hot little thing, aren’t you?! Fuck you are beautiful, just look at this cummy little pussy of yours!”

I could see Daddy’s face clearly now, as he released my bed sheet from his grasp, allowing his perfectly taut tent to fall slack & rest softly against my delightfully bare thighs. I watched him as he kneeled between my legs, holding my panties to his face, inhaling that distinct nectarous smell. He was wearing nothing but his white undershirt & grey boxer-briefs, and yet he looked remarkably charming. He slipped my panties into his mouth, groaning as he sucked my juices down his throat, and then dropped them to the floor. I closed my eyes halfway, so he wouldn’t see that I was only pretending to sleep. He turned his gaze to me, and I could feel his eyes molesting my petite body with delight. My delicious pussy was barely covered by the sheet that laid across me. A low groan escaped from his lips as Daddy slowly dragged the sheet off the bed, letting it slump to the floor & revealing my slippery, bare little mound. There I was, barely dressed in my lovely sheer nightgown, with my legs spread wide, & my hairless pussy completely exposed. Still panting with excitement, I spread my legs just a little bit wider, as I watched Daddy admiring my sexy petite body. A wide grin stretched across his face as he glared at me, pleased to see that my body was responding for him. I was unsure of whether or not he knew I was awake, but at this point, it didn’t really matter anymore.

Daddy lowered his face between my legs again, his hot breath felt warm against my wet sticky lips. I could feel his mouth slobbering above my pussy as he anticipated the taste of my sweet, savory cunt. He pressed his lips firmly against the top of my mound, and gently started to suckle on my cute, dainty clit. As Daddy’s tongue teased and glossed over my sensitive little nub, my juices started to gush from the depths of my tight, tender hole. His firm rough hands massaged my hips and ass, gently commanding me to writhe and squirm with every touch. He moved his mouth to my thighs, carefully kissing and sucking on them, watching me with delight as my petite young body trembled beneath him. As I let out a soft sweet moan, Daddy knew, that his sweet little girl, would soon know what it meant to be a woman. He whispered; “Just relax baby, be a real good girl for Daddy, okay?” He kissed my sweet sensitive clit again, passionately, before gliding his fat wet tongue against my hot, glistening slit. I could feel his saliva dribbling down to my tight, pink asshole, as he savored the taste of his luscious little girl. Daddy pressed his thumbs firmly on either side of my hairless mound, gently parting my juicy pussy lips. He slid his tongue up and down against my pink slit, lapping up the sweet succulent fluid that he had teased out of me. He flicked and probed his tongue against my tight honeyed hole, begging my body for more heavenly nectar to feed on.

I quivered and twitched, fighting back the moans which inevitably escaped from my soft rosy lips; “mmmm, oooohhhh, uummmppfff, uuuhh.” Daddy slowly pushed his tongue deep into my innocent little hole, as his mouth engulfed my entire cunt. He groaned as he sucked on me, pushing it in deeper and deeper, tasting and massaging me from the inside. I barely knew what was happening as my mind lost all control. I couldn’t fight it, nor did I try. My body became tense as my hips started to buck upward toward Daddy’s mouth. He pumped his tongue, faster and deeper, in and out of my tight sweet hole. My heart was pounding as I closed my eyes and threw my head back, panting along with the quickness of his tongue. My jaw fell slack as I released a deep salacious moan, my innocent little cunt fiercely squirting into Daddy’s mouth; “Ohhhh, mmmm, ooohhhhh Daaaddyyy!” I gasped for air, trembling as I humped my hips toward his face, his tongue forcing my sweet pussy to orgasm against it. He grabbed onto my ass and held my cunt firmly to his mouth, slurping and gulping every bit of juice down his eager throat. I just kept moaning for him as he continued pleasuring me with delight; “Daaddyy pleaasse! Yeesss, Daaaddddyyyy, mmmmm, Daaaddyyy!”

When my orgasm came to an end, he started to move his tongue up my body. He kissed and squeezed my hips gently, playfully tickling at the side of my belly. I squirmed a bit, still whirling and writhing in ecstasy as Daddy instructed me “That’s it, wiggle those hips for me babygirl, just like that.” Daddy worked his tongue, drooling across my stomach, molesting my belly button. I was helpless, lost in a frenzy of lust and desire. He moved slowly up my body, squeezing and rubbing my ass, while his lips pressed against the thin material of my nightgown, kissing and nibbling on me with bliss. He held my gaze as he kissed me, watching every twitch and twinge of my face, there was no more pretending. Daddy could easily see, that with every kiss and every squeeze, my eyes desperately begged him for more. His face was now just below my collar bone, and he focused his gaze on my perky little tits. His thumb brushed across my stiff little nipple as he released a low moan. He whispered to me; “You look so beautiful in this pretty little nightie you’re wearing babygirl. You are just the sweetest thing, Daddy’s good little girl, aren’t you darling?” He started to lick my nipples straight through my nightgown, moaning and groaning as his hands explored my body; “Mmmm, Daddy loves you honey, mmmmm, so soo much.”

I ran my fingers through his hair, gently pulling and massaging, as his sweet licks turned into a gentle suckle. His hand moved to the pretty pink bow that lay between my breasts, slowly pulling on it until it untied. He released his suction and gently opened the front of my nightgown, exposing my bare, perky little breasts. “Let Daddy look at these pretty little tits babygirl.” He took a moment to admire them, teasing and pinching my pink, puffy little nipples until I squirmed and squealed with delight. He smiled, and then sucked my breast into his mouth. He took turns enjoying each one, sucking and biting on them, while I squirmed underneath him. I cooed his name, practically pleading for more; “Ooh Daaddy, that feels soo good! mmmm, yeess, ooohhh Daddyyy!” As he listened to my insatiable moans, a stern, serious expression stretched across his face, playtime was over now, Daddy was determined to fill me with pleasure. His mouth moved up my body rapaciously, kissing and sucking on my collar bone, then nibbling and slobbering on my ear lobe, and finally, we were face to face. He glared at me with a lustful, ravenous look in his eyes, and I couldn’t help but feel nervous. He gently ran his fingers through my dark curly hair, before grabbing me by the back of my neck and pressing his lips to mine. He shoved his tongue into my mouth with an overwhelming amount of passion. I could feel him pumping his tongue up and down my throat, nearly choking on it as he kissed me.

I worked my tongue against his, moaning into his mouth, as I desperately tried to keep up with his voracious appetite. He pulled his lips away, still glaring down at me with those sultry eyes. “I want you soo bad baby girl, do you want me too?, you want your Daddy to make you his woman?” Without hesitation I leaned toward him and started to pull his white undershirt up as I whispered; “I need you Daddy!” That was the only answer he needed. He quickly pulled his shirt off, exposing his strong muscular body. He removed my nightgown as well, and then laid back down on top of me, sucking and kissing my neck as I scratched and rubbed his back. As he kissed my neck, he started to rub and finger my tight little asshole, knuckles deep inside of me. I was lost in complete ecstasy. My sweet, tight little pussy was sopping wet. I grabbed the back of his hair and started to bite and suck on his neck. He moaned loudly as my tongue traced along his earlobe, delightfully molesting his ear. I wrapped my legs around his waist as we held each other tight, sucking, licking, and biting on each other like wild savage beasts. I could feel his thick hard cock throbbing beneath the thin layer of his boxers, yearning to be set free. It was without thought that I humped my pussy against his cock, moaning louder as I felt his head pushing against my tight little hole.

We started kissing each other again, our tongues intertwined, as we moaned and humped at each other with bliss. I couldn’t stand it any longer, I needed to feel him bare, against my naked eager body. I used my feet to push his boxers down, past his hips, over his ass, and below his knees. Before either of us really knew what was happening, Daddy was kicking his boxers to the floor, and gliding his throbbing head against my wet, hot slit. I grabbed him by the back of his hair again and shoved my tongue deep down his throat, nearly choking him, just like he had done to me. Without hesitation he eagerly kissed me back, as he started to thrust himself inside of me. I felt the tip of his head enter my sweet, tight little pussy. I bucked my hips in ecstasy, moaning loudly as he continued to thrust deeper inside of me. I held onto him tightly, my legs still wrapped around him, as he ripped through my innocent little cunt. Tears rolled from my eyes as my body & mind whirled in a confusing mix of pleasure & pain. He kissed my tears and held me tighter against him as he forced his cock as deep inside of me as it would go. I cried harder, burying my face into his neck as I whimpered into his ear; “It hurts, Daddyyy, pleeaassee, it’s hurting me”

He held still for a moment, allowing me to relax & the pain to subside a bit. He was balls deep, and I could feel his cock throbbing, and twitching inside of me. He put his hand between my legs, massaging my clit while he whispered into my ear; “Just relax babygirl, I know it hurts, but Daddy will make it better. you feel that baby?, see how good Daddy’s hand feels when he rubs you?” He could feel my pussy starting to drip again, and I began to wiggle my hips. “That’s right, come on baby, rock those hips, there you go, just relax honey. Mmmmm, that’s it babygirl, let Daddy make love to you.” He thrusted gently as I bucked my hips against him. Slowly we built up a steady rhythm together, thrusting harder and harder into each other, and before long he was pounding his cock into me as hard as he could. He spread my legs wide, and held my thighs down firmly against the bed, forcing his cock so deep that I could feel it pounding against the back wall of my pussy. “Mmmm such a good little girl, letting Daddy put it sooo deep inside of you.”

I wrapped my legs around him again as he lifted me up by my ass, holding me tight against his cock as he fucked my sweet, hot little cunt. He rolled us over, so that he was laying on his back. I bounced on top of his cock as he instructed me; “Spread your legs honey, Daddy wants to see how wet he makes that pussy. That’s it, now lean back a little babygirl, there you go, now rub that sweet little clit for Daddy, that’s right honey, just like that, now smile for Daddy, that’s it baby, go on, fuck me like a good little girl.” My face was flushed and blushing red as I did what I was told. I moaned as Daddy watched, thrusting himself up into me. My creamy little pussy suddenly started to gush again. I fucked him harder as my pussy started to squirt and climax on top of Daddy’s big dick. He lifted me off of him, with my pussy still dripping, and brought me to my hands and knees. He stood up at the side of my bed, and gently brought my face to his cock. “Open your mouth babygirl, come on, clean up this mess you made on your Daddy!”

I opened my mouth and Daddy promptly shoved his cock down my throat. I could taste my cum as he fucked my throat with force, fiercely commanding me; “Swallow it down girl, come on, use your tongue, just relax, breathe through your nose, mmmm that’s it, suck it real nice honey.” While I sucked my cum from his cock, Daddy reached behind me and started to finger my tight little ass. I moaned as his fingers gathered the juice from my pussy and used it to lubricate my asshole. He bit down on his lip as he fingered and fucked my petite little body, moaning and grunting with every thrust. I could feel the vein in his cock start to twitch against my tongue, just as Daddy pulled it from my mouth. He commanded me; “Turn around baby, let Daddy see that pussy.” Still on my hands and knees, I turned around on my bed, giving Daddy the perfect view of my plump little ass and slutty little pussy. He moaned as he slipped two fingers inside of me, carefully caressing and massaging my g-spot. He had me sopping wet again and ready for more. “OH baby, this pussy just never gets dry, does it?!”

Daddy knelt on the bed behind me, rubbing the head of his cock against my wet hot slit. He grabbed me by my hair, pulling my head back toward him, as he thrusted his cock inside of me. He was relentless and unforgiving as he pounded his cock into me from behind. He brought his face next to mine and whispered; “You like it when Daddy takes you from behind baby? Huh girl?, You like when Daddy fucks you hard? Come on honey, spread those legs for me, let Daddy get in you, nice and deep.” I did as I was told, spreading my legs nice and wide for Daddy’s big thick cock. He pounded into me harder, biting my ear as he held my hair tight. Daddy’s dick felt good thrusting inside of me, and the way he pulled my hair made me want to explode.

He brought his hand around my waist and started to rub my pussy while he fucked me. He continued to whisper into my ear; “Mmmm such a good girl. You feel how hard you make Daddy’s dick baby? God you are soo fucking sexy! That’s it baby, take it like a good little bitch. You wanna taste Daddy’s cum baby? How about that?, You want Daddy to cum down your throat honey?” I couldn’t help it anymore, I started moaning and bucking my hips back into him, and without a second thought, I begged him; “No Daddy, please! Pleeassee, don’t take it out! I want you to cum inside of me! I want to feel you explode into my pussy, pleaase dont stop, pleease Daddyy, give it to me, deeper!” He grabbed me by my throat and pulled me up against his chest, both of us kneeling on my bed; “Oh honey, you are just so fucking cute when you beg for Daddy’s cum! Mmmm, Daddy’s gonna fill that sweet pussy up! Go ahead, rock those hips baby, let that tight little cunt milk Daddy’s dick.” Daddy sucked and licked on my neck, as he vigorously fucked his cock up into me. He jerked and twitched, making a loud grunting noise, as his dick violently spurted inside me. He pumped his hot sticky cum into my pussy as I squirted my silky sweet juice down his shaft. He rubbed my pussy faster as we enjoyed our orgasms together. I laid down on my belly as I finished, Daddy collapsed on top of me.The both of us just laid there as Daddy emptied his load into my young womb.

His cock was soft when he finally pulled it out of my filled little cunt. His cum poured from my sweet slutty hole, and drizzled down my legs. I was so exhausted that I could barely move as Daddy started rubbing my back and legs. He massaged my ass, spreading my cheeks nice and wide, as he watched our cum dripping between my thighs. He pressed his lips to my cute little asshole, kissing it gently, before forcing his lecherous tongue deep inside. He moaned and groaned as he slipped in and out, insatiably tonguing my ass like a man starved of pleasure. I laid helpless, letting out little groans, as Daddy spread and sucked on my tasty little ass. Daddy was on his knees again now, as he wrapped one of his arms underneath my belly, lifting my ass up into the air. With the other hand, he held my leg up, giving him a perfect view of my creamy little cunt. He ran his tongue up my thighs, licking up the cum that drizzled from my filled little pussy.

Daddy started kissing and licking my beautifully messy pussy, giving himself a nice white mustache as he ate my creamy little pie. He sucked on my lips and his tongue vibrated inside me while he moaned with delight. I could feel Daddy’s tongue, deep inside me, as he sucked my cunt clean. Daddy slipped his finger into me, rubbing and teasing my g-spot, and begged me to cum again for him; “Give it to Daddy baby, come on, let Daddy taste.” I couldn’t help it, he molested and sucked at my pussy until it squirted down his throat one last time. Daddy slurped up my juice until there was nothing left but the taste of his own saliva. He picked me up and laid me down on my back. He picked the bed sheet up off the floor and laid it across me. Daddy climbed back into the bed with me, slipping under the sheet and snuggling up next to me. He sucked and rubbed on my breasts, his fingers gliding in and out of my pussy with ease. I just laid there in a trance, drifting off to sleep, while Daddy continued to molest my body.

I awoke the next morning to the sound of Daddy grunting. I could feel his drool dripping down my neck as his wet tongue molested my ear. My knees were crunched up against my chest as Daddy held my legs apart. I blinked my eyes and moaned a little for him; “Daaddyy?” He whispered into my ear; “Come on darlin’, wake up now, it’s morning, time to cuddle with your Daddy.” As I opened my eyes, I realized I was still naked. My beautiful perky little breasts jiggled as the whole bed shook. I could hear Daddy’s grunts getting louder, he was between my legs again. Daddy was gently pounding his thick throbbing cock deep inside my sore little pussy. He sucked and bit my breasts as his thumb massaged my sensitive clit. He kissed my lips tenderly, and quietly begged me; “Make love to Daddy baby, pleaase. My sweet, irresistible little temptress! Moan for Daddy, show me how good it feels when i’m inside you!” I couldn’t move, he held me down tight as he fucked his cock into me harder and harder. His weight was nearly crushing as he laid on top of me, thrusting and pounding away at my cunt. He kissed my face as I struggled and whined to get free; “It hurts, I can’t breathe Daddy! You’re hurting me!” He ignored me, wrapping his hand around my mouth to keep me quiet; “God, that pussy is soo wet baby, Daddy’s cock just glides in and out soo nicely. Come on honey, hump that pussy against Daddy’s dick, make love with Daddy babygirl!” I just laid there as Daddy forced my pussy into another orgasm, as he filled up my creamy cunt once again. Daddy laid atop me, in the morning light for hours, molesting and fucking my sweet body, before heading off to take a shower. This was just the first of many nights to come.

When I was young in the morning I used to go to my parents bedroom and my mom will go to office much earlier than my dad so we’ll just stay in bed. One day my daddy started taking his finger from my side of panties over by my pussy he started fiddling with it and it felt very good.

Every day he will fiddle my pussy with his finger and I will get wet and I have a good feeling like somebody has punched me in my belly it felt so good oh my God.

One day daddy asked me if you want to feel better I said yes how do I feel better daddy? Well both of us have to get naked.

So we got completely naked my panties were gone my top is gone his underwear was gone I was completely naked his penis was sticking out and that dipping slightly. Suddenly he moved down facing me and spread my legs and put it my legs on his shoulders and start licking my pussy and flickering my clitoris it felt so good and I had a best orgasm in my life he kept on doing for half an hour wiping his face and eating me as if there’s no tomorrow I loved it and after 45 minutes I had to push them away from my pussy because I was dizzy with happiness and pleasure

Then he asked me are you going to make daddy happy like he made you do I said yes yes he says OK you can get up I live down and you can hold my cock suck on it and rub your tongue all around it it was weird but it was hot red and leaking some salt clear cream which I like the flavor

After sucking his cock for 10 minutes he told me to suck the knob like a lollipop oh my God he started making weird noises and started having shortness of breath and his balls contacted in the scrotum is suddenly he said baby I’m coming I’m coming as soon my mouth was filled with delicious cream which he told me to drink if I want to get prettier and get flawless skin. I

Kept on doing this for almost 2 years every day and then one day he said you are going to become a woman and is placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy and slowly started pushing it I felt a little pain but the pleasure of her so much that I completely forgot about it as soon he managed to shove his cock in my pussy it felt heavenly he was pulling in and out and I was lifting my hip up-and-down as he was fucking me with this lovely cock and soon suddenly my pussy clamped on top of a Cock and he became very big and soon he started growing larger I thought I am going to die but then suddenly he released lot of cream in my pussy felt like gallons and I had it biggest orgasm in my life.

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