O’s Odyssey, Episode 0: Prologue



O’s Odyssey is the continuous story of Milly, who unravels the unusual purpose of a mysterious necklace, and discovers how much she can do with it.

I suddenly and immediately awoke from a bright flash of red light.

The moon shone in through the window by my side. I was in bed, in my room, sleeping with my naked nineteen-year-old body tucked under my cozy and warm blankets. It was the middle of the night.

I do wake up at night often, that was no big surprise to me. But where did the light come from? I knelt up to look out the window, but there were no police cars passing by. Lots of snow covered everything, but this was residual snow from the day before; right now the sky was fully clear, not a single star obstructed by a cloud. Just a normal winter night. In the tiny town where I lived, no big things ever happened.

“Must’ve been just me,” I thought as I lay back down in my bed and closed my eyes again.

For a moment everything was peaceful. But a few seconds later, my mind started drifting and imagining things as it was falling asleep once more… and in that moment, once again, a sudden red explosion sparked before my eyes.

What was this? I needed to investigate. I got out of my bed. I was alone in the room and it was dark, so I didn’t bother putting any clothes on. I noticed I was still hard, probably from that awesome wet dream I had earlier this night. But I ignored it for now. I was more curious about the red lights. Last time it seemed like it appeared when my mind started drifting. So I sat down on my bed and opened my eyes, on the lookout for the source of the light. I imagined the first thing that came to my mind—but before that spark of thought could turn into the image of that beautiful naked boy from my wet dream, kneeling down before me and taking me in…

I jumped in a spasm and my fantasy was dispelled as the light flashed again. Now I caught it red-handed. It was… emanating from the drawer in my end table!? How could that be? The only things in that drawer were my diary and that weird necklace I found in the basement yesterday…

I opened the drawer, my mind hungry for answers. My eyes opened wide with curiosity as I indeed saw the huge red gem adorning the necklace shining with red light, and moreover, pulsating with a deep mysterious hum.

“Well, I sure as heck didn’t expect THIS turn of events when I found this thing yesterday,” I thought to myself.

I took it in my hands and put it on top of my end table. Then I pulled out the dusty notebook lying beneath it, quickly wiped off the dust with my hand, and lost my thoughts in it for a little while.

‘Milly’s Diary’, said the title, written in the white stripe of a pink-blue-white sticker glued onto the front cover.

I’ve kept this diary for over 3 years now. I had all the parts arranged beautifully in a nice chronological order in another drawer, while the current volume was always tucked away safely in my end table. I’d poured out so many core memories into the pages of those notebooks that there was no way I could part ways with them now; they were part of who I was, they helped me figure out I was trans and I could love anyone irrespective of their gender.

I put it away for now, on the bed. My hands reached back towards the necklace with its huge red glowing gem. What was all this about? I could swear that just yesterday it seemed like a completely normal necklace.

I would stand up and turn on the light, but thankfully the rods in my eyes were very accustomed to the dark. I could easily discern the tiniest details on the necklace in complete darkness, as long as they were not about color. All I could see was that the gem was red; everything else, as far as my eyes right now were concerned, was black and white.

Maybe—that thought was very weird, but to my brain, forced out of sleep so brutally in the middle of the night, still having half-dream-like thoughts, anything seemed plausible—maybe that gem was trying to communicate something to me?

I turned the necklace around and looked at the back, and then I saw it. “There was a whole back side to this necklace that I never even thought of looking at yesterday?!” I thought to myself. The back of the metallic frame that the gem was set into… it had something engraved into it. A little pictogram of someone wearing the necklace, and below it, what appeared to be a view of the gem from the side, and a finger pushing down on it. Strange…

Still consumed by curiosity, I tried following the necklace’s instructions. I put it on, then—my hand slightly trembling with uncertainty—I approached the gem with my finger and, with one burst of courage, applied pressure to it. For just a split second I could see the gem actually click inside.

“So it wasn’t just a gem, but a button,” I thought, but didn’t have the time to put into words in my mind, because the next moment… everything went black!

It was like the entire world disappeared in an instant. I didn’t fall asleep, for sure, because I would feel my eyes closing and my body dropping on the bed, and I didn’t feel any of those things. In fact, I felt nothing at all. I saw nothing, I heard nothing, I felt nothing. Nothing at all. It felt a little bit like I was floating in the vacuum of space, but without the sight of stars and planets around me, without the feeling of cold, without the feeling of pressure from inside me. I felt no pain, no abnormality in temperature, in touch, in balance. I didn’t feel my body, I felt more than just weightless, I felt as if my soul was isolated from me and put in absolute emptiness. In fact, it’s not even correct to say that everything around me was black; this wasn’t black, it wasn’t even a color. It was the absence of a color. Undefined. Empty. I still retained my thoughts and my memories and my emotions, but it seemed like all sensory input from the outside world was gone.

While outside I saw and heard and felt nothing but emptiness, inside my mind was going crazy with questions. What? Why? How? What was going on to me? How was it going on? Where was I? …When was I? Was this the necklace’s purpose, to remove the wearer’s senses? Was this temporary? Why did I ever succumb to my curiosity and push that gem-button? Why would anyone ever construct such a necklace? Was it a torture device? Did it drive its wearer to insanity? Oh dear, all of the possible fates I thought of, and none of them sounded nice to me in the slightest… How foolish was I? What consequences will I face now..? Will I die? Maybe I’m already dead..?

But for some reason, part of me still had the hope that this might just be a temporary effect, something I can wait out, then return to normal and forget I was ever curious about the mysterious red light of the necklace. I calmed myself down as best as I could and decided to wait.

Well, I thought to myself, while I’m waiting, I may as well distract my mind as I do. And I knew perfectly how I wanted to distract my mind.

My body wasn’t there, so I started by imagining a body. Since I couldn’t actually see the real me, I could imagine whatever I wanted, so I imagined myself as much more feminine than I am in real life. I gave myself long dark blue hair, a clean chest, some juicy legs, and most importantly, a beautiful special zone. I gave my flower a long stem and adorned it with pretty marbles on both sides. I already loved my new look.

Next I imagined my hands. I gave my fingers beautiful—but not too long—nails, and used my imagination to dye them purple. I then reached down to my special place with my right hand and started stroking myself. I could feel the pleasure—all imagined, maybe, but it felt as real as ever. I didn’t even need any material, just the thought that I’m in my preferred body was enough to get me really excited. Because this was all imagined, I actually felt more in control than when I do it physically. I could have waves of pleasure flow through me at will. My stem was throbbing harder and harder as I gave myself all the love I needed and stroked it as affectionately as I could. My whole body was overflowing with desire and lust. I really got myself excited. Even being the very needy person I am, I hardly ever was as excited as now. I continued touching myself as hard as I could. Normally I enjoy the whole experience from beginning to end, and I like it when it lasts long so I can savor every moment, but this time I was so itching that I just wanted to immediately burst. I kept going harder and harder. I felt the pressure slowly build up—or should I say, I made it build up with my imagination—as I continued feeling my body in just the way it wants to be pleasured. Somehow, even though this was all in my imagination, this self-caressing session felt better than a real-life one does. There was no motivation at all for me to stop. I just wanted to keep going. In real life, despite years of training and experience, my wrist would eventually get tired from all the fast motions, but not here. I could go as fast as my body’s pleasure throughput allowed. Wave after wave of pure love shook my body in convulsions as I stroked faster than ever before. Eventually, I reached the point of no return. I was touching myself at millions of pleasure receptors every instant, showing my flower no mercy, with just the thought of exploding in mind… and… a few seconds later… I felt invincible.

My body jumped up and down a few times from the spasms I felt as the happiness neurons in my brain fired at tremendous speeds. I felt extremely good. And to think this was just from the thought of having the body I want. I didn’t even imagine the adorable boy from my wet dream, when I could have! Just the thought of being in control of how I look was enough to make me burst. I needed a few moments to even recover from that amazing feeling and get up to look at the mess I had made. I released so much honey, and it landed everywhere. On my chest. On my belly. On my thighs. On my crotch. On my hand, too.

In that moment, I realized something.

Usually, when I caress myself by imagining something, the moment I feel complete, the imagination immediately goes away. And that’s only natural—I stop caring about what caused the beautiful feeling, I start caring about the feeling itself. But this wasn’t the case right now. I clearly finished and had had a wonderful time, but my fabricated body still felt as real as it felt while I was having fun.

…Wait. It felt as real as…

…Hang on! Something wasn’t quite right. My imagination is supposed to be weak! It’s just a kind of essence of the sight I’m thinking about, but it’s in no way as realistic as what I actually see… and yet somehow, throughout this entire feel-good session, everything I saw and heard and felt was clearly as realistic as if it was happening in real life. What’s the matter with that? “I mean,” I thought to myself, “I’m not exactly complaining… but exactly why is it happening?..”

But before I could find the answer to that question, I noticed elements of my room fade into my vision. Shortly afterwards, I felt seated in my bed, no longer floating in space. Then I started hearing the nearly imperceptible background noise of the heater in my room. Before I knew it, I was back on my bed, and all my senses were there again, back to normal. I tried moving my hands around in slight disbelief, but found that they obey me as usual. I was back in the real world, it seemed… whatever had just happened to me. I was still wearing the necklace, and while I really liked the beautiful feeling of accomplishment it helped me reach, I was still a little scared of this whole losing my senses thing, and I didn’t want to go permanently numb, so I took it off as fast as I could, and put it on the bed.

That’s when I realized.

My imagination had always been weak only because it was constantly competing with information from the outside world, flowing into me through my senses. I had to actively ditch what my senses were telling me in favor of what I wanted to imagine. The necklace temporarily—or at least it seems temporary—disabled my senses so that my imagination had nothing to fight, which is a lot like what happens when I’m dreaming, and that’s when I could witness its true power, its ability to feel just as realistic as real life. Perhaps even more vivid than real life, who knows?

I was still unsure about my theory, but I definitely decided I need to rethink my initial decision about immediately putting the necklace away into the drawer and forgetting about it forever.

Maybe it’s not such a scary thing after all…

I put both my diary and the necklace back into the drawer in my end table for now. Whatever mysteries this necklace had left to discover would keep my mind busy for the rest of the night, I was sure.

I then lay down in my bed again. At the time I was so lost in thoughts about the necklace’s power that my mind completely skipped the fact that I hadn’t released a drop of honey in the real world. I just tried my best to fall asleep, even though I knew my thoughts would keep me busy for long enough that the sun would have time to rise.

“That necklace,” I thought to myself, thinking about how I’d phrase what had just happened to me in my diary, “It’s definitely a much bigger deal than I initially thought it was.”

The next day, when morning dawned, I tried my best to act as normal as I could, and not let my family and siblings notice anything. I always did pay extra attention as they walked around the house, to make sure none walk into my room. Whatever was up with that necklace was something I wanted to keep a secret, that’s for sure. Unfortunately I had to sacrifice a little bit of awkwardness for the safety of what could potentially be the most precious treasure I’d ever possess.

The day seemed to stretch forever and ever, which had to be because my mind was constantly thinking about the necklace and the next time I’d put it on and experiment with it more. I wasn’t even in the mood to touch myself during the day, which was very unusual. Usually it was normal for me to do it three or four times a day, sometimes five or even six if I was feeling extra special. But today, my entire mind was completely absorbed with the mysteries of that necklace. There were even more questions springing up every moment. What would I do with it tonight? What power did it have to disable my senses? How did it empower my imagination? Why was I able to use my imagination so well, when before I hadn’t paid much attention to it in my life? Why did it feel so immersive and so vivid to be in my imagination, completely detached from the real world? Why did I somehow feel… like something was pulling me into that imaginary world, away from reality?

Finally, the sun started setting, and after a long day of trying my best to act normal and doing all that was in my power to remain calm, all of my family members started going to bed one after another, and I was left with my room, my cozy bed, the moon shining outside the window, my cover of darkness, and my end table.

I opened the drawer and grabbed my diary and a pen. I opened it on the last page with an entry on it, and wrote: “December 14th. I have no clue what just happened last night. I don’t think I can write anything meaningful about it right now.” I then drew a tiny heart symbol and filled it in. These heart symbols stood for the number of times I felt invincible on that day. When the heart was empty, it just meant a normal ending, and when it was filled—which was rare—it meant an extraordinarily good ending. I liked keeping track of something so intimate because it gave me a weird pride for seeing how high my all-time statistics can go. Today, however, that didn’t seem to matter as much. I was still puzzled how it could happen that a feel-good session entirely within my own imagination could feel better than the majority of times I do it physically. And if so, I was also wondering where that power came from. Was it really me? Am I that good at imagining things when I’m not fighting against my real senses? Or was some of that power coming from the necklace itself?

I was about to find out.

I put the diary and the pen away into my drawer, and then quickly took the necklace in my hands again, eager to continue unlocking its mysteries, something I’d waited the whole day to do.

I put the necklace on my neck, just like last time, and without any more hesitation, I pushed the gem-button.

To be continued…

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