Falling at the Johnson’s 2: A Blast from the Past



A continuation of Albert’s journey to manhood. Albert goes for his deposition but is greeted by a person from his past. His testimony is so hot, the attorney had to try some for herself.

Monday morning came. Mrs. Johnson took a personal day off from work. She made me a big, hearty breakfast, but my stomach was in too many knots to eat. I showered after breakfast. I wasn’t even in the mood to stroke. I put on my suit and Mrs. Johnson tied my tie.

We arrived at the Family Services office around 9 am. My deposition was scheduled for 9:30 but we had left early in case of traffic. We walked into the office and Mrs. Johnson informed the receptionist what we were there for, and we sat down.

After we were there fifteen minutes or so, Mrs. Rich appeared. She invited us back to her office. When we walked in, her desk was stacked with folders. She cleared out a place for us to sit, and she moved behind her desk.

She explained what was going to happen. She encouraged me to tell the truth, no matter how painful it may be. She explained how she would be in the conference room with me and if I became uncomfortable or needed a break, just to tell her. She also encouraged Mrs. Johnson to go home, she said the process was going to take several hours and there was no need for her to be there.

Mrs. Johnson informed her that she was not going to go anywhere and would wait as long as it took. Mrs. Rich nodded and asked me if I had any questions, and as usual when I started to ask about Tommy, Trudy and Heather, she cut me short and told me that I should go to the restroom before we started.

She directed me to the men’s room. As I walked down the hallway, I passed several offices and conference rooms. As I passed one of the conference rooms, I noticed that the door was cracked. I could hear a man’s voice but could not make out what he was saying. I eased closer.

I almost stumbled back when I saw Heather through the crack in the door. She looked the same as the last time I saw her. Her hair was pulled back into a ponytail and she was wearing a pretty blue dress. She looked as if she had been crying. She lifted her head and our eyes locked.

We stared at each other for what seemed like hours. I saw a smile begin to form on her face. I heard a door open behind me, and I quickly moved and headed to the restroom.

I ran into one of the stalls and shut the door. My stomach cramped so bad and I felt nauseated. I pressed my back against the door and clinched my eyes closed. Why did she have to be there the same time I was?

All the feelings that I thought we lost, came flooding back. I tried to think about Tasha and the afternoon we had spent together. I tried to think about those bedroom eyes looking at me, but all I could see was fear in Heather’s eyes the day the State separated them.

My trance was broken by my phone going off. It was the notification that I had received a text. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked at the screen, it was from Tasha.

“‘Just know I am at school, but my heart is with you. You have this. When you are done, you can have me, lol,’” She said, and placed kissy lips at the end.

The message made me smile. It also made me remember what I had, and how my life had changed since leaving the farm. I had a family that cared about me, I had friends who would fight for and with me, and most of all, I had a beautiful girlfriend who I was falling in love with. I left the stall, washed my hands and returned to Mrs. Rich’s office.

Mrs. Rich and I walked into the conference room. Inside was a large table with nine leather chairs around it. On the end of the table, there was a stack of papers, a legal pad and a recorder. In the chair behind all that stuff sat a lady.

The lady was very pretty. She was dressed in a black dress suit, a lot like the ones Mrs. Johnson wore. She stood and smiled. She had a pleasant smile. She stepped from behind the table and walked toward us.

Her hair was dark, almost black. She had mesmerizing hazel eyes, with a tint of blue. She had a modest amount of makeup on that highlighted her high cheekbones and eyes, with no lip stick. She stuck her hand out to introduce herself. When she spoke, I caught a scent of cigarette smoke on her breath.

“ You must be Albert. I am Miss Herndon, I am with the state legal department and I will be conducting your deposition. I want you to sit in the chair right over there. Mrs. Rich, you can sit on the other end of the table, okay?”

I shook her hand and moved to the chair like she instructed. Mrs. Rich sat in her seat. Miss Herndon walked to the door and shut it. As she walked back to her seat I got a better look at her.

Her dress was very professional looking. Her skirt stopped just above her knee. She wore very high heels, and the shoes really showed off her toned calf muscles and tanned legs. She had a white blouse under the jacket of the suit. The collar was pressed and crisp.

She sat in her chair and crossed her legs. If I had not been so scared, I would have probably enjoyed the view. She leaned over and pressed the record button. She sat back in her chair and placed her hands in her lap.

“This is a deposition for Albert, one of the main witnesses in case number 20-012-4573, the State versus The Benson’s. Albert please tell me of the activities in which you were introduced to while staying with the Benson’s.”

It had started. As I began to speak, my voice trembled with fear, but as I continued I became less nervous. Eventually talking to Miss Herndon was no more than talking to any other adult.

“When I arrived at the Farm, I was first taught how to build fences. I was taught how to care for the farm animals, and the farm equipment. I was taught how to milk cows, gather eggs and clean the barn. I was also taught how to cut, rake and bale hay”, I responded.

“So you learned about farm life and hard work,” Miss Herndon summarized.

“Yes, Ma’am,”

“Apparently you were taught manners as well, not many young men say yes ma’am anymore. Did the Benson’s teach you those manners?”

“Yes, ma’am, the Benson’s and Johnson’s as well.”

“Your learning the value of hard work and good manners is not while we are here, Albert, you know that. Now, I want you to tell me of the sexual activities that went on at the farm.”

I took a deep breath and looked in Mrs. Rich’s direction. She had drifted off to sleep. I reached and took the bottle of water that had been placed in front of me and took a long sip.

Then I opened up and told the truth. I told her, in detail, how after working all day and eating dinner, Tommy and I would go to the bathhouse. I told her how Heather and Trudy would come in and give us a bath, and then stoke our penises until we erupted. I told her about the time Heather stripped and got in the tub with me and took my penis into her cunny.

I told her of the afternoon at the pond when Trudy and I had sex. How she rode my penis and how I erupted inside of her.

When I stopped, Miss Herndon looked flush. During my testimony, she had reached up and unbuttoned a button on her blouse. She was now displaying a long crevice between her milky breasts, they had caught my attention, immediately.

“That is interesting. Prior to being placed in the Benson’s care, had you had any sexual experience?”

“No ma’am. That first night was the first time a woman had touched my penis. Before that I had never seen a girl’s breasts or vagina,” I responded.

“Did you witness, any time while at the farm, any activity between Mr. Benson and one of the girls?”

I explained to her the rumor in which Mr. Benson would use Trudy for pleasure when Mrs. Benson was not available. I had never seen them do anything inappropriate, but I had seen both of them leaving the barn while I was working the hay.

“How did the weekend reward work?” She asked as she wrote notes in her pad.

I explained to her how if we completed the scheduled work for the week, we were able to spend Sundays in special rooms in the barn. I told her that while in the rooms, we would have sex. I explained how Heather and Trudy would take our penises in their mouths and suck us, sometimes until we erupted. I told her how we would use numerous condoms while we would repeatedly have sex.

After talking about the weekend rewards, Miss Herndon said we would break for lunch. Mrs. Rich woke up and led me out of the conference room. She led me to a break room where there were sandwiches, chips and soda. She told me to help myself and she would be back for me when it was time.

I sat down and took a sandwich and a soda. I was still not hungry. After reliving the time I had at the farm, I was horny. My penis had been hard almost the entire time. I was thinking more of where to go to get some relief, rather than eating.

I got up and headed toward the bathroom. I went in and went to one of the stalls and shut the door. I unbuckled my belt, unbuttoned my pants and they fell to the floor. My imagination played an image of me having Miss Herndon bent over the conference table and I was taking her from behind.

I gripped my hard penis and began stroking, as I imagined gripping her buttocks as I fed her hungry cunny. In my mind, I could see her breasts slapping together from the force of my thrusts. I was really getting into my imagination when I heard the stall door open.

Startled, I opened my eyes. There was no way of hiding what I had been doing as my penis was rock hard and oozing with precum. When I opened my eyes, I saw Heather standing in front of me.

“Oh god, I have missed that big cock,” she said as she raised her dress up and straddled my lap.

Before I could stop her, she took my penis and aimed it to her wet cunny and sat down. I could say nothing, but I moaned softly as her wet cunny enveloped my penis. I felt her fleshy, bare buttock hit my upper thigh right before she rose up, then sat back down.

“My pussy has been on fire ever since I saw you this morning. I have not been fucked since the last time you fucked me, so fuck me Albert.”

I gripped her buttock and leaned back against the cold wall. I planted my feet into the floor and met her thrusts. She opened the top of her dress and lifted her bra. She reached for my head and pulled it into her breasts.

I bit and sucked on her nipples. She rode me hard and fast. Her cunny was just as wet as I remembered. It was far from being as tight as Tasha’s but this cunny was special, it was made to fit my penis.

Her orgasm hit hard. She bucked back and forth. She braced her arms on the side of the stall as her orgasm washed over her. I continued to thrust up into her, my eruption was near, and I needed a release, bad.

Heather must have sensed me being near because she quickly stood and dropped to her knees. She wrapped her lips around my penis and went to work. Her lips tightened around my shaft and reenacted the force in which she was riding me. I only lasted a couple minutes more and erupted inside her hot mouth.

She sucked every drop of my gunk. She looked up at me and licked her lips. She stood and readjusted her clothes and walked out of the stall. A few seconds later, I heard the door to the restroom open and shut.

I stood up and pulled up my pants. I walked out of the stall and readjusted my shirt and tie. I splashed some water on my face and left the restroom. I walked down the hallway to the breakroom. On the way there I did not see anyone in the conference room so I finished my sandwich and gobbled down a bag of chips. I washed it down with a soda.

I could not believe that I had just fucked Heather. After all this time, there was no hello, just fucking. What was even more strange, for the first time since the farm, I felt sexually satisfied. Maybe the life on the farm had damaged us. Maybe it had created a sexual urge that only someone with similar urges could satisfy us.

Mrs. Rich derailed my train of thought when she summoned me back into the conference room. When I entered I noticed that Miss Herndon had removed her jacket. The material of her blouse was so sheer that I could clearly see the white lace bra she had on under it. I could see the swells of her tanned breasts flowing out of the top of the lace material. The sight sent shock waves directly to my penis.

“Now Albert, let’s talk about the day that you and Mrs. Benson had sex. Did she initiate it or did you?”

I told her how I had been working in the barn, and that Tommy and Mr. Benson had left to go to town. I told her how Mrs. Benson had come out and the things that she had said. I gave graphic details of how she had taken my penis into her mouth and had gotten me on the verge of erupting before we had sex on the bale of hay. I told her how Mrs. Benson rode my penis until I shot my gunk into her cunny.

“Did it make you feel guilty because you had sex with her, being she was married?” She asked.

“Tommy had already told me the rumor about Mr. Benson and Trudy. I thought it must be something that happened there. The way we traded off girls every week, all the sex we had, I just thought it was normal, so no ma’am, I did not feel guilty.”

“How did you feel when you found out she was with a child, with your child?”

“I know science. I knew that there was a possibility that she could get pregnant, even if she was on birth control. I did not know, at the time, of her husband’s inability to reproduce. I thought that if she had of gotten pregnant, there would not be any way of knowing it was mine, being she was having regular sex with her husband, besides I didn’t know if she was doing the same thing with Tommy or not.”

“How do you feel knowing that you were the reason her husband left? That you were the reason that Tommy, Heather and Trudy were taken away, along with yourself?”

“I have mixed emotions about that. I feel bad, because The Benson’s were the first family that acted like they cared about me. The only family that did not see me as just a paycheck. I learned a lot from them about work. I know the other things were wrong, however, with two boys and two girls being together like that, the sex would have happened eventually anyway. That I blame the State, because they should have never been placed like that.”

She continued to write in her pad.

“On the other hand, I am somewhat glad it happened. Because of all this mess, I was placed in a good home with a loving family. They have taken me in as their own. I have friends that like me because I am me, and not because they want or need something for me,” I added.

Miss Herndon wiped her brow. I could see the sweat beading on her forehead. She continued writing in her pad. I attempted to read it, but I was unsuccessful. Our session was interrupted by someone knocking on the door. Someone had arrived that needed to see Mrs. Rich.

Mrs. Rich excused herself while Miss Herndon continued to write. When she was done, she laid her pen down and turned off the recorder. She leaned back in her chair and unbuttoned another button on her blouse.

“You learned a lot about sex didn’t you Albert,” she asked in a sultry voice.

“Yes, ma’am, I guess so.”

“Have you had sex since you left the farm?”

“Is this part of your questioning? What does my current sex life have to do with the case?”

“It goes to prove that the activities on the farm have affected your mental status. It caused damages that may never be cured,” she said as professionally as she could.

“I bet you have had sex,” she continued. “I bet you have removed many girls’ panties over the past few months. I believe you could stick that snake that is in your pants into just about any girl, or woman, you wanted. Am I right?” She picked up her pen and raised it to her lips.

I felt very uncomfortable, but turned on as well. For some reason I did not think her line of questions, nor her comments were appropriate to the case. I looked down, my penis had created a tent in the pants of my suit. My palms were sweaty and I wished that Mrs. Rich had not left.

Miss Herndon stood up and walked around to my side of the table. Suddenly the images from earlier flashed through my head. While walking, she began unbuttoning more buttons on her blouse and by the time she was in front of me, her blouse was completely open.

She bent over and placed hand on each of the arm rests of my chair. I could feel her breath on my face, I could smell the hint of cigarette smoke as her face neared mine. I froze. I did not know what to do.

She stood up and pulled her blouse off her shoulders and reached back and unhooked her bra. Her breasts flowed free. They were lovely breasts. From the stretch marks on her stomach and hips, I assumed she had kids, but for some reason those stretch marks made her ever sexier than before.

Her breasts hung down against her upper stomach. They were not as perky as the other girls I had been with, but I had never seen the breasts of a mother before. Her nipples were long, and hard. The area around her nipples was oval and light brown. She was by far the sexiest woman I had ever seen half naked.

She reached down and lifted her skirt up her hips. Her thighs were thick, but her legs were tanned and lucious. She pushed her thong panties down her toned legs and over those high heel shoes.

“I hope it is okay with you, but I want to see how much you know, and what the fuss is over that big cock of yours. You know I heard you earlier, in the bathroom. That girl risked getting in some serious trouble just to have some of it.”

She reached down and unfastened my belt and pants. She unzipped them and pulled them down my thighs. She turned and pressed her elbows on the conference table and looked back over her shoulder as she spread her legs.

Still in the heels, she was at the right height. I quickly stood and positioned my penis against her hairless cunny. I placed my hands on her hips and shoved it in with one thrust.

Her back arched back as I invaded her cunny. I did not give her time to think before I pulled back and shoved it back in. She backed her hips to meet my thrust and almost immediately, I felt her body begin to tremble and her cunny became extremely wet.

“You are making me cum, you big cocked bastard,” she said looking over her naked shoulder at me.

Her words lit a fire in me. It was not a fire of anger but of lust. My fingers dug into the flesh of her buttocks and I drove my penis in her hard and fast. Her nipples rubbed the wooden table top as she banged her head into it.

She was in a constant orgasm. Her cunny juices were flowing freely. The juices splattered on my stomach and thigh each time I jabbed inside her. I could feel the pressure building in my stomach.

All of a sudden she pushed me back. She turned onto her back and lifted her legs straight up in the air. I stepped closed, and drove my penis back into her. My arms wrapped around her thighs and I watched her big breasts bounce back and forth from the force I was plunging into her.

Her eyes were rolled back in her head as another orgasm washed over her. It was not long before I felt mine building again. I could feel my balls swinging between my legs. This whole scene reminded me of the night I fucked Dana.

My breathing became heavy, I could feel my penis swelling inside Miss Herndon. She too must have felt it because she placed the heel of her shoes into my chest and pushed me back. It was so unforeseen, that I stumbled backwards. She twisted around on the conference table and held her head back off the table and she opened her mouth.

Her breasts heaved as she gasped for air. I was not sure what she wanted but her open mouth was a good sign. I stepped up and laid my penis in the open mouth. She reached back and placed her hand on my butt and pulled me into her.

She grabbed my hips and pushed and pulled me in and out. I shoved my penis down her throat. She took all of it. I watched her neck, and could see it bulge as my penis invaded it. That sight was too much. I could not hold back any more. I erupted in Miss Herndon’s throat. She gripped my buttocks and held me there until she could not take any more, and she pushed me back.

I stumbled back and found a chair. I flopped into it as my penis continued to leak. She lay on the table and tried to catch her breath. All of a sudden it was like she came to her senses. She hoped off the table and looked at me. She began to cry, as she slipped her skirt and blouse back on. She put her panties and bra in her purse and ran towards the ladies room.

Confused, I gathered my clothes and put them back on. I walked out of the conference room and headed to the reception area. Mrs. Johnson was waiting. I followed her out of the door and to the car. We rode in silence all the way home.

Tasha had text me six times after she got out of school. I texted her back and told her we were on the way home. When we arrived I went straight into the bathroom to shower. I had had sex with two women and my balls were sore. I stood there and let the water wash over me.

I leaned my head against the wall of the shower. My thoughts went back over the day. The questions that were asked and the answers I had given. I remembered Heather and how quickly she had popped into the activities of the day, and how quickly she had disappeared.

I thought about Miss Herndon and how I had been dreaming of taking her when Heather interrupted. I thought it was funny that I had taken her in the same manner in which I had dreamed of doing. My eyes were closed, and my body relaxed as the water cascaded over my body.

My relaxation was brought to an end when I felt fingers wrap around my penis. I was startled and jumped back. In my doing so, I almost made Tasha and myself fall out of the tub. She giggled as she dropped to her knees and licked the head of my penis.

“What are you doing? Where is Mrs. Johnson?” I whispered, trying not to be heard.

“She is in the kitchen cooking dinner. I told her I was going to your room to wait. I sat there thinking about you being naked in the shower, and couldn’t wait.,” she replied before taking my hardened penis into her mouth.

I could not believe my penis was getting hard after the day I had, but the memory of Miss Herndon and Heather quickly escaped my mind as Tasha cupped and squeezed my balls. She sucked and licked on my penis, she looked so hot doing it.

I leaned over and pulled her to her feet. I pulled her close and we kissed. Her nipples pressed into my stomach and chest. I lowered and scooped her up in my arms and pressed her into the wall. I slipped into her with ease.

It was amazing how just a couple of days ago, she was so tight that I had to lick her to an orgasm before she could take me. Now she took me with little effort. She was still so tight. Her cunny fit my penis like a tight glove.

She and I kissed with passion. I had been inside two other women that day, but neither compared to the cunny I was in at that moment. Inside Tasha, I felt at home. Tasha’s heels pressed into my lower back as she hit her orgasm. She was so tight and wet, I could not hold off any longer and erupted inside her.

We were both weak when our sensation subsided. I stood her back into the tube. I stepped out while she washed herself off. As she stepped out of the shower, I wrapped a towel around her naked body. We both giggled as we dressed. I checked the hallway before we dashed to my room.

We fell on the bed and started kissing. She was so beautiful, and to think that she wanted me as much as I wanted her was such a refreshing feeling. We lay there until Mrs. Johnson called us for dinner. We got up and before we walked out of the room, I kissed her once again. Then I watched her plump little butt wiggle as we went to eat. My life was good.

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