Nicky tries a Different Path Pt. 01


A friend asked me to write this one, it is not my comfort zone, and the story is driven from her request.

Nicky stood at the bar waiting for the drinks, she watched them being loaded onto a tray, it was a long time since she had seen a tray in a bar, let alone used one. Actually it had been a while since she had been in a bar, but tonight her friend Jane had dragged her out with 4 of her mates from work, and they were out to have fun. Nicky looked back at the table, they all still had some drink left of the last round so at least she would not be mobbed when she got back, her gaze lingered just a moment longer on Dawn than the others, Nicky had met Dawn for the first time tonight, and they seemed to have a connection, she could see Dawn becoming a good friend.

Nicky looked back as the barman, a man she thought was seriously hot, and he made her have very bad thoughts, he placed the last drink on the tray, ‘£29.70,’ he said.

Nick handed over £30, she would be pissed by the time everybody had brought a round, so one £30 round was not bad. To be fair she was pretty much getting there now, on four drinks, there was no way she would have flirted with the barman the way she had when waiting for her drinks if she wasn’t.

Nicky arrived back at the table, and passed around the drinks, and sat back next to Dawn, before she left to get drinks they had been talking about how useless their husbands were, as she had got up Nicky had said, ‘To be honest I only keep him around because he knows how to fuck me well, providing he keeps doing that he is safe,’ they had both laughed.

Dawn said, once Nicky was sat comfortably, ‘so your husband knows what he is doing in the bedroom then?’

‘He is better than most I have had,’ Nicky replied, ‘you not got that?’

‘No not really, he tries, but I fake it a lot more than half the time. Not going to lie, it has caused my eyes to start wandering, looking for something more satisfying,’ Dawn confessed.

‘Oh I have never faked it, but I have wandered, met a guy that was thrilling, took my mind places it had not been before, and he had magic fingers,’ Nick laughed as she said that, her mind going back to the first time he had made him cum with that three finger trick of his, that she could not replicate herself.

‘Naughty girl,’ Dawn laughed, ‘wish I could find somebody to excite my pussy like that.’

‘Wasn’t just the pussy,’ Nicky put in, ‘his anal was amazing, only man to make me come from anal with no assistance, if you know what I mean’

Dawn looked at her, eyes wide, then said, ‘really?’ before continuing, ‘wow, can I get his number?’

The smile on her face said Dawn was joking, but Nicky bet she would take his number if offered.

‘You ever slept with a woman,’ Dawn enquired.

‘No, but it is a fantasy, something I need to do at some point,’ Nicky knew the wine was kicking if she was admitting that, ‘you?’ she added.

‘Once,’ said Dawn, ‘long while ago, it was really good, no orgasm faking there,’ she laughed, before she continued, ‘I definitely want to do it again, when I find a willing partner.’

A thought briefly crossed Nicky’s mind, but it was dismissed as Jane lent over and enquired, ‘and what are you two talking about?’

‘Lesbian Fantasy’s,’ Dawn laughed.

Jane not being the most subtle joker said, ‘what, you two thinking of licking each other’s pussy’s,’ she laughed almost uncontrollably. Both Dawn and Nicky laughed, but Nicky noticed the same muted, slightly embarrassed reaction from Dawn, that she felt. She wondered if the same thought that had flicked across her mind had gone across Dawn’s too.

When Jane’s laughing died down, she said, ‘no, no, no, what you two need a big strapping lad with a 10 inch cock,’ again she laughed, then carried on, ‘Julie and I are thinking of heading across to Angel’s Paradise after this, they have a lady’s night today, all the strippers are male. I have seen a few of the pictures, and we definitely want a piece of one of them!’

Dawn downed her wine, and said, ‘sounds like a plan, but I am going to have a ciggy and then get the next round in.’

‘I will join you,’ Nicky said, also downing her wine.

The two of them walked out the back door to the smoking area, it was next to the beer garden, but the beer garden was mostly hidden by a hedge, a guy walked back towards the pub as they approached, and there was nobody else there. It was a warm evening, even now as the sunset, and there were voices carrying to them from the beer garden.

As they lit up, Dawn said, ‘so tell me about your fantasy.’

‘Not much to tell,’ Nicky started, ‘I have not thought about it enough, I just want to have a 1 on 1 experience with a woman, who has hopefully done it before, just to see what it is like. I like the idea of licking another woman’s pussy.’

Dawn looked at her for a moment then said, ‘so if a cute lady approached you in a bar, and stroked you tight arse in those tight jeans, you would like it.’ As she said this her hand came around and gently bushed Nicky’s bum.

Nicky didn’t move, or say anything for a moment, and Dawns hand more noticeably stroked across her arse.

‘I think I would like that,’ Nicky said, wanting to see where this went.

‘OK,’ said Dawn, ‘and what about if that hand moved up your side and gently cupped your boob, searching for a nipple?’

‘I would definitely want her to do that,’ Nicky said, as Dawn’s hand did exactly that, except the nipple there was already erect and Dawns hand easily brushed over it. Nicky was starting to feel aroused, and started to hope this would go further.

‘I see,’ said Dawn,’ that is interesting,’ as she stroked away at Nicky’s nipple that was now rock hard.

Nicky enjoyed that for a few long moments, then said, ‘I think if a lady did that to me I would have to use my hand to thank her,’ Nicky moved her hand to the front of Dawn’s jeans and pushed where she thought the clit would roughly be.

‘She would definitely want you to go inside,’ Dawn said.

Nicky moved her hand to the top of Dawn’s jeans and although it was not a comfortable angle pushed her hand inside, she immediately felt silk knickers, and worked her way down them, to locate Dawn’s pussy.

As she did this a guy appeared from the beer garden, Nicky whipped her hand out as fast as she could and Dawn let go of Nicky’s nipple, they looked at each other and laughed as about 6 people walked out after the guy, and the noise from the garden followed them it was quiet now.

Dawn said, ‘I reckon we have 10 minutes at least before any of that lot need another drink, want to go in the garden and have some fun?’

Nicky felt nervous and excited, and responded with a simple, ‘ok.’

She put the butt of her cig out as did Dawn and they wandered into the garden, it was as empty as it sounded.

As they entered Dawn pulled Nicky in and kissed her, Nicky kissed back, she felt so horny, this was so wrong, but she wanted it, Dawn was slowly backing her up and her bum finally rested on one of the tables. Dawn undid Nicky’s jeans and slipped her hand inside, it was a little cold, but Nicky barely noticed due to the desire for what she knew was coming. Dawn slipped her hand in Nicky’s knickers and her hand moved down to Nicky pussy that was already so wet, she played with the wet lips, tickled them, moved and massaged them, as Nicky moaned. Dawn slowly moved her hand up until Nicky’s clit was caught between two fingers, without a word Dawn kissed Nicky again, as she started to massage that clit, she moved her fingers around it, gently across it, flicked at the hood. Nicky shuddered, god that felt good, Nicky slipped her hand into Dawns top, and under her bra strap, Dawn had ample boobs, and Nicky took a big handful as she moved her hand down to circle the nipple with her finger.

Nicky was not that far from cumming, Dawn really knew how to excite her clit, and she moaned into Dawn’s mouth as they kissed, that seemed to make Dawn’s nipple even harder, and made her want to explore more. Nick moved her other hand to Dawn’s jeans and pushed it inside.

Nicky found the silk panties again and pushed her hand down, she found Dawn’s pussy, and it was wet, soaking through those panties, Nicky pulled them aside, and felt the moist pussy, she paused as Dawn really hit the spot on her clit, and she climaxed. It was not a full blown climax, but she shuddered and twitched.

Dawn continued to play with Nicky’s clit, as they kissed and Nicky pushed her finger into Dawn’s wet pussy, Dawn repaid the earlier moan, and nicky pushed in as far as she could, focusing on Dawn’s pussy she moved her fingers about and inserted a second, Dawn twitched at that, and excitement of making that happen triggered Nicky and she orgasmed again, stronger this time, there was a district moan that escaped with the shuddering and she felt her back arch.

Dawn withdrew slightly and said, ‘after the next round do you want to come back to mine? Husband will be in bed and we can get some privacy and more comfort than this downstairs.’

Nicky did not need time to think, ‘god yes,’ she said immediately.

Dawn moved away causing Nicky’s fingers to slip from her pussy, and Nicky removed her hands, ‘Let’s go grab that drink then and get the others off to that strip club,’ Dawn said.

They both tidied themselves up, and then walked back in the pub, Dawn headed to the bar and Nicky back to the table.

‘You were a long time,’ Jane said as she sat down.

‘Just talking, we get on well, how come you have not introduced us before?’ Nicky replied, raising her voice at the end, as last orders was called.

‘She does not come out much, she does not want to give her husband an excuse to go out more, doesn’t trust him,’ Jane mused.

‘Fair enough,’ Nicky replied, then continued, ‘look I am not coming to the club after, I am really tired, been a long week and it’s been a long time since I have had this much wine.’

‘OK, if you are sure,’ Jane looked a little disappointed, ‘Dawn won’t be coming either, she does not do that sort of thing even if she said she would earlier, and you will walk past her house on the way home.’

‘That’s cool,’ Nicky replied, ‘sorry to disappoint you, next time.’

Dawn returned with the drinks and say down next to Nicky.

Nicky said, ‘told Jane I am going after this, apparently I walk past your house on the way home.’

Nicky took her wine, and started to think about the orgasm she had just had, and how much it excited her. As she brought the glass to her mouth, she realised the fingers that had been inside Dawn were on the glass, and she smelt them, they had a lovely smell of pussy, that she got when a man fucked her and then returned his cock to her mouth. She revealed in that smell and as soon as she thought nobody was looking, sucked them, the sweet taste made her fanny flutter, she really hoped that Dawn would be letting her taste more later.

Jane and the two others got into the taxi to head into town, and Dawn and Nicky walked away towards their homes. After that last round arrived the girls seemed eager to get to the strip club and the glasses of wine were gone in a little over 5 minutes, Nicky had to gulp hers down at the end.

‘How far is yours then?’ Nicky asked.

‘Almost down to the main road and then last left before it,’ Dawn replied.

‘Oh wow, you are really close to me then, I am right at the main road a bit less than about quarter of a mile up,’ Nicky smiled, at least the walk home would be quick.

‘You in the listed houses there?’ Dawn enquired.

‘Yes, do you know them?’ Nicky was surprised, her house was not obviously a listed house, but her terrace was one of about 30 in the area that was.

‘Yes, I had one the only side in a cul-de-sac until I moved to this one.’ she replied.

They walked up to a very nice semi, it was dark and quiet, and when Dawn opened the door the only sound was a clock ticking. Dawn closed the door behind Nicky and Nicky then followed her though to the kitchen where she turned on the lights and closed the door.

Dawn hung her jacket on the door, and Nicky put hers on the back of one of the chairs, as Dawn opened the fridge and pulled out some wine.

‘Glass?’ she nodded to Nicky.

‘Please,’ Nicky said as she rested against the kitchen table.

Dawn poured two glasses and handed one to Nicky before standing by her and saying, ‘so where were we?’

Dawns hand stroked across Nicky’s middle and found the belt for her Jeans, which she started to undo, Nicky took a big gulp of wine, and then felt her jeans loose as Dawn pushed them down.

Dawn placed her glasses on the side and stood in front of Nicky, they kisses and Dawn slipped her fingers into the sides of Nicky’s knickers and slipped them down too. She helped Nicky up so she was sitting on the table, and then moved to pull Nicky’s jeans and knickers down and off, removing her shoes in the process.

Nicky laid back across the table, as Dawn wrapped her arms around the top of Nick’s legs and plunged her tongue into her pussy. Dawn was so enthusiastic really making the most of Nicky’s wet pussy, teasing the clit with a lick or a stroke every now and then, Nicky shuddered with each one.

Nicky undid her top and started to play with her breasts, her nipples rock hard in her hands, as Dawn moved up and started to focus on Nicky’s clit, she licked and teased it, like the best men Nicky had ever been with. Her concentration was broken for a moment, she thought she heard something in the other room, but it was dark and the small amount of light that filtered through showed nothing and there was no more noise. She relaxed back into Dawns expert licking, just as Dawn pushed two fingers in and started to massage from the inside, little muscle tenses became more frequent, and Nicky knew she was about to cum. Her back arched and her heels dug into the table legs as she shook, she had to clamp a hand over her mouth as a gasp close to a moan escaped. She would remember this orgasm for a long time.

‘My turn,’ said Dawn as she pushed her trousers down, knickers with them and stepped out.

Nicky got up from the table and Dawn laid down, more on the table than Nicky had been her feet on the corners of the table with her knees up.

‘I doubt I will be as good as you,’ Nicky confessed, ‘I have never done this before.’

Nicky bit the bullet and wrapped her arms around Dawns legs, exactly like Dawn had and moved in. She extended her tongue and for the first time in her life made contact with another woman’s pussy. The taste was so much sweeter than a cock, more flowery, not the fishy that everybody said, and she pushed her tongue on and felt around for the clit. Nicky found it so easily, why did men miss it so often? Nicky gently rubbed her tongue over it, and around the edges. She released one leg and moved the hand down, slipping two fingers into Dawn’s very wet pussy, and tried to massage as Dawn had her, the moaning from Dawn said she was getting it right.

John heard his wife come in, she didn’t come upstairs though, and he thought he heard somebody with her. The last time this had happened, he walked into the kitchen to find her naked and being fucked by a young stud, he was only 18, he found out later, but he was balls deep in his wife’s arse when they first made eye contact. The lad had almost run out the house without his trousers, until John reassured him that he was in no danger, and that he liked watching his wife fucked by other men. Even then John was sure it spoiled his performance, he would not make that mistake again.

He slipped as silently as he could into the living room and settled in a dark corner to watch, the sight that was presented to him was not what he expected at all, he saw the back of his Wife’s head buried deep in between the legs of another lady. His cock went from semi hard to rock in the blink of an eye, and he pulled it out and started to wank hard. He watched as the lady orgasmed hard, shaking and moaning, that’s my girl he thought, can get the best out of anybody. After a moment, they changed places, there were some whispered words that he could not pick up, however his wife got more comprehensively on the table, forcing the lady to stand and lean over, rather than crouch as she had. This gave John a fabulous view of her tight wet pussy that was still dripping from the tongue lashing that his wife had given it, and what was the most amazing arse, pert and round, but with just enough meat on it to take a good spanking. John wanked so hard, he had never been so excited.

Nicky was loving this, she had her fingers in another woman, and her tongue was playing with a clit, she never dreamed this was how her night would end. She dug her tongue under the hood of Dawn’s clit forcing it up and squeezing it against the bones, Dawn flinched and moaned. Nicky sucked up her clit and pushed it against her teeth, Dawn gasped at that and moaned as Nicky rolled it across the back of her teeth. She was sure Dawn was close and really pushed hard on that clit, after about ten seconds Nicky felt muscles tense around her and Dawns hands on her head pushing, Nicky kept up the pressure as Dawn squirmed and tried to move away, then her body shuddered and she lifted her back off the table. Nicky released her and Dawn lay there panting, Nicky thought she heard something again in the living room, and turned to go in there.

‘It will be the cat,’ Dawn said.

‘What?’ said Nicky turning back to Dawn.

‘The noise, it will be the cat, little fucker wakes me all the time,’ Dawn seemed very relaxed about it, and that calmed Nicky.

‘I find it hard to believe that was your first time, you got me good there,’ said Dawn.

‘Just tried to replay the things that I know I have liked,’ said Nicky, it just sinking in that she had just had her first lesbian experience.

John watched that arse move as his wife moaned, this girl was really getting her going, he watched as she slowly got to the point of orgasm, and the girl tighten her grip and pushed her fully over the line, John had not planned well for this, and grabbed a cushion from the sofa to cum into. He sat there marvelling in what he had just seen his cock pulsing its load over the cushion. By the time he was fully focused again, the girls were dressed again, and it looked like the girl was getting ready to leave. Fuck! What if she came this way to see if it was the cat, he jumped up as quietly as he could and ran to the door, and through into the hall. He was just not quick enough, and he was on the second step as the kitchen door opened, he spun around to make like he was just coming downstairs.

Dawn opened the Kitchen door, and walked through, just as a man appeared at the bottom of the stairs, Nicky jumped.

‘Nicky, this is my husband John,’ Dawn said, ‘sorry honey, did we wake you?’ she directed at John.

‘Errrr, Hello Nicky,’ John said, ‘No, I hadn’t got to sleep, was reading upstairs, thought I would get a drink.’

In the limited light Nicky could make out two things very clearly, first there was a very hard cock in his shorts, and second he was carrying a cushion that looked like a sofa cushion and it was obviously wet. She smiled, finding it hard to imagine an odder scene.

‘Nice to meet you John, I was just leaving,’ Nicky said, feeling a little embarrassed.

Dawn and Nicky walked past John and once they were past John headed for the kitchen.

At the front door, they exchanged a kiss, more than a friends kiss, and then Nicky asked, ‘Do you think he was watching us?’

‘Probably,’ said Dawn, ‘is that a problem?’

‘No, not at all, feeling turned on again now,’ Nicky smiled, gave Dawn another kiss, and concluded, ‘We really must do this again, not enjoyed myself this much for ages.’

‘Me either, and we must,’ said Dawn, ‘Night.’

‘Night,’ Nicky said as she walked down the path, seriously considering rubbing her pussy as she walked home.

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