Nicky tries a Different Path Pt. 02


It had been almost a week since Nicky had unexpectedly fulfilled a fantasy and had an experience with a woman, the feelings from that night had played on her mind since including how horny it made her that Dawn’s husband had probably watched the whole thing.

She was shopping in Asda and distracted with cheese when a voice said from behind, ‘fancy seeing you here.’

Nicky turned around to greet Dawn, and they kissed, a very friendly kiss, but not one that would attract attention in a public place.

‘Been thinking about you a lot this week,’ Nicky said.

‘Funny that, I have had you on my mind too,’ Dawn replied with a knowing smile.

Nicky laughed, then said, ‘we really must repeat Saturday night, I enjoyed it a lot.’

‘Thought the same, in fact this weekend if we can,’ said Dawn.

Nicky was caught off guard by that, she had not expected such enthusiasm, but was really pleased it was there. She thought for a moment before saying anything.

‘I would love to,’ she said, ‘any chance we can get your husband to watch, or join in?’

Dawn looked surprised at that, then smiled as she said, ‘I am actually glad you said that, because I wasn’t sure about telling you this, but I challenged him after you left on Saturday and the sneaky git did watch us.’ She paused, then continued, ‘I am sure he would be up for watching, not sure you will want him to join in though, he is a boring lover, he has a massive cock, and relies on that to do the work, if you know what I mean.’

Nicky laughed, she did, every woman had been with a man like that, ‘Well providing we only use him for the last bit when you need the long pole thing, it should be fine, ‘ they both laughed, probably a little too much for Asda.

‘Right,’ said Dawn, ‘I will speak to him tonight, and text you, but 8pm Saturday come to ours for drinks.’

‘Deal,’ said Nicky starting to feel a little excited.

As Nicky walked up to the door, she felt the same excitement she had the day before in Asda, she looked good in her stockings, leather skirt, white blouse and leather jacket. Her mind went to her underwear, that was her favourite and she knew she looked sexy in her black lace.

She rang the doorbell, suddenly feeling a little nervous, but she was here and ready, she stood there with a cold bottle of bubbly that had been in the fridge all day in one hand, and her phone in the other. Thankfully she did not have to stand there too long, Dawn opened the door and greeted her with a kiss.

‘Come in,’ Dawn said, ‘I will take that to the kitchen, and pour you a glass of what we have open.’

‘Thank you,’ said Nicky as she entered, Dawn indicated though the living room.

Nicky walked through, and John was sitting in there watching Saturday evening TV, he turned to Nicky and the look of his face said he was ready for tonight.

‘Good Evening Nicky,’ he said, ‘nice to see you again.’

‘Hello,’ she said back, as she sat down, ‘Don’t let me disturb you.’

John smiled and said, ‘you might disturb my dreams after tonight, but that is the only way you will disturb me.’

Nicky laughed, she removed her jacket and john jumped up, ‘I will hang that in the hall for you,’ he said as he reached for it.

‘Thanks,’ said Nicky as she relaxed into the seat and watched Dawn walk through with the glass of Prosecco.

‘Here you go,’ smiled Dawn and sat next to her, and then she picked up her glass up off the coffee table in front of them.

They both said, ‘cheers,’ and drank, then the conversation moved into small talk, and Nicky started to relax, the nervousness in her stomach slowly disappearing. She was not sure if that was the wine, or because she was becoming more comfortable.

When Dawn returned with the third glass of bubbles, Nicky decided it was time to ask the important question, ‘So how is this going to work?’

Dawn laughed and said, ‘funny you should ask that, I have been thinking about it all day. I think we should disappear upstairs and pick up where we left off last week, and then half an hour or so after, John comes up and joins us?’

‘That sounds good to me,’ Nicky said.

Dawn snuggled up to Nicky and slipped her hand inside Nicky’s top, she pushed her hand under her bra, and found a hard nipple that she played with. Nicky relaxed into this, there was something very exciting letting this happen while her husband watched, but she was not sure she could let it go much further just yet.

After a minute Nicky did start to feel quite horny, and said, ‘you want to go upstairs then?’

Dawn’s answer to that was to stand up and grab her glass, ‘come on then,’ she said, looking eager.

Nicky followed Dawn out the door and straight up the stairs, she looked back to see a look on John’s face that was somewhere between disappointment and anticipation.

Dawn lead the way into a bedroom, it was a large, tasteful room with light, almost violet walls, and a dark purple feature wall, the furniture was all solid oak, and the king-size bed look substantial and slightly imposing, the thick curtains matched perfectly the feature wall. The room was warm and actually with the mood lighting provided by three lamps quite inviting.

Dawn hopped on the bed, downed her drink and placed the glass on the nightstand, Nicky followed, but placed her glass which was slightly less than half empty on the side. As soon as her attention returned to the bad Dawn kissed her, a kiss that started very gently, but progressed to more passionate, and then before Nicky knew it Dawn’s tongue was in her mouth and they were embraced in a full French kiss. Nicky kissed back, the arousal she had felt downstairs came flooding back, and she put her arm around Dawn pulling her in.

Slowly buttons were undone on Nicky’s and Dawn’s tops, and Nicky’s skirt got unzipped, nicky pushed her skirt off, and slipped her arms out of her top, and found herself kissing Dawn in her underwear and stockings. Dawn stopped kissing her, jumped off the bed and slipped her Jeans down and threw her top off, she had no knickers on, and was left wearing just a black bra that look far too flimsy to control her ample breasts.

She jumped back on the bed with a grin on her face, and she pulled Nicky down to lay on the bed with a bit of giggle. Nicky’s hand almost by instinct, slipped between Dawn’s legs, she could feel the warmth of her pussy before she touched it and found the moist lips waiting for her. Nicky gently started to massage those lips as Dawn kissed her again, and then pulled aside Nicky’ panties.

Nicky was not surprised then Dawns fingers slipped into her warm wet pussy, she expect to be wet she was so excited by the thought of naked Dawn. Dawn moved her fingers inside as Nicky relaxed, which felt good, she had to refocus on Dawn and moved the massaging to her clit, gentle flicking, rubbing, and teasing. Dawn moaned as they kissed, Nicky used her free hand to unclip Dawns Bra, and slip it off, and enjoying the feel of Dawn’s bare breasts pushing against her skin. Dawn removed Nicky’s bra in the same manner, and their breasts came together, there was something very erotic in Nicky’s mind from that. Dawn moved and started massaging Nicky’s clit in the same way as Nicky was playing with hers. It was clear to Nicky both of them were not only enjoying this but that they were heading for an orgasm.

Dawn flicked just right, and Nicky felt the rise of the feeling of warmth spread through her, the electric twang spreading from her clit causing tiny muscle spasms across her body. One of those spasms was her hand and she pressed harder than she had on Dawn’s clit and Dawn shook, Nicky giggled at that, they could see that whoever climaxed first would through a slight lack of control push the other over the edge too. They were both close, and Nicky started to think about tasting Dawn’s pussy again, her mind flicking back to the previous Saturday and that moment her tongue first touched another woman’s pussy, that thought repeated in her head, and the little spasms started to become bigger, then Dawn changed the rub, and added a movement that sort of twisted Nicky’s clit. It took moments, for the effect to rush across Nicky, it was as if a match had been lit under her clit the fiery heat across her body, lost in a kiss with Dawn the world melted away around her, she was only vaguely aware of the pressure she was putting on Dawn’s love button.

As Nicky returned to a more aware state of her surroundings, she realised that on autopilot she has was circling the head of Dawn’s clit, squeezed between two fingers, Dawn was shuddering and tensing, and Nicky could see the relieve wash through her as she stopped. It was a good 30 seconds before Dawn spoke.

‘I didn’t think you were going to stop then, I actually wondered if it was possible to die from an orgasm,’ she said, still breathless.

Nicky laughed, ‘sorry, should I have stopped a little earlier?’

‘Part of me wanted you to stop because I could not take anymore, and part wanted you to continue forever,’ Dawn smiled back.

They kissed, and cuddled into each other, Dawn undid Nicky’s bra and slipped it off, and Nicky pushed her knickers down and kicked them off, they stroked and played with each other’s bodies enjoying the soft warmth.

Dawn slowly got up and moved to kneel over Nicky facing the wrong way, and pushed her pussy towards Nicky’s face, and then laid down in a 69 position. They were laying diagonally across the bed and Nick’s head was at the bottom corner, she could see the door if she moved her head, but her focus now was the wet pussy right in front of her. She put her arms around Dawn’s legs and pulled her down, just as Dawn’s tongue bounced off her clit, Nicky gasped and moved her head in an involuntary way, she saw the door and noticed that John was standing naked in the hall watching them.

Much as John watching them was turning Nicky on more, she knew she had to focus on Dawn’s pussy, she had only caught a grimace of John’s cock, but it looked massive, her husband Simon was not small, but John dwarfed it. Nicky sucked Dawn’s clit into her mouth as she thought about that, squeezing it between her teeth gently, flicking and twisting it, feeling the warm responses of Dawn their bodies locked together. Dawn was doing much the same to Nicky, but in addition she had at least three fingers in Nicky’s pussy, moving, rubbing, looking for the reaction of the g spot. As with last week it did not take her long, and Nicky jerked as Dawn pressed, she continued with it for a good few seconds before removing her hand. Dawn seemed distracted from the lick for moment, and Nicky felt the pressure that had been building drop away slightly, Nicky focused on torturing Dawn’s clit, and inserted fingers and searched as Dawn had, hoping that she would get the hint.

Nicky suddenly became aware of a silicon dildo with a pronounced curve being pushed into her pussy, along with one of Dawn’s fingers, it distracted her from what she was doing and Dawn’s clit slipped from her mouth. Dawn found Nicky’s G again, and pushed the dildo onto it, then as she withdrew the finger, made the dildo buzz. The sharp vibrations on the inside and the pressure Dawn’s tongue on the outside caused Nicky to moan very loudly, that felt amazing.

It took Nicky a moment to calm enough to reapply her tongue to dawn, and start activity with her fingers, although she could not concentrate, the orgasm that was raising was going to be intense.

Nicky pushed her feet into the bed, lifting her back and Dawn as she did, the spasms and tensing were sharp and overwhelming, but Dawn kept a tight grip and Nicky’s clit continued to be excited, the ecstasy started fog Nicky’s brain, she was lost, she fought to break the source moving as sharply as she could trying to break the pressure on her clit, but Dawn hung on. Nicky knew she was moaning, or gasping, or maybe screaming, but she could not grasp the noise that she was making, her whole world was focused on the pleasure that was now bordering on pain that was her pussy.

Nicky was slightly concerned, she had lost track of reality for the second time in a few minutes, her body felt weak from that last orgasm, she had never experienced anything like it, she could see that John had entered the room, and from what she could see, it appeared that Dawn was about to start sucking his cock. Nicky realised she had not made Dawn come, and pulled her back to her mouth sucking up her clit for, Nicky was not sure if it was the second, third or fourth time tonight.

Nicky slipped her tongue under the hood of Dawn’s clit, and pushed feeling it flick between the skin tension and her tongue. Dawn moaned, she had a slight rock to body now as she sucked John’s cock. Nicky slipped the fingers of one hand into Dawn’s pussy, playing and looking for that reaction that said she had the right spot, she kept up the pressure on the clit as she did it, and felt that warm response from Dawn as she moved towards that climax that Nicky wanted to give her.

Dawn flinched, that was it, and Nicky focused her pressure with her fingers in that spot, Dawn moaned again, louder, and with a shudder from her body. Nicky’s tongue was applying all the pressure it could to Dawn’s clit, which appeared to be working, then the rocking stopped and Dawn’s weight on Nicky increased as muscles tensed and a carnal moan escaped from Dawn. They lay there for a moment, Nicky flicking at Dawns clit before Dawn got up, and laid down next to Nicky, waiting for Nicky to move before she could extend her legs.

‘Do me like you did last week,’ Dawn said, and smiled.

Nicky got up and onto all fours, wrapping her arms around Dawns legs and pulling her in. Nicky’s feet hung over the end of the end, and she was aware of John moving around to behind her. Nicky sucked up Dawn’s clit into her mouth just as she felt the tip of John’s cock against her wet lips.

Nicky let go of Dawn’s clit, and gasped as John thrust in, it just seemed to keep on coming, way past the point that she was used to, and when he stopped her had never felt so full.

Dawn laughed, and said, ‘unfortunately that is his only party trick.’

‘You never complain,’ said John as he slowly withdrew from Nicky.

His thrust back in was as powerful as the first, and Nicky rocked forward right onto Dawn’s clit. She held herself there and started to lick hard, it was not long before she felt her licking fall into a pattern with John’s thrusts from behind. As with last week, Nicky pulled Dawn’s clit up and in, squeezing it between tongue and the back of her teeth, and began to roll it across her teeth.

‘Oh god that is good,’ Dawn moaned, as her hands came down onto Nicky’s head.

Dawn pushed Nicky’s head in gently, and Nicky released one leg to enable her to insert fingers into Dawn. The rhythmic thrusting from behind felt good, the last inch or two a surprise with every thrust, and Nicky was loving how that made her feel, she lowered herself just a little to create a better angle and John’s cock started to rub in just the right place.

Nicky felt Dawn’s legs tense, she was almost there, Nicky drove her clit into the back of her teeth, closing up her mouth slightly to create more pressure, Dawn’s hands started to push Nicky’s head away rather than pull it in. Nick removed her fingers and grabbed the free leg, pulling Dawn in.

Dawn started to fight as the more carnal noises escaped her mouth, and she started to shudder. Nicky was determined that Dawn would remember this one, and pulled her in tighter, ensuring her clit stayed firmly within her mouth, Nicky twisted it almost completely around, and Dawn screamed in pleasure, now really struggling to get away, but Nicky held on. From the pulsing thrusts from John Nicky knew he was enjoying watching the orgasmic fight between the two lady’s, and she knew he would come soon, but she was not quite finished with Dawn yet.

Dawn was close to convulsing now, as Nicky reduced the attention her clit was getting, her loud shallow breathing started to return to normal, and Nicky released her, still licking to ensure this orgasm continued for a few more seconds. Nicky focused on John and moved again to really make sure he hit the spot, she thrust she arse back into John, riding his cock to her own climax, she knew he was about to blow, and said breathed in a heavy voice, ‘Keep going, I’m almost there.’

John took this as the encouragement he needed and rammed hard into Nicky, that was it, she could feel the right feelings, sparks started to bounce through her as all of John’s massive dick went in, she felt his balls bounce off her pussy almost touching her clit, and moved her hand back to rub, this took only moments to send her over the edge. The climax was far less intense that Dawn’s but she felt her pussy tighten, and that caused John to start.

Johns cum sprayed into Nicky, she felt the warm liquid fire against the inside of her pussy, as his piston like cock continued to fill her, her orgasm spend she collapsed forward onto dawn.

John seemed contented, and Nicky and Dawn cuddled up, feeling the glow from one another, as John left the room, Nicky said to Dawn, ‘Well that was a positive evening, I vote we do that again!’

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