Dealing with Geek Brain


This is a story for a special friend who inspired a whole bunch of new confidence from a young geek with an old brain — thanks for making everything better. The story is a fantasy.

To explain a bit about myself, my name is Ryan, and I am a 29-year-old quintessential geek. I have the thick black rimmed glasses, 6ft2 and I know I am smart and clever. However, when it comes to human interactions, I have been told that I am in desperate need of human translation. When it comes to matter of lust, my geek brain has got no idea what to do and when to do it. Proverbially, I am the moron in the room who women would need to slap to realise that affectionate advances are OK. If confidence was a problem before I was diagnosed with MS.

This is the story of a friendship, with ten years in the making coming together in one mad night. We had met ten years earlier when I was doing work with an American company and she was intern. We started to talk, she loved my accent, and I loved her confidence and her brain. A decade passes of calls, whatsapp messages, graduations and other significant events until she decides out of the blue to move to Australia… that is where this begins.

I am sitting in a bar, grasping a whiskey glass; scotch on the rocks to stiffen the nerves. See my friend is stunning, makes everything calm but also makes me nervous. She is a pocket rocket if ever there was one. 5ft, red head American from the heartland of Coal. Her name is Misty. She is as clever as I am but has more sexual confidence in her body then I do in my small toe. I am often getting regaled of tales of her conquests and she knows how to tease me with them, and she loves doing it as well. Whether it be guys, girls or anything in combination — she has done it and knows deep down, I want to as well. However, she also knows it would only ever be with her first. This is a potent mix of love, lust and admiration all bundled together in friendship.

Up until now, we have not seen each other for a decade. I am nervous like something I have not felt in many years. Before the meeting happens, she has set her first challenge. When she sets challenges, we know something is going to happen — I am to sit in a public bar with a remote-controlled vibrating butt-plug in my ass. I am a geek; I am a straight geek I tell myself and tell the world — she knows better though. She knows that today; the barriers and depravity will flow.

I sit there squirming as I see her, then I see advancing towards me. Being a good foot taller then, her I get up, lean on my walking stick and give her the biggest hug and kiss on the cheek I can. It has been far too long for this reunion to take place. Ever since coming to Australia she has used that big brain of hers to make a great life for herself and I know how lucky I am to be in her presence.

Not being a big drinker, I get her a Southern Comfort on ice as it is the one and only American drink I can think of in the moment. We sip, we talk, and we catch up like old friends. Everything from her fear of spiders, hatred of Donald Trump and how much of sports geek I am all are canvassed (especially with my Jungite Au Perite Philly T-Shirt from the Philadelphia Union MLS side) and so much more. See together, we can close a bar just talking, however, today is different.

“I am going to splash some water on my face” she whispers to me rather seductively. Then something happens I never thought would happen. She kisses my neck ever so tenderly so that I melt on the spot, then I am handed a remote and she steals mine from my pocket all in one fell swoop. At this point, I am a puddle, confused, excited and wondering what this dear friend of mine has planned in her wicked brain. If anyone knows how to muck around with my brain it is her, so I am more curious then anything else.

As she walks away, our glasses are empty, and I decide to be the gentleman and go and get refills. On my way back, as I turn, I feel the vibrations rev high in my ass. I moan, my eyes roll, and I do an amazing job to keep the alcohol in the glasses. I shoot my eyes over to where she walked away, and I see her giggling partially hiding behind a divider. I shoot her a death stare as she comes back over to the table as it dawns on me that this is going to be something very different to a normal catch up.

At this stage, I am readjusting myself frantically as I calm down once the vibrations stop completely. I take a sip of my drink and she has the most wicked smile on her face. She knows that my sweating and my heart beating quickly is all on her.

However, at this point my geek brain has not realized that I have been handed the tool for reprisal action.

It is important to realise that having not seen each other in a decade, in person, I would not have known without encouragement what the point of all of this was….

As dinner came and went, a bottle of the finest Kiwi wine was drunk in honour of my heritage and then an American bottle, in honour of hers. All the way through this, her hands lightly touched mine and then she scooched over into the corner next to me. We kept talking and then she kissed my neck in the same spot, but this time for longer. Followed by a kiss on my earlobe and then she whispered in my ear “use the remote geekboy”.

The remote was black and had several buttons on it, I was looking at it for a second like it was an alien space relic as my brain tried to compute what was going on. Then as I looked like an idiot, she sauntered away for another, stiffer drink. At this point I decided to press a button just as she was going to talk to the bartender. Her head cocked back, her mouth went wide open and I know she wasn’t getting an intelligent word out. At this point in my head, I realized what this was all about. It was like everything in my head clicked in together like it was an equation in math, a strategy problem in sport or the design of an advertisement — it was a moment of total clarity.

After a few seconds I cut it off so she could order, I was hardly going to deprive us both beverages for the sake of a thrill. As she came back, I waited until she got to the same spot, she shook me in and retaliated. She had a wicked grin as she moaned, and I ramped up the speed of the vibrations. She was walking like a toddler by the time she got up the two steps. For her, every foot movement felt like it was a marathon as I took pleasure in the newfound clarity of what was going on. Neighbouring tables were giving her filthy looks as she sweated and stifled the moans as best as she could. Then just as she got within distance of the table, I turned the whole thing off.

After receiving a hard punch in the arm for my antics, my evil grin must have been worth all the tea in China. The drink is finished, and she asks if I want to go somewhere quieter. Considering that she is leading this entertainment, I agree. She orders the Uber, and we get inside. She has gone all out and fancy as we get in a 4WD Audi. As we get in the car and greet the driver, she has an amazing cheeky smile on her face as I feel the shock of being turned back on as fast as the device could go. In retaliation, I follow suit and together we are both buzzing away, stifling the moans and then as we gaze into each other’s eyes, we kiss.

This is not a normal kiss, or something weird from a porn movie; this was smoldering electricity between two old friends all culminating in one moment. This was not the booze talking either, this is just unadulterated passion. As her tongue hit mine, it was electric, it was as if time stopped in the moment. The uber driver tries not to watch while making sure nothing else happens to mess up her car. She can obviously watch and hear the noises, which muffles the moans and buzzing noises.

As we pull into her apartment driveway, the kiss breaks and she opened the door to get out. As she gets out, she gives me her remote back, smiles and walk away. As I begin to protest, she says the magic words which will continue out the torture that had been smoldering all night…

“The next step of torture only happens when you bring your wife”.

As she strode away towards her building a group of teens came out of the building, so the least I could do is turn that remote up as fast as it could go. As soon as I could hear the screams and the moans, I could see the group stare at her stunned and she orgasmed in front of them. Once she was done, I told the driver to go to my hotel while relishing the taste on my lips that she had left.

A few minutes later I get the message on my phone “I really do love my favourite shithead…. Looking forward to meeting Mrs Shithead soon xx”

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