New Start (new friends)



Her tits were full it was like sucking cow udders. / Lyn remained wedged on my shaft till l had emptied my balls. / She whispered “bite me”, so l gave her nipple a hard nip, she let out a squeal. / Lyn looked down at me under her and began to slowly slide herself back and forth.

I walked out the Sussex divorce court after having my second marriage annulled, l decided it was time for a fresh start, my job was a hospital porter so it was easy to transfer to another hospital, l stuck a pin into a map and it seemed l was heading to Suffolk.

I contacted Suffolk hospital and they were pleased to offer me a place and everything was arranged even somewhere for me to live. I was told the accommodation was only a bedsit, but it turned out to be a converted attic that had bed lounge with a small cooker in the corner and shower room, l ate my main meals with my landlords Mr and Mrs Carter who were a nice couple and straight away we were on first name turns, l knew l was going to enjoy my new life.

Eric was 67yrs old, his only interests in life now were his vegetable garden and the many social clubs he was a member of, l also found out later he had a fetish. Lynda was 57yr old, a chubby woman with magnificent tits for her age, well from what l could see at that time.

I’d been living with Eric and Lynda for a few weeks and in the evenings l would sit and watch TV with Lynda while Eric was at one of his clubs. She would have a bath then sit dressed in her night gown watching TV while knocking back a few whisky and cokes and by 8.30-9pm Lyn would drop off to sleep and quite often her gown fell open revealing her large floppy tits and fat round belly which looked like she was 7 or 8 months pregnant.

One evening as we sat watching TV Lyn dropped off to sleep and her gown slowly began to reveal her belly and tits as she shuffled about in her chair, this evening l was feeling exceptionally horny and went for a closer look at her floppy tits, her nipples were big and round l was tempted to feel them but l thought this might wake her, she also had a thick mass of grey and dark curly pubic hair between her legs.

I couldn’t fight my urges anymore; l got my cock out and began to franticly wank my hard shaft imagining what it would feel like between Lyn’s mammoth soft floppy tits. I could feel my balls beginning to swell and get tighter, l was going to explode and couldn’t stop myself from wanking my cock faster as far as l was concerned my hard stiff shaft with its large mauve bulbous head was up inside Lyn’s warm wet old womb which was waiting for me to decorate it’s walls with hot creamy spunk and l wasn’t going to let her down. I pulled my foreskin hard down to the base of my shaft and held it there as a rush of hot spunk travelled from my balls, a gush shot from my urethral going onto Lyn’s belly and right tit, l gave my cock another few strokes a second load shot onto her thick mass of curly pubic hair then she got one more splatter from me, my spunk turned to a slow dribble, l shook my cock flicking the drops that hung from the urethral opening onto her belly.

My ball sack felt empty and l felt satisfied, l was also grateful to Lyn for wearing a dressing gown that was too small for her size, l very carefully wrapped her gown over her then went to bed.

At breakfast everything was normal, Eric looked over his news-paper to say “good morning” as l sat at the table, Lyn poured me a tea she was wearing the same gown as the previous evening the one that my spunk had soaked into. As l drank the cup of tea my thoughts were on the thick bush of hair between her legs covered with my sticky spunk, Lyn startled me when she asked if l was alright as l seemed miles away, l smiled then finished my breakfast and set off for work.

That evening was very much the same as the night before, Lyn would have a bath then settle down with a few whisky’s and by 9pm she was sleeping, but this time l opened her gown and took out my cock then slid the foreskin over the head which glistened due to my pre-cum juices leaking from my urethral opening. Lyn’s nipples looked so inviting, l brushed the head of my cock gently over one of her nipples she didn’t move so l did it again and a small gush of pre-cum oozed from my urethral which l wiped onto her nipple.

I knelt beside her chair and slowly began wanking my shaft then positioned my mouth over her nipple and licked it, Lyn didn’t stir so l did it again and again, l couldn’t help myself from then taking her nipple between my lips to softly suck, she began to moan and sigh which got louder, next she stirred so l quickly returned to my seat. She sat up looked about the room then wrapped her gown around her and said she was going to bed, Lyn was a bit unsteady on her feet due to the amount of whisky she had drank, but managed to make it to bed.

All l could now think about was sucking on Lyn’s nipples and shooting a good thick sticky load over her pussy bush, it was getting uncomfortable sitting there so l decided to go to bed and finish myself off. When l passed Lyn’s bedroom l peeped in she was on her back fast asleep, l was tempted to go in and have a suck on her nipples, but if she woke there would be no way l could explain why l was in her bedroom so went onto my room.

I stripped ready for bed, but l couldn’t get into bed as the urge to fuck Lyn was too great, l went to her bedroom and slid under the quilt, she was laying on her front, l lifted her nightie over her chubby bum cheeks and put a hand between her legs she instinctively spread them, l parted her pussy lips with a finger. Lyn murmured “hurry up” she thought l was Eric wanting a quick fuck, l lowered myself onto her back and guided my cock head to her pussy entrance and gently slid the whole of my shaft inside her then began fucking her hard and fast. She began sighing and lifting her bum slightly to meet my downward thrusts, l knew l wouldn’t be able to fuck her for too long as she was sure to realise so l really pounded my shaft in and out her hole, but then made the mistake of letting out “oh l’m cuming” just before shooting a steaming hot load into Lyn’s womb, she turned her head and saw it was me on her back fucking her and yelled “what you doing” then wriggle trying to get my cock out her pussy, but she couldn’t move due to the tight hold l had on her and l couldn’t answer as all my concerns were to finish shooting my sticky load deep inside her, but once l had emptied my balls the only thing l could say was “sorry”, Lyn yelled at me to go, l leapt from her bed and ran to my room. I lay in bed thinking how l would be looking for a new place to live or l’ll be in a cell the next day, but then my bedroom door opened l sat up it was Lyn, she sat on the edge of my bed and l thought here we go, lm going to get my marching orders, but instead she told me l was to never go into her bedroom again unless invited and stood up pulled her nightie over her shoulders and let it fall to the floor, lifted the quilt to climb into bed with me.

I raised her left tit and began sucking her nipple hard my mouth began to fill with a sweetish liquid, l stopped sucking and swallowed what was in my mouth, Lyn told me not to worry as it was only breast milk, not sounding to diplomatic l blurted-out was she pregnant, Lyn laughed and begun telling me how a doctor proscribed medication because she had a hormone imbalance the medication started her lactating and Eric her husband enjoyed drinking the milk so since then Lyn had been milking herself three or four times a day and storing her milk in the fridge for Eric to drink.

Once she explained, my lips grasped her nipple and l began draining Lyn’s tits one at a time, suckling got my cock hard and it must have done something to her as she straddled me then fed my shaft into her slippery pre-filled love hole. Lyn grasped her right tit and squeezed spraying me with breast milk then enquired if l had ever been squirted with milk before, l nodded sat up and took her nipple into my mouth, her tits were full it was like sucking cow udders. She pushed me down and began riding my shaft, sliding herself back and forth then lifting herself up only to slam herself down, Lyn’s large tits rose up into the air as she came downwards onto my cock her tits would then slam onto her round chubby belly, little droplets of milk came from her nipples and rolled down her belly.

We were finding our rhythm when l heard the front door slam, it was Eric, Lyn must have heard the door but she wasn’t deterred and carried on riding my shaft just as hard, but her breathing and moans got louder whereas l lost the moment. Lyn noticed and screamed at me “don’t worry about Eric” and egged me on to carry on fucking her.

I took hold of her fat hips for something to grip and began raising myself to meet her downward thrusts, Lyn’s juices ran from her pussy like a river l could feel it running over my balls and between my legs. I gave a hard shove of my shaft into her dripping pussy and yelled “lm cuming” as my first creamy load shot from the urethral opening at the end of my cock, Lyn’s inner pussy muscles pulsated coursing a rippling effect up and down my shaft sending my balls into a spasm and l shot one creamy hot load after another up inside her.

Lyn remained wedged on my shaft till l had emptied my balls, she leant forward to kiss me then unsaddled herself the spunk l shot inside her immediately began to ooze from between her pussy lips and run down her inner thighs. She picked up her nightie from the floor and gave her dribbling hole a good wipe then kissed me again and left my room. I listened out for any shouting or arguing but there was nothing so l went off to sleep very satisfied.

The next morning l woke to my alarm, dressed and went down for breakfast Eric was reading his newspaper and Lyn was sat at the table, she gave me a big grin and winked, l sat and helped myself to cereal while Lyn poured me a tea.

I glanced over the table, Lyn opened her gown lifted her tit and squeezed, her milk sprayed the table she got to her feet and came around to where l was sitting she took me by the hand and told Eric she was just going back to bed, he simply replied “ok” not even putting down his newspaper.

We went to her bedroom where she removed her gown then her nightie and lay on the bed, l was nervous knowing Eric was in the kitchen and l was in his bedroom about to fuck his wife, but seeing Lyn with her legs spread on the bed l knew l had to get my cock between her pussy lips to give her another fucking. I was naked in seconds and in position between Lyn’s legs, my shaft was wedged between her slightly flappy fat pussy lips, before l started fucking her l asked if we would be disturbed by Eric, and Lyn said the strangest thing “he’s waiting for you to finish”, l took it we would be safe. We began fucking and where my chest squashed her tits she was expelling milk, it wasn’t long before Lyn was sighing and moaning then as her orgasm grew she yelled at me to put my dirty cock deeper into her hole then screamed “fucking cum now!”, l opened the gates to my balls, a rush of steaming hot creamy cum flowed down my shaft to flood Lyn’s womb. Once l had given her inside a good filling, l slid my shaft from Lyn’s wet dripping hole and wiped the head of my cock in the bush of hair between her legs.

As l dressed l joked was she getting up or going to stay in bed ready for when l came home, it was then Lyn told me about Eric’s fetish, he liked to watch her being fucked and loved fucking her after when she had a spunk filled pussy, but on this occasion he thought it might put me off, l thought she was joking till l was going out the door to work and Eric asked me if Lyn was ready for him, l replied “yep” and went to work.

All that day l had a hard cock thinking of Eric fucking Lyn while she was filled with my spunk, l couldn’t wait to get home and see if he wanted me to refill her.

When l walked through the front door Lyn was sat in the lounge catching up on some soap and Eric was in the garden tending his vegetables, l inquired if he was happy with how full l had left her that morning. She sat forward in her armchair and said “yes”, got to her feet and stood in front of me then pressed the palm of her hand against my groin and took my cock out to slowly start wanking my stiff shaft. I opened her blouse and released her large smooth tits then taking one nipple into my mouth l sucked and drank her milk, Lyn wanked me faster l let out a gasp she sat on the arm of the sofa and said softly “my turn to milk you”, she took my cock to the back of her throat, l placed my hands at the back of her head and thrust my hips forward this caused Lyn to choke she told me not to force my cock down her throat, so l left it to her to work on my hard shaft. Out the corner of my eye l saw Eric appear and my immediate reaction was to stop, but Lyn had a to tighter grip on my cock, she sucked and slurped down on my shaft, Eric stood watching with a smile on his face.

My ball sack started to tingle, l knew it was time to empty the sticky hot contents, l hoped Lyn was thirsty l couldn’t hold back any longer and shouted “lm cumin, lm cuming”, Eric yelled “give it to the bitch!” and l did, my creamy liquid flowed through my shaft exploding into Lyn’s mouth, she was sucking my cock to get every drop then swallowed the lot it felt like she was using my shaft as a straw to drain my balls, it felt so good.

Once Lyn emptied my ball sack she licked from under my balls paying loving attention to the head of my cock then when she had finished with my now semi hard shaft Lyn gently placed it into my boxers and calmly announced dinner was at 6pm, l didn’t know what to say, so just replied “thank you” and went to my room.

Later when Eric called me down for dinner the conversation was like any other meal time, he was telling me about his vegetables then reminded Lyn he had a meeting at some social club. After we had eaten Eric went off to get ready for his club and l helped Lyn clear the table before going to my room, we didn’t speak about us having sex or her sucking me off when l came home from work, l wondered if it was all just a one-off thing that happened.

It was about 7.30pm when l heard Lyn calling me to ask if l was going to watch telly, so l went downstairs, she was in her usual armchair with a glass of whisky beside her, but this night l noticed Lyn wasn’t in her gown, l enquired if she was having a late bath or going out, Lyn winked and said she has plans for a shower later then winked again and suggested we could have some fun without Eric being there as it was enjoyable with just the 2 of us.

While watching her soap she had a few more whisky’s then when it finished got up and asked me to follow. We ended up in her bedroom where l was told to undress her then strip which l eagerly obeyed, Lyn was wearing a striped dress with a V-neck which was quick and easy to remove, but l couldn’t say the same for her tights, her tits where pushed together in a white bra which as soon as l took off caused Lyn’s tits to flop onto her round belly then last of all l slid her knickers over her chunky hips and thighs down to her ankles and she stepped out of them. We stood beside the bed naked kissing, my lips closed around her hard nipple and l began sucking, Lyn had a grip on my cock her hand slowly sliding up and down my shaft, she whispered “bite me”, so l gave her nipple a hard nip she let out a squeal, l did it again and her squeal became a gasp, she murmured “bite me”, this time l bit down and sucked hard leaving a large dark mauve and red mark, she would say “again” each time l bit her, Lyn’s tits became a patchwork of bites then l started on her neck which looked like she was wearing a collar by the time l had finished, all the time l was biting her she was finger fucking herself the under sheet on the bed had a massive damp patch.

I was ready to fill Lyn’s inside with a thick creamy load, so snuggled in between her legs, but she had other ideas telling me we were going into the en-suit.

On the floor was a towel which Lyn asked me to lay on, next she straddled me with the head of my cock just parting her pussy lips, l felt a warm wet liquid trickling down my cock and between my legs, Lyn impaled herself onto my shaft and carried on peeing at the same time began riding my cock, l can’t remember which l enjoyed the most, her peeing while having my cock wedged up inside her or having Lyn piss on me, but together it was mind blowing.

Our breathing got deeper; she was letting out loud moans and called me a bastard then slapped my face, l pulled her onto my cock she let-out a gasp, l wasn’t sure if she was still peeing or Lyn had squirted, l couldn’t hold back anymore and just let my load gush through the length of my shaft and began oozing from my urethral opening flooding her womb. She flung her head back and started squealing like a little piggy, l shot another steaming hot load up inside her, Lyn looked down at me under her and began to slowly slide herself back and forth mumbling “yeses, oh god yeses”, l thrust my hips upwards to shoot another thick creamy load, Lyn gulped in a mouthful of air then stopped sliding back and forth leant forward and we kissed she said softly “now how about that shower”.

Lyn may have been in her late 50s, but she had given me a run for my money l didn’t know about a shower l was dehydrated and knackered. We spent at least a half hour in the shower giving each other a good lathering among other things.

After the shower Lyn gave me a fantastic cock sucking and eagerly swallowed every drop she got from my balls, it was then and only then that she let me go to my own room.

I had fallen asleep and was woken by Lyn asking me to come to her room, so l followed her to find Eric standing by their bed naked, he asked me to do the business with Lyn, she was now laying on the bed spreading her pussy lips which looked red and wet the hair between Lyn’s legs glistened with her juices my cock immediately stood out like a pole in my boxers they were off in seconds and l was between Lyn’s legs sliding my shaft into her smooth wet sticky hole to begin fucking her.

I didn’t hang about fucking Lyn, she was receiving hard deep thrusts and between her loud moans and Eric’s shouts of encouragement l was soon letting out sounds of my own as l shot a nice full sticky load up inside Lyn’s warm wet pussy hole. I was fucking Lyn almost every days and on special occasions Eric would ask me to fill her so he could enjoy his fetish of fucking his wife when she had a full womb of spunk.

All was going well then one night Lyn came running into my room saying Eric was in a crash, so l took her to the hospital, Eric died in the early hours, l was surprised how well she coped with his death, Eric’s sister Tillie came to stay and that helped.

Tillie was 52yrs old and for some reason lived in a complex for the elderly the complex had a café, hairdressers and small shop on the ground floor there were staff to help with the residents, Tillie did mention a few times how expensive it was to live there.

Lyn told me how Tillie looked after her mother till she died, Tillie wasn’t allowed boyfriends in fact she wasn’t allowed any close friends, if Lyn and Eric visited then quite often Tillie was sent to her room, while Tillie was staying with us there wasn’t much conversation between me and her till one evening Lyn brought us a takeaway to say thank you for supporting her.

Everyone was enjoying the meal and Tillie began to actually talk, she was telling us about the complex where she lived and happen to mention there was a vacancy for an odd-job person so l asked how l could apply as it was less hours and closer to home than my hospital job.

By 10pm Tillie had to go to bed as two and a half glasses of wine was more than enough for her. I sat chatting to Lyn, we hadn’t fucked since Eric died in fact l had on purposely stayed out of her way, it was getting late so l went to bed leaving her to carry on drinking. I don’t know what time it was, but l was half woken by a hand grabbing my cock and someone whisper “let’s get this bigger”, it was Lyn she started to wank me hard and fast.

It didn’t take long to get my shaft hard, just a few stokes, Lyn slithered down the bed to take my cock into her warm wet mouth causing me to let-out a low moan, l could feel the head of my cock being squeezed by her throat muscles then Lyn gasp when she eased my cock from her throat, she did this repeatedly. My pre-cum oozed from the urethral opening at the tip of my cock, Lyn swallowed the clear sticky liquid then climbed up the bed to straddle me, she held my shaft and impaled herself letting-out a sigh of satisfaction before riding my shaft like a wild woman. She flung her head back taking in large gulps of air telling me “don’t cum, don’t fucking cum”, it was taking all my concentration not to pull Lyn down onto my cock and fill her inside with what l had been storing in my balls sack.

She stopped suddenly and fed one of her nipples into my mouth, l sucked hard the milk squirted into my mouth l had grown to love the taste and sucked harder, Lyn’s milk sacks were full due to not being pumped or sucked for 3 or 4 weeks her soft round milk containers were all mine now. Lyn let me suckle for a while longer before sitting up and carried on riding my shaft, she gave a loud gasp thrusted herself downwards, l knew she was ready for me to pump every drop of creamy thick spunk up my shaft and begin flooding her womb. When my first powerful load exploded inside her, she gave a yell then my second load burst from my cock, Lyn gasped “oh god yeses, yes”, l pushed her tits together to spray myself with the milk contained inside then raised my hips to give her one more powerful spurt of steaming hot runny spunk fresh from my balls.

We stay locked together for a while as neither one of us wanting to separate, Lyn squirted me with her milk containers and gave a smile then slowly lifted herself from my shaft, when she got to her feet a gush of my spunk came from between her pussy lips and began running down her inner thighs Lyn wiped her spunk dripping pussy and said she’d better go to her bed because she didn’t want Tillie seeing her come out my room.

At breakfast Lyn remarked how she had slept well, Tillie sympathetically said “it takes time”, Lyn looked at me and grinned. As l was leaving for work Tillie reminded me to phone the complex where she lived about the vacancy and to mention it was her that told me.

Well l phoned the complex for the vacancy and got the job as there odd-job man, within 2 weeks l was changing lightbulbs, pushing people to the café, small shop or hairdressers in there wheelchairs or unblocking drains, but best of all l got to meet more new friends with benefits, very good benefits which l’ll tell you about in New Start (new job).

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