Elle’s Treated Like a Princess (edited)



Elle recently had an episode with her uncle in her closet for 7 wonderful minutes. They agree to meet for lunch the next day, and she is treated like a princess.

Elle kept looking at the clock in her last hour class, on her high school’s early release day. She had secretly made plans to have her uncle pick her up, just down the street from the entrance to her private school. Over the weekend, Uncle Terry cornered her upstairs in her bedroom. She had always been attracted to him, but this time, she knew he was very horny after inspecting her young body. He asked her about her boyfriends, and she admitted, her parents were not willing to let her date just yet . . . so no boyfriend. He joked about how he might be able to give her some experience.

She said she would be willing . . . but was afraid her parents and the rest of the family . . . downstairs might find out. He asked whether she had ever played, 7 Minutes in Heaven, an old game he had played when he was her age. She had never heard of it.

“How do you play?” she asked.

“Well it’s for girls who aren’t afraid of making out and doing other things . . . for 7 minutes in a closest with a boy,” he explained. Then there was silence. She certainly would be interested in kissing her handsome uncle, but the “doing other things” kinda concerned her. But she figured what could happen in 7 minutes!

“I’m willing to play, if that’s ok with you. But who keeps time?” she asked, trying to act more grown up. It’s at that point that her uncle takes out his cell phone and clicks on the timer . . . setting it for 7 minutes.

“We are supposed to be in a closet . . . and it looks like this one is available,” he says with a big smile on his face as he opens up her bedroom closet. It is about 5 feet wide and about 4 feet deep, with clothes on three sides. Just enough room for both of them to go at it, he thought.

“Still game to play Elle?” he asked, extending his hand out towards her. She smiles and grasps his open palm. He doesn’t want her to freak out too much, so rather than flipping on the light switch, he just pulls her inside, reaches behind him and pulls the door shut. Not absolute darkness, but pretty close. Then he starts the timer, which is pretty much the only light inside the closet.

“I will take the lead, since this is your first time. Just follow along, and remain silent, so the others downstairs don’t hear us.”

“Okay,” she says excitedly. Immediately she feels his hands behind her head and his warm lips against hers. This excites her almost immediately. Soon his tongue is inside her mouth, as it lashes across hers, and even up to the top of her mouth, and in between her teeth. She realizes he is a very experienced kisser . . . and soon her tongue is following suit, and hopefully making him feel aroused, just like she does.

As he continues to kiss, he reaches down and captures her tits in his hands. They aren’t super big yet, but he feels her nipples growing at a fast rate under her thin bra. She can’t help herself as she begins to moan into his mouth as his fingers continue to excite her breasts. He quickly slips his hands to the bottom of the sweater she is wearing, and immediately moves his right hand up her warm stomach to the bottom of her bra cup. Simultaneously, he reaches behind her back, locates the clasp on her bra and unhooks it. With Elle’s lips still against his, there is no way she can object, as he works her bra off her shoulders.

Within seconds, he is rubbing each bare nipple with the tips of his thumbs, exciting her even more. The young girl can’t believe how aroused she is becoming. She moves her tongue into his mouth, more urgently and realizes now only his thumb and index finger of one hand are exciting each of her buds. Not enough to cause any pain, but he continues to pinch and pull on her nipples, making them as rigid as she ever remembered. Then she hears a zipper being pulled down and he fumbles with something down below. Was it the zipper on her jeans or his pants, she wonders, still under the mercy of what he is doing to her tits and stiff nipples.

Next, her extremely horny uncle finds her hand and moves it over towards the center of his pants.

“Hold my long cock . . . for me,” he whispers, taking his lips off of hers. Soon her fingers have encircled his stiff shaft, and he immediately moans his appreciation. He directs her to move her hand up and down the shaft. She is somewhat afraid, but follows his instructions. It is at that moment; the timer goes off. They both feel some urgency to get their clothes back to normal since the rest of the family is downstairs, and a minute or so later, Uncle Terry opens the door.

“I think you said you would be out early on Wednesday. . . from school . . .correct?” he asked, exiting her closet.

“Uh, huh, it’s an early release day,” she said still trying to hook back up her bra, under her sweater.

“Good . . . what time is that?”


“I will park one street over on Hemingway. We are going to go to a special place together, where I will treat you like a princess and we will enjoy an exceptional lunch together . . . like never before. I am headed downstairs, so wait a few minutes before following me. Now back to the present:

She glanced quickly up and down the street, making sure none of her classmates were around. Then almost as if she was hypnotized, she moved a couple of paces to the curb, and stepped back onto that thin ice of childhood daring, accepting his invitation. The 15-year-old girl willingly slid her young bum into the passenger seat of his car, knowing very well that he was going to sexually excite her, and that she was going to let him. Her young heart thudded to the tempo of the car’s engine as he leaned over her to pull the door closed. He looked around quickly to make sure nobody was about and then leaned over to kiss her.

“I missed you,” he whispered.

His words sent a shiver through her as she realized that she had missed him too. Although it had only been a few days, she had missed his easy smile and good humored jokes. And although she had only been given a ride a few times, she had missed the throbbing vibration of the MG’s engine – missed the familiar and wonderfully scary feeling of her teen vagina . . . pulsing in time with it.

She was trembling with anxiety. The last time she had accepted a lift from him, she had done so in total innocence . . . she’d had any way of knowing what would happen on the way home today. This time she had the memory of what took place in her bedroom closet. She knew her panties were going to come off in his car and he was going to do other things to her . . . things that she should never allow anyone to do . . . and he would expect her to do things to him.

“This isn’t the way to my house,” she said nervously as he took a different turn then her usual one.

“I didn’t say I was taking you home, did I?”

She shook her head timidly. She had already known he wouldn’t be taking her straight home. He smiled and winked at her as his free hand rested lightly on her bare leg, just above her knee. The touch of his hand could easily have been a friendly innocent gesture . . . but Elle knew better than that now.

“Where are we going?” she asked even though she was certain it would make no difference where they went. She already knew what was going to happen when they got there.

“You’ll see,” he said mysteriously as he turned onto the main road, heading out of town.

After a few miles, he turned off onto a side road that led to the rolling hills of the South Downs. He was speaking softly, trying to hide his excitement at what he had planned for the cute girl. He was trying to calm her obvious anxiety but it didn’t help. She was incredibly nervous. She barely heard the words he said as the car climbed smoothly to the peak of one of the hills and his hand caressed her bare leg, slowly drifting higher . . .

He finally pulled the car off the road near a picnic spot. He parked the car in a thicket, out of sight of the road and the picnic area. He leaned over and smiled warmly. Then he kissed her. A moment later his tongue was in her young mouth, tasting its freshness. And his fingers were inching up the inside of her thigh, touching the hem of her short skirt, and slipping underneath it. She felt a nervous warmth sweep over her. The intensity of his perverse sexual desire for her was more than a little scary. But it felt good to be with him again. He was doing it again and she was submissively allowing him to do it.

Elle gasped through her nostrils and squeezed her eyes closed. She wanted this. She needed to feel the ecstasy she had previously experienced at Uncle Terry’s expert hands. Maybe the fear was a part of the thrill but even though she knew what to expect, it was still scary for her. It could never be easy for a girl in that situation, having a man’s tongue in her mouth, feeling his adult fingers teasing and flirting their way up under her skirt.

Elle slipped her bum lower in the seat, dutifully spreading her young legs, and lifting her pelvis slightly. She was trying to be a good lover for him. She was trying to give him what he wanted by offering him unrestricted access to the soft, warm crotch of her already wet underwear, letting him touch her there and compliantly allowing him to gently rub the puffy lips of her hairless pussy, through the thin cotton material.

She gasped softly through her young nostrils, sucking submissively on Uncle Terry’s tongue as his big adult fingers found the leg band of her underwear and tucked underneath it, slipping boldly onto the soft naked lips of her pussy, touching it. She wondered what Mike, her brother would think of her . . . if he could see her now. She knew this was wrong and bad but any feelings of guilt were swamped by the nervous, naughty excitement sweeping through her.

She whimpered anxiously as Uncle Terry’s fingers flirted with her moistened vaginal lips, finding the sensitive nub of her young clit and the tiny tight ring of her pussy opening, rubbing her gently, feeling her up, sexually arousing her. And she sat there nervous but willing, with her legs spread wide, sucking on his adult tongue, letting him do it, wanting it and being a good willing girl for him.

He pulled his lips off hers and whispered softly to her, expressing his unbridled excitement.

“You really are a very sexy girl,” he said softly. “I’ve thought about you constantly since our time together in your bedroom.”

Elle lowered her eyes, almost overwhelmed by the strange mixture of intense emotions and physical sensations sweeping over her. There was nervousness, a nagging fear, and something else, something she didn’t quite understand. She felt her slender thighs twitching lightly. She felt her young hips lifting nervously. She felt her young body responding to the gentle caress of his adult fingers on the naked lips . . . of her pussy. And she liked it.

“Have you been thinking about me?” he asked in a nervous whisper.

Elle looked up into his eyes, hesitating momentarily, and then nodded.

“I’m glad,” he smiled. “Were you okay after what we did last time?”

Elle nodded again. “Yes,” she managed to whisper, thinking how different Uncle Terry’s was . . . to her insistent brother . . . who had got what he wanted without caring about her at all.

“It must have been a bit of a shock for you – you know, our first time together and I did that to you. I’m sorry about that,” he said with complete sincerity. “I just couldn’t help myself. I wanted you so much.”

A shy and embarrassed blush colored Elle ‘s young face as she considered what that meant. He had wanted her? Did he really mean he wanted to keep her?

“We don’t have to do this . . . every time,” he said, recognizing her anxiety, trying to reassure her. “And as you will see, I’ve got different plans for you today.”

Elle pursed her lips nervously. She was prepared for what they had done last time, that was familiar ground – not exactly innocent but familiar. This time he wanted something different – did that mean something more than last time? The young girl could think of only one thing he might want that was more than last time.

He grinned at her. “Nothing to worry about,” he said as he slipped his fingers out from under the crotch of her underwear. “Here, let’s get these off you.”

Elle obediently lifted her little bum off the passenger seat and, without thinking about it, pulled her knees together, letting him tug her underwear down her legs. He stripped her light blue panties right off her, leaving her naked under her short school uniform skirt.

“There we go,” he whispered. “Now come with me, I’ve got a surprise for you.”

Elle’s heart was in her mouth as he got out of the car and beckoned her to follow him. What was this about? What did he have planned for her this time? She had willingly got into his car because to her mind, the car was safe. She had allowed him to touch her and she had touched him. Outside of the car was outside her experience and outside her comfort zone. Her legs were rubber as she wondered how much danger she was in now . . . and if it was possible to run away on legs . . . that would barely support her.

Uncle Terry pulled a basket out from the back of the car and waved it at her.

“Picnic!” he said triumphantly.

Elle released her breath with a huge sigh and giggled helplessly. How wonderful! A picnic and she had thought he was going to do something naughty to her. It never occurred to the girl, to wonder why he had removed her panties to have a picnic. She was still giggling as she followed him deeper into the trees. The trees were bigger and denser here. It was also darker and more forbidding. She had no idea where they were going, but Uncle Terry seemed to know and so she followed him.

They eventually came to a clearing in the trees. Elle squealed with surprised pleasure when she saw the grassy rise in the middle of the trees. The sun was at just the right angle to warm the clearing and she could see squirrels crouched on the branches of the bordering trees, chittering and watching them both with alert, suspicious eyes.

“It’s just perfect,” she exclaimed happily. “Like a magical place, for us to have lunch.”

“It’s our place, our secret magical place” said Uncle Terry proudly. “I claimed it in the name of a beautiful princess.”

“Who?” said Elle excitedly. “Who is she?”

“Princess Elle of course. Who did you think?”

“I’m a princess?”

“A beautiful princess,” he corrected her with a grin. “My princess. Think back a few years earlier when you were too young, and enjoy what I have planned.”

He dropped the basket and began to unpack it, spreading a cloth for the food and a blanket for them to sit on. He produced a bottle of wine and various containers of food which he laid out with a flourish and then he bowed deeply.

“Your Majesty,” he said in a cheery voice. “Din-nah is served.”

Elle giggled delightedly, only too willing to join in a magical game of make-believe, especially as she was a princess and the picnic was obviously real. And he had thought about her – he had planned this without even knowing that she would get into his car. Perhaps she should have worried that he was so sure of her, confident she could be controlled and manipulated so precisely. Maybe she should have been more concerned about a lot of things . . . but she was a teen girl – an excited teen girl and her only thought was how much he must care about her to arrange all this. If he cared about her, that made him safe to be with . . . didn’t it?

Uncle Terry knew his subject alright. His passion for teen girls and it made sense to study what teen girls were passionate about, if he wanted to get closer to them. Most girls are reluctant to give up their fantasies and the magic of childhood pretence, even when maintaining the illusion took effort and discomfort. The more elaborate the fantasy, the more reluctant a girl would be to sacrifice it for a minor inconvenience like forgetting she was not supposed to take her panties off . . . for strange men or to let those same strange men touch her . . . where nobody was supposed to touch her.

He had made good progress so far, but he had a gut feeling the next step might cause her to hesitate and think about what she was getting into. He needed to avoid putting her in a situation where she would question him or his motives – or what they were doing to each other. He had never hurt anyone or deliberately made one unhappy. He might never have forced a girl before . . . but he was determined that today . . . this pretty young girl . . . was going to suck his cock.

Elle studied the picnic set-up with a puzzled frown.

“No plates or silverware,” she announced finally.

“In the Kingdom of Nofork, we never use such things – as your Royal Highness already knows of course,” said her uncle with just the right amount of pomposity to maintain the illusion of his princely status.

“We eat with our fingers, I suppose,” sighed Princess Elle, feeling a little let down. “But what about plates? What can we eat from?”

“Each other of course. That is why we have no servants here. Only a prince of the royal blood, such as myself . . . is worthy for a Princess such as you to eat from. And of course the other way around as well,” he added hastily.

“How do we do that?”

“Patience your Highness. Tis unseemly for a Princess who is next in line to the throne . . . to be too hasty to eat.”

Terry dropped to his knees in front of her. Elle smiled weakly. It was less intimidating and more in keeping with her role as a princess to have a man kneel before her. His next action was somewhat less royal and a lot less respectful. Elle was startled for a moment when he circled her waist with one arm and pulled her small body up against his. He slipped his free hand down onto her bottom and then lower to find the hem of her skirt, lifting it, his fingers slipping beneath and fanning out . . . to cup the soft, naked cheeks of her bum, squeezing it gently.

He kissed her again, coaxing her young mouth open, pushing her boundaries as he pushed his tongue into her and explored her mouth, assaulting her with his adult tongue and at the same time nudging her legs apart, spreading her legs as his fingers slipped between them once again, finding her cute teen pussy, rubbing it gently, but also urgently.

It was an incredible moment for her, being with him again, having already had her panties stripped off, responding to the aggression of his bold adult tongue in her young mouth, feeling his hands on her, squeezing the naked cheeks of her bum, rubbing her pussy. For a brief moment she thought about reminding him this was not Royal behavior and then the thought vanished in a haze of pleasure.

His fingers were everywhere and gone again and then they settled at the waist of her skirt, searching for and finding the little hook that held the waistband closed. Elle twitched nervously as Uncle Terry’s fingers unhooked the little clasp and then eased the short zipper down. There was nothing to hold Elle ‘s skirt up and so it did the other thing and slithered down her legs, pooling around her ankles. She was effectively naked from the waist down, with only her ankle socks and shiny black patent leather shoes to protect her modesty.

“W-why’re you taking my skirt off?” she asked timidly, certain there was no connection between a picnic and having her clothes removed.

“We use each other as plates, princess,” whispered Uncle Terry huskily. “We don’t want to get grease or sauce over your school clothes, now do we?”

Elle shook her head. No that would not be good to go home with dirty clothes. Her head shake was also for the confusion she was feeling . . . how could they use each other . . . for plates. And then another thought occurred to her.

“What if someone sees me?”

“Nobody ever comes this way,” murmured Uncle Terry his fingers busy on the buttons of her blouse. How did he know that? Was she one of many whom he had explored in this fashion?

‘But they might,’ thought Elle. ‘And it’s me without my clothes on, not him.’

She did not consider that, however embarrassing it might be if a stranger wandered into the clearing, it would be Uncle Terry who was in trouble. She was the victim and all she thought about . . . was being seen naked. Soon he had unhooked her bra, and her small breasts were bare, for him to be delighted. It was too late now for such thoughts because her blouse was lying on the grass next to her skirt and her bra had been tossed aside. She was a very naked girl, which excited him to the absolute limit.

“You need to lie down on the blanket,” whispered Uncle Terry.


“Because you’re my table and all the food will fall off . . . if you’re standing up.”

That made sense. Elle followed his directions and lay on the blanket, arms by her side and stiff as a board.

“You can relax a bit,” said Uncle Terry. “You make a beautiful table but you’re not made of wood.”

“I thought you said I was a princess,” she said nervously, trying to get back into character. Nervous because none of this made any sense . . . and she was unsure what he wanted to do.

“You’re my princess Elle and I’m your prince,” he said soothingly. “You’ll understand everything in just a moment and I promise you’ll like it.”

Elle relaxed a little. So far he had done nothing to hurt her and she sort of trusted him. Besides, he knew loads more than she did about all kinds of things. Then she jumped . . . as something cold dripped onto her left breast. She jumped again when the same thing happened to her right breast.

“Wha- what’s happening? What are you doing?” she squealed, feeling her bare nipples stiffen . . . from the cold sticky liquid.

“Serving the jelly, your highness,” whispered Uncle Terry as he lowered his head to her breast and began to slowly and lovingly . . . lick the cold sticky jelly from her teen orbs.

Elle suddenly understood and she laughed, partly from relief at finally understanding what he had planned and partly because the cold jelly was trickling down her stomach to make a small pool in the dip of her belly button.

Uncle Terry spooned more and more jelly over her firm breasts and watched as it spread and flowed. He occasionally licked the excess away but allowed a small stream of strawberry jelly to fill . . . and overflow the little lake forming in the indentation of her belly button.

Elle shivered with pleasure when the warmth of his tongue and lips contrasted with the icy cold of the sticky jelly. She shivered more violently when the liquid reached the base of her stomach and flowed slowly over the soft swell of her mons before it dripped between her legs, searching out and filling every crevice it found.

Uncle Terry’s tongue and lips followed the trail of her sweet stickiness, licking and lapping the girl’s sensitive skin as he went. When the stream began to trickle between Elle ‘s plump bald vaginal lips, (and yes . . . she had shaved, just like he asked) she moaned softly as it tickled its way into her most intimate area – she knew that Uncle Terry’s tongue was close behind it and the anticipation was almost too much to bear.

She squealed and wriggled when his questing tongue tip gently separated the lips of her pussy. He had to hold her hips still when his tongue darted teasingly inward, probing the delicate inner lining of her pussy and finding the perimeter of her tiny hole. He felt her body tense and she mewled helplessly when his stiffened tongue pressed in slightly, penetrating just half an inch inside her. He kept the tip of his tongue inside the teen girl, flickering like a serpent’s tongue until her slender hips began to lift slightly, undulating in an instinctive and ancient rhythm. Elle moaned her disappointment when his tongue slipped out and slithered upwards between the sweet stickiness of her pussy lips, lapping and licking until it reached the tiny button of her clit.

Her entire body suddenly spasmed and she screeched . . . as the incredible sensation hit like nothing she had ever known. Her young body was as stiff as a board as her muscles locked rigid with the shock. The sharp intense flash of pleasure/pain rippled outwards, sending shockwaves of pure sensation to every nerve in her body and her orgasm was more violent more exciting and much scarier than she had imagined anything could ever be.

He waited a few minutes, allowing her to relax before he spooned more jelly onto her smooth luscious skin. The coolness brought her back to reality – until his tongue and lips began work again, licking and slathering and prodding her body to yet another mind blowing orgasm…

Then he did it again…

And again…

When he finally allowed her to rest, Elle had lost count of how many times she had orgasmed. She was limp and exhausted and a warm satisfied glow suffused every cell in her body.

“How can anything feel so good?” she whispered faintly . . . when she finally found her voice.

“You like picnics like this one . . . huh?” Uncle Terry murmured in a soft voice.

“I love royal picnics,” she laughed.

“So, your majesty was pleased with the first course then?”

“First course?” she squealed. “You mean there’s more?”

He shrugged eloquently. “It would be an insult to your royal highness if there were less than a dozen courses.”

Elle lay her head back on the blanket. Twelve courses? She was totally exhausted after one. She knew she would just die if she came any more that day.

She was wrong of course. She didn’t die but she did gasp in shock when he showed her the Tupperware container filled with mini frankfurters. She gasped again when he gently rubbed one of the small slender sausages between the moist, still swollen lips of her pussy. She gasped a lot more loudly when he lovingly pushed the first sausage into her tight vagina and then nibbled on it. The second sausage was less shock and more pleasure and she moaned blissfully as he played with it – sucking it out a little and then pushing it back in with his tongue. He repeated the movement a little more rapidly until she came and then he sucked the sausage completely into his mouth and ate it. By the fifth sausage she was screaming so loudly as she came yet again, he was forced to stuff her panties into her mouth to muffle the sound.

Her eyes fluttered open when he gently removed her panties from her mouth and kissed her softly and lovingly.

“Did your highness approve of the second course,” he asked, his lips still touching lightly on hers.

She closed her eyes again and smiled serenely.

“Perfect,” she sighed. “Just perfect.”

Uncle Terry allowed himself a satisfied smile. He knew from experience if he had attempted to simply lick her pussy, there was every chance she would freak out. The little game had introduced her painlessly and pleasurably to the world of oral-genital stimulation. The next step would be easier. His teen princess was about to discover . . . this particular street went both ways.

Elle murmured contentedly as Uncle Terry took her hand and squeezed gently. She squeezed back almost automatically and smiled contentedly. Even when he pulled her hand towards him, guiding her fingers to the thick hard shape pressing out against the material of his jeans, she smiled, knowing what he wanted and more than happy to give it to him after what he had done for her. Relaxed and content, she responded intuitively, giving him what he wanted, her fingers feeling the shape of him, holding it, squeezing it lightly.

Elle’s eyes opened in puzzlement when he pulled her hand away from the hard swelling inside his jeans. She looked up and stared anxiously as he got to his feet and fumbled almost frantically with his belt and his zipper. Then his jeans and underpants were down below his knees and off.

Her eyes found the rude shape of his adult cock. Sure she had felt it days before in her closet. But seeing it naked like that, in the daylight . . . stiff and hard, expressing its full arousal and its obvious, perverted desire for her – it excited her, and it made her blush. There was something incredibly naughty and deeply thrilling about seeing an adult man’s sexual organ naked and fully erect and knowing she was the cause of that erection.

He lay back down alongside her naked body and held her tightly, her delicate smooth skin pressed against his rough male hardness. A little shiver went through her as she realized they were naked together – his thick hard cock was pressing rudely against her slender thigh. She trembled, wondering if he was planning to put that enormous cock inside her dripping pussy.

There was no princess or royal highness this time as he looked into her eyes and whispered, “Fuck . . . I want you so badly.”

He took her hand gently and she let him wrap her fingers around the warm, hard, enthusiastic shaft of his adult cock. She let him remind her how to grip it lightly, and how to pull slowly up and down, pumping it for him. She was actually excited that she was doing something to make him feel good.

He twisted slightly and reached for one of the Tupperware containers. Gently prying her fingers from around his urgently throbbing cock, he dipped her hand almost to the wrist in the cool sticky jelly. He guided her jelly covered hand back to his cock and her fingers knew to grip him and begin to masturbate him again – this time with the slippery thickness of the jelly coating every inch of his cock. He released his hold on her hand and allowed her to pump him with slow deliberation while his hand stroked her hair, entwining his fingers in her hair at the back of her head,

“You haven’t eaten yet,” he whispered as he pressed gently down on her head, guiding her, bringing her closer to his shaft.

She gasped as his male scent mixed with the scent of strawberry jelly came to her, and flirted its way into her mouth and nose. She opened her eyes momentarily, seeing the eager, swollen head of his cock, sticking right up at her. It was intoxicating, knowing that it was hard for her, that it wanted her. She did nothing to resist, letting herself go limp. It didn’t really come as a surprise to her. He had already taken her through the minefield of oral-genital contact with his own mouth and tongue between her thighs. Those intimate parts of her young body, her sweet, soft, hairless lips, and the snug hole of her teen vagina, were still wet with his saliva. How could she deny him?

She was understandably nervous. It was like the two of them were engaged in a slow, lewdly erotic dance, with him in the lead, guiding her. She closed her eyes, and trembled nervously as the warm, rude bulb of his cock head touched her lips. He let her feel him trace a line around her lips with the tip, leaving a slippery trail of strawberry stickiness. Her stiff tongue flicked out experimentally, tasting the jelly. Then he pressed gently down on her head again, coaxing her lips apart, slipping between them. It was an incredibly powerful experience for Elle, to be so deeply and intimately connected to a man, to have the head of his adult cock between her lips, to feel him pressing down on her head and she understood what he wanted her to do.

For a brief moment, Elle almost panicked, almost pulled away, almost felt tears of anxiety welling up inside her, almost believed she couldn’t do it. His big cock was staring her in the face, then touching her mouth, pressing upward, suggesting, insisting. A nervous gasp of air burst from her lips, and it was too late. He lifted his hips and gently pushed the head of his cock into her open mouth.

Elle whimpered softly and gave him what he wanted, parting her tender young lips, admitting his swollen cock to the forbidden warmth of her mouth, opening up for him, taking the swollen head inside, feeling it slide over her tongue and tasting his maleness mixed with the heady sweetness of strawberry.

“Ohhhhhh . . . that feels SO good Elle,” he whispered hoarsely, encouraging her.

If Uncle Terry had not been as cunning or careful all of this should have frightened any girl into screaming and running as far and as fast as she could away from him. But fear is not what Elle was feeling at that moment. She felt elated at having given him what he wanted – her young mouth embracing the top two-and-a-half inches of his stiff adult cock. Why did it feel so good? Why did it feel so warm and exciting, to be alone with him like that, naked, with his big cock in her mouth? Why did it make her feel so special?

Elle recalled a word, guys her age, love to use. She obviously knew what it meant, but she had never thought much about it. She never considered it would ever apply to her. She had certainly never imagined doing it. The word was “cocksucker”. She moaned at her realization, her new understanding of the word as she gently, tentatively pulled in her cheeks, whimpering softly, doing it for him, sucking his cock and embracing the full meaning of that word. She was a cocksucker. She was her Uncle Terry’s . . . cocksucker.

He kept telling her she was beautiful, caressing her tenderly, as she sucked him. His touch was electric as he reached for her hips, curling her body around his, gently spreading her legs.

Elle whimpered softly, and gasped through her nose, as his hand moved back down onto the cheeks of her bum, between them, slipping all the way down and around to find the soft hairless lips of her wet pussy, rubbing her gently. His thick middle finger found her clit, touching it, rubbing gently and then moving on. His finger slipped between her hairless lips, flirting with the tight ring of her pussy hole, poking it tentatively.

“Mmm, keep sucking, princess,” he murmured urgently as he wrapped the fingers of his free hand around the lower end of his shaft, so she would not gag.

Elle gasped nervously through her nostrils and not knowing what else to do, she obediently sucked in her cheeks, giving him what he wanted, creating a low pressure suction in her teen mouth, sucking the head of his cock, as his hand began a slow pumping motion on the exposed shaft.

His left hand picked up the pace on his throbbing cock shaft, pumping it urgently as the thick middle finger of his right hand poked invasively at the tight ring of her tight pussy.

A muffled yelp escaped from Elle as the tip of his finger squeezed into the snug opening of her young vagina, stretching the entrance, pushing it open, bumping up against the thin membrane . . . of her still intact hymen.

“You’ve got the tightest little pussy,” he gasped.

The tip of his finger moved, flirting with Elle ‘s pussy, pulling back out of her hole, sliding all the way up to the pouting nub of her young clitoris, circling around it, rubbing it, then tucking down again, pushing into her tight ring, touching her hymen, pressing gently up against it . . . suggesting and insinuating.

Elle felt the urgency building in his body as he tensed but she kept up the strong sucking pressure on the head of his cock.

When Uncle Terry finally came, it was explosive. His body bucked upward, taking Elle’s mouth with it, the head of his cock pressing gently against the back of her throat.

The excited girl gurgled submissively as the first blast of his thick sperm squirted unexpectedly into the warmth of her young mouth. She responded defensively, intuitively, contracting her throat and processing the gush of sperm, moving it quickly to the back of her throat and swallowing it.

The second flush of his orgasm was even bigger than the first.

He grunted loudly as another blast of cum squirted from the end of his cock, spurting deep into the young girl’s mouth.

Just as the second blast of the man’s hot cum was bursting into her mouth, she felt his body stiffen, shudder, and release quickly in an uncontrolled jerking motion that seemed almost convulsive. What happened next was not planned or intentional – it just happened. But for Elle, it was earth-shattering – her mouth burst open and she yelped loudly, her lips releasing their grip on the shaft of Uncle Terry’s cock as his thick middle finger stabbed through the thin membrane of her young hymen, breaking and entering the snug tunnel of her vagina. Her body bucked defensively, the muscles of her thighs and her buttocks tightening, his sperm dripping out of her open mouth, the head of his cock still pressing against the back her throat as the full length of his finger pushed insolently into the tight channel of her hairless little cunt.

It was done. The thin membrane of Elle’s hymen was broken. Her cherry was popped. The sexy hole of her pussy was forever open to the world. She whimpered softly, feeling her muscles flex, tremble, and then relax, going almost limp, as her body surrendered to him, accepting his finger, taking it deep inside her. Her young mind reeled as she struggled with the strange, penetrating sensation of having a man’s finger pushed so far up her pussy for the first time in her life.

She slowly regained her composure and, wrapping her lips around the shaft of the man’s cock once again, sucked the last few drops of his thick sticky cum into her mouth, swallowing it hungrily. She moaned softly as the tender, stretched hole of her young pussy constricted tightly round Uncle Terry’s thick finger as he pulled it carefully out of her.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “I didn’t mean for that to happen. ” Elle nodded. “I think that’s enough for one day, don’t you,” smiled Uncle Terry as he cleaned her tenderly with a baby wipe.

Elle nodded again and accepted his lips as he kissed her gently.

They cleared the remains of their picnic, shoving it haphazardly into the basket without worrying about the mess. It had served its purpose. Then they dressed slowly. Elle turned her back, suddenly shy and self conscious about his eyes on her naked body.

Elle settled back into the passenger seat of the MG. Her mind was still reeling from the strange experience. She barely noticed as Uncle Terry started the car and put it into gear. He backed up and rejoined the narrow road that would take them back down the hill into town. They drove in silence to the corner where he picked her up.

“Home safe and sound,” he said, smiling at her as he reached over to open the passenger door for her.

As Elle turned to step out of the car, Uncle Terry reached out and took her hand in his.

“Are you sure you’re okay?” he asked.

Elle nodded. She felt a little strange. Like waking from a dream . . . it had all ended so quickly and dramatically, but she was okay.

“Good,” he said. “We still on for Saturday?”

Elle hesitated. She had decided earlier in the day that she would tell him she couldn’t go with him. Then she remembered, she had also decided she would not get into his car.

“Yeah, still on,” she said softly.

Uncle Terry beamed happily and winked at her.

“You are so perfect,” he said, bringing a blush to the school girl’s face.

He kissed her briefly. Then he was driving away. He had not said so, but Elle was confident he would be waiting for her after school tomorrow and she smiled.

She had walked halfway down the road before she noticed an odd sensation between her legs. She could feel cool air on her skin. She gasped as she remembered, she had left her panties . . . with Uncle Terry. She was naked under her skirt. She worried for a moment that her parents or Mike would notice but then she remembered, nobody would be home this early. Her skin tingled with excitement. There was something undeniably naughty about being out on the street, wearing a short skirt and knowing that she was naked underneath it. Just as naughty was the lingering sweet and sour taste of sperm and strawberry jelly that coated her tongue. Naughtiest of all was the undeniable fact . . . that Elle was no longer a virgin. Naughty again when she realized, perhaps next time . . . that same long cock could travel up her pussy, with little pain.

Unexpected things happen all the time. Some good and some not so good. It was definitely one of the not so good things that resulted in Mike’s football practice being cancelled. On its own it was simply what it seemed, a not so good happening. However, combined with the cancellation and Mike walking home alone and the timing which resulted in his turning the corner just in time to see his baby sister getting out of Uncle Terry’s car, this happening had the potential of becoming a major event. When Elle bent to kiss Uncle Terry goodbye, the major event had a very good chance of becoming a total disaster. The act of bending which caused the little girl’s skirt to ride up, exposing her naked bum to her stunned brother’s gaze, just made it a racing certainty . . . he would follow up on what he just saw.

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