I’ll do anything for him Part 003



Grace is a poorly educated ex Children’s Home girl for whom they find a job for her and hovel to live in. Then she falls in love with one of the Managers and she will do absolutely anything for him.

When the meeting got underway again, one of the guys uncovered a vase of flowers that was on a table in the middle of the room. Now I like flowers but I wondered just how many photographs of them the people there could take, but then Steve spoke up.

“Guys, we can photograph flowers anytime that we want, but I was wondering if Grace would be so kind as to model for us, I’m sure that you’ll all agree that she would make an excellent model.”

Although Jack had half warned me that he might want me to model for them, when it came to actually being asked in front of everyone I suddenly became shy and embarrassed.

“No, I couldn’t, and why would you want to photograph a skinny, flat-chested girl like me?”

“Grace,” Steve continued, “photographic models come in all shapes and sizes, admittedly most aren’t what most people would call attractive, but you are, and your innocence makes you the perfect subject, all you have to do is just sit there smiling and pulling funny faces at us.”

I giggled at the funny faces remark then looked at Jack and saw that his face was beaming.

“So what would I have to do Steve?”

“Just sit there, well not quite, but it’s just as easy. We’ll tell you how to sit, or stand or lay on the table, where to put your arms and legs and what expression to put on your face, it’s as simple as that.”

“Would you be expecting me to take my dress off, because I have nothing on under it.”

“We’ve worked that our already Grace but that’s up to you, none of us would want you to do anything that you don’t want to do or are uncomfortable with.”

I looked at Jack and saw that he was still beaming. When he saw me looking at him he nodded his head.

“Well okay, if you really want me to.”

“We do Grace, and we really appreciate you offering.”

I stood up and realised that all the guy were talking about me and fiddling with their equipment, photography equipment that is, although I did notice that Jack had a big bulge in the front of his trousers that made my pussy tingle and want to be alone with him.

Steve sort of took charge and started telling me where and how to stand whilst all the other guys, including Jack, started taking photographs. I had to hold each pose for a couple of minutes while they all moved around me clicking away.

It didn’t take me long to relax and Steve told me that I was a better model when I was relaxed.

After about 10 or 15 poses Steve brought a chair over for me and told me to sit on it. As soon as I sat I realised that they would be able to see up my dress to my pussy. I looked over to Jack again and he must have know what I was thinking because he smiled and nodded his head.

The poses this time definitely included them being able to see my pussy in just about all of the poses. Some of the poses were with me with my legs spread wide and I wondered if the cameras would be able to capture the fact that my pussy was all wet.

Then Steve asked me if I’d mind slipping my arms out of the dress and just letting the spaghetti straps just dangle.

“My dress might start to slide down me.” I said.

“Would you mind if it did Grace?” Steve asked.

“I guess not.” I replied looking at the still smiling Jack.

The bulge in his jeans looked painful and I so wanted to give him some relief.

It took a couple of poses for the dress to slip over first one, then both nipples, and as soon as it was passed my second nipple the whole top slid down to my waist.

“Good, good girl Grace, hold it there.” I kept hearing the guys say, then I heard Steve say,

“Stand up please Grace.”

I did, knowing full well that the dress would hit the floor and that I’d be totally naked in front of all the guys. I looked at Jack again and he was still smiling when my dress puddled on the floor.

“Step out of it please Grace.” Steve said.

I did, and one of the guys came and moved my dress, and the chair, away from me.

This time the standing poses felt different but I guess that they weren’t that different to the first set, except that I was naked.

Ten or fifteen minutes later Steve asked me to lay on the table and I was pleased that, although small, my breasts were still firmly looking like pointed little breasts and that they hadn’t just flopped making me look like what Jack calls ‘fried eggs’.

The poses were a lot more explicit with my legs being spread wide in just about every one, even the ones where they had me laying on my side It was embarrassing but every time that I looked over to Jack to see if he was still happy he smiled and it made my pussy get wetter. I wondered just how much of my juices would be visible on the photos.

The final pose was of me on my back, knees up and down by my shoulders. I hated to think what those photos would be like.

Eventually it was all over and Steve told me that I could put my dress back on.

“When can I see them all?” I asked, curious to see just how embarrassing the photos would be.

“You’ll have to come back in a couple of weeks Grace but Jack might let you see the ones that he took before then.” Steve replied.

I went and stood next to Jack and put my arm round him for a little comfort. He put his arm round me and gently squeezed me making me feet nice and wanted.

That was it for the evening and as we left all the guys thanked me for posing for them. On the way home Jack asked me if I’d enjoyed the evening.

“Well,” I replied, “The first half was boring, don’t get me wrong there were lots of great photos but photos of flowers and scenery don’t do a lot for me.”

“What about the second half of the meeting Grace?”

“Hmm, if you were trying to embarrass me then you succeeded, but apart from that, it sort of made me feel wanted, that maybe me having small tits and being so skinny isn’t such a bad thing. I know that you keep telling me that I’m beautiful but I look at all those famous, beautiful women and I feel inadequate.”

I didn’t get the chance to finish what I was saying because Jack interrupted me saying,

“Hold it right there young lady.”

He also stopped the car on the side of the road and turned to face me.

“Grace, have you heard the saying, ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison?”


“Well you are my meat, a very juicy and delicious steak, and I love every little bit of this chunk of meat. Everyone is different, we all have different beliefs in what is good and bad, beautiful and ugly. Me, I like, no, I love, skinny girls with small tits, especially ones that have a great character like you do, ones that are proud of their body and not ashamed for other people to see it. Deep down I believe that you like yourself, the problem being that you, like all young people, have had it drummed into them that bodies are horrible things that need to be covered all the time. That’s a load of crap put out by prudes who can’t think for themselves. All I’m doing is helping you to realise that deep down you do like your body.”

“Jack, I KNOW what you just said, you’ve said it before and I agree with you and I’m happy with how you are trying to bring out the real me, that’s why I’m happy to do whatever you ask. What I was going to say was that the modelling was a little embarrassing to start off with but I got over that and started to enjoy it. Even when Steve got to me to take my dress off, but it got embarrassing again when Steve got me to get on the table and got me to spread my legs.”

“Grace, your pussy is beautiful, it’s perfect, just a hint of inner labia flaps and a clit that likes to come out to play. There’s nothing more that a man could ask for and you showing yourself to everyone makes every man want to get his hands on you.”

“Well they can’t, I’m all yours, unless you want me to let other men put their hands on me.”

“Grace, I have no problem with other men looking at you naked, and touching you, even making you cum with their fingers. All I ask is that you don’t fuck other men.”

“I will never to that Jack, but you actually don’t mind other men touching my tits and pussy and even making me cum?”

“No I don’t mind, just so long as you come back to me.”

“I will Jack, I will. But I don’t particularly want other men to touch me, only you.”

“Okay Grace, that’s enough talking, let’s get home and into bed. After watching you naked in front of the rest of the club I’m desperate to get you into bed and fuck your brains out.”

“If me being naked in front of other people makes you want to fuck my brains out maybe I should go for a walk down the main street of town every Saturday afternoon without any clothes on.”

“That would do wonders for your self-esteem and pride in your body but I’m pretty sure that some prude would complain and call the police.”

“Maybe you should find a city where I can walkabout naked and take me there for a holiday.

“That’s an awesome idea Grace, if only one existed.”

By that time we were pulling into Jack’s drive. We didn’t make it into the house before Jack jumped on me and we made love over the front of the car before going inside and doing it again.

As me, we lay there in post coital bliss, I said,

“Jack, is you getting me naked in front of your mates your way of getting me more proud of my body and not ashamed for other people to see it.”

“Is it working Grace?”

“Well I guess that it is, I’m not quite as embarrassed as I was that first time with Steve.”

“And does being naked in front of other guys turn you on?”

“Yes it does, but not as much as when you are looking at my naked body Jack.”

“Well it’s obviously working then, but if you go back to being covered all the time you won’t be as horny so I think you’ll have to be naked more often and in front of more people.”

“I love you Jack so you know that I’ll do it, I’ll be naked anywhere you want.”

“And play with yourself anywhere as well?”

“You know that I will.”

After a short silence Jack said,

“Grace, do you think that I’m taking advantage of you?”

“What do you mean?”

“Well you weren’t exactly experienced with men or relationships when you first went out with me and I’m a bit worried that you think that I’m taking advantage of you, making you do things that you don’t really want to do because you think that that’s what girlfriends do?”

“Jack, you’re right, I don’t have any previous experience of being a girlfriend or having sex, and I’m guessing that not every girlfriend gets naked as often as I do, but I’m happy. Yes you push my limits and get me to do things that I don’t really want to do and a lot of the time it’s quite embarrassing, but after I’ve done them I’m happy that I did them and I’m happy that you pushed me so stop worrying. I’m happy and I love every seconds of my time with you, and I love you. Do you fancy a blowjob?”

He did so I sucked his cock until he gave me a late night snack then we went to sleep.

Jack woke me in the most pleasurable way possible then we had an hour long lovemaking session before getting up and going to the bathroom together. I’ve got used to us doing all our business in there whilst the other one is there and as well as talking about what we are doing there and then we talk about other things in our lives.

That morning we talked about the party that Jack was hosting that night.

“So I’m guessing that you want me to be naked all night Jack?”

“Yes please Grace, it will be good for your self confidence and esteem.”

“I know, I’m sure that it will be embarrassing to start off with but I’m sure that I’ll get used to it. Didn’t one of your mates say that he’s try to get his girlfriend to be naked as well?”

“They all did, but that might have just been the booze talking.”

“So have you seen the 3 girls naked before Jack?”

“Yes, we all got totally pissed at a party and ended up trying to have an orgy but we were all too far gone.”

“You were drunk Jack? I’d like to have seen that.”

“And I’d like to see you drunk, drunk and naked Grace.”

“Well you might get that chance tonight Grace.”

“No, I don’t want to get drunk, I want to remember every second of you fucking me after they’ve all gone.”

“And I want to remember every second of me fucking you Grace.”

Straight after breakfast we went to the supermarket to get the food and drink for the party then it was back home with me getting the food ready and Jack getting the hot tub working. Because of my lack of experience in cooking and arranging party food I had to keep going and interrupting Jack but he was very patient with me, but one time he came up behind me and stuck his hard cock up my pussy from behind while I was arranging a tray of volovants. Another time that I was putting the cream on a trifle he did the same, but bending me over so that I right tit actually went down into the cream. He licked it off after we’d both cum.

Finally everything was ready and Jack suggested that we christen the hot tub. So we did. It wasn’t quite as warm as I would have liked but Jack told me that it would be by the time the guests arrived.

I started getting nervous as it got close to the time that we were expecting the guests to arrive. After Jack failed to calm me down he told me to go to the bedroom and masturbate to help me relax.

I did, and after a nice orgasm I actually dozed off. Jack sliding a finger up my slit woke me then he said,

“Everyone had arrived, brush your hair then I’ll take you down and introduce everyone, and remember to keep your hands by your sides.”

He kept rushing me, presumably to stop me from getting nervous, but as he led me down the stairs the nerves hit me again and I really squeezed Jacks hand. I could feel my face glowing red with embarrassment as Jack led me into the lounge where everything suddenly went quiet and about 15 or 20 pairs of eyes stared at the naked me.

“Ladies and gentlemen,” Jack loudly said, “although I’m not sure just how many gentlemen there are here, for those of you who haven’t met this young lady before, this is Grace, my new girlfriend. As you can see she’s a little shy and embarrassed but she has decided to embrace her sexuality and wants to be naked all the time that she’s in this house so I do hope that her nudity isn’t going to be a problem for any of you and that you’ll all be nice to her, especially as it is Grace that has prepared all this food for you.

Charlie and Lucy were the first to come over to me, Lucy hugging me and telling me that I am a brave girl and that I have nothing to be embarrassed about. Charlie held out his hand to shake mine but instead he lifted my hand to his face, kissed it and said,

“Hi Grace, it’s good to see ALL of you this time.”

“Is there something that you should be telling me Charlie?” Lucy asked.

“No, no,” I replied, “it’s just that Jack to to the boys night last Friday and my skirt was a bit too short.”

“Got a look at Grace’s knickers did you Charlie, is that why you were so horny when you got home?”

“No, I didn’t see her knickers,” Charlie replied, “she wasn’t wearing any.”

”Oh, I see,” Lucy said, “you are a brave girl going out with that bunch, I’m surprised that they all didn’t try to jump you in the pub.”

“They were perfect gentlemen.” I replied.

“That’s twice I’ve heard that word tonight and I haven’t a clue who you and Jack could be talking about but I’m sure that Jack would like to take you around everyone here and show you off to them all, especially with you dressed like that Grace.

Enjoy your party Grace and I’m sure that we’ll talk again later.”

Jack took my hand and led me to the kitchen to get us both a drink, then he led me to each group of people introducing me and me almost immediately forgetting their names. Each group seemed to have one person that asked me the same questions about how I met Jack and what was it like to be the only one naked at a party.

Everyone was nice and by the time I’d been taken round the room I was starting to relax and actually enjoy being the centre of attention. My pussy had felt very dry as I’d walked down the stairs with Jack but by the time I’d got round the room it was feeling quite squishy. I thought to myself,

“I’m actually finding this being the only one naked and everyone staring at me quite exhilarating, quite arousing.”

Jack stayed with me for quite a while as we moved back to groups and talking about different things and when others were talking I looked at the people looking at me. They rarely saw me looking as their eyes were looking below my neck and it gave me the chance to look at their expressions and try to work out what they were thinking as they looked at my tiny tits and pussy.

A few times I was pleased that Jack had got me to start shaving my pussy every day because I started hoping that the people could see my hard clit peeking out of my slit. When one boring conversation about football was going on I thought about Jack saying that all women were exhibitionists at heart and I was starting to think that he was right, well certainly about me.

After about 30 minutes I realised that I was totally relaxed about being the only one naked, although I had got Jack to put quite a bit of vodka in my orange juice and I wondered if I’d feel the same without the vodka. I decided to stick to just plain orange juice for the rest of the night to see if that made any difference.

After Jack told everyone to get stuck into the food I was stood next to Jack eating and he said,

“So how are you doing Grace?”

“Okay, I’ve never really been to an adults party before and everyone is so nice and friendly. We should have more parties.”

“I was actually wondering about how you are coping with being naked.”

“Oh that, yes, it’s alright, no, it’s better than alright, I’ve been horny since shortly after your little speech.”

“So you like being the only one naked Grace?”

“Don’t tell that Jack bloke, but yes I do, it makes me want to drag him into the bedroom and get him to fuck my brains out.”

Jack laughed and told me that he was sure that that Jack bloke would do just that as soon as he could.

Jack put one of his hands on my little bubble butt and squeezed.

“Don’t put your fingers any lower Jack, you’ll find out just how turned on I am.”

He did, and I heard myself moan a little as he slid a finger along my wet slit.

We finished eating and before I knew it I was talking to Arthur, Jo, Oscar and Emma.

“So Grace,” Emma said, “when I saw you walking down the stairs I thought that you might be some sort of show-off, stuck-up bitch but you’re not are you, you’re actually a nice girl. I’m not so sure about you being naked but I’m guessing that that was Jack’s idea.”

“Yes it was, he says that all women are exhibitionists at heart and that me being naked will boost my self esteem and make me proud of my body.”

“I’m not so sure about the exhibitionist part but he’s probably right about the rest. I bet that it makes you horny as well doesn’t it?”

“Yes.” I replied.

“You are an exhibitionist Emma.” Oscar said, “you love going to nude beaches and walking up and down strutting your stuff. Last time we went to Ibiza you never wore more than a sarong. Everyone could see your tits and pussy most of the time.”

“Thank you for telling everyone Oscar.” Emma said.

“You’re welcome love, but it’s true, and you enjoyed it, I’ve never seen you so horny for so long, I was knackered by the time we got on the plane to come home, I was almost happy to go back to work for a rest.”

“Jo was the same when we went to Mallorca.” Arthur added, “took a bloody big case full of clothes and wore next to nothing most of the time.”

“Well I wasn’t to know that I could wear just a G-string most of the time.”

“Yes, and all your G-strings are all see-through Jo. Everyone could see your pussy even when we were walking along the streets.” Oscar said, “Jacks right, all girls are exhibitionists, they just need to be let out of their box and away they go, naked as the lovely Grace here.”

Neither Jo or Emma denied it and I got more convinced that Jack was right and more convinced that me being naked at home all the time was the right thing to do.

The topic of conversation changed to football and Emma said that she was going to the loo.

“Come on Grace.” Emma said and we headed up to the bathroom with Jo following.

In the bathroom Emma pulled up her skirt, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any knickers,

and she sat on the toilet and started peeing.

“So Grace,” Emma asked, “do you really like being naked all the time or is it just to please Jack? I tried it once, lasted for 4 weeks before I got sick of having to put something on when anyone came to the door.”

“Oh, I’ve answered the door like this, and your are partially right, I started being naked to please Jack but the longer I’m like this the more I like it. It makes me feel good all the time.”

“I do it sometimes when I’m in the mood.” Jo added, “Arthur gets really horny when I walk around without any clothes on and he fucks me so much that I get sore and I have to put some clothes on to cool him down.”

“Yeah,” Emma added, “Oscar makes me sore when I stay naked but I solve that problem by giving him lots of blowjobs.”

By that time Emma had finished peeing, wiped herself and Jo too revealed that she too had come to the party knickerless and she sat on the toilet and started peeing.

“Jack makes me sore sometimes but I want his cock so much that I put up with the soreness.” I said.

“You work with Jack don’t you Grace?” Emma asked.

“We work at the same place but not the same department.”

“So he can’t drag you into the stationery cupboard and fuck your brains out whenever he wants.”

“No, but he does put his hand on my thigh and slide it up to my pussy in the canteen sometimes.”

“And you don’t wear knickers for work?” Jo asked.

“No, I don’t have any proper knickers, only a bead G-string thing, it covers nothing but is does rub on my clit when I walk about.”

“Yes, I’ve got one of those, they’re good aren’t they? I walk around a lot at work when I’m wearing mine.”

“Yeah, I’ve got one of those too.” Emma added, “I like it but Oscar prefers me to wear one of my remote controlled vibrators at work. That way he can drive me crazy whenever he likes.”

“Oscar’s a driving instructor isn’t he?” Jo asked and when Jo nodded her head Jo continued,

“So while he’s teaching some hot little slut how to do a 3 point turn or reverse up some back alley, he could be bring you off at work using his phone?”

“I don’t know that he’s done that but he has told me that while he was driving me crazy he was watching an 18 year old girl’s tits bounce about as they drove down a road with lots of speed bumps. You should ask Jack to get you one Grace, Ohmibod and Lovense are the best, I’ve got both.”

“I’ll talk to Jack about it.” I said as I took my turn on the toilet.

We went back to the party and Jack must have put some music on because a few people were dancing. Emma, Jo and myself joined the dancers but it wasn’t long before Jack told everyone that he’d got the hot tub working and he asked if anyone wanted to to and try it.

I saw 2 couples head for the kitchen and presumably out the back to the hot tub. Jack and Charlie came and joined us dancing and when some slow numbers played Jack held me close, his hands going up and down my bare back, squeezing my butt when his hands were there.

“Fancy a quickie in the hot tub?” Jack whispered in my ear.

“Yes, but there might be others there.”

“So what?”

Jack led me out with me wondering if he was actually going to fuck me with other people watching us. As soon as we were outside I saw that both the couples that I’d seen go that way earlier were in the hot tub and by the looks of them both girls were at least topless and bouncing up and down on their partner’s cocks.

Jack stripped naked, climbed in and almost pulled me in after him. Seconds later we were making out with me bouncing up and down on his cock.

I heard both girls cumming and wondered if I made as much noise as they did. Whilst I was still going up and down both couples climbed out and I saw that they were all naked. It was the first time that I’d seen other men’s cocks and decided that I liked Jack’s the best. I also saw that both the girls had bald pussies like mine.

As one of the guys got out he said,

“Thanks for the hot tub Jack, it’s a great addition to a party. We’ll make some space so that others can enjoy it.”

By that I assumed that he meant a great place to take girls to fuck them.

I orgasmed while watching the 4 of them using towels from the pile that Jack had taken out earlier. The guys got dressed but both girls walked back into the house leaving their clothes outside.

When both our orgasms subsided I asked Jack if the party was going to turn into an orgy.

“Maybe, we’ll just see how things go.”

I was still straddling Jack with my head resting on his shoulder when Arthur, Emma, Oscar and Jo came out and started stripping. As both girls were only wearing dresses and shoes they were naked quicker than the guys and were soon climbing in alongside Jack and me. As Oscar and Arthur climbed in I saw my second and third hard cocks, the sight of which, together with Jack playing with my clit, made me cum again.

I stayed there with Jack still playing with my pussy under the water as Emma and Jo rode Arthur and Oscar either side of me and Jack. As the 2 girls bounced up and down I felt a hand on my right tit. At first I assumed that it was one of Jack’s hands but as I enjoyed the hand playing with my nipple I realised that one of Jack’s hands was on my pussy and the other on my butt.

I looked at Oscar but he gave no indication that his hand was on my tit, then I whispered to Jack that Oscar was playing with one of my tits.

“Does it feel nice?” Jack asked.

“Well yes but.”

“Then just enjoy it.”

I didn’t know what to say, on the one hand I was Jack’s girlfriend, I was his and he was sharing my body with one of his mates. On the other hand it was nice having Jack rubbing my clit and finger fucking me whilst another man was giving me nice feeling in one of my tits. I didn’t know if I should feel guilty or happy that more than one man obviously liked my body.

Because Jack obviously wasn’t upset I just stayed put and enjoyed what the hands were doing to me.

I heard and saw both Emma and Jo have orgasms then relax and just as I realised that I was going to cum again soon both girls got up saying that they were going back inside. My arousal level dropped as they got out and got dried before going back inside without putting their clothes back on.

I saw Jack look at both Oscar and Arthur then Jack told me to stand up and turn around. I did then Jack pulled me down so that I was sat on his knees with my back resting on his shoulder. I then felt Jack’s hands on my knees then pulling them apart so that my pussy was spread open.

I gasped as 2 hands that obviously weren’t Jacks, started caressing my body, then one hand went to my tits and the other to my pussy.

At first I was shocked that Jack was letting that happen but at the same time it felt nice, especially as Jack was kissing my cheek. I turned my head and looked into Jack’s eyes then we kissed properly.

Jack’s hard cock was pressing into my back as one of the other guy’s hands was playing with my tits and the other guy’s hand was alternating between rubbing my clit and finger fucking me.

All thoughts of right or wrong disappeared as my arousal level rose and then peaked and I orgasmed again.

It was only as the orgasm subsided that my guilt and mixed feelings started again. Both Arthur and Oscar had stopped their assault on my body and a couple of minutes later they got up and got out. I watched the 2 soft cocks get out, get dried, dressed and go into the house.

Getting to my feet I turned, straddled Jack and impaled myself again, then said,

“Jack, you just let 2 of your mates grope me and bring me to an orgasm, I know that you’ve said that you wouldn’t mind other guys groping me but Oscar and Arthur made me cum, doesn’t that bother you?”

“No, they didn’t fuck you and it’s my bed that you’ll be crawling into later tonight. Enjoy the attention Grace. Enjoy the fact that they wanted to do that to you, it proves that you are gorgeous and have a great body.”

“Thank you Jack, can we talk more about this later, aren’t we supposed too be the hosts of this party and here we are fucking in the hot tub and ignoring all our guests.”

“You’re just too good to be true Grace, right again, come on, let’s go inside so that I can watch you and the other naked girls dancing, I like to see you gyrating your body in a very seductive way.”

“Do I do that?”

“That’s what it looks like to me.”

“You’re biased.”

“I am.”

We got out of the hot tub and dried. I went inside and joined the other girls dancing whilst Jack got dressed.

Earlier I’d thought that being the only person naked was a bit weird but now I was dancing naked with most of the guys watching us 5 naked girls dancing. I looked at the other naked girls and saw tits wobbling and bouncing about, I couldn’t compete with them so, remembering what Jack had said about gyrating myself, I started doing just that, trying to make my hips move in the sexiest way that I could.

It was fun and I noticed that some of the guys were spending more and more time looking at me, especially as I danced, gyrated my hips and thrust my pelvis forward, all with my feet about shoulder width apart.

I danced for ages, enjoying myself but also noticing other couples heading towards the hot tub then coming back later, the girl usually naked and with the ends of her hair wet.

I took a couple of breaks to get a drink and to talk to Jack who openly fondled my tits and pussy whilst we talked. Sometimes the people next to us were talking to us or at least watching us as Jacks hands got me all excited.

Eventually, people started to leave and I went and stood next to Jack to say goodbye. Jack put an arm around my shoulder and played with one of my nipples as we said goodbye to the people. Most of them thanking Jack for a great night and some of them saying that it was great to meet me.

Finally the last guests left and Jack shut the front door. Then he unfastened his trousers and let them drop to the floor. He hadn’t put his undies back on when he got out of the hot tub and his cock stood proud and waiting for attention. I knelt and kissed it then stood and jumped up on him. As I kissed his mouth as I slowly let my body slide down and I impaled myself on his hard cock.

Jack carried me up to bed like that then slowly fucked me to another glorious orgasm.

Laying side by side in post coital bliss we were silent for a few minutes then Jack said,

“Grace. You enjoyed Arthur and Oscar groping you tonight didn’t you?”

“They did make me cum.”

“So how do you fancy me arranging for some guys to come here and for them to grope you? I could blindfold you so that you don’t know who they are.”

“Well you know that I like to cum and it did feel nice having other men’s hands on me. Would they make me cum?”

“At least once.”

“Who would these men be, would they be your friends?”

“They may be, the whole idea is that you don’t know who they are so that you can just let yourself enjoy the pleasure that they’d give you.”

“And you’d be happy with that?”

“It would be me who fucked you in our bed afterwards, so yes, I’d be happy, and it would be amazing seeing you enjoy the pleasure that they’d give you.”

“Well, based just on your last answer alone I’d be happy to do it for you.”

“And for you Grace, now, earlier you said that you wanted us to talk about something?”

“Ah yes, I was talking to Emma and Jo and they were telling me about their remote controlled vibrators and how Arthur and Oscar control them when they are at work or anywhere else for that matter, and I was wondering if I should get one. I could save up for it after I’ve paid you my rent each month.”

“Grace, Grace, you have already paid your rent for the next 100 years just by being my girlfriend and being you. A man couldn’t ask for anything more. As for a vibrator, I hadn’t even thought about any sex toys for you, I’ve been too busy enjoying your company and body.

Okay I’d thought about you getting your nipples pierced and I still think that it’s a great idea, but toys, yes, now that I do think about it we should get you some. I like the idea of looking at you from across the office and watching you squirm and try to not cum, especially if I do it when your boss or another colleague is talking to you.”

“Jack, are you saying that you’d make me cum when I’m talking to Mr. Stevens, that would be so embarrassing.”

“Not if you tried to stop it from happening then kept a straight face when the orgasm hit you. And I’m pretty sure that old Stevens would enjoy watching you cum.”

“I don’t know that I could do that.”

“We’ll practice it at the pub or the photography club meetings first.”

“Oh Jack, I don’t know that I could do that, it would be so embarrassing if they realised what was happening to me.”

“I guess that we’ll just have to find out won’t we, you know that the orgasms that you’ll have will be very intense.”

“I’m sure that they will, they’ll also make me want to fuck you just as soon as I can.”

“That’s my girl, now impale yourself on this again, we’ll go online tomorrow and get you some toys.”

That Sunday was a busy day. After a late start due to our lovemaking we cleaned up then over a late breakfast of party leftovers, we went online and Jack ordered me a remote controlled vibrating egg that he could control from his phone anywhere in the world. I was still a bit apprehensive about him making me cum at work but I decided to cross that bridge when I got to it.

Jack also ordered a couple of dildos, a couple of butt plugs, a couple of blindfolds, a pair of handcuffs and vibrating thing called a magic wand. All of which he said I would love but I told him that I’d try them and see what they were like.

Then Jack told me to put a dress on and he took me to a place where I had my nipples pierced. It was run by a huge, bearded man who wore a leather jacket and his arms and chest were covered in tattoos. He looked scary but when he spoke he sounded to be a gentle man.

When Jack told him that I wanted my nipples pierced he told Jack that I’d have to lower my dress. Well the one that I’d worn isn’t the type that can just have the top lowered, it is all or nothing and Jack was smiling as I unfastened it and it fell to the floor leaving me naked.

The huge man hardly looked at me as he told me to get on the couch where he looked at my tits then held each nipple in turn and moved them about. By then they were rock hard and before I knew it both nipples had holes through them and pins through them which the man called ‘sleepers’.

“Do you want your clit hood piercing as well?” The man asked.

I looked at the man, saw that he was looking at my pussy and wondered why I had spread my legs so that the man was looking at all of my pussy, but for some strange reason I didn’t close them. It was Jack that answered,

“No, just her nipples.”

“Okay, it’s just that she’s naked and her legs are spread ready for a piercing.”

“No, not today, maybe another day. She’s just a bit of an exhibitionist, you know what girls are like.”

“Tell me about it, I had one girl a couple of days ago that spread her legs so wide that I could have driven a bus inside her. She must have thought that I was her gynaecologist.”

“Yeah,” Jack said, “they all like showing what they’ve got given half a chance.”

“And they always think that you want to see them. After you’ve seen a couple of hundred they all look the same. It’s what’s inside that counts.”

I looked up at the man and realised that I was just a piece of meat to him.

Without telling me that I could get dressed he showed us different types of jewellery that I could have in my nipples and Jack chose barbells with detachable ‘D’ rings, saying that I could get some chains to hang from them. At first I thought about the big chains that I’d seen through motorcycle wheels to stop them being stolen but my instant fears were allayed when the man brought out a tray of necklace type chains. Jack chose 2 small chains that I wondered if I would even notice that they were there.

The man turned back to me and looked at my nipples. Then he told me what to do to stop them getting infected, and that was it. I put my dress back on whilst Jack paid the man and we left.

“That was so clinical.” I said as we walked back to the car.

“Yes, he’s probably pierced a thousand nipples and a couple of hundred clits.” Jack replied, “Do they hurt?”

“Just a little.”

“I must remember to keep my hands off them for a while. Let me know if I forget and hurt you.”

“I will Jack.”

Back at home I took off my dress and closely inspected my nipples. I so wanted to pull and twist the sleepers to see how it felt but I managed to resist doing so.

The rest of the afternoon was taken up doing household chores then relaxing and fucking in the hot tub. Our evening’s entertainment was watching a slide show of the photos that Jack had taken at the photography club. The show was in time order and I could easily tell how tense I was to start off with and we talked about the shots where we could see me start to relax and then the ones where Steve got me to take my dress off.

Jack told me, and I agreed, that I looked totally relaxed when the photos of my spread pussy came up on the screen although I was a little embarrassed when we could easily see my juices bubbling and seeping out of my vagina.

“It’s perfectly normal for girl so aroused to be doing that Grace.” Jack said. “It just shows that you are a natural exhibitionistic, nude model Grace.”

I was starting to become sure that Jack was right.

We made love again then had an early night.

The next week was much the same as the previous one until we go home on the Thursday and discovered that the postman had delivered my toys. That evening was taken up with setting up the remote controlled vibrator and our phones, and playing with the other toys. Jack made me cum twice with the magic wand, that thing is amazing.

I was nervous as we walked into work on the Friday morning. I had the remote controlled vibrator inside me and Jack was threatening to make me cum over and over all day. Thankfully he didn’t, I only orgasmed twice and those times I was alone at my desk.

What he did do was leave the vibrator running on gentle vibrations for most of the day which made me horny all the time and thinking about Jack fucking me. I don’t think that I was as productive that day as I normally was.

That Saturday at the supermarket we bought lots of beer and on the way home I asked Jack why we’d got soo much.

“There’s a few guys coming round and I thought that it would be a good opportunity for you to get pleasured by a few guys that you can’t see.”

My brain went into over-drive.

“How many, you mean grope me, you mean blindfolded, will they fuck me?”

“Slow down there girl, it’s what we talked about before. Most importantly, you won’t get any cocks inside your pussy. As for the rest, it’s what we talked about. I’ll give you a safe word and you can stop everything whenever you want just by saying that word. You enjoyed Oscar and Arthur playing with your tits and pussy and this won’t be much more than that.”

I thought about it for a couple of minutes and realised that my pussy was tingling and getting quite wet at the thought.

“Okay,” I said, “just what do I have to do?”

“Just stand there or lay there, let the guys pleasure you, let them do all the work.”

“But who will the guys be?”

“I’m not telling you and I hope that you won’t take the blindfold off.”

“No I won’t, I promise.”

“Good, we’re all set then.”

“If you say so Jack.”

When it got to 7 pm Jack told me to go and have a shower then lay on the bed and masturbate to relax myself. I did but I was too nervous to actually cum. I heard the doorbell ring a couple of times then muffled voices and laughter.

After a while Jack came to see me and asked if I was ready.

“No, but I guess that I’m as ready as I will ever be.”

“That’s my girl, I promise that you’ll enjoy yourself. Now stand up and I’ll put the blindfold on you.”

Jack had put the blindfold on me a couple of times before when we’d been making love but this was different, it wasn’t Jack’s hands that would be all over me.

I was both nervous and excited as Jack led me downstairs in total silence.

I felt the lounge carpet under my feet so I knew where I was.

Jack told me to spread my feet so I did then he said,

“Okay gentlemen, she’s all yours.”

To say that I was nervous and tense would be an understatement, I was terrified. The thing was, I didn’t really know why. All those guys were going to do was put their hands on my naked body.

There was a little pause which didn’t help me, then I gasped as some fingers touched a nipple. I was suddenly happy that my piercings had healed.

Then more hands touched my flesh, thighs, stomach, other tit, butt. I sighed and finally relaxed and enjoyed the experience. Soon I was getting finger fucked and my clit was getting rubbed. It didn’t take long for my first orgasm to arrive, my knees buckling straight after my body had gone rigid. Down I went onto my knees, the hands loosing contact as I went down.

Those hands turned me and lay me down on the floor, spreading my legs wide as they did so. Then I felt a whole body laying over my face for a second before it rose up and I felt the end of a cock on my lips. I opened my mouth and in went the cock. I started sucking as I felt hands on my tits and pussy.

In and out went the cock in my mouth, going deeper and deeper and into my throat. Then the cock stopped moving whilst it was still in my throat. I felt it swell a little then it started pumping male cum down my throat. I held my breath as long as I could then I just had to turn my head. But the deed was done, the cock stopped pumping and withdrew letting me gasp for much needed air.

It wasn’t long before the body moved off me and another took it’s place, the hard cock finding my mouth and entering me.

Meanwhile, someone’s fingers were still rubbing my clit and finger fucking me. My arms and hands had been uselessly laying alongside my body but one of them found something to do as it felt a soft cock touching it. I turned my hand and grabbed the soft cock assuming that it was the ones attached to the balls that had just been emptied inside me. I started fondling it and it started to get hard again.

I started to cum again but the cocks and fingers didn’t stop.. I thought that I was going insane and was about to die as I went from one high to another, vaguely remembering getting another throat full of cum along the way.

The fingers on my pussy were replaced with something that I had come to love over that past couple of days, my magic wand, and I was taken to yet another high, my body going rigid for a couple of seconds then jerking about.

Again the cock in my mouth emptied the attached balls into my throat and it all started again.

I started to think that I couldn’t take any more and was trying to remember the safe word that Jack had given me but everything suddenly went black. Even blacker than the blindfold.

The next thing that I knew was that Jack was sat beside me and my head was on his lap and the blindfold was off.

“What happened?” I asked, “where are the guys?”

“They’ve left, a couple of them were worried that they’d killed you but you still had a strong heartbeat and your tits were going up and down. You passed out, too much too quick. I’ll get them to slow down the next time.”

“There’s going to be a next time?”

“Oh yes, I’ve never seen you cum so hard and so often. We’ve just got to repeat that. You’re not going to try to tell me that you didn’t think that it was good are you?”

“Jack, that wasn’t good, it was fucking awesome. Can you phone the guys and tell them to come right back please?”

“No Grace. You’ve had enough for one day.”

“But we will do it again won’t we?”

“I was thinking about every week, will that be okay with you?”

I reached up and pulled Jack’s head down to mine and kissed him. When the kiss broke I said,

“Can you make me cum one more time today please Jack, I want to finish with the best pair of hands and cock.”

Jack smiled, got from under me and went round to my feet. Then he lifted them up and over before sinking his cock into my hole.

It was a long slow fuck with Jack making love to me rather that the hurried efforts of the other guys, whoever they were, and when we both orgasmed we just lay beside each other on the carpet in the living room for ages before Jack got up, pulled me up then carried me up to the shower.

There was no more sex before we went to sleep holding each other.

Those anonymous pleasuring me sessions have been repeated just about every week. I’ve tried to get Jack to tell me who the guys are and even if it was that same guys each week but he just won’t tell me. Neither will any of his friends when we meet that at the pub. Their girlfriends must know who the guys are but they too won’t tell me. They tell me that it will spoil the anonymity and not be so pleasurable for me if I know.

It was about 3 months after the first time that I found out that the guys that had been groping and fingering my naked body at those blindfold sessions have included some guys from work, and not the same 3 each time. I was mortified. I didn’t want to go to work the next day and Jack threatened to carry me into the car then into work as I was right then (naked) if I didn’t put a dress and shoes on. I did and we went to work.

That day at work, and most days since have been embarrassing. Every time a guy looks at me or speaks to me I wondered if he was one of the ones who had seen me naked and made me cum, but all the guys are staying silent, well at least to me.

One day Jack accidentally let slip that one of the guys was Andy from accounts. The next time that I saw Andy I went bright red with embarrassment as I tried to return the smile that he gave me. But neither of us spoke about it.

A couple of weeks after Jacks admissions I was slowly coming to terms with the knowledge that most, if not all, of the guys that Jack knows, knows me intimately. I’ve started looking at every man who Jack talks to and I wonder if they would be groping and fingering me at the next session.

Okay It’s still a bit embarrassing but I’m getting used to it, after all, the pleasure that I get is unbelievable and the pleasure that Jack gets from watching me makes it all worth the embarrassment.

Another thing that is still happening is my nude modelling at the photography club meetings. They keep telling me that it’s so much better photographing a live model rather than a vase of flowers. I overheard Steve talking to Jack about them taking me out into the countryside somewhere and photographing me ‘in nature’. I’ve decided that I will be happy doing that just so long as there aren’t strangers around, but knowing Jack he’ll want to do the session on a busy hiking trail or somewhere where there are lots of people.

I’m getting more relaxed about the actual photo taking sessions, even the ones where Steve has me spread my legs wide, but I still get embarrassed during the first half of the meetings when they show and discuss the previous meetings photographs. It doesn’t help that they display the images on a huge monitor that displays my clit the size of my head. But on the plus side, I now know what every square millimetre of my pussy looks like.

Jack’s still going to the pub with his mates every week and he sometimes takes me. When he does I have to sit where his mates and other pub goers can see up my skirt. One time a drunk pub goer saw up my skirt when the guys had pulled my knees apart and the drunk loudly let everyone in the pub know that he’d seen my pussy.

Jack doesn’t go to the pub with his mates if there’s a big football match on the TV. Instead he invites them round to our house and I serve snacks and beer to them. Of course I’m naked but they are so engrossed in the games that they hardly notice me. I swear that I could sit next to the television and masturbate and they wouldn’t notice me. But there again, they’ve seen me naked, and probably / possibly been some of the guys that make me cum anonymously each week.

Jack has started talking about taking me on holiday somewhere but he wants to go somewhere where I can be naked all the time and he hasn’t found anywhere yet.

Well, that was how my life changed for the much better and what happened during the first few months after Jack asked me out. I’m now convinced that what Jack says is right, that I am an exhibitionist. Maybe I’ll find the time to write about what Jack gets me to do, but whatever it is he knows that I will do anything for him for 2 reasons, firstly I love him and secondly, my life as never been better.

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