New Start pt2 (new job)



Wiped her pussy hard so l could part Brenda’s pussy lips. / Gina work for what l had stored in my ball sacks. / Back and forth on my cock which sent a pulsating ripple down my shaft. / Zoe told me she never had sex before which made fucking her even more exciting.

My new job was in a largish complex building for the elderly called Willow Hights, it had 40 one-and 2-bedroom apartments there was a café, hairdressers and a couple of little shops on the 1st floor. My job was exactly as the job title said, odd-job man, once l got to know the residents my job became a lot more interesting.

I was in the middle of putting away stores when my pager bleeped with a message telling me apartment 12 had a blocked sink in the bathroom, so l finished the job l was doing and went to 12, l knocked then heard a woman telling me to come in, l went inside and got on with unblocking the sink. Things were going well when the woman called to ask if l would help her to the toilet as she needed to pee, all this wasn’t new to me as it was one of the jobs l did while working in the hospital.

I went into the bedroom a black woman was sat up in bed, her thin nightie didn’t hide her very droopy tits and l mean droopy it looked like someone had stretched them they hung over halfway down her chubby belly. She introduced herself as Brenda and pulled back the quilt her nightie had risen up to exposing Brenda’s bare chunky legs and thighs, l couldn’t see her pussy because of her belly , but when she put one leg on the floor her legs were partly spread it was then l got to view Brenda’s grey bush and her gaping pussy hole with its puffy lips, bringing her other leg over to put onto the floor brought my pussy viewing to a close.

She stood and l put my arm under hers to get a good feel of Brenda’s tit which got better as we walked to the bathroom, after sitting her on the toilet l helped lift her nightie so she didn’t pee on it. I should have left the bathroom, but instead l pretended to carry on unblocking the sink and a glance in the mirror allowed me to watch Brenda’s trickling pee squirt from her hole into the bowl.

I could feel my cock getting hard sending my imagination into overdrive, how would my stiff shaft feel inside Brenda’s old pussy, would she be dry or wet from just pissing. The trickle stopped and she asked if l would help her back to bed, just before helping her up l grabbed a few squares of toilet roll and casually said “your still dripping” and wiped her pussy hard so l could part Brenda’s pussy lips, she thanked me and l walked her back to bed.

To get into bed Brenda leant forward and put her hands onto the bed, l remarked she had a rash on the bottom of her back then told her to stay where she was and l’ll have a look at the rash, but first l had to turn the tap off in the bathroom which was a lye as l had to make sure the front door was locked, l got my stiff cock out and returned to the bedroom.

Brenda was still leaning over the bed so l asked her to put her head onto the bed with her feet on the floor which she obligingly did. I got myself positioned right up behind her and spread her bum cheeks then fed my hard cock into Brenda’s gaping pussy hole, in a slightly raised voice she asked what was l doing, l didn’t answer just grabbed her hips so she couldn’t wriggle my cock out of her hole. As l fucked Brenda she was first threatening to report me promising l’ll lose my job then she stopped, l could hear her letting-out soft whimpers then she cried “oh that’s good honey, that’s good”, l took a better hold of her hips and drove my shaft hard up inside her, “give it to momma, go on baby” she gasped.

Since we were both enjoying the fucking l knew Brenda wouldn’t mind if l positioned her onto her back and she was more than happy to oblige, once she was comfortable on the bed l lifted her chubby legs and parted them then re-inserted my shaft.

I began to really let Brenda have it, her floppy stretched tits hung down by her side jiggled, her belly rippled back and forth. She began letting-out low deep moans sounding like she was struggling to catch her breath; l was ready to fill the chubby black woman laying with my cock stuffed between her old wrinkled pussy lips, l thrust my shaft hard inside her. My climax was so strong it shot from my urethral opening like a firemen’s hose, my steaming hot creamy load covered Brenda’s vagina walls and the old girl was loving it, “aah yeses, aah, ahh” she was gasping. I gave another thrust of my shaft into her hole and shot 2 more full loads of spunk, Brenda was telling me “yeah baby yeah, ah that’s what momma wants”, when my balls were empty l slid my shaft from her pussy, wiped my cock into Brenda’s bush then gently rested her feet onto the floor and this time put Brenda into bed.

She told me to finish her bathroom sink then winked and asked me to come back the next day which l agreed to do.

Brenda was in bed the first fuck because she was recovering from a twisted ankle, but after that she would be waiting for me knicker less, some days l would go to her place for lunch and a fuck or tea-breaks if l wanted a quick fuck.

It was while l was at Brenda’s for a quickie that l got a call on my pager there was an emergency in apartment 39, l didn’t get time to fill Brenda with a good sticky load so l was hoping to deal with the emergency then return to finish off fucking her.

The door at apartment 39 was answered by a guy who was very flamboyant, he was dressed in a short thin silk gown. He rushed me inside to show me the washing machine, it was spewing bubbles and water over the kitchen floor the guy had shut something in the machine door, by the time we had managed to stop the machine, mop up the suds and water with towels we were both soaked.

To say thank you the guy made me a coffee and told me his name was William but his friends call him Gina, he insisted l use his shower and he will put my wet clothes threw the spinner then the dryer, l was cold so took up Gina’s offer. I stripped then wrapped a towel around me and gave him my clothes, he remarked l didn’t have to wear a towel if l didn’t want to as l haven’t got anything he hasn’t seen before then when l walked passed him he slapped me on the bum and asked “was l wearing the towel to tease him”, l was enjoying his flirting and told Gina to use his imagination then went into the bathroom to shower.

I had my back to the door so didn’t see or hear Gina enter, l heard someone ask if l wanted my back washed which startled me, l turned and he was looking directly at my cock which was semi-hard.

He was wearing a long brunette wig, baggy jogging bottoms and a loose-fitting top, Gina then remarked he could wash anywhere l liked and pulled his top over his head to reveal the white bra he was wearing, next he pulled down his jogging bottoms and stepped out of them to show me the skimpy matching knickers tightly holding in his cock.

I have to say Gina’s flirting and offer to wash anywhere got me excited, so replied l wouldn’t mind my back washed and turned away from him. I felt a sponge between the shoulder blades then he worked it side to side stopping at my lower back before gently running the sponge over my bum cheeks the sensation was very erotic, Gina next lathered between my legs to give me a mind-blowing thrill, l parted my legs to increase the sensation, he ran the sponge from between my legs up between my bum cheeks l let-out a soft moan and pushed my bum out.

I was told to turn around so he could now wash my front, Gina brushed the soapy sponge over one of my nipples while pinching the other, it caused me to let-out a gasp, next he grasped my hardening shaft and said softly “we got too make sure this is nice and clean” and knelt in front of me, l glanced down to watch him take my cock into his mouth and down his throat. I can say l had never had my cock sucked and licked in such a fantastic way, Gina was an expert he must have been doing this for years to get it so perfect, he took my shaft further down his throat then gently rubbed a finger from under my balls to my arse hole, l couldn’t hold back any longer and shot one creamy load after the other from my shaft straight down Gina’s throat, he gulped and swallowed all the contents of my balls licking any drops that slowly trickled from my urethral opening, l had to support myself after the cock sucking he gave me. Gina got to his feet and kissed me and remarked how that was worth getting wet, but he’d better get changed and left me to finish my shower.

I finished showering and had to wrap a towel around my waist as my clothes were still drying. When l went into the lounge Gina was sat on the sofa now wearing a blond wig and dress, he patted the cushion beside him and l sat down, he began telling how he has been a transvestite since his late 20s and has a man friend in Willow Heights called Robert who lives in apartment 18, l declared that a married couple live in 18, Gina replied that Robert and his wife no longer have sex.

He asked me to follow him to the bedroom and opened a wardrobe it was full of women’s clothes, dresses, skirts of all de***ions sexy, plain there were bras, knickers, G-strings and hanging on the doors were some handcuffs, a whip and a ***ion of vibrators, it looked like they certainly had a lot of fun. We lay on the bed and Gina began to go into greater detail of what he and Robert got up to when they were together, as he explained Gina was gently wanking me and every so often l would receive a kiss.

It seemed Robert would also be dressed in woman’s clothes and always fucked Gina the rolls were never reversed then Gina asked if l would join them as there bull and l couldn’t refuse after the cock sucking he gave me in the bathroom.

Hearing what Gina and Robert got up to had my cock solid as a rock and since the flood at his apartment was my last job of the day l wasn’t going to rush especially after he asked me to fuck his man-pussy. He sucked me for a while then positioned himself on all fours, pushed his head down into the bed and parted his bum cheeks, Gina’s arse hole looked like a bald miss-shaped pussy, but boy did his hole grip my cock firmly.

Once the head of my cock was fully inserted sliding the rest of my shaft into Gina’s man-pussy was easy and when he felt my balls pressing against him Gina gave a little whimper, l took hold of his hips and began fucking this transvestite hard and fast. I worked my shaft deep inside him, he was panting hard and encouraging me to empty my creamy load, l made Gina work for what l had stored in my ball sacks, but when l did open the flood gates he actually let-out a scream and gulped in mouthfuls of air telling me he wanted more, but he had drained my balls of every creamy fluid ounce. My shaft slid from his hole followed by a flow of creamy spunk that ran down between his bum cheeks over his balls and inner thighs, Gina fell forward onto his belly, l went to the bathroom and cleaned myself up then we arranged that l visit the next afternoon when Robert would be there as well, after a long kiss l left to go home to my landlady Lyn, l didn’t get time to go back and finish fucking Brenda.

When l got home, Lyn had made a meal for us both and there was a bottle of wine on the table which meant my landlady was looking for a fuck later, l just hoped it wouldn’t be till evening as l needed time to recover from the day l had at work.

After the meal we sat on the sofa smooching which led to me getting Lyn’s milk filled tits out to begin sucking, she was still pumping them 3 times a day so there was always a good supply for only me now since Eric her husband died. We were soon naked on the lounge floor, after sucking her delicious tits l kissed my way down to her moist pussy, she had shaven so her puffy pussy lips were smooth, l started at the bottom and ran my tongue between them stopping at her clitoris which began to protrude looking like a small cock.

I sucked her clitoris hard Lyn began to whimper and wriggle her moans grew louder the harder l sucked, she took a tight hold of my hair and ordered me to lay on my back, Lyn straddled me and sat herself down on my stiff pole. She began sliding herself back and forth on my cock her inner pussy muscles contracted sending a pulsating ripple down my shaft, l watched her milk jugs sway and reached out to squeeze them, milk squirted from Lyn’s nipples and ran down her belly.

My balls tightened l took a good hold of her hips and pulled her downwards while at the same time ramming my cock hard into Lyn’s wet juicy hole there was no time to tell her l was just about to decorate the walls of her womb with my creamy sticky load. Once she felt her womb getting warm Lyn realised l was filling her, she gasped and let-out “oh fuck, yeses!” and sat on me with my cock embedded firmly inside her as l shot another creamy load then another, we were in this position for some time before she decided to lift herself off my shaft.

I still had my ow room, but after our fuck we went to Lyn’s bed where she wanked me off and l shot over her milk sacks then she wiped my spunk into her skin like sun cream.

The next day l managed to have a quick fuck with Brenda and it really was a quickie, l had her bent over the armchair then ripped her knickers off rammed my cock into her flappy wrinkled pussy and fucked her hard. Brenda enjoyed my visits to use her old pussy, she would let-out whimpers and moans as l fucked her then as soon as l had shot my sticky load l slid my cock out and wiped the residue over her sagging bum cheeks then left Brenda to clean herself.

The closer l got to finishing that day the more excited l became imagining all sort of scenarios then l found myself knocking on the door of number 39. When the door opened Gina was wearing a blond short haired wig dressed in red stockings, suspenders with matching bra, l could see his cock neatly tucked away in his lace front knickers, after telling him how sexy he looked l asked if l could fuck him there and then, Gina told me to wait because he wanted to introduce me to Robert. I went into the lounge and Robert was sat also wearing a blond wig but his was longer, he was dressed in a skirt and top, Robert gave me a smile and l sat down on the sofa. Gina sat beside me and declared he had already told Robert about my cock then asked me to stand, he lowered my trousers and boxers, l stepped out of them my shaft sprang up like a pole, he stood kissed me then lifted my top over my head so l was now naked. Gina asked me to stand there like a statue then put his arms around me and we began kissing, his tongue flicked around my mouth, next l felt Robert pressing himself behind me with his hard cock sandwiched between us. A hand encase my hard shaft and slowly started wanking me, l didn’t know whose hand it was but they were very gentle, Robert began kissing me as Gina now kissed his way down to my cock and took me into his warm tight throat, Gina would take me to the point of shooting my steaming hot load then stop, after tasting my pre-cum he stood with his back to me and grinded his bum against my groin.

Robert whispered “l think someone is ready to breed”, Gina lowered his knickers and got on all fours, l knelt behind him and guided my hard cock to his man-pussy next l was sliding my whole shaft deep inside Gina. As l began fucking him Robert lay on his back with his head between Gina’s legs sucking his cock and gently caressing my balls, Gina was wanking Robert’s cock.

I glanced over at Robert’s fully exposed cock in Gina’s hand then heard a groan from between Gina’s legs and like laver slowly oozing from a volcano Robert’s watery spunk slowly trickled from his urethral opening down his 5-inch shaft and onto Gina’s hand.

Watching Robert shoot his load caused me to have a powerful climax, l pulled Gina onto my cock and let him have every fluid ounce that filled my balls and when l was empty l released my grip and he popped off the cock and lay face down in front of me. I fell backwards and watched Robert part Gina’s bum cheeks then remark on the amount of spunk running from Gina’s man-pussy.

Once Gina had recovered we all sat chatting and Robert told me that he hadn’t had sex with his wife in 30 years, l joked if he didn’t want to fuck her then can l fuck her, Gina told Robert to agree but l had to also agree to be their bull, Robert said he will think about it.

The next day at work l was told that one of the apartments had become empty and was asked to give it a good clean, the café managers daughter Zoe was going to help me. She was 20 years old; l had spoken to Zoe many times from when l was in the café on lunch break.

Zoe was what l would call a sandwich short in a picnic, the girl had a great figure, but as soon as she spoke you could tell there was something wrong with her.

As we cleaned l realised Zoe was unable to think for herself which got me getting her to do certain jobs like on all fours to wipe the kitchen floor which allowed me to look straight up her skirt, each job l gave her got more daring. We stopped for a break and l was complementing Zoe on her nice figure then add she show me her tits which she first said “no”, but with a little encouragement she lifted her top and bra, next was getting Zoe to let me feel them and that led onto her removing her knickers then she was on her back with legs spread and l was forcing my cock into Zoe’s tight hole.

It wasn’t till Zoe was fully impaled on my cock that she told me she never had sex before which made fucking her even more exciting although all the time l was fucking her she just lay under me not making a sound, but l was enjoying myself. My rhythm got faster, it was time to fill this virgin under me, my shaft was the first cock inside her and my hot creamy spunk was going to be the first to be pumped inside her. After that fuck we got on with the cleaning then before leaving l had enough time to give Zoe another spunk filled pussy, we became good friends after that morning in the apartment. My fun didn’t stop there because Robert introduced me to his wife Kathy so now l became Gina and his bull there was also Zoe, Brenda and my landlady Lyn who all needed looking after.

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