Neighborhood stud



In using a telescope one never knows what one was missing

It was a cold winters night as I looked through my telescope that I got a couple of Christmases ago. My parents thought I might be interested in astrology for some reason. I’m still not sure where they got that idea from? No, as a young man that was not my thoughts as that first night I setup the telescope in my room, I looked through it and saw very little. In fact I saw nothing that would interest me at all so I set it aside and did not use it for awhile. We live in a cul-de-sac with four other homes and three more behind us. Now my bedroom has three windows in it as it sits on the left side of the house. One window that faced the front of the house and Cul-de-sac, one window that faces west towards our neighbors next door and the last window faces the backyard and our 3 neighbors who lived there. Now my window facing west you could see into the master bedroom real easily, as the houses were not but 20 feet apart. My neighbors living there were in their late twenties with no kids and one cat which the husband hated. Often threatening to drop it out that window, but never did I don’t think. Sometime last year in the spring as I was in my room studying I heard yelling from next door, as most could in the area as it so loud. The yelling from next door was not new and I never did pay much attention to such things, it always pertained to adult problems and not mine.

Well my desk sits in front of the window facing west when I saw the wife Mrs. Kathy McRiddle good looking 5’11”, legs that go on for ever and always showing them off. She has been in a few of my stroke fantasies with those legs rapped around my head. I heard she was in sport magazine as a model or something like that, she goes every morning on a run and to the gym twice a week to keep those legs in shape. Well that night she enters their bedroom slamming the door cussing out a storm. Pacing back and forth babbling about getting even or something. When she see me starring at her, well I was not really starring at her I was just thinking about my history test I had the next day and was just locked in thought at the moment. A few minutes had past of me just starring out my window when I see Mrs. McRiddle getting undress in front of her window with the curtains open and the blinds up which was a rare thing to happen. We both have full length windows so she could see me from head to toe as I can see all of her standing there. When I came out of my thoughts she was unzipping her skirt from the side and smiling as she has never done that before too me anyways. Slowly unzipping that skirt she is wearing I realize that she is about to give me a striptease for god knows why, but I was not about to ask, as I sit back and begin rubbing my front for I thought it needed to wake up to something new. As she gets down to her white bra and red panties which was nothing special, seeing her almost naked body shape for the first time was, I was sporting a very large hard on just sitting there rubbing my shorts and not wearing a shirt watching my neighbor stand there mostly naked. Now I lowered my seat a little which gave Mrs. McRiddle a good view of my large dick, I pulled it through the opening of my shorts. I knew I was above average of a man my age than, as I was about 8” when I rub one off at night and as I exposed my cock for the first time to Mrs McRiddle, she did what any man hopes a woman would do when they see the man’s privates for the first. She smiled as she reached behind her back unclipping her bra and pulling it forward showing me her firm round tits with excited nipples pointing at me, begging me to suck on them as Kathy grabs them and squeezes her breast hard. I did what a any young man would do, I started stroking my cock to her performance of self masturbation. She turns around and bending over starts to pull her panties down when she stops as her panties come to her knees and she takes her right hand moving it to play with her very hairy pussy. Up and down those wet pussy lips of hers, as she goes faster and faster getting herself off, just when I think she was done she plunges two fingers into her twat and just as quickly starts fucking herself. Picturing my cock in place of those fingers she is using to fuck that pussy of hers as they go faster and faster, I forgot about stroking my cock as she fingers that good looking pussy of hers and might I add the first pussy I ever saw in real life. A moment later I could hear her scream out as she starts to cum so hard that she squirts her pussy juices all over the window and than she drops down to her knees looking back over her shoulder at me as I begin to stroke on my cock again so that I could make myself cum just as hard. Before I took five more strokes watching Mrs MsRiddle slowly playing with her drenched pussy, her husband came rushing into the bedroom yelling out, are you ok Kathy? He see his naked wife on her knees, her ass pointing out the window with her hands between her legs playing with her pussy. He stops as if stunned and me seeing him there looking at his wife naked in front of me got me more excited which gave me the thought of slowing down my strokes as if I was waiting on Mr. McRiddle. What was he thinking? What was he truly seeing right now? He continues to look further beyond his wife, out the window and across to my house seeing me for the first time. He takes in the scene now, his wife playing with her pussy for the young man next door as he stroke his big cock for his wife. He slowly approaches his wife and grabs her head bring her up to his dick level. Telling her something quiet like and I see her nod her head as she does she is reaching up to his pants and starts to unzip them causing his pants to fall to the floor. Mrs. McRiddle reaches into his underwear and pulls out his 5” hard dick and begins to suck on it like a girl would a finger. The couple than moves around sideways giving me a profile view of his wife giving him a blowjob. I pick up my pace some as I watch the two of them for the next five minutes and just as the husband came, he pulled out his small dick cuming two small shots over his wife’s face was all he produced? I could not believe my eyes, a gorgeous woman, his wife, giving him what looked like a professional blowjob I’m guessing, only produced two small shots. I quickly move my books out of the way, stand up stroking just a few more times hard, I fire off 8 large loads of cum hitting my window 6 times nearly blocking their view of my cock. Watching Mrs. McRiddle sucking Mr. McRiddle’s small dick was a performance that I must say gave me a very large loads of sperm. I really did make a mess of things, by the time I got a towel from the bathroom and came back to wipe my cum off my window, my neighbors had closed their blinds and curtains and turned off the lights. I watched every night for a repeat performance, but never did get until.

It was not until the following Saturday night that the curtains and blinds were open again. There sitting in a chair naked was Mrs. McRiddle rubbing her bald pussy this time with just a little bit of pubic hair above her clit. Also there in the room was Mr. McRiddle on the bed naked stroking his small dick slowly. Seeing this as I entered my room that night I quickly closed the door and got undress. Moving my desk out of the way and bringing my chair around to join these two masturbating I started stroking my cock slowly sitting in front of my window that was not yet fully erect. I noticed their window was opened so I jumped up opened my window fully. Speaking for the first time to Mrs. McRiddle I said, how beautiful her pussy looks cleaned shaven. She slides a finger into her already wet pussy moaning and telling me how excited she had been last week when she stripped off all her clothes. I see Mr. Riddle there stroking his small dick, is he just as excited now seeing a man’s size cock? Mrs McRiddle continues on saying, my husband told me last week after what he saw that night when I finger fucked myself in front of you that he wants to see you fuck me hard. Mrs McRiddle said she was not sure if he was telling her the truth or not until this morning when I told him to lick my ass to prove to her that he was saying the absolute truth. I’m still not convinced so we are here now like this talking while we masturbate in front of each other. I slowly stroke my cock to full height and looking across the way I said, I could use those lips of your rapped around my man size dick right now instead of using my hands, can you deep throat this cock in front of your small dick husband Kathy? She smiles shaking her head no as she plunges two fingers deep into her pussy getting off listening to me degrade her husband. Mrs. McRiddle I need you to come to me now so that you can practice sucking my cock and I would love it that you could give me my birthday present of a long deep throated blowjob which is in two months. My parents are out of town tonight and won’t be back until Monday. I want you to get that pussy of yours over here so that I can fuck it in front of this window while your cock sucking husband there watches. Just as I complete me telling Mrs. McRiddle to get her pretty little ass over to my house, she cums just as hard as she did last time, but this time it goes out the window and down the side of the house like a small waterfall coming out their window. When she came down off her high she said nothing. All Mrs. McRiddle did was to stand up and left the bedroom. Mr. McRiddle still in bed rubbing his small pecker thinking, I don’t know what, when my front door bell rings. With a strange look on my face Mr. McRiddle yells out to me to go answer the front door. I get up slowly and head downstairs to see who would be bothering me at this time of night and just as I was about to fire off a load too. When I opened the door I see Mrs. McRiddle standing there naked asking to come in before a neighbor sees her. I moved out of the way as she walks in wearing just her high heal shoes and heads straight upstairs to my room. I follow that ass and those long legs of hers up the stairs. As a young man not knowing anything and the only thing at that moment I could think of was to slap her ass telling her next time, do not take so long getting over here. She turned her head and smiled as we entered my room. Looking across to her house she tells her husband as she lowers her head down towards my cock that I have now a man’s cock to suck and fuck and from now on when I want a man to fuck me, you will get Jack here to come over and tell him that your wife needs to be fucked. All I heard after that was Yes Mistress from Mr. McRiddle’s house.

Right than I could not have asked for a better life, a good looking woman on her knees giving me a blowjob for the first time in my life and it was in front of her husband, who I found out was just another cockold husband with a small dick. I begin to rock back and forth in front of my window so that her husband could watch and hear his wife sucking my cock. Yelling out, that’s it slut suck my big cock. I really did not want to cum so quickly as I was enjoying the blowjob so much, before I knew what happened I was unloading one cum load after another as number five was coming out I had a small thought as I pulled my dick out of her mouth and lying my large cock over her face I let the last three shots out landing on that gorgeous face of Mrs McRiddle. Once I was done ejecting my cum out I began smearing it over her face letting her know what a cum slut she really is now and to lick my dick clean while her husband watches.

When Kathy finished cleaning my dick off I grabbed my bed and brought it over to the window. I said Mrs. McRiddle would you mined getting into my bed so that I may fuck you now. She jumped right in lying down spreading her legs for me to see that bald pussy of hers. I sit down next to her rubbing her pussy as we three have a conversation on what we are doing. Mr. McRiddle started the conversation by letting me know that what Kathy said earlier was true that I was the only person from now on who could fuck his wife and that he was no longer going to put his small dick inside her again unless she requests it. I slide two fingers into her pussy asking her if that is true what her husband just said? She nods her head yes and that I can have you anytime, anyplace I want. I lean down licking her nipple and squeezing hard her other tit while fingering her pussy, I begin to moan some, thinking how tight will this pussy will be if she only has had that small dick of her husband inside her. Kathy strokes my dick back to life and tells me to fuck her like no one has before. Removing my lips from her other tit I tell her to get on all fours I want you to see your husband get off while watching you get fucked. She moved quickly as she looks out the window to her husband she yells out, watch now Steve what a real man can do to me. I get into position behind Kathy grabbing ahold of her gorgeous hips, I plunged hard that first time and almost bottomed out, Kathy screams out loudly of the pleasures she has been denied all these years. I pull back some and rush forward again and again. Pounding her just as she asked for, to be fucked as never before. Not two minutes of hard fucking she screams out I’am coming Steve I’am coming now, fuck me Jack, fuck me harder and harder oh Steven this young man is fucking me good, oh fuck I am coming, oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit here I come, I pushed hard up into her twat and held her tight as she explodes over my cock and out her pussy. It looked like she just peed in my bed. She starts to slow down her squirting orgasm. I pull back and pound her again and again harder this time yelling out what a slutting whore I have as a neighbor and will be fucking her hard from now on, as I yell out to Steven. I flipped her around and shove my cock down her throat to check to see if she could get more of my dick down. Another inch was all I could manage to get down Kathy’s throat. Then lying down and telling her to get on top and ride my dick for awhile. Another twenty minutes and I was done for, I fired off another 4 loads deep inside Kathy’s pussy, now my personal slut, I tell her she will be here for the reminder of this night. We will get to know one another better and to close the window and curtains for the next two hours you are for me and not that husband of hers.

I take her to my bathroom where we showered together and as we are finished cleaning off each other I had to ask, Mrs. McRiddle have you been fucked in the ass before? Smiling she shakes her head yes, but never with a dick this size. Bending Kathy over I lined up my steel rod slowly push inward. The tight entrance was a pleasant surprise as I continued to push, she only moaned a little louder. In a few minutes of slow fucking the neighbor’s ass I picked up speed, causing her to scream out in pain and pleasure of her real first ass fucking. As the water is still warm I tell her to bend over further so I can fuck that great looking ass harder of hers that I had the pleasure of just cleaning. While fucking her in the ass and she screaming of being fucked I yelled out to her saying you will have a story to tell her husband tomorrow. Pounding harder then before, I came so fast that I had to fuck her again soon in the ass as it was the best sex I had so far that night. When I finished I told my new whore to clean me off with her tongue, she cleaned my dirty dick off too, what a freak of a neighbor I have and she is all mine to play with, after another two more rounds of good old fashion fucking in my parents room we fell asleep.

When I woke the next morning I found the bed empty with a note on the night stand. It said that she had a great time, but was not going to go through with her being my sex toy, signed love Kathy. I get out of bed and head back to my room were I begin to clean up the mess from last night putting the bed and desk back where they belong and taking the sheets off the beds for washing, along with all my clothes that need to be washed as well.

After taking care of the laundry and cleaning up everything I grabbed my phone and took a picture of the note and another photo with my 4” soft dick. Placing the note in the desk and looking across the way to a closed window with the curtains drawn and blinds down thinking. What was she thinking leaving me a note that I now can use to blackmail her with?

That Sunday night as I train my telescope out my back window to our neighbors to the left I can see the mother of that household walking around in her room naked picking an outfit out as she appears to be going out dancing. Single mother with a teenage daughter who is never around. If I remember right the mother was a real estate agent who does very well for herself, nice car, good home, and great taste in clothes. Of course she was a great looking MILF with double D size tits ok waist and a ass one could play with for hours. When she wears those skirts of hers all the men look hard at her long legs that we all thought ended in heaven. I watched her move around her room bouncing those nice size tits of hers, I do my slow stroke thinking just how good it would be to have her here sucking my cock, me licking her pussy lips as we lay together one on top of the other or me riding the gorgeous ass of hers. Seeing that my neighbor finished getting dressed and has left for the night, I moved my telescope over to the the house directly behind ours. The couple living there had a balcony put in last year so that they could sit outside their bedroom at night and watch the stars. The space between their house and the one I was living in with my parents was a few hundred feet away and with the naked eye I could not see anything on that balcony. With my telescope that night I found see the mom who lives there, she is in her late thirties good looking, has a little bit on the stomach area and B size tits that look firm and hard. Sitting there with a young man which I knew to be her son who I thought was away in college. I watched them sit there talking, I just than remembered that I could hook up my camera to this model telescope and I also have a remote to the camera where I can sit down and press a button to take a picture with. Looking around the room checking the closet where I found my camera bag with all the adapters and quickly connected the camera to the telescope. Bringing my desk chair over, I now can see the two still sitting there, but now they are facing each other rubbing their crotches in front of each other? This is weird I thought, son and mother clothes on masturbating in front of each other. I snap a few shots off to get the night going. I had a quick thought of, where is the dad in all this? Looking at the back of their home I see the lights on downstairs with a tv running. Rotating the telescope down to the window I see dad sitting there asleep with a ball game on, I take a couple of time stamped photos of him too. Moving the telescope back to the balcony as I focus on the two now in gauging in some deep kissing. He is on his knees between her legs with his hand up her shirt playing with her small tits, while French kissing his mother. The son, John is his name, moves his right hand down between her legs where her hands were just a moment ago, John seems to be rubbing her well as I can see her head now leaning back on the chair. John seeing his mother relaxed, pushes up her shirt and quickly takes in her left tit in his mouth. She grabs his head and holds him tight to her breast. I take a few more photos with a date and time stamp on them. John brings up his left hand squeezes hard her right tit and nipple making his mom moan out as I had my window open I could hear that loud noise. Speaking softer now she seemed upset that he made her scream out and was trying to push her shirt back in place as if nothing more was going to happen. John was pleading with his mother to not stop what they had started, I can only guess she gave in to him as he lifted her shirt up and off her and dove right back to sucking on her tits. She is laying back more in her chair smiling, running her fingers through his hair, speaking softly to him as he licked and sucked her tits. This went on for more than ten minutes and me taking a few more photos. Just when I was getting a little board and was about to look around for better entertainment John stands up, moves around to her right side facing me, he unzips his pants and pulls out his 6” dick stroking it in front of his mother speaking something as she moves her head closer and closer to his dick and than dives right in, taking his whole cock in her mouth, locking her lips and pulling back. The son moans loud as I could even here him. Looking at the small screen on the camera I watched as mother gave her son a blowjob right there in front of the whole world. I flipped the camera over to movie mode and let it run for a good two minutes of filming. She was good to bobbing her head back and forth sucking hard as I could hear her son moaning and telling her to not stop as he was coming. He came hard too as he was just finishing he pulled out his dick and came twice on his mother’s face which he than pushed around with his dick. I thought I was bad, this college guy was no joke. When he was done with his mother he pulled his pants up and went inside to his room as another light came on in the house down the hall. It must have been his bed room on the other side of the house as the light went off a minute later. The mother still sitting in her chair smiling, remembering what just happened and slowly cleaning off the cum on her face with her fingers, when the father comes out the sliding doors watching his wife clean her face. I take a few more photos just in case the police need to know what happened to the wife. What shocked me was that the husband just calmly walked over to his wife leaning down and began licking her face clean of her son’s cum. I had to take a few photos of that and as he finished cleaning off all the cum from his wife’s face he stood up, unzipped his pants, pulling out a 5” dick and pushing into his wife’s mouth. He began to skull fuck her right out the gate, to be used as the father saw fit and right than he just wanted her lips around his small pecker. With a few more shots with the camera I watched in less than two minutes of husband using wife’s lips for his pleasure as he came hard into her mouth, but unlike the son he did not pull out. When he was finished he too went in and went back downstairs to finish watching the game. Watching the mother sit there in the dark crying, for now she knew that from now on she was going to be a fuck toy for both husband and son which could care less of her wants or needs sexually. Taking those last couple of photos to round out the night I thought how I could use them for my own gain, but than I might not need to use the photos as one could see a woman who is used like that is one that can be used in other ways. The photos as well as the note are just the start of my collection.

For the next couple of weeks the father and son had found it better if the wife was naked all the time, as I did not see her wearing clothes after that night I saw the mom give those two a blowjob. One day the father was watching a game while the wife kneeling in front sucking his dick like it was her job now and when he was done she crawled over to the son and did the same. When ever the mode struck the father or son as far as I could tell mom was there giving them head. The strange thing was I never once saw them have sex with her, not once, which one would think that would happen.

During the time I was watching that happen in the back and checking out the real estate woman when she changed out of her clothes. I confronted Mrs. and Mr. McRiddle with the note and invited her over Saturday night. Without a word they both knew why they were not going to put up a fight. Saturday night came, Mrs. McRiddle came over and knocked on the front door dressed in a very sexy black dress. My mother answered the door and was surprised to see her neighbor standing there looking hot and asking to see her son.

Mom asked Mrs McRiddle in and escorted her to the family room where she asked if she would like a drink. Mrs. McRiddle answered with, a white wine please, mom went to the kitchen and returned with two large glasses.

Sitting down next to Mrs McRiddle mom asked why are you here wanting to see my son? Mrs McRiddle leans back on the couch and explains to my mother that she is there to take her son out on a date and than to a hotel room where she is to instruct her son in the finer points of eating pussy. My mother without missing a beat asked how much did my son pay you for these lessons of eating pussy? Mrs McRiddle’s response was just as good as she said, nothing as my husband has not eaten my pussy in years and when your son showed me his cock then asking me for some pussy eating lessons I could not refuse, but I had only one request and that was I be feed first and than class would be begin. Mom than picked up her cell phone and texted me, letting me know that Mrs McRiddle was here waiting on me. I came right down seeing the both having wine in the family room, I took a seat across from the couch where mom and Mrs McRiddle were sitting. Mom turns to me asking to clarify what I was doing with Mrs McRiddle? Mom asked are you going to dinner and than a motel room where she will teach you the finer points of eating pussy? Looking my mother in the eyes I answered yes, she has agreed to help me learn the proper ways of eating a woman’s pussy. My mother now leans back on the couch thinking as she takes a sip of her wine. My mother turns to Mrs McRiddle asking have you taught many young men to eat your pussy? Mrs McRiddle answered, no your son will be my first student. Mother takes another sip of wine and then asked Mrs McRiddle if she would not mind if she ordered in, as she would love to watch her son take this class of hers? Now it was Mrs McRiddle taking a sip of wine before she answered. Looking at my mother closely to see if there was something unusual with her and seeing nothing Mrs McRiddle said, no problem with me would you mind ordering some Chinese food for the three of us. Taking the last sip of wine in her glass mom puts it down, picking up her cell phone she orders the food. Once ordered she turns back to Mrs McRiddle asking if she could start the class early and if she could go first? Now, I was at first a little nervous with my mother getting to know what was going on with me that night, but when she offered to go first in eating Mrs McRiddle’s pussy my dick just came alive right then. Now my mother is good looking as she was sitting there in her tight leggings and sports bra with firm C cup titties. Well, I said, while my mother is getting a lesson in eating pussy I will just have to see how well you, Mrs McRiddle can suck my dick. Mrs McRiddle lifts her dress up to her waist and tells mom to come and start licking her pussy. While mom is busy down south I approach Mrs McRiddle taking my clothes off on the way over, as I get to the couch I step up and lean into Mrs McRiddle’s face letting her know to begin sucking. Mom watching all this as she is licking our neighbor’s pussy was surprised by my size cock going in and out of Mrs McRiddle’s mouth. Mom paused, asking if she could have a taste of my dick as my father’s cock is only 4” long and mom has never had anything bigger before. Nodding I sit down next to Mrs McRiddle letting mom know she can have all the cock she can handle. Telling my mother that was like telling a banker the money is all hers. My mother tried hard to take most of my cock in, but gagged some as she went down to 5” or so. Just as the door bell rang I was cuming in my mother’s mouth a lot. Mom could not handle the volume of cum coming out my dick as most went down my thighs and onto the couch. Mother was cleaning me off with her tongue when Mrs McRiddle went and fetched the food at the front door. Once Mrs McRiddle had the table set for dinner mom and I got up and went to eat. During dinner Mrs McRiddle commented that mom was a great pussy eater and was looking forward to more class time with her once dinner was over. I was looking forward to seeing myself between her legs. Mrs McRiddle did ask if mom was up to having her son practice some with her pussy and when mom turned to me smiling saying if my son is up for that so was she. The lessons were fun with Mrs McRiddle and mom as the night continued between eating Mrs McRiddle pussy and my mother’s. I was full so to speak as Mrs McRiddle got me hard one last time and as my mother was taking her finial exam with Mrs McRiddle’s pussy I slipped my cock out of my teacher’s mouth and kneeled behind my now naked mother. I lined up my cock and pushed forward with no resistance from mom I earnestly fucked her as best as I could all the while she was eating pussy. I slapped mother’s ass hard telling her to eat the teachers pussy and what a pussy slut she is, mom exploded with a heart stopping orgasm to the likes I have not seen before. She screamed out, fuck, so many times I thought it was the only word she knew how to say in English. On her last squeeze of her orgasm she was having I started to come deep inside mom’s very wet snug pussy. Getting up tired from all the sucking and that last bit of fucking I went upstairs to bed and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow.

The next morning as I headed to the bathroom for my morning piss, I passed my parents room were I see Mrs McRiddle and mom lying there together naked. Smiling I continue on with my morning business.

After my morning shower and getting my shorts on I take a look through my telescope to my neighbors to see what up. The real estate mom is lying nude in bed with a dildo plunging in and out of her pussy, I guess no luck at the club last night. Panning over I see the mom on her knees in the kitchen sucking her son off again and dad drinking coffee at the table watching. The mother has become very good at sucking their cocks as the son came in no time flat. I pan over to my neighbors to the right rear of my house to see what the lady who lives there is up to this fine Sunday morning. As I focus the lens I see that she is naked in her bedroom with a pair of binoculars looking at me. I continue to look at her and I see that for a woman in her sixties that she was in good shape. Tits hanged a bit but nice size for a woman that stood 5’ tall at most. We looked at each other as I pulled down my shorts and started to stroke myself slowly. I wanted her to build up my excitement some of what ever this was we were doing. She spread her legs some as she lowered her left hand down to a bald pussy rubbing slowly getting wet as she played with herself. Me dripping some precum as I begin to pick up some speed and just as I began picking up some speed she leaned over and picked up a dildo that matched my cock size and she shoved it up hard into her pussy, bending over some when she did that caused me some worry that she may have hurt herself doing that, but just a minute had past when she stood back up and grabbing the dildo again she started to fuck herself good and fast with it. Not more then a few minutes passed when my mother entered my room asking what I was doing? Without leaving the telescope I tell her I am masturbating with our neighbor who lives behind and to the right of us. Without thought my mother came over to me, got on her knees and started blowing me. The lady stopped for just a moment as she see my mother now sucking my cock. She shaking her head as she could not believe what she was witnessing, but after the shock wears off she went back to using that dildo of hers just as hard as before if not just a little harder. Mom pulls my dick out asking do I want to fuck that neighbor? Of course I say as I watch this lady pull out a dildo from her pussy and begin spraying having one massive orgasm, just as she came I grab ahold of my mother’s head and push my cock down her throat and come with six long strong cum loads straight down mom’s throat. As the last of my cum is spilling out of my cock and over my mother’s face I asked mom to invite our neighbor over for dinner tonight if she is free.

Mom wasted no time and picked her cell phone up and called. I look through the telescope and see her Ms. Annabel Jones picks up her phone and answered, hello Susan how are you this morning? Mother responses back with, I see that you met my son. He would love it if we could get together tonight Frank is out of town until Monday. Annabel reply’s with, I’am sorry, but already have plans for tonight, but I am available on Thursday afternoon before Frank gets home that way your son can fuck me with his big cock I see he has. Thanks Annabel we’ll see you then. Mother hangs up and tells me what was said, looking down at my mother I asked if she knows any of the other neighbors behind us? She said no, but she did have a lady friend that could use a good fucking and she is hot too, my mother said as she stood up. Taking moms hand I guided her back to her bedroom we’re Mrs McRiddle was still sleeping. As I get into bed I ask mother to show me what she learned last night from our neighbor. Mom waking Mrs McRiddle up slowly with a gentle pussy licking goes into telling me just how Mrs McRiddle enjoys these tiny kisses just to the left and right of her clit then licking very aggressively her clit as this truly wakes up Mrs McRiddle’s libido and as I work the top half with my tongue mom tells me not to forget you have fingers you can use on her pussy or ass as I found out last night Mrs McRiddle loves to be rimmed. I watched those two go out it as my dick is now stone fucking hard and with my mother’s ass in the air at the moment I crawled behind her and as I guided my dick up into her nice wet cunt, I asked if dad knew about any of this about her? Mom begin moaning out and I begin pounding away she yells out nooo you can never tell your father about any of this, as he is very old fashion when it comes to sex. That’s it son keep fucking your mother hard, just like that, of fuck that feels great. You son have opened a whole new world for me, I have never eaten pussy before last night. I am normally the third person with the husband is using me and the wife watches. Again son, your father can never find out about any of this and also I am glad I can share this part of my life with you now. Keep pounding me harder I am just about to come son, keep going harder and harder yes son that’s it, fuck your mother like the slut she is. I grabbed hold of mother’s hips and plowed hard and deep into her pussy as I held her there. I unloaded a good amount of cum, as I slowly begin fucking mom again as I want to make sure I had released all my seed into her pussy. I also enjoyed the feeling being inside mom as once I was done I slapped her ass playfully and headed to the bathroom for another shower, I wanted to be ready to met my mother’s friend later that day. Turning my head back to mom and Mrs McRiddle I said to Mrs McRiddle that she could head home if mom is done with you that is, than I left going to take a shower.

Later that afternoon after Mrs McRiddle left, my mother and I had a long talk about how we’re going to move forward with our arrangement that was forming from last nights lessons. We seemed to be two people of the same mind set when it came to sex. We agreed to be open with each other and if one or the other was uncomfortable with anything that either of us could give a safe word and the actives would come to an end.

The evening came around as I woke up from a nap I headed for the shower when I heard the doorbell sound. My mother yelled out that she would get it, so I continued to the showers to get ready for tonight and mom’s mystery lady friend coming over. I asked my mother a few times who the person was, but she only smiled saying this lady is looking forward to fucking you long and hard. My mother at times thinking about tonight had a worried face as if this lady friend of hers might be to much for me or, vise or versa.

I get my bathrobe on still wet I headed downstairs to meet this mystery woman for the first time. When I entered the great room I stood there shocked for just a moment when I saw who the woman that my mother had bragged about all day was. It was my aunt Sherri, my dad’s sister who was 28, married to a lawyer and lived across town. When she stood up in a pink silk teddy showing me her all, my body could do nothing but get hard. Her tits defying gravity were the size of large grapefruits with a slim waistline and her hips flaring out just at the right angles. She had my heart racing already, just thinking what my Aunt tasted like, felt like? I had always a crush on her and she was always a part of my fantasies when stroking the pole. Smiling, my mother leaned over to her sister in law and squeezed hard Sherri’s left nipple making her scream out with some pain. Then I saw it, the smile on Aunt Sherri’s face. She likes pain is what I am thinking. I start to move forward in a daze and having a thousand thought and no thoughts at all, hitting me as I approach the two of them. I reach my mother and Sherri, as I take Sherri in my arms and give her such a passionate kiss as one would do when seeing his love for the first time in so long of being apart. Messaging her ass roughly as the kiss continues, reaching up with my right hand and squeezing Sherri’s left titty for the first time. My hips started to grind hard into her as my body demanded that I stop this foreplay and fuck the woman already. Without warning to Sherri or mother I spin my Aunt around push her over the arm of the couch, grabbing her pink panties I rip them off, I myself am lost in the lust of this woman’s body. I throw off my robe taking my cock in hand guiding in to the wet spot between my Aunt’s legs. As I rub my dick up and down getting myself lubed up some to fuck this person I could do but one thing. I grab my mother by the waist and leaning into her I kissed her with just as much passion as I did with Sherri and as my kissing began with mom, my cock was entering my Aunt’s tight wet trimmed pussy for the first time. After a few pushes and pulls into the depths of my Aunt’s pussy I would finally find her bottom. Holding for just a second as I release my mother from our embrace I whisper to her, mother let Aunt Sherri work on your pussy while I give her what she came here for. Mom smiling went and laid in front of Sherri telling our newest slut to lick the lady of the house cunt, slut. I than began ramming hard and fast into my Aunt as she screams out in pleasure of the fucking she has not had in a long time. Harder and harder, faster and faster I pounded that pussy to three orgasms before I would let her up. I finished my last drop of cum that hour on the entrance of a gorgeous ass that belonged to my Aunt I headed over to the recliner and passed out. I woke up about thirty minutes later with my mother cleaning my cock and my Aunt on the couch with her legs spread out fucking herself with a 6” dildo telling my mother to go deeper, she wanted to see my mother deep throat my dick as she has in all her life never seen a cock as big as mine and was strangely obsessed with seeing my mother take me whole. Going with what was happening I relaxed some as I watched a gorgeous woman sitting across from me, the one I fucked until I passed out, fucking herself with a dildo not even close to my size. I had to ask, why use such a small dildo when I just fucked you with my much larger dick? Her only reply was that is was the only size she had with her and did not believe my mother when she told her how big I was.

My Aunt was truly fucked that night saying that she will be paying for my college if I only keep up fucking her until I leave. Well I did go to college on her dime and she introduced me to some of her other friends who paid for thing like a car and some nice clothes. Let’s face it a young man with a nice size dick can always make money.

Six months had gone by as I fucked mom, the two neighbors, my Aunt and some of her friends I still found it strange that the mother who lives behind us continued to blow the son and father as she was their personal cum dump. So I asked mom to invite her over one Saturday afternoon for tea to get to know her better. When she came over mother and her were sitting in the kitchen chatting about their young men and how they were growing up to be fine people when I came into the kitchen. Without a word as it was already planned between mother and I. In my bathrobe as I walked across the kitchen and stand next to my mother sitting there talking with our neighbor. Without a word mom opens my rope, leans in and starts sucking my cock as if it was just something she did all the time. Just like she does with her son and husband. As mom is sucking me off I asked why don’t your son or your husband ever fuck you? I mean I fuck my mother almost every chance I can, I enjoy that activity with her. Karen sits her tea down watching my mother deep throating my 9” cock, said I don’t know really, they seem to only want me to blow them. She said she asked many times, but neither would ever say why they would not fuck me. Looking at her I said I need a new pussy to fuck and would she like to offer hers? Shaking her head yes, I told her to get undressed so mother can prepare you for the fucking of your life. To be honest I had never seen a woman get undressed faster, she was naked and bent over the kitchen table getting her pussy messaged by my mother so fast. I asked if she knew the lady who live to the left of her? Oh yes, saying she is a party girl for sure, but she never seems to bring anyone home with her. I told Beth what I have noticed that about her neighbor, Beth said, as mom was licking her pussy that she never could seal the deal for some reason. I asked out to no one really if we could bring her over for drinks one evening and we could find out why. She seems to be wearing down her vibrators and could use a real cock for a change I said.

Just as I enter Beth’s pussy for the first time, she cums hard letting out months of cum that should be taken care of on a weekly bases. I continued to move forward, pushing harder and harder into her pussy as she screams out for more and to stop as it was getting to be to much for her. I tell her she has to get through this if she is to get fucked more often, nodding her head to go on, I pounded her pussy over and over and over again as I did not stop with a constant rubbing of her ribbed pussy walls as she continued to orgasm one after another. For the full hour she could not stop coming as I fucked her in a nice slow motion. It was a very weird fuck, but nice too. When I came, I pulled out of her pussy and unloaded on her back and ass. It was a good load and when I sat down my mother holding Karen down told her not to move as she was going to clean her off. Lying there my mother started to clean my cum off Beth back and ass with her tongue, mom enjoys the taste of my cum. Taking another thirty minutes or so I headed over to the couch and when mom was done with Beth I told her to come see me. Mom on one side and Beth on the other, I gently lean into Beth kissing her softly on the lips and working my way down to her breast I paused there for a while as I do enjoy sucking tittys when I can and these are ones I had not yet had the pleasure of tasting. While I enjoyed the tits, I was using my right hand to pleasure Beth’s pussy slowly as I could so as to not get her overly excited, just trying to keep her moist. Just as I was lifting my head and Karen was in a dream state, I slipped two of my fingers deep into her twat, Beth moans out with pleasure this time, as a waterfall of pussy juices comes rushing out, she was enjoying her finger fuck.

By the time midnight rolled around I was able to have Beth riding me until she came and came and came. She asked as she was leaving if we could all do this again sometime? Leaning down giving her a soft kiss on the lips I said when ever I am here you can always come over for a good time. Smiling she left and headed home.

It was a few weeks later and as I walked into the great room my mother was there eating Karen’s pussy on the floor. I sat down and watched as my mother continues to take long slow licks up from Karen’s ass to her clit where she does this little thing with her tongue, it drove Karen to let out a soft moans and grabbing mother’s hair some asking for more. Mother offers her more as she slips two fingers into Karen’s very moist twat. Karen having her eyes closed this whole time while my mother was pleasuring her I had to ask, mother if Karen would not mind me having a bite to eat when you’re done I would like to go next? Karen looking up seeing me and screams, quickly as she can, she pushes my mother to the side as she is lowering her summer dress down to cover up a gorgeous bald pussy. Scrambling to get to her feet and take a seat on the couch, my mom slowly gets up and closes her robe that she was wearing over her bathing suit. Karen started to apologize to me about what was just happening, that she did not mean for anything like that to happen and that she was not even gay, she liked men, but your mother has a way of relaxing people. I get up slowly and approach Karen and as I do I asked her, did you enjoy mother eating your pussy, because you seemed to be really enjoying it especially when mom was using her tongue over your clit you moaned out something very sexual and as I watched the two of you I became very excited. I lowered myself in front of Karen placing my hands on her knees as I get in between her very nice smooth legs and as I am looking her in the eyes, my hands are slipping under her thighs as I lower my head closer and closer to her crotch, I said would you mind if I took over where my mother was as I am very hungry. Karen gives a small nod and with that I pulled Karen forward hard and fast making her scream out in being startled and a small giggle has she feels my lips grab a hold of her puffy pussy lips as they are so excited from what mom was doing to her earlier.

My mother goes into the kitchen and gets two glasses of white wine and comes out handing Karen one as she sits down next to Karen asking how is my son doing down there. Karen taking the glass of wine and before answering she take a deep drink and said he is a lot better than my vibrators I have at home that’s for sure. Karen, my mother asked do you want my son to fuck that delicious pussy of yours before we eat dinner or will you not be able to stay? My mother let it slip that dad would not be coming home until next Wednesday and seeing that it was only Monday we could enjoy this activity for some time that is if Karen was up for it? Really without much delay she said that she needed to be fucked before dinner if your son does not mind. I lift my head looking up into her brown eyes asking what is your favorite position to have sex in? Thinking for a moment doggie position is my favorite as I like to be spanked and my hair pulled as the man rides me long and hard that way. I take Karen’s hands pulling her up to stand in front of me. Spinning her around I grab the hem of her summer dress and pull it up and off of her. Karen standing there with a pink bra and panties on I reach around grabbing her tits, squeezing them as I lowered my lips to her neck kissing aggressively. Using my right hand I slide it down inside her panties rubbing her clit hard and my fingers spread her very excited pussy as I entered her cunt with two wet fingers. I whisper into her ear when was the last time this sexy girl was fucked hard. Shaking her head saying to long. Unclipping her bra and ripping her panties off her ass I pushed her over and as she uses her hands to catch herself on the couch I slap her ass hard telling her to get into position so that this man can fuck this girl’s pussy as it should be fucked. My mother was not going to be denied some fun as she positions herself in front of Karen letting her know that it was her turn to eat some pussy while her son fucks her virgin ass. Naked I kneeled behind Karen rubbing my rod up and down getting my dick wet for some very exciting times. Pushing forward Karen moans out as she eat mom’s pussy to the pleasure my cock is offering her. I continue further and further into Karen as she moans louder and louder, unknown how big I truly am I pull my right hand back as I grab Karen’s hair with my left and at the same time I shove the last 4” of my cock deep down into Karen’s pussy, slapping her hard ass with my right hand and pulling her back some with my left hand yelling this is how I truly fuck my sluts. I pounded hard for the next few minutes, keeping her bent back with her hair and slapping her hard ass so much it turned beet red. While I am going to town fucking Karen’s gorgeous body, mom is there finger fucking her bald pussy hoping to cum on Karen’s face as she watches her son fuck the neighbor. I slowly push Karen back into my mother’s pussy telling her to get eating, slapping her ass once more. Feeling the all to familiar squeezing coming from Karen’s tight ass pussy I yell out, it took you long enough to cum whore. As I reach around pinching Karen’s right nipple I tell her in a whisper that I want to see her here every Wednesday for a good hard fuck. Screaming out oh fuck me and just as I pulled out of Karen’s pussy she explodes firing off one hell of an orgasm. Spraying the couch, the rug and my legs. Before Karen finishes coming she passes out in my mother’s pussy, I on the other hand line up my cock with Karen’s cunt and continue fucking her for the next five minutes. When Karen wakes up lying on the couch with my mother sucking on her cream pie pussy after past out for twenty minutes Karen asked what happen. I lift my head from sucking on her double D size tits and just say you past out and my mother is working on sucking my cum out of your pussy now and I am enjoying sucking your tits. She nods slowly as she closes her eyes again moaning with pleasure and just as I thought she may have passed out again she said, I will be here next Wednesday for more of this.

So my first year of sexual endeavors I found myself surrounded by women who in their own way needed me and my gift of a large dick. A couple liking to spice things up, a single mother wanting some attention, a mother with a very unusual cum problem and an older lady that still has a lot to give. Then finding out my mother was into kinky shit made that year one of the best of my life.

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