The Debts of the Father shall be Borne by the Son


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Hating his father Eddy returned home to perform his duty as her son.

Rosemary had just finished a long shift at the hospital. After a warm. soothing bath she was now relaxing with a glass of wine and some netflix. Just then she heard her son drove into their driveway. She knew this because of that familiar loud noise coming from his secondhand, old British Bently sport car. He was now into his second year as a medical student. Previously he had already got an engineering degree from a British university. But he had never done a day’s work as an engineer though. Why a British university? The reason was that his fucking father was a Brit. It was decided that he should live with his father after his parent’s divorce, and should continue his education in Britain. To make a long story short, those years ended with him hating his father and everything British. He came back to America hoping to start a new life with his mom. After his shower he joined his mom in the living room. The movie was dull anyway so Rosemary switched it off for some mom and son time.

Now, about Rosemary’s social and sex life, first of all she didn’t care much for socialising. Probably among her colleagues and friends were a few who would love to fuck her, but she just didn’t think they were worth the trouble. The reason was that she got to know someone who was working for a sperm bank company. That entrepreneurial bitch had a sideline going. She ran a call-man outfit. This friend got some of the sperm donors to sell their sperm in a different way, so to speak. They were not like other male prostitues. Their sexual prowess is secondary to their ability to provide interesting and stimulating companionship. Nevertheless they were young and virile enough to give Rosemary a good fuck each and every time. The important point was that they were all sworn to secrecy about their clients. There was severe punishment for breach of this mutual trust. After the divorce Rosemary had gone through some cathartic mental changes which was now manifested in her attitude towards life and behaviour towards her son, Eddy. For as far back as he could recall family life before he left for Britain had always been cold, reticent and distant between them. Since his return Rosemary has opened up to him and they became very intimate, both the mental and the physical kind. Eddy could remember clearly, as if it was the day before, their first intimate sex talk and their first fuck.

“Your father’s cock is as big as yours son, but he never bothered to do enough foreplay to wet my pussy. Most of the time he needed to use lubrication to ease his cock into my pussy. But then he also had pre-mature ejaculation disorder. This persisted all through our married life and he was too selfish to seek medical help. This meant that he often left me hanging. I had learned from the start how to finish off with masturbation after he had done fucking me for five minutes or less. You know how the old saying goes? The father’s debts shall be borne by the son. Are you ready to pay your father’s debt, son ?”

“Willing and able, mom, however long it might take. The rest of my life, if need be.”

“Oh look, the swelling in your cock still hasn’t gone down. Let mummy kiss it and make it all better. I am going to give you the best hand and mouth fuck you have ever had, son.”

That was more than a year ago and they had regular sex since then, once or twice a week. Eddy shifted his position on the couch so that he was close enough to put his right arm around her. He gave her a squeeze and took a deep breath, taking in a good measure of Rosemary’s intoxicating natural body scent. (Mom only used non-scent soap). Eddy ran his palm softly over her right arm, her thigh, her neck and her face. Rosemary lay her head on his shoulder, flipped over one side of his bathing gown and grabbed hold of his hard erect cock. She squeezed it hard and stroke it one or two inches up and down the shaft. Eddy opened her sleeping gown and started rubbing his palm over her breasts and squeezing her nipples. Noticing her deep breathing and flush face Eddy decided to go for her clit and labias. His soft fingering work on them instantly produced more pussy nectar and moans. Eddy leant over and gave Rosemary a long, almost bruisingly hard kiss, massaging and sucking both her lips. Rosemary got up, threw off her gown and walked naked towards the stairs leading to the bedroom. Eddy followed closely behind, slapping his mom’s fat arse along the way. Once they got to the bedroom, Eddy laid down on the bed and Rosemary sat beside him with his cock in her hand. She got the crown into her mouth first and started twirling her tongue over the gland and the pee-hole. Next she softly bit into the shaft. Then she drew her nails softly over his shaft and balls. The sensations were sharp and reached right into his prostate gland where the man’s G-spot was. Eddy did all he could to avoid shooting his load right there and then. They changed position with the son hovering over the mom. Eddy pushed the wet crown of the cock into her after overcoming some resistance from her tight pussy. Actually his cock was’nt that big. His mom tightened the muscle and constricted her fuck-canal for the cock’s insertion because she enjoyed the sensation of having her pussy “forced open”. Rosemary felt her forty-two years old body was getting dull and less sensitive, so she liked a bit of pain to give some edge to the fucking. He started slapping her breasts, her tummy, and her thighs with the spatula. Between the slaps he slowly pushed his cock half-inch by half-inch deep into her juice soaked pussy. After the shaft was all in Eddy started fucking in earnest. Mom’s tricks worked. The fucking strokes were so tight that after the first few minutes Rosemary was already moaning from the pleasurable pain. Then she asked to change to the doggy-fuck style. Rosemary stood on the side of the bed and bent over. Eddy entered her again. She asked to be slapped hard on her arse and thighs during the fuck.

“Oh…that is soooo fucking good. Yes, yes. Push all the way through and open mom up to the warmth and “sonshine”. Give mom the tip-to-base long strokes. Yes, mom loves it sooo sooo much. Aw…Aw…Ah…Ah..”

Eddy’s fucking cock began bringing out white foam from deep within her pussy. Rosemary’s pussy was now sloshingly wet and the tightness was eased. Eddy bent over his mom’s back, reached down and under to squeeze her nipples hard. Mom clenched her teeth and let out a loud moan. Rosemary got a giant orgasm, even her shoulders were shaking and she seemed to be fighting for her breath. Her face was deep pink and her eyes half closed. Eddy pulled out and helped mom to climb up onto the bed and lay down on her back. Eddy lay down beside her in a “69” formation. Eddy moved his head close to mom’s pussy. It was still a perfect camel toe, looked very pink and swollen now. The pubic hair was long and blond and went on all the way to her anus. Eddy started licking, pussy to anus and back. Rosemary slowly recovered, and her breathing was now soft, smooth and even. Eddy helped mom to sit up and rest her upper body against the head-board. He then straddled her so that she could grab hold of his cock. Like before, she tongue-mouth-fucked the head of the cock. Then she bent the cock to the left and bit softly along the shaft. The third move was to draw her nails lightly over the shaft and balls. She interchanged the three moves to devastating effect. No way could Eddy hold out much longer. When he warned that he was ready, mom took the head into her mouth and took the multiple shots of fresh cum. After a bit of rest, Eddy went downstairs, picked up her night gown from the floor and got a glass of water. He took them up to mom’s bedroom, kissed dear mom goodnight and went to his own room.

Rosemary has a short vacation coming due in the next few days. As part of the divorce settlement she was allowed to use her ex’s chalet on the hill. That was where she would spend her vacation with Eddy. There they would enjoy one hundred percent privacy out in nature. As a “sun-worshiper” Rosemary especially enjoyed sex in the sun.

After the brunch they moved out to the garden. While Eddy preferred to stay in the shade, mom would immersed herslf in the brilliant sunlight fully naked. She lay down on the mattress by the side of the shallow wading pool. She had discovered by chance that she could get a quicker and stronger orgasm when she was hot and sweaty. Lying there thinking about fucking her son got her pussy wet. She started to massage her tits and nipples and finger her pussy. Eddy enjoyed watching his mom’s sexual play and got a hard and drooling cock himself. He too started to engage in some masturbation of his own. When mom was ready she waved her son to come over. Her sweaty body odour and the smell of her pussy nectar made him eager for penetration. Again, Rosemary constricted her fuck-canal to provide the illusion that it was a forced penetration. Mom even pleaded with Eddy not to hurt her too much. Eddy, imagining that he was raping mom with his monster cock, told her to shut up and enjoy the rape. With the sun warm on his back and his cock engulfed in warm tight pussy Eddy’s fucking looked like a desperate struggle for orgasm. What a wonderful sight – the glistening wet cock fucking the foam-oozing pink, wet pussy. Amid the heavy breathings and moanings, before ten minutes were over, first mom and then son got their orgasm.

Rosemary achieved her fucking record in the last few days. In only five days she got three great orgasms, all of them in the sun, all of them out in natural surrounding. She rested a whole day before the finale. She would have an anal fuck with him. She began by getting herself warmed up lying in the sun. Then she moved over to the shaded patio. She applied some lubricant to her anus and rectum and pass the jelly to Eddy. She then bent over the lounger. Rosemary was not squeezing her anus but the penetration was tight and there was still some pain. That was what she liked about anal sex. Once passed the sphincter the lubricantion in her rectum allowed him to go all the way in. Rosemary began using a trick she reserved especially for anal fucking. As Eddy’s cock pushed in, mom would syncronise by pushing out. Just as she would normally do to push out her shit. To Eddy, this felt like his cock was pushing through a wall of warm, soft, wet dough. But when Eddy pulled out mom would squeeze her sphincter, giving him the sensation that his cock was being milked like a cow’s tit. Eddy grabbed her hips and gave her “lip-less” cunt the hardest fuck he could.

“Oh God. Oh God. Ou…Ou..Ou..You are fucking the shit out of me. Oof..Ouf.. Yes.. Yes.. Oh, my god”. She massaged her clit and labias furiously.

This time it took them both longer to reach orgasm as it was at the end of a week of fucking. Mom’s two fuck-holds would need at least a few days’ rest to recover from this vacation.

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