Afternoon Surprise



Trying my hand at writing naughty tales.

Kelly’s chest was heaving as she reached the door. Her hand hit the wooden entrance hard enough to sting. She could hear her brother’s runners pounding the concrete driveway behind her. She turned wiping the sweat from her brow to see Jonathon resign to losing to his younger sister, hands on his knees trying to catch his breath. He looked up at her with his reddened face. “Cheater! You cheated Kel” he yelled at her.

“Just because I’m faster doesn’t mean I cheated. I’m just better than you.” Kelly laughed. “The only thing you ever beat me at was being born” she taunted her twin. She turned with a triumphant smile and turned the door knob only to find it locked.

“I don’t think Mom’s home” she remarked jiggling the knob just incase it was stuck. “She must have forgotten we have the afternoon off now”.

Jonathon reaches out from behind her and tried to open the door himself, Kelly rolls her eyes. “I’ve got the key for the back door Kel, lets get inside, it’s too hot out”

Kelly twisted to face her brother with a devious smile adorning her face. “Race ya!” She demanded as she shoved Jonathon back and ran around the side of the house, through the side gate, which slowed her a little and over the patio to the large sliding glass doors where she froze.

“You fucking cheated again hoe”’, Jonathon growled as he caught up to her. She didn’t seem to hear him and Jonathon followed her gaze through the glass doors inside the house.

Jonathon’s jaw dropped open just like his sister’s, both frozen in awe at what lay just beyond the glass panels. Their mother Nicole on her hands and knees, her head turned away from them and her blonde curls pooled on the floor. She was completely nude, her clothes in a discarded pile not far from her. Anguished cries were barely audible through the glass, the twins unsure if they were cries of pleasure or pain. Mounting her from behind, was their German Shepard Zeke, thrusting with all his worth into Nicole.

The twins watched on as Zeke thrust once more with a determined force and saw their mother scream out and push back under him. The beast had knotted himself inside his bitch and it was then in that moment of pained pleasure, Nicole spied her children, with their mouths agape.

Overcome with shame and embarrassment, Nicole tries to flee from her children’s gaze, only Zeke has her pinned in place as her orgasm takes control of her body. Nicole has no choice but to ride it out as she writhes and bucks beneath the large dog. Covering her face, she begins to weep.

Turning to Jonathon, Kelly notices the bulge in his shorts and a wicked idea strikes her. She had planned on fucking her sibling the moment she thought they were alone at the house. Kelly had always had a crush on her big brother and it wasn’t until she caught him in her room, after their 18th birthday party, jerking off to one of her photos with a pair of her panties wrapped around his beautiful cock, did she dare do anything about it. She couldn’t help touch herself as she watched Jonathon that day. Her fingers slipping down within her cotton underwear, sliding between the wet folds of her flower and teasing her sensitive bud until he shot his seed on her image and she walked in on him. She discovered power in embarrassment and humiliation and was determined to use that advantage now again.

Cupping his face, Kelly guides Jonathon’s mouth to hers, she can taste the sweat on his lips from their run and her tongue dances in his mouth until the reality of what’s happening here snaps him from her enchantment.

“What the fuck Kel?” Shoving her back. “Mom…she’ll, she’ll know” he stammers lost for words.

“Of course she will dummy!” Kelly spits back, placing a hand on his hip and pointing to their mother with the other. “Mom is fucking our dog Jonathon! What she is doing is way worse than what we get up to. Now give me your cock!”

Jonathon looks back to Nicole as Kelly slips her fingers under the waist band of his shorts and falling to her knees, pulls them down to his ankles. His fleshy member springs back up and bounces in front of her face. Taking hold of the base, Kelly kisses along his shaft shuffling around so her mother will be able to see. She kisses the tip and wets her lips, enveloping the head in her warm mouth. His cock taste salty like his lips, only a little musky. Her tongue teases the underside of her brother’s cock and as her tongue flicks across the tip, she catches a bead of precum. Smiling, she takes him all the way into her mouth, her hand preventing him from hitting the back of her throat.

Jonathon moans, lost in the pleasure being pleasured by his sisters mouth. He looks down at her, watching his veiny shaft disappear inside her each time her lips meet her hand.

Nicole shamefully plays each excuse for her predicament in her mind. None of them coming close to explaining what her children have witnessed. The pain from Zeke’s knot wedged inside her continues to send after shocks throughout her body. She knows it will still be a while before he slips out of her, not until he is done. My God! What if they tell their father? Their friends? She’ll be the punchline in every joke. Nicole turns her head to see where her kids are, expecting them to have fled. The scene she looks upon is not at all what she was expecting. Her daughter on her knees with her son’s dick in her mouth. Jonathon’s hands in her hair, face fucking her. To her surprise, she is mesmerised and turned on? She begins moving her hips back to Zeke who in turn begins humping her again, his front claws digging into her hips. Watching her children, she can’t help but wonder how long they have been intimate in that way.

Although Kelly loves being in control and using the power she has over her brother, there is no denying that when he uses her mouth rough and to please himself, she melts. Jonathon started thrusting deep and fast into his sister’s mouth, controlling her head, smashing her face against his pelvis. Her hand providing no relief from his assault. The thick drool runs down her chin and his balls, landing on the thin fabric covering her C cup tits. While he fucks her face mercilessly, Kelly squeezes her breasts hard, her fingertips digging in and bruising her flesh beneath the damp top.

“Oh Fuck Kel, I can’t believe we’re doing this in front of Mom. Oh Fu…..” Jonathon’s breathing starts to be come laboured. Kelly knows it won’t be long now and slides two fingers into her dripping flower stroking her wet folds and rolling her thumb over her bud. She cups Jonathon’s balls in her other hand, squeezing softly and pulling down on his sack. She still had control of her brother.

It didn’t long with all the sexual energy this afternoon for Nicole’s next climax to build. Zeke’s panting in her ear sent goosebumps over her skin while she watched her son use her daughter in such a manner. The thought of him fucking her slutty mouth while being impaled by Zeke was enough to drive her over the edge. Once more, Nicole’s body convulses and contorts beneath the happy mutt and she opens her eyes to watch Jonathon thrust into Kelly hard and convulse himself.

Kelly wasn’t even close to coming when her brother held her against him and began erupting in her mouth. She pushed back just in time to prevent his seed splashing her throat and being swallowed. Kelly sucked on his head pumping his shaft by hand as rope after rope of think cum filled her mouth. When she was sure she had it all, Kelly fished the key from Jonathon’s pocket and stood facing her brother with the same devious smile she had moments ago at the front door.

Kelly unlocks the sliding door and walks in towards her mother. She pets Zeke on the way past who has now dismounted Nicole yet still joined, then kneels in front of her. Brushing the hair from her face, Kelly guides her mother’s mouth to her own.

Caught in her own embarrassment and lust, Natalie moves with the young girl’s hands and meets her daughter’s lips with her own. Kelly spits her brother’s seed into her mouth and Natalie swallows him down as Zeke’s knot finally subsides and releases the pair.

Jonathon hands their mother the throw rug from the sofa as she rises to her shaky feet. Kelly slumps into the sofa and wipes the cum clinging to her chin with her finger then licks it off with a smile.

“Well, hasn’t today has been full of surprises?”

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