Brenda Jerks off with the Boys 2



Brenda kicks up the jerking off.

Brenda sat in her kitchen looking at her son Lenny for several seconds, “mom since you have joined the club what about a gangbang with a couple of the guys”? She was shocked at the request but at the same time excited at the prospect of it.

“Well before I agree I’d like to know what exactly would be involved; well a couple of the guys would come over you would get fucked for a couple of hours. Would the guys come in me? Yes, ok so that means no condoms right yes but I can guarantee you would be very happy and soggy later”.

She sat smiling, “well it could be fun but we would need to set it up when we knew your father would be gone for all day, or all day and night”.

Lenny smiled, “I’ll make a few phone calls later I’ll give you an update, by the way when is dad due home? About 6 tonight.

Lenny went to his room the first call he made was to Ty, “hi bro how’s it hanging? Well bro since your mom milked it dry its great why? I’ve got her talked into a gangbang but we should get her big black cocks which I’m sure she’ll be happy with”.

Ty thought about it for several seconds, “look Len I know a guy he’s a couple of years older but from what I’ve heard he has a posse that loves white married white cunt. Sounds good give him a call and get back to me”.

Lenny entered the kitchen as Brenda was preparing dinner she saw him, she smiled “so what’s up Len well I’m waiting for a couple of calls it seems it could be a done deal”. She turned she was about to say something when they heard the garage door. “Len lets finish this conversation later this evening”.

They ate dinner Len’s dad talked about his work how well things were going. Brenda sat looking at her husband she was listening to him but her mind had wondered to the sex she had had earlier in the day. Her pussy was still oozing cum from the encounter with Ty.

Brenda, Brenda her husband asked her “did you hear me I may have to go next weekend to the convention do you want to go with me or not. No honey I’ll stay home with Len we could all go if you wanted. I’ll ask him but I’m sure he will want to stay home, your probably right”.

This was the opportunity she had hoped for as he would be gone from Friday morning till Sunday late afternoon, She figured she had two days to have a really good time before he got home. Now she started asking herself questions, if I agree how many guys are we talking about, will this be kept quiet she could not afford to have it made public. Young guys talk. She was going to need birth control as the last thing she wanted was to get pregnant.

Dinner over her husband went to the den to watch TV she finished the dishes, she stuck her head in the den, “I’m going to our room to watch TV I’ll stop by Len’s to see if he needs help with his homework”, off she went.

Lenny was sitting in his room watching a you tube video on mathematics. She entered his room, she smiled she closed the door so it was only open a crack. “Hi baby how’s it going? Great mom I still haven’t heard back on the GB but I’ll keep you posted. Yes please do we have time before he leaves for the convention. Mom lets turn on some porn and jerk off, that sounds great but your father may hear us as you know I tend get noisy at the end”.

They both laughed,” yes but we could turn the volume up on my TV to cover your orgasm.” She chewed on her bottom lip for several seconds the she grabbed her shorts and pulled them down to her ankles. She stood before him in tight cheek hugger panties which were clearly filled with dry cum. She got a devilish smile on her face, “I think your going to jerk me off mister I know you know how so if you do a really great job you may get the best blow job of your life”. She pulled her panties down sat on the edge of the bed and spread her legs as wide as she could. “Ok mister get to work please remember the longer you take the better my orgasm will be it will be great for both of us”.

Lenny got on the floor between her legs he moved his face close to he pussy, ever so gently he parted her lips, he blew on he clit and started to slowly stroke it. He continued stroking her clit for at least three or four minutes her breathing was now at a rapid pace. “Oh god baby your about to make your mother blow her cookies”. Brenda let out a low moan he hips started to rock slowly, it didn’t take long before her clit was standing straight up she had a dreamy look on her face. In a low voice “let it go mom blow a wade for me”. “Ugggggggggg her body started to convulse she was shaking Lenny realized she was squirting pussy juice all over his bed and the floor.

It took 20 seconds for her to maintain her composure, “dear god Len that was the best orgasm I can ever remember your going to have to keep doing that for me on a regular basis, besides now we now have a big secret. We do? Yup I’ve never squirted for anyone ever, certainly not your father that said I want to continue squirting for you but only you”.

She smiled at him ,”ok forget the blow job get your cock r need cock right now”. Lenny was thrilled, he pulled his cock out of his pants, she looked at it with a hunger. “Len put it in please”!

Lenny’s cock was only 5 ½ inches so with one push he was balls deep in her. She wasn’t kidding that she needed a cock the wall of her pussy were contracting on his cock the feeling was incredible for Len. She pulled him close her lips by his ear, Len baby fuck this cunt make her cum do it harder do it deeper please”.

She was getting very close, she bit down on his shoulder as the first of three massive orgasms hit. UGGGGGGGGGG, fuckkkkkkkkkkkk another orgasm rocked her body Len puller her tight he felt his balls shooting hot cum deep into her pussy, he body convulsed as she came for the third time.

Several seconds went by as their breathing started to return to normal, “mom do you think dad heard us? Fuck him but no he’s watching a game now let’s get dressed”. As they were dressing, she heard her husband calling her. “I’ve got to see what he wants coming”?

She went to the kitchen as he wanted a coffee, Lenny walked in, he realized she was smiling from ear to ear. As she passed by him, she turned to him whispering “I’m already leaking thank you very much! I’ve got more for you for later if you want? We’ll see”.

Lenny headed for his room his phone buzzed it was Ty, “Hi bro what’s the good word? Well I’ve got four guys ready to do a GB but two of them want to see her and have a dress rehearsal if you get my meaning”.

Lenny chuckled he knew exactly what they wanted, “ok I’ll Sounds good”!

Later his dad and mom went to their room so he figured he would not be talking to her again. As he slept he felt a weight on his bed opening his eyes there was Brenda in a robe with only panties on. She put her finger to her lips, she leaned forward she whispered “want to jerk me off? Damn right well lets go to the den where we will be further away from the bedroom”.

They had no sooner gotten to the den when they heard his dad yelling for her, she signed, “well honey there is always tomorrow”. She turned and headed back to the bedroom.

It was Saturday Len’s dad was off to play golf with his friends at 7:30 Brenda wasted no time putting on a sexy thong she headed for Len’s room. She slipped in quietly she sat on the bed, “honey want to jerk mom off? You fucken a well I do”. Len sat up he rubbed the sleep out of his eyes she was smiling at him,

He pulled her on the bed next to him, he put two pillows under her back so she was sitting up. He slid down between her legs he gently grabbed the waistband of her thong and gently removed it. He bush was already wet her lips were moist he leaned forward, first he blew a kiss on her clit. Ever so slowly he started licking the nub so he could get ti rock hard.

It only took 10 seconds before her nipples were standing straight up her clit looked like a small cock she was ready. He started munching he clit in his mouth while he used two finger to work her GSpot! Her hips were moving up and back she was moaning her pussy started to twitch.

Len looked into her eyes she had a look of lust on her face he knew she was close he decided to go for it, he put two more fingers in her pussy got them well lubed and shoved both in her ass. “Ugggggggggg god baby that feels awsume please deeper”. He shoved as deep as he could while working the GSpot and clit.

“Uggggggg fuckkkkkkkkkk meeeee I’m cuming uggggggggg her body convulsed pussy juice shot out of her like a faucet all she could do was moan fuckkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkk fuckkkkkkkkkkk. It took several minutes for her breathing to return to normal, “Len baby you know after I squirt in need cock right? Please fuck me”! Len wasted no time he placed his cock at the entrance to her twitching pussy lips, Brenda pushed her hips forward his cock slipped in. The thrusted he was ball deep in her.

“Ugggg baby please go slow I’m so fucking horny just keep fucking me deep, please”. Len figured it was time he licked his fingers they were slick with his saliva then his pushed a finger deep into her ass. He felt her pussy really tighten a grip on his cock, a second finger then a third. She was moaning suddenly she began to convulse her body shook her pussy was coming and squirting juice. Lenny could not hold back with a deep shove he grunter and filled her with sperm.

They both lay their for several minutes until they has composed themselves, Brenda has a wide smile on her face. “Well honey it appears we have another secret, that would be? I get wild when you finger my ass, well that’s for sure”.

Len looked deep into her eyes, “I think were about to share another secret”, she looked puzzled “what would that be?I’m going to fuck your ass”! She had an amazed look on her face but Len swiftly rolled he over then with one swift motion he cum covered cock slipped into her ass. Brenda eyes shot wide open, “uggggggggg Len your stretching me oh my god, shut up I’ve got more for you”. His cock went balls deep, she had never been fucked anally the experience was stimulation her sense in way she never experienced.

Her pussy was contracting every time he pushed in her , her body involuntary pushed up to get him deeper. Their pace continued to speed up. “Len I’mmmmmmmm cummmmmmmmmm she shook as she had an orgasm that rocked her body her pussy squirted more juice as Len cock blasted cum deep in her bowels.

The separated Len smiled at her, ”well I guess we have another secret right, well yes not only am I a squirter but I am not longer an annal virgin and I really enjoyed it I loved it, thank you, my pleasurer mom”.

Brenda laid next to Len for several minutes, “Lenny I love fucking, squirting and ass fucking I’m not a whore just love sex, I know mom just wait till the gangbang you will be in sexual bliss”. She smiled, “let go take a shower I realize I’m leaking from both holes” they both laughed.

Later that day Len called Ty to discuss the gangbang they were setting up. Ty told Len the two guys who wanted to fuck her first were Jim, Jimbo and Wayne, Lenny didn’t know either one of these guys so he was hesitant but Ty told him they would meet up with the guys later in the day if he wanted too.

Brenda walked by Len’s room she had a devilish grin, “honey if your up to it later I’d really like another ass pounding”. Len looked up at her he chuckled, “I guess you want to be leaking cum before dad gets home I sure do”. She headed for the kitchen.

Late in the afternoon Lenny and Ty met up with Jimbo and Wayne both guys were light skinned blacks. Lenny showed them pics of her they were both hot to see her. Lenny told them he’d attempt to set things up really soon.

Lenny walked into the house as he heard his mom and dad talking, he stuck his head in the kitchen to saw hello and headed for his room. Brenda came to his room she seemed pissed. “What’s up, your father will be home all weekend so we don’t get any play time till Monday, that sucks”!. Yo

Len was depressed but decided to make the best of it, Friday night fate stepped in, Brenda came to his room. ,“Well things are looking up your father is going to a meeting in the morning out of state so the company is putting them in a hotel overnight. We will have Saturday and Sunday to fuck around”.

Len called Jimbo they set it up so he and Wayne would be at the house at around 8:30 under the guise of needing math help. Saturday while his dad was getting ready to leave Wayne and Jimbo showed up, after brief introductions they headed to Lenny’s room.

“So what’s the deal Len? As soon as my dad leaves we’ll give her a few minutes then let’s start talking about how good she looks and what we all could do with her” they all agreed.

Brenda had worn a pair of green boy shorts which showed her pussy lips and bush clearly, a green bra which barely covered her nipples she had hopped for a jerk off soon after her husband left, but Len had a couple of friends. She headed for her room as she passed Lens door she heard them talking.

“So that’s Brenda the jerk off queen, yup Ty says she squirts, she does believe me. I’d love to sink my cock in her sh has a great ass her tits aren’t bad either”, She hurried past the door. As she sat in her room thinking she was getting horny by the minute. She heard a soft knock on the door Len entered.

“Mom the guys think your super hot they asked me to find out if we cold all jerk off together? Honey I don’t know these guys, they are cute but one is Hispanic the other is black. You know what they say about black cock mom” .The both giggled, “listen Len go back to your room if I decide to do a jerk off session I’ll be there at 9:30 otherwise I’ll wait till they leave”. Len leaned over he kissed her on the lips as his tongue slipped in her mouth, his hand squeezed her pussy she moaned softly. “See you later” he left her room.

The three guys were in the den at 9:30 Brenda entered the room she had on white panties and bra with white heels. “Hi guys I was wondering if anyone wanted to jerk off”? Wayne and Jimbo go big smiles on their faces, “we’d love to Brenda can we help you jerk off as well? Of course silly boy its much more fun when someone else does it for you”.

Both guys were seated on the couch they both stood they dropped their short, Brenda eyes went wide open as she saw the bulges in their shorts. She giggled “wow from where I’m standing it appears you both have very large cock! Yes Brenda neither one of us has jerked off in three days so our nut sacks are full, oh goody I live seeing guys who cum a lot”!

They motioned for her to come sit between them she did, they each draped one of her legs over their lap’s, so she was spread wide open. Jimbo turned her face toward him his mouth opened so did hers as their tongues started to dance.

Wayne had her tits out he was sucking on them as they were already rock hard, they switched so Wayne was kissing her while Jimbo sucked her nipples. Jimbo got down between her legs he pushed her panties to the side his tongue went to work on her clit which was already standing straight up.

“Oh that feels so good keep it up baby I’m very close” Jimbo was gently working her clit between his teeth he had his hands on her pussy lips keeping her spread wide open for him. He body shuttered she grabbed his head and pulled him deep onto her pussy.

“Oh goddddddd fuckkkkkkkkkkk” as she experienced as violent but wonderful orgasm, as her body shuttered her pussy started squirting she covered Jimbo’s face, shirt and left a wet spot on the floor. Lenny had videoed the episode, she had a wild look on her face, “Jimbo I’d like to try my first black cock if its ok with you”? He stood up dropping his short her eyes went wide as she saw the large fat cock. She giggled , “well I’ve never had anything in me that big but”, she wiggled her hips and spread her pussy lips for him.

Jimbo cock was about 8 ½ inches so he went slowly, about two thirds of the way in he stopped. She looked into his eyes “my god your at my womb no cock has ever been this deep, do you want me to stop? Fuck no just go slow I’m not sure what to except”. He smiled then slowly pushed forward, “uggggggg so bigggggggg ugggg hurt ug feels goodddddddd my god”.

Jimbo now started pumping her pussy deep every time he went balls deep into her cervix you could actually see the big cock push her stomach out a bit. She started rotating her ass she pushed up every time he thrusted down she was experiencing feeling she never had before.

He was pounding her deep and hard, “oh babe pound this cunt write your name in their fill her up with your seed I need it badddddddddd. She convulsed her body was having an intense orgasm unlike anything she had experienced before. Her pussy started squirting juice while she was creaming on his cock. She felt him push deep the sudden sensation of a hot liquid sperm being pumped into her womb caused another intense orgasm. He continued to pump sperm four, five six, seven blasts of sperm filled her, this caused yet another intense orgasm. It took several seconds for them to regain themselves. “Jimbo baby do you always cum that much? Yes, Brenda why? Well it felt wonderful I’ve never had a man cum that much it feels like you cum in quarts” they both laughed.

She looked over at Wayne, “Jimbo do you think he wants sloppy seconds? I’m sure he does his cock isn’t as long as mine but it’s quite a bit wider, oh wow let’s try Wayne”!

Jimbo moved off Wayne had no trouble slipping hie cock deep into her soggy cum soaked pussy, he was only in halfway when she realized how full she felt his cock was indeed thicker. “Wayne baby your cock feels wonderful the greedy bitch takes every inch so please pound her”. Wayne pushed his cock balls deep and proceeded to pound her pussy.

Wayne kept pounding her body as she felt another wonderful orgasm building“honey fill me up again with your cummmmmmmmmm a orgasm overtook her she started squirting while she moaned fcuk me, fuck me, fuck meeeee. It again took several seconds to regain composure.

Both guys were lying on each side of her both guys looked down at her pussy which was swollen and pink. “Brenda your not leaking cum”? She was giggling “silly boys you shot it so far up me it will take hours for me to drain. My only other issue is your cock will stretch me out to accommodate your cocks, I’m not sure how my husband is going to feel about this”.

They all laughed as Brenda didn’t care all she wanted was young cock.

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