Meeta’s Train Ride



This was my first attempt at a story. There are more parts to this and a few other stories that are in the works.

Have fun.


I am Meeta and I am 24 years old. I got married about a year back and my husband Ashok works for a company that has a lot of work with the central government so he is posted in Delhi currently. I am a very beautiful and sexy woman who was very sexually active during the school and college days. I was the college bicycle, anyone and everyone who wanted could and did ride me. I stand at 5 feet 5 with a figure of 36D 26 38 which when clad in a saree looks very enticing.

My husband Ashok`s job forced him to travel a lot all around the country so even after my marriage I continued to stay with my parents. After college, I got a job as an office administrator at the same college where I was known as a bicycle. Anyway once during the summer months, Ashok informed me that he would be in Delhi for a week without having to travel and that if I could I should come and visit him.

Since the college had summer vacations and it had been a while that I had met Ashok I decided to go meet him, the very next day after my talk with Ashok I was traveling from Patna to Delhi by train. I boarded the train at Patna station at around 5.30 pm and the train was supposed to reach Delhi before noon the next day.

Since it was just an overnight 18 odd hour’s journey I booked a 3 tier sleeper coach berth for myself. I was allocated berth no.69. I had some luggage so my father had come to the station to drop me, in insisted that he need not come till the train as I would hire a porter he agreed and left after the usual be safe and call us once the train starts and reaches. I was dressed in a red cotton saree and a black blouse. This was normal attire for summers from where I was. I always wear low waist sarees and the hemline is always about 6 to 7 inches down from my navel. It always showed my perfect hourglass figure and milky white navel. My tummy was flat but was soft and very smooth. Even though Patna was landlocked and there were no beaches nearby I have always ensured that I got bikini waxed as I did not like hair on my body, apart from my head and eyebrows. The blouse which I was wearing was a normal short-sleeved one. At the back it was of standard depth and yet in the front it showed my ample cleavage only when I bent down and the saree pallu had moved. Underneath the blouse, I wanted to wear a black bra, but in my haste had packed it and did not have time to go buy another one, so I ended up wearing a white bra and black thong panty. It has been my experience that dressing normally yet showing off myself during travel helps me get some advantage as there are always men ready to help me while they try and get an eyeful.

I hired a porter for my luggage and reached the coach, upon reaching my allocated berth, I was pleasantly surprised to find the coach with a lot of college students traveling with me. It saddened me momentarily that none of them were from my collage, yet they appeared to be decent and smart so that put me at ease a bit. I had caught all of them eying me and my entire body. Once the train departed I decided to use the loo, as I made my way to the coach lavatory I noticed that there were no kids or families just these college students and other men in the coach. when I reached the end of the coach I found that the loo`s at this end were out of order, so I walked towards the other end, again I saw all the guys had their eyes on me and were just feasting on my shapely body, I reached the end on the other side and went into a lavatory. I saw myself in the mirror and a voice in my brain said “did you notice you are the only pussy in the coach, you have the attention of all of them. Imagine how good would it feel to be mauled by them all to suck them all to fuck them all?” I continued to look at myself in the mirror and talked back to the voice in my head “I do feel it would be good, so let’s rub one off before going back out.”

I bent down to pick my saree and petticoat to waist level when the same voice in my head said “hey take it off, you know it will be more fun if you did it wearing just the blouse and bra” So I took off my saree, petticoat, and panties and started rubbing my slit then I spread my lips and flicked and pinched my clit a few times. This made me hornier so I inserted one finger, then two, and then three and started to finger fuck myself. I was at it when I noticed that the train was slowing down and I figured that there was some station that was approaching. I continued to finger fuck myself I came hard and a lot thinking what all the people outside would do if they knew that I was finger fucking myself. I came twice and then stood up, washed my face and hands got dressed, and decided to head back to my seat.

As I came out of the lavatory, one of the college boys smiled at me and went inside, I thought to myself, poor thing how long did he have to wait just because I was fucking myself. The thought made me smile and I headed back. When I reached my seat coupe I saw that one of the guys was sitting in the place I sitting earlier and was looking out of the window, the one sitting next to him elbowed him and he promptly got up without making a fuss. I thanked them both and sat down at the window seat.

As I was seated near the window the wind from the open window kept my pallu flutter, after many attempts to tame it I gave up and pushed the ends inside my blouse, this caused my cleavage to be visible, I am sure that if I noticed that then the boys surely would but since they did not do anything adverse I let it be. I drifted into a nap when I woke up my pallu had come undone from my blouse and was now on my waist, I noticed that with my pallu down my torso was exposed in my black blouse and my white bra below was clearly visible. My milky white breasts were just tearing on my tight blouse and the nipples were protruding out making neat little nipple bumps, I quickly picked up my pallu and covered myself with it. Also while I was asleep I saw that most of the college boys had occupied my coupe, I could feel the tension build up and there was pin-drop silence.

I don’t know how long I was asleep and how long the boys were looking at my non-pallu-covered boobs but it was starting to get dark and soon evening came, as did the night lamps. After I had woken up and the boys had stayed in the seats for a while hoping that I would sleep again I think. But when I did not sleep all were roaming around, I found this really good behavior, and my brain again drifted to the finger fuck and then to the thought of the boys getting to see me while I was asleep. I was getting wet again and just then a fruit vendor came since I did not have any food with me and I was feeling a bit hungry I bought a few oranges while he was counting the change I saw he had bananas and my brain filled with ideas, I told the vendor to add 2 apples and 4 bananas also into the bag. I was mindful to add apples to not arouse suspicions of the vendor or the boys nearby. Luckily none of them were in the coupe when I made the transaction with the fruit vendor.

Once the vendor left I had an orange and had already kept the bananas in my handbag. After a while I took my handbag and went back to the far end lavatory, this time I did not waste time and took my saree, petticoat, and panties, I squatted down and let out a stream of hot warm golden pee, after I was done peeing I took a banana washed it first and then inserted it in me. I fucked myself with the banana and came again. Once I was done remained squatted down for a couple of more minutes to rest. Then I got up dressed again and came out.

Again some of the boys were there in the section, I smiled at them and them at me and I headed back to my seat. I must have been sitting for no more than 10 minutes and was having another orange when three of the boys came and sat opposite me I offered them some oranges and one of them said no while the other two took some. After having the oranges one of them simply said “so you like bananas?” I was taken aback for a second, How could he know? Did they all know? Had anyone seen me? How could they? Seeing my expression change he handed over his phone and said “play the video, just know that even if you throw the phone we have many copies of the video”. I played the video and realized that it was me who I was watching on the screen. I forwarded it a bit and again saw myself doing myself with the banana this time. I closed my eyes and handed him back his phone. I opened my eyes looked at him and asked “So what now? You guys want money? Are you going to blackmail me?”

The boys looked at one another and I noticed that others had joined in too on the conversation. To which the leader amongst them said well “we don’t want any harm to you and us. We don’t want money. We don’t want to blackmail you either. We just want you to do what you were doing on your own” I was now totally confused and said “you all want me to go fuck myself again while you have a video of me, how is that not blackmail” to which the guy who was outside the loo when I was finger fucking myself said, “look at the video again we don’t have your face in any of the videos” another one said “I made sure that when you were sleeping none of us took a pic” I had forgotten that for a minute.

The boys kept telling me how they just wanted to see sexy women do things in revealing clothes. They sounded honest yet the entire bunch was kinky as they wanted to see females pee and that’s why had installed the spy-cams, they confessed that they had never thought of blackmailing anyone and they were only talking with me because they thought that I was bold enough to do the things I had done.

Anyway, they were young and in the heat of maybe seeing me again even if it was via a spy-cam they gave up all the power, one of them in a pleading voice said “Please we just want to watch, we won’t even touch you when you are out, We promise we`ll also delete the videos we won’t save them” they all nodded in agreement. I sat there without saying anything and decided to be a bit more daring.

I looked at them all one by one, it was something that I had picked up after I had started working, boys at this age were so easily manipulated. Then I said “well you say that none of the videos you have show my face, but since I cannot verify that, I want you all to confess on camera that you had placed the spy-cam to watch females. This video would be with me, and will be my insurance.”

The boys all agreed and I asked them to sit up front and zoomed in on all of them, and then had one of them say the things while others acknowledged the statement after him. Once that was done, we all sat there quietly for a few minutes, and then looking around I said, “bring me this spy cam let me see how it looks like” Soon one of them brought it and it was disguised as a pen, and they had placed it in the corner, using a duct-tape. They gave me the details as to how it worked and all that. I was impressed, I confess with the lot.

After a few minutes of me sitting there thinking about it, I had decided so I stood up pulled my and opened my suitcase in front of the entire group rummaged through it and took out the sexiest of nighties I had from the bag, closed it and kept the bag back in place. I had taken out a sheer nightie which came to my mid-thighs and was backless. I looked at them and they all were looking at me open-mouthed. I laughed at the image in front of me and said “Boys you are making me conscious…. you won’t get anything this way….” I did not have to say anything more they were scattering around instantly, some pulled their phones out, and put their heads in it, some started reading books all that and more…

Now the atmosphere was hot and tense, they started anticipating that I would be wearing that sexy nighty in the coupe itself. But I just sat there with the nightie on my lap and enjoyed their looks. Like I said used to be the collage cycle and had been gangbanged multiple times so to be semi-naked in front of a group was no big deal yet I was still not able to make up my mind for some reason.

Anyway, at about 1030pm, I figured that the rest of the compartment had gone to sleep I decided to take my nightie to the bathroom to change for the boys. I looked at the one next to me and he said that I could use the lavatory closer to this end of the coach, during the confession session earlier the boys had told me that they had placed the “out of order” signs as they only had two webcam`s and had placed them in the far end lavatories. As I got up and was going over to the near end lavatory I saw the faces of the boys drop. I did not know why, I thought it was because they were maybe expecting me to change in the coupe itself and not in the lavatory. Anyway as I went in I noticed that the yard lights were getting more prominent, I looked at my wristwatch and figured that I was seeing the lights of the approaching Mughal-Sarai station.

I did not think much of it and took off my saree and everything else. I was looking around to see the spycam but was not able to see it anywhere. Just then the train stopped at the station. I could hear the commotion of a busy railway station. Yet I was naked just a few inches of metal between me and all those people who were making that commotion. I got hot again instantly and instead of squatting down, I sat down on the messy dirty floor. I started to finger myself and kept doing myself till I had two orgasms. After I was done I took my white bra, drenched it in water, and rubbed myself clean, after that I changed into the nightie and below that wore a matching black bra and panty. I had brought them into the lavatory knowing that a white bra below this sexy black nighty would look bad.

Just before exiting the lavatory and going back to my seat, I decided to leave my white bra in the loo, don’t know why. Then I looked in the mirror and I was looking devastating. The nightie was see-through and my large breasts and pussy lips were visible as the bra and panty both were of similar see-through material. I applied some perfume and with a heavy breath picked up my saree and came out of the bathroom. I had decided that even after all the promises the boys had made if they wished I would let them fuck me.

As soon as I got out my jaw dropped open. The entire group of boys had gone and in their places, I saw about 28-30 men. The entire coupe smelled of bidi and some were in their lungis and vests and some in kurta pajamas. Almost all were chewing paan, tobacco, etc. the ones in kurtas had their buttons open and their hairy chest was protruding out. All had pot bellies and looked typical UP goons. Hardly anyone was below 6 feet in height. They had come prepared for the night journey but had never expected to be sleeping with a semi-naked fairy. In my lustful haste, I had forgotten to ask what the last stop of the boys was.

These men were as surprised to see me and were just dumbstruck too. I was paralyzed for a while and did not know what to do so I tried to cover myself with the folded saree in my hands i was wondering whether I should head back to the bathroom as they had still not seen me completely or so I thought. But in the heat of things I had forgotten that my sheer nightie was backless. As I turned I realized that now my entire behind was out in the open apart from a thin rope-like string running between my butt cheeks. Realizing this I again froze and did not move.

Suddenly I felt a large warm and rough hand on my butt and shoulder pulling me into the coupe saying “Wah! Gajab! Aao aao Meeta, seat tumhari hi hai. Humne Naam deakh liya tumhara list mein”. They had seen my name of the reservation chart and were talking as if they knew me. One of them got up and the one pulling me by my butt now pushed me down with his firm hands and made me sit in the middle, between two huge beasts. I did not know what to do and kept quiet all the time looking at the floor. One of them started “Toh Meeta Sharma, naam Sharma aur pehenawa besharmi wala hai… achha hai… kaam bhi besharmi wala karti ho? I did not understand the question and being me, I looked up momentarily and said “main kuch samjhi nahi” to which a guy in a lungi and vest with a bidi in his hand said “aree randi hi ho na” hearing him some smirked and someone else chirped out “Dikh toh raha hai, kyun pooch rahe ho.. badhiya maal deekh kar andhe ho gaye kya?” And everyone laughed. These guys knew my name and were asking me if I was a whore looking at my attire, they were joking and laughing at me yet I was getting aroused.

I still held on to my saree and petticoat in my hands and legs tight. The guy sitting opposite me stretched his hand and kept it on mine and applied pressure making me lower my hands and letting my boobs be visible more than earlier. All were quiet and just shifted around a bit for a better view. I was breathing heavily and was sweating too. One of the guys who was standing passed on a bottle of water and said “Lo paani pelo, yah paani ke saath kuch daal ke dun” and I was still looking at the floor and said “sirf paani” only water and raised my hand to grab the bottle of water. In the process of doing that I realized that I had moved and the tight grip within which my saree and petticoat were loosened. I closed my eyes and drank the water.

The guy next to me took my saree and threw it aside, while taking the saree his hand had rubbed over my nighty and bra and had moved slightly and my right areole was visible without the cover of the sheer bra and nighty. The guys sitting in front of me saw that and motioned wordlessly to everyone to see, with the wind coming in through the window my sweat was gone and I was no longer sweating. My body reacted on its own accord and my nipples hardened, everyone now was watching my big breasts and my nipples trying to tear apart my bra.

My brain was telling me this could go bad very bad, yet my body was reacting completely in a different way. I realized that just minutes ago I was fine with getting fucked by the boys then why was I behaving this way with these guys. Also, it was not lost on me that the boys were just that boys, boys who had given up all power whereas these guys were men who knew that it did not matter if I said no, they would still make me theirs for the night that too willingly. I never expected to be in a train coach full of big burly men just minutes away from a gangbang and so being fucked senseless was a foregone conclusion now.

The guy on my other side lit a bidi took a big drag of it and then moved his hand over my mouth saying “Maar le do kash, demag shant go jayega” I took the bidi from his hand as he had suggested and took in a few drags, after my third puff I looked up and saw them all in one fleeting action, they were all just waiting for me to settle down, it was evident from the expression on their faces. I finished the bidi and got up slightly to throw the bidi out of the window, as I had raised my hand and put the bidi out the little sweat in my armpits dried and the perfume wafted in the air. Everyone took it in with a deep breath and the one in the lungi and vest came and stood in front of me and said “Chalo ab bahut hua samman” (something like get the fuck up) and grabbed my boobs and pulled me to my feet.

I ended up saying go easy what’s the hurry “Aaram se, jaldi kya hai” to which everyone else laughed. The guy that turned me around a few times and they all saw me in my complete glory with a backless nightie and thong panties. My thighs were all exposed. Someone from behind pushed me and I was bent over with my hands supporting me on someone’s shoulders. Someone pushed me further down and now my head was in the lap of the person whose shoulders I had used to support myself, this person was wearing a lungi and the tent his hard dick made in the lungi was just 2 inches away from my mouth, at the other end my ass was being caressed by the people behind me.

Then somebody inserted their fingers in my panty and ripped it apart. I was now very hot and was dripping wet. My cunt was already messy with juices and my clit had swollen. I felt a hand come down my pussy stopping over my clit and another over my asshole, just then I felt another pair of hands spreading my ass cheeks, I heard someone from the back say “Wah, kya gaand hai yeh. Isne toh apni gaand pe bhi baal nahi aane diye hai” hearing this I got even wetter. I always took pride in the effort I put into looking good and always felt nice when guys commented on little things naturally when they saw that I had taken efforts in making sure that I had no pubic hair anywhere I was happy. Anyway, the person in front pulled aside his lungi and I saw a very large thick, and erect penis in front of me. No one had to push me around as I instantly took his huge dick in my mouth. The guys observed and laughed, I began licking and swirling my tongue over the dick, all the while my cunt was being furiously fingered by many. As soon as one guy removed his fingers another one inserted his, then someone in the back just rammed his cock deep in my pussy while someone inserted his thumb in my ass. I gasped for air opening my mouth more but the cock in my mouth was pushed further down my throat due to the dick in my pussy and thumb in my ass. Now I was wondering whether the other passengers would be hearing my screams but that thought quickly escaped my mind as one cock after another penetrated me.

As more guys fingered me I got into the groove and started participating, the guys noticed that and it brought a bit of order to things, some lined up before my face and I started sucking them off one by one, some just felt my whole body pinching, groping and mauling me from time to time and some just waited for their turn at my cunt or ass. I don’t know when or how my other clothes were removed and where they were but I did not care.

Once in a while, there were flashes of light and I understood that a lot of pictures were being taken this scared me so whenever I observed a camera lens near my face I looked down and tried to hide my face in my hair. I had lost track of the number of cocks I had taken. Soon the guys started cumming, most just came wherever they wanted inside or over me, yet some asked where I wanted and everyone who asked I told them to cum inside my mouth. I savored every drop of their cum.

I was fucked non-stop until the break of dawn and the amount of cum inside my cunt and ass was oozing out, I just lay on the floor with my legs wide open when one of the guys passed me on a bidi and I smoked it laying on the floor like that, many of the guys smiled at me appreciatively and I smiled back. I finished the bidi and drifted off to sleep. But was woken up soon by a guy saying we`ll reach Delhi station soon. I got up and was offered some water to drink which I really appreciated. I then pulled my bag and picked out a saree and all the other accompaniments a saree needs, I was about to go to the bathroom when the guys said if you take the fresh saree it will get dirty, “Saree kharab ho jayegi, yahan aake pehen lena” I realized that what they said made sense so I got up and went to the lavatory a few guys followed me, I left the door open. I had a feeling why they were there so I squatted down and started to pee after peeing I fingered my pussy and ass to remove as much cum as I could.

The audience watched me clean myself up, and just before I was finished one of them took his dick out I knew what he wanted so I moved a bit closer to him while still using my left hand to finger myself and within seconds he started peeing on me starting from my head, then the face, then my boobs and then finally the rest of the body, watching him others who were with him also took turns in peeing all over me the last one from the audience told me to keep squatting down as he wanted to go get others, I looked up at him smiled and said “main yahin hoon”. I will be here. Soon others came and one by one pee’d all over me, I even drank some of it. The last one told me to stand up I did and he inserted his dick first in my ass and pissed inside, and then moved to my pussy and pee’d inside there too.

Once they were done almost all went back to the seats apart from three guys two of whom were smoking bidis watching me and one of the rubbing and mixing tobacco in his hand. I took a bath as best as possible, using an empty water bottle, filled it at the tap, and then poured it over me and repeated it many times, as I was done I realized that I had no towel to dry myself with, I asked the guys if they could get me one and they laughed and opened the compartment door, telling me to stand at the door and the wind would dry me off in no time. I was afraid so one of them said hell hold a hand of mine, and that made me do it. I first stood with my back and bum out and then turned around and again stood there for two minutes.

Once I was dry I moved a bit inside and the guy holding my hand asked me if I wanted to smoke I looked out and told him yes, he handed me one and I smoked he asked me if someone was coming to pick me up, I told him that Ashok my husband would pick me up. He grinned and came closer to me and inserted two fingers inside my pussy and played with it. He told me that his name was Zubair and that he had a taxi business at the station, his fingers were still inside me some of the others who had fucked me in the night walked around us to use the lavatory, and I was standing there naked with his fingers in my pussy and smoking a bidi shamelessly. After I was done with my bidi Zubair removed his fingers from my pussy and offered them to me to lick and clean, I did that, and then he told me that I should go get dressed as we were reaching Delhi. I walked back naked to my seat picked up the clothes and put them on. Everyone around watched me dress and were smiling. We had already reached Delhi outer and would reach the station soon, so I decided to remain standing and many of the guys came and grabbed a quick feel of my boob and ass, some even pinched my nipples and left.

Upon reaching the station I got down and saw my husband waiting to receive me. As the people were leaving the compartment, everyone was looking at me appreciatively. I was blushing yet controlled myself. My husband was a bit surprised at this and asked me what was happening while hugging me and I simply said “You know how it is, good looking female traveling alone in the train………” I smiled looking at him, and he said, “Yeah Men will be men! let’s go home”.


While in the car my husband asked me if I was hungry and I nodded my head and told him that I was. After the night’s events, I was famished and the only thing that I had was the bit of fruit, cum, and pee. So I was looking forward to a hearty meal.

On our way out I don’t know why but I was looking out trying to see if I could find Zubair Travels office, I was not able to spot it. I closed my eyes and was just sitting thinking about how Zubair had made me stand at the train compartment door naked, how he had fingered me to the brim of orgasm and left me like that, when I come to think of it he was the one who had pee’d on me first.

Since I had closed my eyes and was quiet Ashok felt that I was tired and did not want to talk. Which was good for me as I just wanted to replay the events of the night and be horny till the time I got to a loo where I could finger myself. Soon we reached a restaurant and ordered lunch, I told Ashok that I need to go use the toilet, he looked at me alarmed and said you did not go on the train and I lied saying “you know how dirty those lavatories are, it is so dirty messy and unhygienic there” if only he knew that I had not only sat in the mess but had taken a bath in the mess.

I went to the bath and picked up my saree and thought to myself I was removing my saree fully in a train and why was I not doing it here in the restaurant, So I quickly took my saree off, finger fucked myself got dressed back again and joined Ashok. We had a heavy lunch and I was now visibly sleepy.

As we left the restaurant I noticed the parking assistant, he looked like one of the guys from the train and I instantly felt a rush within and ended up smiling and tipped the guy for no reason. Ashok noticed this too and simply smiled and said “still giving more to the underprivileged than you should?” All I said was “Always” back in the car, as I was replaying the nights’ events again I remembered that Ashok had told me that he would fuck me as soon as we had reached home. This thought made me uncomfortable for I had cleaned myself up on the train but was not sure if I could fool Ashok if there were any tell-tale signs on me.

We reached home and I headed straight for the bathroom saying I needed a shower, Ashok informed me that he would make some tea and that I should take my time. I was fingering myself yet again when Ashok knocked on the door saying that my mom was on the phone inquiring why I did not call her and all that. I told him that I would call her back later.

I got out of the shower put on shorts and a camisole and joined Ashok in the backyard where he was sitting. Now the walls around the backyard aren’t very tall but enough for me to sit in the clothes I was wearing and not worry about peeping toms. Ashok inquired if the tea was fine and I replied in the affirmative. We chatted more and both asked how others in the extended family were doing. He said that mom was complaining that I had not called and she was worried. I told him that there was no network and that’s why I did not call her or him.

Now with each passing movement, I was feeling elated that I had done the things I had last night and earlier in the day and yet was sitting with Ashok my husband as if there was nothing amiss. We chatted, joked even flirted with full sexual innuendo and I was convinced that he did not suspect anything at all. I was good.

Ashok then tensed up and told me that he needs to tell me something, I got tense too thinking he knows somehow, but I should not have worried. He informed me that he knew that he had promised me that he would be in the city for a week and that’s why he had called me over. But there was a development with that. He explained that he was offered the manager position with higher pay and perks. I asked then what the problem with that was and he told me that the new position would mean no fixed base location for him and he would have to decide based on work which office to work out of every 2 weeks. I again asked what his concern was and he told me that he was concerned about our marriage and how another few years of this distance marriage could affect us. I told him to remain seated and went inside, and got my handbag. From it, I took out my cigarettes and lit one up. Ashok also lit one and started, I told him that he need not worry about the marriage as I loved him and that I was not bothered with his job, I went on and also told him that the new job would pay better so it would be better for both of us later in our life. He was nodding his head and thanked me for being so supportive and then said “one last thing to consider, I know that many of my relatives are badgering my parents to talk with your parents about why we haven’t tried for a baby yet?” I looked at him and said “really are you going to base your decision on what your or my relatives are saying?” to which he said “no but you will handle your parents?” and I said, “I will handle mine and yours both, we have decided not to have a baby for a few more years so you should take the job as I am with you always.” Ashok got up and pulled me in his arms and we kissed.

After many minutes of we broke the kiss and he said “so as it’s settled, and if he had my approval he would have to go into the office right away for some time and formally accept the position. I asked him if how long he had before he had to head out and he told me that he should leave in 30 minutes to reach the office and have time to finish the formalities.

I stood up and took off my camisole and went on my knees saying “have you forgotten that this slut wife of yours can make you cum multiple times in 30 minutes?” Ashok also got up to help with shedding his shorts and undies as he sat back in the chair he lit another cigarette and started pinching and pulling my nipple as he did that I started licking his dick top to bottom and bottom to top a few times and was bobbing on his shaft when he said “you know you are the best don’t you. my lovely cycle” Yes he knew about my collage cycle times and was fine with it. Anyway, I raised my right hand and made a thumbs up sign to acknowledge the compliment. I could feel him getting close to Cumming so I increased my speed and soon he came all over my face. I let him be for 30 seconds and started sucking again and he slowly got hard I pulled him forward, he understood and stood up and turned around and bent over the coffee table and I jumped in licking his scrotum and moving up to his asshole, with my one hand I was giving him a handjob and with the other, I was spreading his ass cheeks to get better access. And soon his orgasm was approaching he told me that, so I quickly moved between his legs and took his dick in my mouth and he face fucked me a few strokes and came. This time I took most of it in my mouth and purposefully let some on my face.

I drank whatever was in my mouth and sat in the chair, he looked at me and said “seriously cycle you are fantastic” I thanked him back saying “thank you for being a wonderful husband and an even better friend” he then apologized for having to leave and I told him that he should not worry about it and go get dressed. As he went inside to change I lit another cig and just sat there with his cum on my face. I always made it a point to keep some of his cum on my face as he liked seeing me that way.

He came back all dressed in a couple of minutes and informed me that he was leaving and that he would try and be back as soon as possible. I told him that he needs to call and wake me when he leaves the office. He agreed and left.

After he left I went to the bedroom and crashed on the bed, only to be woken up at around 7 pm, with my phone buzzing I answered and it was my mom who started scolding as soon as I said hi. She calmed down after a while and we spoke normally when Ashok’s call was on waiting. I ended the call with mom and answered Ashok’s call. He informed me that he had started for office and that would reach home in a few minutes also said that I should order food delivery as we couldn’t go out.

I did what he said but was wondering why we couldn’t go out, I understood that he wanted to have sex and we had outdoor sex many times before so did not know why he did not want to go out. Anyway, I cleaned up as best as I could while still letting the dried cum on my face be there. I wore the same camisole and shorts and waited for him to reach home.

He arrived and had a big bunch of flowers he said for you my love and handed them to me and I accepted them, he then went in to change just as the doorbell rang, I figured that it must be the food delivery and I went to collect it. I had forgotten that I was in just a semi see-through camisole with no bra, naturally, there was nothing left for imagination, and my cleavage and nipples bumps were as prominently on display as possible. The food delivery boy took in a good eyeful and I took more time than I usually did to check the order. I observed the guy get a hard-on below his trousers and I chuckled closing the door.

Ashok was out and said, “Darling hope you liked the flowers?” And without waiting for an answer continued “please don’t kill me and you should know that I will resign right now if you tell me to but I have no choice. If I take the manager position and not resign then I have to leave for Surat tomorrow” he said it as fast as possible I think just to get it over with. I took a deep breath and said “forget I am your wife for a minute and tell me if the offer is good? And do you want to take this challenge up?” he knew that whenever I used the “forget I am your wife line”, it meant that I wanted a real honest answer. So he replied “Yes, it’s exactly double of what I am getting now pay wise, and challenge yes because I am getting north and western territory to manage” to which I replied “then firstly congratulations Mr. Manager. Please don’t even think of passing on the opportunity.”

He came over and hugged me and we kissed passionately when we broke the kiss I reassured him by telling him that he had nothing to worry about and that I was fine and would be fine. This brought a smile on his face and so I asked him what time was his train, and he said at 5 am, which meant that he had to leave home at around 330am enough for the travel to the station and some buffer in case needed. He looked at me and said you know this means I have to leave you alone again for a week, and I nodded my head saying it’s ok, I will visit a few friends and family go shopping, and then go back. He looked at me and said “Cycle. you are really amazing” I took charge and said so you want to have dinner first and then pack for the other way around. He thought for a second and said let us have dinner and then let’s pack.

We finished dinner quickly I told him that I would clear the table and he should go start packing, I joined him and started helping, by the time we finished it was almost 1130pm and Ashok said so we are done and we have time you in the mood to fuck I bent over and kissed him and said only if he needed it, he told me that he was too tired anyway and would be fine. So we decided to have a drink and celebrate his promotion. After we finished our drink we went back to the bedroom and during the usual pillow talk, he asked me if I wanted to come to see him off at the station, he said there is a cab that is booked and would take us to the station and he could offer the driver some money to wait and drop me home after the train leaves.

Even though it was dark and we had switched off the lights I turned over in the bed as I did not want him to see my face. I knew that my face was full of happiness, joy, risk, and all that. I was thinking of all the possibilities when Ashok brought me back to reality, I told him that “of course I will CUM”

-TBC >>>

This was my first attempt at a story. There are more parts to this and a few other stories that are in the works.

Have fun.

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