A planet far from home



A new girl on a distant plane makes a bizarre discovery.

It had been a long old trek out here. Fifteen light years from earth. It was a strange planet all the seas were covered in a thick covering of green fibres that the local wildlife fed on. You could walk on it quite safely it felt a bit spongy like new carpet with 3 layers of underfelt. I suppose this is what passes for grass.

There were only two lifeforms on the planet a sheep like animal but with six legs that were actually tentacles and a small snout like an elephant. and they were covered in what looked like wool from a distance but was actually more small tendrils or tentacles. They were not frightened of us and you could go up to them and stroke them. The females where about the same size as us and the males were probably the size of a Shetland pony with six legs.

The other creature was a long green snake or worm that the grazing animals sucked out of the grass matt. The grazing animals seemed to poo these out intact and they would burrow back into the grass.

We lived on the rocky islands and produced food in hydroponic farms. There was plenty of fresh water underneath the green matt. It seemed the perfect if some what boring environment.

We had decided to settle in one of the remote settlements as we were mostly involved in agriculture. The settlement consisted of forty men thirty six women and. I didnt have a husband yet so I lived in a single persons pod dotted around the greenhouses. As part of my studies I had been monitoring the sheepnies as I called them. One day without warning all the females disappeared. I checked with the other communities and they said the same. Apparently it happens every year. No one knows why.

I was laid on the bed filling in my daily reports when I noticed a strange smell. For some reason it was making me randy and I started masturbating. The smell was getting stronger and I had given myself 3 orgasms. I never bother with that many when I masturbate. I went in the kitchen area to see what the smell was. There was a sheepnie at the kitchen window he was blowing the scent into the window. When I got near I couldnt stop myself I had to have sex. I opened the door and the sheepnie stuck his head inside. I stripped off and went to him I couldnt control myself.

He wrapped one of his front legs round my waist and pulled me under him. Then the middle leg gripped me as well the tendrils were sliding all over my body and gripping me onto his chest and stomach then both middle legs tightly wrapped me to him and the tendrils wrapped around every part of me. The smell was so strong now that I orgasmed again. My legs and arms were pulled up his flanks and wrapped in tendrils again. I could hardly move. Then he pushed his snout in my mouth and one of the green snake things was regurgitated into my mouth. I could feel it slithering and wriggling down my throat. It must be this that exudes the smell as I suddenly felt like I was on cloud 9. I had enough energy to run a marathon. I was completely immobile I could barely see as my head was held to his neck.

Then I felt it a thin tentacle slithering into my vagina. It didnt hurt even when it worked its way through my cervix and into my womb. It carried on pushing in until my womb felt full. Then it started expanding until I felt absolutely full. Then I felt a large bulge moving up and down inside the tentacle then another and another until there was four or five of them.

Oh my god I was orgasming again. Then he backed out of the kitchen and started walking away from the village. Anyone looking wouldnt have seen me as I was completely wrapped in his tendrils and tucked between his legs. it was starting to get dark I couldnt believe it we had been walking for about five hours and all that time he had continued to fuck me. I must have orgasmed more than a dozen times. Then we stopped there was a small herd of the animals one of the others had a young girl of about 19 or 20 from the village tucked underneath him. The sheepnie who held me lowered me to the ground and his dick slowly unwound from inside me and pulled out. I lay on the floor. I tried to get over to the other girl to comfort her. I had crawled a few feet when another sheepnie walked over me and pulled me up and wrapped me in his tentacles. Then his dick started slipping inside me. Oh my god that felt good. I dont know what was in that odour they gave off but I just wanted to shag all the time. Once he had me secured he regurgitated another snake into my mouth. All of a sudden I was full of energy again and started to buck against him. After he had finished he lowered me to the ground and I managed to crawl to the young girl. I hugged her and the smell of the animals on each other made us want to have sex. We started kissing then touching and then we started 69 ing each other. I noticed the sheepnies all gathered round watching us. I think we were putting on a porn show for them. They were gently poking and prodding us. When were finally exhausted two of them came up to us and fed the green snakes to us again. Then we were at it again. god knows how many orgasms we had given each other. Eventually they got bored and let us sleep wrapped round each other.

In the morning two of the sheepnies came and picked us up. This continued for five days the same routine we would be swapped over around midday and would put on a show for them at night. we would regularly get fed with the snakes. While we were 69 ing a snake slithered out of the other girls bottom and straight into my mouth. I couldnt stop myself, it was like an addiction. My stomach was absolutely swollen, I looked about 4 months pregnant I was so full of semen.

After five days we came to a large cave. Inside dozens of male sheepnies were roaming about. There were about eight women among the female sheepnies. They were either being fucked or being slowly herded to the back of the cave. Regularly new males would come in from grazing and feed snakes to all the women and females. After about two days I eventually ended up pushed to the back of the cave. There were four enormous females about eight times the normal size laid on their backs their eight huge udders hanging either side of them. They looked like beached whales. They probably hadn’t stood on their own legs for years. There were females and a couple of women attached to the udders. It was bad enough that the odour the males gave off made me want to have sex but I did not want to suck on these udders. One of the males picked me up and fed me a snake and breathed into my mouth. I was out of it for a few seconds. Just enough time for the male to attach me to a spare udder. My head was pushed down onto the nipple which pushed between my teeth and expanded in my mouth until I thought my jaw was going to break. then tendrils on the udder reached out and wrapped round my head holding me in place. Then I felt it a steady stream of her milk flowing down my throat. Then I felt two small tentacles coming out of the nipple and wriggled down my throat. I could feel as they worked their way into my lungs.

Oh my god this thing was going to breath for me. The creatures breath as well as having the aphrodisiac effect alsoseemed to partially anesthetised me. My face was squashed against her udder and tendrils were starting to wrap around every part of me. I couldnt see or move.

Then I felt it a tentacle was slowly pushing into my vagina and into my womb. Once it was in place I felt a large ball move through the tentacle and force its way through my cervix and into my womb. I thought I was going to split open. This was followed by three more. Then the female let out a strange noise and a male came and inserted his tentacle into me and squirted more semen into me.

It made sense now why the females all go and hide during mating season. And also why there are no other creatures on the planet. These animals dont breed they simply lay their eggs in host animals and fertilise them.

Oh my god no, I felt a tentacle going into my anus. It slowly worked its way as far as it would go. I could feel it pushing into my intestines. It seemed to be sucking whatever was in there out. Then I could feel the bulges moving back and forth inside me. Then I felt my intestines fill with semen. This was followed by three more males and then I felt the females tentacle pushing inside and inserting more eggs. As each egg worked its way down the tentacle I’m sure it was damaging me. She must have deposited six eggs in me. This was followed by more males fertilising them.

I lost count of how long I was there but it must have been several weeks. Then I felt movement in my womb as the first baby started moving. The female started poking into my womb to see if it was ready to be born. When she thought it was time she sucked it out with her tentacle and fastened it onto my breast. Oh my god I was going to have to feed them as well. This was quickly followed by the other three. she lay two either side of me and there was always one sucking on my breasts. Their tongues seemed to be burrowing in through my nipple and sucking the milk from the inside. I think I would probably be in agony if it wasnt for the drug I was being force fed. Then I felt the babies moving inside my intestines. The mother poked her tentacle inside me and pulled them out one at a time.

After the last one was removed the mother let out a loud bark and a male came and pulled me off her and lay me on my back in a dip in the ground. I tried to move but my arms and legs hadn’t moved for weeks and the ground seemed to be sticky. My tits sagged either side of me. When I looked down at them they looked like carrier bags full of milk. Oh my god I used to have realy nice breasts now look at them. The male then placed all the babies either side of me then force fed a couple of snakes to me. For another week or two I lay there with the babies permanently suckling on me. Every time my tits became empty the male would re attach me to the female. Her milk seemed to fill me in a couple of hours. then I would be dragged back to my feeding pit. Every time a male fed a snake to me I would use the energy to exercise my arms and legs. I had to get out of here the first chance I got. I shouted to the other girl to get her strength back as much as she could. All the time I was laid in the feeding pit males would come up and stick their dicks in my bum and squirt their semen in me.

Not more eggs surely I couldnt take any more. Then after a couple of weeks baby snakes started squirming out my bum. There was dozens of the ugly little sods. The snakes must lay their eggs in a host as well but how do the sheepnies manage to fertilise snake eggs.

A male came over and sucked up some of the snakes and fed them to the babies. pretty soon after this the babies no longer suckled on me but would devour the snakes as they came out of my bum.

Then the babies started going out of the cave to graze with the adults.

This was my chance to escape. I tried to get up and eventually got on my hands and knees and crawled to the other girl. I managed to get her up and we started to crawl to the cave entrance. we were regularly picked up and fucked but the aphrodisiac odour had gone now that breeding season was over and it felt disgusting but at least we were fed a snake every time we were fucked. We eventually made it outside and onto the grass. I had no idea which way to go so we managed to crawl along the edge of the grass until eventually we were able to stand. By now it was getting dark and cold. It had been summer when we were taken and it was now autumn. I could see light in the distance that must be a settlement. We were getting very cold and I knew we wouldnt last the night. I led the other girl over to a small herd and lowered her down next to one of the sheepnies.

No I cant do this again.

I’m afraid we are going to have to until we get home or we will freeze to death..

The sheepnie curled its tentacles around her and drew her in. It penis was already creeping inside her before she disappeared inside the tendrils. Then I went and lay next to another. I couldnt stand the thought of fucking but at least we will be warm and fed. But this one had a female sheepnie attached. So I went and found another one. He fucked me all night long and as the sun rose he lowered me to the ground I distanced myself from the herd and followed them waiting for the other girl to be released. As soon as I saw her dropped to the ground I ran and got her. This routine went on for another four days when the village came into sight. We could see people in the distance and started running towards them shouting. We ran through a herd of sheepnies when one of them grabbed the other girl and started to mate with her. They must be able to smell that we were still available. I struggled to get her free when another one grabbed me.

We were being well and truly fucked by the time the villagers reached us. At first they didnt understand where we had gone.

I eventually managed to scream and wave one hand.

They managed to free us and took us to the medical building.

to be continued.

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