Jack and Randy – Chapter 02



Beth’s introduction.

My boring life might be changing after meeting Jack and Randy.

The next day I couldn’t wait to run into Jack again. He saw me coming around the tan and sat on the bench waiting for me. I sat beside his with Randy giving that enquiring look. Jack at me and I had this wide grin. “You looked at those videos didn’t you?’ he said. I nodded, slightly embarrassed. “Don’t be embarrassed Beth” he said “it is human nature to be curious. It is what follows curiosity is knowledge and the want to experience what one learns”. I realised he was throwing down a challenge. Did I want to take what I learned in those videos and experience it? “I not sure” I said “I don’t know if I could do that”. Then I looked at Randy “he must miss your wife” I said.

Jack looked at me. “You are not with the tax department or anything?” he asked. I laughed “no Jack I don’t work at all” I replied. “Well yes, Randy is a fully trained dog and would be lonely but we have a little business going don’t boy? You see Joy joined this chat group and chattered about experiences with dogs. When she passed away I saw people trying to contact her. I began to chat and found a lot of women, ever some couples, who couldn’t have dogs but wanted the experience. I was in Marketing before I retired so it was a natural progression to lease Randy for a day or a weekend to anyone wanting dog sex”. I sat gobsmacked. Jack leased out Randy to women wanting a dog.

Gathering my thoughts I said “so you take Randy to the women and charge them?” He nodded. “This happens often? I asked. “Well not as often as I would like” he replied “some women baulk when they find I am a man and they are too shy to go ahead”. I smiled and said “so you would like to have a woman on-board to ease their minds?” He hesitated and then said “yes, that would be a great advantage. I just need to find someone who is free and willing to help me”. Then he looked at me and smiled. He knew what I was thinking and I knew he knew. I saved him asking. “I would be happy to help” I said “so we need to come up with a plan. Maybe I can meet you at your house to work it out?” He said that sounded like a good idea and gave me his address.

Later that afternoon I knocked on his door. I had changed out of my running gear and put on a skirt and top. He opened the door and smiled. “You look very nice Beth” he said. I thanked him and we went inside. The house was beautifully decorated, obviously his wife’s work. “Sit down Beth and I will make a coffee” he said. No coffee thanks. Do you have anything stronger? I asked “I think I will need something to relax me”. Just then Randy came into the room and looked at me. “How about Randy?” Jack said. I guess I should have said “no thanks” but instead called him over and patted him on the head. Immediately he dived between my thighs and began to push his nose into my crotch. I gave a little squeal as he lapped at my knicker-covered pussy. “It is much better without the panties” Jack said. I quickly slipped them off and I got the best oral sex ever. His tongue was broad and rough and he had me moaning like the women in those videos. “Good boy Randy” I said “good boy” and then had my first dog initiated orgasm.

“Oh Jack, he is amazing” I spoke in barely a whisper “I never thought it would feel that good”. But I kept patting his head until I came once more before pushing him away. He seemed a bit confused. Then I saw his cock showing a little bit. Obviously licking was just foreplay to him. The main event was to follow. I gathered my thoughts and turned to Jack who was sitting quietly in a chair opposite. “Jack you are marketing but I was in logistics” I said “looking at a situation and deciding the way forward. Do you want to expand your little enterprise?” He nodded and said yes but he had already told me the limitations. “Ah yes, the male thing. Well I can help there. With me involved that takes care of that problem. What else is a problem? I asked. “Well the neighbours have mentioned there are lots of women coming to my house” he said “I told them the women are health workers and cleaners but I don’t think they believe me” and he laughed.

“I own a property out of town and the lease is due and the couple there want out. That would be perfect to set up properly. You supply Randy, I supply the house and we work out how to split the profits. After all, some dog food is really the only outlay and I can arrange the furnishings. What do you think?” I asked. “That sounds great Beth” Jack said “I can supply some names and I am sure the word will spread through the underground network”. I smiled “see Jack, there is always an answer to every problem”. It was his turn to smile “I can see one more. You are going to arrange for women to take Randy but you yourself haven’t. Wouldn’t you like to try him?” he asked.

He was right. Randy had licked me and got me off but I hadn’t experienced the whole bestiality thing. Even as he mentioned it my heart began racing and my pussy tingled. “Maybe another day Jack” I said trying to delay what was probably inevitable. “No time like the present honey” he said “Randy is certainly ready having have that sweet pussy”. Of course he was right. I had seen Randy little cock peeking out, all red and ready. “My wife loved it all our married life and I am sure you will too. I will leave if you would rather do it in private” he said. I looked at Randy and he locked eyes with me. I swear he understood what we were talking about.

“Ok Beth, I am going to leave. I will be in the kitchen if you need me. Just a suggestion. Kneel in front of the couch and rest your body on it as he is quite heavy. That will stop you collapsing” and Jack walked out. I looked down at Randy. “Well boy what do you think? Are you ready to mate with me sweety?” I said. As if he understood, he came up to me and stuck his head under my skirt. I hadn’t put my knickers back on and I gasped as I felt his wet nose against my pussy. It was now or never. Taking Jack’s advice I knelt down and rested on the couch. Randy had obviously seen women in this position before and immediately mounted me. He began to thrust at me and after a couple he found my pussy. He thrust again and again. With each thrust his cock grew longer and my squeals grew louder. It had been so long since I felt a cock inside me and I moaned and groaned as Randy went to work. I had never been fucked so vigorously and I loved it.

I knew about the mechanics of dog sex, and particularly about a dog’s knot to hold him inside a bitch so he could impregnate her. Now I was his bitch and he worked hard to push that knot inside me. I felt a moment of pain as it slid inside me and then relief as he stopped moving and began to pump his juice into me. We remained tied for about five minutes and I could feel myself filling up with his cum. He tried several times to pull out and finally he did and I felt myself oozing cum from my pussy. I looked around and saw how big he was. I couldn’t believe that I had all that cock. I quickly placed my hand between my legs and rushed to the bathroom. I sat on the toilet until I had stopped dripping. I reached down to check and my fingers found my clit. It took barely a minute for me to orgasm. I was moaning with pleasure when Jack called out “are you ok Beth”. I called back “never better Jack”. I was now officially a bitch and I couldn’t have been happier.

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