Jack and Randy – Chapter 03



Turning pleasure into a business.

Jack and I talk business and Jack thinks I need to have Randy fuck me to get experience. I am so glad he did.

I came out of the toilet to find Jack sitting on the bed smiling from ear to ear. “You brought back so many memories” he said “how about you?” “I didn’t believe there was such a thing” I replied “but now I know it is real I am so excited about the business”. “And Randy? What about him? Jack continued. I looked over and Randy was looking so happy. I looked back at Jack and grinned “I would say that was the first for me but certainly not the last. I can understand why women enjoy it so much. God he is big”. I walked back out into the lounge and retrieved my knickers. Putting them back on and said bye to Jack and blew a kiss to Randy. Back home I kept playing the afternoon over and over in my mind. I used my vibrator to calm down but it didn’t feel the same anymore. Randy had ruined me for mechanical devices. I needed the real thing.

It took almost a fortnight for my tenants to leave and for me to renovate the house. Everything my tenants didn’t take I threw out. I have the whole house repainted and new carpet laid. It had three bedrooms but I only furnished one. I thought, if needed, someone could stay for a weekend. The lounge room I also furnished as well as the kitchen. One of the other bedrooms I set up as a play room. I bought a couple of low benches and attached restrains. Something I saw on a video. I also set up a small camera in both the play room, the lounge and the main bedroom. I justified it by telling myself it was for security. It had a remote feed back to my apartment.

When I told Jack all was ready he was really excited. He had satisfied a small portion of the calls he got. He believed that having a woman involved it would bring more clients. He was right. We advertised our “special services” and the phone ran hot. The calls came into my apartment and I gave Jack a nightly update. Our first booking was a couple, husband and wife. I spoke to the husband and he said his wife had been with dogs for years and he wanted a quiet place where she could enjoy her fetish and he could record it. I must admit I wasn’t sure. If he recorded it then we wouldn’t get any return business from them. But he assured me we would be well paid. Having laid out money I welcomed the chance to get some back.

They were to arrive at 10am and planned to stay for several hours. I drove to Jack’s house and picked up Randy. He was very excited and I had a feeling he knew what was going to happen. We got to the house around 9 and he ran around the house as if to check it out. Then he came up and sniffed at me. “No boy, you have a date today” I said and laughed. He settled down without Jack being there probably because he had been with me and so was happy. I heard a car drive up and I went out to meet them. Anthony and Becky were early 30s, both well dressed. He was quite handsome and she was attractive. Just a normal couple except Becky had been a dog bitch for many years. When Anthony got a new job it included a company apartment and so they had to sell Bobby, a Blake Labrador. When they saw our ad they were overjoyed.

I took them inside and introduced them to Randy. Becky was smiling from ear to ear. She said it had been over a month since she had been “serviced” as she put it. Anthony had this huge video camera and judging by the lump in his trousers he was ready to go. I took Becky into the bedroom and showed her where the ensuite was and asked if she needed anything. “Just the dog honey” she said “what’s his name?” When I said “Randy” she burst out laughing. “I hope he is randy Beth because I certainly am. I then showed them the play room and Becky went back to the bedroom, I assumed to take of her knickers but a couple of minutes later she came back stark naked. She had a mask and put it on which covered half her face. Anthony was fiddling with his camera and I said if they needed anything to yell out. I then went into the spare bedroom where I had screens set up to keep an eye on things.

Anthony kissed Becky and asked if she ready. Randy certainly was as he eyed Becky off. Anthony started the camera and Becky called Randy to her. She rubbed his head as I had told her and he immediately began to lick her crotch. She leaned against one of the benches and spread her legs. She began to moan as Randy lapped her pussy. Anthony was walking around filming. She began to fondle her breasts with one hand and her clit with the other. She was totally into it. Obviously she had really missed what Randy was giving her. Then she quickly turned and, still leaning on the bench spread her cheeks and squealed as Randy began to lick her anal opening. I stared at the screen and slipped my hand inside my knickers. It was so erotic.

Now totally turned on, Becky dropped to her knees and patted her bum. That was all Randy needed and he mounted her. A couple of false starts and Becky squealed as he found her already wet pussy. Thrusting rapidly he buried his throbbing cock into her equally throbbing pussy. Squeals turned to loud moans and pleas to “fuck me harder Randy”. In another angle I could see her face. It was a picture of sheer lust. “Oh fuck Tony I have missed this much” she wailed as Randy rammed that large knot inside her. He stopped moving and now she gave low moans and groans as he began to pump his cum into her. I closed my eyes for a couple of seconds as I had a delicious orgasm.

For several minutes Randy attempted to escape his bitch, finally succeeding which caused Becky to again squeal. Not quite done Randy lapped up some of the cum dribbling out of her pussy and then attended to himself. Becky turned and gasped at his size. “Do you want to do it?” Anthony asked. Becky dropped to her knees, grabbed Randy’s still fully extended cock, and began to lick and suck it. There was no doubt she was the complete dog slut. I watched in awe as she deep throated him and began to rub her clit. She shook all over as she came and then looked at Anthony and blew him a kiss. A fitting end to what was a premier performance.

I waited until I heard Anthony call out and walked into the Play Room. Randy has laying down still panting from his workout. The bulge in Anthony’s pants looked even larger. “Becky has gone to have a shower” he said “she was so happy. Thank you Beth. Randy did a great job. Have you ever thought of being in the movies?” The question was totally left field. “Becky is bi and if, you know, you wanted more money I could pay”. I smiled sweety. “Anthony, Becky is lovely and I am sure you would like to get more film but I have never been with a women”. “Well there is always a first time. If you ever think you might like to try just give us a call. Perhaps a threesome with Becky, you and Randy. That would be awesome”. “I will keep it in mind” I said. Becky came back glowing. She hugged me. “That was so good” she said “we have it on film but it isn’t like the real thing. I am sure we will be back”. Anthony gave me a wink. I knew what he was thinking. I have to admit that in my heightened state I hadn’t discounted it. Always a first time? Hmm.

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