Morning Wood. Morning sex story



It was just another morning, too early to be awake. Things were going to heat up quick, in the Drake household.

Rachel groaned, as her alarm clock screeched in her ear. She rolled over and smacked the annoying machine, putting an end to its’ annoying sound, and looked at her sleeping husband. AJ looked so peaceful, sleeping beside her, she just wanted to smother him with a pillow! As AJ snored softly in the bed, Rachel sat up and put her feet on the floor. Time to start another day of housework and meals. Rachel looked back over her shoulder, at her sleeping husband, and noticed he had kicked the blanket off, again. She swore, under her breath, and went to his side of the bed. She tugged the covers, out from under his tangled legs, and started to cover him again. As she neared his waistline, she saw the most delicious looking morning wood, she had ever seen! AJ’s pleasure pole is a solid 9 inches long, thick, and had wonderful veins, running its’ length. The delicious head was swollen and poking out of AJ’s boxer briefs. Rachel watched, as it throbbed, and made a small deposit of yummy pre cum, just above his waistband, onto his “happy trail” of hair. AJ had a trail of hair, which lead from his waistline, up past his navel, and ended at the top of his tasty, and well defined, abdominal muscles. His ab’s moved softly, with each breath, and Rachel stood there, mesmerized by their gentle movements. She molested him, with her eyes, as she gazed at his chest. She felt warmth, flood to her achy pussy, as she resisted the urge to touch him. Her eyes traveled up his neck, as she licked her lips. Her mouth, watering, as she smacked her lips, softly, together. Rachel whimpered as she gazed at her husband, her arousal starting to run down her thigh, as AJ, secretly, held in a smile! His beloved wife was eye fucking him again, and it turned him on, to secretly watch her.

AJ was a very difficult man, stubborn beyond imagining. He was very stern and set in his ways. Some might even call him “old fashion” in his beliefs. He believed that women belong at home, while the men provide. His childhood had been a pure hell, as an abusive mother controlled the home, and everyone in it. AJ, as a child, had watched his mother control and abuse his father, and had vowed to be different. His father was WEAK, and AJ, refused to ever be viewed as weak. It controlled his teen years, making it difficult to date, with such rigid beliefs, in this “modern” age. All of AJ’s attempts at relationships, failed miserably, and he was left lonely, disappointed, and bitter. He was tired of being used, by the women he dated, and wanted revenge. He wanted to use women, as he had been used, time and time again. Nice guys always finish last, and he was tired of being nice. Nice was weak, and AJ refused to be weak! After dumping his, cheating whore, of a “girlfriend”, Theresa, AJ set out for truck driving school, and away from cheating bitches!

AJ floated around the country, driving 18 wheelers, for 6 months. He fucked his way through his horniness, with occasional truck stop waitress, always horny for the “scary truck driver”, to feed them some cock. Being well hung, he could always find some slut, eager to bounce on his shifter. It suit his “fuck’em and dump’em” moto, perfectly. It was late night driving, that would spell the end, for AJ’s man whore days. Late night driving is always hard on a driver, nothing to do but think. Nothing good, on the radio, or the CB….. no one awake to talk to…. Nothing but the steady drone of your tires….. and your deepest thoughts….. your darkest secrets….. chewing at your soul….. It’s enough to drive a man insane! Those moments, is when AJ’s thoughts would turned to Rachel, and the “what might have been’s”.

Can you remember the moment, when you FIRST realized, you were turned on by someone? That first innocent tingle, in your cock or cunny? AJ could pinpoint it and thought of it often. He was twelve years old and it was a stunning, fifteen year old named Rachel. She was the Scoutmaster’s daughter, forbidden fruit, and he wanted her that much more. Her five foot, 140 pound frame, with her 34 DDD breasts, was the inspiration, for AJ’s very first masturbation session, and for years to come. When he looked into her sparkling blue eyes, he forgot how to speak. His first thoughts about blow jobs, came from staring at her full and pouty lips, and imagining grabbing a fist full, of her thick and curly, mane of chestnut hair. She was the girl of his dreams, with curves in all the right places, but he was too young and awkward to make a move. Rachel’s father passed away, a few months later, and she was destroyed. She clung to AJ often, crying into his chest, racked with grief. He felt like a jerk, holding her against himself as she sobbed. As Rachel’s chest rose and fell, all AJ could think about, was her erect nipples, rubbing his arm, with her every movement. Just as he worked up the courage to make his move, his hateful mother packed them up, in the middle of the night, and moved 5 states away…… his sexy Rachel, lost, in the process….. All those lonely nights, his thoughts would drift back to her, and the road disappeared in front of him.

After months of wondering about her, torturing himself, with her blue eyes, AJ had enough, and headed for Indiana, and the hope of Rachel. AJ’s grandparents still lived in Indiana and a visit, was long overdue. He had been away, for so long, sixteen years, and Indiana was calling him home. After the usual hugs, and “glad your home”s, got out of the way, it wasn’t long before AJ jumped in his pick-up truck, and headed down the streets of his childhood, looking for Rachel. He didn’t know if he could find her, or if she was even single…. He just knew he HAD to find her! He could think of nothing else.

AJ drove around his hometown, for days, and asked everyone he saw. They all remembered Rachel, but there was no sight of her, and no one knew what had become of her. One guy had told him, that she had married her high school sweetheart, and moved away. AJ was crushed, but kept looking anyway. He had to find her, see her, one last time. He was a MAN now, and knew what to do, to drive her into his arms. He didn’t even care if she was married! He had to have her, at least once. Disappointed, AJ hit the bar, just after dark, and rapidly kicked back three shots of Jack, trying to drink Rachel away. A couple of the bar sluts, took turns rubbing up against his leg, trying to entice a good fuck out of him, but AJ thought only of Rachel and shoo’ed them away. Another three shots down, and her eyes were staring at him, from everywhere. “Fuck this! I am going home!” AJ growled, as he threw a $50 on the counter, and got up from his stool. Although drunk, AJ flawlessly drove the ten blocks home, and stumbled to the bed inside, and flopped down. He didn’t feel like sleeping, so he pulled his laptop open and onto his lap. “Let’s see what BULLSHIT the dating sites have on them tonight” he said, aloud to himself, as he logged in on the screen. “One new message, huh? Probably some, come pay to jerk off, web cam bullshit!” he grumbled, as he clicked on the box.

AJ felt his cock, instantly harden, and strain against his jeans, as the message opened up. There was his Rachel, in color, smiling at him from his screen. He swallowed hard, and had to force his eyes to focus on the text. “Hey Andrew James!” AJ groaned, as he heard her, upbeat voice, in his head. She was, the ONLY person, ever to get away, with using his full name. He hated it with a passion! He continued reading her email, “Saw your dating profile. Can’t believe your hot ass is single! Whatcha up to these days?” He couldn’t believe his eyes! AJ forced himself, to read her message, over and over, again and again. Rachel talked of their childhood and asked the usually questions, but it was her last sentence that made his cock throb harder…. “ Would love to get together sometime and by the way, I AM SINGLE”, Rachel had wrote. AJ couldn’t believe his eyes. Rachel was single.

AJ spent the next three months in a rut. He drove every day, local hauls, and chatted with Rachel, at night. She was actually seeing a married man, whom she was in love with, and wouldn’t meet with him. He never gave up, and was a constant for her, never forgetting to email her, several times a day. He was wearing her down, and she began to talk about meeting. It was a boring Friday night, in early October, when his phone gave its’ text alert, and he was getting ready to head to the bar. He was horny as hell, and wanted laid. He thought about ignoring it, but curiosity won out, and he picked up the phone. It was Rachel, and her married man, had stood her up again. She was in a rage and wanted to meet. AJ didn’t mind taking advantage of the douche bag’s misfortune. He wanted Rachel bad and her anger might lead to a good fuck of his dream girl. She had told him where to meet and told him to, “Be here, in thirty minutes, or I am calling someone else!” and he was out the door, before he finished reading the text. AJ was only ten minutes, from the location, but drove like a mad man, and covered the distance in five. He sent her a text, “Was in the area already. Here now!” and waited for her response.

Rachel was steaming mad and pacing the fire station floor! She was the EMT on duty and the OFFICER IN CHARGE, for the entire weekend, and it helped to sour, her already bad mood. Brian had promised to meet up with her and give her some dick, but had cancelled last minute, and she was PISSED! Brian was Rachel’s married lover, for the last six years, and had been on deployment, for hurricane response. She had remained faithful to him, but her patience was running low. She hadn’t been fucked for months, and she was cock starved! When Brian cancelled, Rachel decided she was getting cock anyway, one way or another, and looked through her multiple “black books” of willing participates. She settled on AJ, and smiled at her notations, next to his name, “WL, PHC, PFR” was scrolled, in her delicate hand. WL was her short hand for “Wish List” fuck, PHC meant “Probably Huge Cock” and PFR was for “Probably Fun to Ride”. A new pleasure pole was just the way to feel better, after Brian’s disappointment. Rachel texted AJ, with a “hurry up or I will call someone else” text, and looked at her watch. She gave him thirty minutes, not a minute more, as her cunny stirred in her panties, and begged for release. She was surprised, when her phone buzzed, ten minutes later, saying AJ was there. Rachel took a deep breath, and hit the button on the wall, opening the overhead door and revealing the ambulance behind it.

Rachel stepped out from the bay, two ambulances looming behind her, and AJ marveled at her short frame against those huge, life-saving, machines. She was more stunning, in person, and he couldn’t help but undressing her, with his eyes. As their eyes locked, her cheeks flushed, and AJ realized that Rachel had been undressing him too! He could see her chew, seductively, on her lower lip, and feel his cock strain for freedom. She was horny, and he could almost smell her arousal, from where he stood. They exchanged normal conversation, old times, the weather, and such, as AJ leaned against the ambulance, his back stretch across the vehicle, showing off his manly bulge. He knew his erection was easily seen, and secretly smiled, every time Rachel’s eyes drifted down and her cheeks flushed. She was getting really turned on and he loved that his hard cock was making her squirm. Rachel broke the hot cycle of eye fucking his cock, when she suggested she give him a tour of the fire station. AJ didn’t want the fun to stop but consented to the tour, as his mind worked on ways to seduce the hot ass, swaying before him, as she lead him through the station. She showed him all the usual things, training room, offices, pool table, ect…. Then she started showing him inside the emergency vehicles, and AJ saw his chance.

Rachel opened the heavy doors of the “Heavy Rescue” truck and climbed into the confined space. AJ followed behind, his face inches away from her deliciously perfect ass. The intimacy of the space made it difficult to move and sexual tension was building in the air. AJ felt Rachel’s sweet butt, graze across his straining cock, as she slipped past him, pointing out the features and tools, of the massive extracation vehicle. They were both, painfully aware, of his hardness, and he thought he heard her whimper, at their lusty contact. Rachel’s whimper was more than he could take and, with a force he had never known, he grabbed her, spun her to face him, and pushed her against the wall of cabinets, pinning her with his body. He ground his jean covered cock, against her milky thigh, as his mouth crashed down on her, his tongue, darting between her soft lips. Rachel responded, by moaning into his mouth, thrusting her tongue into his mouth, swirling it, seductively, around his tongue. She slid her tiny hands, down the front of his t-shirt, to his waistline, never stopping her swirling tongue. She grabbed his cock, firmly, through his jeans and AJ felt his knees weaken. Rachel began squeezing and kneading his swollen member, never letting off her passionate assault, as he tangled a hand in her curls and pulled her closer.

When AJ finally broke the kiss and took a step back, they were both trembling and breathless. He had to have her now, and frantically looked around the vehicle, desperately searching for a place to lay her down. Rachel smiled and step out of the huge vehicle and began walking across the large vehicle bays. She was headed for a staircase, on the other side of the building, and he had no idea where she was going. She went halfway up the stairs and called out to him, “Hey AJ, come here. There is still one room you haven’t seen yet” and disappeared inside a door, at the top. He jogged to catch up with her, trying to hide his disappointment, at her abrupt departure. As AJ neared the top of the stairs, he could see a living space, beyond the door, and Rachel, sitting on one of three couches, inside. She had removed her tech boots and pants, and was sitting sideways, on the couch, in her department t-shirt, and the most stunning pair of red lace panties, AJ had ever seen. Her legs were bent, at the knees, and her thighs spread wide. AJ could was greeted with a clear view of her swollen clit, through the lace, and his cock strained painfully, against his zipper again. Rachel didn’t say a word and didn’t move. Instead, her eyes locked with his, and her lust spoke volumes.

AJ crossed the room quickly, lowered himself between her legs, and resumed his passionate tongue play, without giving either of them time to think. His hands grabbed both of her giant DDD’s, working them with his strong grip, as Rachel’s tiny fingers found his hard on. She groaned into his mouth, as she felt his size and thickness, showing her approval, as she thrust her pelvis towards it. She shoved him off of her mouth, long enough to look at him. Rachel had those eyes, that screamed “FUCK ME” and they were screamed at him now. AJ couldn’t resist her eyes and began tearing at her clothes, eager to touch her bare skin. She was moaning and fumbling with the button on his jeans, lust building to new heights, the intoxicating scent of her arousal, filling the large room. Somehow, they managed to strip each other, and lay groping one another’s naked bodies, in mere seconds. AJ could feel the intense heat, coming from between Rachel’s legs, and watched, as her juiced leaked down her swollen pussy lips, licking his lips. He jumped, when he felt her wrap her little hand around his hard cock, her fingers unable to close around his girth. Rachel began stroking his pole, up and down, in a slow and maddening rhythm, never changing speed or pressure. AJ almost blew his load, when she began a sinful twisting motion, with each stroke. He thrust his penis towards her, cheering on her efforts, aching to cum. Rachel stroked right up to the edge and he felt the first twitches, in his heavy balls, and moaned with anticipation. Rachel had other plans for him and released his cock, pushing him off of her, in one sexy motion. She stood, slipping the teasing red lace, down her legs, and onto the floor. Stepping back up to AJ, she pushed him back, onto the couch, in a sitting position, and stepped up on the couch. Before he could process what was happening, Rachel shoved her pussy onto his mouth, and grabbed a handful of his hair, forcing his mouth to grind against her swollen clit.

AJ needed no words and took her clit into his mouth, trapping it between his teeth, while flicking it with his tongue, sending Rachel squirming and moaning, on his moustache. He nibbled, sucked, licked, and kissed, every inch of her outer and engorged, vertical smile, licking up her generous deposits of her honey, with every other stroke of his talented tongue. Rachel’s body was beginning to shake, as lustful whimpers, came from her lips. AJ knew she was going to cum and couldn’t wait to find out if her cum was as sweet as her tasty pussy…. And her pussy was sweet! The most delicious cunt AJ had EVER tasted! Rachel’s pussy mound had the slightest hint of hair, smooth and perfect lips that rested completely closed, a tiny hint of a clit, sitting at the top of her perfect lips, like a signal of where to go, winking at you, as it disappears behind those meat curtains. Her pleasure tunnel had no visible entrance, and AJ secretly wondered if Rachel was a virgin, as he marveled at her tiny, tight opening, pushing his finger inside. She was very tight, her muscles grabbing at his finger, as he slowly slide it inside her. “DAMN you’re tight, baby!” AJ growled from her groin, his face, an inch from her box, her muscles milking his finger in waves. Rachel cried out, slammed his face back on her twitching clit, and writhed on his face, her orgasm ripping through her. He dove his tongue into her tight box, just in time for her first wave to grab his tongue, flooding her juices into his eager mouth. Her convulsions inside her heavenly pussy had pushed his finger out, but his tongue held in there, lapping up flood after flood, of her sweet cum. Her cum had a sweet but mild taste, a delicate flavor that is almost indescribable, and AJ wanted more.

Rachel’s knees buckled, causing her to slide down AJ’s face, his beard, stimulating her nipples, as she landed on the couch, and flopped onto her back. She spread her legs and grunted at AJ, “FUCK ME NOW”! Needing NO encouragement, he climbed between her milky thighs and pointed his rigid cock where his tongue just had been. He couldn’t see her opening, it had disappeared again. He lined up his cock and rubbed it up and down, coating it in her excitement, while searching for her wet tunnel. AJ’s swollen head found her tight hole and he slowly pushed inside, her muscles gripping his shaft, and pulling him in. He worked his hot rod, slowly, in and out of her, inching his way into her tight tunnel, not stopping until he touched bottom, his cock head bumping into her cervix. He paused, feeling her muscles ripple along his shaft, urging him on. Her tunnel was so hot and tight, it required concentration, not to immediately explode. AJ had just started to pull back, when another orgasm racked Rachel’s body, locking his ram rod in a vice of pure pleasure. Her pussy grabbed and stroked his cock, better than any hand job ever had, milking him, coaxing his cum, with expert precision. Rachel’s head was thrown back, her eyes closed, chest heaving with each breath. Her DDD globes seemed to bounce and sway, with every heavenly ripple, of her tight cunt. He waited for her pleasure shrieks to die down and began moving within her incredible grip again. It was hard to move through her tightness and AJ struggled to find a rhythm, his strokes awkward, at first. He had just begun to pick up his speed, when Rachel’s lips parted, “You want me AJ? You want me forever?” she asked. He grunted his answer, thrusting slightly faster. “You can have me. I will be yours, forever, AJ. I will suck and fuck your cock, every night, for the rest of our lives. I will give up all the other cocks in my life…” her voice had begun to shake and she was gasping between words, as he felt her pussy muscles start their orgasmic dance around his cock. “Make me cum, AJ! Fill my pussy with your hot load and make me cum. That’s it, AJ! Fuck my tight pussy good. Make me forget all the other cocks. Make me cum all over your cock”!

AJ was finding it hard to breathe, the room spun around him, as he pounded Rachel’s pussy, faster and harder. He was a possessed man, pounding away, grunting as his explosion built, and begun traveling up from his heavy balls. AJ pounded faster and faster, hammering away at her, slamming into her pelvic bone, her screams of pleasure, echoing off the walls. Every muscle, in his body, was now tied to his cock, his skin was stinging with anticipation, heart pounding in his ear, voice stuck in his throat. He plunged into her, over and over, sweat pouring from his body, the effort of his strokes, sliding the couch across the floor. He felt his hot seed, traveling up his shaft, and pounded into Rachel, with everything he had. She wasn’t making it easy, as orgasm after orgasm, swept through her body. She clawed at his skin, her tiny hands traveling all over his body, her hands grabbing and releasing his ass, her heels pushing him into her. Rachel was screaming his name, her whole body jerking around his cock, lost in her never ending orgasm, when his first jet of steamy spunk, splashed her g spot. She let out a cry, her eyes rolled into the back of her head, and Rachel’s body went limp. AJ cried out, as he emptied his balls into her pussy, her muscles milking every drop from his shaft, pleasure rippling through his entire body, and collapsed beside her, exhausted. He pulled her into his arms and held her close. Being with Rachel was everything he had dreamed it would be, and plenty more.

AJ proposed to Rachel that night, and every night after that, until she agreed, three weeks later, to be his wife. Here it was, sixteen years later, and his beautiful Rachel was standing over him, still eye fucking his cock. The memory of their first fuck, had been playing through his mind, when her alarm had sounded off. AJ had been thinking of waking Rachel, with his hard cock. Morning sex was always awesome. He had hoped she would climb back in bed, when he felt her get up and silence her alarm. His mind was still lost in lusty memories, when he noticed her meat gazing ways. It turned him on, Rachel still wanting him that badly, and he struggled not to give himself away by smiling. AJ heard her moan, and cracked an eyelid, to take a peak. His sexy wife had one hand between her legs, rubbing her clit, her other hand, kneading her fun bags, one after the other, under her shirt. Rachel never wore panties to bed, so he had a full view of Rachel furiously working her little clit. She was staring at his hard cock and licking her lips. Her little whimpers, softly filled the room, and made AJ’s cock swell bigger. Her whimpers never got old and they were AJ’s sign that she was close to coming. Rachel had closed her eyes, her peak approaching quickly, the scent of her arousal filling the bedroom. He leaned forward and stuck his tongue out, making contact with her clit, and startling her. She shrieked and covered her pussy with her hand. It just took a second, for her to realize what the touch had been, and she was climbing onto the bed. AJ knew EXACTLY what she wanted, they had done this many times, and he moved up in the bed, sitting against the headboard, as Rachel walked across the bed, and shoved her pussy onto his awaiting mouth. He sucked her clit between his teeth and slowly stroked his pole, as she deposited drop after delicious drop, of her tasty pussy juice, onto his tongue. AJ smiled, from between Rachel’s thighs, as he thought of all the ways they had ravished each other, in the last sixteen years. Her love for him has never weakened and she never stopped starving for his cock. Every time she saw his cock, Rachel looked as if she had never seen it before, and worshiped it, with every inch of her hot body, inside and out.

Rachel suddenly pulled away from AJ’s tongue and lowered herself to her knees. She dropped her head and began sucking and stroking his hard pole. She worked him, expertly, drawing him closer to his edge, her hand and mouth, milking him in perfect harmony, his balls filling up. Rachel pulled her mouth away, wiped her saliva off her chin, and leaned into his ear, her now naked breasts, pressing near his face, her nipples just out of reach of his, now empty, mouth. She whispered to him as she nibbled his ear, “I have a surprise for you, babe! Don’t want you getting bored. Close your eyes and prepare yourself. Oh, and babe…. Try not to cum…..” AJ’s head spun from the possibilities. What did she have planned for them? Get bored? How could he possibly ever get bored with her? Try not to cum? What in the hell was she doing? His mind raced through all those questions in seconds…. But not fast enough! Rachel slipped a blindfold over his eyes and began tying his hands to the bedposts. After he was secured in place, he felt her weight leave the bed. She was making him nervous and had never tied him up before. Was this her surprise? He felt someone climb on the bed, and smiled at her return. Then he felt someone else climb on the bed, and his heart began to race, cock hard, and jerking in the air. The blindfold was being slowly removed, as he strained against his binds, the room blurry, from the darkness of the blindfold, was slowly coming into focus. When his vision cleared, AJ let out an animalistic growl, at the erotic scene before him, lust strangling his voice,

Today was going to be a great day! AJ hoped someone had remember to press record on their video camera. He wanted to be able to see this again, over and over. His cock was harder than it had ever been and he was releasing a river of pre cum, his eyes feasting on the sight before him. Today is going to be amazing!

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