Mean Girls’ Torture Club



Five girls’ fun is one boy’s hell

They’d found him through an online Christian dating site. Nineteen years old, a virgin in spite of being drop dead gorgeous. They loooved hot virgins. Said he was looking for the right girl to have his first time with. Real clean cut and innocent, though this hadn’t stop him from sending a nude pic complete with his lovely erect penis when “Candy” had asked for it.

The pic was the deal breaker: he was about to meet the wrong girls.

So they’d set up a date. They had sent Sarah, the youngest of them with the innocent face and the curly, semi-long, strawberry-blonde locks. She’d met him, her tattoos carefully hidden by long sleeves, at a cafe downtown. She had used all the skills learnt in high school drama classes beguiling him. Her guise made her look perfectly innocent, save maybe for her long, black-painted nails.

She’d led him through an empty alley where their van was waiting. They’d jumped him then, stunned him, and packed in the van, and driven away.

And here he was now, in the play room in rich Debbie’s basement. Stripped and strapped securely to their favorite torture table, spread-eagled on his back and gagged. A sight to behold! He’d said that he did gymnastics, and boy did he have the bod show for it! Not a drop of excess fat on that muscular frame. Tall and tan, almost no body hair, with a beautiful, angelic face. Put simply: hot as fuck!

And here were they: a pack of she-devils, about to despoil an angel.

The five women around him examined their prey with pleasure. His big cock stood erect with the foreskin pulled back, glistening with oil. It stayed upright by a thin wire running around the base and around the balls, fastened to a loop at foot of the table. Ready for attention. The drug they used on their victims not only resulted in an involuntary erection, but caused a powerful non-volitional state of arousal.

Guess you could say that he was in a very vulnerable state! And utterly helpless to stop what was coming.

He struggled against his unforgiving restraints as the women came nearer. He could no doubt see it in their eyes that he was in big trouble.

Steph was the first to take his hard cock in her hands, wrapping long and supple fingers around the large glans. Tess and Sarah on each side of him started playing with his nipples. A wicked smile came upon Steph as, with a moan, the boy tensed against the leather straps keeping him firmly in place. She felt a glow spread out from between her legs as she watched his sexy abs flexing, felt the head swell in her grip. Tess and Sarah giggled, pinching the nipples with long fingernails. He whimpered, drawing noises of amused pleasure from the women.

Steph looked behind her, at the two tables where their toys lay. The table closer by contained the usual instruments: candles, an array of whips, a studded sound, nail files, violet wands, electric flyswatters, an electro-shock sound device, pinwheels. Then, on the farther table, the toys they used when they were feeling particularly nasty—and these days they almost always did. Beeswax candles, sandpaper, a higher-voltage electroshock machine complete with a sound, needles, a couple of soldering irons and a hair-straightener.

She looked back from the implements of torture to its object. She marveled at the miracles of modern medicine as she slowly and deliberatly twisted her fingers up and down the head of the engorged sex organ. Once they’d be done with it, it’d be bruised, welted, burned, and quite possibly bleeding, but still as rock-hard as now. In between there, they’d make him cum hard against his will. Several times.

Those restraints would sure get their use!

Raven-haired Alessa came over to the other side from Steph and grabbed his balls. She caressed them, then gave a good squeeze so that he twitched with a muffled gasp. She smiled. Alessa liked playing with balls, and she didn’t play fair.

While his nipples and genitals were well tended to, Debbie, Alessa’ aunt, her thick black hair done in a tight bun, walked over to the toys. Quietly humming to herself, she was going through the whips to pick one. She was the oldest of them, like fourty-five or so, and quite likely the most sadistic. They all were, of course, but she took extra sort of pleasure in the causing of pain itself, loved the act of hurting a helpless man. And with her taste in very young men, she was like the auntie from hell! She was the mastermind behind their operation, and its primary architect. She had the place, and had more or less designed all the torture methods they applied.

The second most sadistic was no doubt young Sarah. That girl was a true connoisseur of the male physiology, in spite of her age, a true expert in its most sensitive aspects. She loved to torture cocks. Well, who didn’t, of course, but the look of sheer delight on her face when she got a nice big one to play with . . . well, you could have sworn there was nothing else she liked doing better. Which, of course, was probably dead on.

Tess was in many ways similar to Steph herself. There was the appreance of course: both tall and lean with a perpetual tan, except Tess a green-eyed blonde and Steph a brunette with chocolate eyes. Each had those long-and-slender fingered hands, only Steph kept her nails fairly short where Tess kept hers long like Sarah and always perfectly manicured. She generally painted them white to contast with Sarah’s black.

Of course, like Sarah, Tess as well as Steph liked getting their hands on some juicy cock. And they liked causing pain and discomfort as much as the next girl. But they shared a main kink, which was forced orgasms. It was a special sense of power: to be able to overrun a man’s will, being in control of his most intimate aspect and use it against him. Seeing him try in vain to hold back then cross the point of no return, listening to his helpless moans, watching him shaking. Feeling the cock twitch powerlessly in your hands as it surrended. Then mercilessly continuing to work it as he whimpered and begged into his gag and spasmed uncontrollably in his binds. Turning pleasure into torture.

Just thinking about it, Steph’s twist had gotten more deliberate. And with the attention on the nipples and the balls, it seemed as though the boy was already struggling to hold back. Realizing what he was doing, she relented. It was too early for that. A good torture session needed careful structure so as to build proper tension. She settled on running one finger slowly all around the oiled surface of the nicely shaped head. That seemed to be plenty for now. He was breathing heavily, toned pecs heaving. The girls shared looks and grinned.

“Well,” Debbie said as she walked over, stiletto heals clicking. She’d picked a cat ‘o nine, the tails draped over her left hand. “Did we bring him all the way here to make him feel comfortable?” As if that were how he was feeling! She jerked her head. “Alessa, Steph, and Sarah, choose whips. Tess, you’re first on nipple duty. Steph, won’t you be a dear and light some candles?”

They did as told, then taking their places around the awaiting victim. Sarah was grinning like a little girl in a candy shop (except a lot more vicious!). She was down to her sleeveless top now, her arms tattooed from shoulder to above wrist. Biting her lower lip, she ran the tip of her chosen riding-crop up and down the impressive length of the boy’s cock. She looked down at him, met his eye and gave a wink.

“Alright,” Debbie said. She’d wound the cat all the way behind her back, holding the tips the tails with her left hand’s fingertips. “On my go”.

The others readied their whips, Tess catching the boy’s nipples between her nails.

Debbie’s left hand fingers loosened just a bit before she said, “Go!”

Then began the smacks and the whimpers and the giggles.


After the third coating of candle wax was whipped off his genitals, their beautiful victim was already sweating in spite of the cool basement air. This did not stop him from shivering as well. Or was it trembling? Steph could never get such distinctions straight. He was breathing heavily, his eyes closed as if trying to escape anywhere but here. It was cute! After all, they had only finished with the warmup round! Then she supposed he was hardly the first one.

Debbie told Tess to re-oil his cock, to clean off the last black and red residue specs of wax and to make it nice and slippery again. She happily got to it. The attention seemed to put some life back into him as well. Steph had been ildly running her hand over the muscles of his upper body, and now they flexed again. Strong and subdued. It was so fucking hot!

Watching Tess’ eager hands’ meticulous work and the gleam in her eye, Steph knew that the girl’s mind was traveling the same routes as hers earlier. Toward forced orgasms. As Tess then noticed Steph watcing, she grinned kind of bashful. Then she switched to using her nails on the glans. Smiling, Sarah joined her in this, as this was their typical shared routine. The reaction from him to this kind of attention was predicable — albeit very satisfying, as evinced by the young ladies’ big grins and the immediately increased intensity of their work.

Debbie walked over, applying oil on the studded sound. She nodded at his twitching. “Good, girls. Keep that going. Steph, take the nipples, please.”

Steph likewise was happy to comply. She positioned herself at the head of the table. The way the table was designed was to keep you as immobile as possible. With a strap around the neck and the fixed gag, the boy could turn his head only marginally. So she rested her breasts over his face as she reached for his nipples. The vibrations from his noises would tickle pleasantly. In fact, as she was quite physically aroused, even feeling her breasts on him felt really hot. He stirred underneath them, quietly moaning, and she grinned dreamily.

The reactions and vibrations then intensified quite bit, as Debbie took a firm grip on the base of the boy’s cock and unseremoniously rammed the sound inside his urethra, sinking it in deep. She twisted it around a while, then started to move it up and down in a circular motion. All the while he bucked and spasmed and whimpered and begged. The younger women each kept their own duties going, while making various noises of amusement and pleasure: cooing, sighing, snickering, laughing. The combined psychological and physiological stimulation was causing Steph deep euphoria.

Alessa, having observed the goings for a while, then came and attended to his balls again. She caught each in one hand and kneeded them in between her fingers with varying hardness.

Soon the boy seemed to grow resigned to the situation, becoming less spastic and more uniformly tensed against the restraints, altough still with twitches at steady intervals. It was fun trying to bring those about. His sexy body utterly at their mercy (or lack thereof), they were loving every second! With a lip-biting smile, Tess traced the shape of his hard abs with her left hand index finger while continuing to work on the cockhead with the nails of the other hand. Sarah seemed mesmerized by her part, using both hands now. Debbie was her usual firm self, although that cruel little smile on her red-painted lips spoke volumes. Her eyes were shining! Alessa seemed to more or less take after her aunt, handling his testes with cool composure and a slight cruel twist of a smile.

This treatment went on for many wonderful minutes. Perhaps slightly less worderful for him. He should have been glad to receive such avid attention from lovely eager ladies! If he was then he certainly hid it well. The wealth of emotion he was showing seemed to be of a vastly different quality. Steph was actually quite surprised he did not cum, as so many boys in his position would have. Especially with the added nail stimulation. It wasn’t pleasure, of course, but rather an automatic bodily response to the intensity of sensation. Not that it was even the goal of the treatment, just a fun little side-effect.

After a while, Tess and Sarah switched from their nails to pinwheels. Alessa joined them in this. While a relatively tame instrument in itself, in the right context it could be quite an evil little device of torment, especially when applied with skill and especially when it was more then one at once. So while the boy’s cock continued to be penetrated, the spiky wheels circled all over the sensitive head, wicked expressions on the faces of their wielders.

After the wheels came the turn of the nail files. The three women alternated between rasping the sensitive contours of his glans and using the files to give it little flicks every now and then. His dislike if this seemed to be on par with their like of it.

While the young women tested different instruments and approaches, Debbie kept a steady rhythm, madly focused as if it was her holy duty to rape his cock hole.

Steph was almost jealous of them, but then she was also having a good time with her tits on his face. And there was a different sort of intimacy in playing with his nipples. It greatly added to the sensation, as there was a connection between them and the penis. Made everything feel more for him, intensifying the experience and giving it a more whole-body quality. Increased the overall sense of invasiveness of the treatment, increased vulnerability. At least that was her understanding of it, based on her own experience. And while some claimed that nipples did not work for boys they did for girls, what she’d seen made her not buy any of that.

Plus from this perspective she could admire her friends work. Their dedication, skill, and the great pleasure they took in torturing this helpless sexy young thing in their hands. His beautiful suffering. It was all quite lovely.

After some more minutes, Debbie stopped fucking the cock and set the sound aside. Adding more oil, then, she took the whole cock for herself, firmly stroking it with both hands. Her handjob was as artless as it was relentless. The young women watched in something like awe as the boy was obviously soon about to come. His animal instincts were telling him to arch his back but the restraints kept him flat against the table, muscles nevertheless working of their own accord. He breathed in gasps around his whimpering, shaking more intensively as the inevitable climax neared. A goddamn hot display! Trying to apply Debbie-like relentlessness to working his nipples, the supremely aroused Steph felt as if she could have come herself.

By the time his cock started to squirt out Debbie’s, stroking had gone from firm to rough. Semen came in a couple of bigger surges, the rest leaking down Debbies tight-squeezing fingers. The table creaked as the boy struggled with mighty futility, the sound erupting from deep within from his throat impressively primitive. In his gag, he was trying to repeat, “please, please, please”. Or perhaps it was “stop, stop, stop”? He had already tried both. It was great when they begged!

Neither the begging nor the orgasm slowed Debbie’s grinding hand, pumping the swollen cockhead without remission. The boy’s nipples stretched as Steph rolled them hard in between her fingers. Everyone stared mesmerized at the spasmodic boy, their hands fondling his flexed muscles.

Finally Debbie relented, releasing the cock which remained standing up as hard as ever. The drug keeping the boy in its thrall despite the climax.

“There, that’s first,” Debbie said, satisfied. The first time ever for him, been made cum by a woman’s hand, and the first one of the evening. “Hand me a candle, please”

Sarah handed one out to the woman, and without further ado she started to drip more wax onto the big, hard cock. This fired him up again, and the muffled sqeals of pain held a different color of urgency than the noises from the other stimulation. Post-orgasmic senstitivy made those nerve-endings nice and receptive.

Debbie glanced up at Sarah, saw the girl’s hungry look, and grinned. “You grab one too.”

Happily smiling, Sarah quickly snatched one off the table. She joined Debbie in assaulting the whimpering, twitching boy’s beautiful penis with the burning wax. Debbie let her finish with it, and once the organ was caked over, said, “Ok, girls. Use the files to get the wax off. Here.” She came to take Steph’s place. “You help them.”

With Debbie in the nipples, they set to do as told, the four eager young ladies. Working the waxed cock with the nail files. Steph took a hold on the shaft near the base, enjoying the feeling of it expanding and contracting as the cock responded to the stimulus.

“Once you’re done,” Debbie said. “Another coat.”

They grinned.

After the futilely struggling boy’s sex organ was cleaned off the wax, then, the four women took candles and poured more on it. His reactions remained delightful. This coating they took of with the combined force of the nail files and some whips. Afterward, they oiled the cock again and went at it with more pinwheels. The more raw and sensitive he got, the more effect those things seemed to have on him.

They were still busy with the wheels, as Debbie let go of his nipples and went over to the implement table. She picked up a multi outlet from the floor and started plugging in the violet wands.

As the girls saw this, nastly smiles came upon them all. Time to up the intensity a little.

Time for a little electricity!

The boy had taken the electro-torture really well. Well, for him, of course meaning terribly—but the girls sure had had a fun time! As with the whips and wax earlier, it was evident that he was a real wimp about pain. Too bad for him. And too good for them!

They had used both the electric flyswatters and the violet wands on him. His reactions to their attentions had been really precious: the spasms, the twitches, the hopeless attempts to avoid the girls’ shockers as they’d greedily covered his genitals with their buzzing, crackling kisses. And of course all his adorable noises. The poor hottie just could not keep from begging! Even when it should have been obvious that those only further encouraged his tormentors.

Steph had repositioned herself to sit on the boy’s face, her own toward the rest of him. She’d removed her underwear to feel his hot skin against her bare pussy. Her clit and labia pressed against the bridge of his nose, she was brought to the gates of heaven by his head’s shaking and the vibrations from his noises. It was only too bad the rest of his beautiful face was covered by her miniskirt. At least there was the rest of him to look at.

She was back on nipple duty, playing with the other one with her hand and the other with a violet wand, alternating the two between each nipple. Tess and Sarah worked on the cock, the former masturbating it while the latter switched back and forth between using a violet wand and a modified electric flyswatter to shock the tip. Sarah focused especially on the slit area. That was a particularly sensitive part of the penis, and his reactions sure did prove that. She grinned like a demoness at his muffled squeals from underneath Steph’s skirts.

The electricity from the two devices were of slightly different nature. The wand offered a more steady current whereas the swatter provided a sharp blow-like zap. The latter had been modified by removing the grid part so as to leave the handle with two thin electrodes at the end, making it more of a prod or a taser. A perfect little toy for cock torture!

Alessa then joined them, using a wand on the boy’s balls and anus. Seemed to add to the totality nicely, judging by the rising note in his whimpers. They carried on like this for some time, savoring his delicious agony, with Debbie standing over to the side, observing their work with a satisfied little smile in the corner of her mouth. It was the woman’s favorite sight, Steph knew: a beautiful, unwilling young boy, stripped naked and tied up helpless, sexually tortured by a group of eager sadistas.

Finally Tess got the whole cock for herself and, with a circling motion around the glans, forced their victim to the threshold of another climax, while Alessa kept attention on his balls. His reactions was on par with the previous forced orgasm, with the shaking and the noises, and Tess was all pearly-toothed grins as she exercised her dominion over the most intimate aspect of his body. His body was hers. His cock was hers. His orgasm was hers. To do with as she pleased. All this shone starkly in her eyes as they drank in the spectacle of his hopeless struggling. The expression on her face that of a cruel empress torturing her subject.

And so he came. And Tess kept on stroking. Her fingers twisted mercilessly around the head as she wholeheartedly enjoyed her supreme power over his body and soul. Steph was certainly enjoying the ride as well, rocking her soaking pussy against his face while tugging on his nipples. She even allowed herself a small orgasm from the boy’s writhing underneath her, but was still saving the best for later. With the reverberations from his noises, his face was the best fucking vibrator she’d ever used!

After some more twisting, Tess switched to using her fingertips, then the nails of both hand, raking them up and down the head. Soon Sarah joined her. They worked on the cockhead with their fingers and their nails for some time, then picked up the shockers again. With aid from Alessa, they spent another fifteen minutes or so electrocuting the sensitive glans.

Debbie then brought the electric sounding machine, applying oil on the probe. The smiling younger women gave her room as she came over. She turned on the dial and there was a soothing hum from the main unit. She then grabbed the cock and touched the probe on the slit, moving it up and down along its length without sticking it in. Electricity buzzed. The boy reacted appropriately. Then, with a small smile, she sank the buzzing probe in his urethra. He went rigid, a low sound of shock starting from his chest and adopting squealish quality as it reached his throat. Debbie turned up the dial, started to slowly fuck him with the probe. He trashed and moaned, and he begged. With Debbie’s prompting the other girls joined in with their shockers.

It was such fun! The cool basement room filled with the sounds of the proceedings: the buzz and crackle of electricity, the creaking of the table and the leather restraints with the boy’s futile struggles, the noises of helpless distress from him and of aroused merriment from the girls. Tess held the shaft of the cock with one hand and used a wand on its head with the other. Debbie kept fucking with the sound, turning the dial up every now and then. Sarah held her wand on the cock, with his other nipple pinched between the nails of her left hand. Steph played with the other nipple while using the wand likewise on the cock, switching every now and then to shock the nipple. Alessa had the modified flyswatter in one hand and a violet wand in the other. She used them alternatively on his balls, his anus, and (of course) his cock.

You could say that the boy was being very thoroughly stimulated!

The women took their time exploring all around his sensitive parts, his entire cock electrified. It being so nice and big, there was plenty of room for all, even during those moments when all shockers were focused on the glans. Shocked from within and without! The arousal effect of the drug, Debbie had explained, made it all the worse for him. Making it a sexual experience in a way – the most awful way, that was! Explained partly how intense torture often made guys cum. (It wasn’t for pleasure, that was for sure!) Tortured to an orgasm, what a terrible experience – or wonderful, depended from which end you were looking at it!

In any case, despite the intense stimulation, the boy did not cum. And after the ladies had had their fill of this particular entertainment, they decided to take a little break. Once Steph somewhat reluctantly rose off the boy, she found the top part of his face soaked with her pussy juice. Although she wondered if there weren’t tears mixed in as well.

The younger women stepped outside to share a joint, while Debbie stayed behind to ride the boy out of his virginity.

Outside air was cool and refreshing. The girls passed the joint around mostly in silence, with just a few comments on what a lovely time they’d had do far, how smoking hot their victim was and how pleasing his performance had been. And how glad they were there was still more ahead!

The weed was the sort of strain that got Steph really horny, and made her tingle all over. And by the time they returned to the basement, they were refreshed and eager to take the torture session to another level.

Debbie was just having an orgasm on the boy as they entered, and it likely wasn’t the first one. She rode him vigorously but also lovingly in some perverted sense. Like a mother raping her first born son. She used a riding crop to swat him, red stripes on his chest, belly, arms, and thighs. She had attached clamps on his nipples and they were joined by a chain. She held the chain in one hand like reins, the nipples stretched out. The boy did not seem to enjoy the ride quite as much as she did. Debbie’s underwear were placed over his face, and under them it seemed as though he was holding back cry. So cute!

The now pleasantly high girls gathered around their victim — taunting the boy, with their teasing hands all over his defenseless muscular body — while Debbie finished raping him. They let him know for the first time, verbally, how much they were enjoying playing with him, how beautiful he was and how exciting his pain and discomfort were, and how they were far from done with him. He had himself to blame. He just shouldn’t have been so gorgeous, and he definitely shouldn’t have gone playing with strangers online!

Maybe it was this that brought Debbie to another orgasm. In any case, it seemed to be a very good one!

When the lady was done, she rose off the boy’s cock. It was slick with her juices.

He was a virgin no more.

“So,” Debbie said, sitting onto his thighs, idly stroking the wet cock. “Anyone else want a go?”

The girls shared a look, and then the shyly grinning Tess raised her hand.

Debbie smiled. “Excellent!”

Biting her lip, Tess removed her leather leggings and panties and positioned the latter on the boy’s face, as Debbie took hers back. Then, inheriting Debbie’s crop, she climbed on him. A truly blissful expression came onto her face as her wet pussy devoured his thick, long cock. She started to rock back and forth. “Oh my God!” she moaned. The nails of her left hand biting into his peck.

It was fun watching Tess ride him, turning wilder as she went, swatting with the crop to accentuate her moans, his whimpers providing the background. And it was even more fun to participate! The girls did their best to increase the boy’s distress: with pinches and whips, raking their nails on him, playing with the nipple clamps, squeezing his balls. And then they took the shockers. Exploring all over his naked, vulnerable flesh.

“Careful so you don’t hit me!” Tess cried as Alessa went for his balls and anus with the modified swatter.

And once Tess came, the others took their turns on him. Everyone having a grand old time. Well, except maybe for the life of the party himself.

Last to go was Steph. She was practically shivering with lust by then! She put her panties on the boy’s face as the others had, climbing onto him. She grabbed the cock and rubbed the large head against her wetness. Her legs shook from the anticipation. Then she sank it in, her mouth coming open spontaneously. She felt herself getting filled, waves of pleasure swirling and surging all over her. Feeling his big tortured cock inside her, she almost came right away.

She held back and started riding. Leaning backwards, sinking her nails into his muscular thighs. Sarah and Tess removed the clamps and started using riding crops on his nipples. That was the last thing Steph registered before closing her eyes, and the world went away. Leaving only ecstatic pleasure.

She had no idea how much time passed before a furious orgasm shook her body. Everything went white in her eyes for a few minutes. Shaking from head to toe, she kept rocking herself on the nice hunk of meat as wave after wave of convulsing bliss engulfed her. When she opened her eyes, Tess and Sarah were grinning at her, while still landing bullseye swats on the boy’s reddened nipples.

“Welcome back,” Sarah said.

“Thank you,” Steph uttered through a dreamy smile.

As she then rose off his cock, Steph realized she was no less horny. It was both disappointing and relieving. Perhaps emphasis the latter, as she did not want this good time to end. Nor would it.

Looking at the handsome young man they had just taken turns raping, she felt an overwhelming desire to cause him even more anguish. To make him whimper and writhe. She wanted to make him suffer!

With a mean grin, she sat back onto his thighs and started to work his cock with both hands, trying her best to emulate Debbie’s earlier vigor. To her pleasure, the boy went rigid again. His cock must have been so sore by now! The grinning Tess and Sarah started to flick and pinch his nipples.

While the girls had fucked him, the boy had not cum once. But in Steph’s handling it was soon evident that another orgasm was forthcoming. It was also evident that he was not happy about this. And that was precisely how Steph wanted it. She kept a merciless rhythm. As his shaking and breathing then intensified with the nearing edge, she focused the twirling motion on the glans. It was so sexy to feel the head swell in her tight grip as he was about to cross over. Tess and Sarah were pinching his nipples aggressively. He whimpered.

And he came. And he came hard. It made him strain against his unforgiving restraints as intensely as torture had. Well, this was just another kind of torture, after all. The best kind, in Steph’s opinion. She kept unremitting attention on the cock, twisting vigorously. She was loving the feeling of his swollen flesh in her hand, loving his twitches and shaking, loving his muffled begging and whimpering, loving the sight of his struggling, of his sexy flexed abs which Tess and Sarah idly fingered while working his nipples… She was loving it!

He, not so much. And, glancing up, it didn’t seem her going to get any break, either. Debbie was already lighting the beeswax candles.

Steph kept the post-orgasm torture going a while longer, using different approaches in keeping attention on the hypersensitive cockhead. And when she finally stopped, she then grabbed the candle handed by Debbie.

Raising it over his penis.


After a few coats of beeswax (burning much hotter than regular candles), removed with sandpaper, the boy’s ever-hard cock was angry red, abraded in many parts. Wickedly grinning Sarah was toying with it with the tips of her nails. Dancing them up and down and around the head. And as expected, eventually Tess joined the girl.

Meanwhile, Debbie was setting up the electro-shock machine, her own design. It was one evil piece of boy-torture equipment! The device had various parts for different aspects of the male anatomy. The sounding unit, a long metal rod, of course went in the urethra. Then there was the metallic, dildo-shaped probe for the anus. There were large clamps for the testes and smaller ones for the nipples. And in addition to these, several long metal thingies with plastic handles – electrodes, Steph supposed. The way it worked was when one of the thingies was touched on something all parts fired up at once. The thingies, of course, were used on the various sensitive areas of his body. The whole thing made for one electrified experience!

Once it was all set up, Debbie flicked a switch and the main unit started to hum and buzz ominously. The sound brought smiles on the women’s lips, just as it seemed to agitate their lovely victim.

She then brought it closer, and started to set the boy up. The dildo in his ass. Clamps on his balls and on his nipples. And the sound down the length of his urethra. He did not seem to enjoy being set up this way. He would hate it when they started!

When everything else was ready, the women picked one electrode-thingy each, settling around the table. They watched him for a while, letting the anticipation build. The shared looks. It was almost as if everyone was too shy to be the first.

With a shrug, Sarah then went ahead. She touched the tip of her electrode on, no surprises there, his cock. As the metal touched on the lower end of the shaft, everything buzzed louder. With a muffled squeal, the boy jolted. Shock hitting several sensitive areas at once. Sarah grinned. Following her example, Debbie likewise touched the shaft. Same effect. Then Alessa. Then Steph. The boy whimpered. He started to shiver.

The women traded mean smiles.

And then they all went at once. Poking at the cock with the electrodes, as he squealed in his hoarse voice and struggled involuntarily. The started with the shaft, slowly, touch by touch, moving up until they reached the head. Then all five electrodes circled the glans. The cock twitching and swelling against the pain.

They paused, savoring the sight of him. Panting, shaking. Moaning as if about to cry.

Debbie turned the dial to increase voltage.

Then they continued.


The boy came twice with the electricity! First time had been during the regular round. They haven’t even noticed anything from all his struggling and whimpering and crying, until they’d pulled out the sound and seen the semen. The second orgasm had been after they had stuck some needles into his nipples and into the cockhead and then continued with the electricity. Touching the needles with the electrodes in order to lead the current into his flesh. This second climax had been incredibly intense. Impossible to miss. The inversion of ecstatic pleasure. A pure paingasm!

He was pretty much all spent, doused in sweat, shaking and sobbing quietly. The bleeding had more or less stopped after the removal of the last needle, the ointment they rubbed on him having done its job. Seemed to have hurt quite a bit too, to their amusement! His penis smelled of alcohol after it. Steph stared at the lovely abused sex organ, while she absently played with one of the needles still piercing his nipples. The cock was sight to behold. Bruises. Welts. Burns from electricity and beeswax. Bleeding. And still hard as a rock!

And there was still the finale.

On the table behind her, the irons were heating. The soldering irons. The hair straightener. A smell of burning dust in the air.

Soon it would be the smell of something else burning!

Steph caught the head of the cock in between her fingertips. The boy spasmed against his binds with a whimper.

There was some more life left in him.

She grinned.

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