Azraielle Pt. 08: Preparations


‘Having a door that can deliver you anywhere in the world was pretty convenient,’ thought Dee, as she approached the entrance of the largest Adult Novelty Shop in the world. Well, that’s what the sign said anyway. To its credit, it was well stocked.

Dee’s pussy began to dampen just about when Azrie told her about catching Steve’s scent. She continued to get wetter as the story unfolded. Dee was still wet. Intrigue, though, was uniquely prepared for that situation, considering what went on there. By the time Azrie finished the tale, Dee’s panties were see-through, there was a damp spot in her skirt, and she had to clean a snail trail from the chair she was sitting on.

Dee went through this enough at the club that she just kept a change of clothing at the club. So, she’d gone to the employee locker room and changed. Dee didn’t bother to put on new panties. She had a plan. She was getting herself a present, and she was planning on fucking herself until she passed out. Hence, the toy store.

Dee walked through the entrance of Pleasureland. The name of the store was appropriate. It was like a big box store that fucked a porn shop and had a baby. That baby then grew up to be the best of both of its parents. The store was full of toys and porn as far as the eye could see. It was the only place that Dee knew of where you could buy a ten-pack of dildos.

The porn section had diminished a lot from what it used to be, she remembered. The internet had been responsible for that, but that just meant more room for toys. Dee realized she had made a mistake though, she was spectacularly horny, and she went into a place selling relief. She had gone shopping while hungry, and she wanted it all.

Gathering her thoughts, Dee considered what she actually wanted tonight. She wandered around the store, looking to see if anything grabbed her attention. Dee felt that what she really wanted was a dick, a real one, but that would be too risky. Because of the allure, she always ran the risk of getting someone attached to her. Once under the spell of the allure, it took a very long time to wear off so the poor sap could get back to his life and leave her alone. Honestly, it wouldn’t be so bad if they didn’t become totally bimbo-ified. They were useless other than a ride, and even then, they were way too infatuated to do the things Dee needed.

Dee was aware of a few sirens who enjoyed that and kept their pets, but they were unreliable for Dee. Occasionally Dee would find someone who was particularly resistant to the allure, and she defended those relationships viciously. She was currently running a little short on that front. Eventually, they all got into relationships, or she lost her attraction to them. She was a bit jealous of the Succubi for not having to deal with that. She could only feed when she was sure she wouldn’t lose control. Tonight she was going to lose control.

That thought gave her some insight into what she would need. Her thought process went something like this. First I need something which can go all night, so no batteries. Whatever she got was going to plug into the wall. Second, when she was completely turned on, relaxed, and soaking, she was going to need something which would expand and stretch her to her new measurements. Finally, she was going to need something which would work in multiple positions.

Dee had wanted to get a sex machine for a while now, and one would meet all her requirements. A swipe of her Credit card later, she had a fucking-machine with variable speed, a hot-swap dildo, and it was very adjustable. She also had a bag full of dildo attachments varying in size.

She began to get wet again as she was picking out her evening’s entertainment, and as she walked out of the store, she could feel it starting to drip down her thigh. Dee found her door and took it to her apartment. The second the door closed, she started stripping off her clothes and getting ready. She was giddy with excitement and started recounting Azrie’s tale.

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