Azraielle Pt. 01: Azraielle Arises


“It’s time child.” Salazar opined. “You have come of age and surely you must be feeling the thirst.”

“I don’t know for sure father. I have felt I am missing something though.” Azraielle replied.

“That’s how it starts and soon you will start to feel weak and need much more time to rest. I was nearly your age when I first felt it” the ancient incubus explained. “You must go to the human realm and fulfil your purpose as a succubus and future ruler of the lecherous.”

“Yes Father”. What else was a young, well young by succubus standards, succubus to do. Salazar is quite old and powerful. He has survived for over a millennia and is loved by the lesser lecherous. He is so powerful he is able to pull the energy he requires as sustenance without ever leaving the realm. Azrie, however, has not yet gained his level of ability. He was correct though, Azrie has been aching for something and its pull is overwhelming.

“What am I to do in the human realm?” She asked, still somewhat unsure of how to fulfil her purpose.

“You must feed on the lust and sexual energy of the humans. To be more blunt you must fuck them. This is how the lecherous survive. The humans call us demons. A bit racist if you ask me… they don’t understand that we maintain a balance in the world. We take their lust, amplify it and return to them. Without us they’d lose all desire to sleep with each other. They would go extinct. And while we’d still survive, we would be gravely weakened.” He explained.

Azrie knew this already. She wasn’t asking for a lesson in history or the great weaving. She is very rare, most lecherous are born with the instinct for acquiring their sustenance. It’s innate to them. Azrie though, while knowing about the mechanics, does not feel the instinct. She has no practical experience in the seductive arts. She has never even tried to get someone into bed. Let alone what to do when she has this willing participant there with her. She is what the lecherous refer to as virgin. Her knowledge of sex is strictly academic. The lecherous have something similar that they can experience with each other but its not, well it just isn’t sex with a human.

“Father I understand our role in the universe, but I.. Well.. You see father” she stammered.

Interrupting, Salazar nurtured, “I know that you are virgin. Being born to replace me you could be no other way. I have naturally sired many of the lessers however, you are different. In order for you to have the most potential, a chance at being the strongest to live, my knowledge was kept from your conception. The instinct is usually passed on from parents to their young. It is very limited though and cannot grow beyond what it is at birth. You, like myself, were born an empty vessel. You will know a great and growing power the lessers cannot imagine.”

This was new information. She had been studying and learning for almost 50 years and this had never come up. “Why am I only learning this now?”

“Because now is the time for you to learn. You will be traveling to the human world to develop your own instinct. Should you fail your studies, and prove unfit to rule, I will fill you with the instinct I would give any other Lecherous. You will retain your mind but your ability will stop growing. You have demonstrated the preliminary qualities we look for in a successor. The final and most difficult challenge will be developing your own instinct to test against mine when the time comes.

I cannot give you any prior knowledge, you must discover for yourself what is going on in the realms, and how you will deal with it. Many of my rivals through the ages failed to unseat me due to arrogance. Most Lecherous do not know the steps each successor must progress through to sit on the throne. Because of that, none of them have been able to match my power. Many have been strong but none, as strong as you will become. You are the next in an unbroken line which has ruled since we were born of the lust which developed within the earliest prehumans. It has been this way because of the methods we employ.”

“I suppose I can see the wisdom in that,” Azraielle replied, still unsure of how to proceed.

“Little one, I have one final lesson that you must understand. You can still fail but when it is time for you to take the throne, I will be unable to stop you. Now, you must go and begin your practical education.”

Without Azrie realizing it, Salazar had been leading her to the portal while they talked. “Go and discover your talents. Learn new abilities and become the queen of the next generation.”

Azrie nodded and stepped into the portal. When she next became aware, Azrie was in a vehicle and had arrived in the human realm. No, it’s called Earth she reminded herself.

Azrie began to notice someone talking to her at the edge of her attention. Startled when she realized it was her driver trying to get her attention. “Yes?” She pondered.

“We’re here, miss.” The driver stated.

“Oh, uh, thank you” she stated as she exited the Uber so lost in thought she didn’t remember entering it. As far as she knew, the portal deposited her in this car on its way to her destination.

She could hear the driver mutter something as she closed the door. Something about a rating. The lecherous did use modern human tech, and being the daughter of the king came with a few benefits. For one, she had an essentially unlimited bank account. A thousand years of investments carefully selected by a couple of very accurate sages provided ample opportunities to grow wealth. Salazar had amassed wealth so great she’d want for nothing. Well nothing except for the lust. People would notice if a new dilettante arrived from nowhere though so a large part of her training was in learning to blend as an average human. The first thing she had learned was some transformation. In theory, she could mold her body into just about anything she wanted to. In practice though, she was having enough trouble hiding her wings and tail.

She’d arrived at her apartment. A small thing which belied the depth of her wealth. The epitome of the standard one bedroom apartment in Everycity, USA. The kitchen was more an extension of the living room but with inexpensive linoleum tile beginning where the beige carpet ended. The floor plan claims there is a dining room but you’d be hard-pressed to actually find it. Opposite the door to the apartment the living room had a short hallway. Arguably completely unnecessary, but most humans don’t want their guests walking through their bedrooms to use the restroom, so there were three doors in the hall. One door to the aforementioned bathroom, the door at the end led to her bedroom and across from the bathroom a small linen closet. Technically this is a palace for your average 21 year old college student, which is the façade that Azrie was going to uphold. The place was furnished by Ikea, and she could imagine the lessers assembling the flat pack furniture, attempting to decipher the usage of an Allen key. One of the smarter ones would take the responsibility of keeping the tools out of everyone’s orifices.

The most expensive item in the room was the 65-inch flat screen. It’s a bit obscene in the otherwise muted decor, but she justified it as an educational tool. While Azrie is aware that porn and rom-coms aren’t true to life, there will be something to learn there. Speaking of, now that she is mostly settled Azrie has become acutely aware of a need touched. By her estimate it’s been almost a day since her last release. In preparation for this adventure she made sure to get a PornHub Premium account. Being a succubus, she craves quite a bit of stimulation.

Azrie fell cautiously onto her new couch, pulled out her phone, and opened the PornHub app. Quickly she selected a film from the banner, curious as to what a ‘Girl Scout Cookie’ is and how it is going to lead to sex. She sat back and started to relax as the apparent Girl Scout with huge breasts rang the doorbell of some random home.

The man of the house answers the door and Azrie’s hand begins to massage her tit while the other hand explores her thigh. She finds the lace top of her stocking and slides her skirt up to give her a little better access. As her hand reaches her soaking pussy, she remembers that she’ll need to wear panties in the future. Juices dripping down her legs are normal at home. In the realm there is never a lecher far away, but she suspects on earth no one will just start licking her clean.

On the screen somehow the homeowner’s cock has been unsheathed and the Girl Scout is ogling it with trepidation in her eyes. Azrie imagines what that nine inch monster would feel like sliding down her throat as she attempted to suck every drop of cum from it. At this thought her finger splits her labia and begins to slide around her opening. As she is christening this apartment, she intends on taking her time.

The Girl Scout seems to have taken a different route than Azrie would have with Monster Cock. The Girl Scout’s top has disappeared and her spit lubed tits have his cock between them, thrusting toward her chin. The image and subsequent thought of his cock thrust toward her threatening to douse her face and chest in cum caused Azrie to aggressively pinch her erect nipple. Discouraged by the limited feeling of her gentle self-abuse, she stopped fingering her pussy long enough to remove her top. This time the pinch on her nipple atop her luscious breasts sent a shiver down her body.

The Girl Scout, it seems, has worked up a bit of courage and on this thrust of his cock she caught his head in her mouth. The surprise pulls a moan from Monster Cock as the Girl Scout slides her face toward his navel, inching his shaft deeper into her mouth. Azrie suspects she has done this before as she sees the tell-tale bulge in Girl Scout’s throat from a cock so deep in her face she has actually swallowed some of it.

Azrie’s fingers plunge into her pussy sending her a short wave of pleasure. She decided that her fingers weren’t enough for a pussy which has gone untouched for as long as hers has. She pulled a large blue vibrator from her bag and turned it on. Azrie began by massaging the head of the toy into her clit causing her to squirm. She then turned what remained of her skirt into a belt to remove the final obstacle between her and stuffing her cunt. Her soaking pussy felt the cool breeze of the air conditioning now that it was completely exposed. To prevent herself from getting a chill she slammed the vibrator hard into her pussy. At the same time, Monster Cock has lifted the Girl Scout’s skirt and forced her over the arm of a couch. He pumped her hard from behind and every moan and scream is matched by one from Azrie as she adjusts to follow his pace. She thrusts her vibrator deep and fast into her, as she builds closer to her release.

Azrie turned the vibrator up, needing more power, and furiously rubbed her clit with her other hand. She sensed that Monster Cock was getting ready to explode into the Girl Scout, and she ached to match him, to cum with him and share in their pleasure. She was getting ever closer to her edge as she watched Monster Cock drill into the Girl Scout. The instant Monster Cock let out a gasp, signaling his release, Azrie tipped over the edge and began shuddering powerfully. She watched as Monster Cock pulsed from his orgasm and his member began spewing cum into the Girl Scout. The visual stimulus and the ever steady thrusting of her toy sent her further into the throes of her orgasm. She clenched down on the vibrator to squeeze more pleasure as she rode the wave of her pleasure. Monster Cock pulled out of the Girl Scout and brought his huge load with him. It was dripping from her barely legal pussy, and at that moment Azrie wished she could suck the cum from the Girl Scout’s slit.

Girl Scout reached a hand between her legs and collected the fluid mixture on her hand. She seductively sucked the combined cum from her hands causing Azrie to sample herself. Her pussy juice is a sweet nectar, as usual. Swallowing her own wet sent her flying, unexpectedly, into a second orgasm. This had not happened to her before. Not that she is complaining as her vagina pulsed with pleasure forcing the vibrator out of her.

When she finally came down from her ride and landed back on earth she wondered where the second orgasm came from. Later, she will put together the power she has just discovered, but for now it is a mystery to her. The long day and multiple orgasms finally caught up with her and claimed her consciousness for themselves. She fell asleep so quickly, she was unable to clean herself.

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