Azraielle Pt. 02: Getting Ready


######### 11/25/2020

A.N. Chapters 2 and 3 have no sex in them, but I feel they are needed to provide setting and narrative background to get the plot rolling. Also I want Azrie’s actions and the sex which happens within the story to be done with a purpose. Because of this, I am planning on getting through chapter 4 released pretty quickly. I hope you are enjoying this journey.


Azrie awoke in a strange place, mostly naked, and a little sticky. Startled, she jumped to wakefulness as her memory started returning to her. This is her new apartment, she is on her new couch. Suddenly she heard a loud moan and shot her head toward the sound. The TV was playing porn, and she saw two stunning women burying their faces between each other’s legs. A memory returned to Azrie, she was playing with herself last night. She came hard, very hard, and it must have knocked her out. Finally, she was making sense of the situation. She wondered if this feeling of discomfort was normal upon waking in a new apartment. The thought hung in her mind as she searched for her phone to turn off the porn. Azrie caught a whiff of herself and decided the phone could wait. She turned off the TV to prevent the sounds from riling her up again and headed toward the bathroom.

She shed her clothes leaving a trail from the couch she had slept on to the bathroom, still apparently engulfed by her morning haze. After testing the water Azrie got into the tub and let the water warm her skin. She picked up her loofah, applied her floral body wash, and began to scrub the evidence of her sweaty self-satisfaction from her body. She applied extra attention to her pussy, partly because it felt good and partly to make sure it was good enough to eat. Azrie still had a few days before classes would start, and she was feeling the thirst more strongly now. As she rinsed the soap from her body and the shampoo from her hair, she knew she was going to have to go hunting soon.

Azrie turned off the shower, got out of the tub and began to dry herself. All she could think of though, was making plans to stalk, seduce, and fuck her prey. She would have been concerned if she wasn’t so caught up in feeling the thirst. It was like some primal drive had taken her over since arriving on Earth. Somehow, a small part of her brain remembered she could control this. That part grew in her as she began to fight back against the thirst. It would never be completely gone, she knew, but she was happy to be able to suppress it as she regained her faculties. Azrie made a note to prevent her mind from wandering in the future. She would need to eat though. Absorbing the lust of a partner was the only way to temporarily sate the thirst.

She also knew if she couldn’t control the thirst it would be far more difficult for her to feast. Many of the lecherous succumbed to the thirst. She knew this was where the Human stories of Demons and Gods often came from. The difference between god and demon, she mused, was their appearance. Old looking bearded larger than life human shape, radiating power electrically? His name was Zeus. Red skinned and horned, radiating fire? That was the devil. Azrie knew they were, or had been anyway, members of the lecherous. Procreation among the lecherous could create a huge variety with the parents make up only slightly influencing the final product. Azrie was determined to be more Zeus than Satan but as a Succubus she needn’t have worried. Her primary almost defining ability was transformation. With practice, she could and likely would be the form the prey desired most. It was a human misconception that Succubi and incubi were merely male and female. In reality, it didn’t matter, succubi could just as easily take a male form to feed, and an incubus could be female. The difference between them was in how their powers manifested.

Succubi responded to the natural desires of their partners while incubi implanted new desires. Succubi fed off of wish fulfillment and incubi from new experiences. That brief lesbian phase in college just as often as it was a natural development, was implanted by a hungry incubus. Once the desire was implanted though, a succubus could fulfill that desire until it faded. She understood this as the balance. Similarly, the lust, which their bodies amplified and radiated, had a different effect. When an incubus was nearby, the prey felt more adventurous. It was not uncommon for an incubus to get fat, metaphorically, off of a spontaneous orgy that they had provoked. For succubi, the deeper and more hidden a desire was, the more energy they gained. The ancillary abilities they each had supported those roles. Well trained and practiced succubi were able to probe deep into the subconscious of their partners to pull on threads the prey often weren’t aware of.

Even the physical differences between these two types of lecherous spoke to their purpose. The succubi were more seductive and nurturing, while incubi were forceful and domineering. There were more lecherous, but succubi and incubi were rarer, and tended to have more innate power. The muses, for example, were capable of sparking an idea, but their power didn’t extend beyond that. The cupids caused attraction and pairing. Everyone had their purpose, including Azrie. Her purpose though was more clouded than the lessers though. This was further compounded by the nature of her existence as her father explained before she left. She resolved to define her own purpose, to make her stay on Earth her own, and to return to the realm after realizing her role.

The benefits of being one of the greater lecherous did have some downsides. One unfortunate drawback of being a succubus was she had an unlimited ability to feed. Her thirst could be quieted but never fully sated. There was no limit to how much lust she could take. She’d always be able to take more. And the more that she took the stronger she would become. Chuckling to herself she thought ‘Whatever will I do?’. While she could drain all the lust from a partner, it was a human misconception that this would lead to their death. At worst, they would be fatigued, but they would also gain a deeper well for their lust. In that regard she would need to be careful. She could accidentally create a human with desire comparable to one of the lecherous. Sex Addicts Anonymous is full of the victims of greedy, malicious, and incompetent lecherous.

Something had changed in Azrie upon arriving in the human realm, she noticed. She could smell, for lack of a better sensual descriptor, the sex happening around her. If she reached out she could feel a trickle of energy from somewhere. She slowly began to realize that someone nearby was fucking vigorously. The lust they were throwing off was giving Azrie her first taste of sustenance she hadn’t known she was missing. This appetizer of sexual energy set her mind to task. She became determined to drink from the sexual fountain and soon. Now, all she needed was to figure out how.

With that thought Azrie snapped back to the present realizing she was still naked and her fingers, acting autonomously, were rubbing her clit. The sex in the air caused her pussy to start dripping in anticipation. Azrie took control of her hands again and pulled them away from her pleasure center. Maybe feeling the need to be touched would give her some more encouragement to find someone to fuck her.

Her family’s lesser servants had prepared the apartment for her stay here. She was happy to find that included a full wardrobe. Her closet and drawers were stuffed with clothing. She seemed to have every kind of lingerie she could imagine, for every style of sex she could think of. There was leather which screamed domination to her, delicate lace for sensual encounters, and seemingly everything in between. There were dresses and skirts, shirts, blouses, and pants. She had Yoga pants and sports bras, and more panties, thongs, and bras than she knew existed.

Azrie began the process of planning what to wear. She rifled through the closet and found a tight black skirt which was just long enough to keep her covered but short enough people would stare just for the hope that they might catch what it would barely hide. To provide contrast to the skirt, Azrie selected a thin white tank top, with the plan that anyone who looked closely enough would be able to see the ghost of her black bra through the thin fabric. The bra had a matching thong that when she put it on, the G-string slid up between the cheeks of her ass to hide, giving her a shiver at the thought of someone removing it. Her pussy soaked the panties immediately.

Next Azrie selected a garter belt with a fresh pair of thigh high fishnet stockings. She strapped the suspension device around her waist, noting that it was clearly designed more for sex appeal than function. Cautiously, she pulled the stockings up her legs one at a time, careful not to tear or ruin the delicate items. She secured attached the hooks of the garters into the lace tops of the stockings. Satisfied they were secure Azrie pulled on the skirt happy to see the tops of her stockings appearing just below the hem of the skirt. As she walked, a hint of skin would appear just below the hem of the skirt, teasing at the treasure just a few inches up her thighs.

Next she put on her bra deftly clasping the hooks behind her. She adjusted her tits within the cups to ensure they were lifted just right. She could already see her hardening nipples pushing against the fabric of the bra announcing her arousal with small protrusions. Azrie then pulled the tank top over her head and discovered it ended just above her navel, revealing the start of her ‘happy trail’. The waistband of her thong rode out from under her skirt and gripped over her hips, assuring there would be no doubt as to what her prey would find under her skirt. She put on a casual jacket that was selected to call attention to all the exposed details, directing gaze from one asset to the next. Everyone would know she wanted to be seen and ogled, if they didn’t assume she was out on the prowl.

Azrie pulled her hair back in a tight brunette ponytail careful to leave a seductive strand to fall in front of her face. She found and applied the only piece of color her ensemble would have. Its purpose was to hint at the secret between her legs. It was bright and red and it forced the thought of her full lips wrapping around some part of her prey’s anatomy. The rest of her makeup was muted, making her lips the focal point of her face. When she caught someone looking at them, she planned to run her tongue along her lips spelling out her own desire and hunger.

Azrie was almost finished getting ready to dangle herself as bait. She needed one more piece to complete her ensemble. She was certain she specifically asked for this item but struggled to find it as she searched and searched. Just as she was about to give up and select different footwear, she found what she was looking for. In this world, and in the realm, there exists an idea called fuck me boots. Fuck me boots are sexy and signal that the wearer is practically ready to be plowed right here and right now.

If her lips put images of actions and parts unseen into the observers mind, fuck me boots are the cherry on top. To call these boots fuck me boots though, would be an offensive understatement to them. These boots rose to just above her knee. They fit the form of her calf perfectly flexing with her muscles, hinting of a hidden strength. The boots laced up the side, but the laces are a trap. Spotting the laces would force your eyes on a journey, throwing gasoline on the fire of lust likely already felt. Your eyes would be forced to follow the lace down the boot. Along the trail you would find windows of skin beneath the boots chained in black fishnet and satin ribbons.

Every four inches you’d be attacked by a metal buckle which begged you to strap the wearer down and ravage her, the buckles seeming to be purposely built for restraint. Before you reach the center of her shin, you’d know those boots weren’t coming off. They would be, no they needed to be, wrapped around your waist leaving subtle marks as reminders of your adventures between the legs the boots encased. As your eyes took you farther down the down boot, you would reach the top of the 5-inch stilettos propping her up, telling a story contradictory to the buckles. Assuring you that your submission was guaranteed the moment she walked into your vision. If you were able to continue gazing at the leather genital traps, you’d reach the toe, revealing a point so sharp you’re certain she could pull a single atom from reality and make it her bitch. What you won’t know until after she has fed upon your lust, is the moment you saw the boots you had already been captured.

Long before her prey had the realization, Azrie would know the boots had worked their magic. These boots didn’t beg to be fucked like fuck me boots would. These boots caused the observer to beg to fuck her just to be released from their treacherous grasp. Azrie herself fell for the boots when she saw them. She is aware of their spell, the difference is, Azrie wields the power, and you succumb to it.

With the final piece of black leather added to the sexual demon, Azrie gazed into the mirror, and she was at once certain that she wouldn’t be alone tonight. Azrie was sexy before, but now she was the ultimate sexual creature, and she was determined to feast on some lucky human tonight. With her final confidence check complete Azrie left the apartment and headed out to find hunting grounds.

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