Azraielle Pt. 03: A Job for Azrie


Having gotten caught up in the moment of preparation for her first hunt, Azrie didn’t realize it was still morning. She had a full day ahead of her before the nightlife began and young single humans brought their lust out looking to release the energy. Azrie decided to use this time to scope out her potential feeding grounds, and to search for a job to better fit in. Incidentally, the locations available to her served both purposes. Sadly, the night clubs weren’t open yet. She should probably take an accounting of what skills she could offer an employer. Growing up as a succubus surprisingly didn’t give her many salable skills. Well she had a few skills which would be quite salable, but the puritan culture of her current location eliminated many of those skills as a useful profession. She would never understand why humans could fuck for free, or be paid and fuck in front of a camera, but being paid and fucking without the camera was a crime. ‘Oh well,’ she thought, she could ponder that reality later.

Azrie spent the morning narrowing her search for employment. Both to allow her to keep a normal schedule at school to not draw attention and suspicion, and because of the high potential for traffic of lustful humans, she narrowed her search to the local nightlife. She scouted dance clubs and bars trying to detect residual lust to help further narrow her decision. One such club obviously saw a lot of traffic the night before as she was able to detect significantly more leftover lust than the other haunts in the area. She went in to talk about a job.

The manager was a middle-aged man who’d seen better days. She could sense his broken soul, torn asunder likely by some spider who had lured him into her trap. She could feel his unmet desires begging her to fulfill them. Years of hard work and his difficult marriage had destroyed this being. Yet, despite what Azrie could sense emanating from him he still seemed upbeat and presented a cheerful front for her. Another woman would have even noticed the pit of despair he hid from the world. Azrie wished she could help this soul regain some semblance of what he once was, but she suspected there was little that he would allow her to do for him.

“Do you have any questions?” he asked, running a hand through his graying hair.

“Yes,” she replied, “What would working here be like on a typical night?”

“Hectic,” he stated with a chuckle. “We are the most popular night club in the area, people line up around the block to get in. We haven’t had a night where we weren’t at capacity in years. As a bartender, you’ll likely serve about a thousand people over the course of the night. More if you start early, after closing once everyone is ushered out you’ll be expected to clean the club, restock the bar, count the tills, and so on. You’d likely leave between three and four in the morning each working night.”

This caused a sigh to escape Azrie. It would be very difficult if not impossible to bring home someone to provide for her that late in the evening. Not to mention she would be dirty from cleaning the bar, and she’d have classes just a few hours after returning home.

“I’m sorry,” she said, “While this opportunity would meet my most of my needs and probably be very profitable for someone like me,” this pulled a knowing chuckle from the manager, “I just wouldn’t be able to attend my classes or stay awake through them.”

“No hard feelings, it’s a problem many of our applicant’s face. If your schedule does change though we’ll be here. You are correct though, you would make a fortune in tips. Maybe another time.”

Azrie laughed internally, thanked the manager for meeting with her, and found the exit. Before leaving, she considered propositioning the man, but decided against it. She didn’t think he would take her up on the offer. And even if he did, his relief would be temporary, and he would inevitably suffer more for it in the long run. Azrie settled for gazing upon him momentarily with a deep sorrow and knowing pity.

The meeting taught her something she had needed to know though, it was unlikely a nightclub like that would suit her needs. She mentally removed the rest of the dance clubs from her search. She wasn’t left with much that provided access to horny individuals. As she was walking toward the next location she wanted to survey, she suddenly felt a powerful force coming behind a door which had a small almost unnoticeable sign on it. The sign read “Intrigue”. Azrie tried the door finding it unlocked and walked into a dark halfway. Giving herself a moment for her eyes to adjust she smelled the distinct odor of sweat mixing in the air, and she felt her pussy pulse to the rhythm of a dull base coming through the walls.

For the first time she could sense a cornucopia of desire and pleasure radiating from this place. Needing to explore further, she followed the hallway to a lobby with better lighting and the woman behind the counter welcomed her.

“What is this place?” Azrie asked, not sure what to expect.

“This is Intrigue” came the reply “The area’s premier underground adult entertainment facility.”

“This looks different from other clubs.” Azrie stated.

“Yes that’s because it is different. We have made arrangements to be able to provide less than conventional benefits for our clientele. For example, you saw the tiny sign out front? We also cannot advertise publicly. Which brings me to my question, how did you find us?” She asked with a slightly accusatory tone.

Not wanting to outright lie but also wanting to maintain her cover she answered, “I am job hunting, and I was walking to the next place on my list, when I noticed an odd door with a small sign. I felt like I needed to know what was here.”

“You must be from the realm then.” the clerk stated.

Azrie let out an audible gasp which she was unable to stifle before the clerk noticed.

She continued, “There are only two ways we can be found, either you are given a chip which reveals the door, or you were born with the ability to find it. I could smell a hint of the realm coming from you. You should learn to hide it better though. I wasn’t sure if you had been invited which could leave the same scent of the realm on you. Who if I may ask are you? We are usually notified of new Lecherous when they arrive.”

“I am Azraielle” she replied sheepishly not really wanting to reveal herself. She felt compelled though to provide the honest answer.

“Ahh, my princess, we were alerted you might be arriving.” she stated as she bowed clearly making Azrie uncomfortable. “I am Dianaclese, first Siren of the realm. How has your time on Earth been so far?”

“Call me Azrie, and lay off the princess please” Azrie had heard of the siren corps, though this was the first time meeting a siren. They were greater lecherous like herself and have sworn fealty to the throne. To her knowledge no siren had ever attempted to take the throne. As such, they were trusted by her father. He tasked them, she remembered, to provide cover and assistance to the Lecherous on Earth. “Really though what is this place?”

“Princes ahhh Azrie as you probably know, our purpose is to protect the lecherous on earth. This club and others like it, are the main way we execute that task. To the lecherous we provide a kind of… buffet if you will, whatever one is looking for, we can fill the need. Our membership consists mostly of humans. They come here to satisfy their desires, and we see to it a hungry lecherous is available to fill them. As far as the humans are concerned, this is a fetish club where they can enact their more deviant desires. The club keeps everyone’s identity and origin private. Only the lecherous know that more is going on here than just kinky sex. You mentioned you’re in need of a job?”

“I need to pass as human while I discover my abilities as a succubus. Part of my disguise requires me to attend college, so I need to remain available for that. I haven’t fed yet on Earth though. I was planning on finding someone tonight but, if there are people here, maybe I could fill my needs now?” Azrie stated.

“Egh, well I can offer you a job, and it will come with a cover if you need to tell anyone what you do or where you work, but I don’t detect any human lust in you. While I am certain you are probably struggling to control your thirst I can’t let you feast here. Not yet anyway. There is protocol to be followed when a virgin surfaces.

You are clearly dressed to hunt though, so I suspect you should have no trouble getting food tonight. You can only perfect things you have personally experienced on your own in the club. You need to learn and grow yourself. I know the rules sound arbitrary, but they are necessary in order for you to fit in with human society. It would be unsafe for you to experience something here and then take it out there. Even if I didn’t think the rules were a good idea, there are wards and protections here which will prevent you from using this place for new experiences.”

“I guess my father really wants me to work it out myself…” Azrie mused with no harsh feelings. She was the future of the realm, and she knew, more or less, that she would be walking a lonely road on Earth. “What can I do for you here? For work?”

“In the beginning you’d work this desk and help to arrange the needs of the clientele. The job is more difficult than it sounds because of the discretion required. Once you have gotten more experience, and I don’t mean working this counter, we’ll send you out with invites. The more humans we have coming through the more lust we can channel back to the realm.”

“Sounds reasonable, and I would have somewhere to go to keep up appearances. When can I start?”

“Tomorrow should work, I look forward to aiding your progress Princess” Diana added with a bow. Hopefully when Azrie was seeing her regularly she would drop the princess shit as she wants to ‘fly under the radar’ as the human’s say. Anyway, with her task for today complete Azrie decided to go find some dinner.

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