Lauren’s Valentine’s Gift – 2


They then lay together quietly for a few minutes until she giggled, “Mister, you’re not too bad in the sack. Are you a one and done kinda guy or can we anticipate more tonight?”

“Trust me, you are so sexy that I can promise you more fun,” he said as he gently stroked her back. A few more minutes later he gently asked if she had any particular desires and she responded that she really liked his tongue.

“Trust me, I liked it when we were screwing, but your tongue is a real gem. You might like my tongue, too. Interested?”


“Interested in sixty-nine?”

Anthony had not engaged in sixty-nine since being with Lauren. She always felt that she couldn’t concentrate on both giving and receiving oral sex as the same time. She loved giving head, but not when he was trying to stimulate her. But now Sammi was offering something that Anthony had been missing for years. He was silently thrilled.

“Absolutely. I keep saying ‘absolutely,’ don’t I?”

“I figure the only way to keep you from saying it again is to get your mouth full of my lady bits. Here, let me turn around.”

For the next fifteen or so minutes they stimulated each other with licks, sucks and kisses until Sammi climaxed wildly as she held his cock just next to her cheek. Immediately upon finishing she turned her attention back to him and succeeded in bringing him to the edge and holding him there for what seemed like an eternity before she took him deeply in her mouth and swallowed vigorously as he came.

After a few minutes she turned back around and stretched out, lying on his front with her mouth tucked in his neck. They rested together with him gently stroking her back and she rubbed his chest. Neither seemed too sleepy as they lay there. Eventually she cleared her throat and asked, “You’re married, aren’t you?”

Anthony startled a bit and waited a few seconds before answering softly that he was. “Why do you ask?”

“I just thought so, that’s all. I am too, you know.”


“Before you think I’m a bad woman or a slut, you need to know something. I have a wonderful family. Two kids, six and four. My husband is devoted to me, I know he loves me. And I love him. But I have come to the realization that he has a mild form autism. He is very reserved, very shy and has trouble emotionally connecting with others. It seems to be getting worse as he gets older. He works at home and makes a ton of money doing web design for large corporations but he almost never gets out, except to take the kids to school or such. He is very sweet and doting, but our sex life, well, I don’t think he has much drive at all. It consists of basic missionary once a week or so, if I’m lucky.”

“I see. Must be kinda tough.”

“You have no idea. Anyway, a couple of years ago my boss offered me a new position that involves quite a bit of traveling. I’m gone for two to four days every few months. On one trip I had a bit too much to drink and I ended up sleeping with a guy. It was a wild and crazy night but when I woke up the next morning, I felt guilty as sin. I ran from his room and went back to mine and cried for hours until I fell asleep. Once I woke up, I had a heart-to-heart talk with myself. I realized that I was a woman with certain needs that my dear husband, who I love very, very much, cannot provide. I then decided that I would have my sex on my terms on the trips, but at home I’d have the comfort and stability that my husband offers.”

“Does he know?”

“No, I don’t think so. He has certainly never asked. His condition prevents him from reading emotions at all well and from even realizing that I have needs that he can’t satisfy. So, I am very careful, I don’t get emotionally involved, I arrange to call him often so that he won’t worry, you know, things like that.

“I hope you are not offended that I basically used you,” she went on.

“No, I wasn’t. You’d be surprised to hear my story.”


“Yeah. My wife, well, she knows. I mean, she doesn’t know that at this very minute I’m in bed with you, she doesn’t even know that I’ve met someone. But she recently approached me to open up our marriage a bit. She really wants to have a little variety and proposed that we allow each other…”

“Basically, you guys allow each other to screw around?”

“Well, it isn’t quite so… What I mean is we have set up some rules and guidelines and we are each allowed to sleep with another person twice a year. But we can’t repeat and we have to do it on trips away from our home community. This was my first time.”

“I thought so. I had to take the first steps and lead you the whole night until we got to this room.”

“Sammi, I can’t imagine having a better person than you to start this phase of my life. I want to thank you. I was really emotionally torn about it, but you seemed to have made it, (how do I want to phrase it?), uh, more comfortable. That’s it: comfortable.”

“Well, I ought to thank you, too. You really turned me on. I had fun. Think we can do this again tomorrow night?”

“Sure, but it’s my turn to treat for dinner.”

With that they let their conversation move to other topics as they slowly drifted asleep. In the morning she quickly got up, pulled on a sweat suit from her tote bag and made her way back to her room. Anthony showered and got ready for the day. They happened to meet in the continental breakfast buffet line, sat together for their meal and chatted about the convention. Just as they were ready to get up, she leaned over to him and whispered, “I’ll come to your room at six thirty, that is, if I’m invited.”

“Sure. We’ll hit a nice restaurant and I’d love to see you back in my room after that. Can’t wait,” he smiled at her. After a busy day he was able to get up to the room by six, grab a quick shower and make reservations at a nearby bistro. He then called Lauren. They chatted for a few minutes about the meeting and an issue at her work. After a few minutes there was a bit of an awkward pause and then she asked him if he was having any fun. He didn’t really answer and told her that they’d talk about things when he got home and that he loved her. When she hung up Anthony could hear a smile in her voice.

When Sammi arrived, she looked fabulous. She had a tight skirt and a thin blouse that one could practically see through and it was obvious she had no bra. Her breasts swayed and the nipples teased him as she approached him. She dropped off her tote bag and they shared a deep, sensual kiss before they left for the short walk to the bistro. There they shared their entrees and each had a couple of drinks. They walked back to the hotel holding hands and laughing at jokes and telling personal stories.

Up in his room Sammi excused herself to the bathroom while he made the bed ready. She returned wearing a long, fluffy hotel robe tied loosely at the waist and which showed a lot of promise as her breasts were barely concealed. He excused himself, brushed his teeth and hurried back to the room. Sammi, stretched out on the bed, was reading the hotel travel magazine. She looked up at him, smiled and asked, “Coming to bed, Tony?”

“How can I refuse? You look lovely,” he responded as he sat down next to her. They began to kiss slowly and deeply and he slid his hand under her robe to tease her nipples. She seemed to enjoy the attention and reached down to unzip his slacks.

“We’ve gotta get you undressed. Here, let me,” she whispered as she gently pushed him back down on the bed. After pulling his slacks and boxers off she began to gently rub his erection. “Hmm, just as nice as I remembered. Now what should I do with this fellow?”

“Condom first, then I’ll let you be in charge.” He slipped one on and looked at her with a sly grin on his face.

“I want to be on top. OK?” she asked as she rose up over him and, while facing his feet, let herself slide down on his cock. Anthony loved this position. He got that deep penetration that one gets with doggie style but he was able to relax and let her dictate the pace. She was bent over on her elbows as she slowly slid up and down. As her pace increased, she sat up a bit more and he could see her using her right hand to stimulate herself. She went up and down and even tried some circular motion. This went on and on and eventually she seemed to have trouble having an orgasm.

“I get so close,” she whispered, “Then I lose it. Are you OK, Tony?”

“I’m fine, can I do anything to help?”

“No, let me try it again,” she said as she started to plunge on his cock. He was watching her and rubbing her wonderful cheeks when her puckered rose caught his eye. He reached into his mouth, collected a lot of saliva and put it on his thumb. Gently he moved the thumb between her cheeks and applied some pressure with the flat of the thumb right on her anus.

“Oh, God, that feels good, keep doing it.”

He rubbed the thumb harder and harder over the opening which seemed to stimulate her more and more.

“Ooh, so good…go ahead and put it in me.”

Suddenly with one of her down thrusts he pointed his thumb right at her and it slipped in. He had never done this in the past and the one time he suggested it to Lauren, she shot down the idea.

“Push it in and out a little…That’s it…”

It was an odd sensation for Anthony to feel his own cock through the thin wall between her rectum and vagina. This pressure also stimulated him a bit more. Fairly soon after he’d put the thumb in her she started moaning loudly and her whole body shook as she went over the edge and had what appeared to be a huge orgasm. Seeing her release sent him tumbling over the edge, as well.

They lay there quietly for several minutes while catching their breaths. She eventually pulled herself forward and off his cock and he withdrew his thumb. She turned around and stretched over him, kissing him deeply and caressing his chest and arms.

“That was amazing, simply amazing,” she said softly.

“Um-hmm, it was. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Watching you come was so exciting that I lost it too.” After a few minutes of silence, he asked, “Have you ever done that before?”

“Once a long time ago, but I don’t remember it being so fantastic. I’ve never done full anal sex. I don’t think I could handle something so big. This hit all the right buttons without any pain. Wow.

“Have you ever done any anal stuff yourself?” she went on.

“No, can’t say that I have. I may have to consider it in the future. Look, I really should wash my hand so if you’ll excuse me for a second.”

When he came back to bed Sammi was sitting up smiling at him and his half-hard on. “Looks like you could go another round.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“How about a good old-fashioned blow job? You just lie down here and let me be in control. OK?”

“Oh, if you insist,” he chuckled. With that she began to go down on him. She was able to take most of him into her mouth without trouble. She swirled around his head with her tongue, rubbed his cock up and down with her hand and applied suction. He rapidly approached orgasm and just when he thought he might come she slowed down, squeezed at his base and waited until the pressure eased. Then she started all over again. Time after time he thought he would be allowed to come, only to be thwarted. Finally, he groaned and begged until she let him have the long-awaited orgasm.

After a minute of gentle stroking and licking she raised her head and asked, “Like it?”

“I was ready to strangle you if you hadn’t let me come,” he laughed. “Yes, very nice. What about you? Want me to return the favor?”

“No thanks, Tony. That episode earlier was more than enough for me for tonight. I would like to spend the night with you again, if that’d be OK with you.”

“Of course. Here snuggle up.” She slid up next to him and rested her head on his chest as he gently stroked her back and butt.

“This has been a wonderful two nights, Tony. This is just what I need to keep me going for the next few months. Thank you. I just hope it was the right thing for your situation.”

“Oh, it has been. Thank you.”

“Do you feel better about your arrangement with your wife?”

“I guess I do. The real question is how will I react when she goes on her trips. I know it’s only fair, but somehow…”

“Tony, you have to consider this is just feeding a hunger, like eating. You love her, she loves you. See, she’ll be there for you when she gets home, I’m sure. The fact that she was open about it and didn’t sneak around behind your back tells me you two have a good thing going. I just wish my situation could be as open as yours. But I’ve made my decision to keep this private and I’ll just have to live with that.

“Let’s have a drink to celebrate your new lifestyle. What’s in the fridge?” she added

They agreed to each having a mini-bottle of wine. They poured it into the glasses from the bathroom and before they drank, she spoke, “I want to toast to you and the wonderful time that we’ve had together. Thank you.”

“And I want to thank you, as well. To us and to our spouses.”

After they had the wine they cleaned up in the bathroom and then slipped nude between the covers and snuggled until sleep overtook them. In the morning Sammi slipped on her sweat suit while mentioning that it kept her from wearing her nice dress and suffering the ‘walk of shame’ when she left to go back to her room.

“How about tonight? Could we get together again?” asked Anthony hopefully.

“Tony, I’m going to be honest here. Three nights would be too many. I’ve had fun. You’re a sweet, sweet guy. I don’t want to run the risk of getting emotionally involved with you. And I don’t think you and your wife want that either. I’d better go, but thanks for the offer. Really, I mean it. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

She reached over to him and gave him a warm, sensual kiss and as she turned away, he noticed a tear slipping down from her right eye. He held on to her a bit longer and spoke into her hair. “I want to thank you, as well. I do feel we’ve made a connection, however fleeting and I’ll never forget you. Now go home to your family and your husband, who I hope realizes what a great woman you are. Bye, Sammi.”

She turned away from him, gently opened the door and looked back at him briefly with a slightly sad face before she closed it quietly behind her. Anthony stood there staring at the closed door. He missed her already and knew that it would be hard to forget her. Then he suddenly realized that he could have easily formed an emotional bond with her and the thought scared him. He had promised Lauren that this was to be just sexual activity without emotional involvement. If they continued with this program, he would have to be very careful to avoid any deep emotional connections in the future.

The rest of his day was reasonably busy and he made numerous connections, sold a lot of the product to new customers and made a lot of money for his company. He was pleased with the results and when he finished up around five pm, he realized he could still catch a late flight home. Once his flight was booked, he called Lauren and told her he’d be home later that night and not in the morning as he had planned.

“Oh, Honey, that’s great. I’ve missed you. Wake me when you get in, OK?”

“Sure, see you in several hours, Laur. Hey, I love you.”

“I know, I know and I love you too.”

While he was gone Lauren had kept herself as busy as possible. On Thursday and Friday, she tackled as many work projects as she could, figuring she wouldn’t worry about Tony so much. The evenings were more difficult to handle. On Thursday evening she tried to watch her favorite series on Netflix but that didn’t distract her very much. Finally, she sat down with a glass of wine and allowed herself to think and worry about him. She wondered if he was going to go for an SE or not, and if so, would he be successful. His phone call did not give any clues and she was glad she had told him to “have fun.”

On Friday evening his call was a bit more promising. He avoided her question and said they’d talk when he got home. That meant that he might be involved with someone, she thought. She felt a surge of happiness at this and was grinning when she hung up. Then the worrying set in. Would he be happy? Would he want to try this again? Would he still want her to participate? Would he follow the rules, the main one, in her opinion, being not to get emotionally involved? She knew that he fell rapidly in love with her years ago after they had dated only a few times. She worried that he might connect too easily emotionally with someone during his SE.

Fortunately, on Friday she had scheduled a girls-night-out with two of her best friends. When they asked what the occasion was, she responded only that Tony was gone and she wanted to catch up with her friends. They kept her mind occupied until she went home. Once there she was tempted to call him but realized they had already had their conversation and, if he was involved with another woman, Lauren didn’t want to interrupt them.

On Saturday she decided to work most of the day by telecommuting and keeping her mind busy. Right after she wrapped things up and was part way through her first glass of wine Tony had called her. She was elated that he had done so well with the business and even more elated when he told her he was coming in late that night. He seemed a bit subdued but very definitely made a point of telling her that he loved her. She could hardly wait until he showed up.

It was just after midnight when she heard his key in the lock. She jumped up and wearing nothing but her teddy, she ran to greet him. He looked exhausted but grinned when he saw her. They wrapped their arms around each other and held tight for more than a minute. He started to kiss her on the head which she turned to the side, letting him kiss her neck. As he did, he whispered in her ear, “I love you so much. I know you are dying to hear, so I’ll tell you right out: Your husband was involved in an SE.”

“How did it go?”

“Honey, it was OK. It will take a bit of getting used to, but I could see myself doing this again.”

“Do you want to tell me anything about it?” she asked with true interest.

“I think our rule was to not talk about it and I kinda don’t want to talk right now. I will say I followed all the rules. Now let’s hit the sack. I’m beat. I love you so very much.”

“Oh, you don’t know how much I love you. Night sweetheart.”

Due to all the stress from their days apart they fell asleep almost immediately after they went to bed. In the morning Anthony woke up with a raging hardon that was being licked and sucked by an enthusiastic Lauren. She went up and down, applied suction and just the right amount of pressure.

“You keep that up and I’ll blow for sure” he said.

“Oh, nice to see you’re awake, Honey. Now I’m going to use this thing until I’m satisfied.” With that she crawled over him and quickly slid down on his cock. She vigorously plunged up and down, banging their pubic bones together until she started to wildly orgasm. She screamed out his name over and over as waves of intense pleasure ran through her body and he came just as she was finishing. Finally, still breathing heavily, she collapsed down onto his chest. After lightly kissing it she rose up and said, “See what can happen when you come home?”

“Yes, I do. And I’m so glad to be here, Laur. In spite of everything, I did miss you, you know.”

“That’s so sweet. Thank you. Now I want to talk just a tiny bit about our situation. Now we won’t talk details, but you did say you had an SE. So now we need to decide where we go from here.”

“Well, I thought we agreed that if everything was still OK after my first time that you’d get a chance. So, you get a chance. You’ve got some trips coming up and I fully expect you’ll take advantage. Questions?”

“Do you think you’ll be OK when I’m gone?”

“I won’t lie and say it won’t bother me at all, but I want you to have your chance. After that we’ll need to figure out if we want to continue. Now, could we please get some coffee and breakfast? I’m starving,” he laughed.


For the next four weeks their sexual appetites were nearly insatiable. He was particularly horny thinking about Sammi and Lauren was horny wondering about his SE as well as anticipating hers. Near the end of those four weeks her next trip was scheduled. She would be going to work at her business’ headquarters for a day and a half and would stay at her hotel for two nights. As the time drew near, she noted Anthony seemed to be getting a bit more withdrawn. On the morning she was scheduled to leave he came to her and, with a slightly pained smile, dropped a package of condoms in her suitcase.

“Thank you, Honey. I won’t forget them. Hey, are you OK?”

“Yeah, I guess so. It’s still going to be hard for me to imagine you doing it with someone else. I know I did, but…”

“Just remember that you had your SE and I was here alone. And I happen to think that our sex life has improved phenomenally since then. Who knows what might happen when I get back?”

“You’re right about the past few weeks,” he admitted.

“And please remember, Tony, I do love you, I’ll be back and our marriage will be as strong, if not stronger, than ever,” she said as she wrapped her arms around him. “I’ll leave this afternoon, work all day tomorrow and half of Friday. I’ll be home Friday evening, OK?”

“Yeah, sure. Just don’t forget to call me, please.”

“Oh, I wouldn’t dream of it. I think I’ll just Uber it to the airport.”

“OK, I really need to get to work myself. I’ll pick you up Friday, OK?”

“Sure, Honey. And don’t worry. Please. I’ll be back, just like you came back.”

Half an hour later she kissed him goodbye and left in her Uber.


Her flight was uneventful but she was exhausted when she arrived at her hotel. She decided it was in part due to her worrying about her husband and how he would do through the next few days. At one point she even thought that she might even forgo trying for an SE but decided that would only postpone things and drag out his anxiety. Even so, she was so tired that she had a quick bite to eat and a glass of wine in the hotel’s dining room and went upstairs to go to bed.

She called Anthony and chatted with him briefly. She yawned a bit during the call and admitted she was exhausted and was going to bed. They said their good-byes and she broke the connection and tumbled into bed.

The next day she was up early, showered, ate a quick breakfast and went over to her company’s headquarters. There she worked furiously until about four pm and then called it a day, telling them she’d be back by nine the next morning. Back at her room she called Tony just to chat and tell him about her day. At one point the conversation stalled and then he cleared his throat and said, “Remember, Hon, I love you and I want you to have fun, just like you told me.”

“Thank you for the encouragement, Sweetheart. I love you too. I’ll see you tomorrow evening at the airport, OK?”

“Yep, see you then!”

Lauren then went to have a quick shower. She then put on a fairly slinky dress that emphasized her modest breasts and clung to her hips. She tucked her keycard into her bra on the outside of her breast as she liked to go without a purse if at all possible. After that she put on some pumps with moderate heels that emphasized her calves and let herself out of the room.

In the dining room she had a light meal charged to her room and then strolled over to the bar. There was a solo guitarist over in the corner strumming classical music. She went up to the bar and ordered a glass of wine and chatted a bit with the female bartender. She looked around the bar only to see a few people, mostly in pairs. After her wine she asked for a seltzer with a twist. She was sipping on it when she was suddenly aware of a man sitting down next to her. He appeared to be a bit intoxicated and slurred his words slightly.

“Hey, Babe, can I git cha another drink?”

“I can’t believe he used ‘Babe’ with a total stranger,” she thought to herself. Responding to him she said, “No thank you. I’m good.”

“Well, if I can’t buy you a drink, can I ask how much you charge?”

Her words came out terse and biting. “Listen, I’m here just to enjoy a drink or two before I go back to MY room. I don’t want your drink, I don’t want your attention and I damn well don’t want you anywhere near me. Understand?”

“No need to be such a bitch about it,” he muttered under his breath as he stood up and left.

That little episode nearly ruined her mood for the evening. She was just about to leave when the barkeeper sidled up to her and said, “There’s a nice gentleman at the other end of the bar who wanted me to ask if he could buy you a drink. I told him probably not, seeing how you told that other guy off, but he requested I pass on the invite anyway.”

She looked down the bar and saw a slightly older man, who was very well-dressed, nod at her with a friendly smile. He looked interesting so she smiled, mouthed ‘Thank you’ and ordered another glass of wine. Once it arrived, she slid off the barstool and walked towards him. She knew she was being closely watched so she tried to walk regally but at the same time seductively. Once there she took the stool next to him.

“Why me?”

“I was watching that drunk try to pick you up and I was glad he failed. You look to be way out of his league so I thought I’d let you know not all men are like him.”

“That bastard. When I turned him down, he wanted to know how much I charge!”

He chuckled. “Men like him can only get it if they pay for it. Anyway, I’m Joseph, go by Joe,” he said as he put his hand out. As she took it to shake, he gently pulled it up and placed a tiny, chaste kiss on the back.

“Well, I’m honored. Thank you. I’m Lauren.”

“Do you go by Laurie?”

“Oh, God, no. I quit using that name when I was still a kid, which was quite a long time ago.”

“Not as long ago as for me, I’m afraid.”

They then spent the next twenty minutes or so chatting a bit, getting to know each other more. During the conversation she found herself thinking he might be worth taking upstairs. He seemed about ten years older than her, but he was quite handsome. He had a broad smile, some slight graying at the temples and was clean shaven. Although there might have been just a tiny bit of extra weight above his belt, he appeared to be in shape otherwise. All in all, she thought he was quite attractive and he clearly was attracted to her. As they talked, she would give him little signs of her interest: touching his arm and brushing off imaginary lint from his shoulder.

Eventually he turned to her and asked, “Is there any chance we could go up to one of our rooms and get better acquainted?”

“I thought you’d never ask and yes, I’d love to.” He dropped a wad of cash on the bar and escorted her from the room. As they went towards the elevator she said, “A bit of housekeeping, please. Condom?”

“I’ve got it covered,” he chuckled, “No pun intended.”

“Then let’s go to your room, if you don’t mind.”

In the elevator she leaned over to him and slipped her arm around him as he draped his over her shoulders. “Watch it, you’re on Candid Camera,” he whispered and pointed to the security camera in the corner.

“What?” she teased. “You don’t want to give them a show?”

Once they got to his room, he escorted her in. He actually had a nice suite with an anteroom which had a couch, small table and a couple of chairs, along with a TV and a small computer work station. Through the open door she could see the king-sized bed and an entrance to the bathroom.

“Mind if I freshen up?”

“By all means, go ahead,” he responded.

After she came back into the main room, she sat down on the couch next to him. He reached around her and pulled her close. Slowly and gently he brought his lips to hers. He delicately teased her lips open with his tongue but did not aggressively invade her mouth. She really liked that he was being gentle, like a lover should be. Gradually she began to feel the glow of excitement, fullness in her pelvis and moisture below. She was starting to feel quite horny but appreciated that he appeared to be in no rush.

After a bit he let his hand slide over her breasts and stimulated her nipples. At one point he asked, “What is this?”

“Oh, my key card. Didn’t want to carry a purse. Here, let me remove it.”

“No, why not let me?” he murmured as he reached behind her to slowly let her zipper down. The dress was pulled forward until it draped at her waist and he smiled at her. “You are truly a beautiful woman. I’m honored to be here with you tonight.”

Eventually she stood up, let her dress slip to the floor, pulled off her pumps and stood before him in her skimpy bra and thong. She reached out to him, took his hand and lead him to the bed where she turned around and started to undo his shirt and then his pants. Once he was down to his shorts, he gently pushed her down to the bed. Again, he gave her gentle, soft kisses on her mouth and then down to her neck and breasts. The bra came off and the keycard was tossed on the floor. He then lavished attention on her nipples until she was moaning with desire. She tried to get him to move lower but he persisted stimulating her breasts. Suddenly she found herself starting to rise towards an orgasm. She couldn’t believe it; she’d never done this before! He started to apply more suction and pressure on her nipples until suddenly she came, moaning and crying out. Once she relaxed, he eased off the sucking and started to gently kiss her instead.

As her mind cleared, she reached down and pulled at his shorts and felt his lovely erection. She grabbed a condom and helped him put it on and then slipped her thong off. He stretched out beside her and caressed and stroked her slowly and lovingly. She teased him and then pushed him back and then crawled on top. Sliding down on him gave her that full sensation that she loved, so she started to slide up and down, breasts swaying gently before him. His hands stroked her nipples as she drove her clit towards his pubis, stimulating her once again.

Soft sighs and the squishing of wet sex were the only sounds heard until she became more and more excited. She knew she was going to come once more and found her mind concentrating on that wonderful tingling in her pelvis. Suddenly with a loud calling out she climaxed again and before she stopped, she had another, milder climax. She was vaguely aware he had also orgasmed and so she leaned down over him and rested on his chest.

“Mmm. Nice,” she murmured.

“Yes,” he whispered back. “I must have done something right to have met such a lovely lady.”

“You were there to help me recover from that asshole. That gets you a merit badge any day. Plus, you got two more in here. You’re well on your way to an Eagle,” she laughed.

She then got off and stretched beside him as he disposed of the condom. She let her hand lovingly caress his sparsely-haired chest as she kissed his neck. After a few minutes he asked, “Who’s Tony?”

Startled, she sat up part way. “No way, I didn’t!”

“Lauren, I certainly didn’t make it up. Don’t be embarrassed. Who is he?”

She lay back down next to him and answered, “The love of my life. He’s my husband.”

“Now that’s interesting. And what are you doing here with me?”

“I won’t go into great detail, but we have a little arrangement. Each of us is allowed to go outside the marriage occasionally. It was actually my idea. I had hoped it would provide each of us a little variety and sexual tension that is missing in a routine relationship.”

“Has it worked?”

“Well, I think so. We’re still pretty new at this. But one thing is for certain: Sex with him has been dramatically better since we even started talking about it. As long as we avoid emotional entanglements, this may be the best thing for us.”

“Hmm. I should be honored that I was a part of this. I only wish my marriage had survived, then maybe she and I could have tried something like you’re doing.”

A few minutes later he went on, “Stay with me tonight?”

“Oh, Joe, you are a very nice and sexy man, and I thank you. But I’d best be going. I have to get up real early to go to work tomorrow and if I stayed here, I’d be tempted to stay up too late, well, you know…”

She reached over to him, gave him a sensual kiss and rose up off the bed. She slid over to the bathroom for a few minutes, then came back and started to put on her clothes.

“You know, I think it’s just as sexy to watch a woman dress as it is to watch her undress. You are a truly beautiful woman in so many ways. I’m glad to have met you and I’ll remember this night forever.”

“Me, too, Joe. Thank you for a most wonderful time. I’ll show myself out. Good night.”

She hurried down two flights to her room, had a quick shower and drank a small bottle of wine from the room’s refreshment center. She relaxed in her bed and thought about her time with Joe as well as how she and her husband would proceed from here. She had very much enjoyed herself with Joe and even had a new sexual experience with him. This was just the kind of thing that she had wanted when she brought the idea up with Anthony. She decided that she’d like to continue having these SEs occasionally, if Anthony would agree. He had been pretty closed-lipped about his experience but their sex life afterwards was dramatically improved, something she could only attribute to his experience. Once her wine was gone, she curled up and fell asleep.


While she was gone Anthony had trouble relaxing. He kept thinking about her and what she might be doing. The first evening he knew she was tired and probably was not getting involved with anyone. However, it was extremely hard for him to tell her to ‘have fun’ when he spoke to her on the second evening. She never said anything to suggest she would or she wouldn’t, so he ended up stewing about it for most of the evening. He grabbed a burger from the nearest drive-through and once he was back home, he started drinking scotch and tried to take his mind off things by watching a movie. Eventually he felt rather drunk but at the same time was processing his feelings with clarity. He remembered his time with Sammi and how new and exciting it had been. He also remembered how he was excited to return home to Lauren. There had been a dramatic improvement in their sex life after his return, as well. Maybe, just maybe, Lauren’s time away with another man could do the same.

However, niggling in the back of his mind was the worry that she’d fall in love with another man, though he remembered her promise to avoid emotional attachments. And he kept having mental images of some other cock plunging into her. Finally, after midnight he collapsed into bed. On Friday morning he called in sick and spent most of the day puttering around in his shop. He was able to finally relax after she texted him that her flight was on time and she was looking forward to getting home.


When she returned, Anthony was there to meet her just beyond the security gate. She looked ravishing in her business skirt and blouse and looked like a woman in charge of her life. He had a bunch of roses for her in his hand and wrapped her up in a huge hug. After bending down to her ear he whispered, “I love you so much, Laur, you just have no idea.”

“Oh, I think I do, Tony. Come on, please take me home.”

In the car they chatted briefly about her work at the headquarters and he told her he’d skipped a day of work. When asked why he sheepishly admitted he had a bit of a hangover.

“Oh, drank a bit too much, did you? Worried about me? About us?”

“Laur, well… yes, I did. I know it’s not fair for me to have had an SE and then feel bad that you’re possibly having one. I still have to work on that a bit, no, I need to work on that a lot.”

“Tony,” she said as he drove towards home, “I did come back. I did have an SE, Honey, but I came back. I love you. It was like I said: a fling, an exciting event, but it wasn’t love. It was a physical release and that’s all.

“And,” she went on, “It makes me appreciate you all the more. Let’s get home and relax. I know I could use a foot massage. Are you still in the business of giving those out?”

“Yes, I am. For you I’d do anything.”

Back at their place and after a quick meal she plopped down on a couch and had a glass of wine while he gently massaged her feet. There was something about a foot massage that felt wonderfully good to her. It could ease tension almost as well as a neck massage, but it also seemed to have more of an undertone of sensuality to it. Anthony rubbed her soles and then in between her toes as she moaned in pleasure. As she relaxed, he gently rubbed his hands up to her calves and eventually along her thighs. She let her thighs sag open a bit and he continued to massage all the way to her panties.

“You promising something, Mr. Masseur?”

“Maybe. Interested?”

“You know that I am. Feel that. I’m dripping wet.” Indeed, she was and his fingers rubbed up to her clit and within seconds she started to call out in the throes of a quick, wild orgasm. She had barely stopped when he pulled his pants and boxers to his knees, pushed her skirt up and the panties over to one side and plunged into her, pumping in and out vigorously. She continued to climax over and over and he finally came deep in her before collapsing over her. As they caught their breath she reached up and kissed him gently on the neck.

“Now that’s the kind of ‘Welcome home’ a girl likes to have. Thank you, Honey,” she said with her eyes glistening with tears.

“Oh, the pleasure was all mine. I’m so glad you came home and I’m so glad you’re my wife.” With that he picked her up and carried her to the bedroom where they collapsed in utter exhaustion.

They woke up at the same time the next morning and looked in each other’s eyes before their lips slowly met. What followed was a gentle love making that involved light touches, caresses, little nibbles and murmurs of love. The tenderness reaffirmed their love for each other just as the sex the night before reaffirmed their carnal delight in each other. After a few hours of soft loving they rose to meet the day feeling stronger about their love and their marriage than ever before.

Much like after his SE, they had a dramatic improvement in their love life. The frequency, passion, playfulness and experimentation all increased. It was like when they were newly intimate right after they had met, but even more adventurous and fun.


After her first SE, they agreed that they would continue their program as they had planned. They each had one more SE later during the year. On the next Valentine’s Day, they treated themselves with a trip to Hawaii. One day while sunning on a secluded beach, Lauren brought up their SE situation.

“Honey, you know it’s been a year since we started our SEs. And I want you to know you really showed me how much you love me, letting me have some sexual variety. It was the best Valentine’s gift I could ask for.”

“Sure, Laur, it has been an interesting year, though I still find it really weird that we’re talking about sex with others on Valentine’s Day.”

“Yeah, it is, isn’t it?” she chuckled. Then more seriously she went on, “We’ve each had two SEs, so I think we need to review things. OK?”

“Sure, what’s on your mind?”

With that they had a long, comfortable discussion about their situation. They agreed that the SEs had generally had given their sex lives a great boost. They even talked about increasing the number of SEs, but agreed that they would be happiest with just the two per year. Any more could overwhelm their life together. They reaffirmed their agreement that either one could stop the whole program at any time, no questions asked, and they decided to keep the rules the same. And finally, they agreed to make every Valentine’s Day the time to review and discuss their program.

By the fifth year of their monogamish life style, Lauren and Tony were extremely comfortable with their situation. When one was away, the other rested comfortably knowing that their spouse would be home soon and usually with renewed sexual energy. And at no time did either let emotional bonds develop with their SEs. Occasionally new sexual twists that they had experienced were added to their own bedroom activities. Most importantly, both their love for each other and the strength of their relationship continued to increase as time went on.

They never told anyone about their arrangement, however friends and family were constantly commenting about how strong their relationship appeared to be. Whenever someone asked them what the key to their success was, they would look innocent, smile slyly and merely say, “We’re still crazy in love. We trust each other fully. And the sex is great. What else is there?”

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