Lauren’s Valentine’s Gift – 1


This story has been rewritten and is being reposted.

It explores modern relationships and features two fictional characters. There is passing mention of a “sex columnist up in Seattle” who is not fictional and is none other than Dan Savage. He popularized the key phrase “monogamish” and describes it as “mostly monogamous with a little squish around the edges.” Various people define the limits (or squish) of their monogamish relationships differently and this just is just one example of how a couple might define theirs.

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“Honey,” asked Tony around the first of February, “What would you really like to get for Valentine’s? Flowers? Chocolates? Jewelry?”

“No, I’ll never get tired of those, but,” Lauren paused for a few seconds, “Seeing as how it’s our eighth Valentine’s Day together, I’d like to ask you for another and more special present.”

“Oh, what’s that?” he asked.

“It’s important and we really do need to sit down and have an honest talk about our relationship.”

“Uh, OK? Are we having problems that I don’t know about?”

“No, Tony, we’re definitely good. But I’d like to figure out ways we can make things even better.”

“‘Better’ would be worth considering, I guess. I thought we already had a pretty nice relationship…”

“Oh, Honey, we do, we really do…It’s a great one,” she reassured him as she gave him a big hug and a warm kiss.

“I’m afraid there is a ‘but’ at the end of what you just said,” he suggested. “OK, let’s talk. Our evening’s free, let’s turn off the phones and I’ll get us a bottle of wine. White or red?”

“White, please,” she responded as she slipped over to the loveseat and sat on one end. He returned with an opened bottle of Chardonnay and two wine glasses. He then sat next to her, poured out the wine and held out his glass for a toast.

“To us.”

“To us,” she toasted back.

After each had a few swallows, he held her hand and asked, “OK, so what’s on your mind?”

“Now, Tony, you wanted to know what I would like for Valentine’s. I have a big, big request. Now, please hear me out. Don’t rush to judgement or anything. I love you. I love you very much and I very much want to stay married to you. So, if anything I say makes you doubt that, please, please, PLEASE tell me immediately. I’ll slow down, stop or whatever it takes to reassure you. OK?”

By now, in spite of her reassurances, Anthony was getting worried. “What the Hell is going on?” he wondered to himself. He had considered himself happily married to Lauren for over six years. They were both successful in their careers and neither was particularly interested in having children. “Maybe that’s it,” he thought to himself, “She wants kids.”

“OK, so I want to talk about our sex lives,” she went on. “I kinda think we could do a little bit better…”

“Well, Hon, life and work do have a way of getting in the way of our sex lives, I guess. What are you thinking of?”

“Well, you know I’m a very sexual person, right? And I like variety, as you know. Lately it seems, uh, well, it seems…”

“Things have gotten boring?”

“No, not ‘boring,’ but ‘predictable’ is the word I would use. But I do want more excitement.”

“OK, like what are you thinking about? More kinky stuff?”

“Well, yeah, I suppose that would help some. But, Honey, do you ever miss the excitement of your single days? You know, wondering about the next girl you were going to take out and maybe fuck?”

“Well, yeah, there was that tension with any date. The biggest tension was usually wondering if there’d be any sex at all, quite frankly.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. I usually knew if I’d be getting lucky, of course,” she laughed. “But my tension was wondering if the guy would be any good or not. You know it’s harder for a girl to enjoy sex with a new guy than the other way around.”

“Uh, huh. So, we both agree that dating was perhaps more exciting, in some respects, and in other respects not necessarily always successful.”

“But, do you ever miss it? That tension? That excitement?”

“Not much really, I guess. I enjoy us together…”

“Oh, Tony, I do too. You are the greatest guy in the sack, no doubt about it. But I have to admit that I kinda miss that sense of the unknown, at times, that is.”

“Well, do you want to explore some kinky stuff, maybe have me surprise you now and then? Or you me? Out of nowhere I could try something…”

“You know, that might help a little. But I’m not that much into big-time kink.”

“Then what are you asking? How do you get that tension you were talking about?”

“Well, uh, now hear me out, please. Tony, I do love you, really, I do and I don’t want to lose you. But maybe if we could go outside our marriage for that newness…”

“What? You want to screw someone else?!”

“Honey, I want you. I want to be your wife forever. But how can I, how can you, how can we get that sense of newness and variety within our marriage?”

“As much as it might be exciting, Laur, I’d have trouble knowing you were with someone else. Really, I would.”

“Even if you had the same opportunity? What if we both did it, on an occasional basis? We’d have limits, rules…”

“Shit, this is almost too much to consider and so sudden! You’ve been thinking about this for a while, obviously,” he said, with his voice rising.

“Yeah, I have. And Tony, I swear, I have done nothing wrong, I have stayed absolutely faithful. If we were to do anything like this, it’d have to be with both of us going into this together, heads held up high.”

“Hmm. That’s a whole shitload to think about.”

“Tony, can I ask you a really personal question? How many girls have you slept with? One to ten, eleven to twenty, more?”

“Eleven to twenty would be the best answer.”

“Me, too, guys, I mean. Now I wasn’t a slut…”

“I know that, Honey, and I never thought you were.”

“Well, thank you. But sex is part of who I am. And I kinda miss that tension, that unknown we were talkin’ about. Don’t you, even a little bit?”

“Not really, but if it were offered to me, I might reconsider,” he chuckled. “I do look at other women and sometimes wonder…”

“See, you might miss it just a little bit yourself.”

“Well, yeah, but it is something that I have put into the fantasy corner of my brain, not to be acted upon.”

“But what if you could? With my blessing? Would that hold any interest for you?”

“I’d have to say I’ve not thought about this at all. And if you were to do it, well, that I’d probably have a problem with.”

“Look, I’ve been nervous about having this conversation and have actually dreaded it for weeks. But I had to have it. Then you brought up Valentine’s presents and I figured that this would be a huge present, one we both could potentially enjoy. And I’m so happy you’ve been willing to listen and not get pissed off. Let’s just give ourselves some time to sleep on it and you think about it. How about another discussion in a week or so? OK?”

“Sure, sounds good.” With that he reached over to Lauren, slowly reached up to her PJ top and suddenly ripped it down to her waist.

“What the hell? That top cost me forty-two bucks.”

“Shut up, Lauren, I’m in charge and I don’t care about the cost,” he said as he picked her up and carried her, squealing loudly, to the bedroom.

“Put me down,” she laughed. “Unhand me this instant.”

“No fuckin’ way. You’re mine, tonight,” he said as he threw her onto their bed. After he climbed on top of her, finished tearing the top off her torso and pulling down her shorts, he stopped to look at her. She was a very attractive woman with dark, brunette hair that hung down below her shoulders and amazingly pale blue eyes. She was a tiny bit on the thin side but supported sexy, womanly curves. Her breasts were slightly smaller than average but were well shaped, firm and topped with the cutest little nipples imaginable. After admiring her he bent down and pushed her legs further apart and said, “I’m going to lick your pussy until you beg for me to stop.”


“Promise!” he answered as he bent down to her well-trimmed bush. He let his tongue slide up and down her crack and once he reached her clit she began to moan and thrash around. Two fingers went inside to stimulate her further. She grabbed his head, pulled it tight to her and she began to pant heavily, louder and louder until she was screaming as she came, over and over. After several orgasms she pushed him back, begging him to stop. Finally, with an evil gleam in his eye, he agreed to stop but then reminded her that he was still in charge.

“Keep those legs spread ’cause I’m in need of some release myself,” he growled. She grabbed his cock and guided it into her and he stroked in and out deeply and quickly. She began to moan again, her head was thrown back, her face and neck were flushed as she started to rise up for yet another orgasm. As she was climaxing, he plunged even deeper into her and finally released his sperm deep into her with a colossal orgasm that went from his pelvis through his entire body. He finally collapsed on her and after a few minutes he whispered into her ear, “Wow, you still are the best a guy could hope for, you know that, don’t you?”

“Oh, Sweetie, you’re the best, too.”

After a few minutes he added, “I promise to at least think about things and next weekend we can talk some more. OK?”

“Yeah, sure. Night, Honey. Sleep tight. And thanks for having your way with me. Was fun.”

“Um, hmm, it was,” he answered with a gentle kiss on her lips.


During the next week there was a bit of nervous tension in the air. When they had sex, it seemed to be a bit wilder than usual, almost animalistic at times. The unspoken question about their future seemed to hang over them both in and out of the bedroom. One time he started to mention the issue and Lauren shushed him with a smile while holding her finger to his lips.

“Not now, Honey. You and I have a date this weekend, remember?”

“Yeah, you’re right. I’ll just make sure to bring it up then.”

On Friday evening, while doing the dishes, she looked at him and smiled. “I do love you; you know.”

“I love you, too. Are you about ready?” he asked.

“Yeah, I am. I’ll bring the drinks tonight.”

They settled again on the love seat, opened the wine and again toasted to themselves.

“Look, Tony, I’ll just jump right in. I think we need a bit of variety in our sex lives and we need to get it in a reasonable, safe and respectful way. So, for a Valentine’s present for both of us, I’d like you and me to open up our marriage a little bit.”

“Yeah, that’s what you pretty much what you were talking about last week. So, assuming I were to agree, what would you specifically suggest? An open marriage?”

“No, that seems to be too much, kinda over the top. To me that says we’d be screwing around pretty much all the time. In this small, conservative, Midwest city I think an open marriage would be pretty much frowned upon. We certainly couldn’t keep it secret.”

“No, I agree. But how would we get around that?”

“Well, Honey, how about when we travel? You and I both go on business trips several times a year…”

“So, you’d think we could, you know…”

“Tony, let’s be open and blunt. I’ll suggest that only when we are traveling that we have each other’s permission to seek short-term sexual relations. Say, you’re at your annual convention and someone comes onto you, you could, guilt free, take her up on it. Feel free to take her to bed, you know.”

“And you’d be able to do the same when you’re on your trips, right?”

“Well, yeah, that’d be the idea.”

“And the one left at home, you or I, would know what was going on with the other one, right?”

“Uh-huh. I admit it might take some time to get used to the idea. I think I’d try to occupy my mind, maybe get together with my girlfriends for a night at the club, or something. I know it’d be harder for you to be at home alone…”

“Yeah, I think I’d be jealous or even go crazy thinking about you in bed with some other guy. I’d probably try to find something to distract me, maybe go to a game, or something.”

“I admit I’d be a tiny bit jealous thinking about you with some hottie, Tony, but if we both agreed to it, then it’d be fair and we could look forward to our next trip.”

“Do you know of anyone doing this, you know, any of your girlfriends?”

“No, I don’t, and I would never ever mention this to anyone, not even Anna, and you know how close we are. No, we can’t have anyone know about this.”

“What would the limits be? I mean, any rules?”

“Well, it so happens that there’s info on the net about this. There’s even a name for this, believe it or not.”

“What is it?”

“Monogamish. It means being monogamous but with an occasional episode on the side. What an ‘episode’ consists of is agreed to by both parties and is used to bring a bit of sexual excitement to the two. But the main thing is that they remain a couple and remain committed to each other.”

“Where did that term come from, anyway?”

“Oh, there’s a sex columnist up in Seattle who proposed the term. He says it works for him and his spouse. He’s gay, by the way, and he says they have a stronger relationship because of it.”

“What if one of us gets too attracted to the new person?”

“We just don’t let that happen. This is sex, pure and simple. It’s like eating, you’re just feeding a need. You’re eating a bowl of ice cream now and then, but your basic diet remains the same. This is for a sense of variety. We just have to remember that our main, our strong relationship is right here with us, right here in this house. You just don’t let yourself get emotionally involved.”

“OK, Laur, getting back to the rules. What would they be?”

“Well, Tony, what rules would you want to have, if you were in charge?”

“Well, the first one is easy. You stay on the pill and we both gotta use condoms at all times. No STDs or babies!”

“OK, I’d agree to that, for sure. Now, from my standpoint I’d want this to be a limited thing. No repeat performances. So, one and done.”

“Only one contact on a trip?” he asked.

“No, I mean no repeat contacts from time to time or year to year. That runs the risk of getting emotionally involved. You get a night or two with a person for the one trip, and that’s it. No repeating with that person later.”

“How many times a year are we talking about?”

“Well, we each go on our business trips several times a year, right? How about we agree to two episodes per year, even if we go on a third or fourth trip. That way we’d have the same opportunity,” she said, “And it would be even.”

“Lauren, you’re a fantastically sexy and attractive woman. I doubt you’d have any trouble finding someone at any time. Me, well, it’s harder for a guy to get lucky. I might need to try on every trip just to get to the two…” he paused.

“Two screws? What should we call these episodes, anyway?”

“How about ‘sexual episodes’ or SEs? An episode would be when one of us had sexual relations with someone on one trip, no matter how many times we did it.”

“OK, ‘SE’ it is and it’ll be our private code for what we are doing. Now, where were we? Oh, you were wondering if you could try more often, if needed, to get to the two SEs. I’m good with that. Hey, I might not get lucky either, so we just have to agree that we each get two SEs per year and no more.”

“Now, what about telling each other? What do we say, how much do we say, you know?” he asked.

“Since it might cause some anxiety back home, maybe we should do nothing but acknowledge that we had an SE when we get home, and then nothing more will be said. Fair?”

“I’m not sure I’d even want to know then.”

“Oh, Tony, I think you would. I’d want to know. Maybe I’d be just a bit more attentive when you came home. Think of the benefit!” she laughed. “You’d get lucky on the trip and get luckier when you got home.”

“I’d have to think about that one. Maybe we can come back to it later. As a matter of fact, this has been a lot for me to think about. Let’s call it a night and kick it around again later. OK?”

“Sure, Honey, let’s chew on it for a few more days. I take it that you might be interested…”

“Well, Laur, the guy in me would love to go for this. It’s the husband in me who would have trouble knowing you were going for this. I guess I’m pulling the old double standard on you.”

“Tony, I admit I’d have some anxiety knowing you were with some good-looking babe. And I’d be a little anxious about losing you. But if we both promise and swear to the basic plan, then I think the upsides will be far greater than the down. Think about it.

“But right now, I have something I need to do.” With that she reached over and gently kissed him on the lips, teasing him with her tongue. She let her hand drift down to his crotch and gently kneaded his growing cock. “Hmm, I think someone wants to come out and play,” she said as she gently unzipped his pants. Once she pulled them down, she slipped his cock out through the slit in his boxers. “I’ve always loved your cock, you know that, don’t you?”


“Well, I like to kiss things I love,” she whispered as she leaned down and started to lick him up and down, particularly right below the knob. She then wrapped her lips around him and started to bob up and down while slowly rubbing her tongue under his head. Eventually she started to hum as she took him deeper and deeper and he quickly lost all control.

“Oh, god, that feels so good! Keep doing that thing with your tongue, oooh, just like that.” After another minute he yelled out as he came into her mouth. After collapsing on the bed while catching his breath, she came up to him and kissed him deeply.

“Like it?” she asked.

“Oh boy, did I. Give me a few seconds, then it’ll be your turn.”

“Hon, thanks, I really appreciate the offer, but that was for you. I’ll catch you in the morning when I’m a bit more awake. Sleep tight. I love you.”

“I you, too.”


There seemed to be less tension between them the following week. They even started to joke lightly about their situation. One time when she teasingly sassed him about the dishes, he joked that his next SE wouldn’t bother him about the dishes. This caused her emotions to swing suddenly from joy that he was thinking about it in a positive light to a bit of anxiety that maybe he’d compare her to the new woman and the dish task-master might come up wanting.

And on Wednesday when he was exhausted after a particularly stressful day, he gently turned down her advances. As he was drifting off to sleep, he suddenly realized that she might find him lacking when compared to some guy she hooked up with. “I’m going to have to step up my game,” he thought. He rolled over to find Lauren on her back, eyes wide open and staring at the ceiling.

“You OK?” he whispered.

“Yeah, a little disappointed, but I understand you’re tired. Really, I do.”

“Would it interest you to learn that I seem to have gained a bit of energy? Why don’t you slip your panties off and let me play with you? I think between my tongue and your BOB in the drawer we can get you happier.”

“Tony, you don’t have to.”

“I know, but maybe I’ve decided that a quick little trip over your clit would be worth the effort. Here, panties off and let me get the vibe for you.” She giggled a little as she got ready for him.

Over the next five minutes she rapidly went from zero to sixty and had a wonderful, crashing orgasm as she clutched his head between her thighs. “Wow, thank you. That was quite a nice surprise. What about you, Honey?”

“Laur, I’m still tired, but I’m so glad I was able to give you a little relief. Now, sleep tight. See you in the morning.”

They both seemed to realize that their next talk about the proposal would be the most important of all. On the fourteenth they went out to dinner at a nice restaurant where he gave her a small pendant of two interlocking hearts on a necklace and she gave him two sets of tickets to see the Chiefs in KC in the fall. After celebrating Valentine’s Day, they drove home while each was thinking of the upcoming conversation. Just inside their door they stood holding each other and kissing before she pulled away from him. She then turned on some soft music, offered him a place on the loveseat and looked expectantly at him.

“Uh, let me start. OK, Laur?”

“Sure, go ahead.”

“First of all, I want you to know that I really love you. Deeply, totally. And it is so fuckin’ weird talking about this on Valentine’s Day, a day dedicated to lovers. But, here goes: Knowing how much this means to you and how much I love you, if we can work out the details, I’ve decided I’m in.”

Lauren leaned over and gave him a big, deep kiss. “Oh, Sweetheart, what a lovely gift, really. I know that decision was hard for you. Really, I do. If we do things right, I’m sure we’ll both benefit. Thank you.”

With that they sat down and reviewed all the issues in detail. They agreed to the rules they had discussed earlier: condoms, no repeat SEs, no details to be given after an SE had occurred and not more than two SEs per year each. They agreed that they both could try for an SE on any trip, but they’d stop after two in a year. There was to be no emotional involvement with the hook-up. They also agreed that either one could stop the whole program at any time and the other would accept it without question. And no prostitutes!

Finally, she said, “Tony, I want you to go first.”

“But don’t you have a trip next week? Are you sure you want to miss out on the opportunity? ‘Cause you were the one who really wanted to go down this road.”

“Yes, I’m sure. It was my idea and you’ve been the more reluctant partner, so I want you to go first and see how it goes, see how you feel about it. If it doesn’t work out, then I’d be OK if we stopped right then. If I went first and it didn’t work out, I think you’d probably resent the fact that I had an SE and you didn’t. Anyway, I know it’s going to work, I really do. That’s why I cancelled the trip.”

“Well, uhh, OK, I guess. My next trip is in…”

“Three weeks, I know. I checked,” she laughed. “How about we kinda let the topic rest a bit, maybe talk once more before you leave. OK?”

“Sure. Good. Hey, interested in a little fun tonight…?”

“I’d love to, Tony. You’re still the best a girl could ask for.”

After that they spent the next days and weeks in a state of high horniness. They had more sex than they had ever since their last long vacation to the Bahamas. Their follow-up discussion was a rehash of the last talk and they reviewed and agreed to the rules once again.


In less than three weeks Anthony needed to prepare for his business trip. On Wednesday evening he was packing his carry-on when Lauren came in the bedroom.

“Are you going to be able to get by with just that little suitcase?”

“Yeah, sure. We men can change shirts and be good while you need a complete, new outfit for every day. See?”

“I see, but I was wondering if you had enough room for these,” she said as she dropped a dozen condoms into the suitcase. “Or, do you need more?” she teased.

“A dozen? Are you crazy? I’d be amazed if I used even one.”

“Tony, you’re a handsome and sexy guy. I know the ladies will be drooling all over you. When you are at your booth and giving little talks, just remember to smile at the women, ask for their opinions and I’m sure someone will be interested.

“Look, I know we usually talk by phone every night at bedtime,” she went on. “How about we talk before dinner just to check in? I won’t ask you if you’ve got a date and you won’t tell me. Like we said, a quick acknowledgement after you return is all that is needed. OK?”

“Sure, Honey. You know, I’m kinda nervous about this.”

“You’ll be fine, trust me. Here, leave your ring on the dresser. It is OK with me if you stretch the truth about your marital status. But remember, one and done. You can’t ever meet her again after this trip.”

“Alright, I’ll remember. Here, let me give you a hug. You know, I love you Laur, I really do. Although this might be some guys’ dream-come-true, I’m still not sure how this will go. Come to bed with me, Hon. I want to be super close to you tonight.”

It was a tender coming together of two souls. They each spent time doing everything possible to please the partner. After they had climaxed, they lay side by side gently stroking and showering little kisses on each other. They murmured time after time their love for the other until they drifted into a sound sleep.


The next morning he had to leave quite early. He slipped into the bathroom, showered quickly and grabbed a cup of coffee. Just as he was going into the bedroom to say ‘good-bye’ Lauren was coming out. She had on a sheer negligee that hid nothing and emphasized everything. There was a small, sly grin on her face and her eyes sparkled.

“Here, Honey, give me a hug. Now remember, we’re trying this out. Don’t be nervous. I know you’ll do fine. And, I really mean this: good luck.”

“OK, Sweetheart. I won’t promise anything. I’ll give you a call this evening.”

His flight left fairly early and was only two hours long, getting him to the convention site before noon. There he assembled his booth for the conventioneers to visit between the sessions. After the first talks were over there was a mad rush to the booths. There he gave dozens of quick little talks to the crowds explaining his company’s product. Towards the end of the afternoon and just as he was closing down the booth, a tall, attractive woman came up to him.

“I know I’m late and I can see this tomorrow, but would it be too much to ask you for a quick, private description of your product?”

“No, that would be fine. Anyone with you who might want to join in?”

“No, just me, she smiled. My company is too small and can’t afford to send more than one employee at a time. However, since you’ve pretty much shut it down for the night, why don’t you tell me over dinner?”

“Uh, sure, that’d be great. Want to eat here at the hotel or…”

“No. How about we look up a nice restaurant within walking distance? My treat!”

“Well, that’s very nice of you. I’m sure it’s on your business credit card though, right?” he laughed.

“Sure, it is, but that’s one of the only perks I get. Come on, let’s go. I’ll make the arrangements and meet you down in the lobby in forty-five minutes. OK?”

Anthony went upstairs, took a quick shower and shaved. After putting on his nicest shirt and tie, he sat down on the bed and fumbled with his phone. Finally, he called Lauren.

“Hi, Tony, how’re you doing? Get any interest in the product?”

“Actually, I have. There have been several nibbles and I’m going to have dinner with a potential client here in a few minutes.”

“Well, good. I hope the whole trip is worth it.”

“So far, I’d say it has been. It should at least pay for my travel expenses.”

“Good. Hey, Honey, I’ll let you go. Enjoy your dinner, sell lots, and remember, please have fun.”

“Will do. Lauren, I love you so very much, you know that don’t you?”

“Yes, Tony, I know. And I love you very much, too.”

After hanging up Anthony sighed quietly in relief that the call had gone well and that there was no mention of his date for dinner. He did understand what she meant when she reminded him to ‘have fun.’

“Aw, hell,” he thought to himself, “This gal will probably just be interested in the product. Who am I kidding?”

Once downstairs in the lobby, as he waited for her, he realized he didn’t even know her name. After a few minutes she strode out of the elevator wearing a very snug dress that accentuated her curves. She was about his age, maybe a tad older, and had thick, full blonde hair that flowed over her shoulders. Her smile appeared genuine, her face had just a hint of makeup and her figure was absolutely stunning. Her breasts were full, slightly larger than average and certainly bigger than Laurens’, and she had a flat tummy as well as full, feminine hips.

She came up to him, gently held out her hand shake and as she did, she pulled herself closer and gave him a tiny peck on the cheek.

“Thank you for agreeing to come with me. I get so lonely at these things sometimes. It’s nice to be able to share a meal and drinks and maybe some laughs.”

“Well, I’m looking forward to the evening but I have a confession. I didn’t catch your name.”

“Well, Anthony, I saw yours on your name tag. And I hate wearing the damn things. I’m Samantha, but I go by Sammi.”

“Nice name, I like it. I go by Tony. Well, Sammi, shall we get going? Lead the way.”

As they walked down the darkened streets to the restaurant, they shared little bits of information about their professional lives. Anthony was reluctant to share too much about his personal situation in case this evening developed into something more interesting. He then realized that she was also not talking about herself very much. He wondered if this was on purpose and if she was angling for something more than just dinner.

After a couple of blocks, she slid her hand under his arm and pulled herself closer to him as they walked. Once at the restaurant they were shown to their table for two in a cozy, dimly lit area. They sat across from each other, knee to knee. Their waiter brought them the menu and took orders for white wine for her and a martini for him. Drinking them on empty stomachs loosened them up quite a bit and soon they were laughing and giggling about the conference, the awful opening speaker and some of the other vendors. He was acutely aware that she did not ask about his company’s product line at all.

They enjoyed their meals, a poached salmon with asparagus for her and a New York strip steak for him. They each had one more drink and she declined a third.

“I don’t want to get too tipsy,” she said. “I find that I enjoy myself and my companion a lot better with just two drinks.”

“That’s fine,” he responded. I might go with an Irish Coffee for dessert. What would you like?”

“Let’s split some gelato. That OK with you?”

“Sure. Sounds great. In that case, no Irish Coffee for me.”

As they alternately spooned the rich dessert into their mouths, he found himself staring more and more at her lips. They seemed so sensual as she slipped the spoon between them and then licked it with her tongue as she slowly pulled it from her mouth. She did this while staring at him, as if to dare him to look away.

Once the dishes were removed and she had paid the bill, he put his hands on the table as if to get ready to leave.

“What’s the hurry, Tony? They’re not crowded. Let’s just sit here for a while,” she said as she gently put her right hand on top of his left.

In his mind Tony suddenly realized that he might be looking at a night filled with more than just a companion at dinner. “Could this be an opportunity for an SE?” he asked himself. He knew that in the past he’d have stopped after any subtle hints and gone back alone to his room. Tonight, with Lauren’s urging him to ‘have fun’ still fresh in his memory, he decided to relax and allow things to play out a bit more.

“Well, I kinda thought since we were done with food we’d leave, but really, I’m in no rush.” They chatted some more and finally they agreed to leave the restaurant. On the way back to the hotel they strolled slowly and she kept her hand wrapped snuggly around his upper arm.

“Tony,” she said as they wandered along the sidewalk, “The night is still young. When I get away from home, I like to kick up my heels a little bit. Do you dance?”

“A little bit, not very well. My mom made me take lessons when I was a teen. Why?”

“I love to dance and there’s a combo playing in the hotel bar tonight. It seems like it’s been too long since I’ve danced, wanna join me?”

“Uh, sure, why not?”

“Great. It’ll be fun.” Once back at the hotel she excused herself and went up to her room for a few minutes, then met him back downstairs. She still had on the same, sexy dress but he detected a bit of perfume, which he had not been aware of previously.

In the bar they both ordered a mocktail and then drifted over to the dance floor. There were only two other couples dancing, so they had plenty of room. Anthony was not a skilled dancer but he was able to lead Sammi around with waltzes and foxtrots. She seemed to really enjoy herself. Finally, the band slipped into some more mellow, slower tunes and the two came together. She pulled herself up to him and pushed her pelvis up against his growing erection. At first, he tried to pull away but she scooted closer to him while whispering, “It’s nice, makes me feel desired and sexy. Don’t pull away.”

She dropped her face down to his chest and shivered a bit as he gently laid a kiss on her head. In response she slid her leg between his and clasped him closer still. They danced like that until the band announced a twenty-minute break. Once back at their table she slid in next to him and kept her arm and leg touching his.

After they sat there for a few minutes she took his hand in hers and whispered to him, “Uh, I’m going to come right out and ask. Would you be interested in taking this upstairs?”

“Uh, maybe. No, make that a definite yes.”

“Sometimes I just like to have some fun with no strings attached. You?”

“Well, it’s been a long time since I’ve done anything like this,” he answered, thinking of his pre-Lauren days. “But I find you incredibly sexy. I have a king, you?”

“Queen. Give me your room number and I’ll be there in five minutes,” she responded by kissing him lightly on the lips.

They quickly rose, leaving their drinks behind with a tip and went upstairs. She got off the elevator with a promise to see him soon and he went on up to his room. Suddenly he was nervous. This was it. He was going to have sex with someone who was not his wife. He repeated over and over that it was her idea and she wished him to have fun. He quickly brushed his teeth and slipped the condoms onto the bedside table just in time to hear the quiet knocking on his door. At the door he was greeted by Sammi, still in the same dress, but carrying a large tote bag, undoubtedly holding extra clothes and toiletries.

“Hi. Can I come in?”

“Most certainly. Please ignore my social awkwardness. I’m not used to this kind of thing…”

“Tony, relax. We’re here to have some fun, laughs, whatever. Wow, you sure have a nice room,” she said as she walked further in the room and dropped her bag on a suitcase stand.

“Yeah, one of my few perks. Here, let’s open the curtains and you can get a great view of the river from up here.”

“Oh, lovely. Could you turn out the lights so we can see better through the glass?”

After he dimmed the lights, they sat together on the couch facing the city. She snuggled up next to him as he wrapped his arm around her. After silently viewing the city lights for a few minutes she took his hand and gently pulled it down to her breast. As he began to stroke it, she sighed quietly and then turned to him. Her eyes glistened with the reflected lights and she stretched up to him with her lips slightly parted and asked, “Care to give a girl a kiss?”

Anthony bent down and slowly approached her lips with his until they were mere millimeters apart before he whispered, “Yes I will give you a kiss, but where would you like it?”

“Ooh, you mean I have a choice? Let’s start with these lips, then maybe later somewhere else. You good with that?”

“One of my favorite pastimes,” he chuckled as he finally touched her lips with his. They then spent several long minutes gently exploring each other’s lips and tongue. Anthony pulled the hand discretely to her side but she reached and pulled it back over to her breast. He could feel her hard nipple beaded up under the thin bra cup and dress. They continued to explore each other with their hands roaming further.

Finally, she whispered into his ear, “The zipper’s in back.” He reached around and slowly pulled it down and once it was at the bottom, she pulled back from him, held out her arms and let him pull the dress forward. She then reached back and unsnapped her bra and let him pull it forward off her arms.

Sammi’s breasts were full with just a hint of sag. Her areolae were dusky pink and topped with beaded-up nipples. “You’re beautiful,” he whispered.

“Thanks. I really needed to hear that. You’re not so bad looking yourself, but I’m at a disadvantage. You’ve still got your clothes on.” With that she reached over, undid his tie, began to unbutton his shirt and pull it from his slacks. Once it was off, she stood up, dropped her dress to the floor and then knelt in front of him. “Now about these slacks…” Once they were unzipped, he stood and let them fall to the floor. His erection, which bulged through the slit in his boxers, was met with a giggle and a sigh. “Very nice. Here, let me get these off of you and you take my panties off of me. Fair?”

Wordlessly he agreed and suddenly he was nude in front of a nude woman, a woman who was not his wife, for the first time in over eight years. She approached him, hugged him and then sighed, “It’s a bit chilly, can we try out your bed?” As she turned to the bed, he went to close the curtains but she asked that they stay open. “I love this atmosphere,” she said.

After she lay down, he stretched out over her and began to kiss her gently, first the lips and then over her face and neck. He could feel her pulse quicken as he nuzzled her neck. His kisses drifted further down and began to take in her nipples. She shivered and pulled his head closer to her. “Not so light. You can be pretty rough, if you want.”

Anthony knew that Lauren always liked her nipples to be gently caressed and kissed. Here he was being asked to be more aggressive so he started to suck hard and even brought his teeth into play. One time he bit lightly on her nipple and she moaned in appreciation. He found that he really liked stimulating her as she requested. At one point she seemed to shudder and call out and he wondered if she had even orgasmed. Finally, he drifted down and began to lick below her trimmed bush. This caused her to moan loudly and taking a hint from her nipples, he was more aggressive with licking and sucking he clit than he ever was with Lauren. Sammi seemed to really enjoy it and in a matter of just a few minutes she clutched his head, pulled it tightly to her and then moaned and shrieked as she came. He gently eased off the sucking of her clit and finally he heard her speak softly to him, “That was phenomenal. You, my dear man, know your way around a girl. You’d be surprised how many men don’t.”

After a few minutes of gentle licking she gently pulled him up to her and said, “That was special. How can I return the favor?”

“I’m afraid I’m going to be pretty quick, so how about a quick screw? Then we can try something else, hmm?”

“OK, me on top or you?”

“Doggie, OK with you?”

“Oh, absolutely. Here,” she said as she turned over and rose up onto all fours. Her pussy glistened in the faint light from the city and just as he was about ready to enter her, he remembered the condoms. He paused, grabbed for them and as he tore the package open, he heard her say, “I’m on the pill and I’m clean. You don’t need to…”

“Shh, it’s OK, I kinda prefer it.”

He then entered her and found that instead of being too quick, he was enjoying himself and kept the urge to come under control. Sammi bent over further and he could see she was fingering herself. As she became more vocal with moaning and heavy breaths, he found himself increasingly stimulated until he reached up, grabbed her shoulders and used them to help him pound in and out harder and faster. Finally, as she was calling out, he let loose a torrent of sperm. He then eased up, eventually pulled out and took the condom off his partially deflated cock.

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